Will a Purification for humanity begin in Fall 2020?

Storm clouds develop over protestors
The prophetic pulse--Is a period of global Purification/Warning beginning this Fall?

“When you see clouds building in the west, you say at once, ‘A storm shower is coming’; and so it happens. And when you see the south wind blowing, you say, ‘It's going to be hot’ and so it is. So why is it then that you cannot read the signs of the times?" Luke 12:54-56

June 2020. Last updated Oct 9, 2020. By: Glenn Dallaire

The "Signs of the Times"
The prophetic world seems on fire lately. Prophets and prophecies abound in Catholic circles, and in the greater christian community as a whole. In the spiritual realm, due to a malevolent virus we have all experienced closed Churches, with the inability for most of the Catholics in the world to be able to receive Jesus in Holy Communion, and even the ability to have one's sins forgiven in Confession has also been prevented in many areas throughout the world up to this point. Thankfully, summer in the Northern Hemisphere seems to be bringing with it a bit of a reprieve from this malevolent virus. And make no mistake--this virus is malevolent and evil at its source. But this is a subject for another time.

Out on the streets of America and in many other countries we have had fervent protests with quite a bit of lawlessness in many areas. Many business and even some Churches have been vandalized, looted or set aflame, not to mention the toppling of numerous statues and monuments dedicated to various persons once admired and respected.

Many persons have commented lately that the world really seems to have gone mad. There is seemingly so much division and divisiveness, and we all know who the author and formentor of division is. To this writer it all calls to mind the Scripture quote at the top of this article concerning reading the signs of the times: "When you see clouds building in the west you say at once, ‘A storm shower is coming’; and so it happens." 

Do not the storm clouds really seem to be building upon humanity in these times? What, if anything can we gather from the current signs of the times?

 “For the Lord GOD does nothing without first revealing his secret to his servants, the prophets" -Amos 3:7
As we can see, Scripture states that nothing significant happens to humanity without God first announcing it first through the prophets. So what are the purported prophets of our time saying? Could we be on the precipice of something significant happening in the world?

Thankfully in this vein we have a wonderful collaboration of four persons who have recently put together a noteworthy website entitled "Countdown To The Kingdom" (www.countdowntothekingdom.com) wherein some messages from purported visionaries and prophets of our time have been highlighted.

Father Michel Rodrigue (Queen of Peace Media, YouTube)
One of the more notable persons who has been making some significant waves recently in the mystical and prophetic world is a Catholic priest from Quebec named Father Michel Rodrigue, who is the founder and Superior General of a new religious Fraternity (officially a "Lay Association") entitled "Fraternité Apostolique Saint Benoît-Joseph Labre" (The Apostolic Fraternity of St. Benedict Joseph Labre).

Along with being a founder of a religious Fraternity, Fr. Michel Rodrigue claims to receive heavenly visions and messages, and in addition he has also been appointed as an exorcist, and his experiences in this area has given him some very interesting perspectives on the spiritual battles that we all endure.

The Blessed Virgin Mary Herself has reportedly named Fr. Michel “Apostle of the End Times.” A good deal of information concerning him can be read on the aforementioned website, along with a number of video retreats that he has made which are published here on Youtube

We report, you discern
Fr. Michel is a priest in good standing with the Church, and as of the time of this writing his private revelations have not been condemned. His former bishop, however, does not personally believe in his messages, nor does he believe in the Warning, the Chastisements, the Three Days of Darkness, the Era Peace, and other prophesies. His current bishop is of the same personal opinion. See the letters from Bishop Bourgon and Bishop Lemay at the bottom of this article. For Fr. Michel's part, he has reportedly sought to be obedient to his bishop and his directives.

With that said, for the purposes of this article let us now highlight some of Fr. Michel Rodrigue's purported prophecies concerning the Purification/Warning and what he foresees will soon be occurring for humanity.

In a letter to his supporters dated March 26, 2020 Fr. Michel writes the following:
"My dear people of God, we are now passing a test. The great events of purification will begin this fall. Be ready with the Rosary to disarm Satan and to protect our people. Make sure that you are in the state of grace by having made your general confession to a Catholic priest. The spiritual battle will begin.

-Dom Michel Rodrigue, fabl

In another letter to his supporters dated March 24, 2020 Fr. Michel writes the following:
"....After this period of compulsory confinement [due to virus outbreak -editor], life will resume its course. The summer period will open a window of time where we will be able to prepare well for the coming test … that of being with Jesus on the Cross. We cannot see the Glorious Cross without encountering the cross with Jesus.

"You must now consecrate your house or apartment to the Eternal Father through the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary if you have not done so. We must regularly bless our places, our homes, with exorcised holy water. During this summer, you need to prepare a food supply for a period of three months, with drinking water, too. You will need to have made your general confession before fall. The prayer of the Holy Rosary, of Saint Michael the Archangel, and that of your guardian angels will be your comfort, your strength, your protection."

Economic collapse, Revolution, Martial law and World War III?
Along with a global 'Purification' that Fr. Rodrigue says will begin this Fall 2020, he also foresees the following:
"...There will be famine. Jesus presented this to me just recently. I was in my room, and when I sat down, preparing to go to bed, I saw a black cavalier coming. This means famine. I heard, “They will have money, but they will have no bread,” which means that you can have money to buy it, but you will find nothing.

"Then all money will crash, so it is good to give your money away now, as it will disappear. There will be a great uprising. You will see revolution in your streets. People will fight each other openly. The government will have no other choice than to institute martial law. At the same time that martial law begins, so will the war. 

And here is more on the "war" that Fr. Michel was purportedly shown:
"He [the devil -editor] will start a nuclear war that will be global—the third world war—his war against all of humanity. The devil will kill one third of humanity in this war, and through plagues and abortion, just as one third of the angels were cast out of heaven into hell. Seven nuclear missiles will be permitted to strike the United States as a result of its abominations. Many nuclear missiles will be deflected by the Hand of God because America prays the Divine Mercy Chaplet. I was told this by the Eternal Father.

"...And I know that the war will come from two countries: One is Korea and the other is Iran. They will come together to face the United States of America."

Father Michel Rodrigue, 2020  (YouTube, Queen of Peace Media)
"Fighting against each other for Political reasons"
And elsewhere he states:
"The times are urgent. The Tribulation will come, and it will be soon. We are in a time of emergency. When the Father gave me the fraternity, He asked me to build it quickly because it will be a refuge for many priests who will come there. Much of what you will witness will be orchestrated by the devil. You will see people fighting against each other for a political reasons. The persecution of Christians, which has already begun, person to person through ridicule and accusation, will come from laws that are lawlessness. You will not be able to follow these laws in good conscience, so persecution will then fall under civil authority."

The world wide Warning/Illumination of conscience
The following is some of Fr. Michel Rodrigue's explanations concerning the Warning:
".....Then the Warning will come. I saw this. The stars, the sun, and the moon will not shine. All will be black. Suddenly in the heavens, a sign of Jesus will appear and light up the sky and the world. He will be on the Cross, not in His suffering, but in His glory. Behind Him in a pale light, we will appear the face of the Father, the True God. It will be something, I assure you.

From the wounds in Jesus’ hands, feet, and side, bright rays of love and mercy will fall onto the entire Earth, and everything will stop. If you are in an airplane, it will stop. If you are riding in a car, don’t worry—the car will stop. If you ask me, “How can that be?” I will say, “God is God. He is the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and Earth. If He put Fr. Michel out in there the universe, like a piece of dust, do you think He cannot stop matter? Do you believe that your small airplane will bother Him? No. This is what God told me; but He has also told such things to others, like at Garabandal, which St. Padre Pio believed in.

Everything will be fixed in time, and the flame of the Holy Spirit will enlighten every conscience on Earth. The shining rays from Jesus’ wounds will pierce every heart, like tongues of fire, and we will see ourselves as if in a mirror in front of us. We will see our souls, how precious they are to the Father, and the evil within each person will be revealed to us. It will be one of the greatest signs given to the world since the Resurrection of Jesus Christ."

Elsewhere Fr. Michel has stated:
"After the Warning, no one left on Earth will be able to say that God does not exist. When the Warning comes, everyone will recognize Christ, and they will also recognize His Body, and the body of Christ is the Catholic Church.

"...After the illumination of conscience, humanity will be granted an unparalleled gift: a period of repentance lasting about six and a half weeks when the devil will not have the power to act. This means all human beings will have their complete free will to make a decision for or against the Lord.

"...When the devil returns after six and a half weeks, he will disseminate a message to the world through the media, cell phones, TV’s, et cetera. The message is this: A collective illusion happened on this date. Our scientists have analyzed this and found it occurred at the same time that a solar flare from the sun was released into the universe. It was so powerful that it affected the minds of the people on Earth, giving everyone a collective illusion.

"The devil fools us even now through the new priests of the world: television journalists who want you to think what they think, so they present only the news that is their opinion. They twist the truth and you are hypnotized, manipulated into believing them."

A time of Refuges

Fr. Michel also speaks of a time after the Warning\Illumination of conscience where those who repent of their sins and have chosen God will be led to "Refuges", which are special places throughout the world that are set aside by God, and have been created by people who were called to do so beforehand, somewhat like Noah and the Ark for example--an we are in times like that of the great Flood, where sadly much of the world is corrupted by sin.

"....After the six and half weeks following the Warning, when the devil’s influence returns, you will see a little flame in front of you, if you are called to go to a refuge. This will be your guardian angel who shows this flame to you. And your guardian angel will advise you and guide you. In front of your eyes, you will see a flame that will guide you where to go. Follow this flame of love. He will conduct you to a refuge from the Father.

