Pictures and photos of Jesus

Pictures of Jesus from the two great movies "Jesus of Nazereth" and "The Passion of the Christ"

Photos of Jesus from "Jesus of Nazereth" which is availible here

Pictures of Jesus from "The Passion of the Christ" availible here.

Jesus Resurrection

(*Note: You can click on the photographs to enlarge them.)
-Lord Jesus Crucified, Have mercy on us!


Michael F. said...

So thankful for your site. A major factor in my joining the church in 2013.

I offer this painting of Jesus from Akiane at the age of 8. Most interestingly though Colton Burpo saw this picture as a young child and identified it as Jesus. Just my 2 cents as maybe posting this image will bring others to our Lord.

Peace and blessings that this sight bring many more to the Truth.

Praise be to Jesus & Mary Forever, Michael

Anonymous said...

I thought you'd enjoy this, to add to your page of images of Jesus and Mary, starting here:

This is a composite of several miraculous photographs of Jesus:

Large size is here:

john said...

I love jesus

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