Theresa Caputo, Long Island Medium -The position of the Catholic Church concerning Mediums, Channelers & Psychics

Theresa Caputo, from the Long Island Medium TV Show 
Theresa Caputo and the "Long Island Medium" television show -A Christian perspective

By: Glenn Dallaire

Since I have such a great interest in all that concerns authentic mystical phenomenon (as is evident in this extensive website on the Mystics of the Church) I have been asked on several occasions my thoughts concerning Theresa Caputo and the popular TLC television show "Long Island Medium". While the alleged gifts of psychics or mediums is outside the realm of authentic Christian mysticism and is not within the scope of this website, it is still of interest and concern in that it deals specifically with spiritual realities concerning the afterlife. Also not within the scope of this article is to judge whether Teresa Caputo's alleged gift of being able to talk to the dead is authentic or fake. The Catholic church is full of occasions over the centuries where Saints and departed souls from purgatory have appeared to various mystics of the Church and other countless individuals, so the possibility does in fact exist within accepted Catholic belief that the spirits of the deceased could come and give messages to Theresa.

Concerning the show, I can sincerely state that I have watched with interest a number of the episodes beginning with season one and so in this article I will present firstly (and most importantly) the position of the Catholic church concerning such matters, along with my own thoughts and perspective in light of the Church's teaching.

But first, for those who have not seen any of the episodes, Mrs. Theresa Brigandi Caputo is a 46 year old (as of 2013) Long Island (Hicksville, NY) wife and mother of two children who purports to receive messages from the deceased. She is a practising Catholic with a strong faith who attends Mass weekly, as stated in an interview here.  Even before the show aired for the first time, her appointment schedule was booked for close to 2 years, so her popularity even before the show began airing is evident. Having watched quite a few episodes, I personally find Theresa to be very sincere, and it would be very difficult to argue against the fact that she often makes some astonishingly remarkable statements concerning people and events that she could not possibly know of through natural means. In every episode of "Long Island Medium", Theresa herself states that it is "spirit" who informs her of everything. Which then brings us directly to the most important question at the heart of the whole matter--from exactly what "spirit" does Theresa and other mediums get their information and enlightenment from?

The position of the Catholic Church concerning mediums, psychics, channelers, clairvoyants etc.

The official Catechism of the Catholic Church is very clear about the position of the Church concerning mediums, psychics etc:

2115 God can reveal the future to his prophets or to other saints. Still, a sound Christian attitude consists in putting oneself confidently into the hands of Providence for whatever concerns the future, and giving up all unhealthy curiosity about it. Improvidence, however, can constitute a lack of responsibility.
2116 All forms of divination are to be rejected: recourse to Satan or demons, conjuring up the dead or other practices falsely supposed to "unveil" the future. Consulting horoscopes, astrology, palm reading, interpretation of omens and lots, the phenomena of clairvoyance, and recourse to mediums all conceal a desire for power over time, history, and, in the last analysis, other human beings, as well as a wish to conciliate hidden powers. They contradict the honor, respect, and loving fear that we owe to God alone.
Additionally, the book of Deuteronomy in the Old Testament is also quite clear on the matter:

10 There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer 11 or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, 12 for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord  (Deuteronomy 18:10-12)

And so we can clearly see that God strongly condemns the action of invoking spirits or calling upon the dead. Actively calling upon, conjuring up and evoking the dead or spirits is the sin of necromancy and is strictly forbidden.

The important distinction between authentic prophets, mystics and visionaries versus mediums, channelers and psychics. -The sin of necromancy.

In both the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Scriptures we find that throughout salvation history God has brought forth a large number of prophets and mystics such as Abraham, Moses, Daniel, Jeremiah etc. and this has continued throughout the entire history of the Catholic church to the present day. In fact the Catholic church has canonised countless mystics and visionaries throughout the centuries and many of these Mystic-Saints such as St Francis of Assisi, St Catherine of Siena, St Theresa of Avila etc. are the "crown jewels" of the Catholic church. And so it is that the Catholic church greatly admires the holy prophets and mystics who have been chosen by God to be His spokespersons and the messengers of His holy Word and His desires for humanity. Therefore we can clearly recognise and state that the Catholic church is not adverse to or against authentic mystics, prophets and visionaries.

The Church honors the prophets, mystics and visionaries for their heroic obedience to the will and desires of God. Such persons are the instruments of God's holy will. And reading about such persons throughout history (most particularly in the Old Testament) we find how the prophets, mystics and visionaries are often persecuted and have faced severe condemnations from those about them. In fact Jesus himself points out that the majority of the prophets were put to death by their fellow compatriots. In Matthew 23:37 Jesus says:
"O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing."

And so in light of this we have to be very, very discerning and careful NOT to quickly condemn those who may have been given special gifts or charisms by God. But then what is the difference and the distinction between a authentic mystic or a medium? Firstly, authentic mystics don't normally relate messages from the dead, and certainly not on a daily basis, while mediums on the other hand claim to have this gift or ability, and some like Theresa Caputo often use this alleged gift on a daily basis and often charge a fee for doing so.  

The primary danger with mediums lies in the careful reading of the Scriptural condemnation by God in Deuteronomy quoted above, and also in the careful reading of the statement above from the Catechism of the Catholic Church. What God strictly condemns as the sin of necromancy is the act of conjuring or calling upon the dead or spirits by an individual.

At the same time, in the Chapter on Necromancy, the Catholic Encyclopedia states:
"The Church does not deny that, with a special permission of God, the souls of the departed may appear to the living, and even manifest things unknown to the latter."

Now, if a soul or spirit appears to a person without the person having actively called, channelled or conjured them, then in no way would this be a sin, because the person is not the originator of the action, that is, the person did not of themselves actively seek the experience.

Theresa Caputo on the "David Letterman" show
The problem with some of Theresa Caputo's "readings" from a Christian perspective

And so we come to the possible grave problem with some of Theresa Caputo the "Long Island Medium's" readings. It all boils down to the action of invoking or calling upon the dead (or "spirit" as she often calls it). When a person, referred to by Theresa as a "client" comes to her for a session, and Theresa then actively seeks a message for them from their loved one(s)--then this may very well be crossing the line into the grave sin of necromancy because for her part Theresa is then actively seeking to channel the spirits of the dead, and this is what is specifically condemned by God in the Old Testament and in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, as stated above. And what causes even further concern is that Theresa charges money from the person(s) involved for these hour long channeling sessions.  If a person receives a gift or charism from God, the gift should be given to others freely, without charge, however I do think that in certain cases it would be permissible to accept free will offerings.

At the same time the show often depicts occasions where Theresa walks up to a person on the street or in a restaurant etc. and spontaneously begins to relate to this random person a very consoling alleged message from a deceased loved one. In these cases there is no obvious invoking or actively calling upon the dead or spirits, so in these cases it seems to me that such an action does not correspond to the sin of necromancy. Additionally in these type of circumstances there is no fee being charged by Theresa. But it should be pointed out that these "spontaneous on the street" type of readings make up only a small portion of the show.

In other words, what it all comes down to is from what side the "channel" is being actively opened. Again, if a person is calling upon the dead or spirits, then this is the sin of necromancy and is condemned by God in Holy Scriptures. Additionally, when a person receives an authentic gift or charism from God, it should be used and given to others freely, without charge. We see this for example in the life of the Austrian mystic, Maria Simma, whom I have highlighted on this website here and of whom I will quote a little further below. Maria Simma was often visited by the souls in Purgatory for the sole purpose of seeking her prayers and spiritual help, and she insisted that she NEVER once called upon or sought such visits from the deceased souls.

Additional concerns from a Catholic point of view
Having watched many of the episodes,  some additional concerns that immediately come to my mind is the fact the the (alleged) departed souls never talk about God or give thanks to Jesus for their own salvation. And also the Catholic dogma and concept of purgatory--that is, the purgation and purification of souls in preparation for heaven--is never mentioned or brought forth by any of the channeled spirits or souls.

And while the departed souls that allegedly come through NEVER mention Jesus, they also never ask for prayers. Additionally, other dogma's of the Church such as the reality of hell, the existence of demons, final judgement and other grave matters concerning the afterlife are also completely absent from the spirits that come through for the persons on the show.

Additionally, perhaps one of the most disconcerting things that is missing from the show is the fact that the departed souls never thank God or give any glory to Jesus for their salvation, or for His love and His mercy shown to them. All of this makes one wonder then is it likely that a departed soul that is in heaven, or at least bound for heaven, would not wholeheartedly and fervently thank and bless Jesus for its own salvation and for God's infinite love and forgiveness towards him/her? One would think that this would be the primary message that a departed loved one would want to share as an important lesson and encouragement to those living here on earth.

The "Long Island Medium" during a group channelling session
Important comparisons: The souls who appeared to St Padre Pio and Maria Simma
As many are aware, St Padre Pio (1887-1968) was a contemporary mystic and stigmatic who was often visited by heavenly visitors and also the departed souls in purgatory. In fact, for those interested I have written about some of these extraordinary visits here and also I wrote another article about the Austrian mystic Maria Simma here.

Maria Simma (1915-2004) was another contemporary Catholic who was often visited by the departed souls from purgatory. In fact there is an excellent book entitled "Get Us Out Of Here -Maria Simma Speaks With Nicky Eltz" 2002 which consists of a series of interviews with Maria where the subjects of visits from departed souls in probed in depth, especially from a Catholic viewpoint.

In the cases of both of these individuals, the most profound lesson is that although they were often visited by souls of the deceased, they never sought or desired such visits, and they were told that the souls of the departed themselves where given special permission by God to come to them for a specific reason, usually the reason being was to request their prayers and sacrifices, so that the visitors time in purgatory being purified may be lessened.

In fact, during one interview Maria Simma was asked:
"What do you think of the practices of spiritism? For example: calling up the spirits of the departed, Ouija-boards, etc.?

"It is not good. It is always evil. It is the devil who makes the table move.
(-Here Maria is referring to the phenonmenon of the movement of a table when individuals join hands over a table with the hope and intention that spirits may move the table. It is a similar phenomenon to that of the Ouija board where the planchette moves on its own while being held by the participants in Ouija board sessions. --Interestingly, the phenomenon of table moving happened to Theresa Caputo on one of the "Long Island Medium" espisodes. And concerning the strange phenomenon of the table moving Theresa said "See, I have said it before that spirit can do remarkable things". What she didn't seem to understand and recognise was that the phenomena of moving tables is a common occurance when evil spirits are involved. In fact this phenomenon is always attributed to evil spirits and is often seen in house hauntings, ouija board sessions and quite often in cases of demonic possession--see the St Louis possession case of 1949 for example--editor)

"What is the difference between what you are living with the souls of the departed, and the practices of spiritism?

"We are not supposed to summon up the souls - I don't try to get them to come. In spiritism, people try to call them forth.

"This distinction is quite clear, and we must take it very seriously. If  people were only to believe one thing I have said, I would like it to be this: those who engage in spiritism (moving tables and other practices of that kind) think that they are summoning up the souls of the dead. In reality, if there is some response to their call, it is always and without exception Satan and his angels who are answering. People who practice spiritism (diviners, witches, mediums, etc.) are doing something very
dangerous for themselves and for those who come to them for advice. They are up to their necks in lies. It is forbidden, strictly forbidden, to call up the dead. As for me, I have never done so, l do not do so, and I never will do so."

Experiences and sessions with mediums and psychics should be strongly avoided by everyone
One of the obvious reasons why God condemns necromancy is because of the very real and grave danger of a medium or psychic being misled by an evil spirit(s), and thereby also seriously misleading the persons involved. The demons prowl about the world seeking to deceive and ruin souls and neglecting this fact is potentially catastrophic to one's soul. And then too there are of course those psychics and mediums who are complete frauds and who willfully deceive for monetary profit. 

Also, persons who actively seek out messages from the dead through channelling sessions with mediums and those who seek the advice of psychics run the possible risk of sin themselves by patronising and encouraging the act of conjuring of spirits invoked by mediums and psychics, along with also running the very obvious risk of being deceived, even by the most well meaning and sincere medium or psychic, because of the very nature of the sin of necromancy. Therefore, all persons should avoid seeking personal sessions with mediums and psychics.

But then what about the large "group reading" events?
Given what has been stated above, the popular "group" readings that Theresa and other mediums often host are also very much a of a great concern as the personal readings, and such events should also be avoided, because while they seem to be similar to the spontaneous "stranger on the street" type of events--the big difference is that the stranger on the street is not being charged for the alleged message, while the participants in the large group events pay a significant ticket fee, and also even more importantly Theresa and other mediums at such events are actively seeking to channel spirits for those present.

Finally, as to whether it is dangerous for one's soul to simply watch a television show such as "Long Island Medium". -Obviously I am not a priest or theologian so I personally cannot answer this question from a authoritative position, however I think that in light of the Biblical prohibitions in regards to necromancy as stated above, and in addition considering the statements in the Catechism of the Catholic church pertaining to mediums, psychics, channelers etc. it is readily apparent that all such interactions should be avoided, given the grave spiritual dangers involved.

Some may argue "Well, what about all of the readings by Theresa on "Long Island Medium" that are very inspirational and edifying?", and then too there is without a doubt some entertainment value also, given Theresa's affable personality, and also that of her family who frequently appears on the show. Also, the inspirational subject of life after death is at the center of the show, and over and over again the viewer is presented with strong evidence of the ongoing bond of love and concern that exists between the living and the deceased, which in itself is very consoling. On the surface, these are good things, but nevertheless we must consider first and foremost the Biblical prohibitions in regards to channelling spirits and also the important question at the heart of the whole matter--from exactly what "spirit" does Theresa and other mediums get their information and enlightenment from? Is it in fact not only possible but quite likely that such spirit(s) are not deceased loved ones but are in fact evil spirits masquerading and feigning to be the beloved souls of the departed? For the Scriptures themselves warn us to be on our guard because "Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light".  [2 Corinthians 11:14].  In fact some of the greatest Saints of modern times have often been approached by demons in various disguises all in an effort to subtly (or sometimes no so subtlety!) deceive them--in fact, for those interested  I have written an article about this entitled "A battle for souls -Attacks of the demons against modern day Mystics"   

In conclusion, while I personally find Mrs. Theresa Caputo to be very kind and loving person who is very sincere in her desire to help others, this does not however mean that she may not be sincerely at fault in the manner in which she uses her alleged gift at times, particularly during personal sessions where specific spirits of the dead (ie- the clients family members and friends) are being sought and channeled, and the person(s) involved are being charged a fee.

A simple way to "Test the Spirits" and "Spirit Guides"
The extraordinary mystic St Gemma Galgani used a very simple, yet very effective way to determine the authenticity of her heavenly "visitors". She was forced to do this because early on the demons were often attempting to appear to her as Angels, and even Jesus, in an attempt to decieve her. On one occasion, a demon even appeared to her as her priest-confessor whom Gemma had known since childhood, and he appeared in a form so authentic, Gemma did not realise it was actually a demon until speaking with him for awhile.

Fortunately Gemma's spiritual director, Father Germanus C.P., a very wise older priest who had been educated in various aspects of mystical phenomenon told her how to easily and accurately test the Spirits: When an apparent "heavenly" spirit would appear before her, he told her to immediately say: "Blessed be Jesus and Mary!"   If the spirit was sent or given permission from God, the spirit would always reply back to her with the same exclamation "Blessed be Jesus and Mary!"
If however the spirit was not of God, it would either not reply to her exclamation, or it would say simply "Blessed be!", the simple reason being that demons will never utter the holy Names of Jesus and Mary with devotion. With this, St Gemma was then always able to immediately identify the authenticity of her "visitors."

Why bother with all this "Jesus stuff" if all of my deceased relatives are happy and in the light?
The primary objective of the demons is to deceive and to tempt. If the demons can convince you that all of your deceased relatives are "very happy" and "in the light", what need is there then of the Gospel message of repentance for sin? Why then bother with going to Church and all of the "Jesus stuff" and the need for repentance and the forgiveness of sins? What need is there then of even loving and praying to God, if even your "Uncle Fester", the blasphemous domestic abuser, is now happy and in the light? Why would one need Jesus and His forgiveness and mercy?
-There we have the primary nature of the demons seduction.

For a very revealing article on this subject see Beware of psychic mediums because their "Spirit guides" are almost always demonic and evil. 

I welcome everyones thoughts and perspectives so long as they are charitable and respectful, so please feel free to comment below.


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June1 said...

Wow! Thank you for this! For a while there, I stopped watching this show because I felt that it was harmful to my faith. As staged as shows may be, though, there were moments where I thought it really did seem genuine and that confused me a little. I still have an uneasy feeling when the show comes on or when I sit and watch for a few minutes, but these points are very helpful! Thank you again. :)

June1 said...

One more thing! If Theresa is indeed a practicing Catholic and is always in a state of sin due to her "profession," this means that every Communion she has taken this way has been sacrilegious, a horrible thought! Regardless, we should be praying for her. May the Lord illuminate her and us.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi June,
Thanks for your comments.

As for myself, it is not for me to say that Theresa Caputo is in a state of perpetual sin due to how she actively invokes and channels the dead at times, but I will say that she is certainly in danger of committing the sin of necromancy, that is for sure.

Best wishes and may God bless you and your loved ones,
-Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

She should seek the views of an experienced Exorcist who may discern if her so called gift is of God.

There are many Catholic mediums in the Philippines who have Rosaries, Crucifix and statue of Mother Mary on their table but definitely what they do is not right in the Catholic practice.They are called Christian Bomohs/witch doctors.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I can't really judge the sinfulness of The Long Island Medium, however, I'd be more concerned about those who are inordinately fascinated with her alleged gifts and who may be tempted to place their trust more in what Theresa Caputo has to say over placing their trust in God's providence.

