Anneliese Michel--A unrecognized and misunderstood victim soul. A closer look at her possession, exorcism and death

The German book "Anneliese Michel and her demons"
The Exorcism and death of Anneliese Michel--Why did she die? The true story

-A unrecognized and misunderstood victim soul. The case of a young German woman who died at age 23 during a series of official exorcisms

By Glenn Dallaire on July 1, 2015. the 39th anniversary of the death of Anneliese Michel

Beginning on September 24, 1975, Anneliese Michel underwent a series of exorcisms. The official rite was administered during the course of 10 months by two Catholic priests, Rev. Ernst Alt and Rev. Arnold Renz, who were given permission to do so by the local Ordinary, Bishop Stangl, in an effort to free Anneliese of at least six demons that were believed to have been possessing her.

During the early morning hours of July 1st, 1976 Anneliese died of what an autopsy later determined to be malnutrition/dehydration, yet without many of the normal accompanying physical signs of such. Because she was not only under the care of her parents, but also the two exorcist priests, worldwide publicity immediately followed her sudden death, and afterwards Annelise's parents and the two exorcists were brought to trial, and were later found guilty of negligent homicide in a dramatic court case that garned attention not only in Germany, but throughout much of the world. Fr. Arnold Renz, Fr. Ernst Alt and Annelieses' parents Josef and Anna, were sentenced to six months in prison which was suspended with three years probation, and all incurred court costs. Additionally, the two priests were fined.

The case of Anneliese Michel is well documented in two books: Anneliese Michel: A true story of a case of demonic possession by Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea and Lawrence E.U. LeBlanc and also "The exorcism of Anneliese Michel" by Dr. Felicitas D. Goodman. The motion pictures 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose' , 'Requiem' and 'Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes' were all based on the case, but in the movies there were quite a number of details that were added as hollywood fiction. Contrary to normal procedures, many of the exorcisms were recorded on audio tape, and have been subsequently "leaked" and released to the public over the years, which also has provided additional information concerning this case.

Anneliese Michel's death was a very painful case for the Church in Germany and abroad, most especially for the priests and the local bishop involved, but the case did bring about some very important worldwide changes as to how exorcisms are now evaluated and performed. Details of her case can be read in the above mentioned books, and there are also many details on the internet. The emphasis of this article will be why she was possessed, and why she died.

Anneliese Michel
A virtually unrecognized victim soul of the Church
“She died to save lost souls, to atone for their sins. Anneliese was a kind, loving, sweet and obedient girl. But when she was possessed, it was something unnatural, something that you cannot explain...
-Statement of Anna Michel, Anneliese’s mother, in 2005.

In September of 1973, Anneliese told a physician named Dr. Luthy that she was having visions of "Fratzen", the German word for ghastly demonic beings. Later that fall she also stated to another physician that she was experiencing horrible stenches, which at that time only she herself could smell. Later however, others in her family and the priests who performed the exorcisms would also smell the horrid stench during the times she was losing consciousness and being overtaken by the demons. Without going into all the details of her possession and exorcism, which are readily available in the above mentioned books and online, suffice it to say that two priests, Fathers Ernst Alt and Arnold Renz, were eventually given permission by the local Bishop to perform the Rite of Exorcism upon Anneliese, after providing numerous proofs of her possession.

This leads us to the first of two popular misunderstandings concerning Anneliese:
1) The false belief that Anneliese was mentally ill, and not possessed,
2) The lack of understanding that Anneliese was a victim soul for the Church and the conversion of sinners.

Concerning the first misunderstanding, that of her being possessed and not mentally ill, there is the statement of Fr. Alt which shows that possession was the consensus of all of the priests who knew Annelise Michel: 
"As her spiritual director, which I was from 1973 to 1975, I cannot allow that her terrible possession and her conscious acceptance of this as expiation [for sin], which both Father Renz and I have established, be passed over as if it were some “theological accident.” Anneliese Michel was possessed. All the priests who took part, Rev. Ferdinand Habiger, Rev. Karl Roth, Rev. Eduard Herrmann, and the expert on cases of exorcism, Rev. Adolf Rodewyk, S.J., were all of this conviction."

Next we will address the second misunderstanding--That lack of recognition of the fact that Anneliese was a victim soul.

The Blessed Virgin Mary makes and appearance
The choice to be freed of the demons, or to save souls- The Blessed Virgin Mary makes an appearance
One Sunday afternoon in July, 1975, Anneliese and her boyfriend Peter decided to go for a walk around an area called Paradise Mill, near Rollbach, just east of Klingenberg . They drove up to Paradise Mill, but during this period in 1975 Anneliese could barely walk without help, because somehow the demons were able to "make her legs like sticks" and she was only able to bend them with much difficulty.

After they parked they set out for a walk. Because she had so much difficulty in walking it was excruciatingly slow. Suddenly Anneliese stopped and dropped to her knees. Peter tried to communicate with Anneliese several times but she was unresponsive and appeared to be seeing a vision. A few minutes later, Anneliese stood up and shouted with excitement, “I can walk, look at me! I’m free! I’m free!”

Peter was amazed at the sudden change in Anneliese’s physical and emotional condition. He asked her what had happened to bring about this sudden change. Anneliese replied that she had seen the Blessed Virgin Mary. Unable to contain their excitement, Peter and Anneliese rushed home to share the good news with her parents and sisters. Anneliese ran upstairs and exclaimed to her mother, “Mom, mom look at me! I can walk again, I can jump, I can dance! The Mother of God appeared to me!”  As for Peter, he was completely stunned by Anneliese sudden cure, and remained in the car for quite awhile, completely dumbfounded at what had happened.

Things remained quite calm for the next two months until Anneliese had another apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary---this time at Engelberg Monastery, which is a Franciscan monastery where Anneliese would often visit to pray. This time, the Blessed Virgin Mary complained to Anneliese:
"It is a great suffering for my heart that so many souls are lost! It is necessary to do penance for priests, for the youth and for your country. Would you be willing to do penance for these souls, so that not so many are lost?”

The Mother of God told her not to answer right away, but to think it over. Anneliese spoke to her mother Anna concerning the request made to her by the Blessed Virgin Mary, and her mother in turn discussed it with her husband, Anneliese's father, Josef. Her parents were understandably very concerned and worried, for they knew that the "penance" that Anneliese would have to undergo would in large part be that the demons would once again freely and ferociously terrorize her, and they all surmised that if she said yes it would likely be significantly worse than before.  

Anneliese spent much of the next days praying before a crucifix. When Anna suggested to Anneliese that she could not say yes and go through with this, Anneliese responded, “I can mom. If I don’t, souls may be lost!” 

We know that Anneliese said yes to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and it likely occurred a few days later in the family kitchen, when in Anna’s presence she heard Anneliese say: “Mother Mary, you are so beautiful!”  Anna wasn’t able to understand anything else, but she stated that Anneliese seemed to be seeing a vision. Soon afterwards she told Peter that "Things will soon get bad again."

This time things got so bad that while prior to this point Bishop Stangl had refused to allow the official Rite of Exorcism to be given to Anneliese, now on August 3, 1975 the Bishop gave permission for a "minor" Exorcism as a test to see if demons were actually present inside of her, which quickly became readily apparent during the "test". A few weeks later later he gave his consent for the full Rite of Exorcism to be given to her, which began on September 24, 1975.

Some remarkable events during her Possession and Exorcism
On one occasion Father Renz brought in three unmarked glasses of water. One contained holy water from Lourdes, one water from San Damiano, the other tap water. When Anneliese picked up the water from San Damiano she stated: “San Damiano shit water.” and put it aside. She then drank only the tap water.

During one exorcism, the demon stated: “I can speak any language but speak to me in German.” Although Father Renz normally read from his prayer book in Latin, on one occasion he spoke freely without his book. The demon through Anneliese immediately pointed out that he had made a mistake in the prayers and that his Latin was poor. It was also astonishing to the priests to see the demons immediate responses to questions put to Anneliese in Dutch and in Chinese (Fr. Renz had been a missionary in China for over 15 years).

On one occasion during an exorcism, Lucifer said through Anneliese: "Today, hardly anyone believes any longer in the Immaculate Conception. And the Church? At present, most believe it is only a community. The modernists are killing it evermore. We are hard at work at this, and we throw much poison into the Church, so it might be discredited. By now, those who believe in the Church and are faithful and believe in Her [teachings] are very few. The rosary? They think it is "modern". Many believe that after life, everything is finished. These are very many, and they live accordingly, because they do not pray any longer. Sins reach Heaven: but the thing will not last long. The one of 1917 [the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima] said it. But only a few have listened to her. Death, tribulations, and famine, O yes, they will surely come again!”