"If your home is a refuge, he will guide you by this flame through your home. If you must move to another place, he will guide you along the road that leads there. Whether your refuge will be a permanent one, or a temporary one before moving to a bigger one, will be for the Father to decide. The Father told me that a permanent refuge will have a well. This is important. That will be the sign that it is a permanent refuge.

"All of the refuges will be connected together. People in each refuge will be chosen as messengers. They will be declared in each refuge with this gift. They will be taken by the Holy Spirit to go and help, connecting with other refuges so that people will know what is happening everywhere. If you are in need, the messengers will know what to do. They will be like Philip in the Acts of the Apostles. You remember in the Bible when Philip, the apostle, went to the eunuch and baptized him, and immediately afterward, the Holy Spirit took Philip away and put him in another place? It will be exactly the same. So we will need no phones, nothing like that. Communication will be in the way of the Holy Spirit."

"The Father told me that when people enter a refuge, many will be healed of major illnesses so as to not be a burden to others. You will still suffer from normal aches and pains because you are human and not in heaven yet, just in a refuge. Everyone will be there willingly, knowing that the blessing of the Lord is upon them.

For three and half years, you will be in your refuge or in your home consecrated as a refuge, but you will not be sad not to go out. You will be happy to be there because of what you will see is happening outside."

Father Michel Rodrigue has also spoke of other matters, which space does not permit here. Those interested can read more at the 'Virtual retreat' here and/or watch his retreats on YouTube

Conchita Gonzalez of Garabandal in 2019
Garabandal and the visionary Conchita
Once again I would like to reiterate that this article is published under the category of "We report, you discern". This writer makes no claims for or against Fr. Michel Rodrigue's private revelations. It can be noted in the quote above the Fr. Michel mentions Garabandal and that much of what he has stated concerning the predicted world wide Warning closely corresponds to what was purportedly revealed by the Blessed Virgin Mary to the visionary Conchita Gonzalez in Garabandal in the early 1960's (one of the 4 visionaries at Garabandal).

And speaking of which, Conchita was reportedly given the date of the "Miracle" which she was told by the Blessed Virgin Mary would occur right after the Warning. Conchita was not only told the exact date of the great Miracle, she was told that she would be instructed by heaven to announce the Miracle to the world publicly 8 days before it occurs.

Now, one of the obvious requirements here is that Conchita must be alive to announce it to the world. Since she was born on February 7, 1949, she is therefore currently 71 years old. With this in mind one could conclude that the time for the Warning and Miracle is likely coming soon.

As for Fr. Michel Rodrigue, a prophet is judged by his prophecies. Time will tell whether they are authentic, or not. Meantime we would do well to bear in mind the Scriptural directive in 1 Thessalonians 5:20-21: "Do not despise prophecies, but test everything and hold fast to what is good."

Update: September 3, 2020  Link to source document:

An open letter to the faithful of the Diocese of Amos and to all those in search of the truth.

Amos, September 3, 2020
Subject: Disallowance of Father Michel Rodrigue‘s messages and prophecies

Brothers and sisters,
Father Michel Rodrigue arrived in the Diocese of Amos on August 1, 2011. We had met before, in May 2011, a month after I became Bishop of Amos. He had explained to me his plan to found, in our diocese, the Apostolic Fraternity of Saint Benedict Joseph Labre. It would have three branches and would be dedicated to the new evangelization in the hope of giving more life to small parishes. I welcomed it with confidence and hope. During the first five years, he was pastor of the two parishes of Amos and was also responsible for the formation and accompaniment of the members of the Fraternity: young men to become priests, female consecrated women and couples. At that time, we had frequent and very good exchanges.

In 2016, at the request of Father Michel Rodrigue, I agreed to release him from the parish priest hood of Amos and entrusted him with three small parishes, including St–Dominique–du–Rosaire where the Fraternity had already bought land. From the beginning, in order to have a Sunday free and despite the distance to be covered, Father Rodrigue organized the programming of Sunday masses, on the same Sunday, for his three parishes. This allowed him to have about ten consecutive days to dedicate himself to the formation of the members of the Fraternity and to other activities, such as parish retreats and others. Beginning in 2017, on several occasions, Father Rodrigue went to the United States to preach retreats; in 2019, the frequency became greater.

On March 25, 2020, while we were on a Covid–19 break, the Countdown to the Kingdom website posted eight lectures given in California by Father Michel Rodrigue in November 2019. He is presented as the “Apostle of the End Times” and an official exorcist of the Church. I would like to make it clear that he was never appointed official exorcist of the Diocese of Amos.

In the presentation of Father Michel Rodrigue, on the aforementioned website, appeared this statement: “Fr. Michel Rodrigue receives the full support of his bishop, and all of his locutions and visions are submitted to his local ordinary for approval”. Indignant and shocked, I wrote this to Father Rodrigue on April 21, 2020:

450, Rue Principale Nord
Amos (Québec) Canada J9T 2M1 Tél. 819–732–6515 Poste 201 Téléc. 819–732–7994

I am extremely shocked and I feel betrayed by these remarks, since I never approved of them. I therefore ask you to correct this falsehood on the aforementioned site. I also want to be informed how and when this will be done. I want to make it clear that I absolutely disagree with the prophecies of you on the aforementioned site (Ex. Warning, days of darkness, Era of peace, punishment, World War III (nuclear war in 2020), construction of shelters, etc.). This is what I intend to answer to the people who have asked me.

As I requested, corrections have been made on the aforementioned site. Unfortunately, the false statement is still present in Christine Watkins' book "The Warning: Testimonies and Prophecies of the Illumination of Conscience" (pages 278 and 280)

Today, September 3, 2020, more than four months later, I am making this statement public because I see that anguish is rising among many people who share Father Rodrigue‘s messages and prophecies. My Vicar General, Father Raymond Martel, devotes a lot of time to responding to e–mails from the four corners of the world, as well as phone calls from worried people.

To this total disavowal of Father Michel Rodrigue‘s messages and prophecies, I add that I withdraw my support and that of the Diocese of Amos from the Studium Saint–Joseph, founded in 2015 by Fathers Michel Rodrigue and Simon Dufour. This Studium, of which Father Rodrigue is the rector, had as its goal to give theological training in Abitibi, a region far from the major centers.

Finally, I would like to inform you that, since June 30, 2020, Father Michel Rodrigue‘s residence on our territory has become his only link with the Diocese of Amos. He has renounced his pastoral charge as pastor of the three parishes that I had entrusted to him. He also renounced his member ship in the Presbyteral Council and the College of consultors. He also retired as an active priest in the diocese. He remains an incardinated priest in the Diocese of Hearst–Moosonee, Ontario. At this time, postal mail is our only means of communication with him.

This is the light that must be shed to remove doubts and questions about the position of the Bishop of the Diocese of Amos and to warn fragile Christians. I invite you to reread the words of Jesus, quoted by Saint Luke: “Take heed that you not be deceived” (Lk 21:8; cf. Mt 24:4ff and Mk 13:32). Let us abandon ourselves to the divine Mercy of our God, from whom all comfort comes. May the Holy Spirit drive away from us all sickly fears and anxieties. May this prayer to Mary sustain and reassure us: “Under the shelter of your mercy, we take refuge, Holy Mother of God. Do not despise our prayers when we are in the trial, but from all dangers always deliver us, glorious and blessed Virgin.”

Trust and peace to all!


450, Rue Principale Nord

+ Gilles Lemay 
Bishop of Amos
Amos (Québec) Canada J9T 2M1   
Tél. 819–732–6515  Poste 201  Téléc. 819–732–7994



September 7, 2020:

Countdown to the Kingdom's reply to Bishop Gilles Lemay's Open Letter of September 3rd, 2020:


September 9, 2020:
Link to Source Document:


Bureau de l'Eveque - Bishop's Office

C.P. 1330 P.O. Box 1330

HearstOntario POL INO

Tel. Phone: (705) 362-4903 Fax: (705) 362-4421


HearstSeptember 9,2020

Subject: Messages and prophecies of Father Michel Rodrigue

Brothers and sisters,

For a few months now, we have been hearing about Father Michel Rodriguea priest who worked in our parishes from 1989 to 1996Father Michel Rodrigue then left the diocese and moved to Montreal to join the Sulpicians. Therefore, we had no news of him for many years.

Although he is still incardinated in our diocesehe has worked in the diocese of Amos since 2011 In addition to having been parish priesthe also organized retreats and other activities in the Amos Diocese and elsewhere. He even introduces himself as "the apostle of the last days" and "an official exorcist of the Church". His presentations may be found on various websites. Father Rodrigue even declared that his messages and prophecies were supported by Bishop Lemaythe Bishop of Amos,who strongly denied any such support.

In union with Bishop LemayI express total disavowal of the messages and prophecies presented bFather Michel Rodrigue. also refute his claim to be "an official exorcist of the Church".

Father Rodrigue currently has no pastoral charge or function in the Diocese of Amos nor in our diocese. He still resides in the Diocese of Amos.

I pray for all the faithful who may have experienced moments of anguish in the face of Father Rodrigue's words and presentations.

In Christ,


+ Robert Bourgon

Bishop of Hearst-Moosonee

(Official Seal: Robert Bourgon, Eveque-Bishop)


Link to Source Document:


Update September 27, 2020:
Fr. Michel Rodrigue responds

SOURCE: Fr. Michel Rodrigue Responds--Source Link

September 23, 2020
On the liturgical feast of Saint Padre Pio

After having read the public letter of September 3, 2020 published by Bishop Gilles Lemay from the Diocese of Amos, I would like to reiterate my fidelity to the teaching of the Catholic Church to all the faithful who read this letter.

