Devotion to the Holy Wounds of Jesus as described by various mystics

Importance of the Devotion to the Holy Wounds for our Times

The webmaster would like to gratefully thank Mrs. Angelica Avcikurt for compiling the inspiring passages below taken from the private revelations of numerous mystics. May God reward her for her efforts. 

Although devotion to the Holy Wounds has a long tradition in the Church and in the lives of the saints, never before has it been more important than now. Several mystics have stressed the urgency of this devotion for our times.

A 20th century German Carmelite mystic, Sister Maria of the Crucified Love, was given the following revelations about the devotion to the Holy Wounds:

-“Where will you turn to, when in the coming time, the difficulties grow still greater? My Sacred wounds will be your surest refuge. Nowhere are you better protected.” (p.16)

-“Implore now the special graces that I have reserved for this age. They are incalculable treasures that my heart wishes to distribute, especially when you pray to Me for grace and mercy for the sake of my Holy Wounds and My Sacred, Precious Blood.” (p.17)

-“I desire devotion to My Sacred Wounds to be promoted in prayer and in writing. Time presses ever more urgently, and for mankind salvation through My Sacred Wounds is indispensable.” (p.25)

-“My Sacred Wounds are the remedy for the future. Pray, pray that people will accept this remedy, for there is nothing else that can save them.” (p. 73).

(The above quotes taken from the revelations given to Sr. Maria of the Crucified Love, from the book "By His Wounds You Are Healed". Wurzburg: 2003. Book can be purchased from JMJ Religious Books)
Next, from the prophecies of mystic Marie Julie-Jahenny
Our Lord asked us to remain devoted to His Precious Blood and not to forget the pious practice of offering all our prayers and works in union with the Divine merits and graces of His most Precious Blood.
Words of Our Lord (date?): “Never forget to renew persistently the offering of Precious Blood. You will be consoled, all you who honor My Precious Blood, nothing will happen to you.”
Those devoted to Our Lord’s Wounds will also be shielded from punishments like a ‘lightning rod’. (date?) The devotion to the Holy Wounds will be a lightning rod for the Christians who will have kept it.” (i.e. kept faithful to it.)

Next we have an entry from the Diary of Anneliese Michel, a victim soul who was possessed by the devil. This entry is dated October 15, 1975:
Lucifer:The snotnose (ie- Anneliese) blurt out everything. Now she also receives suggestions from that One (Virgin Mary)…By her order (the Virgin Mary), the five holy wounds should be venerated in a special manner. The Holy Face should be venerated.” 
(LeBlanc, Lawrence, "Anneliese Michel: A True Story of a Case of Demonic Possession" ebook: Location, 737)


Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich
Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich’s visions of the Church and the Holy Wounds:
“...Again I saw St. Peter’s with its lofty cupola on whose top stood Michael shining with light. He wore a blood-red robe, a great banner in his hand. A desperate struggle was going on below – green and blue combatants against white, and over the latter, who seemed to be worsted, appeared a fiery blood red sword. None knew they fought. The church was all red like the angel, and I was told that it would be bathed in blood." 

"The longer the combat lasted, the paler grew the color of the Church, the more transparent it became. Then the angel descended and approached the white troops. I saw him several times in front of them. Their courage was wonderfully aroused; they knew not why or how, and how the angel struck right and left among the enemy who fled in all directions. Then the fiery sword over the victorious whites disappeared. During the engagement the enemy’s troops kept constantly deserting to the other side; once they went in great numbers. Numbers of saints hovered in the air over the combatants, pointing out what was to be done, making signs with the hand, etc., all different, but impelled by one spirit. When the angel had descended, I beheld above him a great shining cross in the heavens. "
"On it hung the Savior from whose wounds shot brilliant rays over the whole earth. These glorious wounds were red like resplendent doorways, their center golden-yellow like the sun. He wore no crown of thorns, but from all the wounds of His head streamed rays. Those from His hands, feet, and side were fine as hair and shone with rainbow colors; sometimes they all united and fell upon villages, cities, and houses throughout the world. I saw them (the rays) here and there, far and near, falling upon the dying, and then souls entering by the colored rays into the Savior’s wounds."

"The rays from the side (of Jesus) spread over the Church like a mighty current lighting up every part of it; and I saw that the greater number of souls enter into the Lord by these glittering streams. I saw also a shining red heart floating in the air. From one side flowed a current of white light to the Wound of the sacred side, and from the other a second current fell upon the Church in many regions; its rays attracted numerous souls who, by the Heart and the current of light, entered into the side of Jesus. I was told that this is the Heart of Mary." 