One has to be careful of course concerning statements from the demons, because during exorcisms the demons lie constantly in an effort to deceive, and they only tell tell the truth out of obligation under strict obedience to the command of the priest in Jesus name. Pertaining to Anneliese's case, one thing that was learned however is that when asked in direct command by the exorcist in Jesus Name as to how the demons came to possess her, they repeatedly stated that she was cursed in her mothers womb prior to her birth by a woman in her mothers hometown. Prior to be married to Joseph, her mother Anna had had a relationship and a child (Martha--Anneliese's half-sister) with another man. The woman who did the curse was the wife of this man, and she did so presumably because she was jealous of Anna's previous relationship with her now husband. Since Anneliese was her parents--Anna and Josef's--firstborn child, thus such a curse would in fact fall upon her. So, we can see that Anneliese's possession was in no way caused by her own doing, as in some other cases of possession where the persons involved "opened the door" to the demonic through seances, channeling spirits, Ouija boards, satanism, the occult and other such practices forbidden in the Scriptures.

Why couldn't the exorcists just cast the demons out of Anneliese?
During one exorcism session, the demons were desperately complaining:

"We are damned eternally! Out! Out! We wish to come out of the snotnose. We cannot bear staying in her any longer. That filthy slut stays the whole day in the church. We are damned! Damned!”
Exorcist: “Then come out!”
Demon named Judas: “We cannot, because He does not allow it. The one up there, that one does not want it! He wants us to remain. We want to get out from her, who goes to Communion, and she goes every day! We cannot bear this! We wish to come out, out, out!...We wish to come out, but the one up there does not allow us!”

-Thus we can see that it was God Himself who permitted the demons to oppress Anneliese, so that sinners might be converted and be saved from damnation.

Anneliese with her mother towards the end of her life 
Reported mystical graces
During this time period she reported that she was receiving visits from two deceased family members, her grandmother Furg who had died three months earlier, and her sister Martha, and then also Siegfried, the recently deceased nephew of Fr. Roth, who all reportedly came to comfort and strengthen her.  Also, there were a quite a few occasions where she reportedly knew exact times and places when persons were praying for her. There were even reports of stigmata as witnessed by family members, Fr. Alt and Peter, who purportedly saw small but clearly visible oval wounds on her hands and feet. She insisted that these wounds were not self-inflicted. She continued to feel pain, especially in her feet, after the wounds had healed.

Concerning the purported stigmata, her mother Anna related the following: “One morning I entered Anneliese’s room and said, 'Anneliese, you are in bed today.' 
I usually found her kneeling before the crucifix or doing some other form of penance. I noticed the wounds on her feet which were very swollen. This had occurred during the night. She later received the same on her hands. Her hands were not as bad as her feet. She suffered very much from these wounds.”
Even the physician Dr Roth reportedly stated upon first seeing her on one of these occasions: "My God, she has the stigmata!" but he later denied stating this in the Court proceedings. 

In another statement her mother said: "I know that we did the right thing because I saw the sign of Christ in her hands. She died to save lost souls; to atone for their sins.

"You will become a great saint"
In Anneliese’s diary on October 20, 1975 we read: 
Savior: “There is still something that you must write down.” 
Anneliese “What is that?” 
Savior: “What I told you last night.” 
Anneliese:“I did not want to write that down because I thought it was from Satan. Besides, my nature revolts against the idea. Savior demands that I obey, therefore I will write it down. 
Savior: “You will become a great saint.” 
Anneliese:” I still did not want to believe it, and then the Savior, to prove that I had heard correctly, made me weep tears.” 

We can note here that Jesus is likely not referring to Anneliese becoming a officially canonized Saint of the Catholic church, but rather a great saint in heaven, for all persons in heaven are in fact "saints" (small "s"). When Jesus made a similar promise to St Gemma Galgani, in her case he WAS referring to canonization, because He specifically said to her: "Within some years, you will be a Saint, will do miracles and will be raised to the altars."

With in regards to Anneliese, the state of possession endured with patience and love certainly works powerfully towards ones sanctification. Since enduring the possessed state is significantly more challenging than voluntary sacrificial acts, there is little doubt Anneliese sanctified herself in a heroic way by accepting these sufferings in union with Jesus for the benefit of others, for Jesus tells Anneliese this in her Diary:
Savior: “Every suffering, even the most commonplace, bears much fruit when it is united to my suffering.”

A visit from a soul in heaven
Diary undated, but sometime in mid-October 1975: 
"The nephew of Father Roth (named Siegfried, who was paralyzed since childhood, and who had died the week before) was here with me on the evening of October 10 and let me know he was in heaven. I did not want to believe this at first. I did come around to believing it. First because he came to me this morning and several times during the day (as far as seeing is concerned, I see nothing) and secondly because he always tries to give me courage. When I asked him why he visited me so often, he said it was because I also had to suffer, as he suffered when he was alive. He promised to give me support in all my tribulations."

During an exorcism on October 31, 1975 the demons were exceedingly upset, stating that there were a number of heavenly visitors present in the room, including the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, St. Padre Pio, Anneliese's deceased sister Martha, Siegfried, both of Anneliese’s grandmothers, Therese Neumann [a well known mystic and stigmatic who had lived in the same region of Germany], and St. Michael the Archangel.

In fact, both St Padre Pio and Therese Neumann reportedly came quite a number of times--to the great dismay of the demons---to encourage Anneliese and assist at the exorcisms. For their part on this day the demons said "It is so hard to be in this room! There are so many holy people present!"
And it was on this day, Oct 31,  that all of the demons, except for one, were temporarily driven out of Anneliese. A few days later however it was discovered that they were allowed back, along with other "mute" demons which were permitted to enter her.

Anneliese Michel
Why did she die?
It should be pointed out that up to this point in the history of the Catholic church there had never been a reported death while a person was undergoing a series of official exorcisms. The autopsy report stated that Anneliese died of malnutrition/dehydration. Certainly many people have contested this conclusion, like the author Dr. Felicitas Goodman, who felt that the prescription drug Tegretol (and she was also given numerous presrciptions for Dilantin), which Anneliese had been taking for awhile, likely played a significant role in her death.

For sure, in her final months, Anneliese insisted on many occasions that she "was not allowed to eat" and she was very adamantly opposed going to the physician or a hospital because she believed that they would declare her mentally ill, and place her in a mental illness facility. The demons admitted it was their desire to have Anneliese in a mental institution. There, she would not have the benefit of the priests and the exorcism prayers, and they would thus be able to torment her more freely, and she would be out of the public view where the world would not have been aware of her possession and sufferings.

Regardless, the "how" of her death is nowhere near as important as the "why" did she die? Exactly why did God allow her to die?

The simple answer is that Anneliese died for the same reason as St Joan of Arc: That is her mission in this life was completed.

Towards the end of her harsh and very unjust imprisonment, a Voice from heaven revealed to St Joan of Arc:
"You will be released on May 30th!"

Oh, how Joan's heart leaped with joy at the revelation of her imminent release from the torturous prison, after having suffered a rigorous imprisonment for one year! She gloriously shared this great news of her forthcoming release with the few people who were allowed to visit and attend to her. What she didn't know, but soon learned, was that the promised "release" consisted of the terror of her being burned alive at the stake, her soul thus being released from this life, to fly to heaven to be with her Jesus. -How different is the perspective from heaven than that of us here on earth! "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, declares the Lord." (Isaiah 55:8) And so we see how even the greatest Saints can completely misinterpret what would seem to be a very simple and straightforward prophesy.

But going back to the death of Anneliese, in April, 1976, Anneliese told Father Alt that "May and June were going to be very tough months, but July would bring a resolution". Repeating the same message, on May 1st, Anneliese told her boyfriend Peter that she "would have to suffer until July", and once again on May 9, 1976, Anneliese told her father, mother, Peter and her sister Barbara that "The months of May and June were going to be bad, but that July would bring relief."

Yet at Ettleben in April, Anneliese privately stated very seriously to Father Alt: “I know now what will happen; I know this coming summer will be hard and terrible and I know I will not survive. No one can tell me any different. I will not survive.” 

During the last weeks and days, everyone--including Anneliese herself--were hanging on heavens words to Anneliese, that being that she would be freed of the demons in July. On the morning of July 1, 1976, Anna called Father Alt to inform him that Anneliese had died during the night. Like St Joan of Arc, she was indeed now free. Not in the way we here below would have it, but in the way that God would have it, for God sees with the eyes of eternity that our lives here on earth are only a temporary pilgrimage, whereas our true life is with Him in heaven for all eternity. Her sacrificial mission as a victim soul was completed, and now she was to receive her eternal reward.

