Will a Purification for humanity begin in Fall 2020?

Storm clouds develop over protestors
The prophetic pulse--Is a period of global Purification/Warning beginning this Fall?

“When you see clouds building in the west, you say at once, ‘A storm shower is coming’; and so it happens. And when you see the south wind blowing, you say, ‘It's going to be hot’ and so it is. So why is it then that you cannot read the signs of the times?" Luke 12:54-56

June 2020. Last updated Oct 9, 2020. By: Glenn Dallaire

The "Signs of the Times"
The prophetic world seems on fire lately. Prophets and prophecies abound in Catholic circles, and in the greater christian community as a whole. In the spiritual realm, due to a malevolent virus we have all experienced closed Churches, with the inability for most of the Catholics in the world to be able to receive Jesus in Holy Communion, and even the ability to have one's sins forgiven in Confession has also been prevented in many areas throughout the world up to this point. Thankfully, summer in the Northern Hemisphere seems to be bringing with it a bit of a reprieve from this malevolent virus. And make no mistake--this virus is malevolent and evil at its source. But this is a subject for another time.

Out on the streets of America and in many other countries we have had fervent protests with quite a bit of lawlessness in many areas. Many business and even some Churches have been vandalized, looted or set aflame, not to mention the toppling of numerous statues and monuments dedicated to various persons once admired and respected.

Many persons have commented lately that the world really seems to have gone mad. There is seemingly so much division and divisiveness, and we all know who the author and formentor of division is. To this writer it all calls to mind the Scripture quote at the top of this article concerning reading the signs of the times: "When you see clouds building in the west you say at once, ‘A storm shower is coming’; and so it happens." 

Do not the storm clouds really seem to be building upon humanity in these times? What, if anything can we gather from the current signs of the times?

 “For the Lord GOD does nothing without first revealing his secret to his servants, the prophets" -Amos 3:7
As we can see, Scripture states that nothing significant happens to humanity without God first announcing it first through the prophets. So what are the purported prophets of our time saying? Could we be on the precipice of something significant happening in the world?

Thankfully in this vein we have a wonderful collaboration of four persons who have recently put together a noteworthy website entitled "Countdown To The Kingdom" (www.countdowntothekingdom.com) wherein some messages from purported visionaries and prophets of our time have been highlighted.

Father Michel Rodrigue (Queen of Peace Media, YouTube)
One of the more notable persons who has been making some significant waves recently in the mystical and prophetic world is a Catholic priest from Quebec named Father Michel Rodrigue, who is the founder and Superior General of a new religious Fraternity (officially a "Lay Association") entitled "Fraternité Apostolique Saint Benoît-Joseph Labre" (The Apostolic Fraternity of St. Benedict Joseph Labre).

Along with being a founder of a religious Fraternity, Fr. Michel Rodrigue claims to receive heavenly visions and messages, and in addition he has also been appointed as an exorcist, and his experiences in this area has given him some very interesting perspectives on the spiritual battles that we all endure.

The Blessed Virgin Mary Herself has reportedly named Fr. Michel “Apostle of the End Times.” A good deal of information concerning him can be read on the aforementioned website, along with a number of video retreats that he has made which are published here on Youtube

We report, you discern
Fr. Michel is a priest in good standing with the Church, and as of the time of this writing his private revelations have not been condemned. His former bishop, however, does not personally believe in his messages, nor does he believe in the Warning, the Chastisements, the Three Days of Darkness, the Era Peace, and other prophesies. His current bishop is of the same personal opinion. See the letters from Bishop Bourgon and Bishop Lemay at the bottom of this article. For Fr. Michel's part, he has reportedly sought to be obedient to his bishop and his directives.

With that said, for the purposes of this article let us now highlight some of Fr. Michel Rodrigue's purported prophecies concerning the Purification/Warning and what he foresees will soon be occurring for humanity.

In a letter to his supporters dated March 26, 2020 Fr. Michel writes the following:
"My dear people of God, we are now passing a test. The great events of purification will begin this fall. Be ready with the Rosary to disarm Satan and to protect our people. Make sure that you are in the state of grace by having made your general confession to a Catholic priest. The spiritual battle will begin.

-Dom Michel Rodrigue, fabl

In another letter to his supporters dated March 24, 2020 Fr. Michel writes the following:
"....After this period of compulsory confinement [due to virus outbreak -editor], life will resume its course. The summer period will open a window of time where we will be able to prepare well for the coming test … that of being with Jesus on the Cross. We cannot see the Glorious Cross without encountering the cross with Jesus.

"You must now consecrate your house or apartment to the Eternal Father through the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary if you have not done so. We must regularly bless our places, our homes, with exorcised holy water. During this summer, you need to prepare a food supply for a period of three months, with drinking water, too. You will need to have made your general confession before fall. The prayer of the Holy Rosary, of Saint Michael the Archangel, and that of your guardian angels will be your comfort, your strength, your protection."

Economic collapse, Revolution, Martial law and World War III?
Along with a global 'Purification' that Fr. Rodrigue says will begin this Fall 2020, he also foresees the following:
"...There will be famine. Jesus presented this to me just recently. I was in my room, and when I sat down, preparing to go to bed, I saw a black cavalier coming. This means famine. I heard, “They will have money, but they will have no bread,” which means that you can have money to buy it, but you will find nothing.

"Then all money will crash, so it is good to give your money away now, as it will disappear. There will be a great uprising. You will see revolution in your streets. People will fight each other openly. The government will have no other choice than to institute martial law. At the same time that martial law begins, so will the war. 

And here is more on the "war" that Fr. Michel was purportedly shown:
"He [the devil -editor] will start a nuclear war that will be global—the third world war—his war against all of humanity. The devil will kill one third of humanity in this war, and through plagues and abortion, just as one third of the angels were cast out of heaven into hell. Seven nuclear missiles will be permitted to strike the United States as a result of its abominations. Many nuclear missiles will be deflected by the Hand of God because America prays the Divine Mercy Chaplet. I was told this by the Eternal Father.

"...And I know that the war will come from two countries: One is Korea and the other is Iran. They will come together to face the United States of America."

Father Michel Rodrigue, 2020  (YouTube, Queen of Peace Media)
"Fighting against each other for Political reasons"
And elsewhere he states:
"The times are urgent. The Tribulation will come, and it will be soon. We are in a time of emergency. When the Father gave me the fraternity, He asked me to build it quickly because it will be a refuge for many priests who will come there. Much of what you will witness will be orchestrated by the devil. You will see people fighting against each other for a political reasons. The persecution of Christians, which has already begun, person to person through ridicule and accusation, will come from laws that are lawlessness. You will not be able to follow these laws in good conscience, so persecution will then fall under civil authority."

The world wide Warning/Illumination of conscience
The following is some of Fr. Michel Rodrigue's explanations concerning the Warning:
".....Then the Warning will come. I saw this. The stars, the sun, and the moon will not shine. All will be black. Suddenly in the heavens, a sign of Jesus will appear and light up the sky and the world. He will be on the Cross, not in His suffering, but in His glory. Behind Him in a pale light, we will appear the face of the Father, the True God. It will be something, I assure you.

From the wounds in Jesus’ hands, feet, and side, bright rays of love and mercy will fall onto the entire Earth, and everything will stop. If you are in an airplane, it will stop. If you are riding in a car, don’t worry—the car will stop. If you ask me, “How can that be?” I will say, “God is God. He is the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and Earth. If He put Fr. Michel out in there the universe, like a piece of dust, do you think He cannot stop matter? Do you believe that your small airplane will bother Him? No. This is what God told me; but He has also told such things to others, like at Garabandal, which St. Padre Pio believed in.

Everything will be fixed in time, and the flame of the Holy Spirit will enlighten every conscience on Earth. The shining rays from Jesus’ wounds will pierce every heart, like tongues of fire, and we will see ourselves as if in a mirror in front of us. We will see our souls, how precious they are to the Father, and the evil within each person will be revealed to us. It will be one of the greatest signs given to the world since the Resurrection of Jesus Christ."

Elsewhere Fr. Michel has stated:
"After the Warning, no one left on Earth will be able to say that God does not exist. When the Warning comes, everyone will recognize Christ, and they will also recognize His Body, and the body of Christ is the Catholic Church.

"...After the illumination of conscience, humanity will be granted an unparalleled gift: a period of repentance lasting about six and a half weeks when the devil will not have the power to act. This means all human beings will have their complete free will to make a decision for or against the Lord.

"...When the devil returns after six and a half weeks, he will disseminate a message to the world through the media, cell phones, TV’s, et cetera. The message is this: A collective illusion happened on this date. Our scientists have analyzed this and found it occurred at the same time that a solar flare from the sun was released into the universe. It was so powerful that it affected the minds of the people on Earth, giving everyone a collective illusion.

"The devil fools us even now through the new priests of the world: television journalists who want you to think what they think, so they present only the news that is their opinion. They twist the truth and you are hypnotized, manipulated into believing them."

A time of Refuges

Fr. Michel also speaks of a time after the Warning\Illumination of conscience where those who repent of their sins and have chosen God will be led to "Refuges", which are special places throughout the world that are set aside by God, and have been created by people who were called to do so beforehand, somewhat like Noah and the Ark for example--an we are in times like that of the great Flood, where sadly much of the world is corrupted by sin.

"....After the six and half weeks following the Warning, when the devil’s influence returns, you will see a little flame in front of you, if you are called to go to a refuge. This will be your guardian angel who shows this flame to you. And your guardian angel will advise you and guide you. In front of your eyes, you will see a flame that will guide you where to go. Follow this flame of love. He will conduct you to a refuge from the Father.

"If your home is a refuge, he will guide you by this flame through your home. If you must move to another place, he will guide you along the road that leads there. Whether your refuge will be a permanent one, or a temporary one before moving to a bigger one, will be for the Father to decide. The Father told me that a permanent refuge will have a well. This is important. That will be the sign that it is a permanent refuge.

"All of the refuges will be connected together. People in each refuge will be chosen as messengers. They will be declared in each refuge with this gift. They will be taken by the Holy Spirit to go and help, connecting with other refuges so that people will know what is happening everywhere. If you are in need, the messengers will know what to do. They will be like Philip in the Acts of the Apostles. You remember in the Bible when Philip, the apostle, went to the eunuch and baptized him, and immediately afterward, the Holy Spirit took Philip away and put him in another place? It will be exactly the same. So we will need no phones, nothing like that. Communication will be in the way of the Holy Spirit."

"The Father told me that when people enter a refuge, many will be healed of major illnesses so as to not be a burden to others. You will still suffer from normal aches and pains because you are human and not in heaven yet, just in a refuge. Everyone will be there willingly, knowing that the blessing of the Lord is upon them.

For three and half years, you will be in your refuge or in your home consecrated as a refuge, but you will not be sad not to go out. You will be happy to be there because of what you will see is happening outside."

Father Michel Rodrigue has also spoke of other matters, which space does not permit here. Those interested can read more at the 'Virtual retreat' here and/or watch his retreats on YouTube

Conchita Gonzalez of Garabandal in 2019
Garabandal and the visionary Conchita
Once again I would like to reiterate that this article is published under the category of "We report, you discern". This writer makes no claims for or against Fr. Michel Rodrigue's private revelations. It can be noted in the quote above the Fr. Michel mentions Garabandal and that much of what he has stated concerning the predicted world wide Warning closely corresponds to what was purportedly revealed by the Blessed Virgin Mary to the visionary Conchita Gonzalez in Garabandal in the early 1960's (one of the 4 visionaries at Garabandal).

And speaking of which, Conchita was reportedly given the date of the "Miracle" which she was told by the Blessed Virgin Mary would occur right after the Warning. Conchita was not only told the exact date of the great Miracle, she was told that she would be instructed by heaven to announce the Miracle to the world publicly 8 days before it occurs.

Now, one of the obvious requirements here is that Conchita must be alive to announce it to the world. Since she was born on February 7, 1949, she is therefore currently 71 years old. With this in mind one could conclude that the time for the Warning and Miracle is likely coming soon.

As for Fr. Michel Rodrigue, a prophet is judged by his prophecies. Time will tell whether they are authentic, or not. Meantime we would do well to bear in mind the Scriptural directive in 1 Thessalonians 5:20-21: "Do not despise prophecies, but test everything and hold fast to what is good."

Update: September 3, 2020  Link to source document:

An open letter to the faithful of the Diocese of Amos and to all those in search of the truth.

Amos, September 3, 2020
Subject: Disallowance of Father Michel Rodrigue‘s messages and prophecies

Brothers and sisters,
Father Michel Rodrigue arrived in the Diocese of Amos on August 1, 2011. We had met before, in May 2011, a month after I became Bishop of Amos. He had explained to me his plan to found, in our diocese, the Apostolic Fraternity of Saint Benedict Joseph Labre. It would have three branches and would be dedicated to the new evangelization in the hope of giving more life to small parishes. I welcomed it with confidence and hope. During the first five years, he was pastor of the two parishes of Amos and was also responsible for the formation and accompaniment of the members of the Fraternity: young men to become priests, female consecrated women and couples. At that time, we had frequent and very good exchanges.

In 2016, at the request of Father Michel Rodrigue, I agreed to release him from the parish priest hood of Amos and entrusted him with three small parishes, including St–Dominique–du–Rosaire where the Fraternity had already bought land. From the beginning, in order to have a Sunday free and despite the distance to be covered, Father Rodrigue organized the programming of Sunday masses, on the same Sunday, for his three parishes. This allowed him to have about ten consecutive days to dedicate himself to the formation of the members of the Fraternity and to other activities, such as parish retreats and others. Beginning in 2017, on several occasions, Father Rodrigue went to the United States to preach retreats; in 2019, the frequency became greater.

On March 25, 2020, while we were on a Covid–19 break, the Countdown to the Kingdom website posted eight lectures given in California by Father Michel Rodrigue in November 2019. He is presented as the “Apostle of the End Times” and an official exorcist of the Church. I would like to make it clear that he was never appointed official exorcist of the Diocese of Amos.

In the presentation of Father Michel Rodrigue, on the aforementioned website, appeared this statement: “Fr. Michel Rodrigue receives the full support of his bishop, and all of his locutions and visions are submitted to his local ordinary for approval”. Indignant and shocked, I wrote this to Father Rodrigue on April 21, 2020:

450, Rue Principale Nord
Amos (Québec) Canada J9T 2M1 Tél. 819–732–6515 Poste 201 Téléc. 819–732–7994

I am extremely shocked and I feel betrayed by these remarks, since I never approved of them. I therefore ask you to correct this falsehood on the aforementioned site. I also want to be informed how and when this will be done. I want to make it clear that I absolutely disagree with the prophecies of you on the aforementioned site (Ex. Warning, days of darkness, Era of peace, punishment, World War III (nuclear war in 2020), construction of shelters, etc.). This is what I intend to answer to the people who have asked me.

As I requested, corrections have been made on the aforementioned site. Unfortunately, the false statement is still present in Christine Watkins' book "The Warning: Testimonies and Prophecies of the Illumination of Conscience" (pages 278 and 280)

Today, September 3, 2020, more than four months later, I am making this statement public because I see that anguish is rising among many people who share Father Rodrigue‘s messages and prophecies. My Vicar General, Father Raymond Martel, devotes a lot of time to responding to e–mails from the four corners of the world, as well as phone calls from worried people.

To this total disavowal of Father Michel Rodrigue‘s messages and prophecies, I add that I withdraw my support and that of the Diocese of Amos from the Studium Saint–Joseph, founded in 2015 by Fathers Michel Rodrigue and Simon Dufour. This Studium, of which Father Rodrigue is the rector, had as its goal to give theological training in Abitibi, a region far from the major centers.

Finally, I would like to inform you that, since June 30, 2020, Father Michel Rodrigue‘s residence on our territory has become his only link with the Diocese of Amos. He has renounced his pastoral charge as pastor of the three parishes that I had entrusted to him. He also renounced his member ship in the Presbyteral Council and the College of consultors. He also retired as an active priest in the diocese. He remains an incardinated priest in the Diocese of Hearst–Moosonee, Ontario. At this time, postal mail is our only means of communication with him.

This is the light that must be shed to remove doubts and questions about the position of the Bishop of the Diocese of Amos and to warn fragile Christians. I invite you to reread the words of Jesus, quoted by Saint Luke: “Take heed that you not be deceived” (Lk 21:8; cf. Mt 24:4ff and Mk 13:32). Let us abandon ourselves to the divine Mercy of our God, from whom all comfort comes. May the Holy Spirit drive away from us all sickly fears and anxieties. May this prayer to Mary sustain and reassure us: “Under the shelter of your mercy, we take refuge, Holy Mother of God. Do not despise our prayers when we are in the trial, but from all dangers always deliver us, glorious and blessed Virgin.”

Trust and peace to all!