"Besides these rays, I saw from all the wounds about thirty ladders let down to the earth, some of which, however, did not reach it. They were not all alike but narrow and broad, with large and small rounds, some standing alone, others together. Their color corresponded to the purification of the soul, first dark, then clearer, then gray, and, at last, brighter and brighter. I saw souls painfully climbing up. Some mounted quickly, as if helped from above, others pressed forward eagerly but slipped back upon the lower rounds, while others fell back entirely into the darkness. Their eager and painful efforts were quite pitiful. It seemed as if they who mounted easily as if helped by others, were in closer communication with the Church. I saw, too, many souls of those that fell on the battlefield taking the path leading into the body of the Lord." 

"Behind the cross, far back in the sky, I saw multitudes of pictures representing the preparation begun ages ago for the work of Redemption. But I cannot describe it. It looked like the stations of the way of Divine Grace from the Creation to the Redemption. I did not always stand in the same place. I moved around among the rays, I saw all. Ah, I saw inexpressible, indescribable things!"
"When the combat on earth was over, the church and the angel became bright and shining, and the latter disappeared; the cross also vanished and in its place stood a tall, resplendent lady extending over it her mantle of golden rays. There was a reconciliation going on inside, and acts of humility were being made. I saw Bishops and pastors approaching one another and exchanging books. The various sects recognized the Church by her miraculous victory and the pure light of revelation they had seen beaming upon her… When I saw this reunion, I felt that the kingdom of God was near. I felt so sensibly the approach of the kingdom of God that I was forced to run to meet it crying tears of joy.”
~Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich – December 30, 1819
Consecration of our children to the Holy Wounds
There has been a pious practice of consecrating one’s children or loved ones to each of the Holy Wounds. This has produced many saints such as St. Veronica Giuliani. Before Veronica’s mother, Benedetta Mancini, died, she consecrated each of her five children to each of the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus. Ursula (St. Veronica) was consecrated to the wound of Jesus’ side. Throughout her diary it is clear that St. Veronica had a great devotion to the Holy Wounds.
Father Giuseppe Tomaselli
Father Giuseppe Tomaselli, a 20th century Italian exorcist and spiritual director to special souls such as Natuzza Evolo, said in one of his tapes: “Jesus told a soul: ‘Kiss My Wounds often. Kiss them very often.’ The soul replied, ‘How many times in a day?’ Jesus answered, ‘Numberless times. Kiss them often because the Wounds of Jesus are springs of grace and mercy.”
Father Giuseppe also advised the following, “It is good that everyone wear a crucifix and kiss often during the day the Holy Wounds. The practice of those good mothers or good religious daughters in which they place a soul into the Wounds of Christ is praiseworthy. For example, a mother could say: ‘I have 5 children: I place each one of my five children in a specific Wound of Jesus. Those who, for example, have other sinners, can place one or more sinners into each Wound in order for the Wounds of Jesus to save many souls.” 
Lux, Cristiana. "Don Giuseppe Tomaselli: Grande Mistico, Grande Guaritore, Grande Esorcista" pp.16-17

Sister Mary Martha Chambon and Devotion to the Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ
Sister Mary Martha Chambon (1841- March 21, 1907), a nun of the Religious of the Visitation of Chambery, could be called the apostle of the Holy Wounds. Like St. Margaret Mary, a saint from the same religious order, whom Jesus entrusted with the Devotion to the Sacred Heart; Sister Mary Martha Chambon was entrusted with the Devotion to the Holy Wounds. 

One year on the Feast of the Visitation, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to her together with St. Margaret Mary and the Founders of the order to confirm her mission. The Blessed Virgin Mary told her: “Blessed Margaret Mary reproduced the Sacred Heart of my Son in order to give Him to the world…and you, my daughter are chosen to arrest the justice of God in making known the merits of the Passion and of the Holy Wounds of my unique and beloved son, Jesus.” 

Jesus, Himself, revealed to her the many advantages and graces that can be obtained through this devotion to His Holy Wounds:
“My daughter, each time you offer to My Father the merits of My divine Wounds, you gain an immense fortune.”