When the news spread of her death, many mourned what they saw as the tragic and sad death of a young mentally ill woman who died because of the neglect of her parents and two priests, much in the same way that many people view what appears on the surface to be the tragic and sad deaths of many mystics and victim souls who give their lives wholly to God.

To quote from the book referenced below: "Since these events may be regarded from a spiritual perspective as a way of participating in Christ’s sufferings, the death of Anneliese was by no means a failure of exorcism. It has to be understood in the same way as Christ’s death. What may be seen, in the eyes of the world, as a failure, may in reality be success in the eyes of God."
LeBlanc, Lawrence (2012-09-19). Anneliese Michel--A true story of a case of demonic possession Germany-1976 (Kindle Locations 1569-1571). 

For those interested in learning more about the life of Anneliese, I highly recommend the book Anneliese Michel: A true story of a case of demonic possession by Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea and Lawrence E.U. LeBlanc. I can state upfront that I personally do not receive any remuneration from book recommendations, so this is simply a sincere recommendation on the subject.

"Oh, Father, I never thought it would be as cruel as this. I always thought I would want to suffer for others so they would not have to go to hell, but I did not realize it could be this bad and this cruel and terrible. People think suffering is an easy matter, but when things get really awful you don’t want to go on, you don’t want to take a single step further." -Anneliese Michel to Fr. Arnold

“You will pass all of your tests (the tests at her school), but you will be called upon to undergo tests of a different kind. I will give you my grace, and you will be faithful until death.”  Reported words of Jesus in a vision to Anneliese on Nov 10, 1975

-Some quotes from Anneliese Michel:
“You can mark one thing for sure--I want to go to heaven, cost what it may; to gain heaven, nothing is too much for me…On that account I should place my life at the disposal of others out of love for God, and hope more for the reward of God, than for the reward of men."

From Anneliese’s diary, October 24, 1975: 
Savior: “You will suffer a great deal and do penance, even now. But your sufferings, your sadness and desperation will help me to save souls.”

Anneliese’s diary, October 29, 1975: 
Mother of God: “Later you will also have visions.
"If I understood her correctly, it will be as compensation for the satanic countenances that I saw in the past and those I still see. I am not sure though if this was something Satan deluded me with.

(Savior:) "Do not worry about the future. Unburden everything on Me. Seek every minute you can to listen to Me, to fulfill My will, My slightest wish, by listening to My voice. The lambs know the voice of their shepherd. I am the good Shepherd and I love My lambs."
-Quote taken from one of the four notebooks given by Anneliese to Father Renz.

Those interested in getting a better understanding of victim souls and also some thoughts on possession-expiation should see the article "MARY CRUSHES THE SERPENT -30 Years of Experiences As An Exorcist Told In His Own Words"
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Anonymous said...

Fascinating article!

Mark J. said...

Having studied this case one discovers that over the years most persons have seen it as a failure of the exorcism along with physical neglect of the parents and priests who attended to her. Along with this most feel that she was mentally ill and/or epileptic. The reason for this is they (especially the newspaper reporters) have not studied the case in depth, but have done only a cursory investigation, and have judged it with a knee-jerk gut response. Yet every person, without exception, that knew her well and spent time with Anneliese was certain that she was in fact possessed and definitely was not mentally ill or epileptic, as her "attacks" of loss of control were definitely not epileptic seizures by any means, and it has often been reported how she was able to carry on very intelligent conversations, even about her own condition, until the end

Anonymous said...

I hope that Anneliese continues to pray for us from Heaven !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anneliese's story is fascinating, thank you for posting this article. I just have one criticism - and it's one of grammar not content There is no such word as "irregardless" - it's "regardless" any way you slice it.

Anonymous said...

This essay goes to show once again how the media and many people often completely misinterpret the actions and signs of God.
And by the way the other essay recently published here on the dangers concerning the spirit guides of psychics was a good read also.

Anonymous said...

I find it incredible that something like this would be imposed on a person. It sounds really sadistic, and not a God I would want to be connected to.

Glenn Dallaire said...

To the "Anonymous" directly above, like all of the victim souls, Anneliese was shown and knew very well in advance what the sacrifice that God was asking of her was going to cost her in this life, and she gladly consented to it out of love for God. If this life was everything, then yes her life would have been tragic, but its our eternal life that is really all that matters in the end, and one can only imagine what her and other victim souls heavenly reward must be for having sacrificed themselves completely in this life in union with Jesus for the salvation of souls.

And to the "Anonymous" on July 7, 2015 at 10:57 AM---I just corrected the misspellling of the word "irregardless"---thank you for pointing this out!

-Glenn Dallaire

Glenn Dallaire said...

In regards to the idea of God being "sadistic" I have to add:
Was our heavenly Father "sadistic" by letting His own Son be scourged and nailed to a cross to hang there in torture for for 3 hours unto His death?

To approach this subject one needs have an understanding of the necessity of reparation for sin. Without it suffering will never have any meaning or purpose.

-Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

here is something I remember Fr. Euteneuer posted on Human life international back in about 2008.
If we look only at her death at a young age or the tragic circumstances of her possession we will not see the meaning of her life or the heroism of her suffering. We have to look beyond the particulars to the fruit of her agony which needs the eyes of faith to see: that is, less than two years after Anneliese died as a victim for the German Church and clergy, a young priest by the name of Fr. Joseph Ratzinger was named Archbishop of Munich, the very region where Anneliese lived, suffered and died.
God Bless!!!
Tony R

Glenn Dallaire said...

Excellent point. Thanks Tony! And here is another factoid: it was Archbishop Stangl--the same Archbishop who authorized Anneliese's exorcism--who ordained Joseph Ratzinger a Bishop on May 28, 1977, 10 months after Anneliese's death.

May God bless you and your loved ones,
-Glenn Dallaire

Mark said...

there is an English translation of the exorcism transcript available here

Anonymous said...


KMecca said...

Let me add my thanks for an interesting article!

Regarding what may appear to be cruelty on behalf of our dear Father, we will do well to recall that in addition to the abyss of His Mercy, perfect Justice is one of His attributes. Surely there was an easier way to atone for sin than the frightful, horrid suffering of our "meek of heart, humble in spirit, gentle" Jesus! But God the Father cannot cut corners, so to speak, because His very essence, as He himself tells us, is Truth. If He is truth, he cannot amend Truth!

Glenn Dallaire said...

Dear Anonymous three comments above (July 7, 2015 at 9:42 PM),


According to you then is Paul also a "blasphemer" because he said:
"Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and in my flesh I am filling up what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ on behalf of his body, which is the church..." -St. Paul to the Colossians- (Colossians 1:24).

Nowhere in the article did I say that Anneliese died for the forgiveness of sins, but that she suffered in reparation for sin. It's called penance, and its a big difference. Jesus died once and for all for the forgiveness of sins, but as Paul states in the Scripture quoted above, some are called to "fill up in their their flesh what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ on behalf of his body, which is the church". And this is precisely what Anneliese and other victim souls like St. Paul are called by God to do. In fact, all of us as the body of Christ united in His Church are called to participate in Christs redemption through uniting our sufferings in union with His in reparation for our own sins, and those of others.

The Catechism of the Catholic church (Chapter 618) states:
618 The cross is the unique sacrifice of Christ, the "one mediator between God and men".452 But because in his incarnate divine person he has in some way united himself to every man, "the possibility of being made partners, in a way known to God, in the paschal mystery" is offered to all men.453 He calls his disciples to "take up [their] cross and follow [him]",454 for "Christ also suffered for [us], leaving [us] an example so that [we] should follow in his steps."455 In fact Jesus desires to associate with his redeeming sacrifice those who were to be its first beneficiaries.456 This is achieved supremely in the case of his mother, who was associated more intimately than any other person in the mystery of his redemptive suffering"

May God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Glenn Dallaire said...

Ten years later, Father Ernst Alt, one of the exorcists in this case, wrote:
"The Klingenberg case was for all those involved, a breathtaking experience. Someone on the outside cannot possibly appreciate this experience. Man’s imagination is stretched past the limit when it comes to demonic possession. The audio tapes that were recorded with the understanding of the possessed (Anneliese Michel), give only an incomplete picture – and these cannot be listened to for long. What those who took part experienced is of such an intimate nature that it is not possible to communicate it. It was in the truest sense, “existential,” i.e., something embracing the whole person..."

"The Klingenberg case was, for those who experienced it up close, a sign which stood as an immense warning in their lives and in these times. Its relevance will never pass. If the possession had remained concealed, it would have been a sign only for the small circle of those who took part. But half the world spoke about this case of possession..."

"..The Klingenberg case took place at a time in which Satan and Hell are vigorously denied. There has occurred simultaneously in our times, a falling away from the faith, greater than in the history of Christianity."

