Theresa Caputo, Long Island Medium -The position of the Catholic Church concerning Mediums, Channelers & Psychics

Theresa Caputo, from the Long Island Medium TV Show 
Theresa Caputo and the "Long Island Medium" television show -A Christian perspective

By: Glenn Dallaire

Since I have such a great interest in all that concerns authentic mystical phenomenon (as is evident in this extensive website on the Mystics of the Church) I have been asked on several occasions my thoughts concerning Theresa Caputo and the popular TLC television show "Long Island Medium". While the alleged gifts of psychics or mediums is outside the realm of authentic Christian mysticism and is not within the scope of this website, it is still of interest and concern in that it deals specifically with spiritual realities concerning the afterlife. Also not within the scope of this article is to judge whether Teresa Caputo's alleged gift of being able to talk to the dead is authentic or fake. The Catholic church is full of occasions over the centuries where Saints and departed souls from purgatory have appeared to various mystics of the Church and other countless individuals, so the possibility does in fact exist within accepted Catholic belief that the spirits of the deceased could come and give messages to Theresa.

Concerning the show, I can sincerely state that I have watched with interest a number of the episodes beginning with season one and so in this article I will present firstly (and most importantly) the position of the Catholic church concerning such matters, along with my own thoughts and perspective in light of the Church's teaching.

But first, for those who have not seen any of the episodes, Mrs. Theresa Brigandi Caputo is a 46 year old (as of 2013) Long Island (Hicksville, NY) wife and mother of two children who purports to receive messages from the deceased. She is a practising Catholic with a strong faith who attends Mass weekly, as stated in an interview here.  Even before the show aired for the first time, her appointment schedule was booked for close to 2 years, so her popularity even before the show began airing is evident. Having watched quite a few episodes, I personally find Theresa to be very sincere, and it would be very difficult to argue against the fact that she often makes some astonishingly remarkable statements concerning people and events that she could not possibly know of through natural means. In every episode of "Long Island Medium", Theresa herself states that it is "spirit" who informs her of everything. Which then brings us directly to the most important question at the heart of the whole matter--from exactly what "spirit" does Theresa and other mediums get their information and enlightenment from?

The position of the Catholic Church concerning mediums, psychics, channelers, clairvoyants etc.

The official Catechism of the Catholic Church is very clear about the position of the Church concerning mediums, psychics etc:

2115 God can reveal the future to his prophets or to other saints. Still, a sound Christian attitude consists in putting oneself confidently into the hands of Providence for whatever concerns the future, and giving up all unhealthy curiosity about it. Improvidence, however, can constitute a lack of responsibility.
2116 All forms of divination are to be rejected: recourse to Satan or demons, conjuring up the dead or other practices falsely supposed to "unveil" the future. Consulting horoscopes, astrology, palm reading, interpretation of omens and lots, the phenomena of clairvoyance, and recourse to mediums all conceal a desire for power over time, history, and, in the last analysis, other human beings, as well as a wish to conciliate hidden powers. They contradict the honor, respect, and loving fear that we owe to God alone.
Additionally, the book of Deuteronomy in the Old Testament is also quite clear on the matter:

10 There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer 11 or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, 12 for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord  (Deuteronomy 18:10-12)

And so we can clearly see that God strongly condemns the action of invoking spirits or calling upon the dead. Actively calling upon, conjuring up and evoking the dead or spirits is the sin of necromancy and is strictly forbidden.

The important distinction between authentic prophets, mystics and visionaries versus mediums, channelers and psychics. -The sin of necromancy.

In both the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Scriptures we find that throughout salvation history God has brought forth a large number of prophets and mystics such as Abraham, Moses, Daniel, Jeremiah etc. and this has continued throughout the entire history of the Catholic church to the present day. In fact the Catholic church has canonised countless mystics and visionaries throughout the centuries and many of these Mystic-Saints such as St Francis of Assisi, St Catherine of Siena, St Theresa of Avila etc. are the "crown jewels" of the Catholic church. And so it is that the Catholic church greatly admires the holy prophets and mystics who have been chosen by God to be His spokespersons and the messengers of His holy Word and His desires for humanity. Therefore we can clearly recognise and state that the Catholic church is not adverse to or against authentic mystics, prophets and visionaries.

The Church honors the prophets, mystics and visionaries for their heroic obedience to the will and desires of God. Such persons are the instruments of God's holy will. And reading about such persons throughout history (most particularly in the Old Testament) we find how the prophets, mystics and visionaries are often persecuted and have faced severe condemnations from those about them. In fact Jesus himself points out that the majority of the prophets were put to death by their fellow compatriots. In Matthew 23:37 Jesus says:
"O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing."

And so in light of this we have to be very, very discerning and careful NOT to quickly condemn those who may have been given special gifts or charisms by God. But then what is the difference and the distinction between a authentic mystic or a medium? Firstly, authentic mystics don't normally relate messages from the dead, and certainly not on a daily basis, while mediums on the other hand claim to have this gift or ability, and some like Theresa Caputo often use this alleged gift on a daily basis and often charge a fee for doing so.  

The primary danger with mediums lies in the careful reading of the Scriptural condemnation by God in Deuteronomy quoted above, and also in the careful reading of the statement above from the Catechism of the Catholic Church. What God strictly condemns as the sin of necromancy is the act of conjuring or calling upon the dead or spirits by an individual.

At the same time, in the Chapter on Necromancy, the Catholic Encyclopedia states:
"The Church does not deny that, with a special permission of God, the souls of the departed may appear to the living, and even manifest things unknown to the latter."

Now, if a soul or spirit appears to a person without the person having actively called, channelled or conjured them, then in no way would this be a sin, because the person is not the originator of the action, that is, the person did not of themselves actively seek the experience.

Theresa Caputo on the "David Letterman" show
The problem with some of Theresa Caputo's "readings" from a Christian perspective

And so we come to the possible grave problem with some of Theresa Caputo the "Long Island Medium's" readings. It all boils down to the action of invoking or calling upon the dead (or "spirit" as she often calls it). When a person, referred to by Theresa as a "client" comes to her for a session, and Theresa then actively seeks a message for them from their loved one(s)--then this may very well be crossing the line into the grave sin of necromancy because for her part Theresa is then actively seeking to channel the spirits of the dead, and this is what is specifically condemned by God in the Old Testament and in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, as stated above. And what causes even further concern is that Theresa charges money from the person(s) involved for these hour long channeling sessions.  If a person receives a gift or charism from God, the gift should be given to others freely, without charge, however I do think that in certain cases it would be permissible to accept free will offerings.