"Behold wherewith to pay all debts. Fear not to show My Wounds to souls. The way of My Wounds is an easy and simple way of going to heaven.”
“I will grant all that is asked of Me through devotion to the Holy Wounds. Those who will honor them will have a true knowledge of Jesus Christ.”
“There will be no death for the soul that expires in My Wounds, They give true life.”
Then, Jesus taught her these two aspirations:
“My Jesus, pardon and mercy through the merits of Thy Holy Wounds.” 
 Jesus indicated that this aspiration should be repeated often near the sick as it is promised to bring solace to soul and body. The second prayer that Jesus taught her was:

“Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Wounds of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, to heal the wounds of our souls.” Jesus promised the conversion of the sinner who would make this offering.

The sisters in this convent arranged these two aspirations into the Chaplet of the Holy Wounds, also called the Chaplet of Mercy, in order to facilitate its recitation. These aspirations, which are indulgenced, can be said on any rosary or chaplet, or may be said as single invocations during work. The Chaplet of the Holy Wounds can be found at the end of this article.

Sister Martha Chambon had great zeal for souls, especially the dying. Jesus told her:
“You must offer the merits of the Holy Wounds for persons who die in the night or during the course of the day.” Jesus told her of this great gift He had given to her community: “Behold your treasure. The treasure of the Holy Wounds encloses crowns which you should take and give to others. One day these souls for whom you shall have obtained a holy death by your prayers, will turn towards you to thank you. All men shall appear before Me on the judgment day, and I shall then point out My privileged Spouses, who shall have purified the world by My Holy Wounds.”

Another practice of Saint Mary Martha was offering her actions in union with the Holy Wounds for the conversion of sinners and for the souls in purgatory. In this way, she obtained the release of many souls. The chaplet of the Holy Wounds is a very efficacious way of helping the poor souls. Jesus told her once: 
“My daughter, look at my Wounds, offer them for the souls in Purgatory. The sufferings of My Holy Passion, behold the great remedy for these souls; but its merits must be applied to them.”

The sisters in the convent of Sister Mary Martha in Chambery have received many letters of graces that have been obtained through the chaplet of the Holy Wounds and the intercession of Sister Mary Martha Chambon.

Sister Mary Martha Chambon in prayer
According to Sister Martha Chambon, one of the promises that Jesus attached to the recitation of the Chaplet of the Holy Wounds, also called the Chaplet of Mercy, was that:
“At each word that you pronounce of the Chaplet of Mercy I let a drop of My Blood fall on the soul of a sinner.” 
Sister Mary Martha was granted a vision in which she saw Jesus holding a cup full of His Precious Blood and how He placed a drop of His Blood in different souls, including the souls of her mother and father. This brought great consolation to Sister Mary Martha. Jesus then told her:
“The graces that I bestow in this manner are never lost.”

St. Andre Bessette, the wonder worker of Montreal, Canada had a great devotion to the Holy Wounds because he had read the life of Sister Mary Martha Chambon. He did his best to propagate this devotion. .He received this book from a nun who frequently came to visit him. He attached such great importance to this devotion that the next time this nun came to visit him, he asked her for 18 more copies of the book, “to convert 18 sinners.” 

That sister answered, “You surely do not mean that Brother Andre. I do not have them, and they are not to be found in Montreal.” 
“That does not matter,” he replied, “I must have them.” 
Then a miracle of Divine Providence happened. When that sister returned to her convent and went to the library, she found two dozen copies of that book carefully wrapped up. No one in the house could tell her where the books came from.

(Bergeron, Henri-Paul. "Brother Andre:The Wonder Worker of Mount Royal", Montreal, Canada: St. Joseph Oratory, 1997. P.125.)

Jesus told Sister Mary of the Crucified Love: “To Sister Mary Martha Chambon, I entrusted the devotion to My Sacred Wounds and its promotion as a mission of atonement. Yes, I entrusted this task to her heart. She still bears it there today as a most profound duty of love, in the complete union with My Heart, in the betrothal of the Cross. Come to her with your intentions. Bring her with you in prayer and intercession. She has been permitted to be your advocate in the many difficulties and sufferings that can and may be healed through the merits of My Sacred Wounds. Yes, commit yourselves entirely, as she did, to the apostolate of My Sacred Wounds. Consecrate your entire life to this mission and follow the way of Love that Marie Martha walked as an example for you.” 

Currently, the beatification cause for Sister Mary Martha Chambon is underway.

(The above quotes from Sr. Chambon are taken from: Religious of the Visitation of Holy Mary of Chambery, "Sister Mary Martha Chambon", Saint Louis, MO: Monastery of the Visitation, 1930, and also the aforementioned book, "By His Wounds You Are Healed", p. 106. )

For those drawn to the spirituality of the Passionists, it is noteworthy to point out that the Passionist Order celebrates the Feast of the Holy Wounds on the Friday after the Octave of Easter.