Anonymous said...

I too watched at the beginning, but when I saw a commercial for her show where she was holding hands with 3 others over what might have been one of those Ouija (sp?) boards and she reacted to a vibration or movement, that's when I decided never to watch again. If she's a practicing catholic, she knows that's forbidden.

Anonymous said...

This article is Divine Providence. I have friend staying with me and she was watching and ranting about this show. I tried to explain to her that it was against our faith, but she wasn't willing to believe it was wrong. We agreed to disagree and I politely suggested we find something else to watch on TV. The next morning I opened up Spirit Daily as I do every morning and this article was the headline. I printed it for her and it also helped me to explain my point better. THANKS!!!! These shows are deceiving even the elect, as the Bible says will happen in the end times.

jac said...

I am a bit puzzled that this website doesn't speak of Maria Simma, another mystic of our times deceased in the last nineties. She was gifted to be visited by the "poor souls" of the Purgatory in dire need of relief to their sufferings. On the contrary of Mrs Caputo, she never sollicited the deceased souls, only she waited for them to come visit her and she strived to give them satisfaction with her prayers, mass offerings, and sometimes specific contacts with the deceased's relatives.
She was in good standing with the local bishop and was spiritually led by her parish priest.
She NEVER charged anybody although she could accept some gifts or money for masses.
These "visits" enabled her to have a limited glimpse of a specific future regarding a few people but she never used it like Mrs Caputo.

Anonymous said...

Don't overlook the fact that we are not supposed to seek mediums. By allowing others to make appointments with her, Theresa is, in fact, leading others to this. When she approaches others who have not asked her to, she encourages them to take an interest in mediums, which could also lead them astray.

Unknown said...

In his book (spanish version)Habla un exorcista fr Gabriel Amorth says that he uses the help of mediums (page 105). He considers it to be a paranormal gift that gets enhanced by practice. He considers some of this people to pious and honest people. In others parts of the book he warns about mediums saying it is dangeros. So I think this is a subjet that need more atention and discution because many distinctions have to be made.

Anonymous said...

The question is not whether or not she accepts a fee or receives "spontaneous" rather than conjured communication with the dead. Is she really communicating with departed souls or is she communicating with demonic spirits who masquerade as the dead? This woman needs prayer and spiritual direction from a priest or Bishop, not notoriety.

Catholics should steer completely clear of this type of insidious deception.

John E. said...

I do wonder if she has a Spiritual Director (Priest etc.) Preferably an exorcist Priest who is familiar with dealing with the spiritual realm. A person with this "gift" I would hope that they went to daily Mass and not only weekly. In this way trusting God and receiving Light from Him through the Eucharist. It is easy to say the words I am a practicing Catholic, but when given a gift of this sort it comes with an increased resposibility. One cannot rely on a gift or fealings but, Virtue must be more important than "gifts"
I do not Judge this person, but there may be indications that one has the "Spirit of the world" ruling their lives as opposed to a humble/non celbrity Spirit of God. We must be so careful -the Enemy is so tricky!!!

Dennis said...

I lost my mom to sucicide and went to a "church" where John Edwards was doing a large group setting. I did not personally speak to him, but about 10 years later I had a deliverance and there was a spirit of necromancy on me from that encounter and I had to take it to the confessional for it to leave permanently leave as I was guilty of participating in that sin. Definitely not enough research in this article!

Anonymous said...

If we are really looking at this correctly it jumps out what a sin this is. Many of you have correctly said that she should have an exorcist as a spiritual director. It is so clear how the devil deceives! It is clear from watching her she's committing horrible sins. I wonder what Padre Pio would say toher if she came tohis confessional. Or the Lord Himself. Go and sin no more!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. I have a daughter with this gift. She has begged God all of her life to get rid of it. Finally after being made fun of by priests (this is not her only gift) and misunderstood continuously, a mystic priest told her these were preternatural gifts that we all had before the fall. She can use them to make money ONLY because she is sickly and because she cannot hold down a job day to day and she is the only bread winner for she and her son. She does now have a spiritual director and is practicing her faith. The medium on TV is physically vain, dabbles in new age stuff and seriously mixes apples with oranges; which confuses true Christians/Catholics who are trying to practice the faith. She obviously has a gift she cannot 'get rid of'. I wish more people like this would go into law enforcement and help them with cases. THAT would serve God and society just as much. Then should she be paid? Yes..Everyone deserves a just wage. Folks, these things just don't go away and these people really do need guidance and help. It doesn't help she mixes new age words with 'christian' words. She uses the word 'channel' which is new age. What is the difference between the gifts of the Holy Spirit-words of knowledge? The gift of understanding or prophesy? We really need more information. I watch the show out of curiosity and she certainly cannot help what her gift is. How she presents herself-in a vain,materialistic, showy way she certainly can help. She makes a point of never telling people bad things, which is good.

Anonymous said...

I think these readings come from evil spirits. The messages are always that the deceased loved one is in a happy place. Many of them may actually be in purgatory and be in need of prayers - prayers they will probably never receive due to these false readings. Souls have appeared to mystics from purgatory requesting prayers!!

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time with the new age words. I don't understand why she as a Catholic would not use the word 'Purgatory' when referring to these people. Even those who have committed suicide, she never uses the word. She will say they are at peace, they are watching over you etc. She confuses people. She obviously has a gift, but only should use it if she is the only one in the family who doesn't have a job, and then donation only. When it is donation only, it is a free-will offering. MANY who have traveled around to Parishes do this. These people suffer from the public, from those who don't understand them and those who condemn them. What are they to do? Spiritual direction is sadly lacking and so is education.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting as to what her Pastor or Spiritual Advisor thinks of what Theresa is doing.

Anonymous said...

Physics are NOT talking to the dead person...they are getting their information from a FAMILIAR SPIRIT. This is a demon who is "familiar" with the dead person because this spirit was aroung the dead person at all times during their lives. When a physic channels, they are getting info from the familiar spirit demon, NOT THE DEAD PERSON !
Familiar Spirits: Eliminating Myths from a Biblical Perspective
Misunderstanding on familiar spirits. What are familiar spirits?
What are familiar spirits? There is misunderstanding among some fellow Christians on what familiar spirits are, as defined in the Bible. Some assume familiar spirits are evil spirits that are familiar with a person’s ancestral past. They use their familiarity to bring the same curses and problems that a person’s parents or ancestors encountered. In other words familiar spirits are carriers of generational curses, passing the same afflictions from one generation to another.
However the bible’s version is far from this. Bamford’s Bible Dictionary says the term familiar spirits applies to the practice of communicating with the spirits of the dead.
As Easton's Bible Dictionary says, the practice involved sorcerers, mediums or necromancers, who professed to call up the dead to answer questions. These individuals were said to have a “familiar spirit” of another dead person.
In actual fact the different voice that came out of a person claiming to call the dead was not that of a dead person but that of a demon spirit. Any apparition was also the work of demons. A demon spirit can fake the voice or image of a dead person.
That is why God strictly forbade this heathen practice among the Israelites (Leviticus 19:31). The consequences God said would result in defilement and excommunication from the community (Leviticus 20:6, Deuteronomy 18:10-13). The one acting as a vessel or medium for a familiar spirit to talk through was to be stoned to death (Leviticus 20:27). That was the heavy hand of the law in the Old Testament (Old Covenant).
Saul, the first king of Israel tried it (1 Samuel 28v3-25). He went to a sorcerer to call up dead prophet Samuel for some urgent advice. Sure enough Samuel appeared, though it was a demon spirit.
This finalized Saul’s fate. He was cut off from Israel as the Philistines came against Israel with many casualties, including Saul and his sons. He actually requested to be struck dead after being severely wounded. He and his sons’ bodies were later burned by their enemies (1 Samuel 31). Not a good ending for a person with such royalty and anointing as king.
The term “familiar spirits” therefore has to be applied only in its biblical context for it to make any scriptural sense. In case anyone was involved in the practice of seeking the dead there is hope in the New Covenant. You or anyone involved in any other occult practices will not be cut off from God’s blessing if you have repented of the practice.
My other book has a chapter on required principles for biblical deliverance and healing from occult practices. The book is titled Breaking Spiritual Strongholds and Healing the Wounded Spirit: Dealing with Root Causes.

Anonymous said...

When my mother was close to death, I begged her to come back to me and let me know she was all right. Two and one-half weeks after she died, she did by having the tea kettle in my kitchen sound as if someone were rubbing it on the burner. My mother loved tea - that was her drink of choice all her life. I felt scared, but so relieved that she was indeed o.k. Is that a sin on my part?

Chris Dickson, F.L.A. said...

Leviticus 19:31

"Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God."

Leviticus 20:6

"I will set my face against the person who turns to mediums and spiritists to prostitute himself by following them, and I will cut him off from his people."

Sharon Whipkey said...

I am so pleased to see this situation addressed. I too am an authentic Catholic and have 'trouble' watching this show. I see Theresa as simply wanted to 'help' others. And I have noticed the language she uses, the pride in her attire, etc. I also conclude she needs to have a diocesan exorcist involved to be certain all is 'R.Catholic' as indicated. Perhaps she would then be open to not charging, but just assisting grieving people. Please do a followup on this in the future. She and her family are in our prayers, as are the viewers, and her parish.

Anonymous said...

I was sitting in front of the Blessed Sacrament in Adoration one afternoon. I was alone in the Church when I clearly heard a voice say HELP ME! Normally a skittish person by nature I would have been frightened but for some reason I knew instinctively it was a soul in purgatory in need of my prayers. Curious now... I decided to watch the Long Island Medium. The episode was about a young woman whose dead Mother's spirit was reassuring her she was making the right decision by moving in with her boyfriend. I knew then this experience with this spirit was not from God! Teresa Caputo appears to be a very kind woman. And while it is wonderful she attends weekly Mass. I can't help but wonder if she frequents the Sacrament of Reconciliation. As a practicing Catholic I could never tell a person it is okay to move in with someone without being married. I know its a sin and can endanger their soul. So I need to ask while it may actually be a spirit who speaks to Mrs.Caputo from whence does this spirit come? In this episode this spirit was certainly not of God!

Anonymous said...

You cannot speak to the dead as the dead cannot speak. Something, some one is either dead or not dead - alive somehow - some way. Don't all live in Christ ? In Him all live and move and has its being. Was Jesus speaking to 'the dead' on Mt Tabor ?

Never heard of this woman or this show. If it's like 99 .9 % of the trash that crosses the Atlantic the last few decades, I won't be looking to see it either. Just switch off and don't watch. We are what we eat. Or in this case, watch on television. Watching 'brain dead' so called 'entertainment' causes brain death. If you all keep watching such tripe you will end up speaking to the dead - each other. You'll become zombies. :-)

Prince Gummyflinks

Kevin Symonds said...

I do not believe in a supernatural origin to this woman's claims.

Anonymous said...

I find the series, very interesting and thank you for the article is very enlightening,,now I have a question for you,,, what can you tell me about people who had out of body experiences,,, not the ones who look for them, but the ones, who can not control them,, and they just come to them. thank you for your time

Anonymous said...

I am not sure where Theresa's gift comes from. What strikes me is how kind and sincere she and her family are. They are so funny. If she was not a psychic, she could still have her own show. She is a natural. I always pray for her. I don't get the sense she would do something if she felt it was morally wrong. She has a gift, it is just a question as to where it is coming from.

Anonymous said...

Theresa does have a very likeable personality. She 'may' have some kind of "gift".
If that is so, then she needs to follow Catholic teaching exactly.
She needs a good Priest/Confessor and she needs to follow that advise.
She is preferring notoriety/payment rather than humility.
Will pray for her - will not watch her on TV.

Anonymous said...

On a number of occasions, when praying for a person (usually known to me & someone I've loved in life) who has recently died, they will come through to me, usually in just voice/inner impression, sometimes with image also, and give me a brief message. So, again, the circumstances are: I have just been informed of their death, I am praying (usually intensely with tears) for the happy repose of their souls, and I get a message from them, usually interior locution, and sometimes seeing their faces. The message is usually very brief, as with Betty, for instance, a saintly woman who was a long time member of our prayer group, who died on the operating table, or shortly after the operation. I was weeping when praying for her (she was such a good woman), and she spoke to me, telling me she was fine, but to take care of her husband Paul, who would be having a hard time dealing with her death and absence. May God have mercy on me, I did not follow through with Paul. But he was terribly lonely, and asked a couple of women to marry him, and married a lovely woman (member of our prayer group), still single in her 60's who became his blushing bride. They had some very happy years together. May God be praised. I'll add another example in Part 2.

Anonymous said...

Part 2. My brother, aged 64 was found dead in his apartment, the week after this past Christmas. He lived 3,000 miles away, but we spoke almost daily, praying the Divine Mercy chaplet with our mom around 3pm and then the rosary around 9:30pm (EST). When we did not hear from him, or he didn't answer his phone, a few times, that was not particularly alarming because sometimes that happened. But after a few days I was concerned, and called his son who lived 20 min. away from him. He said he had not heard from him, but sometimes they didn't speak for a week. I said, since we spoke daily most days, I was concerned, could he please check on him. To abbreviate the account ... my brother was found dead on the floor, in a pool of blood. It was a hard image to carry around in one's mind. It hit my nephew very hard, since they had an on and off again relationship, sometimes rocky, sometimes smooth. So it was difficult then for X to go over to his father's apartment, and go through his things, which took days. Some days he'd have to step out of it, to recollect himself. One of those days when he was over there, not long after my brother's death, one of the young women (young mother) who lived there and had known my brother from passing conversations, came up to my nephew and said "X, I need to tell you something. This never happens to me, but I had a dream last night, and your father appeared to me, and said, tell X I am okay, in a better place and enjoying it (my paraphrase). Tell X that I had a great time at his apartment for dinner on Christmas Eve. and thank him for me. (again, my paraphrase, can't remember the exact words, but this is the jist of it)." This greatly consoled, my nephew, who certainly was dealing with guilt of maybe having not been the best son (and it went both ways). It also reminded me, that on that Christmas Eve. I had called my brother to see if he wanted to pray the rosary together (3 hr. time difference), and he said he was at his son's home for dinner and really enjoying it. I remember he sounded very, very happy. So, I was able to console my nephew, many times by reminding him of that night and how happy my brother was to be with him, and that he had done the right thing by him, and to hold fast to that memory. It was a great gift, that my brother was given to communicate that message to one of his neighbors to give to his son, and really to the rest of us. We continue to pray for his soul, but with that image in mind rather than the gruesome state of his body when discovered. "Jesus, King of All Nations, may Your Kingdom be recognized on earth."

Anonymous said...

Pt2-a I just re-read my post, I think I should as this. It took a couple months for the autopsy report which concluded that my brother died from a build up, over time, of undiagnosed coronary artery disease.

Anonymous said...

Actually whilst not condemning this lady as she may not realise what she is dabbling with.she is in grave error & putting not only her soul at risk but those of others.there is no mediumship, spiritism or any kind of divination that is ok.Satan will get into any crack he can find to destroy souls, we don't really need to watch these kind of programmes....
I speak from experience having been to a conference with 150 exorcists & listened to the dangers that may seem so innocent.Please be careful & stick to church teachings. May God Bless you all & protect you always

Anonymous said...

I too watched and she seems sincere. However, wonder why she is not using
holy water, blessed salt instead of
sage. Discernment.... Did not know she was charging and do not agree with that. TLC exaggerates as well.
Sensationalism so it seems. She also stated something about her "previous life" which raises red flags.

Anonymous said...

Although I find Theresa a likable and sincere person, she is not guided by the Holy Spirit. The devil is a master deceiver and can't draw good people in by presenting evil in its natural form. I never heard theresa say anything about a returning to the sacraments or anything to develop a deep personal relationship to God. Also, on more than one occasion, she has told these poor people that their deceased loved ones soul entered into a newborn. I think it is a dangerous show to watch even for those grounded in the faith

Magdalene said...

I would caution against having anything to do with her. Lucifer is the angel of light and still has those powers. Her manner of dress is not appropriate. Charging money is a HUGE red flag Steer clear! She may be sincerely deceived by the evil one but there is nothing here to point to the Holy Spirit.

Anonymous said...

This woman's ungodly manner of dress speaks for itself!!!

Anonymous said...

osrtwer...I think this article nails it on the head. And I would add, Theresa Caputo also told a grandmother that the granddaughter she was is so close to is actually her late daughter. Theresa mentioned God basically did what He doesn't often do, reincarnated her (paraphrasing). The church specifically and forcefully denies that reincarnation exists. And, "not" that it's official, but Mary's, in her alleged appearances in Medjugorje, said reincarnation is absolutely not true. Just my 2 cents. I'd like to meet Theresa, just to ask her questions from my own Catholic perspective.

John said...

Two concerns about this show. First, though the client is not always paying, it can be assumed that the show sponsors are.
Secondly, Is not one participating in this exercise by watching it? If it is not acceptable to go to a medium, is it acceptable to be present via television. Aren't we supporting it by watching the show. If no one watched, it would be discontinued.

jac said...

Mrs Caputo's way of dressing is a bit immodest. Usually the true mystics don't care so much about their physical look.
Certainly the deceased's souls are sometimes allowed by God to contact us when they are in need of prayers. Striving to contact them on the contrary is strictly forbidden.
I remember one night to have been awaken by my cousin Genevieve who killed herself on the rails of the underground in Paris years ago. I knew she was in need of a mass to relieve her in the purgatory. I believe that God had mercy on her since I was told later that though she wasn't a devout person, she committed herself in the care of old people.

Unknown said...

I have never watched this show and will not in the future. She may very well have gifts but there not being led by the Holy Spirit and in the very least she's tricked by evil. Although she may not be calling on the dead during those street encounters she can be entertaining evil spirits disguising as good ones. When watching shows like EWTN were inviting the Holy Spirit into our hearts and homes. When watching a show like this one your consenting to evil. We should flee from evil not be entertained by it.