At the same time the show often depicts occasions where Theresa walks up to a person on the street or in a restaurant etc. and spontaneously begins to relate to this random person a very consoling alleged message from a deceased loved one. In these cases there is no obvious invoking or actively calling upon the dead or spirits, so in these cases it seems to me that such an action does not correspond to the sin of necromancy. Additionally in these type of circumstances there is no fee being charged by Theresa. But it should be pointed out that these "spontaneous on the street" type of readings make up only a small portion of the show.

In other words, what it all comes down to is from what side the "channel" is being actively opened. Again, if a person is calling upon the dead or spirits, then this is the sin of necromancy and is condemned by God in Holy Scriptures. Additionally, when a person receives an authentic gift or charism from God, it should be used and given to others freely, without charge. We see this for example in the life of the Austrian mystic, Maria Simma, whom I have highlighted on this website here and of whom I will quote a little further below. Maria Simma was often visited by the souls in Purgatory for the sole purpose of seeking her prayers and spiritual help, and she insisted that she NEVER once called upon or sought such visits from the deceased souls.

Additional concerns from a Catholic point of view
Having watched many of the episodes,  some additional concerns that immediately come to my mind is the fact the the (alleged) departed souls never talk about God or give thanks to Jesus for their own salvation. And also the Catholic dogma and concept of purgatory--that is, the purgation and purification of souls in preparation for heaven--is never mentioned or brought forth by any of the channeled spirits or souls.

And while the departed souls that allegedly come through NEVER mention Jesus, they also never ask for prayers. Additionally, other dogma's of the Church such as the reality of hell, the existence of demons, final judgement and other grave matters concerning the afterlife are also completely absent from the spirits that come through for the persons on the show.

Additionally, perhaps one of the most disconcerting things that is missing from the show is the fact that the departed souls never thank God or give any glory to Jesus for their salvation, or for His love and His mercy shown to them. All of this makes one wonder then is it likely that a departed soul that is in heaven, or at least bound for heaven, would not wholeheartedly and fervently thank and bless Jesus for its own salvation and for God's infinite love and forgiveness towards him/her? One would think that this would be the primary message that a departed loved one would want to share as an important lesson and encouragement to those living here on earth.

The "Long Island Medium" during a group channelling session
Important comparisons: The souls who appeared to St Padre Pio and Maria Simma
As many are aware, St Padre Pio (1887-1968) was a contemporary mystic and stigmatic who was often visited by heavenly visitors and also the departed souls in purgatory. In fact, for those interested I have written about some of these extraordinary visits here and also I wrote another article about the Austrian mystic Maria Simma here.

Maria Simma (1915-2004) was another contemporary Catholic who was often visited by the departed souls from purgatory. In fact there is an excellent book entitled "Get Us Out Of Here -Maria Simma Speaks With Nicky Eltz" 2002 which consists of a series of interviews with Maria where the subjects of visits from departed souls in probed in depth, especially from a Catholic viewpoint.

In the cases of both of these individuals, the most profound lesson is that although they were often visited by souls of the deceased, they never sought or desired such visits, and they were told that the souls of the departed themselves where given special permission by God to come to them for a specific reason, usually the reason being was to request their prayers and sacrifices, so that the visitors time in purgatory being purified may be lessened.

In fact, during one interview Maria Simma was asked:
"What do you think of the practices of spiritism? For example: calling up the spirits of the departed, Ouija-boards, etc.?

"It is not good. It is always evil. It is the devil who makes the table move.
(-Here Maria is referring to the phenonmenon of the movement of a table when individuals join hands over a table with the hope and intention that spirits may move the table. It is a similar phenomenon to that of the Ouija board where the planchette moves on its own while being held by the participants in Ouija board sessions. --Interestingly, the phenomenon of table moving happened to Theresa Caputo on one of the "Long Island Medium" espisodes. And concerning the strange phenomenon of the table moving Theresa said "See, I have said it before that spirit can do remarkable things". What she didn't seem to understand and recognise was that the phenomena of moving tables is a common occurance when evil spirits are involved. In fact this phenomenon is always attributed to evil spirits and is often seen in house hauntings, ouija board sessions and quite often in cases of demonic possession--see the St Louis possession case of 1949 for example--editor)

"What is the difference between what you are living with the souls of the departed, and the practices of spiritism?

"We are not supposed to summon up the souls - I don't try to get them to come. In spiritism, people try to call them forth.

"This distinction is quite clear, and we must take it very seriously. If  people were only to believe one thing I have said, I would like it to be this: those who engage in spiritism (moving tables and other practices of that kind) think that they are summoning up the souls of the dead. In reality, if there is some response to their call, it is always and without exception Satan and his angels who are answering. People who practice spiritism (diviners, witches, mediums, etc.) are doing something very
dangerous for themselves and for those who come to them for advice. They are up to their necks in lies. It is forbidden, strictly forbidden, to call up the dead. As for me, I have never done so, l do not do so, and I never will do so."

Experiences and sessions with mediums and psychics should be strongly avoided by everyone
One of the obvious reasons why God condemns necromancy is because of the very real and grave danger of a medium or psychic being misled by an evil spirit(s), and thereby also seriously misleading the persons involved. The demons prowl about the world seeking to deceive and ruin souls and neglecting this fact is potentially catastrophic to one's soul. And then too there are of course those psychics and mediums who are complete frauds and who willfully deceive for monetary profit. 

Also, persons who actively seek out messages from the dead through channelling sessions with mediums and those who seek the advice of psychics run the possible risk of sin themselves by patronising and encouraging the act of conjuring of spirits invoked by mediums and psychics, along with also running the very obvious risk of being deceived, even by the most well meaning and sincere medium or psychic, because of the very nature of the sin of necromancy. Therefore, all persons should avoid seeking personal sessions with mediums and psychics.

But then what about the large "group reading" events?
Given what has been stated above, the popular "group" readings that Theresa and other mediums often host are also very much a of a great concern as the personal readings, and such events should also be avoided, because while they seem to be similar to the spontaneous "stranger on the street" type of events--the big difference is that the stranger on the street is not being charged for the alleged message, while the participants in the large group events pay a significant ticket fee, and also even more importantly Theresa and other mediums at such events are actively seeking to channel spirits for those present.