-From the book "Anneliese Michel: A true story of a case of demonic possession" by Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea and Lawrence E.U. LeBlanc

Ralphie said...

To the folks who can't understand redemptive suffering of a victim soul

“St. Paul said, ‘Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and in my flesh I am filling up what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ on behalf of his body, which is the church.’ How do St. Paul’s sufferings make up for what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions? I thought Christ accomplished all necessary for salvation. St Paul does speak to his audience about their sufferings and how Christ will take it and do ongoing works of salvation. So, is our suffering what St. Paul is talking about as this completion? I don’t understand.”

I referred to this passage (Col 1:24) from St Paul during the summer series talk, “Why Does God Allow Suffering?” I made the point that Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross is the perfect sacrifice, but it is not complete. Yes, Anon, we, the Church, complete it. God allows us to suffer so that, among other reasons, we will complete the afflictions of Christ. We are allowed the incredible gift of sharing in the Cross of Christ so that we will complete it. Elsewhere in his letters, St Paul writes that Christ is the head, the Church is the body. We, as the Body of Christ, complete the suffering of Christ, our Head.

Whenever each of us carries our small portion of Christ’s Cross, our suffering joins in Christ’s work of salvation. This means that our suffering can be salvific; hence, the phrase, “offer it up”. God gives us the opportunity to offer our suffering up for (the salvation of) others in the same way that Christ offered himself up for the salvation of all.

“in the mystery of the Church as his Body, Christ has in a sense opened his own redemptive suffering to all human suffering. In so far as man becomes a sharer in Christ's sufferings—in any part of the world and at any time in history—to that extent he in his own way completes the suffering through which Christ accomplished the Redemption of the world” (“Salvifici Doloris”, Pope John Paul II, 1984).

“If then you are among the members of Christ, whatever human being you are, whoever you are that hears this, whoever you are that does not hear this (but if you are among the members of Christ you do hear this), whatever you suffer at the hands of those who are not among the members of Christ was lacking to the sufferings of Christ.

Your sufferings are added because they were lacking. You fill up a measure, you do not pour something that overflows. You suffer as much as needed to be added from your sufferings to the total suffering of Christ, who suffered as our head, and suffers in his members, that is, in ourselves.

Each one of us in his own measure pays his debt to what may be called this commonwealth of ours. In proportion to our store of strength we contribute as it were a tax of suffering. The final reckoning of all suffering will not take place until the world has come to an end” (St. Augustine).

So please .....before you attack what you don't understand and parrot heretic Protestants who mislead and are in grave error check out the true and Only Church of Jesus, founded by Jesus and continued in the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Catholic Church. Come home to Rome. Read the complete and first Bible compiled by St. Jerome...Douey Rheims. Stop your protesting. Learn the truth.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Thanks for the excellent commentary Ralphie.
-Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

My brethren, Mat 12: 1-8 ..."I desire mercy, not sacrifice..."

Guadalupe House Ministry, Honolulu said...

Thanks for writing about Anneliese Michel, Glenn. I read her biography many years ago (can't remember the book title) and it was both terrifying and edifying at the same time. It left me convinced that Anneliese was indeed a victim-soul; a truly holy person, chosen by God to continue the mission of reparation begun by another German stigmatic, Therese Neumann. There was much more to Anneliese than what mainstream media made her out to be - a mentally ill person who died tragically. She was possessed by demons and her sufferings were heroic and voluntary on her part... and helped to save many souls. Articles, such as these, help people to know the truth about her inspirational life. May Anneliese now intercede for those who are under the devil's influence.

James R. Rellihan said...

I add my thanks to you Glenn with the above the writer of the above comment so well put. I too am convinced that Anneliese Michel is a victim soul for our age which not only has lost its faith but denies the existence of the devil. I pray that soon she will be recognized by the Church and known by the world as one conformed to Jesus Crucified in His sacrificial victimhood for the salvation of souls in our troubled times. It seems no accident that she is a daughter of her beloved fatherland of Germany where the faith is in such crisis that even among the hierarchy who denied that she was possessed and is now tittering on schism in their mislaid compassion for divorced and remarried couples. May her redemptive suffering, her fidelity to the Church by submitting herself to her pastoral care and her heroic faith be a beacon of light for the German Church and the whole world.

Unknown said...

I think that girl's religious convictions, and being so young without proper wisdom, caution, etc., drove her to the point of making herself physically ill, and subsequently mentally. I don't have an idea about her mental stability without the complicating factors, but the look on her mother's face in that photograph and the malnutrition insomnia etc. put her PHYSICAL brain in a chemically imbalanced state. I've seen this in people, especially the ambitious idealistic youthful ones who had the benefits of proper diagnosis to restore them to normality. Others had sadder fates like Annaliese's. This is not demonic possession, unless the idea of the physical and mental symptoms from the chemical state of her physical body IS the "evil spirit." She was driven to the point of making herself sick, fueled by her religious passion.

Anonymous said...

I believe my sister has been possessed or has a demon attachment. Need help.

Anonymous said...

I believe in God, the father almighty, creator of heaven and earth.
I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord.
He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary.
He suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried.
He descended to the dead.
On the third day he rose again.
He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father.
He will come again to judge the living and the dead.

I believe in the Holy Spirit,
the Holy Catholic Church,
the communion of saints,
the forgiveness of sins,
the resurrection of the body,
and the life everlasting. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Please stop wasting time arguing and pray, pray for all souls.

Anonymous said...

It's not the point that Jesus isn't enough. People on earth have effects, possession was her case, due to certain enviroments.Poor girl but proof of saving from demons as Jesus stayed as he promised but he wanted to take her because he knew her fate. We shouldn't try to hard to go against the working of Jesus but to accept it. I've never read her story accept online and a movie. I did notice one scene where Jesus asked her to come to her ND she refused (that could be fake) but I believe events like that may have occured. She's still saved but her situation was a bad one! Bless you!

Anonymous said...

And yes pray for ALL souls. I believe in praying for the dead,especially where needed. We pray for everything and at funerals why not pray for the dead?!

Sr. Mary Joseph said...

Thank you for this excellent article. Has any effort been made to begin inquiry into possible cause for her canonization in Germany?

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Anonymous Sr. Mary Joseph,
To reply to your question, unfortunately at this point I don't have any info concerning this, but hopefully I will receive some info soon.

May God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

her suffering reminds me of the suffering that other saints went through .. like St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Teresa of Avila... each suffering in a different way, and offering it up to save souls.. reading the book about Josefa Menendez called "The Way of Divine Love" which is very good too

Anonymous said...

I recently and accidentally stumbled across some of the videos online of Annaliese and actually watched them - I do not usually do videos and have no sound on my computer. Because I read the article some time ago - I felt a little compelled to see them. Yes, it was definitely a possession. As to the victim for Jesus part, I have spent the last week or so praying about this and asking for understanding of His Truth.

My personal ministry is reading. I have learned that the demons have access to a parents' child or children when that parent has sinned in their actions and not fulfilled full contrition. My mom was 10 years old when some older relatives would visit and they would "raise" the table. Because my mom always thought it "only fun" she never took it to reconciliation or deep contrition before she had kids. These were poltergeist spirits they were dealing with and it followed through into their children. I read, read, and read because I knew that something was very incorrect here, but didn't understand. So for a long time, Jesus has been healing me of the effects of these spirits - because I read and believed. I was contrite and I asked Him for help specifically about this. I am now thankful to Him for Annaliese because she or others like her may have been interceding for me on my search. I, in turn, intercede for others when I understand in my heart to do so.

Here's the reason Jesus allows such horrible victimization - He, Himself could not experience possession like this, yet there is a necessity for victims of this sort to help pay penance when people absorb demons. Our generation, more than ever. In other words, of the souls who go to heaven, some may die with demons attached to their souls. Victims like Annaliese then intercede, the soul/demon are then purged of the demon after death. In His hidden life, He suffered dying and tortures of the soul from the Divine Volition day in and day out, but the Divinity could only do it through Holy Love and it did not have the ability to effect the hatred which came from humans in the tortures and crucifixion. So - He Loved Us. When penance of the people is lacking, the Lord Jesus chooses a victim soul to make up for what is lacking in the Body of the Church.

God Bless and really, really trust Jesus Christ!

Anonymous said...

You should be ashamed of taking an instance of physical and mental illness, namely epilepsy and schizophrenia, combined with Catholic brainwashing and coercion and claiming it to be an "act of God." The fact that the people responsible for NOT getting her help only received a few years in prison is astonishing and terrifying for other children who have the unfortunate luck of being raised Christian. Seriously, shame on all of you. You are pathetic for using "God" as an excuse for neglect and abuse. I bet you'd do the same thing and kill your kid!

donna said...