Anonymous said...

This woman, if authentic, should be at daily Mass, with a qualified exorcist/spiritual director to authenticate her spiritual "gift." The whole thing is very dangerous and is misleading a lot of people. Turn it off!

Chris said...

I don´t know this show,(and wouldn´t want to see it), for I live in Germany but I´ve been in New Age and I am sure, that this is nothing but a means for the devil to tempt people into spiritualism and thereby separate them from God.
There is a woman in Germany who was contacted by a so called "angel" who told her, he would teach her how to heal people in order to lead them to Jesus. He then taught her one after another New-Age healing-method. After several months she decided to attend a seminar with a famous priest who has freed many people from evil spirits. Before she went there the "angel" contacted her one last time and revealed to her that he is a demon and she couldn´t heal at all.

kathleen said...

No flipping back & forth about's a sin! A TRUE MYSTIC, like Padre Pio, & the woman from Venezuela, places themselves under the Authority of a local priest, or a priest assigned to them. They don't go on TV shows.Since MOST Catholics have NO idea of Authentic Church teaching in this day & age, it's no wonder there are more & more of these dangerous Shows going on. People are opening themselves up to all kinds of spiritual havoc....June1, it's VERY dangerous for you to watch these attention to your "feelings" that made you stop watching them, then go to cannot believe the doors you are opening...

Anonymous said...

I have reservations about the show and do not watch it. However, we should not throw the baby out with the bathwater. I have seen the Charismatic gift of the "Word-of-Knowledge" work in most amazing ways. We had a Texas-based couple (the Fishers) visit our prayer meeting several times during the
80's. Jo Fisher had an amazing gift for personnel prophecy that was both accurate and generally uplifting (if she had anything negative to reveal, she always did it privately). Their income was based on free-will offerings.

Lorraine said...

During a recent episode I heard her mention that a soul of a deceased family member would return in the soul of a current newborn family member. This is clearly against the faith. We do not believe in reincarnation. Run away!

Anonymous said...

A couple of points here. While I agree with the Church's position on actively channeling spirits, and the seeking of psychics and mediums for this purpose, in none of the episodes of Theresa I have seen does she actively "channel" or seek out spirits during her private client sessions. If you notice in all of her spontaneous public readings when she just happens to be out and about, she is seeing whatever spirits are attached to the person "spirit" has selected for her to read. Therefore, it seems to me that just by showing up for a private reading with Theresa, Theresa automatically SEES (without having to "channel") whatever spirit is attached to that person when they are in her presence. She even says that she has no control over what deceased relative or friends may appear, even if the person coming for the "reading" has a specific person in mind they want to hear from. What I do have a big problem with is in one episode where an apparently baptized infant died, and the mother was so heartbroken, but then she eventually became a grandmother, and Theresa told her that God had given her a very special "gift" and allowed her daughter's soul to come back as her granddaughter. Reincarnation is a heresy for numerous reasons, but in this particular case, the obvious problem with Theresa's claim is that why would God EVER take the soul of a baptized infant, which is guaranteed salvation having died in total innocence before the age of reason, allow that soul to return to Earth and live a new life that, even if baptized again, should that soul live beyond the age of reason and thus be responsible for any personal sins committed thereafter, is open to the very real possibility of eternal damnation in that second life? After seeing that I realized that this woman HAS to be getting her information from demons masquerading as departed souls. Nothing Theresa reveals in her sessions is beyond the scope of what the devil and his demons can discern about these persons they come disguised as. If she truly is a devout Catholic, she should place herself under a solid Catholic priest for spiritual direction and follow his counsels, as all the saints who had this apparent gift did, and not count on herself to handle it on her own. However, I certainly do not judge her; I think she is a beautiful person and I certainly enjoy her personality and down to earthness, her empathy for people and their loss, and her sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

It could be that this woman is nothing but a fraud. Follow the money!

Also, if bishops won't excommunicate pro choice politicians, what makes anyone think they will take any action with regard to this woman.

No one is a devout Catholic who shows cleavage. Not really.

Anonymous said...

It is forbidden by God! She is seeking out spirits and getting paid to do so. This is a grave sin and endangers her and others as how does she know she is not talking to spirits and what if she ends up getting possessed. I would be very afraid and steer clear!

Michelle said...

We were just watching her marathon of shows last night & I told my family that this was not right to watch & I started googling the Catholic Churches teachings. How surprised was I when I opened Spirit Daily tonight!
I agree this is not good to watch. I've read several books on Maria Simma, all the Poor Souls always were asking for prayers.
Maybe Theresa should say the rosary first & see what happens

Anonymous said...

Against my better judgment, I have watched this show several times and each time have come to the same conclusion thanks to an 'inner conviction' I feel upon viewing:
...When Teresa claims the soul of the departed loved one is in Heaven then the relative left on earth (the person having the 'reading')will not be praying for that soul anymore.

In my mind, this is just yet another deception of the devil into tricking us to the false fact that upon death all souls go straight to Heaven, whether the death was natural, accidental, or a suicide (suicidal death was the case in each one of the three or so episodes I viewed).
How devastating for the souls of our loved ones in Purgatory waiting for their families prayers that probably now won't come as the family members who had a reading with Teresa and other 'mediums' like her are led to believe they aren't necessary any more!!!!

I no longer can watch this show knowing in my heart it is a deception of the evil ones.

Angela said...

I too have watched this show and do feel that Theresa Caputo has a gift - however since she has not gotten the proper spiritual direction and guidance the enemy has moved in and she is now using the gift in a way that does not give the Glory to God...the enemy always counterfeits God's authentic Holy Spirit gifts and we know, as many of you have stated, that a number of Saints were able to communicate and see the souls who were in purgatory...but they did not visit to give some comfort to their loved ones but ususally to warn them to repent or to ask for prayers for themselves so they could get to heaven quicker...I agree that Theresa should see an exorcist for discernment however, in the Rockville Centre Diocese where she lives, and where I live as well, there are NO EXORCISTS!! Despite the fact that the Pope advised all dioceses to have at least one preferably two exorcists, we have none...I find this upsetting and distressing since we know we are living in times where the enemy is gaining a foothold and the power of the priesthood is not being utilized to rebuke the devil and deliver God's people from his oppression...we should pray for Theresa to have Godly wisdom, knowledge and discernment...imagine the good she can accomplish if she sees the truth and presents THAT on her show instead of what she is now putting out there!

Guadalupe House Ministry, Honolulu said...

I have to agree with the people who are weary of mediums or any other type of occult phenomena. When I was in my early 20s (I'm now in my 40s) I foolishly dabbled in divination and got quite proficient with Tarot Cards. I was able to perform very accurate "readings" and even foretold a few events that later occurred. Thanks to our Lord - Jesus Christ - I had a terrifying wake up call when I was spiritually attacked by shadowy entities I now realize to have been the demons who were deceiving me through the cards. I have since learned my lesson and have never again gotten involved with occult practices unless it was to speak or work against such demonic deceptions.

Theresa Caputo may very well be a sincere woman, but she could also be deceived by lying spirits, as many people have already alluded to. The manner in which she appears to make contact with the "dead" - actively initiating the spiritual connection with them - and sometimes speaks in New Age terms is exactly what Scriptures forbid us to do. She also doesn't "test the spirits" in the name of Christ, which leaves her wide open to being fooled by dark spirits who are much more clever and smarter than any human being, including herself.

Mediums, in general, often give many people the false security that the afterlife is a bright place of light and peace for ALL people, no matter what... that there is no Purgatory or Hell, where we know unrepentant sinners go. That would certainly be a notion the devil would want people to subscribe to. So in my humble opinion, Theresa and other occult practioners are in need of much prayer - may the Holy Spirit allow them to see the truth of the entities they are really dealing with.

It's true that there were Saints and holy mystics in the Church who were visited by the dead... but if you read about their experiences and compare them with so called "psychics" and "mediums" - there's a BIG difference. Authentic mystics never initiated contact with the dead. If the deceased came to them, it was solely through the permission of God and the visit was always unexpected to the mystic... and they certainly never earned a living through their mystical gifts; most of them lived simple, humble lives in close union with God and obedient to the precepts of the Church (just read the lives of the mystics Glenn Dallaire has featured on this blog, e.g. Natuzza Evolo).

In addition, the messages these souls gave to true mystics had a devout purpose to them such as to ask for prayers (for the Poor Souls), or to encourage people to live better lives. In contrast, mainstream mediums often deliver messages that really don't serve much purpose other than to play on a grieving person's emotions and/or to gain the confidence of their listeners. Again, I weary that it may all just be diabolic deceptions; false angels of light.

For people searching for a connection with the supernatural, they need not look any further than in our Parish Tabernacles where Jesus is present in all his Divinity. Rather than running to mediums for answers... pray and have faith as Our Lady often requests us to do in her many true apparitions around the world.

The Poor Souls in Purgatory are always in need of our help... please don't be fooled into believing that the dead automatically go to Heaven and we don't need to pray for them. It's one of the biggest lies perpetrated by the occult and new age.

June1 said...

Amen, Guadalupe House! Amen to all of you! I do feel Theresa is being deceived. Anything that leads away from God should be shunned. And yes, it really bothers me that she says all the suicides are "at peace." Really, all of them? There are cases where a person who commits suicide is not in the right state of mind and really doesn't know what he is doing. The Lord is merciful and would take that into account. HOWEVER, for the souls that bitterly hated Him or were just too lukewarm, you may not be able to say the same for them. Hell exists for a reason.

Susan said...

I am really enjoying reading everyone's comments. John Edward, another so-called medium, prays the rosary before each reading. He too is a "good" Catholic. Theresa with her sage is definitely New Age. I will never watch this show again - I'm deleting recorded episodes now. Thank you for enlightening us. God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

My question is this: I love the Saints. St. Athanasius is one of my heroes. I pray to him and call upon him to intercede with God for a special intention. Is this in any way something I should not be doing? I am alarmed to think we cannot pray to the saints for intercession. I have read the book: Get Us Out of Here and the woman in this book does not call upon the souls in purgatory who appear to her and she never charged money. The book also contains wonderful lessons and prayers for the Holy Souls.

Anonymous said...

God tells us not to seek Mediums...right? So when the author of this article states that he does not see any harm in watching the show, is he not being a bit hypocritical? Seems to me we should be avoiding shows like this, if we are Christian and especially if we are Catholic!
Wake up...Satan has blinded us!

Anonymous said...

To the devotee of St. Athanasius: You absolutely are NOT doing anything wrong by asking St. Athanasius (or any other Saint) to pray with you for the intention you seek before God. Don't listen to those non-Catholics who claim this is not Biblical. It most certainly is. The Church is the Mystical Body of Christ. Whether some of the members of the Church are still here on earth, in Purgatory, or in Heaven, makes no difference...the Body is still ONE BODY, it is NOT AMPUTATED (the protestant sects and those souls who damned themselves to Hell are the ones who amputated themselves from the Mystical Body of Christ)...St.Paul tells us that NOTHING, not even death, can separate the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church. So asking the Saints to pray with you for an intention you have is like playing a song through an audio sound system: the Saint, by his or her holiness, and being already in Heaven before God, is an AMPLIFIER, or a LOUD SPEAKER that increases the power of your prayer; it "boosts your signal" in other words. The greatest intercessor with God (through Jesus, of course, Who IS God) is the Blessed Virgin Mary. She said Herself in the Gospel of Luke, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, that Her soul MAGNIFIES the Lord...Therefore, when you ask Her or any other Saint of your choosing to pray with you, they MAGNIFY your request before God, through the merits of Jesus Christ, which makes Him more favorable to granting your request.

Anonymous said...

If Theresa admits that she never goes to Confession, that is undoubtedly because she has already been told by the priest in the confessional that what she is doing is against Church teaching, and since she disagrees with that (because she is depending on herself to handle her gift instead of submitting it to proper Church authority like the Saints) she now probably feels like the typical "cafeteria Catholic" that she can pick and choose the parts of her Faith she is comfortable with, and ignore those she is not comfortable with, and follow her own "intuition" on the matter. That is spiritual suicide.

Anonymous said...

We are not to speak to the dead or find out information.
We are called to live in faith.
I sensed a woman was into New Age occult, even though she went to Mass and communion, bragged about long hours in Adoration, but had the uncanny ability to find out hidden information in conflicts, that when they came out, caused a great deal of upheaval and confusion.
A priest discerned she was using goat horns to get information. So many years later a man, non-Catholic, who said there were people in town going to their pastors/ministers about her because they thought she was doing animal sacrifice. When the police got there, they could do nothing about the animal slaughter because it was domestic animals -- goats.
You shed blood of an innocent creature and take its life, you have the power of Satan. You may have the outward appearance of being holy and being a victim of judging, gossip, and slander, and play the cards very well.
As Satanists do...they don't kill people, they instead destroy the person.
These kinds of people are very aware of the psyches and vulnerabilities of individual persons, and don't ever underestimate their power to penetrate and destroy you.
They make money off of their spiritual powers. They can even fool and deceive bishops, priests, and very religious people, and cause people to side with them and further isolate and malign those people they pretty much destroyed, labelled, or put out because they caught on to them and their crafts, their lives never again the same.
Don't ever think because your faith is strong you can over come.

Chris said...

@laur1965: Do you really think God wants to entertain us this way? The subject is far too serious; but in the esoteric, it is often played down, because they do not believe that there is the possibility of being lost forever.
There are people who continue going to church and at the same time are far away from the fundamental truths of the faith (as I did for example).

Chris said...

No matter how many rosaries you pray and how many pictures of Jesus and Mary you have in your room, if you then willfully transgress the commandment of God, you are terribly wrong. God never takes the free will of us. There are lots of mediums who misuse the name of Jesus and Mary. There is one who claims King Solomon, St. Igantius and other saints would come and work healing miracles through him. They literally take possession of his body and afterwards, he remembers nothing of what has happened. He has many pictures and statues of Jesus and Mary all around. He is misusing them - because these spirits are certain demons. (Of course in the small print you can read about reincarnation on his website.) These people are deceived.

And the criterion is not whether one calls the spirits themselves. It may be this way, if they truly were souls in purgatory. But for demons, it´s enough that they see any opportunity for them to tempt you.
I read this medium John Edward was convinced at a young age that he could become a psychic. Saints never ever sought anything like this; all they sought was to please God.

Anonymous said...

Familiar spirits lead her which is what you get when you seek to know beyond what the Lord would have you know. It occultic.
The supremem difference between this woman and others who have had supernatural connections is this: Is Jesus Christ the center of all attention or is it something else?

Theresa needs to tell her clients to devote themselves to the things of the Lord and then apply it to herself. Period!

All Truth said...

Doesn't the Catholic church recommend that if a person of Catholic Faith has special spirtual gifts, they should always find and have a Catholic Priest as a spiritual advisor? My question is does she have one? 1 Timothy 3:15 helps us understand where to find "Truth".

Glenn Dallaire said...

I thank everyone for your very interesting and enlightening comments thusfar. Many of you have raised some excellent points to be considered.

I wanted to point out also that during one of the "Long Island Medium" episodes, Theresa Caputo went to the house of a friend because they (the friend) allegedly had a wooden table that would move (slode along the floor)when several people would join hands upon it. The powners of the table said that it was a table that was in the family for many years, and that the table had moved on numerous occasions with the family over the years whenever they would gather and join hands upon it.

Well, with camera's rolling, Theresa and some members of the family and friends then joined hands upon the table, and it suddenly began to move across the floor on camera. It was unsettling, to say the least especially when one reads the following quote taken from the book "Get us out of here -An interview with Maria Simma" by Nicky Eltz. As mentioned in the article above, Maria Simma was a Austrian Catholic who was visited by the souls of the deceased for many years:

"If people were only to believe one thing I have said, I would like it to be this: those who engage in spiritism (moving tables and other practices of that kind) think that they are summoning up the souls of the dead. In reality, if there is some response to their call, it is always and without exception Satan and his angels who are answering. People who practice spiritism (diviners, witches, mediums etc.) are doing something very dangerous for themselves and for those who come to them for advice"
(Taken from the book "Get us out of here -An interview with Maria Simma" by Nicky Eltz)

David said...

As I read your article, three concerns jump out at me. 1) I don't think you can say part of what she does seems ok and part seems to be an abomination before God. I think you have to judge everything as a whole. 2) The fact that she does not charge in some cases or does not appear to actively conjure up spirits in group sessions, should be irrelevant for various reasons including 1) above. satan and his evil spirits can easily reveal hidden things to people who are open to them, which Ms. Caputo clearly is. Even when walking thru a restaraunt things can be revealed to her by evil spirits. 3) I disagree with the author of the article that it is probalby ok to watch the show. When we start taking an interest in demonic activities for entertainment or otherwise, we open ourselves up to demonic activity even if we are strong in our faith but especially those who are not. We should always look to other forms of entertainment.

June1 said...

@Glenn: The original owner of that table (the old woman's mother) was REALLY into divination, horoscopes and the occult. The old woman said so herself. While the men were off doing their own thing during family get-togethers, the women would decide to "use the table" for fun, fully knowing that they were conjuring spirits. Even if souls from Purgatory were to move the table, these people do not see it that way in the least. They just think of it as "creepy fun." It's terrible and dangerous.

Anonymous said...

If this Lady is summoning spirits by request, then she is at best naive and deceived by demons.
I agree with Glenn Dallaire, because many Catholics who attend Mass regularly are in a state of perpetual mortal sin, as they are contraception.
It’s possible to look authentic on the outside and be less so on the inside. Scripture refers to ““White - washed sepulchres"
How great that the devil is spreading this error through the media to confuse the truth.
I appeal to you to remove this post as it only serves to undermine the good you do to raise the profile of genuine mystics.
It will give license to those who are “on the fence" to think this is acceptable for Catholics.
You will one day have to answer for them.