I have been a priest since June 2, 1989, incardinated in the diocese of Hearst. In May 2011, I met Bishop Gilles Lemay to share with him the spiritual experience of the call to found a semi-monastic fraternity currently known as the Apostolic Fraternity of Saint Benedict-Joseph Labre. I arrived in the diocese of Amos on August 1, 2011. According to the original verbal agreement, which was for a period of three years, I was appointed pastor of the Cathedral of Amos and of Christ the King parish on August 15, 2011. In September 2011, I also accepted the parish-mission of Pikogan.

In 2014 at the request of the Bishop, I happily extended the curé for these same parishes for a period of two years. There, I met parishioners of great pastoral collaboration. It was on June 20, 2012, that the Bishop granted the Approval Decree of the Apostolic Fraternity Saint Benedict-Joseph Labre.

In 2016, I accepted the curé of the parishes of St-Félix-de-Dalquier, St-Dominique-du-Rosaire and Sacré-Coeur de Matagami, which according to the agreement, allowed for the development of the Apostolic Fraternity of Saint Benedict- Joseph Labre, located in St-Dominique-du-Rosaire.

In 2019, I preached a spiritual retreat in California which was featured on the Countdown to the Kingdom website. Besides personal messages, the teaching given was based on the messages of the Virgin Mary approved by the Church and in accordance with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, article 7, no 668 to 682.

A confusion has crept into the understanding of this retreat concerning an approval by Bishop Gilles Lemay regarding the messages contained in these conferences. I myself had this confusion corrected. The owners of the Countdown to the Kingdom website have responded positively and put the comment on their website.[1] I thank them very much.

Besides this, I never claimed that I was the exorcist of the Diocese of Amos. However, whenever I had to do a ministry in this area, I always asked for the approval of the Bishop. I know my pastoral and ecclesial responsibilities well.

In regards to the Apostolic Fraternity of Saint Benedict-Joseph Labre, the project continues to grow and fulfill the Will of the Father in its trust placed in the Hearts of Jesus and of Mary. It is in the joy of the Holy Spirit that we grow together. Our address has not changed and our phone number is still the same. You will find all the information on our website benoitlabre.org. As for the Studium St-Joseph, it remains online to meet the pressing needs for quality education.

I reiterate my desire to collaborate with the Bishop, the Magisterium of the Church and to maintain a fraternal bond with all people of different circles here, in the United States and with people around the world who support us. Abitibi Témiscamingue was the privileged place for our foundation. In this beautiful region of Quebec, inhabited by people strong in the Holy Spirit, we are happy to be here and to stay here.

Thanks everyone,

Michel Rodrigue, Fabl
Superior of the Apostolic Fraternity of Saint-Benedict-Joseph Labre

c.c. Mgr Gilles Lemay, Bishop of Amos
c.c. Mgr Robert Bourgon, Bishop of Hearst-Moosonee
c.c. Father François Hamel, d.j.c.


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Glenn Dallaire said...

This begins the most recent (2nd) set of 200 comments

Mary H said...

To add to the above comments, Glenn, I'd like to reinforce the point these are not interested Catholic individuals, but they are all in the business of selling their "take" on private revelation. Queen of Peace Media is a business, the others all make money from the books they write and the appearances/speeches they make. Mallett makes money from alleged natural remedies, linked to the CTTK website.

Christine Watkins solicited an imprimatur from a retired archbishop in the Philippines. The same archbishop gave an imprimatur to Vassula Ryden, even after the Vatican was looking into her case The same archbishop was forced to retire after approving an apparition that had been rejected by the Vatican. And he gives Watkins an imprimatur, even against canon law--which requires the bishop have jurisdiction over Watkins, but he didn't, since she is in Sacramento and he is retired in the Philippines. (This is covered in Kevin Symonds' blog post, "Christine Watkins Imprimatur" article.)

Mark Mallett has been banned for years in at least three Canadian dioceses for his "Catholic evangelization" that includes his controversial own "revelations." (From Mark Mallett's blog, https://www.markmallett.com/blog/on-the-archdiocese-of-edmonton/)

Daniel O'Connor and Peter Bannister also sell books and make appearances, so they are profting from this effort. (O'Connor, an instructor at a community college in Troy, NY, has been criticized for calling himself a "professor"by Emmett O'Regan, as he is in a temporary, untenured position with no Ph.D.) Bannister is based in Cluny, France, but promotes Luisa Piccaretta in videos at CTTK and in books.

Mary H said...

I forgot to add a link to a Church Militant article, "Mystic' Dupes Catholics with Fake Branding" which explores how Vassula Ryden used an imprimatur from the same former archbishop as Christine Watkins for promotional purposes. Vassula Ryden is not approved by the Catholic Church, as Church Militant explained. https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/mystic-dupes-catholics-with-imprimatur

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous poster at 5:55 above:

Criticizing Jimmy Akin because he spent tine discussing aliens misses the very valid point he made. The thinking of those who support people like Charlie Johnston, Fr. Rodrigue, the Garabandal prophecies and the like (he addresses many of them), are very much like the alien craze. True prophetic utterances will survive the pitfalls that false theories typically fall into. For anyone who seriously wants to understand the Church's approach the 80 minutes is well worth the time. I'm looking forward to his promised podcast on Fr. Rodrigue.

Akin does not "despise prophecies." He explains perfectly the tests that are applied to claims of prophetic utterances. Exactly the way the Church itself approaches these events and declarations.

Anonymous said...

Dan O’Connor and the folks at CTTK speak of the “prophetic consensus” as a way to bolster credibility of their seers. But what about the “episcopal consensus”? By that I mean all these seers, Charlie Johnston, Fr. Rodrigue, and the children of Garabandal, lack support of their Bishops. Does that not account for anything?

And another thing...the CTTK does not allow anyone to comment on their website. So there’s no questioning or open discussion. And you will NEVER find anything on the CTTK website that discusses weaknesses or potential problems with their seers.

Fortunately, we have Glenn’s site (this site) to discuss, debate, and question.

Michael said...

To Anoy at 12:39..

I get to use my logic class in seminary, oh joy!

All the alien talk in the podcast was setting up straw man argument which Akin and his guest proceeded to attack and take down. The guest then proceeded to compare the Warning to aliens and thus tried to apply the defeat of the straw man to all the prophecies of the Warning etc. My sincere hope the next podcast will at least wait until the end of Oct/Nov before they try to discredit Fr. Rodrigue.

I get there have been persons who have come and gone who have made predictions. The issue I have is we are also waiting on the fulfillment of Fatima, Garabandal, Akitya and Medjugorje.

Fatima is accepted
Garabandal is not..
Akitya is
First seven visions from Medjogorje are accepted.

If you take the work of the Blessed Mother in the 20th and 21st century. The work of Jesus, Our Lord, in Saint Faustina and Luisa Piccarreta (accepted by the Church) and others then Heaven is speaking. God has promised they would speak to use through prophets.

The Gospel does tell us we must become like little children if we hope to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Little children trust, little children love without questioning every pronouncement they hear.

May God have mercy on us all!

Anonymous said...


You mention Medjugorje. How do you explain Vicka’s behavior in this 4 minute video:


She claimed she was trying to “catch the baby Jesus” who the Blessed Virgin Mary dropped? Seriously?

Michael said...


My comment about Medjugorje being approved is about the Church's official pronouncement on it. It would appear the girl moved to avoid being poked in the eye.

If you think that's going invalidate the call to prayer, penance and faith I have to disagree.

God is perfect and He uses imperfect humans. That's why I'm waiting to see what happens. Praying, hoping, and waiting. May God's will be done.

I can understand people want certainty but you have to take these messages on faith.

Anonymous said...


Did you watch the whole 4 minute video? Yes, she moved to avoid being poked in the eye - that’s my point! If she was in a supernatural trance she would have been oblivious to the hand near her eye. Then at the end of the video where she explained that the reason she moved was because the Blessed Mother was about to drop the baby Jesus. That was her explanation for moving - not the feigned eye poke. And if the absurdity of the Blessed Mother dropping the baby Jesus during an apparition is not enough, we would need to believe that the dropping of the baby Jesus occurred at the exact moment that the observer feigned the eye poke.

Michael said...


Yes I watched the video. As I said she moved to avoid being poked. As to her story about the Blessed Mother dropping the baby Jesus, I highly doubt that is true.

So she (may have) made up a story, lied, does that negate apparitions?

My point is you seem to be saying that it is necessary for the people chosen by God to give His messages to be perfect and sinless. I don't agree with that thought.

Let's look at Christ's life, did Judas's sin negate the Cross? Did the fact that most of the apostles ran away from Jesus show anything more than the human nature that needs God's saving help?

What is the focus of this discussion? God or humans? If you want to point out the failures of humans, ok. Don't assume you can then apply that failure to the supernatural aspects. There is a distinction there that should be observed.

Anonymous said...

Michael, if you’re saying that a “seer” who lies about an “apparition” doesn’t negate their “revelations” then I suppose the messages to Maria Divine Mercy and Locutions to the World may in fact be true.

Michael said...


What I'm saying, to clarify is don't blame/or distrust God or the Blessed Mother because of the failures of the human beings involved.

To use another example which I'm sure will open a hornet's nest, when I was a priest I heard multiple people complain about the priest abuse issue and use it as a reason to walk away from the church. The abuse was evil, but Jesus didn't do it, The abuse is evil, but Blessed Mother Mary didn't do it.

Who did it? Human men who in their free will chose to commit an evil act.