Glen, you mention Therese Neumann being a grandmother of AnnaLiese-----I thought Therese had never married.

Anonymous said...

The suffering that St Paul talks about is the widespread persecution that early believers were facing. The Books of the Apostles tells us how St. Paul himself was stoned, beaten and jailed while preaching the Gospel. There is no evidence in the scriptures that God allowed demonic possession so that people will be saved. In fact through the Gospels we read Jesus delivered many from demonic possessions and gave the Apostles power to do so as well. Don't confuse the suffering that St. Paul mentions with demonic possession which is the very thing the Son of God saved many people from in His life on earth.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Donna,
The article above stated that Therese Neumann had appeared during one of the exorcisms, ALONG WITH Anneliese's two grandmothers (who were both deceased).

-May God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

donna said...

Guess I missed that part, Glenn, thanks for answering.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

The family home was burned down three years ago.

winno said...

What a great Story Glen. Very inspiring. It is such a pity that Annonymous is so negative about what happened. When i read A's comments it is almost like someone possessed trying to turn our thoughts away from the meaning of what Christ is telling us every day. I do hope the Church recognises her suffering as it was a great suffering for those souls who may not have been saved but are now. I will pray to Anneliese to intercede on my Sons behalf (as he does not believe) that Christ will have mercy on him and that he may be included as one of those souls that she gave up her life for. Thank you Anneliese for your sacrifice and i pray that i too can suffer in someway for Christ.

Bro. Little Cross said...

I feel that the VICTIM OF SOUL part is not correct.
In the GOSPEL, Jesus cast out demons and would not let these filthy spirits stay inside the bodies of the possessed.

The account when she saw Mama Mary could be a great deception of the Devil.

The exchange between her and the Savior regarding her sainthood could be a trick of the Devil. Jesus Christ would not feed us with the poison of pride. And all these tricks were made by the Devil for her to freely accept this sinister possession as a grace from God that she should have fully renounced in the Holy Name of Jesus. A suffering that is life-giving is from God. This is not. The deceptive Evil One is more intelligent than men. Without discernment, everyone could be tricked.

Anonymous said...

Fellow greetings and salutations! Sharing this with you. May God help you discern well.

The late Cardinal Julius Doepfner, primate of Germany, confessed to a nun that he betrayed the Church as a Freemason and, secondly, as the president of Vatican II.

The name of the nun, a mystic, is kept confidential; she is also protected by her convent in Germany. Her late father also appeared several times to her, as well as the late Anneliese Michel.

Sept. 16, 1977

"I am Anneliese Michel. I , too, am allowed to speak with you today, as a consolation for all who suffered and fought on my behalf due to my death. Our Lord had His plan for my quick death. I did not die from hunger; it was a death which completed my victimhood, i.e. the cup of my sacrificial suffering was full. The fruit was ripe to be picked and to enter the Kingdom of the blessed multitudes. God, the Holy Trinity, accepted my sacrifice. Do not believe that I entered eternity as a result of the exorcism carried out by Father Arnold Renz. The exorcism was intended to prove to the world that there is an eternity, a Heaven, a Hell, and a Purgatory.

"Our Lord permitted that the demonic spirits took possession of my and in me, but not because of my sinfulness, but as evidence that there is a hell and a devil. Who dares deny that there are demons and good, blessed spirits who call everyone to do battle. Each person has a conscience that tells him what is good and what is bad.

"Even when one has reached a situation today that one throws away almost everything that, up to now, has been the authentic teaching of the holy Catholic Church and returns to atheism, paganism, and godlessness, the day will come when the existence of God will not only be proved but reveal itself. Our Lord Himself will come and prove to mankind that there is a Heaven, a Hell, a death, and a Judgment not made by man but by the eternal Truth Himself.

"Yes, the time has come when unbelief and immorality let our German nation sink into a situation that is far worse than that at the time of Noah. Do not be surprised, therefore, when violence keeps growing. The punishment is already in progress. The use of weapons, and terrorism, will flood the German nation and, above all, the leaders of the state and of the Church. What else can one expect when the commandments of God are no longer adhered to, and secular laws are no longer passed in accordance with Divine Laws but according to human and satanic points of view. Oh Germany, where did you end up! The spirit of Hitler is still alive in you. Our Lord allowed this allegedly great leader to speak through me. Where does this spirit lead? Into hell (Hitler stated during the exorcism: ‘Most people believe that, after death, everything ends; but this is not true. Life continues either above or below.’)

Anonymous said...

September 21, 1977

"Hitler’s insanity, pride and arrogance wanted to establish an empire lasting a thousand years. Where did his insanity lead? Into destruction! Millions lost their possessions. Millions died through force and terror. Finally he ended his own life himself. This was the success of a leader from whom you are expecting your salvation. How many are still calling for him today! What he wanted to destroy was given new life: Communism, Bolshevism. Oh you German people! Do understand that your only salvation and blessings can only come from your return to God and His commandments.

"I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not have strange gods before Me. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain. Remember that thou keep holy the Sabbath day. Honor thy father and thy mother. Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods, house, fields, servants, oxen, donkeys; nothing that belongs to him. How can force and terrorism gain the upper hand when all these Commandments are followed? Only through a return to the Divine Commandments and adherence to them can peace and safety enter once more state and family.

"Man is destined to die only once. Where does his death lead? Before God’s throne of Judgment. Here is pronounced the only true and just judgment. Here it is demanded: give account of your administration, i.e., give account of your life, what you have done with it; the life given to you by God and which is now, after your death, given back again into the hands of your Creator.

"I, too, Anneliese Michel, was a German girl, who was exposed to the influences of her environment. I was a high-school girl and a university student. Our Lord did not only bless me with secular science but also with divine science. I recognized the direction of the path which the German people, who were turning away from God, had been walking. Therefore, I gave myself to the Triune God as a victim for my people, in the same way Edith Stein became a victim for her Jewish people when she saw that Hitler wanted to destroy them." (Edith Stein was a Catholic nun who converted from Judaism to the Catholic Church. She became a victim of Hitler’s persecution of the Jews.) "The Jewish people were destroyed partly by human brutality and terror. The German people, however, now destroy themselves by their sins, by ignoring the commandments. They still have time to follow the appeal of God, addressed to all of you by Him, through me. But woe to those, who in their obduracy, decline the Commandments of God and continue to walk the path of sin and injustice. I gave my life for the salvation of my German fatherland. I prayed for my people, made reparation, suffered, and offered my young life as a sacrifice to God in the battle against the evil spirits. I say to you once more: my death was a sacrifice for the salvation and conversion of Germany."

Anonymous said...

I can't see God choosing to let demons possess a child in this way. I cannot see how this brings glory to Him or why it would help sinners.

Maybe the apparition of Mary just wasn't real and the devil tricked her into becoming possessed. Not a feel good theory I admit, but from the outside looking in it seems like a likely theory.

Best to you all and may God bless.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Anonymous,
The purpose is not so much for the glory of God, as it is for the conversion of sinners and the salvation of souls. Just for the same reason did God the Father appoint that His Son, though completely innocent, be tortured and scourged and then be nailed and forced to hang on a Cross for some 3 hours until His death. Such is for the conversion of souls and the salvation of sinners. And victim souls have a share in this...
If interested, you may want to read this article that I wrote "MARY CRUSHES THE SERPENT -30 Years of Experiences As An Exorcist Told In His Own Words"

And also this other article that I wrote Victim souls are co-redeemers with Christ

May God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Unknown said...

What's more likely...
A) she was possessed by a demon
B) she had a mental illness

I think the answer is quite clear. There is absolutely no evidence that such demons exist. It is just pure superstition. We do know, however, that mental illnesses have a profound effect on behavior.

I do have to ask. Why do you actually believe in demons, despite there being ZERO evidence?

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn,

I always wondered if this Anneliese Michel real life story made any sense. I have watched this movie years back and have read enough articles to find out *why God would allow a pure soul to be possessed?, especially the part where Mother Mary gives Anneliese the choice to be possessed for the salvation of souls, I always thought it was incorrect or made up in the books or film* Mother Mary who is the protector of humans form the devil, how could she give a poor innocent soul such an option? Never made sense to me. I know and have heard of cases, where the possessed person has had a repulsion for rosary and crawled like snake seeing rosary in the hand of the priest. Which clearly shows the enmity between Mother Mary and the devil himself, as quoted in the scripture(Genesis 3:15). I recently had the opportunity to question the same with one of the catholic priest who carries out exorcism, and to my relief he said, *God would never let Satan or the demons to touch us, until we ourselves would make way for it(of course through occult,curse etc etc, which we all know)* . The priest also strongly denied that the Mother Mary would place such an option to any soul or God himself would allow something of that sort.