Anonymous said...

The person who wrote this question: "I have a question for you,what can you tell me about people who had out of body experiences,,, not the ones who look for them, but the ones, who can not control them,, and they just come to them."
Please understand that the owner of htis blog is not an expert on supernatural occurances, jut someone who has a curiosity about them.
The Catholic supersite for spiritual warfare is st.Mike .org (I think)

Joe said...

God knows all hearts; When you open your soul to sin this can hurt you. Jesus wants souls to trust in him! If only people knew how much our lord loves us they would cry for joy. This person is sinning maybe not knowingly. But look at the fruit. Do you see humility? prayer? fasting? giving thanks to god? Even people say they are catholic and yet they only say with words not actions. Evil spirits are fallen angels. They have superior intelligence and power that was given to them by god BEFORE they fell. All was created good. Angels and Demons have free will. In the bible Satan asks God if he can test us. God allows it for his divine purposes and it gives him glory! Amen Amen my lord and god how I love thee with all my heart :)Remember gods way are not our ways. We are called to love; we are called to trust. Please pray for the conversion of sinners and unbeleivers.

Anonymous said...

In regards to what it costs for a peronal reading with Theresa Caputo, according to what I read a appointment with Theresa Caputo for a personal reading was around $400--but this was over a year ago which was prior (or at least during the early parts) of her TLC television show. Group readings are of course more expensive.
In one of the early episodes she mentioned that her appointment schedule was booked for over a year. In a more recent episode (or perhaps I read it recently) she said that her appointment schedule was booked for two years. Currently, given her current popularity due to the television show, I would imagine it would be very difficult to even schedule a appointment for a personal reading with Theresa, as according to her homepage and facebook page she is very busy traveling the country doing large group readings.

In regards to the ticket prices for the large group readings with Theresa Caputo, the recent prices for the tour tickets start at around $115-$130 for the section 300 seats (prices are per ticket), the section 200 seats are averaging $175-$200, and the section 100 seats are averaging $400-700. VIP seating is $800-$1200 per ticket. So as you can see the tour ticket prices for Teresa Caputo's large group channeling sessions are not cheap by any means. Therefore there is obviously alot of money involved at this point in her "vocation."

Glenn Dallaire said...

Most who have watched the show or who have attended the large group readings sessions have come to the conclusion that Mrs. Theresa Caputo could not possibly guess the large amount of specific personal and unique information that she has repeatedly revealed during many of the channeling sessions on the show.

Therefore ultimately I see only 2 possibilities--either someone else attached to the show (ie- the producer, etc.) has interviewed the subjects prior to Theresa meeting them, and then passed along certain specific info to Theresa prior to the channeling session, OR she is being inspired by a preternatural or supernatural source.

The first option is very unlikely because surely one of the many persons that have been on the show, (or linked to the show), would have since revealed that the specific information cited by Theresa during the show had actually been given to someone prior to the session with Theresa, so I doubt highly that the first option is the case.

Most who have watched the show or those who have attended the large group sessions feel that Theresa Caputo is certainly receiving specific information concerning the persons before her---but the question is from what source is she receiving the information? -Human, demonic or heavenly?

Irregardless, the fact remains that attempting to actively speak to or contact the spirits of the dead in any form (psychic clairvoyance, channeling, ouija boards etc) is not only a sin, but is also a very dangerous spiritual practice and puts one's soul in grave danger of being misled and deceived by evil spirits.

-Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this message as i have been searching for an answer to this very question. I have received visits from the afterlife in photos taken of me and did not ask or summon them. I can not receive messages and do not ask for any but i was worried that i had done something wrong for this to start happening to me.

caroline said...

I also would appreciate any information or advise as to how pictures and videos of the afterlife can manifest and follow me only lately and why? I tried praying so hard one night for my sins as i gathered i had done wrong and something was taken place as i get scared sometimes. Has this ever been heard of by you?

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Caroline,
Thanks for your comments. To reply, I can only say that unless you were dabbling in channeling the dead, witchcraft, the occult, black magic and other such forbidden or dark practices, I doubt very highly that there is any link or connection concerning what you mention. In regards to sin, so long as it is not the type of things mentioned above, then I personally can't imagine why there would be a connection or link between everyday sin and why it seems to you that "the afterlife can manifest and follow me lately."

Best wishes and may God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

caroline said...

Thank you Glen for your reply and i am assured that there is no dabbling and i can rest knowing this.

Kind regards

June1 said...

Caroline, it would be a great idea to speak with a priest about this. He might be able to shed some light on what is happening and why. God Bless!

caroline said...

Thanks June, I hope to very soon, im afraid our priest is hard to get as we are a small town with one priest. I have been to church to pray for souls and continue the rosary for the same.
I am confident that this will help myself and my family who have seen the photos and are amazed as i am.
I enjoy this site and the stories on it as it reminds me that we all need to pray so much more than we do.
Kind regards

Joseph said...

Having watched some of the episodes of Long island medium I would strongly agree that from a christian perspective there is some serious concerns regarding Theresa Caputo's "channeling" practices.

Also on the show she often uses sage to remove evil spirits from a house, instead of more traditional practise of crucifixes, blessed candles or holy water. Burning sage (known as saging or smudging) is a Native american practice that is now popular with new age religions and it is a practice that has no foundation whatsoever in christianity. It seems to me that a practising Catholic would want to use more traditional christian means of removing evil spirits.

Anonymous said...

You know how Theresa always claims that spirits go to her? say this is really true, maybe that means she has no choice but to make a living out of it. I mean, if her gift is supposed to help people, then she has no choice but to make it a fulltime job as there are obviously many who have passed on.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for your comment.

As for myself, I have no difficulty in accepting the possibility that spirits (either human, demonic or angelic) can possibly be giving messages to Theresa. As I see it the two main problems with the above possibility are:

1) Are the spirits being actively channeled in some way by Theresa (sin of necromancy)?

2) Most would agree that charging any type of fee for passing along alleged messages from one's deceased loved ones is highly suspect and smacks of illegitimacy.

It seems to me that apart from offering the alleged messages freely--without charge--then at most a "free will" offering would be the only other acceptable situation.

Thanks again for your comments and may God bless you and your loved ones.
-Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

I am a medium, I did not ask for this gift but I do have it. I have been called a servant of Satan, this is not true! It has taken nearly a decade to accept who I am and what Spirit shows me and I am thankful for this. I ask all of you to open your heart to those of us that receive messages from those that passed, we are full of the love of God.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for your comments. I appreciate your sincerity and even moreso I appreciate your sincere search for God's will in your life over the past decade.

To summarise my understanding of the Church's teachings on this matter, it seems that the Church is open to the possibility that God can grant persons the grace to see or hear souls that have passed--most especially those in purgatory who are in need of prayers and sacrifices in their preparation for heaven--and with this in mind the Church would expect such persons to use the gift in accordance with God's laws as revealed in the Scriptures and taught by the Church. And it is precisely here that one confronts the subject of necromancy and how this sin is to be avoided by such persons.

Thanks again for your comments.
Best wishes and may God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Unknown said...

Your article while stimulating is rediculous, you all must realize that there have been many prophets before Jesus and religions before the catholic church and that the bible was rewritten many times by mortal men who had interest and compulsion (from their own biases and social/political pressures and biases). No offense but let us all not forget that the popes themselves and the cathloic church (organized govt) in Rome took upon themselves to slaughter millions of innocent people for not believing in catholic religion. It is silly to live in 2012 and take without a huge grain of salt most of the parables and teachings in the bible since the bible was written by mortal men trying to keep control over people competing with royalty of the time to capture peoples minds and compel them through terror of this rediculous "hell" idea. Perhaps those who still believe in such silly nonsense should come to terms with their very closed minded beliefs based on a law book written to control men 2000 years ago, seriously...get a grip. I have personally recorded evp messages from those departed, some happy some sad, some down right nasty! (Consider them evil myself). However I know that Jesus did exist and like many before him he was a profit sent to earth to speak the word of God, which is love fellow man and love is the key to eternal happiness. Much like messages I have received myself through evp research. I do believe that those who do negative hurtful things in this life must deal with their actions in the afterlife, but they certainly don't burn in the firery pits of hell, they simply have to learn through helping others or be tortured in their own lonely "hell" condemed to carry the bad feelings and loneeliness due to their negative actions while in the body. If anyone wants copies of messages from the otherside then I'm more then willing to send you some mp3s of voices I have recorded of the departed. I thank God every day for what I have an my experiences good and bad, I even attend Roman catholic mass but listen to the bible and realize that the metaphors of good and being a good person are great but also know most of the book is literally a law book used to control uneducated men 2000 years ago through religion. If you need more elaboration on what is a sin and what is not then please feel free to email me so I can help you be a more spirutually connected human and not controled by a caucus of old men in some very nice buildings in rome who rewrote a prophets words to scare and control population and aquir wealth up to this day. I ask for spirits to talk over evp if they wish but always ask for god and my spirit guide/angels to watch over and control whom comes through...most of the time I get spirit who seen to be happy souls although some again are not and I pray for them and ask god to forgive their ways to help them move foreward in the afterlife. I do not believe I'm going to hell or I'm commiting a sin as I know my heart is good and I am one of the most selfless persons you could know, I sometimes wish I were alive during the time of Christ so I could walk with him doing good deeds. The hardcore bible aficionados need to up their iq or seriously not drink the magic coolaid just because the pope says so, its 2012...wakeup people if you have to think about contact with the spiritual world being a sin or not you are very very deluded and i hope you do wake up for your own sake, understand tge world around you possibly attend a university and learn some social and raw science

Unknown said...

Wow your deluded beyond, there are terrific meds out for persons just like you!

Unknown said...

Cafeteria catholic that's hilarious! I think I fall under that table since I understand that the book you have so diligently taken as word for word truth is simply a tool of control from two millennia ago. Jesus walked the Earth this we know as fact, Jesus had some unique gifts, this we know, the bible was rewritten by man many times over its existance, this we know. Take what you read or hear with a grain of salt, it may save you agony later :)

Unknown said...

Really? you must live in a very small world to have even posted the comment above

Unknown said...

I agree, I have captured evp/video of certain entities whom are quite vile, but then I've captured young children asking for things or playing with things....I know how evil shadow monsters love to purportrate being young children and all for my all does make ne wonder though, what am I seeing? What am I hearing? I believe some of these souls are in purgatory but it seems most aee living on the otherside quite happy...I even revord conversations between entities although you can never make out what's being said. I've seen shadows, they make your skin crawl and I don't like cold and goosebumps.

Anonymous said...


I know this as fact!

when you give yourself up to the church, you also give up evolving!

Chrisitinaty simple cannot accept her as real and must use words like devil evil ect cause not one SINGLE person in your local church to Saint Peters in Italy
can make the connection SHE indeed does!

It is sinful only cause, it EXPOSES that what you think is real is really an illusion and what she and a few others can do are REALTY.
if u ever were to read allen watts, who got his docterte in divinity from harvard u will soon learn
the very very eloborate ways the church fools people
into thinking what ever it is that NEED them to.
To keep showing up, NOT asking any metaphycisal questions, giving TIDE money (it is really an untaxed business, sorry it IS) and of course MEDNIUMS LIKE
Tersesa are either fake or sinners getting from from evil ways! DONT NOT BELIEVE THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN OR THE PULPIT, IT IS 'HE' hwo has no real answers to life and fakes it every day!!

Anonymous said...

sin of necromancy? Religion has ANSWERS to everything, it is all part grand illusion.
The need to place all value on one man is a cult!
even if Jesus was special in gods.

U SEE YOUR RELIGION IS NOT ABOUT GOD WHICH EXISTS, it is about 'the son of god'!

oh man u guys have been sold a bridge near nyc
that borders on brooklyn


it makes the church look like a bunch of self help
men and nuns who know NOTHING of anything but still
have all this power and false value.

Anonymous said...


FEAR is a MAIN reason why some group would attack her. That and lack of knowledge and frankly The Chruch which bases EVRYTHING on the two bibles.
which both were written by MEN (not a single woman)

I personally am closer to Jesus then anyone on here.
YEP and feel Jesus himself would wondr were all this
FASLE PRHOTETS and sudden devine knowledge come from. after all. THIS RELIGION OF YOURS, STATRED WITH PEOPLE WHO were not of your faith and background and that includes Jesus himself!
NO PERSON, N O N E will ever want to think they are in a well meaning, pure CULT!

Anonymous said...

to Luara 65. I read you saw her.

u are fully correct that she is harmless and interesting.. she is NOT ENTERTAINMENT!


DONT fear your religion which does not really know
all that it portents to know!

REAL not Entertainment ! promise.

Anonymous said...

Let those among you without sin, be the first to throw a stone at her

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Anonymous,
You quoted the Gospel of John, Chapter 8:
"Let those among you without sin, be the first to throw a stone at her"

But don't forget a few sentences later where Jesus told the same woman: "Go and sin no more".

She had sinned, and Jesus did not brush aside, ignore or condone her sin...he forgave her and then told her to sin no more.

Thanks for your comment. May God bless you and your loved ones!
-Glenn Dallaire

Gemma Louise said...

I've never heard of this Medium before because I'm Australian but I've seen similar ones on TV.
My mother practiced Spiritism and went to Mediums so I have an understanding of this topic.
As people have mentioned they are evil spirits. they will not mention God or purgatory or ask for prayers.
According to these Mediums someone who commits suicide is suddenly in heaven making people think it's okay to take your own life.
The messages she is giving are subliminally leading people away from their faith.

Just because this woman in the article doesn't always accept payment, such is in the spontaneous street readings, doesn't mean it's okay - Evil spirits are everywhere. By giving them a reading people think you die and you'll be happy, that's all it is. This leads to people to not worry about sin, to stop going to confession or church all together.

Someone mentioned that they practiced this kind of thing and saw 'shadowy entities' - this is what I saw in my house growing up as a child with a mother practicing occult. these entities were full of hatred and were evil.

I will add that I wasn't raised as a Christian and was Agnostic, but when I was 18 I read the Bible and it made sense, God made sense so I started becoming Christian after that. I attended an Anglican church for a while before taking the steps to become a Catholic this year (I will be baptised next Easter) I was led to Catholicism after reading about many Saints, in particular my soon to Patron St. Gemma Galgani (who has the same name as me.)

I heard recently from a lady who worked as a nurse in a hospital around dying people, most had happy deaths (like seeing Jesus before death) but she mentioned one lady who practiced the occult saw terrifying dark figures around her bed and she died screaming in terror.

The true mystics are the ones that Glenn has mentioned on his website -especially St. Gemma Galgani. Look how much she suffered for sinners, people need to consider this before believing lies from the Devil we get through mediums. Please Catholics, don't believe this - use your time to read about the saints. I'm currently reading St. Faustina's Diary.

Thank you Glenn for your website and articles on the Saints!

Anonymous said...

Theresa Caputo is the most genuine of mediums out there. She gives so much for free that I don't think anyone has the right to question her charging when she schedules private one on one time which she then spends more time with the person. Some people are simply gifted by God. I would not question her faith. Since we all have an inadequate Bible due to numerous edits and language misinterpretations, with all due respect to Catholics Christians , it doesn't matter which label one wishes to identify with. This website is surprisingly full of angst and judgement. I don't think Jesus would like this talk. Theresa deserves a little love if not a lot of love. That's Jesus' way regardless of religion. She's the most positive helpful and loving person and you're finding fault. Check yourself... it's your heart that needs to be checked and repent perhaps? May you be filled with as much love in your heart has Theresa has in hers. The world would be a better place. We are all part of the One.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for your comments.

The purpose and point of this article is not to judge Teresa herself (or any other medium for that matter), but to seek to determine and discuss whether her actions and manner of channelling and speaking to the dead is a sin, from a Catholic/Christian perspective.

You are very right in that we are not to judge a person themselves, but as christians we ARE called to discern actions--not only our own actions, BUT ALSO THE ACTIONS OF OTHERS, in light of God's commandments and teachings in the holy Scriptures. True and authentic charity and love of neighbor cannot be seperated from obeying God's laws and commandments, because God is the author of love itself.

And so, given that necromancy (calling upon or "channeling" the dead) is forbidden in the holy Scriptures, the question as to whether Teresa is actively calling upon the dead is a very valid and important question to consider from a Christian perspective, and it has nothing to do with "judging" Teresa herself in any way.

As to whether Teresa posesses a "gift from God"--
If (and I stress the word "if") in channeling the spirits of the dead, Teresa is actually commiting the sin of necromancy, then it must be recognised that her usage of this "gift" cannot be pleasing to God. Sin never pleases God, regardless if one feels that one is doing so with kind or "loving" intentions.

Additionally, true charity towards others and the use of God's gifts must be performed *without charge*, and this obviously is not the case with Teresa's private sessions, the group sessions, and also the ticket based auditorium sessions. At most a free will offering (ie -donation) can be accepted.

Thanks again for your comments and may God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

While I think that Theresa is sincere, and does love God- I also believe that satan and his demons do present themselves as "angels of Light" and are very good at deception and appealing to people's emotional side. By doing that, they decieve us easily- and this is why the New Age movement has taken such root. It is even mentioned in the scriptures that in the last days, even God's very elect are in danger of being fooled by the spirit of the antichrist.

While it is never good to limit God , we must remember that we can also lose focus of Jesus Christ by looking Away from Him and onto what appeals to our emotion senses. If a person's psychic senses are more opened than other people's it doesnt necessarily mean they have spiritual discernment. It CAN mean that they are in danger of being played, used and manipulated much more by demons who take advantage of their increased psychic senses- even fooling that very person they use.
psychic senses are often confused with spiritual senses. we hear and sense the Holy Spirit through our spiritual senses that He increases within us each time we respond to Him. With increased psychic senses, our soul is more aware of certain things, but that person still needs spiritual discernment from the Holy Spirit to discern the truth from the false.