Finally, as to whether it is dangerous for one's soul to simply watch a television show such as "Long Island Medium". -Obviously I am not a priest or theologian so I personally cannot answer this question from a authoritative position, however I think that in light of the Biblical prohibitions in regards to necromancy as stated above, and in addition considering the statements in the Catechism of the Catholic church pertaining to mediums, psychics, channelers etc. it is readily apparent that all such interactions should be avoided, given the grave spiritual dangers involved.

Some may argue "Well, what about all of the readings by Theresa on "Long Island Medium" that are very inspirational and edifying?", and then too there is without a doubt some entertainment value also, given Theresa's affable personality, and also that of her family who frequently appears on the show. Also, the inspirational subject of life after death is at the center of the show, and over and over again the viewer is presented with strong evidence of the ongoing bond of love and concern that exists between the living and the deceased, which in itself is very consoling. On the surface, these are good things, but nevertheless we must consider first and foremost the Biblical prohibitions in regards to channelling spirits and also the important question at the heart of the whole matter--from exactly what "spirit" does Theresa and other mediums get their information and enlightenment from? Is it in fact not only possible but quite likely that such spirit(s) are not deceased loved ones but are in fact evil spirits masquerading and feigning to be the beloved souls of the departed? For the Scriptures themselves warn us to be on our guard because "Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light".  [2 Corinthians 11:14].  In fact some of the greatest Saints of modern times have often been approached by demons in various disguises all in an effort to subtly (or sometimes no so subtlety!) deceive them--in fact, for those interested  I have written an article about this entitled "A battle for souls -Attacks of the demons against modern day Mystics"   

In conclusion, while I personally find Mrs. Theresa Caputo to be very kind and loving person who is very sincere in her desire to help others, this does not however mean that she may not be sincerely at fault in the manner in which she uses her alleged gift at times, particularly during personal sessions where specific spirits of the dead (ie- the clients family members and friends) are being sought and channeled, and the person(s) involved are being charged a fee.

A simple way to "Test the Spirits" and "Spirit Guides"
The extraordinary mystic St Gemma Galgani used a very simple, yet very effective way to determine the authenticity of her heavenly "visitors". She was forced to do this because early on the demons were often attempting to appear to her as Angels, and even Jesus, in an attempt to decieve her. On one occasion, a demon even appeared to her as her priest-confessor whom Gemma had known since childhood, and he appeared in a form so authentic, Gemma did not realise it was actually a demon until speaking with him for awhile.

Fortunately Gemma's spiritual director, Father Germanus C.P., a very wise older priest who had been educated in various aspects of mystical phenomenon told her how to easily and accurately test the Spirits: When an apparent "heavenly" spirit would appear before her, he told her to immediately say: "Blessed be Jesus and Mary!"   If the spirit was sent or given permission from God, the spirit would always reply back to her with the same exclamation "Blessed be Jesus and Mary!"
If however the spirit was not of God, it would either not reply to her exclamation, or it would say simply "Blessed be!", the simple reason being that demons will never utter the holy Names of Jesus and Mary with devotion. With this, St Gemma was then always able to immediately identify the authenticity of her "visitors."

Why bother with all this "Jesus stuff" if all of my deceased relatives are happy and in the light?
The primary objective of the demons is to deceive and to tempt. If the demons can convince you that all of your deceased relatives are "very happy" and "in the light", what need is there then of the Gospel message of repentance for sin? Why then bother with going to Church and all of the "Jesus stuff" and the need for repentance and the forgiveness of sins? What need is there then of even loving and praying to God, if even your "Uncle Fester", the blasphemous domestic abuser, is now happy and in the light? Why would one need Jesus and His forgiveness and mercy?
-There we have the primary nature of the demons seduction.

For a very revealing article on this subject see Beware of psychic mediums because their "Spirit guides" are almost always demonic and evil. 

I welcome everyones thoughts and perspectives so long as they are charitable and respectful, so please feel free to comment below.


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Katrina Souder said...

THANK YOU for posting this. Whenever I see her face on a TV ad for her show I cringe at how misguided she is. Evil spirits or Satan himself have tricked her so much and are guiding her, as well as her followers down such a horrific path. I believe she really thinks she is doing good and helping people. But, it amazes me that she is Catholic & doesn't get how wrong what she's doing is. Why doesn't her Priest counsel her?? I am thankful, so thankful that I have given my WHOLE HEART to Jesus ( me, I slid down some slippery slopes of my own in my life). If I didn't have Jesus, I would be NOTHING. Several times in my life I've had dreams and a few visions (walking about my day and having to stop because it was like a movie screen came down in front of my face with a totally different picture & sound...then went away) of events that happened the next day or in a few days. These were always bad things that were going to happen & almost always to friends & loved ones. I was able to warn them & they could avoid the "event." It happens a lot less now, but it is VERY FRIGHTENING. Any thoughts? I admire your position and wish to read more of your work. God Bless you! Warm Regards, Katrina Souder

Katrina Souder said...

ACTUALLY read The Bible. Such skepticism and contempt for Christians just comes from fear. Just because Church leaders have used Bibles for their own agendas doesn't invavidate God's words and promises in it. No one EVER said Theresa's Bishop is guiding her. No Catholic Bishop would guide a medium...EVER. And, John, Paul, Peter, Luke, Matthew, Luke, Simon did NOT get their scriptures from DARK FORCES. Honey, you've been reading the Satanic Bible if you think that. Whenever I see Theresa on a TV ad I say a quick prayer for her. I personally think that she thinks she's doing nice things for people and doesn't realize who's really whispering in her ear. Many of us have natural gifts. Doesn't mean they are always good ones

Anonymous said...

Maybe these spirits never talk about "God" or Jesus or ask for prayers because God doesn't exist?! There is no Heaven or Hell or Jesus, so they don't talk about it. Instead, they talk about what is important to them: message to their families. Makes more sense to me then believing in a"God" fairy tell.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Hard to believe how close minded "christians" are. If your going to believe everything you read in the bible that was written by man then you are obviously not very intelligent. There are verses in the bible that say slavery is ok, women aren't allowed to talk in church, only with their husband once they return home, slaves, obey your owners and do as they say. These are words from man that made since back then but sound rediculous in this day and age. Why don't yall enlighten yourself and read something other than the bible to educate yourself. Yes, I was raised in a baptist church my entire life. Believed what I was told until I decided to have a mind of my own. I wanted answers, not just faith. Faith is not something u choose to have. Either I do or you don't. It's a part of how your brain is wired. If you would educate yourself you would know this. I dare say I will be punished for something I have no control over which is my brain won't allow me to just believe.

Annoymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Breanna I learned in life no matter what we have done God is always willing to forgive and wipe clean your sins. Pick up a bible ,pray for Gods guidance and he will lead you to a satisfactory answer . Straight from the source himself. 1john 1:9

Unknown said...

OK fair point I get what your saying ,maybe no harm in it. But didn't Jesus say I came to save the sinner not the righteous. I thank God for my loved ones who have moved on ,but I guess my concern is more for the living rather than the dead as we are yet to cross the threshold and get it right. I'm not trying to be disrespectful to those who have passed on but instead try to trust Gods word concerning their fate.Hence for me the emphasis is on the side of the living where we can put action to our prayers.

Unknown said...

Wow nice story and I'm glad for you but for myself it poses too many questions rather than answers. Why use a middle person ?Did you need a strangers word to console you? Does God usually console via a dead relative? has a precedent been set ?
I have lost many loved ones and have only ever found strength and condolence through his word. Though your experience is genuine it don't mix too well for me in light if of gods word. Hence his word also shines light on such occasions as determining what is and is not of God ?

Unknown said...

Hey June I do however see how people can be so drawn to such medium especially due to the loss of a love one.They need comforting which such services they provide well regardless of authenticity.But for myself to proclaim yourself both a person of God and Medium , psychic ,seer ,fortune teller (or posses such gifts and abilities) is teetering on the line of division. Gods and one other? Through my limited experience of the bible such persons being mediums were very distinguishable from persons of God.I have not come across a man of God known to be both. Jesus was many things a preacher , teacher ,prophet, healer ,son of God but I never heard of him referred to as medium, seer, fortune teller.Those who were ,almost always in a negative sense. The gifts of God are for those who believe in him to be used according to his will.
Hence ones core purpose should not be in conflict with Gods word. I would think it better to act under the mantle of prophet,teacher,pastor which I know to carry Gods blessing if approved.Whereas the guise of medium and anything associated almost certainly questionable such as the lady mentioned.But as many do claim to be devout Christians i can only pray that God LEDs them and I to the paths everlasting.
I don't know much but i have a sense that if such issues concern you than you need to draw near to God. A big part of understanding him is his word (bible) read it.
Don't sweat the small things your soon be able to conform your own Godly opinions which will hold you strongh through any storm.

Anonymous said...

I started binge watching this show, and all of a sudden I realized that this so called "spirit" might be a demon. Im glad this article was posted, I definitely needed this.

campbellssoup said...

Bless you Glen for your thoughtful work in helping us discern what is happening in Teresa's case. I have not had the time to sit down and really think it out to this level, so am so happy I have this article. I myself used to practice, quite successfully as a psychic, and on one occasion, made contact with the deceased (thinking that I was helping a friend) and I told my friend the information that I had from her father. Later that night her sister who was unaware, called her crying and relayed everything I had told my friend, down to the last detail. Before my reversion to the church, I considered that a success, though I was never completely comfortable with the idea of contacting the dead. I just wanted to help someone who was grieving. As for my psychic practice, I taught myself how to read playing cards and tarot cards and was able to predict things with uncanny accuracy. My mother had told me when I was a child that the church prohibits these practices, but it wasn't until I became very popular and began to benefit financially from providing card readings that I started to feel unsure of where these "answers" were coming from. My personal life was otherwise in crisis and when God answered my prayer to show me if the psychic practice was wrong and to give me unrefutable evidence to the effect, I would turn back to him, because even being able to predict the future and people's motives was no help to me anymore. God did answer my prayer in a major way, through EWTN, specifically, Johnette Benkovic's show (Living His Life Abundantly). That day I renounced my (unwitting) alliance with the devil. I now am a practicing catholic, in full agreement with all it teaches. I still have strange moments when I can tell someone something without having any (or much) strong evidence for my statement or opinion, that turns out to be completely true. I don't know if I will ever stop having these strange moments, I just know that I don't ask either God or the devil to give me the insights that come to me. As long as Teresa knows what the catechism teaches, has the prudence and diligence to check that she is practicing according to the church (not just what some liberal priest tells her is OK)and is not profitting from this "gift" then I don't see a problem. It is important that anyone having such a "gift" use it humbly, never crediting even the souls of the deceased and certainly not themselves, but only God, if they feel after careful discernment, this is who the gift comes from.

butterfly said...

Here's the thing theresa is not charging for her gifts, she is charging for her time. If she didn't charge for her time she would not be able to bring peace, joy, and hope through the messages from GOD. Here's another thing just because she dosen't talk about pergatory or what I call a place of healing dosent mean that she's not conveying messages from family members that are in that place of being understand she is not just communicating for catholic clients but clients of all walks of faith. Another thing how do you know she is not using holy water, salt water, frankincense and myrrh for cleansing her house it could be that sage is just what she uses in between clients but she could start out her day or week with more intense spiritual cleansing and house blessing. Another thing how do you know how she communicates with spirit. She may test the spirits that she communicates with and just dosent explain that, that's what she's doing she dose pray before each session and I know she's got to pray for protection many would ask a spirit are you here for my highest best of better if not be gone in the name of Jesus Christ. For example, I believe that those scriptures that say don't communicate with mediums could very well be talking about mediums whos integrity is not there. So say a medium is consum MN ed by ego and greed those are lower ways of being so you will attract lower beings, but if you genuinely love heavenly father with all your heart and you live your life in service for god and you keep your spirit clean then you will only attract higher beings. What I really don't get is how the blind can judge the seers you are making comments on things your heart won't see. How can you judge what another heart sees. Are you god!, you live in fear of your own innate gifts as god gives us all the ability to see through are heart how is it you feel compelled to judge those who choose to use there heart to see. When theresa talks of spirit she is just saying in a very short term that gox, jesus, mother mary, other saints, angels, and spirit guides are there giving messages along with family members do you really want her to sit there for an hour explain who all de idea to come from heaven to communicate and so you know purgatory is in heaven there are many levels to heaven purgatory is a healing place to yes raise our vibrations through a process of soul healing and cleansing so that we can exist for lack of better terms in a higher level of heaven if you opened your heart enough to see you would already know that. Stop living in fear and open your hearts and your minds heavenly father is waiting for you to come to him don't let fear and half truths get in your way of that

butterfly said...