450, Rue Principale Nord

+ Gilles Lemay 
Bishop of Amos
Amos (Québec) Canada J9T 2M1   
Tél. 819–732–6515  Poste 201  Téléc. 819–732–7994



September 7, 2020:

Countdown to the Kingdom's reply to Bishop Gilles Lemay's Open Letter of September 3rd, 2020:


September 9, 2020:
Link to Source Document:


Bureau de l'Eveque - Bishop's Office

C.P. 1330 P.O. Box 1330

HearstOntario POL INO

Tel. Phone: (705) 362-4903 Fax: (705) 362-4421


HearstSeptember 9,2020

Subject: Messages and prophecies of Father Michel Rodrigue

Brothers and sisters,

For a few months now, we have been hearing about Father Michel Rodriguea priest who worked in our parishes from 1989 to 1996Father Michel Rodrigue then left the diocese and moved to Montreal to join the Sulpicians. Therefore, we had no news of him for many years.

Although he is still incardinated in our diocesehe has worked in the diocese of Amos since 2011 In addition to having been parish priesthe also organized retreats and other activities in the Amos Diocese and elsewhere. He even introduces himself as "the apostle of the last days" and "an official exorcist of the Church". His presentations may be found on various websites. Father Rodrigue even declared that his messages and prophecies were supported by Bishop Lemaythe Bishop of Amos,who strongly denied any such support.

In union with Bishop LemayI express total disavowal of the messages and prophecies presented bFather Michel Rodrigue. also refute his claim to be "an official exorcist of the Church".

Father Rodrigue currently has no pastoral charge or function in the Diocese of Amos nor in our diocese. He still resides in the Diocese of Amos.

I pray for all the faithful who may have experienced moments of anguish in the face of Father Rodrigue's words and presentations.

In Christ,


+ Robert Bourgon

Bishop of Hearst-Moosonee

(Official Seal: Robert Bourgon, Eveque-Bishop)


Link to Source Document:


Update September 27, 2020:
Fr. Michel Rodrigue responds

SOURCE: Fr. Michel Rodrigue Responds--Source Link

September 23, 2020
On the liturgical feast of Saint Padre Pio

After having read the public letter of September 3, 2020 published by Bishop Gilles Lemay from the Diocese of Amos, I would like to reiterate my fidelity to the teaching of the Catholic Church to all the faithful who read this letter.

I have been a priest since June 2, 1989, incardinated in the diocese of Hearst. In May 2011, I met Bishop Gilles Lemay to share with him the spiritual experience of the call to found a semi-monastic fraternity currently known as the Apostolic Fraternity of Saint Benedict-Joseph Labre. I arrived in the diocese of Amos on August 1, 2011. According to the original verbal agreement, which was for a period of three years, I was appointed pastor of the Cathedral of Amos and of Christ the King parish on August 15, 2011. In September 2011, I also accepted the parish-mission of Pikogan.

In 2014 at the request of the Bishop, I happily extended the curé for these same parishes for a period of two years. There, I met parishioners of great pastoral collaboration. It was on June 20, 2012, that the Bishop granted the Approval Decree of the Apostolic Fraternity Saint Benedict-Joseph Labre.

In 2016, I accepted the curé of the parishes of St-Félix-de-Dalquier, St-Dominique-du-Rosaire and Sacré-Coeur de Matagami, which according to the agreement, allowed for the development of the Apostolic Fraternity of Saint Benedict- Joseph Labre, located in St-Dominique-du-Rosaire.

In 2019, I preached a spiritual retreat in California which was featured on the Countdown to the Kingdom website. Besides personal messages, the teaching given was based on the messages of the Virgin Mary approved by the Church and in accordance with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, article 7, no 668 to 682.

A confusion has crept into the understanding of this retreat concerning an approval by Bishop Gilles Lemay regarding the messages contained in these conferences. I myself had this confusion corrected. The owners of the Countdown to the Kingdom website have responded positively and put the comment on their website.[1] I thank them very much.

Besides this, I never claimed that I was the exorcist of the Diocese of Amos. However, whenever I had to do a ministry in this area, I always asked for the approval of the Bishop. I know my pastoral and ecclesial responsibilities well.

In regards to the Apostolic Fraternity of Saint Benedict-Joseph Labre, the project continues to grow and fulfill the Will of the Father in its trust placed in the Hearts of Jesus and of Mary. It is in the joy of the Holy Spirit that we grow together. Our address has not changed and our phone number is still the same. You will find all the information on our website benoitlabre.org. As for the Studium St-Joseph, it remains online to meet the pressing needs for quality education.

I reiterate my desire to collaborate with the Bishop, the Magisterium of the Church and to maintain a fraternal bond with all people of different circles here, in the United States and with people around the world who support us. Abitibi Témiscamingue was the privileged place for our foundation. In this beautiful region of Quebec, inhabited by people strong in the Holy Spirit, we are happy to be here and to stay here.

Thanks everyone,

Michel Rodrigue, Fabl
Superior of the Apostolic Fraternity of Saint-Benedict-Joseph Labre

c.c. Mgr Gilles Lemay, Bishop of Amos
c.c. Mgr Robert Bourgon, Bishop of Hearst-Moosonee
c.c. Father François Hamel, d.j.c.


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Anonymous said...

Much of what Fr. Michel has stated would have sounded quite unlikely 6 months ago, but not so unlikely now with the lock-downs, rioting, global economic downturn and other current events. We shall see. Meantime with all that has been going on throughout the world it's probably a good idea to get ones "spiritual house" in order by going to confession, deeper prayer life etc, along with having some food, water and essentials stored away just in case, as an insurance policy.

Fr Khouri said...

Beware of false prophets. This priest makes great claims. America will be spared much of the destruction of nuclear war because it prays the Divine Mercy chaplet? How about its abortion numbers or the great sins of the Church in America? I'm glad that this one
prayer is so powerful. Personally, since the priest mentions Grarabandal I think he is a phony. We'll see.

David said...

There seems to be almost too much detail and specificity in this priests predictions. Also, his own Bishop does not believe him. Not a good sign. Should the faithful follow this priest and disregard what his Bishop says?

Just remember that the predictions of Fr. Stefano Gobbi never materialized. And Fr. Gobbi’s messages had multiple Imprimaturs and endorsements from many Cardinals and Bishops. Also Fr. Gobbi said Mass on occasion with Saint John Paul II yet his prophecies never came true and Fr. Gobbi is now dead almost a decade.

Charles Fears said...

I CAN NOT FORGET 04/21/ 2020

Douay-Rheims Bible Prophecy of Joel Chapter 2
[28] And it shall come to pass after this, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy: your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions. [29] Moreover upon my servants and handmaids in those days I will pour forth my spirit. [30] And I will shew wonders in heaven; and in earth, blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke.
Do these dreams pertain to the WARNING?

I don’t know what time it was, it must have been between 3:00 AM and 5:00 AM, All I know I was a sleep.
The dream: I saw a real bright light; it was all white, like I was looking straight into a bright light bulb. Then I heard a great big explosion and everything went black. It was so real, I thought our house breaker box blew up and we lost our electric power. (It really scared me) I open my eyes and it wasn’t so black. I looked at my lamp indicator light and it was on, (working). I knew then I had been dreaming, but it was so real.

P.S. 4/7/2019
Sometime during the night I had another dream and it happen twice in the same night. All I can say is all I saw was a deep black and I mean a deep dark black, and it scared me and I woke up yelling. Again it was so real; I thought we lost our electricity, but when I open my eyes I could see we had not lost our electrical power. In both of the dreams there was no light or sound as I had before, just deep blackness, and so real and each time I yelled out.

P.S 8/3/19
At about 3:11 AM - Again I had the same dream, only it went real fast. Again all I can say is all I saw was a deep black and I mean a deep dark black, and it scared me and I woke up yelling. Again it was so real; I thought we lost our electricity, but when I open my eyes I could see we had not lost our electrical power in the dream there was no light or sound , just deep blackness, and so real and I yelled out. I looked at my watch and as close as I could read it was 3:11 AM.

On the morning of 10/2/19 ( I don’t know what time) while I was sleeping early in the morning I had a flash of darkness and a gain it scared me, I thought we had lost our electric power, I looked at my light indicator and saw that we had not lost our electric power. So I went back to sleep.

I do not remember what time it was, but I had a dream that was very scary. I dream that a very bright wave of light was being forced down my mouth, (my mouth was wide open and felt I was being filled up and about to explode. I screamed and I woke up and threw my covers off. Looked at my wife to see if I woke her up. I didn’t.

01/13/20? Not sure this is right the date as I did not write it down.
I had another dream. I saw a flash of darkness, I screamed and woke up. Again I though we lost our electric. I checked and we did not lose our electric.

I had a dream of a flash of light. It scared me, I screamed and woke up. Checked my watch and it was 3:39 AM.

It was around 3:30 AM 01/24/20. The dream was a quick flash of dark Blackness. It scared me, but not as bad as the other dreams. I wake up right when it happen and check to see if we had lost our electric power and we didn’t. I went back to sleep.

Charles Fears said...

About 11:30 PM as I was sleeping, all of sudden in a flash I saw a deep blackness; I woke up and yelled out. This time my wife was awake and heard me. She ask me if I was all right and I said yes. Again I thought we lost our electric power, which we did not. This all happen within seconds.

02/19/20 3:30 AM
I was sleeping, all of sudden in a flash I saw a deep blackness; I woke up and yelled out, but not as loud. This time it last maybe a second longer and I was not quite afraid. Maybe I am getting used to it. I am still praying about it. To know what it means.

03/06/20 about 4:30 AM
A very flash of darkness awoke me and my right arm felt numb for a few minutes.

Again about or between 2:00 and 5:00 AM. A flash of great darkness awoke me and I yelled out, then about 30 min. later it happen again!!!

04/07/20 AT 3:15 AM
A very flash of darkness awoke me as I yelled out Ruth, (my wife’s name)

04/10/2020 at 1:30
A very flash of darkness awoke me as I yelled OH

4/21/20 at 2:44 AM
I had a flash of light. It was made like a light bulb blew up.

6/10/20 some time AM I did not look at my watch
I had a flash of darkness

I do not understand why I have been given these dreams or what they mean. I have been praying about them, that God would be clear to why I am getting them and what do they mean. Although they have scared me, I am at peace while I am praying and thinking about them, and trying to understand them. I do feel that the warning will happen soon, wither that it is this year or some near year. I do know that it will happen and that it takes a long time to prepare for it.

Our Lady Queen of Peace to Pedro Regis Darkness Covers the Whole World

Mary H said...

From catholic.com,

Here is the response of Monsignor Gilles Lemay to your request concerning Father Michel Rodrigue:

Peace be with you :

I thank you for your e-mail requesting some information about the teaching and the standing of Father Michel Rodrigue, a priest incardinated in the diocese of Hearst-Moosonee, Ontario, and working in this diocese of Amos, Québec, for a few years. He is the founder of the Fraternité Saint-Benoît-Joseph-Labre , a lay association of the faithful which is not a religious institute.

As you probably did too, I read on the Countdown to the Kingdom website related to Fr Michel and also in the book of Christine Watkins, The Warning. Testimonies and Prophecies the Illumination of Conscience (Note 84, p. 278 and p. 280), that : “ Michel Rodrigue receives the full support of his bishop, and all of his locutions and visions are submitted to his local ordinary for approval. “ This quotation was removed these days from the website after a request I sent to Fr Michel. No mention is made of the reason for the removal, that is to say: because it was untrue. However, the quotation remains in the book mentioned above.

I have to tell you that Fr Michel never submitted to me any of his locutions and visions for discernment or approval. Accordingly, I could not have supported the content of his talks which are not presented in my diocese nor elsewhere in the Province of Québec as far as I now, but mostly in the United States. Moreover, I learnt about his teaching while reading some reports on the website mentioned above. I did not and I do not approve his teaching with regard to his locutions and visions. Consequently, it is untrue that he “receives the full support of his bishop” as it is written in the Countdown to the Kingdom website and in the quoted book.

I thank you for your request. If you wish any further information, I will be pleased to respond as much as possible.

Truly yours in Christ,

+ Gilles Lemay,

Bishop of Amos, Quebec

Raymond Martel, prêtre
Vicaire général au diocèse d’Amos
[450, Rue Principale Nord]
[Amos, Qc]
(Canada) J9T 2M1

Tél. [819-732-6515 Poste 206]


Glenn Dallaire said...

Excellent information! Thank you Mary H. for posting this.

So, if I'm reading it correctly essentially bishop Lemay has approved of and supports Fr. Rodrigue's "Lay Association" and priestly ministry, HOWEVER he (very rightly!) wants to distance himself from Fr. Rodrigue's purported visions and predictions.

If such is the case then I couldn't agree more. I definitely think that it is always a good idea for bishops to be very cautious and prudent concerning purported visionaries---especially in what concern alleged grave "heavenly warnings", predictions and alleged messages from heaven. The key is for them and all of us of course is to be prudent and cautious, but without being cynical, but unfortunately historically one can find many bishops who have dismissed all mystics/visionaries outright, which is not good either.

Without a doubt it can be difficult to strike a balance between not despising prophecy and being open to the workings of Holy Spirit, while at the same time being prudently cautious and avoiding being swayed or deceived by misled or false visionaries/mystics. With this in mind I personally always endeavor to take a neutral "wait and see" approach when it comes to such persons.

Thanks again Mary for your comments and may God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Paul in Melbourne, Australia said...

I had heard of Fr Rodrigue. He states at he had a vision of Our Lady while at Knock, where she spoke to him.

Some of his prophesies seem to be similar to the warning from Our Lady of Akita.

Thank you, again, Glenn

Anonymous said...

Fr. Rodrigue's alleged prophecies also contain weird New World Order conspiracy-esque stuff. We'll see what, if anything, happens in October to December. I suspect some folks will shoehorn something into his prophecies after the fact to say he predicted it but personally I think nothing will come of it and he will be shown to be false. The things he predicts are very far removed from the main corpus of 18th-21st century Catholic prophecy and that already is a big red flag.

Unknown said...

The messages of Father Gobbi are happening right now. Go to countdowntothekingdom.com and read a california soul.
Best prepare in case you are wrong.

Unknown said...

Garabandal is a continuation of Fatima. If you doubt Garabandal that means you have no gift of discernment.Though you are still right ,obedience is the key.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Fr. Michel I have watched his virtual retreat on www.countdowntothekingdom.com.
He certainly appears to be genuine,joyful, balanced and transparent. What has he to gain by lying? Nothing ultimately, but disaster for his soul. He seems to LOVE Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother with all his mind, heart and soul. It is true that our Bishops have to be prudent. But, it is also true that there is, sadly, much corruption in our Beloved Catholic Church, in these days and times. Many priests, bishops and cardinals have been living less than saintly lives. They have bought into modernism, and scoff at the mystical aspects of our faith. Time will tell as far as Fr. Michel's authenticity is concerned. Meanwhile, it behooves all of us to PRAY!PRAY!PRAY! for our Pope and ALL our shepherds.

Unknown said...

Father Gobbi’s locutions did NOT accompany dates ... their delay is from prayer NOT failure of accuracy... he n Pope JP II said Christmas Eve Mass together for over a decade, should Christ appear ... does that invalidate their holiness ? ....

Unknown said...

Fr Rodrigue last year counselled everyone to go to Confession by the end of 2019. What happened in very early 2020? The Corona virus came and all churches closed. There were no sacraments available up to now 21st June 2020, not even the Last Rites.

Katy said...

Things that his Bishop says he does not believe in, are things that are backed up by scripture , by the church, by tradition, by the catechism, and by many Saints.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this article Glenn.
It is interesting to read different perspectives on what is known about Father Rogrigue. I very much enjoy his talks. He uses a style which is a cross between Bishop Fulton Sheen and Father Stefan Gobbi. At least from my perspective.

I very much appreciate the way you have shown the Bishops position, and it makes total sense. Of course a Bishop would wait and see if this is all coming from God. It does not mean the Bishop does not believe what is written in the Bible on these matters. I believe the Bishop simple is not convinced these things are about to happen withing the next year. And who could blame him. I think we are all much in the same boat as the Bishop in that regard.

While much of the content of Father Rogrigue's messages are dire, we can Trust in God to keep us safe no matter what the future holds. So why worry as long as we strive to live in a state of Grace, and hold on to our Faith.

David said...

I know the Bishop issued a statement saying he doesn’t believe Fr. Rogrigue. But is that enough? Shouldn’t the Bishop investigate this priest? You have a Roman Catholic priest in good standing who is saying one-third of the world will shortly die, people will need to go to refuges led by angels, the world economy will collapse and money will be worthless, there will be a world wide warning, 7 nuclear bombs will be detonated in the United States, etc. Wouldn’t it make sense for the Bishop to speak with Fr. Rogrigue?