Glenn, I understand what you have put in your article, but I honestly think we don't know the whole story here, and what we know could be totally wrong. I don't believe or think she is a martyr or a saint. She could someone who is sensationalized by the media as a possible martyr( am saying this cause devil can use this story or anything to twist the truth) and we tend to believe it cause it happened in a far off place and years back.

Logically speaking from a catholic perspective, If I was a religiously following the sacraments and receiving the holy communion and did my rosary on day to day basis, covered myself with the blood of Christ, did my best to remain holy and not make any way for sin, and in spite of all this if God was letting the possession take place in me or giving me a choice, would it make sense to say God is my protector as Psalm 91 puts it?

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Anonymous (directly above)
Thank you for your thoughtful response and for sharing your reflections concerning Anneliese Michel. For sure, hers is not a "cut and dry" case---some feel she was mentally ill, while others (like myself) think that she was a victim soul who was called to suffer for the conversion of sinners, still others think it was strictly a case of demonic possession. I readily admit though that it is definitely not a clear case, like we see in the lives of certain other victim souls.

Well, thanks again for sharing your thoughts here. May God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

I m confused... Why Jesus allowed this to happen .In Bible we have read Jesus rebuked or delivered many from devil. As far as I know, the Jesus whom I have experienced ( still experiencing) is loving, compassionate, caring and forgiving.I can't accept that Jesus allowed this to happen to a young girl to be possessed for the salvation of souls. Anyway thanks for publishing this article.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you're distracting people's whatever happens Annalise choose to let it happen to her. You can choose see the fact everyone's imagination is different as Annalise was and if there is so real happened why cannot get proved in court? We can take it as court can see only paper work and evidence but there is recording there is videos why those not considered? It's a simple thing if you believe in something that doesn't exist and keep misunderstanding Your Own though or visions created by your own brain or your inside voices with some other soul and believe it you obviously gone into possessed state of mind..... Stop believing in such things this world is always support power of creation even there is distraction comes eventually it is for new creation. Our nature has rules and we cannot go beyond it till the time we practice for self realization and getting purify our mind and thought. A power which we call God who is sign of happiness, creation lives each and every entity and souls it is the core, it empower soul.... And only human have ability to choose now it depends on individual that he or she want to see the fact with reality or not. I have only one request if any information come in mind don't just blindly accept it you have brain, a heart and mind which has power to analyze, compare, make separation in right and wrong, use it dont just blindly believe in anything.

Warren said...

@david nagle

The testimony of people witnessing possession and preternatural phenomena and the various tests the possessed are subjected to is evidence of demons. One of the key ways of examining witnesses is to check for consistency, and there is a great deal of consistency among the various witnesses although they are drawn from all walks of life and all cultures. Many witnesses to these phenomena do not stand to benefit materially from these observations (although, without a doubt, some do--the important point is many don't). Witnesses of demonic activity are drawn from a religions and are sometimes atheists, so its not easy to describe as purely motivated reasoning either.

Is it unambiguous evidence, no. But, these are observations consistent with the demon hypothesis, and many observations are unusual given the other potential hypotheses. To accept demons as described here one would really need to accept the whole Catholic faith, which is a supernatural grace. Therefore, I will pray for you.

Anonymous said...

The consistency your talking about..... Have you ever think that these beliefs going on from several ages like some people was in thinking that earth is flat but in reality which we can luckly find that earth is round.... Just like this demons or possession kind of belief which not yet found that these are medical conditions or really exist.... And as per my view by possessioning a body demon could represent showing it's power to the world or been silent and try to make distraction in majority of people but instead what victim do? They just do unnecessary things like banging there heads or screaming etc. If you see a mental Ill person does the same thing so similarity and consistency we can get in majority in mentally unhealthy people like having "schizophrenia"....

I think we should pry to our lord that please let this wrong belief get into clearly in picture ... And we should stop believing in it. There is existence of God who rule the world take care of things go well, but this is our choice to see what really exist and not put or support our own axinity or imagination.... Think if "demon" word never existed or not know to people could people still believe in that? Because of science we are geting to know the truth we are going deep in each phenomenon and understanding the process and getting in to the flash that this is not magic this is a interactions and reactions.

Anonymous said...

Indeed! If it doesn't align with the Word of God then, It's a deception from the evil one!

Anonymous said...

Anneliese was clearly deceived by the devil or she was lied to by Jesus, and we all know Jesus doesn't lie, right? Unless if He does, because He said she'd become a great saint, and did it ever happen? No, it never did, yet Pope John Paul II got canonized immediately. Saint Therese got canonized rather quickly, too, and think of all the saints from the 1900's and other blesseds and mystics that are more well known. Why isn't Anneliese, if she was promised to be a great saint?

There's something very not right about this, very cruel and sadistic. Jesus clearly would have known about her curse, and if He were truly kind, if this was of Him at all, He would have freed her like He did Mary Magdalene. Love preaches a lot more strongly than BS like this. Either this his a devilish deception, or Jesus truly shouldn't be followed and doesn't care about those who suffer greatly for him.

Also, the devil can imitate the stigmata, easily. A possessed person can receive communion, have the demons even pretend to pray for them, etc. Did God really use her sufferings, considering the current state of Germany for the conversion of sinners, or did He lie, or was this a devilish deception?

Think about the inconsistencies. Jesus freed so many people from demonic possession in the Bible. Unless if He's truly not that humble and compassionate at all and says, "Lol, my work on earth is done. I don't need to free or help anyone else!", I call complete and utter BS on this being redemptive suffering, especially since that promise "Jesus" made was never kept, if He keeps His promises and whatnot.

I have read on a few exorcism sites that keeping the possessed, well, possessed is very cruel and unjust, especially those who have been tormented for years like Anneliese and children. Makes you really question what kind of God would ever do this, or if this was from God at all.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Dear Anonymous (directly above),
In regards to Jesus' reported statement to Anneliese concerning her becoming a "great saint"

As I wrote in the article:
"We can note here that Jesus is likely not referring to Anneliese becoming a canonized Saint of the Catholic church, but a great saint in heaven. When Jesus made this very same statement to St Gemma Galgani, He specifically said: "Within some years, you will be a Saint, will do miracles and will be raised to the altars."

The point is, that the Church teaches that everyone in heaven is a "saint" (small "s"), and that only a tiny handful of persons in heaven are actually canonized by the Church as officially canonized Saints (capital "S"). In other words, Anneliese can be a great saint, just as Jesus promised--it is certainly not necessary in any way for her to be officially canonised by the Church.

Thanks for your comments and may God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

"Great saints" ARE the canonized ones, though. There's a reason why God plans out things like that on earth for specific souls that are in heaven. The canonized ones are the great ones. God doesn't let those who went through great trials for Him to go unrewarded, or He'd be unjust. There are ordinary saints and extraordinary saints, the latter being the ones who are usually canonized and went through severe trials and suffering for the good of mankind and the former being individuals like normal lay people, who perform their duties with a sincere love for God but don't do anything extraordinary like Anneliese did.

If God wanted her to be a great saint and "kept His promise", she would have been canonized by now, or at least beatified. So this was either a devilish deception or Jesus screwed her over, and we all know that Jesus doesn't do that right?

Unknown said...

I dont buy this idea that God allowed satan to enter this woman to save souls, especially when it didnt do anything of the sort and even discredited the church, a wound that festers to this day and cast an ever looming shadow over the belief in satan... can a spirit appear as jesus and mary and saints to fool people? yes he has many times just read the lives of the saints...

where else is a saint possessed for the glory of God?
I can think of no other examples...

the priest also reportedly were v2 priests who also believed in other religions, so is it any wonder they had no luck extracting these demons?

this story of the death of this woman at the hands of demons and unbelieving priests is just a cover story which only aids satan, and covers for the false v2 church..

Anonymous said...

People still believe in demonic possession because it confirms their religious views so in anneliese Michele case there can't possibly be any other explanation lol ....

Severe schizophrenia of the paranoid psychotic type. Let's not forget all of the demons who possessed her were human. They all identified a part of anneliese. If you read the book which provides alot more information than what you can find online, you will find her childhood wasn't as straight forward as you think. Her mother used to punish and control her with loud rosary prayer.

It was better for Anna Annelieses mom to believe in possession rather than mental illness. Mental illness was seen as shameful and she would worry more about what the church might think than what was really wrong with her daughter .

Anneliese and her sisters were not allowed to go to a female friends house if that female friend had a brother. The control and use of prayers as punishment explains the Hitler and cain personality as they turned away from doing good deeds as Anneliese wanted to turn away from her mother.