I believe Therese is being decieved and we must pray for her. What she should do is seek Jesus, first and ask for spiritual Discernment from the HOly Spirit-- (not "Spirit" but the HOLY Spirit.) Asking Jesus to seperate the false from the genuine.

Anonymous said...

She should state in the beginning of each session the name of Jesus to test the spirits as quoted in the Bible.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Anonymous,
You make an excellent point! Yes, Scripture states that in such cases such persons should always "test the spirits" to discern whether they are from God or not.
1 John 4:1 states "Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God."

Regarding this,my favorite Saint--Gemma Galgani- was often visited by spirits, both those of God and also evil spirits. The many stories of St Gemma's war with the demonic can be found on my St Gemma website here.

The problem was that early on whenever a spirit would appear to her, Gemma would often have difficulty determining whether the spirit was heavenly or demonic, because the demonic ones often tried to decieve her and would try to appear as angels or saints.
Distraught by this, she spoke to her spiritual director, Father Germano Ruoppolo C.P. He advised her to do the following to test the spirits:
Everytime a spirit appeared to her she was to say "Blessed be Jesus!"
If the spirit was heavenly, it would reply the same "Blessed be Jesus" back to her. If it was an evil spirit, it would either not reply, or at most it would say "Blessed be"
Thus Gemma now had a invaluable method of testing the spirits that often came to her.

So likewise mediums, psychics, clairvoyants etc. would be very wise to follow Scripture and do the same. Otherwise they can very easily be decieved by demons who attempt to decieve and portray themselves as heavenly hosts.

Thanks again for your comment and may God bless you and your loved ones,
-Glenn Dallaire

Marc said...

Glen, thank you for your site. I have ordered prayer cards from you and can say without doubt your pages on the mystics of the church are bringing about many conversions and saving souls. God bless you and give you many years!

I must take issue with many of the comments on here. Theresa is bringing people closer to God. She is responsible for many conversions, including some of my family members.

We can surely find various quotes from the Catechism and Deuteronomy, but as Saint Paul said, Jesus freed us from the law. We are no longer slaves to the law, we live by the spirit. Are we to stone adulterous women to death as the Old Testament commands?

Judge her by her fruits (Matthew 7:16) Is she committing "the grave sin of necromancy" when she comforts the afflicted person who is carrying guilt about the loss of a loved one. The most common message of the departed souls to their family remaining in this world is to release their guilt about how they treated their now dead family member. The primary message is of love and forgiveness, not being burdened by guilt. Remember, guilt is what condemns us to Hell. God is merciful, but we have to be open to His mercy. When we confess, Jesus forgives us and allows us to receive forgiveness which lifts a huge weight off of us, allowing us to walk in love. Worry is a sin. When we are full of worry and when we feel guilty despite confessing and being forgiven, we commit sin because we are not trusting in God. "Pray, hope and don't worry" said Padre Pio.

Regarding the claim that that "departed souls never talk about God", that is not true. I recall at least a couple of times they mentioned God and Theresa mentions God all the time. There was at least one that mentioned Jesus, I think it was in an audience scene after the Anderson Cooper show. Watch every single episode of every season, plus the extra scenes from the talk shows and it will be much clearer to you how consistent this is with our faith.

She has alluded to Hell and Purgatory. On the Dr. Oz show she mentioned in the afterlife "there are levels". And when asked if she thinks life will be much better after we have passed over, she solemnly answered "I don’t know. I'll see when I get there." That doesn't seem like a feel-good New Age answer, but that of a God-fearing Catholic.

Theresa has also mentioned several times that she gives rules to the souls to only speak of positive things. That gives us a clue that there are all kinds of wretched, miserable souls with evil thoughts. She doesn't engage in casual chit chats with souls out of curiosity, which would be committing the sin of spiritism. She only speaks to souls who, through the great grace of God, have been given the opportunity to heal their loved ones by telling them they are at peace and to move on with their lives. God does not want us to spend our lives consumed with worry, despair and guilt. Satan does. We are to walk in joy in this brief life, no matter what calamities befall us.

She has talked several times about "the purgation and purification of souls" in the afterlife, talking with souls "that have grown and learned lessons" after years spent "on the other side" even though they were nasty and mean people while on earth.

The Blessed Virgin Mary has appeared in at least two of her readings I have seen. Once I believe with the loved ones of a young lady in a video clip from after the Anderson Cooper show. Another time, during an episode when Theresa and her friends gathered together to pray that her friend would be cured of cancer. (Her cancer disappeared)

Marc said...

Watch all the clips from her appearances on the talk shows, plus the extra scenes off camera. I find these are the most revealing about the aspects of our faith that the producers of the show might want cut out (the Blessed Mother, Hell, Purgatory, Jesus).

Regarding "the most disconcerting things that is missing from the show is the fact that the departed souls never thank of give any glory to God for their salvation, or for His love and His mercy shown to them." This is not true. I have seen many instances where souls have talked of the Divine love and several times they have mentioned how lucky they are to have been given the opportunity to relay messages of peace to their loved ones. If that is not an example of Grace, I don't know what is.

Many times Theresa has mentioned the souls of the departed thanking their family for praying for them, saying those prayers help them very much.

Just like Maria Simma who "never sought or desired such visits", Theresa can't go anywhere about her private business without souls lining up and screaming to her to give messages to people who are in close proximity. She cannot "turn off the signal" even if she wanted to, so she is using it in a beneficial way.

Regarding evil spirits and ouija boards. On almost every episode Theresa cleanses rooms with burning sage to get rid of evil spirits. Sage, incense, salt, and holy water are well-known for banishing evil spirits and negative presences. In one episode she went into a store and was overwhelmed by negative spirits, then discovered there was a ouija board on the wall, so we went to her car and cleansed the store of evil with sage. There is a legitimate risk for inexperienced mediums to be deceived by evil spirits and demons, which is why it is always a good idea to treat mediums with skepticism and better to avoid them entirely in many cases. But I do not believe evil spirits have the power to withstand holy water or sage or the name of Jesus.

The fact that she charges a fee is irrelevant. She is not a monastic, but a mother with a family making a living, just like most of us. I think it is reasonable for anyone familiar with the show to believe that she is not doing this for the money or taking advantage of desperate people like a charlatan.

Let's think about this for a minute. This show is having a huge impact on agnostics, atheists and cynical people and making them believe that there is life after death. That is the first step in their process of conversion and journey toward Christ. Do you really think this show would be anywhere near as successful in evangelizing if it was full of talk about Hell, Purgatory, Jesus etc? People would scoff and not give it a second look. I believe God has a plan for this woman Theresa to convert people and save their souls. That is exactly what she is doing. Judge her by her fruits.

By the prayers of our holy fathers, all the saints, martyrs, angels and archangels, Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on us and save us!

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Marc,
Excellent comments. I sincerely appreciate reading your perspective. You really make some excellent points to consider.

Best wishes and may God bless you!
-Glenn Dallaire

Datacide said...

I have read that Induced After Death Communications IADC has cured healed and benefited many. The problem with the Catholic Church is that it does not see channeling etc as natural phenomena . The church official position with Science was and still is controversial. My position as a practising Catholic is to ignore the official position. What one does with these 'things' is between God and myself. How one mediates these 'things' to the group is what matters. Is it for good or for evil?

Mad Maggs said...

Hi Glen,
With a website like yoursGlen, who needs John Grisham?, very exciting reading material and what is more fascinating than the truth. A propos Mrs. Caputo - the woman is playing with fire. You can't mess about with the spirit world and expect to walk away unscathed. I am of the opinion that even watching the show and immersing youself in the same is not without danger to one's soul.
Having said that I wholeheartedly agree with the readers who suggest praying for her.
God bless you Glen and all your loved ones and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

No true mystic would dress or look like her. One look at her tells a Catholic all they would need to know.


Anonymous said...

All of the comments here are very interesting to read. I am, however, troubled by the judgement being passed by many, including the author, on Theresa Caputo and anyone else blessed with this particular gift from God. Each and every one of us is chosen by God to receive gifts from God. We must believe that we are specifically chosen by Him because of our distinct abilities to use the gifts He gives us to bring glory to Him. Many other gifts (song, writing, answering priestly callings, etc.) bring with them the benefits of monetary exchange. God knows what we need and only He is to pass judgement on how we use the gifts He gives us. It is quite possible that the gift of free will can/does compromise some of His intentions, but His powers are great, He doesn't make mistakes in entrusting us with His gifts and we must believe that He isn't haphazard in His distributions of these gifts. It is not for us to cast judgements of any kind. We are each given gifts, all to benefit the souls He puts in our paths. We are also given the blessings of benefiting from the gifts He has given to those around us. This seems basic to me. I'm not sure why some feel so much more entitled to interpret God's will. If these interpretations were gifts from God, then they wouldn't be used to malign others, would they? I could be wrong. It's quite possible and it's happened before. I just feel such a turbulence in my own soul when I see others judged for their blessings.

Anonymous said...

In the article it states that people who communicate with spirits without seeking them out can only do it because they were given a gift from God, and as such, they shouldn't be paid for using their gift. If that were true, then all gifted people, regardless of the gift, would not be able to receive fees for their work. In my church we call talents given to us by God "spiritual gifts" and while we are asked to help the church by using our gifts, many of these same people use these same gifts in their professions (i.e. lawyers who give the church free legal advice, accountants who handle the church books for free, etc. - this is how many small churches survive). I, for one, can't paint a portrait, but if I hire an artist to paint one, there is no reason they shouldn't be paid. Virtually all spiritual gifts are financially compensated: from gifted surgeons to famous musicians and authors - it's the world we live in and bills must be paid. Many of these people also donate to charity and that is also good. As far as Theresa goes, I feel that if God gifted her in this way, then sharing it with people, sometimes for a fee, sometimes not, brings peace and happiness to people who are grieving and just because we don't understand it doesn't make it wrong - or evil. She never spreads hate, anger, or tells people to do bad things. Heaven is a beautiful place with a loving God - why do we find it so offensive or frightening that He would allow those who have passed an opportunity to reach out to loved ones and offer comfort? As a Christ follower, I do not grieve as if there is no hope, but that doesn't mean that if Theresa walked up to me with a message of love from my dad that I would be afraid or offended. It definitely would not cause me to question my faith or cause me to question God's reasoning (any more than I would question why God allowed my friend's 26 year old son to die last week). And finally,it was Jesus who said that those without (any) sin cast the first stone. Judgment for this woman, as well as for all of us, ultimately rests with God. We have enough of our own sin to worry about.

Anonymous said...

I have for a long season now have struggled with many questions and any time I ask of the Great Divine and with a sincere heart filled with love for God Im lead by His Spirit within to answers to Truth there are many mystery's of our Holy One.... To believe in God Son and Holy Spirit IS believing in the supernatural.... however I was raised in the catholic church we
stopped going shortly after I had first communion we went back to the catholic church when my brother passed away (I was 16) for maybe a year or so..... as a young mom I was taking my children to churchs then I stopped because I could not find one group of people who where on the same level spiritually and this often times would cause me to feel upset hurt confused what God so often teaches in His Word with His Spirit within was not lining up with what I have felt with what I have seen and with what I have heard in a number of different Christian Churchs that I have been in but just recently like the past week I have been able to take even a closer look at things that the Spirit within leads me to...... I have learned and have been able to put togeather many missing pieces but also with this I want to say I have been very careful concerning testing the Spirits...... I am thankful that I no longer have to feel as though all messages and people whom have mystic gifts will now so more then ever be able to be free of feeling the have a curse rather then a blessing..... also a few days ago I was led by the Spirit within that Jesus gave us til His return to St bernadette.... wow....... this is a name that I would "hear" a lot throughout my life and I never was able to get as much understanding before when I would try here and there as I did a few days ago.... and I feel very drawn to her she still has a message..... Amen

Anonymous said...

Maybe she has satan in her finding these spirits at every go,because she can seem kind does not me it is real, the devil can seem kind to trick us into believing what he says lthrough her and telling us false ideas of reincarnation.Satan is a wolf in sheepskin clothing.Lies that people are going to heaven so we will think not to pray for souls in purgortory.She could be the devil fooling people.

Anonymous said...

I would like to throw out some possibilities to all of you out there who are judging Theresa's gift or curse or whatever you want to call it. What if the "spirit world" is the reality and we incarnate on earth to learn a lesson or complete a task.

What if we all are God, since we are the children of God, all of us together create the energy Source "God".

What if the Holy Spirit is actually holy spirits such as Jesus, Archangels, etc. Spirits of a higher vibration.

What if we choose to incarnate to the families that we are born to in order to learn a predetermined lesson.

Who are we to judge anyone. The Catholic church judges in order to control people. If you really know the Creator there is no judgement or ego. You can have a personal relationship with the creator by just meditating, listening, and hearing. Everyone can do what Theresa does, but I have to agree, once it is done for money or on TV, it cheapens the gift. I have the gift and I have helped many many people with their struggles. Actually, their departed loved ones have helped them with their struggles, I'm just the vessel.

Last of all, be open and let God into your heart. No other person can tell you how to do this. It is a natural ability.

Anonymous said...

I am confused by the judgmental statements being made here. It is God's job alone to judge. What Theresa does is make people feel better and at peace with their sadness. It helps them to move on. I don't believe she channels them, it seems they just come to her when she is doing a reading. She has also said in several episodes that they are learning lessons over there (Purgatory) and that they love our prayers, they are thankful for our prayers and that they really help. Spirits have stated that directly to Theresa so that she will tell the client. I am Catholic and I watch this show. I come away from this show with great joy because she is making others happy by giving them hope and peace. By being on television others are able to see that there is life after death and hopefully many will come to God because of it. There are many shows on paranormal activity and research. This is not new. She is bringing joy, peace and love to others - why would God or the church frown upon this. She was given this gift as a child and is not the only one. There are many with this ability. Why would God allow someone this gift, especially as a child if it wasn't meant to be? We are one with God, God is in all of us as the Catholic church teaches. Please let God judge her. If we could all just let God do the judging, this world would be a great place. Remember the 2 biggest commandments - Love God and Love your neighbor. I don't understand why people are so quick to judge someone that is doing good when there is so much evil in this world. May God bless you all and may you find peace in your hearts and allow God to be in control.

Anonymous said...

God does give gifts to people, but the dead should not be called up deliberately. God has a lot of mysteries, and he lets some people experience mysticism. The devil tries to imitate good. The Bible gives some insight into certain miracles when the apostles saw Jesus talking to Moses and Elijah. Moses and Elijah existed before the time of the apostles. Jesus was transfigured into his spiritual body. The apostles wanted to set up tents in honor of the transfiguration. We have a physical body and a spiritual body. When Jesus ascended to heaven he gave the Holy Spirit to his followers. I always ask God if something is from him, because I don't want to do any wrong. Jesus is the way.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the comments on how she dresses. Who are you to judge her? Last time I checked, there's no dress code to be a Catholic.

Anonymous said...

Our Lady of Fatima told the three children in 1917 that fashions would be introduced that would make Her Son very sad. Yes, there is a dress code to to being a moral, God loving person, including we Catholics. We should dress carefully to ensure that we don't cause another to commit sin in their hearts.

Glenn Dallaire said...

See the recent story in the link below concerning the best selling author and renowned television psychic Sylvia Browne's failed prediction concerning the death of missing Ohio teen Amanda Berry which sadly led the teens mother into a deep despair, and reportedly was a important factor in her early death from heart failure at age 44.

Sadly, Amanda's mother died "of a broken heart" a few years after what has just recently turned out to be a completely false psychic prediction by Sylvia Browne who stated on the Montel Williams show that her daughter as dead.
The devastating effect of a false psychic reading

Anonymous said...

I was baptized a catholic but don't practice. Is there a God? Most definately !! Is the bible truth? Some!! It was written by man! Stories passed down from generation to generation. Maneytruths and maney myths! I have way more faith in the new testament than the old. At least in the new,Mathew, Mark, Luke and John have very similar stories!
So why bash the Long Island Medium? She does have a more direct communication with the spirit world than the priests! I would say she has more authority on whats right and wrong than the catholic church doctrine! She's full of goodness! As for demons fooling her, wouldn't they be giving evil messages to people rather than loving ones! Ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely a danger to believe/follow/watch any medium such as this lady. A sin even. I have Fr. Gabriele's books and no where does he say this is good (as one commenter said citing a page #)...quite the opposite. I agree about the comments on immodest dress and Fatima. Plus, I think going to mass once a week is the minimum for being a Catholic, daily mass would be more of an indication of a good Catholic.

I think shows like this can be addicting and can also be an occasion to sin.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So Our Lady of Fatima said that there would be fashions that would make her son very sad... How do you know she didn't mean goth/satan-worshipping clothing? Theresa doesn't even walk around in revealing clothing. Maybe you think her style is a little tacky or gaudy, but it's not revealing. I think some of you are really pathetic for using God as an excuse to judge others, especially for something as trivial as their personal style. I am Catholic but I am realizing more and more every day how progressive and accepting my church must have been compared to most. I'm truly starting to understand why non-Catholics feel the way they do about the church. Shame on those who perpetrate those stereotypes.

Ricco Bane said...

I believe the Bible was written in a time when the people thought the world was flat. It was extremely important that people followed the word of the lord. God was talking to a very young and inexperienced people. Although we still have lots to learn. Theresa seems to do things from her heart and it also allows her to take care of her family. She goes to church and ask for protection as she goes on with this journey. That has to be a good thing. God was been teaching us love, life and purpose to the point when we can understand it for ourselves. Just pray and hope the best for her and her family. No worries.