People expect Christians to walk around with a force field that prevents us from sinning or making a mistake. That's not the case. to use the logic language there is no casual relationship between any human failing and the negation of what Heaven is trying to do. Heaven is trying to wake humanity up. Anyone that thinks "oh the girl is lying, the whole thing is made up" is like a person that hears the alarm and decides to roll over and go back to sleep in sin. Not very wise in my opinion.

There is however people who are lying directly about being spoken to by Mary and Jesus. In that case it's solely the person's sin that is at issue. The struggle for us is figure out who's real and who's faking. If you want to blame God because we have to do that, I'll suggest you direct your concern to Jesus, He is true God and true Man.

Anonymous said...

On an related subject, Mark Mallett's latest video on CTTK is introduced with: "IN this final webcast on the Timeline of events of the “end times”, Mark Mallett and Prof. Daniel O’Connor explain what leads up to the Second Coming of Jesus in the flesh at the very end of time. Hear ten Scriptures that will be fulfilled before His return, how Satan attacks the Church one last time, and why we need to prepare for the Final Judgment now."

I think Daniel O'Connor should not allow himself to be addressed as Prof. O'Connor unless that is the job title he has at the academic institution to which he is attached.

Surely any future employers will look over all his publications and his social media projects, and if they see he has exaggerated his credentials he will be determined to be unemployable. Really, promoting yourself above the rank of "instructor" at a community college to "college professor" is simply bad form. I have read criticisms of this at several online sources, including sites of other published authors. It is at best misleading, based on O'Connor's self-assessment. My spouse has a Ph.D. and completed post-doctoral study, so I am very familiar with academic settings.

Michael said...


And to draw upon more of my logic class training... complaining about someone's academic title in a discussion about whether or not the Warning may be coming is a red herring.

For the record, I've read/listed to Mr. O'Connor book which is available as an audio book free of charge on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf2hTqJx7dg it's a very good read and something I would highly recommend.

Once again, what's more important? Returning to God and saving your soul or whether or not Mr. Connor's academic credentials are correct?

Anonymous said...

I would agree with Michael regarding the post someone made on Dan OConnor’s credentials.

As an aside, there is plenty of questionable stuff on his website that is a legitimate focus for discussion, but debating as to whether or not an Adjunct Professor should use the title of Professor is silly. It is done all the time and I think it’s fine. And for what it’s worth I have a PhD myself, so I also know a bit about this subject.

Anonymous said...

To Michael at 4:40 yesterday says: "First seven visions from Medjogorje are accepted."

From an article in the National Catholic Reporter:

"According to Vatican Insider, 13 of the 14 commission members present at one meeting voted to recommend lifting the Vatican ban on official diocesan and parish pilgrimages to Medjugorje.

"The commission also recommended turning the town's parish Church of St. James into a pontifical shrine with Vatican oversight. The move, the commission said, would not signify recognition of the apparitions, but would acknowledge the faith and pastoral needs of the pilgrims while ensuring a proper accounting of the financial donations pilgrims leave.

"The commission's role was to make recommendations to the pope; its report is not an official church judgment on the apparitions. Pope Francis told reporters May 13 that "in the end, something will be said," but he gave no timeline."

Maybe anon, you have more current information.

Also Michael, Add this to your understanding of fallacies: The "fallacy-fallacy. https://effectiviology.com/fallacy-fallacy/

Anonymous said...

Above should read: Maybe Michael you have more current information.

Michael said...

Anon: vanity of vanities.. all things are vanity (Ecclesiastes 1:2-11) :)

I was pointing out what Anon's comments about O'Connor's academic title is. In the greater discussion this one particular topic is of no real value in my opinion. Hence the red herring comment.

Folks, lets be honest, God is in control, and earth is limited in its knowledge of His plans. I full agree the church has the duty to safeguard the faith and morals of it's members. But let's remember only God knows the full timeline and plan of salvation.

I also sense (this is my personal opinion) that we are seeing a repeat of several themes in scripture. One of them being the church dying and hopefully rising by God's grace. Another being Jesus wanting his Will being done and humans (even in the church) refusing to do it. So all in all, God will act when He wants.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:51,

If someone in my spouse's department held the title of lecturer and published an article listing him/herself professor, that would be a very big deal. If someone on the adjunct faculty dropped the adjunct and listed him/herself as professor, another very big deal. Perhaps the sciences (spouse's area) are more concerned with "details."

All these Countdown people seem to exaggerate things, at every level, so why not? They're already claiming to know way more about theology than they do.

Anonymous said...

Mary H,

You are write about being careful with CTTK because the authors also sell products and make $$.

Lea Mallett's oil store is a website called Bloom Crew. She has e-books on "Oil of the Good Samaritan" which is something Luz de Maria said she got from the Blessed Mother!

Lea Mallett sells her oils, etc., here.

Anonymous said...

Michael yes, all *is* vanity. We agree with Qoheleth. And there is in fact nothing new under the sun, is there?

Michael said...


Nothing new under the sun? what about my waistline?, That wasn't there ten years ago :)

Just kidding.. well I think this is my last post in this thread because we seem to have lost the original topic and now we are just bashing people.

I pray for everyone, I mean that.. but my prayers aren't going to save your soul. If you are not really sure about all this, do yourself a favor, go to confession. As a former priest and regular partaker of the sacrament, I know it can be a bit anxious but do yourself a favor, find a church with a long line and pray it's because of a good priest.

It was in the Gospel recently, Many are invited, few are chosen. He does the inviting, We are the ones that do the choosing.

Peace be with you all!

For those who judge and bash, please remember every word is going to be judged by God. Choose your words carefully. (see Matthew 12:36)

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of getting this thread back on track, this was posted today by proponents of Fr. Michel:


It seems they’re now backing away from anything significant happening this month (October).

Anonymous said...

I believe this is the prophecy regarding October 2020:

My dear people of God, we are now passing a test. The great events of purification will begin this fall. Be ready with the Rosary to disarm Satan and to protect our people. Make sure that you are in the state of grace by having made your general confession to a Catholic priest. The spiritual battle will begin. Remember these words: "THE MONTH OF THE ROSARY WILL SEE GREAT THINGS!" (October 2020)

I guess in a few weeks we’ll be debating whether or not “GREAT THINGS” happened during October so as to validate Fr. Michel’s prophecies.

I’m wondering why Fr. Michel’s Bishop doesn’t institute an investigation. If what he has predicted is true, it needs to be shouted from the rooftops, and if not the faithful need to know.

Anonymous said...

The point of an investigation is to give the bishop information he needs to make a judgement. Fr. Rodrigue's bishops said he made false statements about things involving them (exorcisms, providing messages). They had personal knowledge he said untruthful things. No long investigation needed to make a decision on him.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous above, if the Bishops really found that Fr. Michel “said untruthful things” I’m sure they would have condemned his messages, and he would not remain a priest in good standing. The Bishops simply gave their personal opinion that they don’t believe the prophecies but they did NOT tell the faithful that his messages were false and they should stop believing his messages.

Anonymous said...


Fr. Rodrigue "retired" from all Church positions. The bishop of Amos severed connection with the new order founded by Fr. Rodrigue. Orders cannot continue if they are not under the supervision of the Church and a bishop. His isn't. The bishops spoke in the strongest language. Their official pronouncements are binding on Catholics because bishops have teaching authority in matters of faith and morals and Catholics owe their teachings assent under canon law. They said they completely rejected the messages, removed jobs, stripped of faculties, as part of official action against Fr. Rodrigue. He is only reachable by mail.

This misunderstanding probably comes from the disobedient stance taken by the CTTK website. Read the letters again. The CTTK have done grave harm to souls with their media push on these often fringe messengers!

Anonymous said...

From Catholic CultureL

No private individual has the authority to judge definitively and officially which private revelations are true and which are not.

The authority to rule on the genuineness of a private revelation rests first with the local bishop.

The apparitions of Lourdes, Knock, Fatima, Beauraing, Banneux — to name only a few — were approved by the local bishops. The Popes of the time never issued any judgment on them.

The current canonical practice is that the local bishop must appoint a committee to investigate and rule on any private revelation (if he thinks it worthy of investigation), but the Holy See may intervene if necessary or if the bishop asks it to. Alternatively, he may ask the episcopal conference of his country to assist in the investigation and judgment.

It is forbidden, as well as sinful, to propagate private revelations which have received a negative judgment from the local bishop, the conference of bishops, or the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Some people say, "I'm going to follow it until the Pope says it's false" This is a useless guide for action in this matter — very rarely does the Pope make a pronouncement for or against a revelation.


Anonymous said...

To Anon above,

Sorry, no. The bishop unfortunately did not speak in the strongest language possible.
All this could be cleared up by stating that messages are judged to be not of supernatural origin if that is how he sees them. No more ifs or buts after that (unless taken up by the Vatican -- which it does not need to take place).

One simple but powerful and unambiguous sentence would conclude this "issue".

His published statements left so much gray area that both sides can make arguments in either case. Given this confusion, I wish the bishop would post a point blank, direct and unambiguous statement on the matter.

Anonymous said...

Oops, posting @ October 14, 2020 at 4:02 PM is directed at Anon @ October 14, 2020 at 3:06 PM

Anonymous said...

I believe it is appropriate to draw attention at this time to the 1983 Codex Iuris Canonici:

Can. 386 §1. A diocesan bishop, frequently preaching in person, is bound to propose and explain to the faithful the truths of the faith which are to be believed and applied to morals. He is also to take care that the prescripts of the canons on the ministry of the word, especially those on the homily and catechetical instruction, are carefully observed so that the whole Christian doctrine is handed on to all.