For seers medium is just a universal name for all to understand that one sees and communicates with God and all those who are given permission to communicate with family say that a medium sins by talking to god yet with every action that you take that is against being your true self the Christ conciousness you sin. Those without sin go on throw that first stone I can assure you that the stone you are throwing is towards a person a soul that works very hard daily to rid themselves of sin and be of complete service for god Jesus cried over this before and still you shun your backs on those who are here to help you become closer to god.

butterfly said...

So you know if a medium didn't charge for there TIME they wouldn't have enough TIME to give to those who need it they would have to have a regular job to pay the bills. Which would take time away from helping people. Here's the thing a chef is given the gift to cook great food, a carpenter is given the gift to work with wood a nun and or priest is just like the medium given the gift of compassion. All these are gifts given by God how are you to say that we should pay everyone else for there god given gifts but a medium or psychic. Just a thought

butterfly said...


andrew mather said...

I have some members of Jehovah Witnesses that come to my home and we just recently addressed these issues. Going back to Genesis 4 ,7 The Lord God formed man from dust from the ground and breathed air into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being. There is no mention of a soul or spirit. You are made of dust and of dust you will return.

I watch the Long Island Medium and believe in Souls and spirits. I like the show and have judged Therese Caputo on her works and intentions even though I know she is being compensated for her channeling. I believe her positive message is one of hope and healing. Now in so saying this, I don't talk to spirits, I have never been visited by them but it is something I have always believed in.

With this also said, I believe in God above all. God has always been above everything in my life. Now I am at the crazy cross roads where I am learning the bible is clear on these spirits. Have I allowed myself to be misled? So the Bible is Gods word given to us and I have to leave the spirits alone. I am often troubled watching Therese's show where there is never any mention of God Jesus or Heaven for that matter. The messages come but there is little information about from where the message is coming from. I am so confused with religion. Lost with only my belief in God above all things. Most of what we know about Jesus was written three hundred years after his death. Constantine the first. Even the Dead Sea Scrolls which were written during the time Jesus walked the Earth only mention him three times and only in correlation to his older brother Andrew The Just. Find Andrew the Just in our Bible. So if Jesus, was the son of God why do the stories of Horis and Attis which both predate the story of Christ by hundreds of years seem so remarkably similar. Son of a God born of virgin died on a cross risen three days later. I have also read research of Mary Magdalene where she is not a whore but born of a prominent Jewish Fish monger family. Now this is clear blasphemy. I am a doubting Thomas to be sure but I don't want to be tricked into believing in a false prophet. I watched Doctors of Theology admit to the fact that there is no physical evidence dating back to the time Jesus walked the Earth that he ever claimed to be the son of God. Not one single ancient text can confirm Christ claimed to be the son of God. Not until three hundred years after his death on a cross does this claim begin to appear. This is fact. Constantine burned books and killed anyone who could dispute his version of history. This is primarily why the Dead Sea Scrolls where hidden in a cave to ensure this ancient history couldn't be destroyed. Chances are the religious men who hid these treasured texts where killed because of what they knew and could refute Constantine's version of events. That bible is what the Catholics believe in. My wife and children are all Catholics. Our children are in Catholic schools. I consider myself a child of the most High God. A Christian who celebrates Christmas but is a hypocrite in every sense of the word. The only way to God is through the Son. Do I allow myself to believe in Jesus even though I know there is a good chance he is not the son of God?

Anonymous said...

As far as those who point to The Long Island Medium's supposedly inspirational messages, I once read a case study of something that occurred in the 1920s, during the "spiritism" craze that swept America during that time. It was customary at parties to try to make a table move, and at one party, the spirit that replied began speaking to the participants of God and Jesus and Mary, urging them to pray, etc. Then, suddenly and without warning, one night that disembodied voice, in the middle of such exhortations, became angry and said it could no longer bear to speak of these things. The people in the room, thoroughly frightened by this, immediately stopped their activity, but the voice did not stop. It kept spewing imprecations, eventually driving even the host from the home. Some of the people claimed it kept harassing them for some time afterward. I no longer remember how the article described the conclusion of this mess, or even if it did (it was some forty years ago that I read it), but it illustrated graphically that even the very demons, as horribly distasteful as it is to them, can show themselves as genuinely heavenly...but in the end are eventually "outed" by their own disgust. I was once lured into this trap; God's grace brought me out of it. I beg anyone reading to be EXTREMELY careful even if only researching this stuff. It can awaken curiosity, and curiosity, as St. Benedict so wisely warns us in his Twelve Steps of Humility and Pride, is the first step on the downward road. Curiosity led Eve to taste the forbidden frujit. Curiosity leads many every day into the shadowy world of New Age practices. God's grace is there to lead every single one of them back out...but they must cooperate with that grace. Far better never to get involved in the first place.

Trust me. I've been there. And I will regret it for the rest of my life.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Very insightful commentary JMC! Definitely food for thought and consideration. Thank you for sharing.

May God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Mike Rufkahr said...

Mike Rufkahr
I am 61 and was born and raised Catholic. I learned over the years that a lot of the things I was taught were really things that men made up. The Bible is comprised of only a handful of scriptures and writings which were available at the time. Constantine decided what to include and exclude. Any writings which gave women importance, for instance, were left out. The Gospels of Mark were penned by someone else years later, etc… The role of the Catholic Church has always been to control people. Look at the Spanish Inquisition or the Crusades. Where in any of Christ’s teachings does it say that if you don’t follow me or believe what I say then I will torture and kill you? Did Christ say “and upon this rock I will build my church” and by the way….now go out and establish your own country, raise your own standing army, use the Knights Templar to collect all the gold you possibly can and open a bank to launder Mafia money?
People are always afraid of things they don’t understand. I’m sure Moses had to take a moment with a talking , burning bush. I have experienced things I cannot explain. I know that people do not make the rules, we only discover them. In 1615 Galileo discovered the earth revolved around the sun contrary to Catholic teaching. He was tried by the Roman Inquisition and convicted of heresy. On 31 October 1992, Pope John Paul II expressed regret for how the Galileo affair was handled, and issued a declaration acknowledging the errors committed by the Catholic Church tribunal that judged the scientific positions of Galileo Galilei, as the result of a study conducted by the Pontifical Council for Culture. Hopefully someday Mr. Glenn Dallaire will join his fellows.