Glenn Dallaire said...

Great comment David! Yes, given that he is a solid priest in good standing, and given the gravity of his prophecies for humanity, I personally would say that it would be wise if his Bishop would do a serious and through investigation of his private revelations.
Glenn Dallaire

Ashleigh said...

Hi Glenn,

With charity, you mention the toppling of statues but not the events that caused them to occur. You mention the protesting but do not mention that it is in response to death and racism (which is a major problem still to this day in the US)....as Catholics, it's very important that we remember that being "pro-life" extends past being anti-abortion. All lives, at every stages, matter :) I always have to put this as a disclaimer, I do not belong to any political party before someone labels me as a crazy leftist or right wing nut. I am against violence for any reason BUT I can at least begin to question...what is the hurt that lies behind this and make sure we don't leave it out- this is more than just statues :)

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Ashleigh,
Thanks for your comments. I agree with much of what you state. I mentioned the global illness, the global protests and toppling of statues etc, just to highlight some of the serious events occurring presently at this time--I did not go into details of the causes simply because they were outside of the scope of this article, and really the website itself. As an example, I mentioned in the article how I personally believe that "...this virus is malevolent and evil at its source. But this is a subject for another time."
-In other words I try to stick with the topic at hand when writing articles. Nevertheless your points are well taken. Thank you once again for your comments!
May God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

Wake up people!!!
Can't you see whats going on in the world!
Needed: Faith!!! Steadfast!!! Prayer!!! Fasting!!!
Catechism of the catholic church - Counsel of Trent = Truth
It's unfolding before your very eyes... Don't be blinded...
If you fear .... Trust in the Lord!
God Bless Father Michel and his Ministry

Food for thought: They did not believe Noah either

Anonymous said...

Yes,people are hurt because of racism. And racism is wrong and a sin. But destroying statues and looting is not the answer. I don't think saints protested injustices with looting and I know it's not the fault of the peaceful protesters but of those that infiltrated the protests with bad motives. I don't say this from a politically motivated view. Destroying statues is vandalism. And stealing is a mortal sin. Justice is not about violence. The apostles and martyrs never fought against injustice with more violence,they were merciful towards their enemies. And some people now want to destroy statues of Jesus,Mary and the Saints,and that's sacrilege. Some have spray painted churches. What kind of behavior is that? Even Marthin Luther King's niece is against the violence.https://www.850wftl.com/mlks-niece-alveda-king-reacts-to-riots-and-protests-after-george-floyds-death/

Ashleigh said...

Anonymous....who said that destroying statues and looting was a good thing? This is not a one or the other issue. You CAN be against racism and you CAN be against looting and rioting. Where did I say that was a good thing? You don't have to argue that destroying statues is a bad thing, literally I don't think anyone here disagrees with you :)

Anonymous said...

Nine unarmed black Americans were killed in 2019 by police; all of which were investigated by the local DA. Nineteen unarmed white Americans were killed in 2019 by police. Eighty nine police officers were killed in 2019. The vast majority of violent crime is black on black. In Chicago recently, over one hundred people, mostly black, were shot in one weekend; fourteen died. Where's the outrage against gangs & drugs, which were behind this carnage? The most dangerous place for a black person is in his or her mother's womb. Where's the outrage?

Racism is real in America, but, despite claims, not at all rampant. Affirmative action programs, which, although limited by the US Supreme Court, still exist in 41 states. These programs, in fact, disadvantage white students, when applying to college.

Back to the topic at hand, I feel the escalating violence and unstable nature of both our country and world indicate that something big is probably coming this fall. God help us all.

Anonymous said...

This blog post pertains to the prophecies of Fr. Michel Rodrigue. He is talking about 7 nukes being detonated in the United States, all money becoming worthless, famine, and angels leading the faithful to refuges while one-third of mankind dies in WWIII. And is is all supposed to take place, or at least much of it, in October of this year. Not sure why the discussion has morphed into one on racism.

Ashleigh said...

Thank you Anonymous, at the end of the day, we are not fighting against each other, black on black, white on white, black on white...we are all the same skin, just different variations of it because of the sun. While we are here fighting each other, the devil is infiltrating and winning souls. Let's turn back our eyes on the Lord. Let's love one another, lets denounce hatred of all kind, racism, looting stores, etc. We can agree on this yes? God bless you, i'm removing notifications from this thread, I really want to stay out of online debate. At the end of the day, the Lord sees our hearts, lets be at peace!

Unknown said...

OhOh Father Gobbi prophesies is passing and is coming to pass.Take note. The word comming soon may means 20 years or 30 years. The apparition of Medjugorje is approaching 30 years in the blink of the eye.

Anonymous said...

Mathew 24 is a deep chapter but Christ is clear. No one knows the hour. Do we believe? He tells us of many deceptions and signs. If I recall Fr. Gobbi in the preface acknowledges the probability of deception by the evil one. This is great humility and an acknowledgement of his limitations.

The devil is an angelic being without Christ we are no match. Revelations are of a divine nature passing through a finite biased mind. Could we have fully understood the third secret of Fatima before the attempted assassination of the pope? This is why any revelation needs to be submitted to the church. Christ never condones disobedience to the church because He is the church. Even when a priest is wrong you are asked to submit the church, Padre Pio, St Teresa of Avila, St. Catherine of Sienna, etc. Christ will correct the situation in His time. The church places more weight on a virtuous life than miracles and revelations.

This pandemic reminds me of when HIV/Aids came into play. The panic, hysteria, stigmatization, etc. Does anyone think of it today? COVID is the new norm until Christ frees us of it or he grants us medication. Let it help us to turn back to Christ. In His mercy he allow's it to draw us back to Him.

“Do not think that the sorrowful conditions on earth do not move Me; but I love souls; I wish them to be saved; and in order to achieve My end I am constrained to be severe; but believe Me, I do it out of mercy! During times of abundance souls forget Me and are lost; in times of distress they turn to Me and save themselves. This is indeed the way it happens!” Jesus Appeals to the World, Sr. Consolata Betrone Pg 20

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Anonymous (directly above),
Thanks for your very thoughtful comments. Well said!

Dutchman said...

Two clergymen, an American Protestant Pastor and a Canadian Catholic Priest recently saw that a nuclear conflict with North Korea and Iran erupts as the US declares nationwide martial law to quell domestic civil unrest occurring in November 2020, which almost certainly results from the outcome of the presidential election. The Canadian priest said he understood that 7 nuclear warheads detonate on the US but did not indicate the missiles’ country of origin.

This recent information corroborates a 2016 video by a young woman who had a vision of a virus / plague (corona virus?), nuclear war with North Korea, followed by the appearance of the antichrist.

Three prophetic dreams: Three Prophetic Dreams from Pastor Dana: https://youtu.be/6TdpMSMP9x4?list=TLPQMDIwNzIwMjAUoVF0pMooqQ
North Korea Bombs USA Vision:

Anonymous said...

To Dutchman,

The second video you posted is associated with a character named “Jose Travieso Disciple of Yeshua“ who believes the Catholic Church is the Beast in Revelation.

Me :) said...

You can't look around and see the weird NWO type things happening? It is real. It is planned. Look at different sources. Pandemic seems planned. masking and lockdowns? Discussed a couple years ago. Did you hear of event 201? A pandemic exercise based on coronaviruses, with corinavirus stuffed toys given away. This is all fishy.

Unknown said...

I have to say, I'm grateful that Fr. Rodrigue's predictions ("prophecies" is too sacred a word to use) will be known to be true or not in a very short period of time. I'm not up for another Charlie Johnston-style run of far-off, dreadamocus events. Certainly not one that this priest's true believers use to push conspiracy theories of dubious origin.

From Luke, Ch. 12:
He also said to the crowds, “When you see cloud rising in the west you say immediately that it is going to rain—and so it does; and when you notice that the wind is blowing from the south you say that it is going to be hot—and so it is. You hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky; why do you not know how to interpret the present time?

Now the times have certainly been difficult lately; unrest over endemic racism, a stubborn pandemic, death counts rising, political division. Certainly there is the potential for more upheaval——history tells us things can go sideways in the most perplexing and unpredictable ways. Just stick the the "blocking and tackling" of being a good Catholic Christian: Love God and love your neighbor. Be strong. You'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment, but what should we do about Father Michel’s prescription that we need to store 3 months supply of food and water and we must set up a blessed shrine to the Holy Family in our homes so that the chastisement will spare our home refuges? Does God really expect the faithful to take these steps if this priest’s own Bishop says he doesn’t believe him?

Anonymous said...

Also what seems to be “different” about these prophecies is that there is no way to avert them. That is, the USA will suffer strikes from 7 nuclear bombs, and one third of humanity will die. The prophecy is not unless we repent this will happen, but it WILL happen no matter what. Usually warnings from heaven are conditional based on people’s response but his prophecies are not. That’s not to say they are not true, but certainly different. Also in the history of Catholic prophecy has there ever been such specificity in what will happen and with exact timelines?

Anonymous said...

Things *could* get tough. We unfortunately have a president in the U.S. who wants to win desperately. So put on your Christian big boy/big girl pants. We believe in a Man who was crucified. What can be worse than that? Stay strong. Don't worry. Don't be afraid. You will probably die peacefully in bed....or not. No matter what, stay the course. If you keep the faith you will have all the help you need —"now and at the hour of our death." Let peace reign in your heart.

BTW, being a prepper should be a distant second to being a good Christian.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know of contact information for fr. Rodrigue?

Unknown said...

Much of if not all of fr. Rodriguez's prophetic and mystical revelation were also made and maintained by hosts of other seers and mystics. His revelation seems very credible and when analysed some things do appear logical

David said...

Interesting article by Dr. Mark Miravalle regarding Fr. Rodrigue:


Anonymous said...

David, thanks for that. One would think Dr. Miravalle's assessment would be more than enough to view Fr. Rodrigue's claims as fantastical, unworthy of serious consideration. IMO, his bishop should be more explicit in advising the faithful to focus on the gospel message.

Another thing: I wonder why so many current day prophets write and speak in ways that are so unlike the prophets of the O.T. as well as of John the Baptist. Biblical prophets' prophecies aim squarely at the Messiah. Reading the Johnstons and Rodrigues I get a sense of people whose focus is not on Christ but on their own psychological makeups. Why is that?

EA Bucchianeri said...

Be careful: I can't help but see doctrinal errors regarding end time events and even heresies in his visions. There is something not quite right with his 'revelations'. See more here:


Anonymous said...

Sorry, working link here: A Response to Dr. Mark Miravalle’s Article on Fr. Michel Rodrigue

Dutchman said...

Just for the historical record: A protestant pastor in Kentucky, Dana Coverstone, had a series of dreams in late 2019 about the COVID plague and riots that later came true in 2020. After this, he had other dreams that appear to corroborate Fr. Michel's visions. Coverstone saw that in November 2020 intense riots erupted throughout the USA, eventually leading to intervention by the United Nations forces that included Russian and Chinese troops.
Three Prophetic Dreams from Pastor Dana: https://youtu.be/6TdpMSMP9x4?list=TLPQMDIwNzIwMjAUoVF0pMooqQ

I bring this to everyone's attention because the information from the two men presents a very plausible military scenario.

Essentially this: Leftist militants riot in October to influence in their favour the outcome of the November 2020 election. However, it seems the preferred candidate of the militant leftists does not win the presidency and they experience a major disappointment. The militant leftists respond with a huge surge of violent attacks, riots, & looting, which escalates to such an extent that US authorities declare nationwide martial law.

According to Fr. Michel when martial law is declared, Iran and North Korea, who are allies, decide to exploit the situation and attack US bases on the periphery of America's military sphere of influence: the Persian / Arabian Gulf and South Korea, and Japan. Militarily this is a good tactic: to attack an enemy on its periphery when its centre or homeland is severely disrupted.

Apparently, the war in Asia escalates to such an extent that North Korea fires at least 7 ICBMS into the continental USA and the nuclear warheads detonate. It is reasonable to conclude that North Korea also uses nuclear weapons on US bases in South Korea and Japan. This is why Fr. Michel is urging people to go to confession before all this happens as they could unexpectedly lose their lives from civil unrest & nuclear strikes; or illness & famine in the aftermath.

In the aftermath of nuclear strikes in Asia and the USA, it is almost certain that international cargo shipping out of Asia likely will be curtailed and domestic cargo & food shipments within the USA will be hindered. Transport disruptions will lead to severe commodity and food shortages, which explains why Fr. Michel urged people to store food AND water. The water needs to be stored to protect it from radioactive Iodine which is released in nuclear explosions and is water soluble. Iodine is absorbed by the thyroid gland. Radioactive Iodine will contaminate reservoirs downwind from the nuclear strikes.

Overall, we have information from two credible sources warning of plausible domestic civil unrest that is exploited by two foreign military enemies of America: Iran & North Korea. Both men point to the same time frame: Autumn 2020.

The two men have a history of personal and spiritual integrity. As a result, their testimonies can be considered as truthful statements of their experiences. All I have done is perform some simple extrapolations of the data they have presented.

Therefore, it seems to be both prudent and wise to pray and undertake the preparations indicated by Fr. Michel. By Christmas everyone on the planet will know the truth as to accuracy of the information and the full extent of the foretold disruptions. So go to confession, adore the Eucharist & pray the rosary, and put aside some basic provisions. God be with you.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Great information, commentary and suggestions Dutchman!--thank you very much. Your last line sums it all up very well! -Glenn

Anonymous said...

Dutchman, you say that we now have information “from two credible sources.” Who are these credible sources and what exactly makes them credible? The Protestant you quote, Dana Coverstone, is part of the heretical Assembly of God Church. They believe in the rapture, they deny the 7 Sacraments and Sacred Tradition. They deny the perpetual virginity of the Blessed Mother, and both Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart were Assemblies of God ministers before being defrocked. As A Catholic I would not consider Dana Coverstone as credible.

Anonymous said...

Dutchman, you begin your fantastic "plausible military scenario" by assuming that Leftist militants will riot in October. That's an utterly discreditable assumption. No doubt you are trying to give leftists greater power than the evidence indicates they have. So you build up the scary Antifa opposition into some kind of formidable revolutionary force. The better to scare people and guess what? Vote for Donald Trump, right? The only credible forces out there are the armed militias of the anarchist, racist right.

Come on, man. I tire of the Johnstons and Dutchmans who prey on religiously oriented people to push their hard right political objectives. Begone, please.

Anonymous said...

Dutchman, The "militant left" is who...Antifa? Blacks? Nancy Pelosi? The protestors? All of the above? This blog post pertains to the prophecies of Fr. Michel Rodrigue. Please, kindly, get your political beliefs out of it.

Anonymous said...

The rebuttal to the Mark Miravalle article was written by a Dan O'Connor who's an adjunct Philosophy Professor at a Community College and a PhD student at SUNY-Albany. In 2017, after the failed predictions of "Seer" Charlie Johnston, Mr. O'Connor wrote "Charlie is a good man and a solid Catholic. I'd trust him with my life. I am completely confident that he didn't intentionally deceive anyone. That being said, I have never endorsed his alleged private revelations or promoted his site."

Now in regards to Fr. Michel, Mr. O'Connor says "But if Fr. Michel does, or at some point, winds up being condemned or objectively proven false, then I will lose no sleep. I have never claimed, nor do I now, certainty in his authority."

So I guess when Christmas rolls around and the USA had not been hit with seven thermonuclear bombs, one-third of mankind has not been killed in WW3, there's no economic collapse, there no Warning, and angels are not leading us to refuges, Mr. O'Connor can then say the same about Fr. Michael that he did about Seer Johnston, i.e., he's a good man and a solid Catholic. I'd trust him with my life. I am completely confident that he didn't intentionally deceive anyone. That being said, I have never endorsed his alleged private revelations or promoted his site.

Mr. O'Connor obviously spent an enormous amount of time researching his rebuttal to Dr. Miravalle. Interesting that he would do that for a priest whose so-called "predictions" he's unsure of.

On another note, what does it say about Catholics who need to get themselves all fired up with threats of Warnings, Three Days of Darkness, Blood Moons, Comets hitting the earth, Chastisements, etc? Is our faith so weak that we need this drama to get ourselves to believe? I may be nuts, but there is almost a fortune-telling aspect to all this.

Anonymous said...


May I suggest you post the entire critique Dr. Miravalle sent out on Fr. Rodrigue. If you haven't read it, you should! Miravalle suggests that early brushes with the demonic--freely acknowledged by Fr. Rodrigue--require examination by the Church.

For example, as a boy Fr. Rodrigue burned down his own home, which he said was infested by demons. The young Fr. Rodrigue said he would crawl on top of a wood stove to get away from harassment. These are disturbing things, documented by Miravalle, an eminent theologian and Mariologist, who has been called on by bishops to examine purported apparitions.