§2. Through more suitable means, he is firmly to protect the integrity and unity of the faith to be believed, while nonetheless acknowledging a just freedom in further investigating its truths.

Can. 212 §1. Conscious of their own responsibility, the Christian faithful are bound to follow with Christian obedience those things which the sacred pastors, inasmuch as they represent Christ, declare as teachers of the faith or establish as rulers of the Church.

Based upon the above considerations:

Bishops Bourgon and Lemay have made known their mind on the question of Fr. Rodrigue;
They have declared their total disavowal of Rodrigue’s alleged messages;
In doing so, they have exercised their office;
The faithful are bound to obey what has been stated.

I would add to these considerations the observation that BOTH Bishops have indicated that Rodrigue was never an official exorcist. This can be interpreted as a tongue-in-cheek (indirect) statement that Rodrigue has misrepresented himself, if not actually lied.



1. If, on the occasion of a presumed supernatural fact, there arises in a spontaneous way among the faithful a certain cult or some devotion, the competent Ecclesiastical Authority has the serious duty of looking into it without delay and of diligently watching over it.

2. If the faithful request it legitimately (that is, in communion with the Pastors, and not prompted by a sectarian spirit), the competent Ecclesiastical Authority can intervene to permit or promote some form of cult or devotion, if, after the application of the above criteria, nothing stands in the way. They must be careful that the faithful not interpret this practice as approval of the supernatural nature of the fact on the part of the Church (cf. Preliminary note c).

3. By reason of its doctrinal and pastoral task, the competent Authority can intervene motu proprio and indeed must do so in grave circumstances, for example in order to correct or prevent abuses in the exercise of cult and devotion, to condemn erroneous doctrine, to avoid the dangers of a false or unseemly mysticism, etc.

4. In doubtful cases that clearly do not put the good of the Church at risk, the competent Ecclesiastical Authority is to refrain from any judgment and from any direct action (because it can also happen that, after a certain period of time, the presumed supernatural fact falls into oblivion); it must not however cease from being vigilant by intervening if necessary, with promptness and prudence.


1. Above all, the duty of vigilance and intervention falls to the Ordinary of the place.

2. The regional or national Conference of Bishops can intervene:

a) If the Ordinary of the place, having done his part, turns to it to judge the matter with greater certainty;

b) If the matter pertains to the national or regional level; always, however, with the prior consent of the Ordinary of the place.

3. The Apostolic See can intervene if asked either by the Ordinary himself, by a qualified group of the faithful, or even directly by reason of the universal jurisdiction of the Supreme Pontiff (cf. infra, no. IV).


Joseph J. said...

In a letter to his supporters dated March 26, 2020 Fr. Michel writes the following:
"My dear people of God, we are now passing a test. The great events of purification will begin this fall. Be ready with the Rosary to disarm Satan and to protect our people. Make sure that you are in the state of grace by having made your general confession to a Catholic priest. The spiritual battle will begin.

-Dom Michel Rodrigue, fabl

Fr. Michel wrote that sentence in caps.

As far as I can tell we have not yet seen any great things this month, but we have 17 days left to go. So let's wait and see!

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ OCTOBER 14, 2020 AT 5:01 PM

Unfortunately, the use of the term disavowal is not clear as to whether it is a condemnation, distancing without a judgement or claiming ignorance that the content of the messages has not been analyzed.


noun [ C or U ]
UK /ˌdɪs.əˈvaʊ.əl/ US /ˌdɪs.əˈvaʊ.əl/

the action of saying that you know nothing about something, or that you have no responsibility for or connection with something



disavow verb

dis·​avow | \ ˌdis-ə-ˈvau̇ \
disavowed; disavowing; disavows
Definition of disavow
transitive verb

1: to deny responsibility for : REPUDIATE
disavowed the actions of his subordinates
2: to refuse to acknowledge or accept : DISCLAIM



(dɪsəvaʊəl )
Word forms: plural disavowals
A disavowal of something is a statement that you are not connected with it or responsible for it, or that you no longer agree with or believe in it.

Anonymous said...

Anon above,

Of course, Bishop Lemay was writing in Quebecois French, this is a translation, so that may impact things a bit. But you are here to win points, not to discern, that is clear.

I hope you don't draw others to follow the predictions of this troubled priest who had brushes with the demonic as a child, all detailed by Mark Miravelle.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Anonymous said...

to anon above....I think the point is that the Bishops could have chosen to condemn the messages, to tell Fr. Michel that he is no longer to promote his messages, to tell the faithful not to read the messages, and to ask Catholic websites promoting his messages to take them down. However the Bishops didn’t. They chose to give their personal opinion/assessment and made no official declaration on behalf of the Catholic Church. I wish the Bishops were clear and unambiguous, but they weren’t. Maybe they were covering themselves in the event Fr. Michel’s messages might be true.

Anonymous said...

No, the bishops called Fr. Rodrigue a liar. He lied about his status as exorcist, he lied that he shared his messages with his bishop, he lied that he had his bishop's approval to share the messages.

The bishops publicly agree on this. They agree his messages have caused upset and harm to many of the faithful. They don't have to speak on the validity of the messages, because if they issue from a priest who lies, they cannot be truly from God.

The Vatican guidelines say to look first at the character of the messenger. The bishops did. Fr. Rodrigue failed that test. They took formal action, as bishops, removed him from all duties, retired him, withdrew support from his "order" and told Catholics to beware of false prophets. They did this in the exercise of their teaching authority and administration authority as bishops.

How sad to see the misinformed "experts" on canon law--the Countdown authors--spread their disobedience to bishops acting lawfully under canon law over the internet.

The Countdown website includes the messages of Edson Glauber, whose bishop has banned him and his followers from holding events and continuing to spread the messages in his diocese. The bishop's intent is clear. But the Countdown people see a loophole--the bishop didn't specifically mention the internet!--and they continue to profit over messages the local ordinary clearly has judged negatively.

The Countdown authors are gravely disobedient. They profit off the fears of the Catholics they purport to evangelize. They tell Catholics to get 'blessed grapes' to protect themselves. They sell oil concoctions. People who swallow their arguments do grave harm to the Body of Christ.

At best, they defend the visions of a troubled priest. At worst, they spread demonic-inspired messages to cause fear and apprehension at a difficult time.

Anonymous said...

To Anon above @ Oct 15, 2020 AT 10:30 AM

We don't all claim to be experts on canon law. Communication to us lay people should be clear, unambiguous and not requiring a degree in theology and canon law. We should not be expected to look up the nuances of canon law.

Do you really believe people know every single detail on how messages are assessed and what validates or invalidates a supposed supernatural message?

You mention Edson Glauber; I have no idea who that is. I did not read the CTTK site enough to encounter said individual. But from your own statement, note the difference in the way his bishop handled him. BANNED.

Given the number of individuals who have come across Fr. Rodrigue's messages and not just via the CTTK site, the bishops should make their proclamations clear and unambiguous to remove any confusion. His videos on QoP were being *recommended* by Youtube if you watched any orthodox Catholic Youtube channels!

BTW, I am not supporting Fr. Rodrigue but I *DO* have doubts as to whether it was officially condemned or not.

titus maximus said...

CATHOLICS there is much more info on this and MORE on Catholic topics in general here: https://catholicguidance.blogspot.com/2020/01/ublock-origin-blocks-annoying-adds-when_12.html

Anonymous said...

Anon @2:37,

What part of Catholics owe respect to the negative judgment of bishops don't you understand?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:23 PM

The part that an actual negative judgement has been made!

Anonymous said...

Anon above,

Clearly you really just want to "win." You refuse to engage with canon law or the Vatican guidelines.

Anonymous said...

Some clear thinking on Fr. Rodrigue---Jimkmy Akin.


Anonymous said...

That's Jimmy Akin a major contributor of Catholic Answers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the episode on Fr. Rodrigue! With all respect, he needs much, much prayer. I hope Fr. Rodrigue gets the help he needs! God bless.

Anonymous said...

I am the anonymous above!

For anyone interested in the "bottom line" the podcast episode talks about condemnation from 1:30 to the end 1:54.

The bishops have condemned Fr. Rodrigue's messages according to the CDF in the Vatican.

I hope Christine Watkins and Daniel O'Connor respond to this publicly!

Please, pray for everyone involved!

David said...

What an incredible and detailed analysis Jimmy Akin did in his podcast today:


It’s two hours long and was well worth the investment of my time. Like many of you, I had been stockpiling 3 months worth of food and water in anticipation of Fr. Michel’s prophecies. After listening to this podcast I no longer believe these prophecies, I feel a bit embarrassed that I allowed myself to get caught up in this nonsense, and the anxiety I have been living with since learning about Fr. Michel is gone.

God bless Jimmy Akin.

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ Oct 16, 2020 AT 9:11 AM

I don't understand what exactly I would want to win. I would want some definitive and unambiguous closure from the church hierarchy with easy to understand statements and not words that could be taken to mean multiple things.

I am troubled by the lack of clarity with the phrasing used. I am not in any way trying to state or come across that I support Fr. Rodrigue messages, and I am not defending him. I am also not trying to contradict the Bishop and I hope my comments don't appear to come across as so.

I have never read Canon law, I don't know the ins and outs of all judgement guidelines and criteria; most other lay individuals who have read/listened to the messages and prophecies are in the same boat as well.

All I would want is a short, direct and concise statement just like for example the one used by the Bishop in MDM's case (if such is the case -- and I am not trying to state that it isn't)

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Anon 12:22!

It's all in the podcast. The last hour is the best part. Maybe the last half-hour? To explain everything about the bishops letters.