Mike Rufkahr said...

I have been re-reading these comments because, since I stumbled upon them the other night, I can’t seem to get them out of my head. A woman’s reputation and moral character is being put on trial based upon writings of (quite honestly) unknown origin. I was raised Catholic as I’ve said before, so I was taught that these writings were divinely inspired. However, that really doesn’t make it so. Look at all the other faiths out there. They all believe just as strong as everyone else. Is everyone right? Is everyone wrong? If you read the divine writings of some other faiths you might think it impossible for them to believe such things, yet they do. Are the Jews wrong because they don’t believe Christ is the Son of God? Who knows? I guess I’m upset because it sounds to me as though people are so eager to condemn without due process. (That being more than because an anonymous authored writing says it’s so.) Put yourself in her position. We all have a talent for something. Who of you can always afford to give it away for free? I play guitar and sing at assisted living facilities and other events. I donate some of my time and get paid for some of my time. God gave me those talents. Should I be impugned for accepting money? I have to eat. To me that is what “ God will provide” means. Something else I find interesting is that Mr. Glenn Dallaire doesn’t mention their “MYSTICS OF THE CHURCH GIFT STORE”. What it comes down to, to me, is this: People are fallible, which means things made by people are fallible. Do your own research. Think for yourselves. Don’t rely on someone, who by the way you don’t really know, to tell you what to do or think or feel.

Unknown said...

An excellent insight, thank you for publishing this. I am a Spiritual Medium of only a few months and I too have struggled with this. I am not a Catholic but I am Christian and I do not want to do anything against God's will. I was very conflicted because the messages I get are so loving and so helpful to my clients. I had one lady thank me and said that I "saved her life" because she was going so much grief about her uncle passing that she did not know how to come to terms with it. I felt him come through with so much love for her I was crying it was so beautiful and he told her that he was always with her and be positive in knowing that and move forward with her life and she has. Another lady was guilt ridden that her mum died in her home and for 6 years she suffered thinking it was her fault and through her mum, I was able to rid her of that guilt. Her mum also showed me that her dad was suffering and that he needed to turn to God for assistance.

I always pray to God for protection before a reading and to only allow me to transmit things he wants communicated. I also ask that only positive God loving spirits in God's white light come through and in my opinion that's what I get. I have had clients who have had loved ones who led very dark lives on earth and they never get throughout to me for messages because I ask God not to let them in.

Yes I do charge for sessions currently but I am one of the cheapest mediums in my City because again I struggle with charging people for what I see as God's messages, however being a single father of 3 that has spent a lot on training, I guess I have justified to myself that this was required. However in reading this, I like your idea of not inviting spirit in and seeing if I can still receive God's message and offering for FREE, but accepting humble offerings if they are presented.

I am strong in my faith and I agree with what the bible says about opening yourself to the spirit world. Without training and proper prayer, you open yourself to the devil's deceit and deception. Perhaps I felt I was well protected by God and immune to evil as I believe that "resist the devil and he shall flee", however I am also not nieve enough to think that this could not happen to me. The funny thing is that the reason I became a medium is that I used to see things very clearly in my mind's eye which led me to this. Now that I am a Spiritual Medium, I don't see things as clear most times but I do receive strong messages. Perhaps if I go the route of not doing invitation prayers to spirit and not charging for services but accepting offerings, such as the church does, perhaps I will gain more clarity from God's message?

Don't get me wrong, I do not put myself on the same level as a Mystic or Prophet by any stretch of the imagination, rather I think God communicates to us all, perhaps I have just learned how to listen a little better than some.

Great insight thank you and I welcome any insight you have on my situation.

butterfly said...

As a devout practicing catholic yet very well gifted just like theresa and while I cannot speak for her but I'm sure theresa takes the necessary precautions to keep her self clean, but I do take this exceptionally seriously and make it a point in taking eucharist at leat twice a week but my goal is everyday on the days that I do not take eucharist I am in deep prayer and meditation and I say hail Mary's our father's I can't even tell you how many times because I have made it such an intrical part of my daily routine. It is a huge responsibility to keep ourselves as clear and pure and humble as god needs us to be never forgetting that it is because of god that I have these do we make sure we are not talking to dark spirits, there are prayers that ward off dark spirits and we all have spirit guides, angels and saints that help us along the way. I know that what I do is not wrong I have had my gifts all my life. I was baptized in the Catholic Churchbut by the holy spirit and I have always been protected by the holy spirit I have always loved heavenly father with all my heart. I believe the difference in what is a negative medium and psychic is in the heart of the person with integrity, and honesty god has sent some of us down here to give hope, peace, and joy through messages from heaven but to tell you the truth everyone has these gifts of intuition they are our pure connection with God. Just like cooking is a gift some were born to be chefs even though everyone can cook. There is definitely guidelines we must follow in service for god.

butterfly said...

Purgatory is a place of healing yes they need prayers but they are not in trouble they are simply working on life lessons they didn't get finished here kind of like home work so to speak. As far as future in love and career so you think people aren't learning lessons for god in those areas too god is there to help in all areas future is surrounded with freewill choice we merely help in guiding you in your lessons that affect your outcome. FYI you don't need rest on in heaven lol only a physical body needs rest. Honesty I'm not sure about the money part I don't charge that much because I want everyone who needs guidance to be able to recieve help but I don't want to have a judgement call on something that God dosent seem to have a word against.

butterfly said...

Only the body dies the spirit is never dead in fact the only dead spirit would be one without the ability to love.

butterfly said...

Ya as a catholic medium remember ask and you shall recieve intention is everything and remember god has us here for a reason. Yes we have to be very careful it's a huge responsibility stay humble, keep a whole divine loving heart and continue to say your prayers money is just energy just like everything else stay humble don't let greed consume your heart, and please don't make a a decision on one article, research ask and you will find Christ consiousness will help you. Unless you're just trying to make a point on here with the church lol and then if you didn't need to hear this maybe there's someone who will.

butterfly said...