As for Daniel O'Connor...he termed Professor Miravalle's exploration of diabolical influences on Fr. Rodrigue a "quibble"! O'Connor is a co-author of the "Countdown to the Kingdom" website, which heavily promotes Fr. Rodrigue through articles and videos.

(By the way, O'Connor's academic credentials have been misstated online. He is adjunct faculty at Hudson Valley Community College, NOT a professor at the State University of New York. )

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Anonymous (directly above),
Thanks for your comments and also for the information concerning the article by Dr. Mark Miravalle. He is a great evangelizer and promoter for our Lady--may God bless and reward him. Not only did I appreciate reading his perspectives concerning the private revelations of Fr. Rodrigue, I also very much appreciated Daniel O'Connors thoughtful response.

As for myself, I personally like to try to hear both sides, because it helps with my own discernment in such matters. Those who have read my articles and commentary in recent years find that I personally endeavor to take the "wait and see" approach when it comes to living visionaries and their private revelation, so long as there are not any blatant theological/doctrinal "red flags", or a judgment from the local bishop of course.

Personal experience and study has taught me that this "wait and see" is seemingly the best approach in my opinion, for on the one hand way too many mystics/visionaries have been harshly and hastily prejudged over the centuries, while on the other hand many persons have been misled by false mystics and seers over the years.

And so, taking the "wait and see" approach (just as I personally did with the prophesies and predictions of Charlie Johnston for example), time will very soon reveal the truth in the coming months concerning some of Fr. Michel's key prophecies. So why come to any personal judgement just now when events--or the lack thereof--will clearly reveal the truth one way or the other by the end of this December?

May Jesus bless you and your loved ones and may the Blessed Virgin Mary cover you under Her heavenly mantle.
-Glenn Dallaire

Anne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah said...

It appears prudent and wise on the Bishop's part to take his stance in these events. His job is to protect the faithful. After all waiting is the true Catholic way. We like God are to be patient, wise and discerning. I did watch Fr Michel's talks and want to remind us that Father Michel is "an exorcist" and as such, has access to true spiritual warfare going on which most of us do not have access to, and our souls may not be ready to handle. An exorcist must be in a state of grace and spend much time in prayer and fasting. His Bishop knows this. Father Michel can do nothing without his Bishop's approval. Which Fr Michel is in obedience too. This is impressive and I give them both respect as Priests of The Church.

I too will follow the example of being in a state of grace, with much prayer, fasting, spiritual reading, the sacraments and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament as long I am able.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, there is a lot of truth in what you say. Those who serve as "alter Christus" must always be respected for that sacramental reality.

But beware of clericalism. The priesthood does not bestow an all-knowing, not-to-be-questioned individual in an ordained priest. We have learned the hard way—witness the priest abuse scandal—that father is not always right or to be trusted. We must be "wise as serpents and innocent as doves."

DO said...

Upon Googling something related to this matter, I stumbled upon this post's comments. How sad that this anonymous commenter insists upon attacking me. I have never once stated, *to anyone,* publicly or privately, that I am "Professor of Philosophy, State University, New York." I don't know how that blurb about me was put into the Warning book; I certainly didn't write it, but now that I've been alerted to it, I've contacted the author and hopefully she is able to correct it in the book's upcoming edition. I have *never* been quiet or secretive about the fact that I am an adjunct professor at a community college; anyone interested in the matter could, at any time, have easily discovered those details of my credentials. See this post: https://dsdoconnor.com/2020/07/17/clarifications-dr-miravalle-fr-michel-fall-2020-my-credentials/

As for Mr. Anonymous' claim that I "obviously spent an enormous amount of time" researching my rebuttal to Dr. Miravalle, I would like to know exactly how that is possible, being that I posted the rebuttal the day after Dr. Miravalle published his own article. In fact, I spent very little time researching and writing it, as Dr. Miravalle's 10 points were so clearly erroneous and/or unjust that addressing them was very simple and straightforward.

I too, like Glenn, am taking the "wait and see" approach to Fr. Michel; meanwhile I will happily defend him against any unjust or otherwise erroneous accusations/criticisms (as Dr. Miravalle's, in fact, were) even while encouraging my readers to take Fr. Michel's advice: namely, to repent, go to Confession, pray the Rosary, and consecrate one's self to the Holy Family.

That's pretty good advice.

In Christ, through Mary,

Glenn Dallaire said...

Thanks for the clarifications and commentary Daniel.
-Glenn Dallaire

bencris said...

The chastisements predicted by Fr. Rodrigue pale in comparison to the catastrophes which await the world if humanity does not stop sinning and repent.
At Fatima, Our Blessed Mother warned that failure to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart will lead to wars, famine, and persecution of the Church, culminating in the annihilation of various nations.
Here's the relevant text of the Second Part of Secret ...
"To save them [poor sinners who are on the road to hell], God wishes to establish in the world devotion to My Immaculate Heart. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace. The war is going to end; but if people do not cease offending God, a worse war will break out during the reign of Pius XI. When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that He is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine, and persecutions against the Church and against the Holy Father.
To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays. If My requests are heeded, Russia will be converted and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated."
At Akita,our Blessed Mother's warning is more grave...
"As I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful. The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead. The only arms which will remain for you will be the Rosary and the Sign left by My Son. Each day recite the prayers of the Rosary. With the Rosary, pray for the Pope, the bishops and priests."
The "fire falling from the sky" has occurred in Earth's history. During the geological period named the 'Younger Dryas", the Earth underwent extremely rapid burning and cooling which event could have only been caused by either a "superflare" from the Sun hitting a great portion of the Earth or, worse still, the sun undergoing a "micronova"-it's as if the entire Sun exploded.
By the time the Church formally approves or disapproves of Fr. M. Rodrigue, it may be too late for us all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. O'Connor,

I am the anonymous from July 18, 2020 at 4:34 PM. I wrote Glenn to express concerns over Fr. Rodrigue's alleged brushes with the demonic during his childhood. You suggested that demonic encounters are quite common for mystics, and dismissed Miravalle's concerns. That makes no sense, frankly. While Padre Pio may have reported this experience, you cited no evidence supporting this contention. I don't believe demonic oppression is common and expected among mystics--or else I've missed quite a bit in my reading on the saints! Calling Miravalle's worries a quibble is wrong, I believe, and is belittling to someone with far more experience than yourself in the field of private apparitions.

Also, I am quite concerned by the apparent failure of you or your Countdown colleagues to check with Fr. Rodrigue's bishop on his alleged mystical experiences before jumping head-first into promotion of them. Surely, it's embarrassing to you and the others--professionally embarrassing-- to have to make at least two sets of corrections to your introductory material on Fr. Rodrigue on the Countdown website. This, to me, seems to show inexcusably careless research.

Also careless is the mistaken identification of your qualifications, both on a book blurb and on the Countdown website's in the contributor's biography section. (The book is The Warning by Christine Watkins.) This is pretty basic stuff! Getting your position and institution wrong in "print" twice is very sloppy. How can we readers take you Countdown authors seriously, in light of such repeated errors?

Finally, you purport to outline what you and your colleagues call a "prophetic consensus." You are looking for common threads between prophecies. You don't appear to consider the known fact that copycats often base their "prophecies" on things they have heard or read in others' work. That is why the Catholic Church itself does not use any alleged "prophetic consensus" to judge messages or messengers. Instead, it uses guidelines released by the Vatican, which I don't see discussed in the Countdown site.

Why the heck don't you all stick with what the Church offers?

Anonymous said...

Correction (for post July 22, 2020 at 11:20)

"While Padre Pio may have reported this experience, you cited no evidence supporting this contention with a wide variety of other known mystics."

Anonymous said...

Interesting discussion. Here's a note from Dr. Mark Miravalle's critique of the Countdown website's presentation on Fr. Michel Rodrigue. Miravalle seems to be saying he was quoted out of context on the cover of Christine Watkins' book, The Warning.

Is this an another instance of careless editing? (To be charitable.)

20 On a related note, my theological comment regard the book, The Warning: Testimonies and Prophesies of the Illumination of Conscience by Christine Watkins, a more detailed and nuanced statement which did not appear on the cover of the book in its full content or context with which it was originally submitted to the author, called for a serious discernment and wide reading concerning the possibility of an upcoming Illumination of Conscience, which constitutes the major theme of the text. However, my supportive comment regarding the possibility of an upcoming Warning should in no sense be interpreted as a positive theological approval of all of the alleged visionaries cited in this book, which includes those of Fr. Rodrigue.

Anonymous said...

This whole business is akin to reading tea leaves. Prophetic consensus...really? I seem to remember a time not too long ago when there was a consensus in which certain prophets said that the anti-Christ is in the world: Maria Divine Mercy, the Little Pebble, Warriors of Mary, William Tapley (the Eagle of the Apocalypse), Pope Peter "the Last", Luz de Maria de Bonilla, and the list goes on.

What a strange thing Catholicism has evolved into. Mystics, seers, and sages now have polished websites and the faithful can sit in the comfort of their homes and get the latest revelation from God delivered daily to their in-boxes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above (11:10)

Yes, the websites are polished! Who pays for the website design, hosting fees and maintenance? How do the Countdown authors profit? I'll be it's a promo for their books and videos. Nothing wrong with that, but it is not a non-profit, I'd guess. People should know where the $$ comes from and goes to.

Sad to see them set themselves up as authorities, vs. the Catholic Church and real authorities like Professor Miravalle. They are all self-appointed experts.

Anonymous said...

11:10 bears repeating:

"What a strange thing Catholicism has evolved into. Mystics, seers, and sages now have polished websites and the faithful can sit in the comfort of their homes and get the latest revelation from God delivered daily to their in-boxes."

For good reason the Church does not require belief in private revelation. Although much of it is good and credible, its salutary benefits must always be anchored in the Gospel. Without that connection, private revelation becomes an exercise in superstition.

Anonymous said...

Came across this from someone who claims to have toured one of Fr. Michel’s refuges in California:


Michelle T said...

Uhhh he is also a professor at SUNY Albany. How do I know? I live there.

Anonymous said...

Who? If it's Daniel O'Connor, he is a grad student at SUNY Albany. Not yet a Ph.D. candidate. And adjunct faculty at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, NY.

Anonymous said...

I beg of you all, CHARITY AND LOVE...let's stop tearing each other down...we cannot judge anyone, if you believe or don't believe Fr. Rodrigue that's your business but let's just be charitable and stop talking about each other.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 10:08, How can Catholics discern these claims, if no one asks questions about the messenger and the people who spread the messages online?

DAN said...

All im gonna say is: If these things don't come true, his reputation will be utterly ruined. There have been religious people in the past who predicted great things, like the world ending. And they were very confident, too. But nothing happened..

Anonymous said...

The Countdown to the Kingdom website authors deserve blame too! They're pushing this for their own interests. They didn't bother to do their own research. They should have known Fr. Rodrigue's bishop would object. Christine Watkins, Mark Mallett, Peter Bannister, Daniel O'Connor ought to make public apologies when these prophecies don't pan out!

Anonymous said...

I would not expect a public apology by Mr. O’Connor. Remember that Mr. O’Connor was very clear when he said “But if Fr. Michel does, or at some point, winds up being condemned or objectively proven false, then I will lose no sleep. I have never claimed, nor do I now, certainty in his authority." Mr. O’Connor is posting for people’s discernment only.

This may be a bad analogy but this is somewhat akin to someone putting up a website that has all sorts of questionable and unprovable claims of cures for cancer, but then also includes a disclaimer that says what they posted may be bunk.

PB said...

I totally agree with u !!
May God be with us all.
Make your confession.
Store food and water.
PRAY much. Much !!
And praise and thank the Lord that HE gives us these warnings !!

PB said...

We must all prepare.
We do not know when we are going.
So - yes, let us all:
Make our confession, every time we need to.
It is very important to always be in the state of grace.
Consecrate not only our homes, but ourselves and our families.
May God be with us all !!!

PB said...

Pray the Holy Rosary every day.
Live like a saint.
Thats what 1 priest advised me.

Remember, God sees us.
God knows whats in our hearts.
Let us all pray that the Holy Spirit give us all the divine wisdom to understand all these and be guided to eternal life.

In God we trust said...

Father San Pio did believe in Garabandal too!!

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of stuff attributed to Padre Pio that he may or may not have believed or said. Joey Lomangino was supposed to get “new eyes” at the miracle of Garabandal but Joey died in 2014.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see the skepticism expressed in these pages. It is exactly the attitude of the Church.

Unknown said...

Very true

Unknown said...

American may nevertheless see some form of chastisement it's not exempted. It would be unwise to ignore prophecy as scripture suggests. Just wait and see but it won't hurt to prepare spiritually. I somehow find his revelation credible to a point as it correlates with prophetic revelations of various other visionaries.

Anonymous said...

The previous comment says “ It would be unwise to ignore prophecy as scripture suggests.” Well sure, if that prophecy is coming from a true prophet of course it would be unwise to ignore it. But how do we know Fr. Michel is real? Should we consider Fr. Michel’s Bishop to be unwise since he doesn’t believe this priest of his own diocese? And does God really expect the faithful to believe a prophet if that prophet’s own Bishop doesn’t? Are we somehow smarter and more clever the a successor of the Apostles who has been given divine jurisdiction over this priest?

Glenn Dallaire said...

For those interested I just posted a new guest article here which furthers the discussion on the proposed upcoming Warning, Miracle, the AntiChrist and the coming of the Era of Peace


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

My take on 10:34 above: Miravalle's private analysis is spot on; Sagezza appears to be as confused and incredible as Rodrigue.

Anonymous said...

Are the people promoting Fr. Rodrigue at the Countdown to the Kingdom website credible? Should we believe in their discernment?

I found a discussion on that at another forum. It said, "Three Canadian bishops banned Mark Mallett from their dioceses... Peter Bannister dedicated a book to false prophet Charlie Johnston... Christine Watkins asked an Anglican bishop closely associated with Vassula Ryden to write the forward to her book, The Warning." Also, none of the Countdown authors uses or refers to the Vatican-issued guidelines to investigate private revelation. They ignore Church standards and put forward their own standard of "prophetic consensus," which seems to mean anything that sounds all right to them!

Unknown said...

AMEN Ashleigh!

Anonymous said...

On Pope Francis views on private revelations; from an article in Crux. Also has discussion of Pope Benedict XVI's views:

"Perhaps for Francis, his Marian devotion too is rooted in the experience of “simple believers,” and his skepticism arises not so much from theological convictions like Benedict, but rather a more pastoral concern not to see those simple believers hoodwinked by people he believes are manipulating Marian faith for their own ends."


Anonymous said...

In follow up to the video in the previous comment, as far as Medjugorje is concerned, this video says it all:


Watch as Vicka, who is supposedly in a mystical trance, darts her eyes in response to an onlooker’s fake ‘poke’ but even more telling is how after the so-called apparition she claimed her movement was in response to the Blessed Mother dropping the infant Jesus.

Give me a break.

mindypin said...

I tend to agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:08

Why is a slight movement from someone who appears to be poking at Vicka's eye an indication that she's not in a mystical trance? Who set the standard for what is or isn't a "mystical trance?" Why is being in a mystical trance essential to an apparition?

To me at least, that isn't any indication at all about the truth or falsity of the claim. I'm still a skeptic but not over that issue.

Anonymous said...

To anon above. Did you watch that entire video and the part where Vicka said that she was trying to catch the baby Jesus who the Blessed Mother supposedly dropped? Why did she feel the need to explain herself? Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

Do you really think Our Lady would drop the infant Jesus?

Anonymous said...

AS I said 10:09 I'm a skeptic like you, but I don't think the truth or falsity of what is happening there depends on such details. For me the proof will be in the pudding; i.e., will the predictions we've been told about happen? The way the predictions at Fatima panned out? There's the rub.

StGemma said...

@Charles Fears From 3 A.M. to 4 A.M. is what's called "witching hour," so it's no wonder why you had a lot of nightmares during the 3-4 A.M. time period, screaming while waking up.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as “witching hour” All time belongs to God, why would he set aside one for the devil? the hour of 3am is the hour of Mercy. I have been awoken many times at 3am to pray the divine mercy chaplet for special intentions. Anon, I would also agree that posting only about the protests and not the other side of the protests and not the other side of the story (the injustice of George Floyd, Brionna Taylor) make me question the authors true intentions but I wouldn’t go as far as saying racist or anti-Catholic, just very biased. Remember people, the protests didn’t start because of the fact that they were killed, it happened because there was a lack of timeliness of arrests (ie. how long it took to apprehend the murderers of Ahmad Aurbery and the fact that Brionna Taylor’s killers remain free, if that’s not “injustice” to you, I don’t know what is. If we proclaim that we are pro-life, we have to stand up for live everywhere. Don’t try to attack me as being a crazy “left-wing” because I’m not, or try to say I support the platform of BLM because I don’t :)

mindypin said...