Joseph said...

Dear Anonymous dated May 22, 2013 at 6:08pm:

You said that Theresa does not wear revealing clothing...I am sorry but this simply is not true!
In many of the episodes she wears mini-skirts along with low cut or deep V shirts, and almost everything she wears is very tight, low cut skirts and blouses etc..

Wearing immodest and impure dress is a sin, because it leads others (men) to thoughts of sexual impurity (lust).

To avoid leading others to sin, women should dress with dignity by wearing loose fitting clothing that is not too revealing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, men all over the world are losing their minds over glimpses of the tippity top of Theresa's cleavage. Can we just keep it real here? Theresa is a lovely woman but I don't think she's setting men aflame with lust. You are really grasping at straws trying to find SOME way, ANY way to justify your judgement of her. I wonder what God thinks of you using your time and energy in this way.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to share with non-viewers some insight from a recent episode that reveals a little more about good/evil spirits and how Theresa handles them. Theresa was channeling a woman who was murdered by her husband, who subsequently killed himself. Theresa became shaken because she could hear the voice of the husband, and he was cursing at her. Her spirit guides did not permit him to be seen by Theresa. Theresa said that her spirit guides will only allow her to channel spirits who walk in God's white light, and the husband clearly did not. She was able to choose to stop hearing him. So there is a clear distinction between good and evil spirits, and those who walk with God and those who do not, and Theresa does not deal with those who do not.

Anonymous said...

Theresa Caputo aside, what practising Catholic lets Deuteronomy or Leviticus guide them? Are you a Catholic? Jesus was 'born again', he rose from the dead. He spoke of 'when the Helper comes", the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth who proceeds from The Father. Spirits and reincarnation are a big part of Catholicism. Your approach is an Old Testament one that ignores some blatant New Testament Gospel scripture. Jesus freed us from the laws of the Jews. It's there in the Book for you to read and know. There's no confusion there. Abandon the old ways because you are not a Christian if you wallow in the Old Testament and completely ignore the New Testament.

Anonymous said...

I am a recovering Catholic and realise that the vast majority of Catholics pray to false idols daily. Follow the Trinity, not the saints. To me it is very akin to polytheism of old.

KJP1982 said...

Despite her claims, I don't believe Theresa is Catholic or even Christian at all. In a recent episode she went to a "Spiritual Healer" (instead of a priest)and was sent back to "her past lives." In what universe does any Christian of any denomination believe in reincarnation?! I had watched her show since the beginning, but after that episode and one other in which she mentions reincarnation, I discontinued DVRing it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not very surprised by what I'm reading. Typical of lessons taught in early parochial school. What about do not judge? And to do your own business? Trusting in God. Live and let live. God willing, we will all know the truth in the end. Wasted energy on negative judging and criticism. What is truly evil?

Glenn Dallaire said...

Reincarnation is completely contrary to Christian teaching and is not supported by any Christian denominations.

On Season 4, Episode 6 entitled "Why Me?" (Aired Sunday, May 26, 2013) Theresa consults her New Age psychic mentor Pat who "helps" Theresa discover her past lives by going into a ‘past life regression’ session to find out why she was allegedly "chosen" to be a psychic.

Also, in Season 3 premiere episode "Homecoming", Theresa told a woman that her dead daughter’s soul was now “reborn” into the body of her newest grandchild.

In a third case, Theresa stated that the "soul" of the woman's recently deceased husband was reincarnated into her newborn son.

The grave error here is that reincarnation is a heresy to all Christian denominations because it runs contrary to the Scriptures. St. Paul's letter to the Hebrews states:
"Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment, so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many..." (Heb. 9: 27-28).
This Scripture passage reveals two things to us. First of all, we are destined to die once, and then face the judgement of God. Secondly, Jesus was sacrificed once to take away our sins. As the "son of man" fully God yet fully man, Jesus lived one life, and died one sacrificial death for the forgiveness of our sins. He was not sacrificed thousands of times for each supposed reincarnation. Both His human "earthly" life and His sacrifice was once and for all, and was for the forgiveness of sins of the one individual life and soul of each person.

In short, those who believe in reincarnation are not christians even though they may profess to be.

Those interested in the Christian truth about reincarnation should read:
Why Not Reincarnation?

-Glenn Dallaire

Judee said...

My Catholic opinion: To watch this show is dangerous to your soul. It is totally from the devil. Read much more especially, HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why I have a problem with the Catholic Church. All of you feel that she is a sinner, consorting with the devil. Who are any of you to judge her? Have any of you been to Heaven and know what God truly intended for these communications with lost loved ones to come through with Theresa? How do any of you know that what she speaks and tells people isn't given to her by God? If they are in Heaven, then why would they need our prayers? Jesus died on the cross for our sins. As long as we accept Jesus as our Savior, we are forgiven. That doesn't give us license to live crudely or against God's laws, but sure as heck provides us with forgiveness.

Do all of you also believe that if you are not Catholic, you will not go to Heaven? Feeling pretty high and mighty aren't you? Well guess what. I was raised Roman Catholic and I despise the holier-than-thou attitude that I grew up with. I am not better than anyone else for being Catholic and neither are you. Considering all the pedophiles in the Catholic Church and the constant cover-ups for the sinning priests, we are a laughing stock!

I lost my husband last year and the pain of not knowing has been tremendous and I went to see Theresa Caputo at an event. She is amazing and gives ALL monies to CHARITY! So put a sock in it already about how she gets all this money and is a sinner and is consorting with evil spirits.

John 8:7 He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

May God have mercy on YOUR souls.

Anonymous said...

A lot of hypocritical statements I'm reading here. One contradiction after another. Religion is based on communications with spirit. So when YOU pray TO God/Holly Spirit/Angels/Guides for answers and guidance that would be YOU performing necromancy. And that is YOUR DEFINITION not mine. Just thought I would point out 1 of many things that you preach that makes no sense. I have my own very close relationship with God and everyone's own beliefs are wonderful. Why do you care so much about judging everyone else?! I say keep all judgments and unnecessary comments to yourself unless they ask. The devil is more likely behind all the negativity you put out than hearing your deceased grandma saying they love you. *I understand I will get a lot of unhelpful and nasty comments from this but I won't waste my energy responding to them. Pointless.

Anonymous said...

It surprises me that so many people have concerns that those whobelieve their loved ones are in heaven stop praying for them. Why would anyone ever stop praying for their loved ones alive or deceased? , in heaven or not in heaven??in my viewoint everyone benefits by being prayed for. I can not believe that they dont need it or appreciate it regardless of where they are.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to say the least... Such vehement conviction by people who are so ready to condemn. I was raised a staunch Roman Catholic, I was taught the full out dogma( Man-Made Rules of the Catholic Church)so amazing to see these people( you know who you are) thinking their teachings
( Religion ) is the only way.. I will not pass judgement on you who think the Catholic teachings are un-fallible. Hmmmmm to be so pious in your convictions what gives you such power??..There is only one person who shall judge who is right or Wrong.. And unless you are the son of God the Lord Jesus Christ.. maybe you should be watching your P's and Q's in your own life.
I believe that God has given many gifted people this power to help others in their pain and misery of grief. To help them give solstice to the grieving persons soul. I myself was unexpectedly was widowed 5 years ago. I consulted a Psychic (ohhhhhh??? I must be evil now for doing so huh?) My spouse came through and gave me information that helped me heal and resolve the feelings of her passing had caused. I was blessed to have had that conversation.. The psychic was a former Catholic Nun of 23 years who left the church because of being tormented because of her gift.. She could no serve God because of all the man made garbage and help others with her gift.
Theresa is a real deal.. you people who are out for blood can hide behind your sense of self righteousness all you want.. I believe the woman is just trying to help others first and foremost but then she is attacked for everything she does hmmmmmm.. All I'm saying is Matt. 7:1 "Do not judge, or you too will be judged."
just remember that!

Anonymous said...

"It's very difficult to argue against the fact that she often makes some astonishingly remarkable statements concerning people and events she could not possibly know of through natural means"

That's a shockingly naive statement, and sums up why I converted from Catholic to agnostic, because it demonstrates how foolish and incapable of critical thought believers are. Besides the fact that the show is heavily edited, cold reading (and possibly hot reading, which is very easy to do in this informaton age) hasbeen around for eons, and mentalists who make no claim of supernatural ability can do exactly what LI Medium does. Wake up and seek the truth. The truth is that if ANYONE had the ability Caputo claims, it would be easily established through simple scientifc tests, and if it were verified, it would turn science upside down. Of course, that hasn't happened, and I won't hold my breath that it ever will. The belief system that easily accepts the claims of charlatan mediums is exactly the same ignorance that results in luntics flying planes into buildings, or burning alleged witches alive in Africa. Grow up, people!!

Mary Zunino said...
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Anonymous said...

When will the Catholic church take a stand on this? They need to have a strong backbone and stand up to this. They should not allow a medium to be a practicing Catholic. God is Holy and He deserves better than this. And BTW - there is NO purgatory. If there was and we could pray someone out of it, then Jesus died for nothing. You have free will to chose His way while on earth, once you die - you can not be prayed out of purgatory like a get out of jail card on the Monopoly board. IT IS WRITTEN THAT IN THE END TIMES,THE ENEMY WILL COME AS AN ANGEL OF LIGHT - THAT'S WHAT MEDIUMS DO - try to convince us that they are good and doing good things on God's behalf. That is a lie from the pit of hell and the enemy of our souls!!

Anonymous said...

A strong practicing Catholic will not be watching this show or any other on which a person who claims to be Catholic draws upon spirits for information on people who have died. This is so totally opposite of real saints who were given gifts of visits from poor souls; they were first of all, humble. Secondly, they would never charge anyone for such knowledge and probably would be reluctant to share any knowledge they might receive through God's intervention. Why do Catholics have to watch this stuff? Is not EWTN enough? Go to a bible study at your parish, volunteer to feed the poor, or join the Legion of Mary or a host of other organizations that do good for others. So much need in this nation for faithful Catholics-we don't need this "stuff." And it can be harmful to weak souls.

Anonymous said...

I am a cradle Catholic. Searching deeper for God, somehow I fell into the new age movement and the occult. I spoke with a psychic one time. One day I realized I was wrong and knew I had been duped by the devil. That night I awoke to an evil presence. This occurred three more times. If you could only hear the evil laugh you would never watch television shows like this. I immediately went to confession and did a nine day bread and water fast. Please, please, please don't go near this stuff. Hell is for real. When the Bible says not to seek these people out, don't do it! My heart is so heavy finding this article on the same site with the Holy Mystics.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Anonymous of August 29 at 12:29AM,

Thanks for your comments and for sharing your experience with psychics.

As stated at the beginning of this article, I would just like to point out that this article is a investigative and informative piece with the intention of researching the issue, and is definitely not a justification or sanction of psychic mediums.

May God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

Did you not read the article? The last few paragraphs are words of Maria Simma (the italicized parts) read it again. Then comment.

Anonymous said...

Great site and article. All our talents are a gift from God. All servants are worthy of their pay. I don't know why people get all caught up on judging how some things are worthy of pay and some things not. That is rubbish and not biblical. All things we do to serve others are worthy of pay, period. No where in the bible does it say to the contrary.

Anonymous said...

I am a practicing Catholic. N I find
It very sad that so many feel u have the right to judge this woman
N we wonder y Catholicism is so often criticized

Anonymous said...

If u really watch her ud know her messages r never 'evil
She and spirit have actually helped restore faith in those who'd lost their faith when they lost their loved one

Anonymous said...

This is exactly y our Catholic faith gets so much heat! Perhaps spend some time in the Bible learning u have no right to judge others ...something a 3rd grader knows. Who among us is without sin? He may throw the 1st stone!

Anonymous said...

On the accusation of judging others:

Scripture says that we are not TO JUDGE THE PERSON, but we can judge a PERSONS ACTIONS, and that is what this article is about---the action of "channelling" the dead and the fact that Scripture forbids calling upon the dead.

In other words, we are to love others but at the same time we are not supposed to condone any sinful actions that they perform.

Anonymous said...

And the "who among you without sin may cast the 1st stone" Scripture reference:
-Let us not forget the next sentence in that Scripture--Right after saying that Jesus turned to the woman and said "Go and sin no more"...
(John 10-11)
When you quote Scripture you should quote the entire passage, because Jesus recognised the sin and did not condone it and told her to "sin no more"

Anonymous said...

I have often felt encouraged by Theresa's readings that our loved ones are still alive waiting for us, but in one episode, she herself had a past life regression hypnosis done on her to figure out why she is now a psychic. At that point she said she believed in reincarnation. Now I am very upset. If we are reincarnated after death then there is no way for her to be speaking to all of our deceased relatives. It is highly contradictory and I am quite upset.

Unknown said...

Thank you for this article! While I find the show entertaining and inspirational, I do agree with almost all of the statements of Teresa Caputo's so called gift, being severley misled/misused at times. I believe in God and that He died for my sins and I believe that He is the only way to salvation.

The one thing that stood out to me most was that NONE of the 'spirits' glorify God or ask for prayers or show thanks to God in ANY way. That tells me in itself, that I should not be watching the show.

While what Teresa is doing for others is helpful to them, I feel it is misleading and possibly a demon in disguise.

Thank you again!! I will quit watching the show after reading this because think if I do watch it that I am, in a way, supporting what she Teresa does. And I don't want to be mislead on my journey to Heaven because of it!!

Anonymous said...

I am also a Catholic educated by Christian Brothers and Jesuits. I have been blessed with faith in GOD and an open mind. First of all I would not pass judgment on this lady. I have learned enough to know that I don't know. I do humbly accept the fact that the spirit is eternal, and nobody including the many writers of the bible have an idea about the facts of eternal life and whatever processes the spirits go through, live through, etc. God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

If Mrs. Caputo is a fraud then pray tell of the future bad omens prolifrated by the likes of Jim and Tammy Fay, Katherine Colman, Oral Roberts, Pat Robinson, etc... Or the feel good, get rich message of Joel Olsteen. Who care of her real abilities than to know they come from true love , caring and compassion for her fellow man. God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

Could you write something on so called "angel medium" Doreen Virtue? So much of what she writes and says is directly against the truth of real Christianity. She has divination deck with the Blessed Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus on it though Christ never endorsed divination. She certifies people as angel intuitives and angel mediums though the Bible is clear one can not buy or sell the gifts of God. She is 5 times married and 4 times divorced and yet claims she has heard from angel since her youth. Now she is being endorsed by former catholic medium James Van Praagh. Is there any way we as catholics could start some kind of petition to get Hay House publishing to stop the sale of the blasphemous Mary Queen of Angels deck? Check out the images being used on her divination deck -- classic catholic images used in opposition to how they were intended to be seen. If you notice on her so called Integrity card -She has the image of Mary and baby Jesus and she says I trust my ability to know what is true for me. what the heck.. The blessed Virgin Mary followed not subjective truth or integrity but absolute truth. Her forgiveness card is about releasing old resentments so I am enjoy my life.. what the heck.. Forgiveness of others is not about us doing it so that we may enjoy our life more but because Christ commanded it.. as we forgive we are forgiven. There is so much wrong with what this so called angel medium does and says whether it is about demons not being real or calling on angels instead of God that it floors me that no Bishop has not formally called her crap out.

Anonymous said...

I would like to say, if this women has a gift so be. Then she really shouldn't charge. I have looked up on all the Saints some had gifts of clairvoyance, and some were able to speak with animals. We are not here to judge her and her gift. God will be her judge at the end. She also must have a clean conscience before our Lord Jesus Christ. If we are trying to judge her and her practices then we are no better. It is her and her alone that she must go before God and confess her sins. If in fact she is sinning. We only see what we want to see, hear, or read. We are in no proper place to judge anyone. Thank youand God Bless

Anonymous said...

The love of money is the root of all evil.
And a lot of seers get into it for cash.
She has stock phrases and generalizations.
There are books on "cold readings"

The problem is people "aping" mediums such as Caputo.

I don't know of anyone who has engaged in spiritualism where harm has not come to them and to family members. also the early onset decline of mental faculties

Depression is one of the complaints of people engaged in witch craft.
(google it)

As I said to people before if you engage in witch craft, there are basically beings that will play you for a fool.

Anonymous said...

This is a hot topic, isn't it?

First off, I decided to comment because this is a personal issue for me.

I have the gift to be a medium. And I'm a practising Catholic. So gift stays in the box, unopened and unused. Presumably.

I know very very well that mediumship is wrong. And here is why.

a) The beings/spirits/demons/whatchamacalits are of vastly superior intelligence and cunning to us all. Watch those who believe they have a 'demon' at their beck and call. These things 'obey' only because they are awaiting the delivery of a delicious morsel, which is the soul of their 'master'. Time means nothing to them. Once the 'master' becomes weak, sick or old, the 'demon' will turn on him/her. We have no ability to fight them. Our only recourse is Lord Most High. Only HE is our Shield. Ask any exorcist.

b) Contacting them (even if only once) opens a door that may never be closed (or closed with great exertion). I have puzzled over cases of hysteria in my local schools and have noticed a pattern. ALL the victims (bar none) have family histories of guardian spirits. Or they are wearing amulets. My take on this is.. the opening of their selves to these beings opens a door which allows other spirits to enter and disturb them. Their shields are breached with their permission. In one case, the episodes of hysteria were traced back to a group of girls playing 'Spirit of the Coin'. During exorcism, the thing even complained that it came in response to an invitation. Two of the girls involved had to leave school for about two months because they couldn't follow lessons and they were disrupting classes. They kept seeing things, which frightened them into hysterics.

So how do I know I have the gift? Things can enter me easily. I start talking funny. Yeah, sounds like fun, right. But the headaches were paralysing. And no, the solution was not to practise being a medium.