Anonymous said...

I've just read a story at the CNN website about an Australian man who was caught up in the whole QAnon craze. I have to wonder to what extent the hubbub surrounding people like Charlie Johnston and Fr. Rodrigue is a kind of "Catholic QAnon." A point the Australian man makes is that you can't just use logic to pull people out of the vortex of conspiracy theories because adherence to these theories is a sign of deeper emotional issues.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous above who is waiting for more clarity from the Bishops, I doubt they will make any additional statement or comment. However if you are unclear as to the veracity of Fr. Rodrigue’s messages I suggest you watch the 2-hour Jimmy Akin podcast. If that doesn’t convince you, nothing will. I think the story about being poisoned with a Russian bio weapon and then going to the hospital and meeting the very doctor who developed it in Russia should have clued us off. And if that ain’t enough, consider that the CTTK promotes “seers” who tell us to eat blessed grapes. Does this sound like the Catholicism of the Baltimore Catechism or a bunch of superstitious malarkey?

Anonymous said...

The Bishops cannot issue a clear, straightforward and unambiguous statement as to whether voting for Joe Biden is a mortal sin. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Bishops to issue a clear, straightforward and unambiguous statement on Fr. Michel Rodrigue.

Al said...

This fake so called priest of the novus ordo sect is deceived by demons.He believe in the false medjugorje apparitions and in the false faustina kowalska devotion. None of his so called predictions that are supposed to happen soon will happen. He is just toy of demons pray for his conversion

Anonymous said...

Glenn, the previous post seems to be suggesting that the Novus Ordo Mass is fake. I’m sure if your blog guidelines prohibit this type of post.

Anonymous said...

I second Anon at 5:41 PM.

Anonymous said...

Well, the month of the Rosary is seeing incredible things.
The Pope just approved, for all intents and purposes, homosexual unions.
Let me repeat: the Pope!
Does this not rank among the most incredible things that could happen?

Anonymous said...

The pope did not contradict any Catholic doctrine--none. Sex in any context other than a sacramental marriage between a man and a woman is as objectively sinful as it ever was. Nothing the pope said contradicts that. Adultery, fornication, self-pleasuring---all those things remain verbotten. What the pope is saying is that everyone--gays included--have a right to the same benefits— family health insurance and inheritance rights among other legal rights. Gays also have a right to deep and lasting friendships. Then he is reminding us that we have no right to judge with respect to the sinfulness of others.

And to echo the gospel, who of us have the right to judge anyone? Who of us can cast the first stone?

If you oppose the Pope's teaching you really need to study and understand Christian morality a lot better than you do. The pope really has changed nothing.

[Old joke: Picture the parable of the woman caught in adultery. Jesus says "let the person who is without sin cast the first stone." All leave except one woman who pics up small pebbles and begins to throw them at the woman, missing her target. And Jesus says "Mom!"]

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above poster. The Pope did not endorse homosexual sodomy. I understood him to simply say that homosexual persons have the right to health care, inheritance benefits, housing, etc. This is no different than any other sinner having those same rights.

And to the poster at 9:09 PM, seriously? You have to come up with something more compelling besides that statement from the Pope to try to suggest that Fr. Michel’s prophecy about the month of the Rosary has been fulfilled.

Unknown said...

To the two posters above...
You’re kidding right?
The Pope just endorse homosexual unions.

ROME (AP) — Pope Francis became the first pontiff to endorse same-sex civil unions in comments for a documentary that premiered Wednesday, sparking cheers from gay Catholics and demands for clarification from conservatives, given the Vatican’s official teaching on the issue.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Pope endorsed civil unions but not sodomy.

The question though is whether that constitutes a fulfillment of Fr. Michel’s prophecy.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:47

There is a huge difference between a sacramental marriage and a civil union. A civil union is merely a legal relationship that confers certain legal rights on two people. It is not a marriage.

Let me give you an example of a civil union that would have been entirely appropriate. I had two aunts who never married and who lived with and took care of my grandmother until she died. They continued to live together after she died. All their lives they paid taxes as single women even though they lived as family unit for several decades. Had they been able to form a civil union they would have been able to pay taxes as any ordinary family might. That's just one example of the rights and privileges one gets as a civilly united family. Those rights are just and good.

Separate sex from legal rights if you can, first because they are separate issues and second, because you should be careful about judging others.

Anonymous said...

With Garabandal, I suggest you do the same as I did, trying to know the truth about it: read some book about it. When you do, with Garabandal the outcome is that you really need to make an effort not to believe in it.

If Pope John Paul II, Paul VI, Padre Pio, Mother Theresa etc etc are wrong about it... In whom are we going to trust as of discernment concerns?

Anonymous said...

One important thing regarding private revelations:

As far as there are no heresies, the truth is that bishops or even Rome, has little to say as to wether prophetic events can or cannot be truth. It is simply out of their scope, since a gratis datae grace as that of prophecie can be inspired even to pagans.
Wait and see, is the only answer for any spiritual director, bishop or even the Pope.

Out of findings heresies, lay believers will find no clue at all by submitting their own opinion to that of the "bishop".
As stated, prophecy discernment is out of their scope.
Faith and Morals is.

Anonymous said...

To previous poster. So if someone claims that an angel told them that there are little green men living on Mars we should take the position that they may be correct? After all the presence or absence of Martians would not contradict the teachings of the Church.

Anonymous said...

We had a guy posting on this blog not too long ago who said he was the resurrected John the Baptist as well as Peter Romanus. Should we give him the benefit of the doubt as well given that what he was saying was not heresy?

The fact is the Bishops do have jurisdiction on these matters and their statements must be taken very seriously when they pronounce on the claims, particularly fantastic claims, made by seers. It seems to me that whenever a Bishop says something positive about a seer, that seer’s supporters are quick to jump on that as an affirmation of the truth of those messages and yet had that same Bishop issued a negative assessment we’re told by the seer’s supporters that the Bishop must be wrong.

Anonymous said...

What happened in the month of October? The Pope advocates same sex union and France beheadings, latest is 3 dead in a Catholic Church! An old Christian woman was beheaded! We definitely SAW events in this month and we still got 2 more days to go. Please pray for their souls.

Anonymous said...

To anon @ 10:45.

The beheading you mention was very sad but not particularly unusual. Is being martyred on a beach any different than being martyred in a church? Looked at carefully, the pope really said nothing new. In the past couple of years alone there have been far more events of moment.

Happy-Christian said...

Father Michel’s words bring joy in my heart. Unfortunately, the Pope’s words do not, especially of later! I will follow my heart. My spiritual life has blossomed through Father Michels advice. I pray more, frequent the Sacraments and bless my home & family. God bless you, Father Michel. Merci

Happy-Christian said...

Father Michel’s messages bring me joy. I pray more, I confess more, I attend Mass more and I am more devout in my faith. I can hardly say the same for the Pope, who worships idols, sells out faithful Catholics to the CCP but protects Pedophiles like McCarrick, not to mention his latest gems! Maybe these Bishops ought to turn their attention to the real corruption in the Church.

Anonymous said...


Here is your schism folks.. I fully believe Fr. Michel's prediction has shown it self to be trust worthy. God have mercy on us.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:44:

In the same way that Charlie Johnston was using his whole fake operation for political purposes, it doesn't surprise me that this whole Fr. Michel stuff was either aimed at, or is being co-opted, toward a political end.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Michel said we would see GREAT THINGS (that’s plural folks) during October. Pope Francis making yet another fuzzy non-magisterial statement that could actually be interpreted in an Orthodox way is hardly newsworthy, and to most faithful Catholics it just invoked a yawn and “here we go again” response. But folks can certainly hang their hats on this latest controversy as confirmation of a GREAT THING but to me it’s a stretch. In fact, had Pope Francis not made a controversial statement or did something else questionable, e.g., Pachamama, for a whole month...now that would be newsworthy!

We need to realize that folks have invested a lot in Fr. Michel’s prophecies by stocking up beans and water, and telling their family and friends that the end is near. I did the same with the Charlie Johnston prophecies.

Anonymous said...

There is a blue moon/full moon tonight. Can this be the sign we have been waiting for?

“The Oct. 31 full moon also happens to be a "blue moon," a designation for the second full moon to occur in a single calendar month. Blue moons are relatively rare as well, occurring on average just once every 2.5 years or so. We last saw one in March 2018. The next one is in August 2023.”

Anonymous said...

And nothing extraordinary has happened in October :-( /sob, whimper, cry

Anonymous said...

Where does the CTTK stand on all this now that it’s November 1st?

Will they claim that the Pope’s statement on civil unions coupled with the blue moon last night constitutes the Great Things prophesied for October?

Will they say that the timeline has been pushed back due to prayer?

Will they simply start promoting another seer and ignore this?

What about the “prophetic consensus” we were all told about?

Are they still telling us to stockpile 3 months of food and water?

Anonymous said...

To anon above, CTTK has already posted a video about it. I have NOT watched it yet, but they sure were ready for this:


Anonymous said...

That video is 60 minutes long. If you need an hour to go through all sorts of mental gymnastics to tie the pieces together to make the case what is that telling you? Perhaps, the lady doth protest too much.

But watch the video for yourselves. It didn’t convince me that the “Great Things” that happened in October are any different than the Great Things that happen every other month of the year. If the prophecy was that Great Things would have occurred in September, I have no doubt they could have made the identical case...only pointing to other events.