Cops aren't "murdering" black people. There are indeed bad cops, and they need to be dealt with very harshly.

These protesters, led by and incited to riot by Black Lives Matter, are tools of this Marxist and anti-Catholic organization. And make no mistake, they are agents of the devil. The media who are inciting them are, too.

Black Lives Matter is openly bigoted and opposed to the Church. They state as much, and put it into practice by toppling religious statues and vandalizing churches.

You have clearly not been educated about the evils of socialism and communism. There's a new book out, "The Devil and Karl Marx" by Paul Kengor. I highly recommend it. Ignorance is not bliss, and no Catholic in good conscience can support what these protesters are really about. It's not about the rare cases of police brutality.

May the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, keep your heart and mind in the knowledge and love of God, and of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord; and the blessing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, be with you, and remain with you always.

✝️ U.I.O.G.D. ✝️ 🐟

mindypin said...

The Hour of Mercy is 3 p.m., which is the hour when our Savior died for our sins. 3 a.m. is the opposite, which is why it's known as the devil's hour.

Anonymous said...

Well said, 8:48.

Anonymous said...

Why do people say silly stuff like "3 a.m.is the devil's hour."

Mindypin, can you point to a single credible source that backs this up? Truth be known, the devil is after us at *every* hour. And most importantly God's help is available to counter the "roaring lion" at every hour.

Anonymous said...

3 am is known as the "devils hour" in pop-culture and the movies but please site the official church document or dogma that says the 3am is the "devils" hour

Anonymous said...

The true agents of the Devil, Mindypin, are those who are blind to injustice such as yourself. You are loathsome hypocrites. Do not wrap yourself and your bigotries under the cloak of Catholicism, for you are its antithesis. BTW, cops are murdering black men and it isn't a rare thing. A book about Marx and the Devil? How about he writes a book about Mussolini and the Devil or Hitler and the Devil or the KKK and the Devil. Don't disguise your blind racism as piety. That's blasphemy!

Anonymous said...

But why is the Devil’s hour from 3AM to 4AM?

The answer lies in the Liturgy of the Hours.

Some believe the absence of prayer between Matins, traditionally starting around 1AM, and Lauds, traditionally starting around dawn, is responsible for the supposed increase in demonic activity.

While the Church has never ruled definitively on the matter, it can be said for sure that prayer is an effective spiritual weapon against Satan.

Anonymous said...

Ummm.... Anon@ 6:36: You realize don't you, that when it's 3AM in my time zone that it's 1AM two time zones west of me when Matins is being recited? Think about it: at every hour of the day there is a time zone where every hour in the LOH is being recited. It's one reason I love praying the Hours. We unite ourselves with a prayer all over the world that never ceases. Likewise the celebration of the Mass—there is never a time of day where someplace Mass is being celebrated.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Due to his excessive pride and avarice, Lucifer often seeks to ape and mock God. Since Jesus died at 3pm, thus 3pm is the Hour of Mercy. On the other side, for his part the devil therefore seeks to mock and one-up Jesus by doing the exact opposite "evil hour" at 3am, which is even more suitable in that it is the darkest part of the night.

Glenn Dallaire said...

I agree that it is deeply consoling to note that Holy Mass is always being celebrated somewhere on the earth at any given time of the day or night, however concerning the Hour of Mercy it should of course be noted that time is specific to location/region, and therefore the Hour of Mercy is specific to that location and time in which it is occurring. In other words it's not the hour of Mercy everywhere all the time, as Jesus died at 3pm Jerusalem time.

Anonymous said...

I'd still like to know where the idea that 3 AM is somehow the devil's hour came from. It feels superstitious, although I'm open to correction. Can't vouch for this source but here's an explanation of the hours mentioned in scripture (which are not entirely consistent):


Also I firmly believe that although the death of the Lord happened at a certain time, the hours are more symbolic than literal, as numbers are throughout scripture. Since we witness Jesus's death every time we are present at the consecration at Mass, His death is truly timeless. It's as though at whatever time we are at Mass we are in a time machine that places us at the foot of the Cross.

Glenn Dallaire said...

In light of the recent discussion here in this comment section for those interested I just published and article entitled Jesus' Hour of Mercy vs Satans Hour of Darkness which endeavors to explain and explore the 3:00am "Witching Hour" or "Devils hour"

Feel free to comment here or there!
May God bless all who visit this website,
Glenn Dallaire

The Face of Grace Project said...

Anyone interested in making a general confession might want to purchase this Kindle e-book on the Life Confession https://www.amazon.com/Life-Confession-Discovery-Gods-Mercy-ebook/dp/B08G3KLC77/ref=sr_1_66?dchild=1&fst=as%3Aoff&qid=1597985425&refinements=p_n_date%3A1249100011&rnid=158327011&s=digital-text&sr=1-66

Unknown said...

While I have enjoyed reading all comments and arguments for and against here seers and their prophecies mentioned here, my question to you all here is this:
" Without any of these seers and their prophecies, can anyone with discernment see that given the current gravity of the world's sins, is Divine Justice imminent any time now?

Anonymous said...

To 10:04: Yes, the possibility of chastisement is always a possibility. But IMHO, things are no different now than they have been since the age of the prophets. If you have followed the readings at Mass from Ezekiel this week you have read the warnings of the prophets when God's people wandered from His commandments. And then there is the New Testament where St. Paul refers to his time as an "evil age." (Gal 1:4). I would submit that *every age* is an evil age and that correction for wayward society is always needed. Divine Justice is always at work.

Jedarc said...

There is so much focus on doom and gloom. Why isn't there more on praying, fasting, evangelizing so that people would convert and chastisements be averted? It's almost like people are hoping these terrible things will take place.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Jedarc, exactly.

Anonymous said...

For a very thorough and lengthy assessment of Fr. Michel, that was just published by Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi, check out:


Anonymous said...

I will divide the question into two:
1. is the Chastisement /minor chastisement starting now 2020,
2. are Fr Michel and others right to say that the final End times, the Antichrist etc. are now.

On the first question, I think most of the people here will agree that we indeed approach a Chastisement of some kind. If the world was bad before WW3 that made Our Lady warn it in Fatima, and became worse after WW3, when the spirituality and the purely human interactions were on much higher level compared to today, then what is the world now?

The second part of the question is much more difficult to answer. Because, if we know the Antichrist is coming in some preset period of 6 weeks, (as Fr Michel claims, as well as John Leary), then even a 10 year old kid will easily estimate when Jesus will return if his father gives him two numbers. We all know, after 1260 days later, maximum 1335 days. But there is a problem with that, that Jesus Himself doesn't know when, nor the angels in heaven, but only the Father. How then Fr Michel knows? The Father told him, and didn't tell His Only Begotten Son? Personally, I cannot accept such a primitive explanation. Even if coming from a living saint. Seems to me, the sure bet is to accept that until that time no one will know for sure.

That doesn't mean we should stay quiet and say, you see nothing has happened before, nothing will happen again, because God is so merciful and many people in the world are actually good, many say rosary... (then where is the era of peace?)

As contemporary events unfold infront our eyes we need just to click the mobile phone to see more than any other generation before:

1. NASA confirmed an asteroid to flyby on Nov 3 with possible impact. It might not be a big one, but the news is significant by itself.

2. USA is going into unprecedented chaos that may or may not be decided peacefully by January 20, 2021.

3. China is involved in three- four hot spots that each of them may go into full blown war with USA taking part in it (Taiwan, South China Sea, Pakistan / India, North Korea).

4. Middle East,
5. Turkey against Greece (+ France, Germany, Italy),
6. Russia in Belarus vs EU.

7. If that is not enough, add Venezuela to the picture.

8. Covid crisis that will turn into
9. the biggest financial crisis after the Great depression.

10. Climate crisis, that although neglected by most devote people, has the real potential to blow up the climate to UNPRECEDENTED SCALE KNOWN FROM APOCALYPTIC MOVIES. As we see hurricanes and ever increasing temperatures (130 degrees were reached for the first time on Earth in Dead Valley only days ago). No surprise, prince Charles said 2020 would be the year of decision of survival. Did he mean only the Climate change or all the situation together? And no matter how good he is, he is definitely a person in the know who will not throw his royal words in the wind, exactly because of who he is. Not after Brexit when UK goes alone.

On all that background to pretend that God is not going to punish the world, while He is punishing the world as we speak (including by unrighteous hand, as in the Old Testament), is to act like ostrich with head in the sand.

But maybe God's action will surprise even us who say we know Him. God's rescue plan may go out of our understanding. The Great Warning event in Garabandal starts with the letter "A". I am thinking of two words that are similar in Spanish:


Let not restrict God's grand plan to our limited understanding. If not for our own sake (some of us may want to be martyrs) then for the sake of the children of our grandchildren, and for the Church that they are going to be on Earth. Until Jesus comes, when no man knows the time.

Anonymous said...

P.S. correction not WW3 but WW2 of course...hope we avoid WW3 :)

Anonymous said...

Spanish words with "A"


the word was so difficult for the seer that she had to search it in the dictionary.

Fatima secret had to be revealed in 1960 because the world would be more capable of understanding it by that time (the promoted by some "antichrist in vatican" has nothing so difficult to be understood since ancient times). That understanding implies something that before that time was not understandable. Moreover, a Secret must be a real SECRET first and foremost, and not a common knowledge!

Let me end with something beautiful, because that may well be my last post in the Catholic blogosphere. This Christmas could be our best Christmas ever, if God actually makes the Chastisement before Christmas and we are among those who survive it (if not we will be in heaven), thanks to His grace and His plan for our future:
The Most Beautiful German Christmas Songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qooItFCVSG0

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 9:34 PM, you refer to John Leary in your post but in 1999 he predicted that the Pope after John Paul II would be an anti-Pope.

As far as the Catholic Church is concerned:

Bishop Mathew H. Clark has declared that John Leary - a Catholic layman who has claimed to have interior visions of Jesus, Mary and some saints, has misjudged ordinary mental prayer for supernatural communication.

Bishop Clark also said Leary's messages contain doctrinal errors that run counter to the Catholic Faith.

Anonymous said...

"...has misjudged ordinary mental prayer for supernatural communication."

I do wonder how often this happens. If you mix, say, a bipolar personality given to strong manic emotions and who also meditates on the mysteries of our faith, those meditations can seem very vivid and real. Likewise someone who is schizophrenic. They often "see" other people.

Anonymous said...

Mother Miriam and the Station of the Cross seem to be on board with the Warning this fall and the need to stock a 3 month food and water supply:



Anonymous said...

Well, Mother Mariam seems to be on board with predictions that the Church hasn't approved. To be sure The Church has not condemned "The Warning"—i.e., the illumination of souls either. Whether something like that will occur before the end of this year is truly unknown at this point. I don't see where Mother Miriam is claiming any special knowledge of this hoped-for event. I do think that in this country, given the divisiveness of this president, there could be some very trying times ahead. Look at other places around the world like Belarus and Hong Kong; there are plenty of hot spots like it experiencing severe trials. Never mind the divisiveness in the Church openly stirred up by those opposed to the Chair of Peter.

How many times has someone said that the Warning (or something like it) is just around the corner? That such an event would occur would certainly be welcome in terms of changing the course of so much evil in the world. But there have been exceedingly trying times throughout history. Arguably, every age is an evil age (Gal. 1:4). "Nothing new under the sun" says Qoheleth (Eccl.).

About the "Remnant:" Based on the things Mother Miriam and others predict it's as if there are just a very few who will be left to start over. Really? Have you seen the number of Catholics at the Mass you attend on Sundays? There are hundreds and hundreds of parishes with such faithful both in this country and all over the world doing their best to live good Christian lives. Do you see on social media how many followers Bishop Barron, Cardinal Dolan, and Fr. James Martin, SJ and many many more have on social media? Or have you seen the HUGE crowds at the Pope's services in St. Peter's Square? Let's not forget Genesis 18:24. There is much light and much salt that shouldn't be dismissed, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

I respectfully submit the following fair and balanced responses to the recent fire storm of negative commentary published against Fr. Michel Rodrigue.

"With all the evil in the world, to focus on a fellow priest in their Church, who has done impeccable good in the world, who is orthodox, and who has a reputation for holiness and formidable fruits in the Spirit, strikes us as odd. Are there not true evils in the Church which would be better addressed?" - Christine Watkins

Who is the real Fr. Michel Rodrigue?

Fr Joseph Iannuzzi's article of Fr. Michel Rodrigue

A response to Fr Joseph Iannuzzi's article of Fr. Michel Rodrigue

Anonymous said...

Ms. Watkins says that she finds it “odd” for the faithful to question the prophecies of Fr. Rodrigue.

But Fr. Rodrigue’s Bishop, who God has given authority in this matter, has said unequivocally:

I did not and I do not approve his teaching with regard to his locutions and visions.

Do we think we know better than the Bishop who has jurisdiction over Fr. Rodrigue? God left us the Pope and Bishops to guide us.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that it’s the will of God for Catholics around the world to believe and follow the prophecies of a seer if that seer’s own Bishop does not believe or approve that seer’s “visions” and “locutions”?

Why would God give messages to someone who God knows in advance that their Bishop will not approve, and yet expect Catholics to believe those messages?

Anonymous said...

It would be reasonable to respond that God's omnipotence (knowing in advance that a Bishop would not approve of a seers prophetic words) has less to do with the validity of the message and more to do with the exercise of the gift of free will that God will never take away. We choose to believe or we don't - that choice is always ours. Personally, I choose to be on the Ark.

Anonymous said...

Christine Watkins' collective work is the most concise and comprehensive compilation on the Warning, Refuges, and our times to be published by a lay Catholic. The prophecies of the Warning, effectively gathered and presented in the book, have come through many saints and mystics of different ages, times, and places, including St. Pope Pius IX, St. Pope Paul VI, St. Faustina Kowalska, Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, and Servant of God, Maria Esperanza. Fr. Michel is not the first to prophesy of such things and he is not the first to be persecuted for it. He won't be the last. Jesus promised as much.

Anonymous said...

Is the commenter above saying that Fr. Rodrigue is being persecuted because his Bishop said “I did not and I do not approve his teaching with regard to his locutions and visions“?

Or that those of us who give credence to a successor of the Apostles, over unapproved messages delivered to our In-Boxes or posted on polished websites, somehow offending God?

Anonymous said...

You also state “ Personally, I choose to be on the Ark.”

With all due respect, exactly who are you to imply that those of us who don’t believe unapproved messages are not on the Ark? I suspect that practically everyone who visits this site is sincere and seeking the truth. And that the readers of this site overwhelmingly pray the rosary daily, attend Mass, and many pray the Office even though it is not mandatory as we are lay people, If we pray and believe in Christ that’s what determines whether we’re on the Ark. Believing or not believing in unapproved messages has nothing to you with whether you get on the Ark.

Anonymous said...

Well said, 8:12.

Anonymous said...

Dear friends in Christ,
I was born in 1959. In the summer of 1982, as a more or less “cafeteria” Catholic, while sitting in the front yard of a residence in a mid-western college town on a beautiful sunny morning, I began to read a “newsletter” that was circulating about the events at Medjugorje. It was written by Wayne Weibel. It was astonishing to say the least. It took hold of me, and changed my life at that time. But not for the better. The article was given to me by the person who would become my future mother-in-law. Since that time, almost forty years ago, I have followed Medjugorje, and looked into countless other “apparition” sites. I became a sort of “groupie,” you might say, to various “seers,” although I knew none of them personally. And despite witnessing multiple miraculous events (including having extraordinary personal phenomena take place) at these alleged apparition sites, I feel it necessary to warn my fellow Catholics away from them in general. I could go on and on about why I issue this warning, but in short, following these things has been a major disappointment and a source of much discontent and confusion in my spiritual life. This, despite witnessing - and having - extraordinary events unfold. I joke with my wife that I should write a book about how harmful it can be to follow these allegedly “prophetic” seers, but that I’d have an unread autographed copy on my desk for years. Such is human nature. At least mine is such.
Be careful, my friends. I suggest to you that there is a tremendous amount of treachery lurking out there, even in and around the most well-intended “seers.” At least in my opinion. So tread cautiously, if at all, around these folks. JMHO.

- Tom

Anonymous said...


In the above post, it was summer of 1987, not 1982.

- Tom

Anonymous said...

Re: 11:47. Good post. The late 80s and early 90s was a period of apparition chasing for many; myself included. Your observations are well taken. Stick to the tried and true and let private revelations be private unless and until they are approved by the Church. And even then.....stick to Tradition; i.e., well-understood revelation.