After a decade of pain and struggle, I found an instant fix. I started reciting the 15 Prayers of St Bridget - fifteen prayers worth of meditations on the Passion of Christ. I experienced some 'disturbances' at first but daily reciting of the prayers fixed everything. Thank you, Lord.

I have no idea why I have the gift...or what it's for...or why it surfaced only in the last ten years. I am leaving everything up to God. Perhaps it's to 'show' me the dangers of such things.

But I will tell you all...anyone who will read and believe...STAY AWAY from any contact with those beings (even TV episodes).

For the love of God, STAY AWAY.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Dear Anonymous of 11/19/2013 at 9:01AM

Thank you so much for sharing your personal experiences in this area. I too believe that in the vast majority of such cases it is the demons that are posing as the deceased loved ones. As I stated in the article, the most obvious fact that points to this is that the "visitors" NEVER even mention God/Jesus. Demons will NEVER give glory to God or use the holy Name of Jesus and on "Long Island Medium" TV show for exapmle, you will never see the alleged "deaprted souls" speaking of God/using the Name of Jesus.

Those who are familiar with the life of St Gemma Galgani (for example) know how on one occasion the demon literally appeared to her in person as her priest confessor, and she had no idea that "he" was actually a demon--and this was a priest that she knew since she was a little girl!

However, after this terrifying experience she was taught how to identify a heavenly visitor from a evil spirit--whenever a "visitor" would appear to her she would immediately say "Blessed be Jesus", and if the "visitor" said "Blessed be Jesus in reply, then she knew that the visitor was from God. BUT, if the visitor said just "Blessed be" or did not reply at all, then she knew that the visitor was demonic/evil spirit.

In fact, for those interested, I have written more about this in the article St Gemma vs. the devil

Thanks again Anonymous for the information and commentary that you provided.

May God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Nancy said...

I am also a psychic medium who was raised in the Roman Catholic faith. I never could understand why I couldn't just pray directly to God without an intermediary at church. I also couldn't fathom why some priests had illegitimate children while some others were engaging in other horrible acts. Going to church gave me a sense of what was right and wrong. It came to the point where I wasn't surprised that many of those wonderfully pious people sitting in the pews would no sooner leave mass then be out in the parking lot honking and yelling at their fellow brothers and sisters to get out of their way! Those very faithful people were also the first to judge others based on their actions and appearances. How could one be so holy and yet act in such a manner? Please don't get me wrong, I know that there are also many good churchgoers and priests, but how many who have slandered Theresa Caputo can say that they have never done anything wrong? Be truthful with yourselves!

I am 47 and discovered my gift five years ago. I believe that God has granted me this privilege to help others. I pray DIRECTLY to Him every day for His protection and light. Like Theresa, when I give a reading, I always ask the Holy Spirit to send me only the highest and purest entities. I always feel the good energy around me and use that to deliver positive, reassuring messages. I have never had any bad experiences nor do I deliver any news of doom and gloom. We have enough already!
As for when we leave this life, I believe that we go home to the light and pay for any dues by learning and growing on the other side as well as reincarnating to pay for any karmic retributions here on earth. I believe that there is no hell worse than what human kind is suffering on earth. In response to Anonymous from Sept 28, from my experiences, your loved ones will be waiting for you on the other side. Most spirits do not come back for many years/generations and can come back as groups. There are a few exceptions that may come quicker as, for example, the spirit of a miscarried baby who may come into the same family's next baby's body.

I KNOW that I will be accepted into God's loving arms, as much as anyone else, when my time comes to cross over. I believe in the power of good and love and have faith that our Father loves ALL of his children. I do not fear for any, so-called wrong doing that I am perpetuating here for I see how my readings can give others the gift of clarity, peace, and love. As for Theresa, she has a heart of gold to go along with that wacky personality, hair and nails. She gives messages to help others and I can only strive to give the gift of healing to as many people with my words as she has with hers.

Let's all truly accept and love one another regardless of appearance, actions or religious beliefs. Let's change this world one heart at a time.

May God bless everyone with much love and light...

Unknown said...

I am catholic my believes are very strong. I was talking to a member of the church the other day about the medium and how she charges for this I was telling her that so wrong for doing that. it is not my place to judge her. on many accounts I try to contact The Long Island medium. with no response though. God has given me a gift and I am a medium. I do not push it on anybody. I've always say a prayer after I am given message. my messages come in visions and The person that needs to be told is never around..I usually run into the person days later and usually they're asking me for advice and I'll give The a message..I never ask for anything in return.

Anonymous said...

I am not judging this woman. I had never even heard of her show until this article. One thing I learned for certain from a very knowledgeable priest is that not all "spirts" are from God. There is only one, true Holy Spirit!

I wonder whether she confesses this activity.

Alessandre said...

I am having difficulty w/ Ms. Brigandi Caputo & w/ many responders who use the generic "spirit" & even the belief that our faith is based in "spirit." We don't worship a generic spirit but rather, God, the Great I Am, the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob who created a people, Israel, through which He ultimately became flesh in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ. We worship Jesus Christ, who died & rose again to free us from our sins, who came to restore our humanity & make us able to become like Him, who founded and left us His Church that those who accept Him might become His Body. We worship the Holy Spirit, whom Christ sent to be our Comforter & to lead us into all truth. There's nothing generic about our God.

The generic is a hint that something is wrong. As many others have indicated, not all spirits are of God. It's vital we not be presumptuous. These spiritual gifts aren't dangerous because one accepts money but because they are being used to foretell the future or circumnavigate grief. They to forgo faith & hope for certainty, whether one knows it or not. The desire for certainty is great but the Holy Spirit doesn't give it to us. He gives us faith, hope & the perseverance we need to leave our departed loved ones in God's mercy. And there we must leave them.

I get grief, better than most. My family died in political violence. By the age of 5, I was alone. Most of the family I lived with for the next 11 years are dead; by 21, I'd been through 2 sets of parents. Death & grief have been huge parts of my life. I spent much of my life in a cloud of depression. Freedom only came through experiencing grief & through the Body of Christ. The freedom is such, I'm filled w/ hope for those who killed my family & for the members of the family I lived w/ who brutalized me. I'm content to wait. I know Jesus has cared for me & cares for them. My job is to allow Him to make me so like Him that I realize the hope of an eternity w/ Him and w/ my love Ones who chose to be made like Him. I must also accept that some whom I love dearly may be in Hell; I can't command only "positive" things. It's hard to trust God w/ our losses, to trust that His will is perfect.

And I also get supernatural gifts, both personally & in the lives of others. In the prophet Joel & in Acts, we read: "your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams." Of course, God gives some of us such gifts. He does so for the building up of the Body of Christ. That includes building up our faith, our hope & our endurance. If we only endure because we have become certain our loved ones are in Heaven, we're trying to peek ahead to see if the story ends well. That is why, if those who have such gifts desire to build up the Body of Christ, they will submit themselves to the authority of the Church & be obedient even if we disagree w/ what a priest or bishop tells us. It's so easy to believe I know what God wants me to do. When I submit myself to authentic authority, even authority that isn't holy, I submit myself to God in reality & not God as I see Him. If God desires me to use a gift, he will manifest it. I waited until I was 35 for a priest to tell me not to change my spirituality. Since that confession, God has sent me to priests who are helping me build up the Body of Christ. Before then, both priests & the laity subjected me to various sorts of ridicule & being treated as if I was an alien.
Ultimately, the gifts aren't as important as obedience. Disobedience rends the Body of Christ & then supernatural gifts will harm our souls & the souls of those we seek to 'help.'

Glenn Dallaire said...

Dear Alessandre,
Thank you for your very thoughtful post. You make some excellent points.

May God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know if the show is editing out any references that the dead people this medium is talking with have made to Jesus, God, etc.

If so, it would not be a surprise. Although it would indicate that the medium is possibly communicating with real dead people who are in Heaven, it would be sad that she would allow herself to be the subject of this show if she is a follower of Christ and this was being hidden from the public. If the spirits were speaking Christ's message what a dis-service it would be not to allow the world to hear it.

Sarah said...

It really sickens and disheartens me to see so many people referring to this woman as "sincere, kind" having a "gift" and a "wonderful personality" (which just from the commercials I've been unfortunate enough to see, seems obnoxious, crude immodest and loud to me). As someone who formerly engaged daily in the sin of necromancy I can tell you that this is no "gift". This woman is "sincerely" charging big bucks to give false comfort and tasteless entertainment to countless of naive souls she is leading to hell right alongside her and the demons she consorts with. Don't be so afraid to take a stand against evil! Do you really think the diabolical and the angelic can both be at work here? If only people knew what dangerous, hideous, terrifically evil spirits demons are and how they do their damndest to drag every last soul to hell they sad it is to see people deceived, yet how "comforting" and "consoling" it is to BE deceived! And if only deception were the end of, it is a means, not an end. If I related a third of the worst of my diabolical experiences, I doubt I would be believed...for those of you buying into this or defending this obscene witch (for a witch she is), all I can say is, be warned, you'll have your taste of hell and eat it too.

Anonymous said...

She and others like her does not seek out their ability. It happens to them. They have shared it in order to cope. It is NOT necromancy. They are speaking to angels and beings who have been assigned to them by God and these beings interact with beings assigned to other angels etc. alive in this world to give messages from the departed who they, the angels are in contact with... no one seeks out dead people but if allowed, dead people can seek out living people through guides who may be of the holy spirit and angels. Stop interpreting what you dont understand from all perspectives. Leave the judging to God.

Anonymous said...

May God, Creator and Master of All protect you from the negativity here and the like everywhere. Do as God commands you to do. Peace be with you.

Anonymous said...

I also know an enlightened Benedictine Monk now Priest who shares God's love in obedience and uses his ability to serve God. It is not easy. He is persecuted. Jesus was so persecuted so who is he (the priest) to complain. When an ability is from God it is clear and he has the power to make all witnesses. You think God would let her message go to TV in his name if he disagreed? He is God.

Blizzard Family Happenings said...

Regarding Deuteronomy as an argument against mediumship, which provides proof of the after life, and gives hope and healing (gasp!)

- Anyone who wishes to use this text as literal command today should also be prepared to stone stubborn children (Deuteronomy 21:18), keep the feast of booths (Deuteronomy 16. 13) and accept polygamy (Deuteronomy 21:15)!

As these verses show, this whole section of Deuteronomy consists of legalisms which have little or no relevance today and were only valid in the context of Israel’s struggle with the Canaanites.

In certain contexts, such as the conflict with Canaanite religion (particularly the blood-sacrifice cult of Moloch), practices associated with divination are prohibited. But in a differing context (Israel’s own religion and in the early church) divination was an accepted practice (Numbers 27:21, Acts 1:26).

Unknown said...

God is Love. The Power of Good is Greater than the Power of Evil. Keep in close touch with Holy Spirit God Jesus and continue expressing Love on earth. When a spirit of a deceased loved one communicates through a person such as Theresa, this is expressed as a desire for the person left on earth to go on with strength and Love. Theresa keeps her faith strong with prayer, prayer from others, her church.It is Good.

Anonymous said...

GOD gave us a mind to use and he sees into every heart. Being closed minded is a sad thing. Some of you closed minded people scare me.

Anonymous said...

One has to question why certain people are given this type of gift? And it is a sincere question. Why are some people more sensitive to the spiritual existence around us? What are they supposed to do with this knowledge? I believe all we can do for the deceased is pray for them. However, as was mentioned, God is never mentioned, nor the request to pray for the deceased souls. And it's hard to believe that they are all in heaven. Some great Catholic saints had such a gift, yet are not considered evil. However, I do understand that it is important to be cautious because evil does disguise itself. Due to the large number of those who do not believe in an after life, couldn't this be seen as a first step to opening those closed minds. Only God knows his plan. And finally, I believe both Theresa and John Edwards actually pray (John prays the Rosary) before they use these gifts. Are we supposed to believe that our prayers are useless against evil - I don't believe so. That's what FAITH is - in action.

Anonymous said...

I am very interested in these postings and i do not believe Teresa to be evil. I would like to briefly relate my own experience.

I was brought up a strict Catholic and have always maintained my Catholic faith by attending church, adhering to teaching etc. About 20 years ago i met my boyfriend (much older than me) and i was young and naive. He had been in jail convicted of violent assault (which i found out later) and turned out to be often violent and nasty towards me as well as alcoholic. I would like to not mention race, however he was Aboriginal Australian ( i am white) and was brought up in extreme dysfunction and violence.

My boyfriend never followed religion and always believed in the Dreamtime and Aboriginal spirituality, where spirit visitations from loved ones are not considered at all evil and are a common occurrence.

My (ex partner) passed away last year and since that time i experienced electrical interference in my home, and other strange occurrences. A few months ago i took part in induced afterlife connections and spoke with me, and listened as he asked for my forgiveness. After a few of these sessions all the negative activity in my home ceased and i know that he simply wanted my forgiveness. We also discussed Jesus and he told me he very much accepts Jesus, however his true place is in the Dreamtime with his people.

I will never believe my experience was evil and i have changed my life a great deal since these sessions. I became a much calmer person, actually cleared my home of occcult books (left there by a previous tenant), and even cured my addiction to pornography. I still believe in the Catholic faith but i now believe there are many paths to follow and not necessarily one only.

Anonymous said...

There iz no doubt thati its a gift. The problem exists with tje money they chargeI dont think itz a gift to have your fodtund told. I think its a gift to help with missing psople and murders solving crimes. I was raized catholic but studied otherreligions. I think people like john edwards, silia brown, theresa capputo are sinning by charging the out ragious fees . People who need their true gift and have dear ones missing or murdered cant afford thoze 800.00 an hour. So i think ising their gifts to help solve crimes is a blessing from god. They should be able to work doing this and recieve a reasonable amout of money be paiid for their services and alwaus tbrough jesus christ name .

Anonymous said...

I believe that if they are a gift from god they are to be used in zolving crimes. I dont think the lord wants people who died to be disturbed while rest where they are suppose to stay until judgement day.. There os abuse of the gift. The bible does say god gives some people these gifts, but if trudly from god they arent gonna charge out ragious fees and the gift is not to be used to tell the future, nor about love and finances. when you look up died in the bible it says your souls is at rest like a sleeping state until judgement day. Cjanneling ghe dead im pretty sude god dods not want to disturb out rezt like saul in thd bible when someone is missing or murdered that would a gift of god to have a meduim or prophet help solve these sins of man. They should volunteer to help or if doing for a liviing then a reazonable amount of pay for their assistence. If its a gift from theheart than its a gift from god.

Anonymous said...

no not if you alwaysask in they name of jesus. Always have ti speak to go through jesus My son was murdered and policeare covering it up the lord ssnt me a dove, a spiritual dove me and my granddaughter seen it through security camarsa have infra red. That was our lord jesus christ. Amen to that was great for a 14, year old tko witness ..

Anonymous said...

You didn't point out that Caputo's "spirit guide" lies to her. That is a dead giveaway to her 'gift' being evil, not good.

From another Catholic blogger:

Unknown said...

I have recieved information my whole life but i have never asked fpr it nor do i charge people to tell them something important or to clear thier homes of evil entitys and energy

Unknown said...

I am sorry, but they are so many simple minded peopole in the world. I lost my mom 3 years ago and I promise you the show help me in so many ways. I can't say I seen every show, but I seen majority of them. I want to clarify so things: she does says God in her show, she has mention the Ouija board is bad, and only draw spirits from the light. When watching she give her clients hope even the onces watching tv. People are not going to church like they should anymore. Her show inspire people that God will never leave and the dead ones are watching over you. When people loses their love ones, they feel alone and scared, and try to figure things out on their on. This is when the devil work on your emotion. She does want you believe in her, just here messages. One more thing: if you watched her show, she has bad anxiety therefore she couldn't hold down a job even if she wanted too! So the reason she charge is to make a living. Nothing wrong with that!
Lena Metoyer

Breanna said...

My name is Breanna and today I was watching long island medium and I guess I got emotional after seeing one if the clients connect with there father and it made me want to try connecting with mine so I Google local medium close by and I called them but it seem something was always getting in the way of me doing so have I already committed the sin and can I be forgiven?

Hey, you said...

I know nothing about Theresa Caputo and am not leaving this comment because of her. I am an Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Eucharist who lost my seriously mentally ill daughter to suicide on March 2, 2011. For my entire life, I have had what is called "psychic" abilities but I have also had GOD. I have had an apparition that warned me (when I was five years old) of my lifelong struggles and actually gave me a "number"; when my daughter hit that "number" in age, I knew what it meant. I have consulted two mediums, one local (who is quite well known and accurate), one international (for which I paid a great deal of $ for a 15 person seminar for three hours on Long Island in September 2011.) The "famous" medium had "something" with him, something that did not want to be in my presence, but he still "got" real information. The first saved my life, I was less than two months from losing my daughter. He KNEW, he described things in my home (remote viewing, which I have also done), he knew what had happened to her and why. He stopped me because I was in the middle of a nervous breakdown and was thinking of ending my life despite my lifelong connection to God.

I know there is "more", I know because I *know* and can't explain it. There is something God is willing to allow my daughter to share with me but my grief is still raw (even 3-1/2 years later) and it can't get through that: I know this too. So I am speaking to the first medium again in the next two weeks.

I know what the "Church" teaches. Does God not understand the shattered heart of a mother, considering what Mary suffered? Would God turn me away from Himself after a lifetime of literal signs and some miracles because I am following a strong urge to allow this "message" to come to me? Not any God I know.

This is not necromancy. I do not wish any knowledge of the future and NO SOUL can come TO YOU through the "veil" without God allowing it. We pray to the saints: they are dead. Somehow, magically transformed by canonization so it's just fine to talk to them. Something is wrong here.