But judge for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

It appears President Trump is headed for defeat based on current swing vote states. It’s not over as I write his, but it appears close to over. There were an awful lot of “the Lord told me Trump would win” prophets that will need to go down in defeat also with Fr Miguel. Pat Robertson, a plethora of Sid Roth guests, and they were a dime a dozen on the 700 Club.. what now? Pat Robertson plainly stated “God told me...” seems like prophecy has gotten a little out of hand these last few decades, with a myriad of people claiming insight, but wrong in the end.

Anonymous said...

Trump is not god, neither saint. Let those honest believers come to their senses, when we see a dictator in office who adopts practices to stay in power known from third world countries. If Trump tells you that a volcano or a tsunami won't matter and will go away, will you bet your life and your kids' life on that? Because he said that about the coronavirus, and it isn't going away, it increases. Yes he beated covid with the most modern medicine including from abortion cells. If that is not an eye opener...But you know, covid is a result of the 5G towers and masonic propaganda. Vigano said so. Again, will you bet your lives and those of your loved ones on that statement? But...what counts are our eternal lives, and we'd better be martyrs... Well, the news is, the Church on the other side of the chastisement will have very few of the traditionalists. Practically those who reject that line of thought will be those who will be saved. If you get what I am telling you, before demonizing me too. The choice is yours.

Anonymous said...

For all those sincere believers who think Vigano is right:

1. Did Jesus ever instruct the Apostles to burn people alive because they would believe wrongly or interpret wrongly His words?

2. Was the Church right to burn people alive, and if not, were there wrong decisions in its vast teaching, teachings that are NOT DOGMAS?

3. If there were wrong decisions and wrong non-dogmatic teachings, why Vigano and others want to unearth them today, after a number of popes, saints and Councils changed that course?

4. If Vigano and others want to sacrifice lives as a final goal (albeit not a burning stake at city marketplace rather burning lava or asteroid that the people should not attempt to escape because it is "not the will of god"), why would YOU put your kids' life on that stake? Of course they will say "fight for unborn life", how otherwise you would be deluded?
"To deceive if possible even the elect ones".

Mary H said...

Fr. Ripperger – Fighting Back Against the Satanic Mob

We interviewed renowned exorcist, Fr. Chad Ripperger, on the Grace Force Podcast. This was a captivating interview, as Fr. Ripperger likened the present evil, both in the culture and in the Church, to an abusive husband. It’s one of the worst oppressions he has ever known. It’s a mob under the rule of Satan that is pulling out all the stops, whether it is gaslighting, chilling effect or the “cancel culture,” we are being threatened and violated from just about everywhere.

We asked Fr. Ripperger to give us advice in how we can fight back against the Goliath that is the “Satanic Mob,” usurping power and control in our culture and our Church. Fr. Ripperger remarked that there is a prayer (see here to the right) going around social media that claims it is his recommendation. Fr. Ripperger said that, while this is a nice suggestion, it did not come from him.

Here is what Fr. Ripperger “actually” suggests (below) for all of us do to “fight back,” until the election is called:

Be Strong in God’s Grace!
Frequent Confession
Frequent Communions
Daily Rosary
Much Mortification & Fasting
Much Trust in God’s Providence and the Power of Our Lady’s Intercession
Daily Pray the Following Two Prayers

Mary H said...


Consecration of One’s Exterior Goods to the Blessed Virgin Mary

(This prayer is particularly useful for breaking various forms of oppression. By relinquishing what belongs to us into the hands of the Blessed Virgin, Satan cannot touch them. This is a strong prayer of protection on you and yours):

I; (Name), a faithless sinner, renew and ratify today in thy hands the vows of my Baptism; I renounce forever Satan, his pomps and works; and I give myself entirely to Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Wisdom, to carry my cross after Him all the days of my life, and to be more faithful to Him than I have ever been before. In the presence of all the heavenly court, I choose thee, O Mary, this day for my Mother and Mistress. Knowing that I have received rights over all my exterior goods by the promulgation of the Natural Law by the Divine Author, I deliver and consecrate to thee, as thy slave, all of my exterior goods, past, present and future; I relinquish into thy hands, my Heavenly Mother, all rights over my exterior goods, including our President, the fairness, honesty and accuracy of the outcome of the election, and our country and I retain for myself no right of disposing the goods that come to me but leave to thee the entire and full right of disposing of all that belongs to me, without exception, according to thy good pleasure, for the greater glory of God in time and in eternity. As I now interiorly relinquish what belongs to me exteriorly into thy hands, I entrust to thee the protection of those exterior goods against the evil one, so that, knowing that they now belong to thee, he cannot touch them. Receive, O good and pious Virgin, this little offering of what little is, in honor of, and in union with, that subjection which the Eternal Wisdom deigned to have to Thy maternity; in homage to the power which both of You have over this poor sinner, and in thanksgiving for the privileges with which the Holy Trinity has favored thee. Trusting in the providential care of God the Father and thy maternal care, I have full confidence that thou wilst take care of me as to the necessities of this life and will not leave me forsaken. God the Father, increase my trust in Thy Son’s Mother; Our Lady of Fair Love, give me perfect confidence in the providence of Thy Son. Amen.

Sending Evil Back

(Fr. Chad Ripperger comments that the following prayer may appear harsh, in that it seems to seek evil befall on another, yet it is meant to expose evil and to teach that evil does not win. And, in fact, choosing evil will, eventually, lead to bad repercussions)

Jesus and Mary, I ask that if it be Your Holy Will, that any curses or evil sent against the President or the election process be sent back from whence they came.

Fr. Ripperger strongly recommends this book – Deliverance Prayers: For Use by the Laity.

Please WATCH & SHARE!!


Anonymous said...

Ah, Mary H., the final "prayer" exposes your political aim.We had enough of that from Charlie Johnston.

Enough already with using our Catholic religion to support a narcissist president. (I don't "curse him," I pray for his conversion as well as the conversion of us all.)

Mary H said...

Really? Since when is praying for the leader of a country, and an honest outcome to an election, an agenda? That's what they did at my parish this month...

The exact words, BTW: "including our President, the fairness, honesty and accuracy of the outcome of the election, and our country."

Maybe read carefully before you come on here and accuse others. Stop with the name-calling ("narcissist") as well!

Anonymous said...

The supporters of Donald Trump have to seriously examine the time and energy they spend dwelling on this man. If they conclude that he is occupying an inordinate amount of time, they need to reassess their prayer life, their priorities, etc. The greatest commandment is to love the LORD your GOD with all your heart, mind and soul and to love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus is first, people are second. Also our neighbor includes all the people that we despise politically.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:08

It's clear who has an agenda. You should go to a political blog, though, instead of hijacking this one. This one is about some false messengers and those who profit from them, like CTTK.

Anonymous said...

Mary H., I apologize if you were merely praying for our president. I do too.

The way it came across to me though was that it was aimed at anyone who opposes this president. I mean, why would anyone feel obliged to protect against "curses or evil sent against the President or the election process?" That certainly comes across as a political statement more than a typical prayer for the leaders of our country.

Now if you tell me you are a Democrat and you voted for Joe Biden, I'll give your protestation at 2:05 pm more credibility.

Anonymous said...

Did great things happen in the month of October? Does anyone still believe this may be true?

Anonymous said...

And so far nothing of the importance that Fr.Rodrigue and CTTK predicted have occurred this fall, with about a month to go. If anything we have gotten exceptionally good news with COVID vaccines ready to come online. God is good.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw this post I thought of Charlie Johnston. I was skeptical about him as I am of Fr. Michel. Fear is useless, what is needed is trust. Jesus, I Trust in You.

Dark Knight said...

God has been reaching out to his messengers, seers the chosen prophets of our time, because time is running out...The enemy is advancing because of Man's lethargy and lukewarmness...This is an urgent call for humanity to go back to God. You dont have to wait for the Warning or the Illumination of Conscience to happen because it will have a significant impact and some might not survive depending on the gravity of their sins..

This is a call and must be heeded..God is not sleeping, He knows everything all your excuses and lies, all those things that you have done with good and bad intentions..

Now is the hour, pray the Rosary and seek the Sacrament of Reconciliation and take the Holy Eucharist..

Anonymous said...

There is a quote above in which Fr. Rodrigue is reported to have said: “My dear people of God, we are now passing a test. The great events of purification will begin this fall.”

Have the great events of purification happened yet? We were told by CTTK that the Pope’s statement last month about civil unions fulfilled the prophecy of Fr. Rodrigue of great things happening in the month of the Rosary. So has the great events beginning in the fall prophecy been fulfilled as well?

Also, this summer we were told to store up 3 months of food. When are we supposed to be eating that food? I would suspect it would be this year. Why would we be asked to store 3 months of food in the summer of 2020 if it wasn’t needed until 2021?

In regards to the food, we are supposed to be in refuges for 3 years. How will 3 months of food help us? Will God be supplying the food? Also what if our refuges is our home, where will the 3 years of food come from? What about 3 years of water, medicine, waste disposal - will trash be still hauled away by the department of public works? I thought the whole world will be in chaos.

Anonymous said...

9:24 PM — We've been through all this before, haven't we? Startling prophecies, stockpiling food, refuges — the whole bit. Charlie Johnston managed to fool many, and he continues to lead a very small group of people holding 'nutter' views. For the rest the old saying applies, "Fool me once shame on me; fool me twice, shame on you."

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Do not be carried away by all kinds of strange teaching. It is good to have our hearts strengthened by grace and not by foods, which do not benefit those who live by them." Hebrews 13:8-9

Anonymous said...

What I noticed about the Countdown to the Kingdom website is they don’t allow comments or discussion. Also, they NEVER publish anything that is questionable about the seers they are pushing. For example, this business of blessed grapes promoted by one of their seers. And when there’s a failed prophecy they fall back on the *prophetic consensus* nonsense.