"For the time will come when people will not tolerate sound doctrine but, following their own desires and insatiable curiosity, will accumulate teachers and will stop listening to the truth and will be diverted to myths." (2Tim 4:3-4)

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Have you seen the link at Spirit Daily this morning? Fr. Rodrigue's bishop has DISAVOWED the messages/prophecies. The Bishop announced Fr. Rodrigue no longer holds ANY position in his diocese. He quotes St. Luke warning against deception. He takes aim at Christine Watkins for FALSE STATEMENTS in her book on The Warning. The Bishop also said he is NO LONGER IN COMMUNICATION with Fr. Rodrigue.

This seer has apparently had a greater and more harmful impact than Charlie Johnson. What a shame to see another false prophet mislead people four years later!

Anonymous said...

Here’s the link to the Bishop’s latest statement:


So does this mean the Bishop has condemned Fr. Rodrigue’s messages?

And what about the Countdown to the Kingdom website? Will they obey the Bishop and take down these messages.

Glenn Dallaire said...

This article has been updated to include Bishop Gilles Lemay's Letter dated September 3, 2020 concerning Fr. Michel Rodrigue, along with a link to the letter itself as published on the Diocese of Amos website.

Please refer to the update at the bottom part of the article above.

-Glenn Dallaire, website host

Glenn Dallaire said...

In the article above, I had already originally reported the following statement from Bishop Gilles Lemay, and I had linked to the statement itself:
"I want to make it clear that I absolutely disagree with the prophecies of you on the aforementioned site (Ex. Warning, days of darkness, Era of peace, punishment, World War III (nuclear war in 2020), construction of shelters, etc.)."

As I see it the most recent September 3, 2020 letter/statement from Bishop Lemay essentially follows and flows from the original statement above, by publicly issuing a declaration of
"...total disavowal of Father Michel Rodrigue‘s messages and prophecies..."
along with
"... withdraw my support and that of the Diocese of Amos from the Studium Saint–Joseph, founded in 2015 by Fathers Michel Rodrigue and Simon Dufour.."

Finally, as for the purported prophecies and predictions of Fr. Michel, time will tell as to whether they come to fruition, or not.

-Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...


Do you really think a priest who falsely claimed to be an exorcist--or who performed exorcisms without authority--is a true prophet?

Do you need to wait to see what happens, given that the bishop has warned against being deceived in his letter on Fr. Rodrigue, citing the Gospel message of St. Luke?

Are you holding onto the notion that a disobedient priest, one whose bishop can barely reach by mail, was chosen as a special messenger of Our Lord?

The "Countdown to the Kingdom" people have done a grave disservice to all Catholics by pushing their "prophetic consensus" nonsense at the expense of the guidelines on private revelations posted by the Vatican not so long ago. Because using the Vatican's guidelines, Fr. Rodrigue would have raised too many red flags. Under the made-up "consensus" rule, Countdown felt free to publish harmful and false messages.

Anonymous said...

The problem with so many supposedly prophetic utterances these days is that they enkindle fear. That in itself is a sign that something ain't right with these alleged messages from heaven.

A friend just posted this, it's an outlook we should always have as hopeful Christians:

I have been seeing lots of people discussing the end times. I'd like to chime in.
First, Jesus Christ is absolutely returning, and the world is absolutely ending. That is certain.

The world has been ending since we murdered God. There could be no other result. The time between Easter Sunday and the Second Coming is all given as a momentary reprieve, so that people could repent, believe, and be saved.

But it's not for nothing that, in Matthew's gospel, Jesus only starts talking at length about the end of the world after Palm Sunday. Because by then the decision to murder Him had been reached, and the end of the world inevitable.

So yes, we're living in the last days. But that's been true for roughly two thousand years.
Will Jesus return tomorrow? I don't know. I hope so. But it won't be because of the coronavirus, St. Landry parish not having school, Hurricane Laura, BLM, or President Trump.
Consider this: in 330 Arianism had almost destroyed Christianity, and the world didn't end.
In the 700s, Muslim armies conquered Christian nations from Spain to India, and the world didn't end.

In the mid 1300s, the Black Plague killed forty percent of Europe, climate change killed another chunk, England and France went to war for over a century, and there were several men simultaneously claiming to be the true pope, and people weren't sure who was actually the pope. And the world didn't end.

In 1517, Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation. By 1638, about ten million people would have died connected to that, Europe would be a shambles, religious violence was at its apogee, and people became disgusted with Christianity, and we're still experiencing the fruits of that. And the world didn't end.

In 1796, Paris was flooded with the blood of clergy and religious, an idol was set on the high altar of Notre Dame, prostitutes were plying their trade in her sanctuary, and a secular republic attempted to destroy Christianity completely. And the world didn't end.
In the 1940s, there were literally Nazis and nuclear war, and the world didn't end.
If those things weren't signs that the world was about to end, then neither are the comparatively minor things we're dealing with today.

BUT MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, the end of the world is supposed to be a JOYFUL time for us! It is Christ's ultimate destruction of sin, suffering, and death! It is when our dead loved ones rise from the grave, made fully alive to meet us once again. It is when the Church triumphant in heaven sweeps down to earth, and angels dance with toddlers, and the world is made new. It is the day Jesus's kingdom comes down in its majesty to earth.

Will sinners be punished? Yes, but that would happen when they died one way or another.
Jesus's return is when the righteous are fully rewarded, beauty outshines ugliness, truth breaks forth like the dawn, and every tear is wiped away. Scripture demands that we pray for that day, that we hasten its coming, that we cry out, "Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!"
So STOP peddling fear and anxiety. If you fear that day because you fear judgment, repent, and receive the mercy of God. But Christians! You should be joyful about that day! You should yearn for it like a little child yearns for Christmas morning! Stop turning Jesus into the bogeyman, and stop acting like his return is something we should dread! STOP SHARING FEAR. Instead, love the Lord enough to long for Him to return!

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing no one has linked many of European visionaries or locutionists to their consecration to be "Children of Mary"

Anonymous said...

The Countdown to the Kingdom responds to the Bishop’s latest letter:


Who does God expect the faithful to believe? A Roman Catholic Bishop with jurisdiction over Fr. Michel, or the authors at the Countdown to the Kingdom.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Thanks Anonymous (directly above) for the information (link).

And to reply to your question, Catholics should obey the formal decision(s) of the local bishop whose jurisdiction the mystic\visionary falls under. As the explanation in the link that you gave states, Fr. Michel is not incardinated in Bishop Lemay's diocese.

Nevertheless Bishop Lemay's statement\decision primarily affects Fr. Michel within Bishops Lemay's diocese, and in addition it addressed a matter pertaining to Christine Watkins in regards to some specific statements pertaining to him (the bishop) in her book, which according to the link you provided had already been removed from the book.

As to what pertains to the faithful, other than issuing a "...total disavowal of Father Michel Rodrigue‘s messages and prophecies...", because he does not have the authority to do so, he therefore did not make any formal requests pertaining to the faithful, such as requesting that Fr. Michel's messages/prophecies NOT be spread publicly or similar prohibitions which one will often see in other bishop's negative decisions pertaining to visionaries/private revelations within their diocese.

Thus, because Fr. Michel is not incardinated in his diocese, Bishop Lemay does not have the jurisdiction to make any public decisions or judgments pertaining to Fr. Michel's purported heavenly messages\prophecies in what concerns the faithful as a whole.

In summary, since Bishop Lemay does not have authority over Fr. Michel, Bishop Lemay's personal opinion(s) concerning Fr. Michel's private revelations remain simply that--his own personal opinion.

-Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

Dear Glenn,

I went in to see if you have got the news. And yes, everything is updated.

Your previous reply, the last sentence is very interesting (to know): "In summary, since Bishop Lemay does not have authority over Fr. Michel, Bishop Lemay's personal opinion(s) concerning Fr. Michel's private revelations remain simply that--his own personal opinion." Also see the power of virtual world. And the importance for each person to properly form her conscience.

God bless you Glenn and all your work. I visit your website often, especially when it's hard to fall asleep.


Anonymous said...


Fr. Rodrigue was under the authority and jurisdiction of Bishop Lemay until recently. The letter discusses what happened during the time Fr. Rodrigue was active in the Diocese of Amos. Bishop Lemay has a perfect right to judge Fr. Rodrigue's behavior and express beliefs during the time he was working for him. Whatever Fr. Rodrigue does from the time of his "leaving" the Diocese of Amos is under the jurisdiction of his other bishop, yes,BUT you cannot say Bishop Lemay does not have a right to issue a judgment on past actions. This is what he has done.

You also seem to ignore the suffering and consternation caused by Fr. Rodrigue's messages among the fragile faithful. People have demanded Bishop Lemay speak out.

I would like to see if Mark Miravalle or another creditable theologian comments on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps putting an announcement about the bishop's letter at the top of the article (similiar to the announcement on the Charlie Johnson article) would be helpful. Just a suggestion.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Anonymous (two posts above),
To clarify, my point is simply that since Fr. Rodrigue has been, and is currently incardinated in the Diocese of Hearst-Moosonee, the Bishop of that diocese--and not Bishop Lemay-- has been, and would currently be considered the ecclesiastical authority to publicly judge matters pertaining to Fr. Michel for the faithful. So a public declaration for the faithful as a whole would need to come from him.

I don't mean to downplay Bishops Lemay's statement--and I would not suggest that one discount the personal opinion of a bishop, however its important to frame it in the proper perspective in that his sanctions\limitations upon Fr. Rodrigue only pertains to his own diocese, and that any negative opinions he may have concerning Fr. Rodrigue's alleged heavenly messages/prophecies are his own personal opinion, and not binding in any way upon the faithful throughout the world. Only Fr. Rodrigue's direct bishop--or the Vatican--have the authority to make public judgments for the faithful.

-Glenn Dallaire

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Anonymous,
The only reason I did not post the Bishops letter at the top of the article is because the article really was not meant to solely be about Fr. Michel Rodrigue--although I acknowledge the fact that much of it is--however the point of the article was to pose the question as to whether a "Purification" or "Warning" for the faithful is coming this Fall 2020, as there has been several alleged Catholic and christian mystics/visionaries who are suggesting it, Fr. Rodrigue perhaps being the most prominent one.

-Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

I suspect Bishop Robert Bourgon’s phone at the Diocese of Hearst-Moosonee has been ringing off the hook following the news that Fr. Michel is under his jurisdiction. Hopefully a statement is forthcoming.

I sent the Diocese an email inquiring as to the status of Fr. Michel. If they get back to me, I’ll post their response.

Anonymous said...

A reply to Daniel O’Connor by Kevin Symonds (just posted):


Anonymous said...

If/when the dreaded events being predicted by "several alleged Catholic and christian mystics/visionaries" do not take place, there certainly should be strong doubt cast on the whole "warning" movement.

The advent of social media and the disparate voices that shout their "messages" from multiple platforms are drowning out any genuine cases of private revelation.

Can you imagine the fog of messages that would have happened around Lourdes and Fatima had social media existed in those days? Heaven can certainly overcome virtual noise if need be. To me that would be one of the signs that such revelations were genuine.

David said...

I called the Diocese of Hearst-Moosonee this morning and asked if they heard of Fr. Rodrigue. The woman I spoke with said they have received numerous emails and calls, and that Bishop Bourgon would be issuing a statement that will be posted on their website. She didn’t tell me how soon that would occur.

They do speak English and if anyone wants to call the Diocese can be reached at 705-362-4903.

If anyone else calls and gets additional information, please post it.

David said...

The Bishop of Diocese of Hearst-Moosonee released this letter today:


Glenn Dallaire said...

Thanks for the information and link David! What I find very interesting (and quite a bit confusing) is that the Bishop is stating that even though Fr. Michel is incardinated in his diocese, he "has no news from him for many years".

I find that very odd for several reasons, most especially because priests usually "check in" with their bishop routinely, or st least occasionally, even if they are assigned to foreign country, and in this case it was simply a different diocese within the same country, albeit a different Province.

Anyway, I'll be posting this latest letter here at the bottom of this article.
-Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

I really wish the Bishops' responses offered a more direct and firm pronouncement rather than the personal statement that they personally disagree with the content and completely distance themselves from it, leaving lots of room for interpretation and debate. It would offer closure to those who still hang on to the messages or believe there is some conspiracy within the church regarding the messages.

Why are the statements not using the language found from the Vatican's norms for judging apparitions and revelations? (http://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/congregations/cfaith/documents/rc_con_cfaith_doc_19780225_norme-apparizioni_en.html)

1. Is any investigation being conducted into the alleged locutions and visions?
2. What is the official decree from the investigation?
3. Why did it take so long for an official statement to come out regarding Fr. Michel - only after the faithful have started clamoring for clarity.

Anonymous said...

How long has Fr. Michel Rodrigue been making prophecies? Are there any records of this available. Something is missing here. Has Fr. Rodrigue traveled and preached at some time earlier that the Bishops not aware, or are calumnious statements against Fr. Rodrigue posted on the web?

Mr. Bannister analysis posted on the CttK website indicates he listened to over 30 CDs of the recordings? Are these available anywhere? Are they official recordings or private taping made by attendees? It seems strange that no inquiries were made to the Archdioceses prior to the messages being posted on the CttK site & YouTube given that the content was disseminated somewhere. Surely even a single inquiry should have raised some attention in the chancery.

Also of note: Bishop Lemay says Fr. Rodrigue started travelling to the USA in 2017 for retreats. That would seem to imply that the prophecies were only made in the last 2.5 years. This seems contradictory to the statements posted on the "fromrome" website.

The "fromrome" site implies that the prophecies were made much much earlier if one is to believe those written statements. The refuge described there has existed for at least 10 years!

Quote: "First, he apologized for the strong stench of rotten beans that was coming from a warehouse cabin where they had stored dry foods like beans, rice, grains, nuts, which they had purchased only a few months ago, and explained that, unfortunately, this has been the case for the last ten years."

Comment: if food was purchased and repurchased for 10 years, the construction of the refuge / compound would have had to taken place for some years before. Based on what "prophetic" word was that done?

Quote: "He explained so much of the work they had done to install a water system for the compound, electricity, gutting, plumbing, but unfortunately, as time went by, equipment wore out, materials rotted, food spoiled, pipes broke, and so on. One interesting detail is that there was an old playground system for children with lots of old toys that had been sitting there for years."

Comment: How can equipment wear out over the span of just a decade? This does not make any sense. Again, when was the refuge constructed. Intuition says it would have had to be for much more than 10 years, and certainly more than 3 years.

Question: Toys were abandoned for *years*, and the refuge was occupied for some time before that (when the children were present there with the toys). When did this take place? 2000? 2008/9? 2012? Someone has to have some record of this

Quote: "He began venting a bit, seemingly frustrated, that they have also had to tear down most of the cabins and rebuild them because of corrosion, water damage and throw out such expensive materials i.e. wood, sheet metal, carpet (because they rot or corrode over time)."

Question: how could equipment wear out over the span of less than 3 years. Cabins don't rot over the span of 3 years. Any half descent cabin or shed would last a few decades at least. Hunters build them all the time, and only live for a few weeks a year during the hunting season and are left abandoned in the forest for the remainder of the year.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I do not agree with ALL that Fr Michel said. I will write of it later.

However, the reaction of both bishops is COMIC and GROTESQUE.
We read from bishop Lemay quoting Fr Michel:

"Fr. Michel Rodrigue receives the full support of his bishop, and all of his locutions and visions are submitted to his local ordinary for approval”
and then:
"I am extremely shocked and I feel betrayed by these remarks, since I never approved of them."

Who can be "betrayed"? Bishop Lemay de facto recognizes that the messages have been submitted to him for approval, but that he never approved them. He does not deny that Fr Rodrigue submitted them in good faith, rather he says he was "betrayed" i.e. Fr Rodrigue wrote bishop Lemay approved them, while he didn't, at least not formally. And we do not know or have record of all private talks between the two, who were rather close if the bishop approved the congregation of fr Rodrigue.

"Total disavowal" is not an ecclesiastical position on private revelations. We are well informed of "non constat de supernaturalitate" versus "constat de non supernaturalitate". Neither bishop uses them, rather both bishops express their "total disavowal", i.e. their private views.

Bishop Bourgon is ever less stern than bishop Lemay, turning back the ball to the latter. Luckily, fr Rodrigue does not even reside on the entrusted to his pastoral care territory, much less to hold any function in it! What a relief!

We know well the bishops are not infallible. That extends to the part of discerning private messages. Their positions are important for all faithful and for the Vatican (that nevertheless holds the last word even in case of negative official ruling, as in Medjugorje). But what we have here are not ecclesiastical positions of ordinaries of dioceses who have studied meticulously private revelations submitted by a faithful priest (who didn't sin in anything else rather developed pastoral activity in approved congregation), and who after all their patient work for years have found those revelations not to be of supernatural origin. What we have here is the private views of two bishops, who apparently are buzzed by the publicity of the priest and by his political siding in the incoming US elections, by the public reaction of the faithful. Bishops who disagree even on the matter under whose jurisdiction the inconvenient NOW Fr Michel should be considered.