Prayers of devotion to the Holy Wounds of Jesus

Revealed to Sister Mary Martha Chambon
To be recited on regular Rosary beads
On the Crucifix:
O Jesus Divine Redeemer, be merciful to us and to the whole world. Amen.
Strong God, Holy God, Immortal God, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Amen.
Grace and mercy, O my Jesus, during present dangers; cover us with Your Precious Blood. Amen.
Eternal Father, grant us mercy through the Blood of Jesus Christ, Your only Son; grant us mercy, we beseech You. Amen, Amen, Amen.
On the large beads:
V. Eternal Father, I offer You the Wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ.
R. To heal the wounds of our souls.
On the small beads:
V. My Jesus, pardon and mercy.
R. Through the merits of Your Holy Wounds.                    

Maria Graf-Suter
Prayers of Maria Graf-Suter (1906-1964):
In union with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I salute and adore the Holy Wound of Your right hand, oh Jesus, and I place in this Wound all the priests of Your Holy Church. Give them, every time they celebrate the Holy Sacrifice, the fire of Your Divine Love, so that they may be able to communicate it to the souls entrusted to them. Glory be… Amen.
I salute and adore the Holy Wound of Your left hand, and I place in it all those who are in error and all the unbelievers, those poor souls that do not know you. For the love of these souls, please send, Jesus, workers to your vineyard, so that they may find their way to Your Sacred Heart. Glory be… Amen.
I salute and adore the Holy Wounds of Your feet, and place in them all the hardened sinners that choose to live in the world. I especially entrust to You those who will die today. Don’t permit, Jesus, that Your Precious Blood be lost to them. Glory be…Amen.
I salute and adore the Holy Wounds of Your Holy Head, and I place in these Holy Wounds the enemies of the Holy Church, those who are still striking you today and persecuting you in your Mystical Body. I beg you, Jesus, convert them and call them like you called Saul to make him St. Paul, so that soon there will be but one fold and one shepherd. Glory be…Amen.
I salute and adore the Holy Wound of Your Sacred Heart, and place in it, Jesus, my soul and all those for whom you want me to pray, especially those who suffer, who are afflicted, all who are persecuted and abandoned. Give them, O Sacred Heart of Jesus, Your Light and Your Grace. Fill them with Your Love and Your true Peace. Glory be… Amen.
Prayer of St. Veronica Giuliani:
‘My God, I ask you for souls. Let these Your Wounds be voices for me and say with me: O souls redeemed by the Blood of Christ, come to this source of love. I am calling you and these Holy Wounds speak for me, but all of you come.”
Prayers of Sister Mary of the Crucified Love:
Eternal Father, I offer You the bleeding and victorious Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and in them my own life, for Your glory and for every individual soul. Amen.

O Jesus, bless us with all the fruits and the effects of Your Holy Wounds; have mercy on us who seek refuge in You. Amen.
Saluting Our Lord’s Five Wounds
Glory be to Thee, most sweet, most gentle, most benign, most noble, most excellent effulgent and ever-peaceful Trinity for the roseate wounds of my only Love!
(After St. Gertrude the Great repeated this salutation 5,466 times, the Lord appeared to her bearing golden flowers on each Wound and said to her:
“Behold in what glory I now appear to you. I will appear in the same manner to you at your death, and will cover all the stains of your sins, and of those also who salute My Wounds with the same devotion.”
(St. Gertrude the Great, "The Life and Revelations of St. Gertrude", Rockford,IL: Tan Books and Publishers, 2002, pg. 388)

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I have read the book "By His Wounds You are Healed". The reflections in the book were given to Sister Francizka Maria of the Crucified Love. Except for the little that is mentioned in this helpful website, I have not been able to find any other information of this Sister. Can anyone please help?
I have been able to read information of Sister Marie Marthe Chambon, and have obtained a book of Sister Chambon's life which I am presently reading.

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Thanks be to God for all the blessings and miracles to such unworthy sinners as us.

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Where can one purchase a book on the Life of Saint Marie-Martha Chambon? Need an address. Thank you!

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The Rosary of the Holy Wounds is an excellent prayer. I particularly like the ninth promise which says, "When you have some trouble, something to suffer, quickly place it in My Wounds, and the pain will be alleviated". Also, I like in the 6th promise where he says "My Wounds will cover all your sins." I don't always want to go to Jesus because I sin sometimes, but He wants to cover my sins and faults. Kind of ironical.