Mystics of the Church Gift Store

Mystics of the Church Gift Store

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Dark grey St Padre Pio Relic Locket Rosary with authentic relic
Stunningly beautiful Saint Padre Pio relic locket rosary made of multi-faceted solid glass dark grey beads, a Padre Pio center locket with relic and photo of Padre Pio inside  and a beautifully detailed unique crucifix. These unique rosaries  have been specially designed are in brand new condition---these rosaries really sparkle and shine! Each of the beads are "link locked" into place with small metal washers on both sides of the beads. The center locket on the rosary has the image of Padre Pio in prayer on the front of the locket, and on the back of the locket is inscribed "PADRE PIO---PRAY FOR US".
Front of Padre Pio locket
As you can see in the photos, the crucifix on this rosary is very beautifully detailed and measures about 2". On the back of each of the crucifixes is stamped "ITALY". The rosary measures approximately 23 inches stretched from tip to tip and is an average size rosary with a solid feel to it. The relic (reliquia, relique) inside the locket--a fragment of black cloth--is an authentic relic with the seal from the Postulator General of the Capuchins in Rome. Click here to find out more about the authentic relic and how this rosary is made.
The ring connections that join the beads to the beautiful locket, and also the beads to the crucifix are "triple looped" and therefore are very sturdy, and the glass beads have a solid feel to them. Additionally, each of the beads are locked into place with small metal washers on both sides of the beads which makes these rosaries sturdy.

**Note that you are purchasing the rosary with the detailed crucifix and the special imaged and inscribed locket---the relic inside the locket is a gift.

Padre Pio relic locket rosary

Padre Pio solid brass relic locket containing an authentic relic
St Padre Pio solid brass relic locket with authentic relic
St Padre Pio solid brass relic locket contains an authentic relic issued by the Capuchins (Padre Pio's religious order) in Italy. The locket is approximately 20mm (or 3/4") and is very sturdy and solid. The ring on the locket to connect to a necklace is triple looped, making it very secure. Click here to find out more how this relic locket is made.

Padre Pio brass relic locket

***For those interested, many other St Gemma Galgani items are available on our St Gemma Website Gift Store here. The Stores on both websites are linked together so purchases can be made together at the same time from BOTH websites.

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"MY HEART SPEAKS TO THEE -The life of Marie Rose Ferron"  booklet
-This wonderful booklet, originally published in 1964, details the holy life of the American mystic, stigmatic and victim soul, Marie Rose Ferron (1902-1936), who has been highlighted on this website here, and also on another one of my websites here. Due to a increasingly debilitating illness, “Little Rose” as she is affectionately called, was completely bedridden in her teenage years and lived a life of extreme suffering and sacrifice.  She was called by Jesus to be a victim soul, that is, to suffer in union with Jesus for the conversion of sinners, and until her very last breath she responded wholeheartedly and devotedly to this vocation given to her by Jesus.

For His part, Jesus showered upon Marie Rose His infinite love and graces, granting her numerous extraordinary mystical gifts—He imprinted His own wounds upon her flesh--thus bearing the stigmata (both visible and invisible) and the crown of thorns until her holy death, along with being granted many extraordinary ecstasies and heavenly visions.

Through sacrifice and sufferings, accepted and embraced out of a deep love for Jesus, Marie Rose was a chosen soul who was led through the various spiritual stages, culminating in a very high degree of sanctity, as testified by those who knew her. Marie Rose died, like her Jesus, at age 33, just as Jesus had promised her 7 years before her death, This biography details much of her holy life, and includes 7 photographs of Little Rose, along with a number of her sayings, and those who read it will be edified and inspired to imitate and follow this "Little Rose" in her great love for Jesus and Mary.
Note that this booklet has both the IMPRIMATUR and also the NIHIL OBSTAT:

"MY HEART SPEAKS TO THEE -The life of Marie Rose Ferron" can be purchased for $5.99 plus $2.99 shipping = $8.98 total.

FRONT OF CARD             Free Holy prayer card that is included with each book              BACK OF CARD

As a special gift, a free Marie Rose Ferron holy prayer card (shown above) will be included with each booklet. These beautiful prayer cards are larger size (3 1/2"x 5") and are very high quality and have a authentic photo of Little Rose on the front, along with some of her sayings on the back. Additionally, each of these holy prayer cards are touched to authentic 1st class relic (fragment of hair) and 2nd class relic (fragment of clothing) of Marie Rose, asking for her intercession upon those who receive them.
This author joins the many others worldwide who fervently hope and pray that "Little Rose" may soon be canonized by the Catholic church.

My Heart Speaks To Thee booklet with free holy card

For orders of 20 or more copies, the booklet price is only $3.50, plus shipping. Please email me at the email address at the bottom of this page for more info.
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For those interested, many other St Gemma Galgani items are available on our St Gemma Website Gift Store here. The Stores on both websites are linked together so purchases can be made together at the same time from BOTH websites.

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