Comic and grotesque! I wonder, did the Vatican order the bishops to write THAT, and if YES then couldn't they write it more intelligently and trustworthy so it could be believed at least by the faithful who follow the Church rulings, and not to become itself a reason for further debate?

Anonymous said...

(continues - 2)
Now some words of my personal view of Fr Rodrgiue's messages. He might be right of the refuges and the need soon to flee. He cannot be right saying that God the Father endorsed Trump, because Trump "danced on one leg" and thus deluded his (and God's) enemies. It is not serious to claim God would ever speak like that using such a language! That alone is enough to cast doubt of whether ALL messages received by apparently holy priest are real.

With that being said, the words of the Great Warning could very well prove to be correct. The words of WW3, one does not have to be a prophet to see we are closing on such unfortunate developments. And here again the surprise from the more talkative of the two bishops, bp. Lemay, who does not agree not only with Fr Michel's prophecies, but also with the very idea of WW3, refuges, Great Warning, three days of darkness... Apparently he does not believe even Fatima because WW3 was hinted at and WW2 plainly predicted in Fatima. Or maybe he believes that Planet X and not WW3 to be the cause of "oceans turning to steam" (Neues Europa version approved by card. Ottaviani prefect of CDF) or "oceans will flood whole areas of the earth, and that from one moment to the next millions of people will perish", that St John Paul II spoke of in Fulda, Germany? Well, my bet is on asteroid or planet X, not WW3. With all NASA recent warning of asteroids, we'd better take it serious.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone checked out:


If you scroll about 60% down the page you will see a number of claims made by Father Rodrigue that aren’t exactly related to his prophecies but just seem to be fantastic. I’m not saving none of this is true, who knows, but it kinda smacks of some of the “tall tales” another supposed mystic claimed about stopping bank robberies, rescuing people from burning cars, etc. For example, here are three such claims:

He was at a restaurant and got a pain in his foot that went up his leg, he thought he was having a heart attack. Walked across the street (on all 4s) to the hospital and said he thought he was having a heart attack. The doctor was Russian and said "oh my! This is not a heart attack, it's a biological weapon I created in Russia. I'm a refugee scientist, and I created this poison and I thought I had destroyed it all but here it is. I'll send you to Montreal to get treated." The doctor in Montreal said its a biological weapon and we have to inform the military.

He talked to the pope while there was a decoy vehicle with a fake pope pulling up to the Vatican.

He says, hell is in the middle of the earth. He went to the ancient Church in Lyon built by Iraneous. There was a portal to hell covered by the Baptismal font which has sealed its entry. "I went into the Church and knew immediately, and I told the guy (tour guide?). He said "it's true but nobody knows that," then he said here is the story of that … and he told us that.

Whether you believe Fr. Rodrigue or not, you have to at least admit some of this is pretty wild stuff.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. While writing the previous comment about the non correct judgment of the bishops, I did not imply automatically that I agree with Fr Michelle's messages as such. They are troubled. He vests too much in one politician, and what if that politician who is a human and a sinner does not fulfill his expectations (i.e. God's, as fr Rodrigue would put it).

Moreover, I have a question to all who preach of refuges: where are those refuges? Have you seen them, not some temporary houses turned into storage facilities for 6 months, but the permanent refuges? I have read many other locutionists who preached them. None of them gives clarity. Carol Ameche believed it was her own house, R.I.P. Once John Leary said, those permanent refuges will be bubbles of air floating in space. With or without John Leary (that is one of the weirdest contemporary locutionists) the idea that the refuges are not on earth at all, is not that far off reasonable thinking. If what St John Paul II said would happen, if what Neues Europa version said...

So...meeting the devil or not, talking to God the Father or not (Scripture says, no living person can see God the Father and remain alive), fr Michele is his own problem. Maybe something of his messages is true, while many other things are not. I do not judge him, I analyze his writings together with those of many other seers. It is easy to say God gave secrets, it is difficult to explain in understandable language to the people, apart of the never ending calls for confession and prayer. As if the followers never went to confession and never prayer three rosaries a day...

And let say again, if Marija from Medjugorje said the Triumph would have come in 2017, that simply means the secrets 1-9 have been Cancelled. Or that she and the other 5 seers were wrong from the beginning to the end. In other words, prepare for Celestial strike (asteroid, Planet X, supernova) this Fall, if there is any significance in Medjugorje, Garabandal, etc. Whoever offers the real refuge and rescue, is from God.

David said...

Interesting article just published today:


Anonymous said...

The article that David linked to has one major flawed statement. It claims that: "It seems that nothing will convince Fr. Rodrigue’s true believers that his messages aren’t miraculous short of an explicit condemnation in writing from the pope himself (and likely a second one from the pope emeritus as well, just to be doubly sure)."

No. That is incorrect. The issue is the lack of formal language from the bishop(s). The issue would be put to rest if the Bishop would conduct an investigation into the alleged messages, and if they contain heresy or are judged negatively by the bishop as to their origin and/or content, the bishop should then state that the messages/visions/locutions are "non constat de supernaturalitate" (if that is the case). It would be the end of the story and no more loopholes or grey areas. Sure, the Vatican can then take up the claim, but it does not need to and the bishop's judgement would stand.

Until this happens, we can keep wondering what is happening behind the scenes. We may be thinking that the bishops, while personally not convinced of the messages, have some some thoughts that the messages could possibly have some validity. I am not saying that is the case. But this ambiguity and room for all sorts of conspiracy theories needs to be rectified.

Anonymous said...


There is no need for a formal panel to look into the messages. The messenger has proven to be untruthful.Fr. Rodrigue has claimed, repeatedly, to be an official exorcist. Neither of his two bishop superiors has ever appointed him to the role. God does not speak through those who tell lies.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous above, in regards to your concern that neither Bishop has appointed Fr. Michel to be an exorcist this issue was addressed by the Countdown to the Kingdom:

Regarding the latter claim, it seems clear that Fr. Michel has performed exorcisms with the blessing of the Church. We are not yet certain where the misunderstanding arose in the origin of the claim that he operates as an “official” exorcist of the Church, even though we now know he apparently was not designated to this position within the Diocese of Amos during the last decade. Perhaps he was appointed to this position before arriving in Amos. Perhaps, even if he never was appointed an exorcist on a stable basis, he nevertheless was among the many priests often formally summoned for the task and given the appropriate Church mandate on a case-by-case basis (which, in fact, often occurs). As the Code of Canon Law does not presently require each diocese to have an official exorcist (and many dioceses do not have one), the need to perform an exorcism must be fulfilled, in such cases, by a priest given the mandate to do so while nevertheless not being an officially diocesan-appointed exorcist on a steady basis. (The new Rite of Exorcism, promulgated by the Church in 1999, expressly allows for this.)

Anonymous said...

Reading this page for me is somewhat the equivalent of reading the comics in my newspaper. Don't get me wrong, there is sometimes wisdom in the funnies, to be sure. But they aren't the main reason I buy newspapers.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @2:22,

Never trust explanations that include, "We are not yet certain,"Perhaps,""Perhaps," "even if," etc. They're blowing air. Trust the bishops, not these people who are peddling prophecies for profit.

BTW, I think this was written by Daniel O'Connor. Despite the Countdown book claims, he is not a "Professor at State University of New York," but an adjunct instructor at a local community college.

David said...

As you know, the Countdown to the Kingdom (CTTK) website is the main promoter of Fr. Michel as well as a number of other seers (The so-called ‘prophetic consensus’).

There was an article just posted at this website that goes through ‘issues’ with each of the seers promoted at the CTTK:


Also, the above link shows the end-of-world timeline touted by the CTTK and inconsistencies with the teachings of the Catholic Church. Is it just me or does anyone else find such a buttoned-down timeline somewhere presumptuous?

Anonymous said...

I think everyone needs to calm down and not spam the bishops. They've already got enough going on without thousands of people blowing up their phones and emails, what are you hoping to accomplish? Choose whether or not to listen to countdown is a personal decision, do or don't, you don't need to call their diocese and "tell" on them. What are you hoping? That they are excommunicated? I've read their websites and....am completely unbothered. If what they are saying happens, "fiat", if not? "fiat" as long as I am doing my part as a Catholic and getting the sacraments, praying, doing my best, then why be worried? let's not become a mob here...

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4:49

If you don't care whether self-appointed Catholic experts set up a website to "vet" questionable "prophets" according to a made-up "prophetic consensus" (not using the Vatican guidelines for private revelations) and promote stuff that predicts imminent doomsday...

If you support these self-appointed experts making money off the fears of fellow Catholics...

If you don't mind that a number of bishop--exorcising their authority under canon law--have urged caution or even banned the spreading of these messages...

If you don't mind the disrespect Watkins, Mallett, O'Connor and Bannister have shown to the two Canadian bishops who have totally and publicly "disavowed" Fr. Rodrigue's works and messages...

If you don't mind all the questions raised about Watkins receiving an "imprimatur" issued by an ex-archbishop forced to resign for "approving" an apparition already formally studied and rejected by the Vatican...

Then don't write anyone. Have a nice day.

David said...

Very interesting essay by Kevin Symonds regarding Fr. Rodrigue but also other so-called mystics promoted by the CTTK website and Mark Mallett:


David said...

Sorry, my attempt to create a hyperlink didn’t work. For the Kevin Symonds essay, copy and paste this into a browser:


Anonymous said...

Fr. Rodrigue wrote a letter to the two Bishops last week and you can read it here:


Glenn Dallaire said...

Fr. Michel Responds

SOURCE: Fr. Michel Rodrigue Responds--Source Link

September 23, 2020
On the liturgical feast of Saint Padre Pio

After having read the public letter of September 3, 2020 published by Bishop Gilles Lemay from the Diocese of Amos, I would like to reiterate my fidelity to the teaching of the Catholic Church to all the faithful who read this letter.

I have been a priest since June 2, 1989, incardinated in the diocese of Hearst. In May 2011, I met Bishop Gilles Lemay to share with him the spiritual experience of the call to found a semi-monastic fraternity currently known as the Apostolic Fraternity of Saint Benedict-Joseph Labre. I arrived in the diocese of Amos on August 1, 2011. According to the original verbal agreement, which was for a period of three years, I was appointed pastor of the Cathedral of Amos and of Christ the King parish on August 15, 2011. In September 2011, I also accepted the parish-mission of Pikogan.

In 2014 at the request of the Bishop, I happily extended the curé for these same parishes for a period of two years. There, I met parishioners of great pastoral collaboration. It was on June 20, 2012, that the Bishop granted the Approval Decree of the Apostolic Fraternity Saint Benedict-Joseph Labre.

In 2016, I accepted the curé of the parishes of St-Félix-de-Dalquier, St-Dominique-du-Rosaire and Sacré-Coeur de Matagami, which according to the agreement, allowed for the development of the Apostolic Fraternity of Saint Benedict- Joseph Labre, located in St-Dominique-du-Rosaire.

In 2019, I preached a spiritual retreat in California which was featured on the Countdown to the Kingdom website. Besides personal messages, the teaching given was based on the messages of the Virgin Mary approved by the Church and in accordance with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, article 7, no 668 to 682.

A confusion has crept into the understanding of this retreat concerning an approval by Bishop Gilles Lemay regarding the messages contained in these conferences. I myself had this confusion corrected. The owners of the Countdown to the Kingdom website have responded positively and put the comment on their website.[1] I thank them very much.

Besides this, I never claimed that I was the exorcist of the Diocese of Amos. However, whenever I had to do a ministry in this area, I always asked for the approval of the Bishop. I know my pastoral and ecclesial responsibilities well.

In regards to the Apostolic Fraternity of Saint Benedict-Joseph Labre, the project continues to grow and fulfill the Will of the Father in its trust placed in the Hearts of Jesus and of Mary. It is in the joy of the Holy Spirit that we grow together. Our address has not changed and our phone number is still the same. You will find all the information on our website benoitlabre.org. As for the Studium St-Joseph, it remains online to meet the pressing needs for quality education.

I reiterate my desire to collaborate with the Bishop, the Magisterium of the Church and to maintain a fraternal bond with all people of different circles here, in the United States and with people around the world who support us. Abitibi Témiscamingue was the privileged place for our foundation. In this beautiful region of Quebec, inhabited by people strong in the Holy Spirit, we are happy to be here and to stay here.

Thanks everyone,

Michel Rodrigue, Fabl
Superior of the Apostolic Fraternity of Saint-Benedict-Joseph Labre

c.c. Mgr Gilles Lemay, Bishop of Amos
c.c. Mgr Robert Bourgon, Bishop of Hearst-Moosonee
c.c. Father François Hamel, d.j.c.

Anonymous said...

The response letter from Fr. Michel Rodrigue does not address the question of the content of the personal prophecies. The letter in my opinion does not have any substance to it, other than countering the issue of being an exorcist. It reads to me like a non-statement in regards to the pertinent issues. What are we to make of it?

(Does anyone have the official publications, handouts or even transcripts of the retreats given to quickly CTRL-F the content to see what the actual statements were regarding being an exorcist?)

David said...

To anonymous above,

This website says that “He is an official exorcist of the Church, in addition to his duties as a seminary professor, hospital minister, parish priest, ...”:


It also says that Father tells everything to his Bishop:

Fr. Michel’s statement that he “tells everything” to the Bishop does not, therefore, mean that the Bishop endorses any or all of Fr. Michel’s messages.

However in Father’s letter he does say he told the Bishop about the founding of the monastic fraternity. But he didn’t say whether he told his Bishop everything and by that I mean the prophecies of nuclear war, the warning, money becomes worthless, angels leading us to refuges, etc.

Anonymous said...


I’m sorry to pester you with yet another announcement on this, but as we now stand on the cusp of the long awaited October 2020 (during which Fr. Michel says there will be “great” events, whereas during Fall 2020 in general Fr. Michel says the Chastisements — the Purification — will begin), I feel I should reiterate the same-old-same-old:

Please do NOT go doing anything imprudent on the pretense of “But Fr. Michel says _____.” As I’ve always said, I think we should take him seriously — but not assume his prophecies are authentic, much less necessarily fully accurate. I am not convinced one way or the other, though until the events themselves reveal whether Fr. Michel’s prophecies are authentic or not, I’ll gladly defend him against unjust criticisms in the meantime.

Above all, even if refuges are real — and I think they are — do not adopt a “refuge mentality.” That is survivalism, which is a sin. Fr. Michel himself certainly has not advocated for this. All he’s saying is get 3 months of food — simple common sense says as much. The refuges are already built, he’s saying. Don’t go deciding you have to build one unless God has clearly told you to do so! Don’t stop paying your bills! Don’t stop doing your job! Keep doing everything God has already called you to do!! Don’t decide you need to now become a farmer or turn your whole yard into a chicken coup just so that you’re “ready” for what’s coming! (That won’t make you ready anyway, it will just clutter up your life and distract you from your calling.) First of all, Fr. Michel himself is not contradicting any of this advice; secondly, we cannot be certain he is an authentic prophet anyway.

Now that I’ve said that, let me say what’s even more important: Don’t just assume Fr. Michel is wrong, either!! If the long-prophesied events do begin this Fall, then at that time, deciding to complain, “But Dr. ____ and Bishop ____ spoke against Fr. Michel!!” won’t do you any good. I am not convinced Fr. Michel’s prophecies are authentic; but they might well be. And this much I can confidently say: immediately before the long-prophesied events hit (i.e. Chastisements, Warning, Antichrist), God will send the Church another prophet with another private revelation, giving more details on what is coming — due to the utter imminence of the events — than He has given before. That prophet, whoever he will be, will certainly be opposed by many big voices in the Church and many in the hierarchy. Is that prophet Fr. Michel? I don’t know. Discern that for yourself. But he might be.

For those on the fence regarding the question of whether to take Fr. Michel seriously (not on the question of whether he’s a true prophet — you could say I’m also “on the fence” on that question), allow me to remind you that, in 2019 — in accordance with what he was allegedly prophetically shown — Fr. Michel said to be sure to get to Confession before 2020. I can only imagine how many souls were saved by taking that prophetically grounded admonition before they lost their chance to get to confession once the lockdowns hit in early 2020 — and, tragically, I can only imagine how many souls were lost by refusing to take that time-sensitive prophetic admonition. In 2019, Fr. Michel said that, come 2020, he was not to leave the continent. Hmm. People laughed at him then, just as they’re laughing at him now. In 2019, before anyone had heard of Coronavirus, Fr. Michel said to celebrate Christmas of that year well, as it would be the last normal one. Hmmm. (Today, not even the most optimistic voices out there are saying that we’ll be back to normal by Christmas of this year).