Father alt mentioned the names of Fleishman and nero to Annelises parents that was within ear shot of Anneliese. The following week she was then possessed by other demons called nero and Fleishman. This suggests vulnerability and suggestion. Psychologists even declared father alt as a schizophrenic.

The fact she spoke latin does not mean anything either as she learned this and was fluent in latin.

For a full documentary on her life Google the psychology of anneliese Michele or click the link

Anonymous said...

I have tremendous love for Anneliese Michel and I believe her intercession and help has benefitted me greatly.

I do have temporal lobe epilepsy and I must say, many of her experiences do resonate with me (I've never thought I was possessed, but I see a lot of similarities). I also experience significant depression, as did Anneliese. Interestingly, my depressive symptoms were becoming so deep that I was being considered for electroconvulsive therapy. In desperation I asked Anneliese to help me understand what was going on. That evening, reading her biography, I came across temporal lobe epilepsy and was shocked to find the resonance with my own experience. My physician agreed and immediately put me on anticonvulsant medication, and I have been continually improving since. While this is not miraculous per se, I personally credit Anneliese's intervention with this insight, and potentially with saving my life.

I'd like to respectfully submit an alternate consideration to the debate of whether she was epileptic/mentally ill "or" if this was a supernatural and holy experience, potentially including some form of possession.

I'd like us to consider the possibility that all of these things are true. It doesn't need to be either/or. I believe Anneliese did experience depression that became so deep she experienced psychotic symptoms at times, and I believe Anneliese had temporal lobe epilepsy and the related Geschwind Syndrome. I *also* believe she had a very significant, genuine, unique religious journey that was outside the realm of normal human experience. I believe in the veracity of her inner dialogues with Jesus and the Blessed Virgin. Very respectfully, my personal verdict is out on whether she was actually possessed, but I am open to the possibility.

I think the debate over mental health "or" possession may be missing the point. Either way, this beautiful and loving person dedicated her life to helping others and following her faith, even though these devotions led to unimaginable suffering and ultimately death. While important, to me the cause of this suffering is almost secondary - the bottom line is she suffered for others.

I personally do believe Anneliese is worthy of eventual canonization, although I'm sadly not optimistic I will see this in my lifetime. However, to me, she could be a wonderful patron of those experiencing epilepsy, those with mental health problems, and perhaps those who are possessed. While we have a beautiful patron of the first two in St. Dymphna, there are no monopolies on patronage. I believe Anneilese's struggle to find answers and silent suffering are immediately relatable to many individuals with mental illness and/or epilepsy, and I think she can be a powerful inspiration for those of us in these circumstances.

Anonymous said...

For a very touching, well done, non-sensational, and (apparently) accurate account of Anneliese's story, I highly recommend the movie "Requiem." It is in German, but readily available with English subtitles. It's a beautiful film that is a powerful contrast to the jarringly disrespectful, sensationalistic, and "horror film" motif of the more famous "Exorcism of Emily Rose." Friends of Anneliese have stated that this film is a reasonably realistic depiction of what they saw unfolding.

The movie does take the perspective that this was a matter of mental illness and epilepsy, but I feel it's a beautiful film that is quite respectful of her Catholic faith (there are inferences questioning the morals of one of the exorcists, but it is not a focal part of the movie - in fact, the exorcisms are practically an afterthought).

Here is the trailer:

Anonymous said...

A case of mishandled exorcism. Priests should be trained further. Rituals to exorcise need to longer prayers to allow demons to stay in the body. The Vatican has many demons living there as well.

margot said...

Anneliese Michel, pray for us!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you. Your clearly a very angry person by the, educate yourself on the true church of Our Lord. You might then understand. Please God for your sake and your soul and for others in your life u do. Wow. Such ignorance! Study the true faith. Then make an educated comment after that. God Bless You

ABC said...

Anneliese's story amazes, edifies and humbles me. Having moved recently to Germany on a three year military assignment, I'm only two and half hours from her home town, and I'm planning on paying her grave visits as much as I can, as well to Saint Therese Neumann's.

She was a truly beautiful and loving soul. I'll be forever thankful for her selfless sacrifice and I hope she continues to pray for us in Heaven.

Anonymous said...

Before I read this her story was making me doubt. I was wondering why Jesus did not save her. I was wondering why his name did but work. Why she died in bondage and was not free. After reading this I see that if she actually believed she had to suffer for others sins then she was being the savior and not letting Jesus do the saving. So she was not accepting him as a savior. Also if she believed this then she would not want the demons to go because she had to suffer. She did not want them casted out. She was recieved into believing she was a prison for demons.

LadyA said...

Grateful for you, praying for you and us with love, love me.

LadyA said...

Thank you for your prayers.

Mathews Leal said...

Hi guys

I am Mathews, and I speak of the city of Porto Alegre, south of Brazil.

First I would like to say this article about Anneliese and part of her story. I found it fascinating. It is living proof that we must love God above all else.

I would like to ask the publishers of the site / article, where did you get this information? I would love to know a lot more about the case.

I found the site today, and I will certainly continue reading and commenting here.

May the peace of God always be with you.

Edmond said...

This is the best article explaining the Victim Soul purpose of Anneliese's demonic possession!

Thank you for posting it.

Nicholas Dyson said...


Charles Fears said...


Jesus speaks:
"To purify the world the first time, My Father sent the Deluge to bathe the world with water; the second time He ordained that it be bathed with blood, and with what Blood! Neither the first nor the second Purification was sufficient to transform mankind into the children of God. Now the Father is weary and allows the scourges of hell to break forth, so as to destroy the human race because men have preferred hell to Heaven. Their master, Lucifer, tor¬tures them, in order to incite them to curse Us, making them so completely his own children.
I would come again to die for them a second time, to save them from an even more terrible death... but My Father will not allow Me to do so... My Love would allow it, but Justice will not. Justice knows that it would be use¬less. Therefore, I will come only at the last hour. But woe to those who will see Me after they have chosen Lucifer as their Lord! My Angels will need no weapons in their hands to win the battle against these antichrists. My Look will be enough!
Oh, if men would once more learns to turn to Me, Who am their Salvation! That is all I desire. If I cry, it is be¬cause I see there is nothing I can do to make them look to¬wards Heaven, from where I am stretching out My Hands to them.
Suffer, Maria, and tell good souls to suffer, to take the place of My second Martyrdom, which the Father does not want Me to accomplish. To every one who offers himself as victim, will be given the salvation of some souls. Some... and it is not to be wondered at, if those souls given to each little redeemer are but few, when one reflects that at the hour of My Immolation on Calvary, from amongst all the thousands of people present at My Death, I, the Divine Redeemer, succeeded in saving only the good thief, Longi¬nus and so few others..."
(Notebooks, pp. 83-84, Good Friday, April 23rd, 1943)


Unknown said...

For those who reject the supernatural and contend she was merely mentally ill... How do you explain the fact that without knowing Latin or Chinese, she responded immediately and contextually to questions asked by the priest in those languages?

Anonymous said...

Could someone be so helpful and kind as to direct me to a good resource online that has Anneliese's whole translated transcript and what was said please? I don't have the heart or strength to listen to them through video-audio on YouTube and want to focus on the Truth that came forth.
I thank you in advance and God bless.

P.S. Great post, well done!

Anonymous said...

Aha! Managed!


Michael said...

Lol....ohhhh kaaaayyyy.

Anonymous said...

She had disseminated histoplasmosis, known to cause people to go super-Satanic, cause seizures, hallucinations, etc. The stigmata were probably Janeway lesions from fungal endocarditis, the bed shaking was from body vibrations like in fibromyalgia due to effect on CNS. The guttural voice was laryngitis. The horrible smell she smelled ("burning feces and rotting flesh") and that people smelled on her was probably out-gassing of putrescent amines, like skatole (feces) and putrescine (putrid) and cadaverine (smell of death, like cadavers).

I know, because it happened to me during an outbreak caused by roosting bats.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE PEOPLE PRAY FOR HER BEATIFICATION. If she's really a saint, it will make it happen quicker. She is an hero, most courageous young lady ever.

Realist said...

Religion poisons everything it touches.

Realist said...

More bullshit from a dying blood cult. One day we will all wake to the fact that we are all that we have and to take care of each other because nothing else will.

Anonymous said...

Small correction of fact: Engleberg Monastery is Benedectine, not Franciscan. Unless this is a different Engleberg Monastery than the famous one in Switzerland.

Anonymous said...

I used to think this about possession too, but am currently reading a book by the famous exorcist, Fr. Gabriele Amorth, "An Exorcist Explains the Demonic." In it, he explains people can be cursed and people in the state of grace can be possessed. If God can use our suffering for good, why would the horrendous suffering of possession not be included in that?

I believe I read this article on Anneliese years ago and was very skeptical of it. But I've revisited it today with more knowledge and it definitely makes sense to me.