Ya as a catholic medium remember ask and you shall recieve intention is everything and remember god has us here for a reason. Yes we have to be very careful it's a huge responsibility stay humble, keep a whole divine loving heart and continue to say your prayers money is just energy just like everything else stay humble don't let greed consume your heart, and please don't make a a decision on one article, research ask and you will find Christ consiousness will help you. Unless you're just trying to make a point on here with the church lol and then if you didn't need to hear this maybe there's someone who will.

butterfly said...

Only the body dies the spirit is never dead in fact the only dead spirit would be one without the ability to love.

Lorraine Holloway-White said...

What this woman and others calling themselves mediums do is nothing like God's supernatural gifts or anything at all similar to Padre Pio's. ALL who work for God with such gifts do not use it for making money, entertaining, doing demonstrations or readings such as they do. I too watched a few of these shows of hers and they are not even genuine details but generalised and made to fit the people that any of you could do.
Those with God's gifts use them ONLY to bring others to Him, to strengthen faith, to make people look deep inside at their own actions and life and for similar. None is EVER to be used as these mediums do. They cannot be compared in any way, shape or form. No one not having the gifts is able to teach the differences or make judgement on them no matter how much they try. They are unable to, as they don;t know the differences as they haven't the experience of them. The interesting thing is how many well known mediums are now copying my teachings about God to add into their fakery to make it sound authentic - and yes, I do know which ones definitely have due to people who they know who have taught them what I teach.
To say she is Catholic means nothing. Most Christians today don't obey God so what does that prove? Nothing. The fact is, the people calling up spirits (as she and others do) are not calling up anything of God. The spirits of heaven sent by God for His work come to us, we NEVER call them to us. They come at God's will and not to a timetable or by appointment. Anything that does is not of God and any decent Christian would know that. Test the spirits is what we are told and yet none today do. Even when they think they are, this proves they aren't and have no idea how to.

Reality said...

Way to let a man written book control peoe through "loving fear" of God. I hve bever heard a bigger line of bull fucking shit in my life. Jesus, the saints, and all others mentioned in the Bible were channelers, psychics, healers, and mediums to say the least. When it is done in the right way and through the higher power, good thins happen. Those out there, like me whom can interact with the dead, heal, etc. are not necromancers, evil, sinners, or any other crock of man made biblical bull. I saw a christian pastor whom fed me bullshit about having these gifts as being a trick of the devil while he claimed to have healing powers and could speak in tounges provided by the holy spirit. What bull that was. Being rehearsed and knowledgeable in language, i allowed that asshole to make a fool of himself as he was speaking latin. Furthermore, he badgered me to do it. I gave it a go laughing hysterically as i blabbered nonsensical words and he said "you have the tounge of the Holy Spirit!" Hahahaha. Thats channeling!!!!! Thats the christian (Jim Jones) Christian Big-Bullshit Buisinesses out there for you. In all reality, they are the true evil of the world. Remember this statement of beauty? "Lucifer will come as the bringer of light." Well, what better way to come than through the corrupted religious system called the Christain church and bible? WAKE UP PEOPLE! God want you to be liken to him right? Use the bible as toilet paper. Its meaningless. You want to get closer to god? Then treat everyone with kindness without any judgement. Help thy neighbor without coercion manipulation or control regardless of social profile, sexuality, color, etc. Live a life of positive enlightenment through doing good deeds and askin your higher power for guidance. Theres a start. Ill tell you from my experience that there is nothing to fear in spirit. For those with gifs like mine, i refuse to believe this nonsensical man written bull crap as it was definitely obtained through the same means it condems above. Its not god speaking to a few. Its the few whom were open to him. Since the bible could not be written in one persons lifetime, that would definitely leave the door open to manipulation, control, rewording, and bullshit interpretations of preceding biblical works ultimately used to control the people. The most hateful people on the planet were christian. Adolf Hitler had his own Pope. Christians caused mass suicides, upheaval in the middle east by hating islamic people as they do in turn. If you ask me, what christains do, vs what is reallyone contrast greatly throughout history. I do not condemn those whom have a clear head and big heart without judgement, but you do not need christianity for that. Btw. Some of the lowest level entities possible were seen in the aformentioned pastors church. Not so much in the roman catholic church i attend, though purgatory souls were present. Stop judging please, its 2016. Peace, love, and kindness to you all.

Reality said...

Oh, and test the spirits? That really doenst work either. Tried that approach. Nothing happens. God helps those whom seek it. I seek it and it is given.

Reality said...

I would not worry. As a medium, you will learn to discern. Padre Pio and all those other nonsensical comparisons are ridiculous. You dont need the bible. Its a tool as a medium, as god directly for assistance. Not your priest, pastor, or chaplain. You have more knowledge than they do. I know its scary at first. Ive been there. Ad my house exorcized. Nothing happened. Romoved so called evil objects. Nothing happened. Grew a pair, went out into my hallway, looked at the spirits making me uncomfortable, and stating their unwelcomed and trough the power of god, i command you to leave as i fear you not. That is what worked. I have been able to move spirita over through the higher power too. Its not me doing it. Its them and the higher power. I just rovide words of encouragement. Becareful what you hear and read from religious institutions. They are corrupted and power driven. Lucifer is a deceicer and appears as a being of light. Again, there is no better way to do that then through masquarading via christianity, the bible, and church. Those things promote ridiculous fear and have been ineffective in my time of despair. In fact, some were downright rude and arrogant. I grew and solved my issues with spirit with god. I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in spirit. I have also proven this to the dioces of my home town, scientific researchers, and many others through many different substantial means. For the record, im not out to prove spirit, rather out to separate fact from fiction. According to my experiences, the church and bible need a massive revamping. Godbless and goodluck.

Anna Marie said...

As a cradle Catholic who still practices at age 63, I am embarrassed for the bitterness expressed by so many on this site who profess to be Catholic and yet easily and freely condemn Ms. Caputo as if they were God Almighty. I have seen her show many times and watched her bless herself and pray to the Blessed Mother when she felt uneasy. I believe Ms. Caputo is authentic in her gifts and also that she uses her gifts to help others. It doesn't matter at all to me that she earns money giving her sessions. We all earn money. I was a musician for over 10 years in the Catholic Church and was paid every week for one to three masses each Sunday. Based on what many "judgmental" folks have written on this site, I guess my gifts to play a musical instrument and have a good voice to lead the congregation should have been done for free. People need to understand the commitment it takes to do my work as well as Ms Caputo doing hers. Jesus tells us not to judge others. I work hard at that every day in addition to demonstrating plain old kindness. It's so easy to be judgmental, rude and look condescendingly down on people from our position of superiority and righteousness. We think we know exactly what God thinks, only often we don't. Leave Ms. Caputo alone and worry more about your own eternal salvation. All really have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.