So….NOW!… repent, go to confession, consecrate yourself, your family, and your home to the holy family, pray the Rosary every day, and remain in a State of Grace.

Anonymous said...

"I can only imagine how many souls were saved by taking that prophetically grounded admonition before they lost their chance to get to confession once the lockdowns hit in early 2020 — and, tragically, I can only imagine how many souls were lost by refusing to take that time-sensitive prophetic admonition."

I not infrequently read statements like these that amount to a scare tactic, IMHO. Confession is important—no two ways—and anyone who repents is obliged to follow through once they have decided, as in the parable, to return to the Father's house. But to imply that someone who repents but does not make it to confession before death is lost is simply wrong.

So for example, someone who came down with Covid-19 and was hospitalized with no opportunity to see a priest before death would still be saved if they sincerely repented before dying. And after purgatory perhaps, guess what? They get the same wage as everyone else.

Anonymous said...

I read Dan O’Connor’s statement posted above. I also read this by Mark Mallett:


Is it me or are these guys trying to cover themselves in the event the prophecies by Fr. Rodrigue proves wrong?

Anonymous said...


Daniel O'Connor feels the need to distance himself from the Countdown website again

Blessed Grapes:

I am aware that Luz de Maria mentions “blessed grapes” (and even once seemed to refer to “mind control,” which I’ll address below). I think that Luz is authentic, but, as I’ve said before, I wouldn’t go so far as to say 100% of her messages are 100% supernatural in every single solitary claim contained within them. I suspect some human subjectivity has innocently made its way in there, so I do not necessarily absolutely stand behind something just because it’s briefly mentioned in one of her messages (instead, I especially focus on heeding the “main thrust” of her messages: the urgent need for our spiritual response in light of the imminent Chastisements, Warning, and Era of Peace).

When it comes to promoting “blessed grapes,” something tells me that Heaven has better things in mind for the Faithful — in those messages it authentically, directly, and fully inspires — than for them to spend their time pestering their busy priests to have them bless their grapes and then rubbing grapes together to “transfer the blessing” from one to another. Furthermore, the genesis of this particular practice traces its origins, not to Luz de Maria, but to a condemned apparition (one we do not have on CTTK).

Now, yes, I do support some prudent physical preparation. Get 3 months of simple food (perhaps some 50 pound bags of white rice and a bunch of peanut butter, which is very cheap and easy, will last years and years and you can easily consume or donate later if nothing happens in the upcoming months!), and get it now. That’s just common sense. But in my humble and fallible opinion, you’ll be just fine if you don’t decide to make time in your busy schedule to engage in a grape rubbing routine.

If the Church’s condemnation of the particular apparition (from which the “blessed grapes” practice originates) is overturned, then I’ll reconsider my hesitation with “blessed grapes.” It’s not as if there’s anything wrong with the practice. But in the meantime, I, for one, can’t say I plan to engage in this practice, and I certainly don’t have any part in promoting it.


Anonymous said...

Why is Dan O’Connor telling us to buy 50 pound bags of rice? I found this snippet on his CTTK website:

Private message of Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de Maria:
November 2012
Beloved daughter, a spoonful of honey and some nuts will be sufficient food for the survival of the body: they provide what is necessary for all organs to function properly. Tell My children this so that it would be a blessing for them in times of famine.

I guess we simply need a jar of honey and some beer nuts.

Folks, this is REALLY getting weird.

Anonymous said...

O'Connor says, "...I especially focus on heeding the 'main thrust' of her messages."

Shades of Charlie Johnston and his claim that he was correct on "the overall sweep" of his predictions.

Anonymous said...

Do I understand correctly that her prophecy of the blessed grapes was condemned but her prophecies unrelated to the grapes are authentic?

Anonymous said...

I haven't read all of this yet but if you have the chops to study the theology of prophecy, this interview with Cardinal Ratzinger in 1999 looks to be an excellent read.


Anonymous said...

So, October is here and one can say a great event has occurred in POTUS getting Covid-19. At this hour it appears Trump will recover although that may be the result of White House spin. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous above, is it your thinking that since Trump contracted COVID that validates the messages of Fr. Rodrigue?

Unknown said...

I'm a follower of countdown to the kingdom and Fr. Rogrigue and like everyone else I'm watching/waiting to see what happens this month. I've been reading alot of negative comments and may I just suggest you all wait until the end of the month before dumping all the hate/anger/unbelief?

The biggest issue humans are facing is we don't realize just how wrong things are in the world. Evil is subtle and unless we see the evil in front of us we don't think it's happening. If we can take the effort and time to pray that the evil stops rather than assuming it doesn't exist, or that God doesn't exist, or that He's sleeping, or never spoke up before (see Flood etc.) and won't do it again then maybe the world wouldn't be such a mess.

May God be praised, loved and adored!

Anonymous said...

What posts are “dumping hate/anger/unbelief”? Should we not question the claims by Fr. Rodrigue and the others on the CTTK? The CTTK website doesn’t allow comments, nor do they EVER publish possible red flags concerning their mystics. And if you question the fantastic claims on the CTTK they imply you are an unbeliever as if you were denying the Virgin birth or the Trinity.

Unknown said...

Assuming that Fr. Rodgrigue is like Charlie seems a bit snarky to me.

The message giving the contact information for the diocese or Bishop for each of the persons involved with CTTK isn't attacking? Isn't judging that the site is fake and these persons need to be "stopped?"

You may not agree with it, you may think they're nuts.. but to push back BEFORE we've even finished October is uncalled for and sad. God knows the hearts of everyone, myself included. I'm not saying the website is perfect or that it's the gospel. All I'm saying is they, and others are all sounding a similar alarm. didn't Jesus tell us this was going to happen? That He would pour his Spirit out on people to remind/warn/announce the coming of the Lord?

I shouldn't be surprised John the Baptist was rejected too by many.

I've always looked at religion and faith like this. It's like College Football.. I personally don't like College Football, I think you go to College to get an education. It think they may way to much of a big deal of College Football.

Now do you see me on college website trashing their athletic programs? Stand in front of stadiums with signs saying it's a waste of time and money? No. It's a person opinion and I keep it to myself (expect for this example). You may not agree with with all this but to attack or deem fake what is 1.) supernatural in nature and 2.) Not even happened yet. Is what I'm questioning.

Anonymous said...

I don’t think posting the contact information of the Bishop and asking people to contact the Bishop to investigate is “attacking” these seers. The last time I checked that’s the Bishop’s role, I.e., to discern these claims so the faithful are not led astray.

And speaking of Charlie, wasn’t Dan O’Connor of the CTTK a promoter of Charlie?

Unknown said...

I do think it does denote that the site is questionable and that leads me to once again state... the events related are 1.) supernatural and 2.) not happened yet.

I'm a former priest and I asked a priest friend of mine what would you do with Fr. Michel's message.. His reply was do your best to rule out mental illness or scandalous motives. I fully agree. beyond that you have to wait and see.

I've only recently heard of Mr. O'Connor. You'd have to ask him.

Anonymous said...

To anon at 9:13: No.

Anonymous said...

Father, at 2:21 PM:

St. Paul says, "Test everything; retain what is good."

There is testing and sifting going on here. He doesn't limit the testing to mental illness and bad motives.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Akin on "The Warning."


Anonymous said...

I would urge caution about Mark Mallett and his work on the website, Countdown to the Kingdom." Mark's wife Lea has opened an online store selling herbal and oil based remedies--not validated by scientific studies. There is a whole page on Countdown devoted to these non-medical rememdies, and these are linked to the "messages" of some of the "seers" Mark and colleagues have "discerned" are genuine and with "important" messages "for our times!"

From "Taking Back God's Creation" by Mallett,

On the other hand, I can tell you story after story of good, solid Catholics I personally know who have been healed of chronic illnesses by integrating essential oils into their lives. But believe me, these testimonies are being aggressively censored as “unscientific.” For me, it’s precisely the incredible science behind them that led me to investigate not only essential oils but the remarkable health benefits of sunlight, soil, sea salt, colloidal silver, natural vitamins, Omega 3’s, etc. And, oh, how the COVID-19 crisis has unmasked a true global agenda to utterly silence anyone—scientists and laymen alike—who would dare to point anyone in a direction other than Big Pharma.

Do not be intimidated! It’s time for us to take back God’s creation from the New Agers, to take back creation from those who intentionally hide its inherent benefits, to take back what the government and Big Pharma are censoring and sequestering! It’s not that easy, I know, but it’s also not impossible.

With that, I want to introduce you to my bride, Lea Mallett. She has started an important website to help you begin to detoxify your homes and bodies and begin to integrate God’s creation into your life. Lea also addresses in her Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) some of the common accusations and falsehoods that are levelled at anyone trying to walk in God’s natural and supernatural pathways. While we know we can’t convince everyone, we’re simply doing our part to help bring some much-needed balance and, hopefully, clarity to a very complicated and polarized subject. We feel, in fact, that this is already pointing us to the Era of Peace…[7]

To view Lea’s new site and read her first e-book on the timely and powerful use of the “Heaven-approved” Good Samaritan oil (also known as “Thieves” oil) to effectively support your immune system and fight viral infections, go to..."

People need to be aware of mixed motives in Mallett's promoting some of these prophets. Also be aware of the monetary gain by Christine Watkins, whose book on The Warning is selling like hotcakes.

Anonymous said...

If the whole monetary system is about to crash, and money is about to become worthless, I don’t see the point in opening a business.

Nameless said...

Good point!

The prophecy is always given in order to bring to repentance the people... The so called “prophecy” of Fr. Miguel shouldn’t be called a prophesy, but rather an unconditional future... we cannot change anything else... there’s no need to pray anymore... it over!!!

Yet, the true prophecy are always are depending on our responses to God’s like that given by Jonah at Nineveh... Henceforth, always there’s a hope.

Let’s pray for the world wounded by sin and for Fr. Miguel - the so called “prophet”.

Unknown said...

I agree that you always have to be careful of the motives of any website, person or organization that promotes the faith and also wants to sell you stuff.

To Nameless: we should always pray. Whether the future is locked in or not, Blessed Mother Mary has called for prayers for sinners multiple times in multiple apparitions. Don't you want to be on the right side of the judgement seat of God and when He asks what did we do for His Kingdom? We can say we answered the Blessed Mother's call to prayer or Jesus' call to prayer with the Divine mercy chaplet?

"What ever you did for the least of my people, you did for me" (Matthew 25:40) That includes prayers.

I don't think Fr. Rodrigue is trying to sell anything. He's doing nothing more than encouraging us to live the Catholic faith, prayer and sacrament. Whether or not his predictions come true, the call to a solid faith life is good nonetheless.

Regarding Mr. Akin's podcast. 24 minutes of talking about aliens and the rest of the show I hear someone try to paint God into a box. I always shake my head in disbelief at anyone who seems to try to explain miracles in natural terms. If there is a vision of the Cross in the sky it's not going to be from two comets. We seem to forget that God is God and He created the universe.

Patrick said...

Glenn Dellaire,

I returned to this website looking for the addresses of the bishops of the Countdown authors. I was going to pass it along to a friend who is quite concerned over what he has been reading and wanted to know if one author was a Catholic "in good standing" with the diocese because of the nature of some written remarks.

Why did you take those addresses down? I have told other people the information was posted in the comments section here. It is NOT private information. It is PUBLIC information. Whatever kind poster researched this information.

Finally, what about the instructions of the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

907 "In accord with the knowledge, competence, and preeminence which they possess, [lay people] have the right and even at times a duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church, and they have a right to make their opinion known to the other Christian faithful, with due regard to the integrity of faith and morals and reverence toward their pastors, and with consideration for the common good and the dignity of persons."4

I thought you DID NOT censor anything that was not a personal attack. I understood your position--dating back to Charlie Johnston!--was that you wanted a free exchange of ideas. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED to see that censorship has entered into the comments section--particularly when the INFORMATION is public information in the first place.

After all, we should all encourage the bishops to do their jobs of discerning information about apparitions. My friend is very upset about the whole Countdown notion of timeline.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Patrick,
Thanks for your comment.

Yes--you are absolutely correct that I very rarely ever remove any comments from any of my websites, as I personally am a strong proponent of free speech and free expression of thought and ideas. I strive to always respect other peoples points of view, and encourage tolerance, especially towards those with whom one disagrees with.

In regards to that comment that you are referring to, I left that comment up for 3 weeks, however I was very uncomfortable with it from the onset, as I believe it was made in a spirit of "doxing", and it seemed to me the spirit behind the comment was essentially a bad natured "vigilante" intent.

Nevertheless, I left the comment up until just a few days ago when I happened to speak to someone and the subject of this particular comment was brought up, and they confirmed my own impression that the comment was essentially a form of vigilante "doxing". So I decided at that point to delete it.

In then end, one can look this information up online if one so desires, just like the original author of the comment did.

Thanks again for your comment and may God bless you and your loved ones.
Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

I listened to the Jimmy Akin podcast tonight:


It’s 80 minutes long and probably the most thorough analysis of these Warning predictions I ever found. If you believe in the Warning and have no interest in having that belief challenged, then this podcast is not for you.

Patrick said...


My understanding of doxxing is posting personal information online. For example, posting the home address of someone.

Posting a contact address for a member of the Church hierarchy is different. Yes, it is in the Catechism that we, the faithful, have a right and a duty to let the bishops know what is on our minds!

If there hadn't been a slew of letters sent to the archbishop of Denver asking for clarification, how would we ever have gotten official statements on Charlie Johnston? Many people later said his "messages" caused them a lot of worry, some people even moved and spent money they didn't have on preps. Also, both bishops over Fr. Rodrigue were moved to look into what he was saying & doing because Catholics contacted them with questions. The bishop of Amos said people were anguished! Why won't you allow information to allow other 'anguished' people to get official church information?

The Catechism is right. People should go to the Church for information and to express concerns. Not to some for-profit website that is using "messages" to get clicks and to get people to buy their books or their "special oils"!

Can I say Christine Watkins lives in Sacramento? Or Mark Mallett lives in the Diocese of Saskatoon? Or Daniel O'Connor lives in the Diocese of Albany NY? Is that going too far?

Unknown said...

MaryH: Links to all documents you are speaking about, please.

Patrick: I understand the messages are very serious in nature but I've read most if not all of them and no where does it suggest you must buy, must open a refuge, must do this or that beyond live a life of faith. If people inferred that from what they read, that's on them. It was not implied.

Let's face it, we all fear facing God because we all know we have sinned. Instead of discrediting the message in hopes of staving off God's judgement somehow. Why not take the central message of return to Christ, go to confession, go to Mass. Love one another. I have not bought a single thing from CTTK and won't in the future. If it's all about money for them, they need to change their website, perhaps put it behind a pay wall.

Christ has been rejected before, and He's being rejected again. He told us it would happen. I do pray for anyone that thinks they have to do anything extra, buy, move, dig a shelter then they should really go back to the bible and read where it says; you can't run away from God. But the great news is, you shouldn't run away from Him. He Loves us and wants to save us.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Note that since this comment section has reached 200 comments, you will have to click on "Newest" (below right) to open the next set of 200 comments. -Glenn

Glenn Dallaire said...

Note that since this comment section has reached 200 comments, you will have to click on "Newest" (below right) to open the next set of 200 comments. -Glenn

Glenn Dallaire said...

This begins the most recent (2nd) set of 200 comments

Mary H said...

To add to the above comments, Glenn, I'd like to reinforce the point these are not interested Catholic individuals, but they are all in the business of selling their "take" on private revelation. Queen of Peace Media is a business, the others all make money from the books they write and the appearances/speeches they make. Mallett makes money from alleged natural remedies, linked to the CTTK website.

Christine Watkins solicited an imprimatur from a retired archbishop in the Philippines. The same archbishop gave an imprimatur to Vassula Ryden, even after the Vatican was looking into her case The same archbishop was forced to retire after approving an apparition that had been rejected by the Vatican. And he gives Watkins an imprimatur, even against canon law--which requires the bishop have jurisdiction over Watkins, but he didn't, since she is in Sacramento and he is retired in the Philippines. (This is covered in Kevin Symonds' blog post, "Christine Watkins Imprimatur" article.)

Mark Mallett has been banned for years in at least three Canadian dioceses for his "Catholic evangelization" that includes his controversial own "revelations." (From Mark Mallett's blog, https://www.markmallett.com/blog/on-the-archdiocese-of-edmonton/)

Daniel O'Connor and Peter Bannister also sell books and make appearances, so they are profting from this effort. (O'Connor, an instructor at a community college in Troy, NY, has been criticized for calling himself a "professor"by Emmett O'Regan, as he is in a temporary, untenured position with no Ph.D.) Bannister is based in Cluny, France, but promotes Luisa Piccaretta in videos at CTTK and in books.

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