Glenn and those who explained our Catholic Faith and suffering, idk if you or anyone will read this since it's 2020 and these comments are over 3 years old, but I am grateful for God using you to shed light on this interesting, necessary topic. God bless you and may Mary keep you under her mantle always leading you to Jesus.

Anonymous said...

God allowed His only Son to suffer as He did for us. His kingdom is not of this world. Anneliese was given the opportunity to suffer and she said "yes" because God never forces us. True love is freely chosen.

Unknown said...

there are chosen people given different beautiful graces from God such as annaliese. i wish...that you, too, could believe in things which you cannot. and perhaps one day, if you are that blessed, see it with your own eyes. May the Lord keep you always as He is keeping me.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, true.

Unknown said...

Yes. Fr Joseph Ratzinger is perhaps one of the fruits of her suffering.

Unknown said...

You spelled liberalism wrong .There.......fixed it for you.

Unknown said...

Just write in caps you hate catholics.

Unknown said...

You forgot to say you believe religion is the opiate of the masses .

Unknown said...

This sounds like just more guilt, fear, and shame. God is on our side. Jesus is love and mercy.


Unknown said...

St. Mary of Jesus Crucified OCD - Foundress of the Carmel of Bethlehem etc... was at one time allowed to be "possessed"
She called herself: "God's little nothing"
remarkable life certainly not the "normal" life of a Saint. Because of her.. I am inclined to believe this article as possible and true.

Anonymous said...


Annalisa said...


Anonymous said...

Tengo entendido que nuestro padre celestial es un padre de amor; no me hace raz├│n que autorice una posesi├│n; los esp├şritus que jam├ís tendr├ín un cuerpo son los enga├▒adores y enemigos de Dios y de la humanidad; el endemoniado gadareno lo confirma y sali├│ una legi├│n de ese hombre y no dice que fueron autorizados , la posesi├│n es un robo, quieren una experiencia corporal y

Anonymous said...

Por eso enga├▒an y mienten por su naturaleza demon├şaca, son los rechazaron el Evangelio antes que el.mundo fuese y la tercera parte parte fue expulsada del cielo sabiendo la verdad y rechazaron al Padre celestial y al Salvador, l Se├▒or JESUCRISTO.en l caso de Job este fue atormentado por estos enga├▒adores pero Dios conoc├şa muy bien a Job leer las Escrituras para aprender del Evangelio solo hay un Redentor:Jes├║s.

Anonymous said...

Your post is amazing thanks for sharing. I love it. Those who think religious are toxic and there are no afterlife is because they didn’t see.

For me there is no correct religious. It can be any religious that follow God/Universe/Oneness. Many people misinterpret it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous. Well it is because you don’t understand at all. She choose to suffer because she knows it and she understands it.

Anonymous said...

Unknown. Please do more research. And you did not see it. You could only judging by how it seem and in reality is not what you think . These stuff are not simple, it was strong. No body does that.

Anonymous said...

Epilepsy and mental I’ll was devil’s trick to make people not to believe.

Anonymous said...

Mental ill*

Optimix said...

It is obvious as in the case of Antoine Gay that Satan rules the Catholic cult and was impostering Mary and Jesus. Demons aren't forced to tell the truth by cultists, demons only lie. Anneliese said she couldn't tell if it was Satan who was deluding her, end of story. You cannot suffer or die for anyone else's sins the Bible says this, salvation is by God's grace and Jesus' work alone, not liars who claim Jesus wasn't the rock of salvation but is Peter. Why would it be Peter? Jesus was the temple to be torn down but did he have to point to himself? Catholics are ignorant of Scripture and hate the truth.

Jonathan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jonathan said...

In response to Optimix, June 27: If the Bible says you cannot suffer or die for anyone else's sins, why did Jesus suffer and die? The ignorance projected here is not from Catholics, but from ignorance and unbelief in the work of God that frees souls for eternal glory.

Thanks for recording this story, and others like it, Glenn. Too rarely do believers reflect, much less hear about, the purification and sacrifices needed to cleanse our souls from sin.

--Fr. Jonathan Atchley

Anonymous said...

I beleive in Anneliese sacrifices even if I don't fully understand. That is what faith is about. We don't have the total cognition of God Allmighty but we still beleive in His Word. Because I have experienced many of these things myself I know it was all staged by God. It is heartbreaking al the suffering that si has causes to the heart and it should lead sinners to repentance as she had to endure all of this to save us all, as an atunement. While some people refuse to make the slightest offering for God. Because we were not present at the Cross, the Lord sent his Saints so we could see first hand what the sufferings he endured were like in his heart as maybe it is not reflected clearly in the Bible. Some people watch the movie "The Passion of Jesus Christ" and cry but movies do not easilly convince me as much as seing this. All our depts must be paid. And the Holy ones often offer themselves to the Cross so many can be saved. But here in the comments many blaspheme against the Holy Spirit itself. They are all deviled possessed. They reflect in their words just exactly what Anneliese was receiving from this supernatural forces. She was just preventing us against all these things. The commentors are just as trapped in disbeleif as the people of her time. They do not beleive in the Church. They do not beleive what you have told us in this article. I do beleive you and eventhough I do not understand the full message the Lord was conveying through her as I learn something new everyday, I see it is a very coherente account. She is very coherent. So there is no way you can tell any of this is a lie. Suffering must be accepted in our life. If we all accept a little suffering for the souls, maybe, we can see the light!

Anonymous said...

Though I definitely know and accept that God's ways are not our ways, and He does things that we have to wait until the next life to see "why", I can see how some could have a hard time accepting His plan of salvation through Jesus, and the sacrifice that Jesus made, which, the deeper you look into it, the m,ore incredible it is. Ultimately it's a matter of accepting that Jesus actually did this. And while on just a physical level, what He did is so astounding as to be almost unbelievable (who can not eat or drink for 40 days??) Yet, what He did on a spiritual level is nothing short of God Himself. Understand THAT if you can!!

Anonymous said...

This Anneliese Michel case is beyond disturbing. We will never really know if this was a genuine supernatural case of demonic possession or severe mental illness, insanity, or hallucination. I personally believe that the Devil, Satan, and demons are real. I myself have experienced hearing demonic voices while sleeping over the last 20 years since 2004. They are terrifying. And I have experienced poltergeist activity while awake, such as my blankets being physically moved off of me while in bed, and having a push button toy make a sound all by itself with no one touching it.
Anneliese Michel suffered both physically and mentally for years. She would do disgusting things such as lack her urine, eat spiders, flies, and coal, and she would yell like an angry animal and would bend and twist her body for hours at a time. But where's the proof that this was a genuine supernatural demonic possession? Genuine demonic possession would be phenomena such as levitation or floating in the air, telekinesis or being able to move inanimate objects, being able to physically crawl up and down walls, and having the eyes turn into something resembling a snake.
It's also disturbing that the Virgin Mary appeared to Anneliese and told her that if she allowed herself to be demon possessed this would save the souls of other people and would prove to the world that Satan and demons are real. The real Virgin Mary would never say such a thing. How would Anneliese being demon possessed save the souls of other people? This is implying that Jesus Christ's sacrifice wasn't enough, Why was this poor girl chosen to be a martyr? How cruel to put this poor child through such a hellish ordeal. Only Jesus Christ and God can save human souls. And aren't there more intelligent, constructive, merciful, humane ways to prove to the world that Satan and demons are real that torturing this poor child to death through demonic possession? There's something so very, very wrong with this scenario.
My humble opinion is that Anneliese did not converse with the Virgin Mary but rather fell victim to a demon in disguise. The Devil and demons can impersonate humans. Remember the scene in the 1973 The Exorcist movie when the dead mother of priest Father Karras appears to him during the exorcism to confuse and torment him. That wasn't really his mother, but rather was a demon impersonating his mother. Well that's what happened with Anneliese Michel as well. Anneliese was duped by a demon pretending to be the Virgin Mary. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that Christians should volunteer to be demon possessed. That's beyond insanity. Who in their right mind chooses to be demon possessed? No one.
Evil of all kinds abound in the world. There's Moral evil of humans, there's Natural evil such as cancer, ticks, scorpions, jellyfish, malaria, typhoons, cyclones,ebola, malaria, etc, and theres Supernatural evil such as the Devil, Satan, demons. Anneliese Michel was a victim of Supernatural evil or she suffered from severe mental illness, which is Natural evil. It's impossible to know what really happened. Evil is one of the biggest obstacles to belief in a loving God. Suffering and evil are formidable obstacles to my Christian faith. I was born a Catholic. Thank you very much for reading.

Anonymous said...

Pray For the world Anneliese,Smile on the world from heaven