Anonymous said...

The Catholic World Report published an Advent piece by Father Matthew MacDonald. He gives some great advice. https://www.catholicworldreport.com/2020/11/28/in-advent-we-are-called-to-prepare-for-the-coming-of-christ-in-three-ways/ Here is an excerpt: In becoming too fixated on knowing when Jesus will come at the end of time while ignoring his coming in mystery in the present moment, I can lose peace and be tempted through intellectual pride to figure things out on my own. Moreover, an unhealthy fixation on the second coming of Christ to the neglect of his coming to me in the mystery of the present moment can lead me to be blind and vulnerable to false prophets (cf. Matt 7:15). Obsession about knowing precise details of his Second Coming, to the neglect of being faithful to the grace of the moment, can lead both to intellectual pride and an unbridled zeal that can result in mistakes and errors. When left unchecked, these dispositions towards sin can cause me to replace the gospel of Jesus with the anti-gospel of sinful self-idolatry or trendy messages that undermine what Our Lord has said in public revelation and through the teachings of the Magisterium of his Church.4 Such dispositions can lead good people to buy into or promote a heretical understanding of mystical events or even false mystics themselves and thus distort or destroy faith.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, 1:09. Fr. MacDonald nails it. There is a wealth of *legitimate* prophecy to be mined in the writings of the Doctors and Fathers of the Church and pronouncements of Councils and popes.

Anonymous said...

"Listening to the prophets of our day."


Vault said...

Seems like there are many wolves wolfing to confused sheeps. No harm will happen to you if you use the Sacrament of Reconciliation to get a good confession before December 21. Know that the "star of Bethlehem" will be seen in that exact date for nearly 800 years.

Speak to a trusted priest to get a confession cause that's like about 10 minutes of your time only and that is only you and the priest. I went to grocery and celebrations with more people than confession. I am pretty sure you will be safe if the virus concerns you.

Just be ready just in case the Warning will happen this year. I don't want to be one of you when who refuse to listen like the time of Noah and the Flood as well as Sodom and Gomorrah.

Anonymous said...

Vault, what makes you think that the planetary conjunction, which is just an optical illusion, is the significant event as opposed to the actual star collision / supernova which will be visible sometime between a year and three years for now and may put on a celestial show?

Anonymous said...

Our country is in a period in which millions of people are willing to accept fantastical conspiracy theories and predictions of all kinds. The world of religion is no exception.

I don't know why conspiracies and fantasy prophecies are so easily entertained, but I think fear may be a prime motivator. When you read Mt:24 does it scare you or give you comfort? It absolutely should be the latter. So what are you so afraid of, folks?

Anonymous said...

December 21 is the end of Fall and the start of Winter. What other predictions did Fr Michel make concerning Fall 2020 besides the Great events in October?

Vault said...

The Warning date has been postponed, for a short while:


Anonymous said...

Oh my, 4:15...

***Shaking my head, sadly***

And once again the purveyors of falsity decide to use "The Warning" toward political ends. There's a good, natural explanation for what's happening to Trumpers. They are totally addicted to his false raves. They can't get enough of it, the same way drunks or drug addicts are trapped in their sad addiction. The signs of the times are aiming toward a bad resolution to our divisions. It may indeed be painful for Trump addicts to "hit bottom"—the only way addicts finally wake up.


Anonymous said...

To Vault,

The “Holy Love “ messages you posted a link to have been DISAPPROVED by the Catholic Church, See Bishop’s statement here:


Vault said...

If you only read, it isn't "Holy Love" ministries, it is Holy Family Refuge.

Anonymous said...

I can read and it clearly says maryrefugeofholylove holy love

Anonymous said...

Adding to what Anonymous above said, if you go to that PDF there are embedded hyperlinks one of which takes you to the condemned Maria Divine Mercy nonsense.

Anonymous said...

It's bad enough that Vault and others co-opt religious themes to spread their message but to do it for a political process is sheer idolatry.

Anonymous said...

“My dear people of God, we are now passing a test. The great events of purification will begin this fall.”

Tomorrow December 21 is the end of the Fall and the start of Winter. Does anyone know if the “great events of purification” have happened yet?

Anonymous said...

"The Warning date has been postponed, for a short while"
this says it all.
We know from other apparitions that the dates of the events/secrets are fixed and cannot be changed. Or may be some of the events are cancelled or lessened. But the dates cannot be changed after Garabandal. Paul VI was told of the dates. Whoever plays with God's words that somehow God gives "extra time" and communicates that "change in plans" to that deluded seer, be aware he does not speak from God even if he means well. Nothing personal, just don't buy into those "apparitions". And here the french father fully fits. He'd better repent for all the trouble he made to the faithful. It is a simple math: you can't count 6 weeks of shivering before the rising antichrist and to break your cell phones and computers, if for example the weeks are just 2 before asteroid impact and you need urgently to get shelter instead (and using your cell phones for that purpose), or in the other case if you have 2 years or more when you are still ALIVE. He is just wrong, yes I mean fr Michel. Someone wants to make us blind before we are sacrificed en masse. That someone is Not the Good God.

Anonymous said...

OK, if the prophecies of Fr. Michel did not come true, who are the good folks at the Countdown to the Kingdom telling us we should now follow to get ourselves all worked up into a panic?

And what do I do with the 3 months of beans, water and toilet paper I stocked piled thanks to the advice of Dan O’Connor?

Anonymous said...

It's a shame there are no comments allowed on the Countdown site. Daniel O'Connor has his own website, however. You can always email him and ask him what to do... It would be interesting to get his answer, if any.

Anonymous said...

In the Morning Prayer in the Liturgy of the Hours today (Christmas Day) we read from Hebrews:

In times past, God spoke in fragmentary and varied ways to our fathers through the prophets; in this, the final age, he has spoken to us through his Son, whom he has made heir of all things and through whom he first created the universe.

Consider that before the birth of Jesus that God spoke to mankind through prophets in fragmented ways, but that ended with the birth of Jesus. But the peddlers of doom and sellers of books at the CTTK want us to believe that God is again speaking to mankind in fragmented ways through the prophetic consensus and ever changing dates. Who needs their nonsense when we have the Bible, the Fathers of the Church, and the Magisterium that God has left us.

Merry Christmas all.

Anonymous said...

Well said, 8:31.

If we listen and understand Sacred Scripture and the wealth of "capital T" Tradition, we have all the prophecy we need. Anything else is suspect, not necessarily erroneous, but it always must be in accord with existing revelation.

Anonymous said...

The folks at Countdown to the Kingdom said that the Pope’s statement about civil unions fulfilled Fr. Rodrigue’s prophecy for Great Things to happen during the month of October.

Does anybody here really believe that?

Anonymous said...

The civil union statement wasn't even something made recently. I don't know by what kind of stretch of imagination it can be hammered in to make it seem like its a fulfillment for Fr Rodrigue's claim.

It was dug up from the interview archives made to a Mexican station in May 2019 and just gained prominence due to its inclusion in the Francesco documentary.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous above, but the public exposure of the civil unions really didn’t happen until the months of October. So in that sense the prophecy may have been fulfilled. Don’t forget the “prophetic consensus” either.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea why the Pope's statement about civil unions is any kind of "Great Thing." Civil unions are about civil legal rights between two persons; morally it's a non-issue. It's not about sex, it's not about sacramental marriage. So if that's the fulfillment of some dreadful prophecy....well, there's just nothing there that should cause concern.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ DECEMBER 30, 2020 AT 11:12 AM

Those statements are a continuation of previous "off the cuff" remarks and eyebrow raising actions (e.g. "who am I to judge", rolling stones mag cover, granting audience to a gay couple with a huge photo op, etc)

Also, from:

Quote: In it, the Vatican confirmed that Francis was referring to his position in 2010 when he was archbishop of Buenos Aires and strongly opposed moves to allow same-sex marriage. Instead, he favored extending legal protections to gay couples under what is understood in Argentina as a civil union law.

So, it is something that was out in the open for more than a DECADE.

Anonymous said...

Will a purification for humanity begin in Fall 2020? No.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous above, the purification did in fact begin in the fall of 2020. You just lack the spiritual eyes to see it. Dan O’Connor and the folks at Countdown to the Kingdom told us so and they’re backed up by the prophetic consensus!

So 2021 promises to be another of getting ourselves all worked up over these phony prophecies. Nothing has changed, but I’m sure they’ll roll out a new cast of mystics, seers, and sages to keep us on edge and in a high state of alert.

Anonymous said...

Are they still promoting the Blessed Grapes at Countdown to the Kingdom? That alone should clue you in.

Vault said...

Blessed Grapes do get preserved for a long time, in January 6 when people gather in America we will see what will happen onwards.

Anonymous said...

Vault, if the so called "blessed grapes" just last a long time and that is what one is concerned with, why not get some freeze dried food buckets from a reputable manufacturer (Mountain House, etc) that are guaranteed to last for 30+ years and have been proven to do so. Why should one rely / put trust into very questionable practices with the grapes.

Anonymous said...

Once again Vault proves the political nature of these false predictions. There is a sustained attempt by Trumpers to use any means necessary, including convincing the piously religious, to support their cause.

As St. John says in his epistle, the antichrist is here.

Anonymous said...

Seems like Trump was playing the pious Catholics for fools. I agree that his lawlessness, incessant lies, sexual immorality, greed, envy, narcissism make him a prime candidate for anti-christ,and expert at fooling the elect. Sad. Mike Pence is not much better...masonic handshake caught on camera https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTDG7HNsWOU

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