Remember: there are wolves in the clothing of lambs, and Jesus was adamant about setting aside rules so strict not even the Pharisees could follow them. What are HIS COMMANDMENTS: The hardest of all: Love God with your whole heart all the time; love others as you love yourself. These are quite difficult. Loving oneself is difficult enough. Seeing God's love in others, how they are seen by Him, requires an active, conscious effort every day.

WHO are the saints? There are millions unrecognized. If I have to fear that approaching my Father, who will not give me a stone when I ask for bread, for any message He can allow to let me live without crippling grief and serve him, then that is a God I do not recognize.

pam day said...

I would. love to see tje long iland mediums. i had a neice just got shot and killed and i would love to k.ow if she with her grandma marie. please contact. us at 559 331 5514

Anonymous said...

I think when a loved one comes through to a Medium and relates truthful things, events past, remembering someone's birthday or bringing a happy tone of love, to me it's a comfort. Love and separation can be painful and knowing a love continues to exist, to me, is comforting and hopeful for Eternal life.

Unknown said...

The devil is a sneaky sneaky snake. You have to be strong in your faith,actively praying and practicing. Initially when i started to watch the show it was just to critic and for entertainment or so i thought but i slowly began to get sucked in. I'm in a very trying stage of my life now and i cant believe i started to even think of visiting a medium "just for guidance i tell myself". But the devil is forever i liar and would be recognised as one in my life in Jesus name. The spirit of God directed me to just Google what the catholic church has to say about medium and to the glory of God i found this article even mentioning the exact show. Many shall be deceived because she says shes catholic but i always wondered why the "spirits" never talked about where they are (heaven, hell, purgatory etc) or mention God or Jesus or the holy spirit.

Anonymous said...

I was raised Catholic and escaped in my early 20s. I'm now a faithful watcher and reader of Joel Osteen and Joseph Prince...both non-denominational men of God and the Trinity. Both of these men saved my faith and probably life in more ways than one. I watch Theresa Caputo and yes, I saw a medium after my brother died a horrific death via multiple myaloma. And before this, starting in 1998 after my mom died, I had many beautiful signs/visits from her and later from my brother. Trust me, these were not from the so-called devil. They were from God who chose to bless me with the gift of comfort which it certainly brought me. I know my father, mother and brother are with me all the time in spirit. I light a candle every night in their honor as well as on all their birthdays, memorial anniversaries. So, Catholics, am I going to burn in hell forever with cursed demons sticking me with their pitchforks? If I do I'll be in good company right beside all those child-raping Catholic men of God. As a matter of fact, my husband was abused as a child by an older boy who later became a priest and subsequently died of aids. Instead of putting Ms. Caputo's head on a stick along with all the other mediums, psychics, etc., please see these priests for what they really are and a church (and Pope) who chose to turn a blind eye on this debauchery. This is the TRUE evil in the Catholic other churches...shame, shame on this truly evil hierarchy of men. Compared to these evil men in priests' clothing, Theresa Caputo should be up for sainthood! And by the way, why don't you pose this question to the present Pope Francis (about mediums) especially after when asked about homosexuals he said, "Who am I to judge?" I would probably respect his answer way more than a lot of you on here.

Anyone who is a recovering Catholic knows that a lot of catholics are brainwashed and paranoid. It's like they're living a kind of hell on earth. I feel sorry for them in a lot of ways.

Eventhere said...

Very true. These people drawn to watch this program need our prayers

Eventhere said...

Breanna, please discuss this with your priest. He may advise that you need to go to reconciliation but he'll be able to answer you best.

Pam, rather than seek out this medium, why not offer a mass instead for the soul of your niece. Walk closely with God and He will answer your heart.

Eventhere said...

God may grant the gift of letting you know about a deceased. My father passed away 2 years ago. He had a beautiful walk with God. I've been blessed to have 2 dreams with my father in them, I knew these were God's gifts of Grace. One of the dreams he showed that he need more masses said for him.

God can and does send signal graces to his children. He is a very loving God

Maria T PhD said...

Thank you for writing this. It has disturbed me that so many psychics and mediums speak of their gift, charge money and speak of reincarnation as though they have proof. I read Theresa's book and stopped when she spoke of reincarnation as though it was in the Bible. This seems to be the direction every medium ultimately goes, which is sad. Additionally, they never consider testing these spirits and take their spiritual safety for granted. Theresa specifically says she only calls up those spirits who are in God's Light, but it occurred to me that this is evidence that she may see herself as equal to God by her power to control positive and negative spirits. I have no doubt she was born with a gift, but I pray for her spiritual safety. Her dog often barks at her sessions which indicates that he can see more than she can.

I am doing dissertation work with Catholic families with an autistic member, and this actually just came up for several people. The difference is that those who get it do so to pray for the soul, like you said. You were spot on regarding the benefit of the soul. I had a spiritual director who told me this, and it made all the difference for me.

When she helps in the healing of a grieving person, I think this is evidence that God can turn anything to the good, even when it is done with the wrong intention. I pray for each person that comes in contact with her that they realize that any and all gifts come from God and we are simply His servants.

Unknown said...

And BRAVO to "anonymous" 3 blogs above

Anonymous said...

Fr. Amorth, the chief exorcist of Rome is very clear about his experience on the matter. I have read ALL his books and he says that while there are many charisms that God gives, and that he himself (Amorth) uses the help of many people who have non-defined charisms to help him in his exorcisms, all of these people remain hidden, never EVER publicize their gift and NEVER accept money for anything.

I saw a piece of 1 episode of this show and shut it off as quickly as I could. To watch these things opens you up to terrible influences, from outright demonic possessions to what Amorth calls vexations (bumps in the night, fears etc). There are things we should be afraid of. It only takes one moment for the devil to enter, especially if we are not in a state of grace (and who can guarantee they are in a state of grace?), and then it can take years to get rid of him. Especially in the USA where there are so very few exorcists and those here are seldom well trained.

This woman is using a spirit to make money. Simon Magus did the same. Don't watch it.

Mike Wright said...

This is why I am a Christian. I left the Catholic church in the late 70's. I became a Christian in 1986 when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. To read that this lady is a practicing Catholic and "goes to Mass weekly" doesn't surprise me at all. The Catholic church isn't a Bible teaching, preaching church so a lot of it's members do what ever they want. The pope endorses Homosexuality, Evolution and says that even Atheists can go to Heaven as long as they do good works. EXACTLY opposite of what the Bible says. Remember the only thing more dangerous than liberal politics is liberal religions.

stephen said...

Their are no choices for anyone to change their religion physically oh yes., but spititually not so. As we are born we are have no choice to be or not be baptised, our parents decide that choice. The act of baptisem protects the soul of the infant should the child parrish. It protects the soul from evil until death. From that moment you are catholic.will remain catholic till the end of time. Your parents like mine made the decision to bring me to the catholic church. See I have no choice nor would I ever want to change my faith. It would do me absolutely no good. Besides what purpose would it serve.
I am the youngest of ten children which four of my sisters claim they are not catholic. When I was a very young boy my parents would take me to church, same church always. And while the priest was giving his homily, I was amazed at what I would see. Just months old at the time. There was argueing between my parents I could hear them yelling at me because I would laugh profusely in church. My mother claims that my eyes would go all over the alter as if I were looking at something moving about the church. Born with an amazing memory I remember what I was looking at. The vivid colors were amazing. I guess from my expressions I was quite entertained. Let me tell you this went on I guess for years. All the way through school years. 1979 we moved to florida from illinos and stopped going to my church. When I attended church in marco island florida it stopped. I assure you I am completely sane and have no form of mental illness. But one thing I know for sure, I am different than you and all others. I'll tell you now why. Since I was that tiny child taken to church in the cold snowy weather all bundled up with my hugh family I have witnessed on many many occasions an array of heavenly entertainment. It seemed to happen when father mackin would talk. The enormous statue of jesus looking down with his hands spread out would come to life. He would put his hands together and step down off the pedastal and walk over to my mom and I. He would smile at me and make funny faces to make laugh. There were many pictures and statues that became animated as well. Some were doing tricks but all had amazing colors. Music not from the church would play softly. What I remembered mostly about jesus is when my mom laid me down he would look over me close and smile with happiest smile and rub the side of my cheek and I would fall asleep. This would happen usually every time I went to church with my family. Even as I grew to three and four years of age I would point and remembered trying to tell my mom or sister look all excited pointing at the statue and say god.
My dad would give the mean look that means I'm gonna get it. I knew id be sad when we left but jesus just smiled and said I love you. Do you know that? And he would smile and some times sing with the angels. I remembered he would kiss my mom on her hands but stared at my father with no expression. My father was a good provider but a bad person. All of us feared him including mom. My mom still alive and well is the closest thing to a living angel. I adore her, and so does god. I could go on and on about the visitations I have seen with my own eyes since I was very little, but I mention this only because I know for a fact that our lord god the father dwells in and has residecy in our lady of the wayside church and its been many years since I've been back I still want to see if he comes to me again. God has blessed me in many ways but mostly with a sharp memory and I never forget a thing. Please I hope my experience meeting god helps you in your decision to stay with the holyest of holy church. I can tell you the one thing god detests more than anything is using him to make money for gain. Be careful brothers and sisters of what you say. Your fork tongue can cost you your eternal life. God bless anyone who reads this. I love you,
Your brother

Anonymous said...

Mike if you were born with a horrible deformity and not even michael jacksons plastic surgeon could fix, would you want everyone to make fun of you or call you an abomination. No I don't think so. It is something you were born with. True statement? Homosexuality is something in your genetics. Scientifically has been proven. The catholic church do sent make rude remarks because it is as scientific as your deformity. If you are a homosexual, you were born that way. It is not a choice one makes. It is the way god meant you should be. So thinking intelligently, really, what does two people who love each other looked at as something sick. Jesus himself hugged and kissed the deciples. Guess he was labled as a sick homosexual. I have known I was different when I was little. I never looked at myself like I was such a bad guy. Not until small minded stupid nozey people like yourself judge people and make them feel bad about themselves. Stop judging others because you will be on the fire for judging.
Gays are great people and are all around you. The fact that the church ackowledges them is a wonderful thing. Learn from them.
Be nice

Unknown said...

She is dealing with a unique gift, not like one of a baker, a barber, a doctor, or anything else. I think it is good that she does what she can with what she has been given and that she continues to go to church. There are so many misconceptions about everything. I do not feel it is our place to judge her. She helps people. Anyone who perpetuates goodness, mercy, love, kindness, generosity, faith, charity, and honesty should be loved by Jesus and God.

Christie0602 said...

First of all the Bible was written by MEN. Was some of it channelled? Sure. But men wrote it, and men decided what went in it. You decide to believe it. That is fine but it is a choice. Secondly, do you really think Satan's plan is to reveal loving, healing messages that reveal life does go on and what we do here matters?! And finally, she charges for her time and energy not the gift. The gift is priceless and she would not be able to help as many if she had a full time job. And how hypocritical for "men" to decide who is a mystic and who is a heathen. Catholics are just one spoke in a wheel where God is the center.

Cathy said...

Hi, I was wondering if you could comment on the practice of meditation as suggested by such proponents as Thomas Merton and Fr. Thomas Keating. I have read that they are "new age" spiritualists and are teaching from a gnostic view point. If this was true, wouldn't the Holy Father prohibit them from writing and speaking in such a way? I have read that St. John Paul II did not agree with their teachings but I have not read that they have been asked to stop. Can you help me with this? I have been interested in contemplation and meditation since I was in College and first was made aware of Merton through the Newman Association on campus. Meditation has become a hot topic and has been promoted by the medical community as an antidote to stress. I would like to know more about the Church's stand on these matters. Thank you kindly for taking my comment into consideration.

Strongwind said...

I studied God's word for many years and have seen how devil spirits work but they are very deceiving and can even deceive the chosen of God.
I'd like to answer a few questions in how these deceived souls, mediums, become slaves of various spirits. Not having wisdom nor understanding of what they're getting themselves into. They are being used and allowing the spirit of deception to steal (the word of God) to kill (the soul) and to destroy (all that God has giving us that is good and Godly)

1. Only God is Omniscient and all knowing so how do these spirit proclaim to know future events?

1st the spirit, through a medium, tell you of your past (evil spirit know our past and know how to disguise themselves) After they have revealed our past which we feel only we can know, then they reveal future (which is false but probable) Remember they have lived thousands of years and have accumulated knowledge but not foresight. The fooled then having believed the account given by the spirit about the past, proceeds to believe the about what the spirit says about the future.
In the Word of God, it's written that whatsoever you believe, whether sinner or saint, you shall receive. That's the mystery of how spirit deceived you. The know the Word of God better than most and know what the laws are. Believing = Receiving. Only God knows the future and the Devil knows his because it is written. A prophesy is different than a revelation of a medium. Prophesy is meant to edify, instruct, and God gives you both knowledge and wisdom concerning the situation He reveals so that you can do the WIll of God.

2. Since the devil comes for only 3 reasons: to steal, kill and destroy, how do we fight this battle in our life?

Even when a medium, out of her own will and without you asking or paying comes your way, you must not accept her/his message. Why? Because it comes for one of those 3 reasons I mentioned above. I personally had such an experience. I knew better, yet being in a weak position, I was deceived by these spirits. Trust me is never for the good. Back to the fight> You fight it with the Word of God, mainly "IT IS WRITTEN" like Jesus did when he was led in the desert by the devil. The devil is no idiot, he knows what to say, how to say and how to trick you. He is the great trickster.
Be vigilant because the enemy knows all about you, your loved ones and your past and before you know it he has deceived you and destroyed your life. Pray and know the Word...a great tool to fight effectively. Hope this was useful

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to Say while we condemned people for having natural God given gifts, gifts that were not asked for but given by God to help people REMEMBER THIS Jesus said we would do all the things he did and more so think about that we all have spiritual gifts of some sort and trust me mediums do not conjure up anything we never asked for the dead to come talk to us most of us started communicating with angels, jesus, mother mary and other Diciples before family and friends in heaven yes they're are dark beings but if you have God in your heart and you are a person of truth and integrity and you can love with your full self you can see and know the difference for example I always get a sensation that somethings not quite right and I'll feel sick to my stomach and totally get physically sick when lower darker energy is around as far as getting paid for the work that we do there has to be a balance you cannot take without giving and if you were born to do missionary work for god how else do you survive when this is what you do in life and while you criticize for that let me tell you that every month I get an envelope asking me to check the box next to the amount of money I'm willing to give to the church and their is specific amounts that they are asking for not to mention that for classes I'm charged 40.00 and every Sunday or Saturday Mass those little baskets go around waiting to be filled don't tell me it's not the same thing it most certainly is do I think it is wrong for the church to ask for money no the church has bills to pay just like I do and just so you know we do not conjure up anything family members have no problem coming through when a family member needs healing and I always see angels with them anyone who has profound love and God in their hearts is not in sin but is a modren day profit doing gods work by helping people heal

Anonymous said...

Many fully accept that a person in a church who sees God is a profit think about this honestly if their was only profits with in the church how many people do you think God could reach especially in today's world gods no dummy so quit giving darker energies credit heavenly Father has profits and Spiritual healers right in the mix of everyday people profits who don't call themselves profits but are nonetheless and he definitely sends messages of hope, peace, love and truth through their Lips although the Bible was written by profits remember this the Bible was in fact made by men and where their is men influence their is ego. So while you Say to be careful of false information from dark spirits remember that even paul, john, peter, mathew, Luke,and Simon may not have gotten all the correct information as well as all the other little influences writing the Bible remember this the Bible was written how many years after christ death and their was also a lot of church leaders who used the Bible for their own agenda that God had nothing to do with. It scares me how so many on here are led blindly by what they were told to believe I really don't think that many of you are reading between the lines cause what I've noticed is that the Church has been reassessing the Bible and what the true scriptures might actually mean if the bishop from Teresa's church has been guiding her and she goes to church religiously it tells me two things that Teresa is in fact a person of God and that her church understands this. I would also state that what I feel God means with conjuring spirits is using ungodly methods and tools to do this not a person of natural gifts and rule of thumb if information comes from God its going to be in loving positive light and nothing else so tell me how positive and loving is if you get messages from heaven your sinning and it could ruin your soul sounds like the devil is crafty indeed cause it just found away for us to fear our natural connection with heavenly Father and condemn others who are not afraid to be close to God and use their natural gifts hmm mm there's food for thought just saying

Anonymous said...

And let's talk about purgatory that we've all been taught to fear there is a place of healing but it is still a part of heaven and your tongues will not burn nor is it painful in any way we learn grow and heal further more we should always pray for our loved ones no matter where in heaven they are we should even pray for angels and the disciples. prayer really works and its basically energy of loving thoughts who dosent Want that

Katrina Souder said...

THANK YOU for posting this. Whenever I see her face on a TV ad for her show I cringe at how misguided she is. Evil spirits or Satan himself have tricked her so much and are guiding her, as well as her followers down such a horrific path. I believe she really thinks she is doing good and helping people. But, it amazes me that she is Catholic & doesn't get how wrong what she's doing is. Why doesn't her Priest counsel her?? I am thankful, so thankful that I have given my WHOLE HEART to Jesus ( me, I slid down some slippery slopes of my own in my life). If I didn't have Jesus, I would be NOTHING. Several times in my life I've had dreams and a few visions (walking about my day and having to stop because it was like a movie screen came down in front of my face with a totally different picture & sound...then went away) of events that happened the next day or in a few days. These were always bad things that were going to happen & almost always to friends & loved ones. I was able to warn them & they could avoid the "event." It happens a lot less now, but it is VERY FRIGHTENING. Any thoughts? I admire your position and wish to read more of your work. God Bless you! Warm Regards, Katrina Souder

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