Voice of My Ancestors said...

I have just seen a new ad for her show, she became an ordained minister and ordaining anyone who comes to her along with her doing those dangerous readings. She is getting dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Stated from a place of respect and kindness, the author is incorrect to suggest that money can be received for dispensing any spiritual gifts. This is the sin of simony. Further, he should not offer his own opinion against clear biblical instruction to have nothing to do with a show like this, or any other means to communicate with the dead, or invoke psychic phenomena. Any money offered should be directed straight to the church, because any information received comes from God, and not the person with the message. This is true even for the lady mentioned above who is doing psychic work for a living, those gifts are not given for her use.

These shows are enticing for a reason - anything to open a door, or get your guard down, make you think your judgment, even for a second, is wiser than a direct mandate to avoid such things. An excellent resource on this and related topics is on Sensus Traditionis, multimedia section. It is a collection of talks by Father Chad Ripperger, an exorcist.

Lots of informative reading on this website, thank you for your work.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed this person who claims to talk to the dead is even on here. There is nothing to compare, especially to St Bernadette!She does nothing in the name of God. If she charges money, then some one should expose her like all the others who make similar claims, and there has been many.

Anonymous said...

A fascination with the occult in Germany preceded the holocaust. Italy is also struggling with the sin of occultism and the prophesies for Italy are dire.

Michelle Barr said...

"If a person receives a gift or charism from God, the gift should be given to others freely, without charge, however I do think that in certain cases it would be permissible to accept free will offerings."

All gifts are gifts from God. So, why would you have someone with this gift to offer go out and work a job doing something other than what they are made to do and serving at their highest and then expect them on the side with the time and energy they have left to provide this kind of healing or service to others? People who use their Spiritual gifts in their work are the only ones who are expected to work for free. Whatever it is that you do best, will you start doing that for free, and go work a job doing something else to pay the bills. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to use Spiritual gifts and serve others.

As you can tell, this is my soapbox! I am committed to changing this old outdated paradigm. I have created full-time work doing what I am made to do, doing what I am here to do, and not having to do anything else. When I live my Purpose in all areas of my life, I am both blessed and a blessing.

How can people not see the problem here?

Thank you for inviting dialogue. It's such an important topic.


Joseph J. said...

Its official: Long Island medium Theresa Caputo and her husband Larry are officially getting divorced. The couple released a joint statement Sunday December 3, 2017 saying ... "After 28 years of marriage, we have decided to legally separate. We will always love each other and our two wonderful children."

Tammy G said...

Thank you!! I am also a Medium, I can't turn off my gift..and yes it is a gift!! I have helped so many people find closure and peace through my channeling. I consider what I can do a blessing. The goings spirit has shown me is amazing. The things spirit has communicated with me to pass on to their loved ones are details I would have absolutely no clue about had spirit not told me. They don't speak to me like a is symbols and signs, showing me things I connect a word or phrase too. If you naysayers could get in my head for one would be believers. I was told a couple nights ago by a family member I need to stop and confess my sins..of course after she asked questions that might benefit her. I felt like she slapped me in the face. My relationship with God is closer now then I feel it has ever been. So I disagree with everything being said. I do not charge..I hear. But it is everyone's choice on what to do.

Kimberlee said...


Anonymous said...

This is not a gift. It is witchcraft

Anonymous said...

She has Buddha in her room so she cannot be a Catholic said...

Wow, are we not to judge. Yes, we all need prayer. Bit, we as individuals are not here to fix anyone. The New Testament completes the laws of the the Old Testament, we are to live in Love. There is still right and wrong. We each will stand in judgement alone. Bashing anyone for anything does not sound like love to me. Matthew 7.5. Prayers sent to all of you.

elizabeth said...

Thank you for a great read. If one has a divine gift, one should never charge for it. Healing is free from God and through God. If a person wants money, then it is evil

Central said...

Watched end of last season when Theresa was wrapping up her tour. They showed her backstage, preparing for the evening engagement. She referred to her meditation space and showed off her altar, replete with Buddhas. Also, on a subsequent episode, she accompanied her niece to get her ears pierced. The shop they went to had Buddha’s, crystals, pendants, etc. Reluctantly, it proved to me that “spirit” is not from the One True God. I had had my suspicions prior. These episodes simply proved what I already suspected. We must always rely on the Holy Spirit’s gift of discernment to guide us.

Coda Love said...

Mediums & mystics
Coda Love response

Thank you for taking the time to produce this information but for me its intention, If you see someone as misleading somebody else that's a negative maybe? Maybe if you are devout you see this as the devil ?Faith in god is required here! If the intention is good, so done with love ❤️ then that's is working to heal the mind and body.

i.e.: like Jesus, having the intention to help another living being with grief as this can be unbearable for someone who has lost someone! The purpose of a true mystic, medium, healer thier discriptoins are really immaterial! if someone works with gods energy of love ❤️ To help another with good intentions, as a medium you have to trust the source of love, go with your heart, your gut feeling, what mystics/medium call the knowing!

mistrusting another who has good intentions, could be the energy of someone? that wants to cast dought in in the minds of those searching for gods love?? Faith Love & Trust is in your heart ❤️ here God is all around us so for me remember parables are to teach us not beat us or others.

Coda Love
Music be the food of Love

Anonymous said...

Why isn't there an update about the latest views of the Vatican about psychics, mediums, etc.? The Vatican says we are to welcome people like them who have these gifts and have them help people in our congregations. It has been 2 years or more now since the Vatican changed its views!!!

Anonymous said...

The bible is very clear that we cannot speak to the dead and they cannot hear us. However, demons are the source of the voice that psychics, mediums and witches hear. They can disguise themselves, since they are known to come as an 'angel of light'. But they're goal to deceive. I encourage anyone to stay clear of such individuals because you are allowing the doors of hell to open over your lives.

Unknown said...

Good point.

Anonymous said...

Of what church is this??

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