Most everyone is passionate about something. My passion is getting to know God better through the holy lives of His saints and mystics. In fact, it was the writings of a particular mystic that brought me back to the Catholic faith in 1996, and since then I have read the holy lives of many saints and mystics. It is through them that we see God's infinite love for all of us. In other words, God's love is made present through them. And the Catholic Church teaches us that we are united to God through them, according to the doctrine of the Communion of Saints:

"The communion of saints is the spiritual solidarity which binds together the faithful on earth, the souls in purgatory, and the saints in heaven in the organic unity of the same mystical body under Christ its head, and in a constant interchange of supernatural offices....They share a single "mystical body", with Christ as the head, in which each member contributes to the good of all and shares in the welfare of all."

Through the Communion of Saints may our friends, the Mystics, help draw us ever closer to God through their holy example and heavenly intercession.

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