The death of Joey Lomangino -A blow to Garabandal believers?

The passing of Joey Lomangino -Well known promoter of Our Lady of Garabandal
-A possible unfulfilled prophesy, but also a sign for Garabandal detractors 

The passing of Joseph Lomangino on the anniversary of the first apparition and also the last public message of Garabandal
6/18/2014- Lindenhurst, New York. 
June 18, 2014 has marked the passing of Joseph "Joey" Lomangino, precisely 53 years ago to the day of the first alleged heavenly apparition (June 18, 1961) to four young girls in Garabandal, Spain. After the first initial appearance of St Michael the Archangel on this date, the Blessed Virgin Mary would allegedly appear on numerous occasions to the children until the final public message, once again on June 18, 1965. And for this reason, June 18th is the primary feast day of the events of Garabandal, since it marks the date of the first apparition to the children in 1961, and also that of the last public message of the Blessed Virgin Mary on that same date in 1965. And so it is that also on this very significant same date that Joey Lomangino died of a heart attack in his home at 10:30AM, lovingly surrounded by his family.

The timing of Joey's passing is not a coincidence
Firstly it should be pointed out that those who have faith in God and in His Providence know very well that God arranges the timing of important events, and those who have eyes to see and ears to hear should very well recognize the hand of God in the timing of Joey's passing on June 18--the anniversary of the first Garabandal apparition, and also the last public message of the Blessed Virgin Mary--for June 18 is truly a key date in the Garabandal apparition.

remember when Pope John Paul II died on the evening of April 2, 2005 which that year was precisely the evening vigil of Divine Mercy Sunday--how so many people overlooked or did not recognize the remarkable sign in the timing of his death, for it was he who fought so hard for the recognition and acceptance of the message of Bl. Faustina and Divine Mercy Sunday--for it was beginning in the 1950's that Bl. Faustina's Diary with its writings on Divine Mercy were originally condemned by the Holy Office---but thanks to Pope John Paul II this original ruling was completely overturned. Thus, the timing of such events such as the death of Pope John Paul II and Joey Lomangino are signs for those with an open mind and heart, and such signs are not meant by God to be ignored or taken lightly.

A possible unfulfilled prophecy
Within hours of Joey's passing, already in comment forum here on this website and on other blogs and websites doubters of the alleged apparitions of Garabandal were quick to point out the apparent unfulfilled prophesy concerning Joey:

Letter to Joey Lomangino from Conchita Gonzalez (one of the visionaries of Garabandal)
March 19, 1964 - St. Joseph’s Day
"My Dear Joseph,
Just two lines to tell you the message which the Blessed Virgin gave me for you today at the pines…she told me that the voice you heard was hers and that you shall see on the very day of the Miracle. She also told me that the House of Charity you will establish in New York will bring great glory to God."


"You shall see on the day of the Miracle." --Here we come to the prophecy of the long awaited "new eyes" that were promised by the Blessed Virgin Mary to Conchita in a vision.

Now that Joey has passed from this life, many have jumped to the conclusion that this prophesy is false and unfulfilled. And at first appearance this writer would have to agree that such is the case. But, reading carefully the prediction of what the Lady in the vision said to Conchita---that is that Joey would see on the day of the Miracle---well, one has to recognize that there are other interpretations and possibilities than the most obvious and apparent one, and I will leave it to the reader to consider other such possibilities.

Keep in mind that this writer is not making excuses for what appears to be an unfulfilled prophesy, only that there are other possibilities and interpretations contained in such a message.

The failed prophecy that wasn't--The prophesy that St Padre Pio would see the Miracle of Garabandal before his death.
When the great St. Padre Pio died on September 23, 1968,  many who were familiar with the events of Garabandal were surprised because the 'Great Miracle' prophesied at Garabandal had not yet occurred, because of the well known prophecy by the Blessed Virgin to Conchita that Padre Pio would see the Great Miracle, however his death by all appearances at first SEEMINGLY negated this alleged prophesy.

When Conchita found out Padre Pio died in Sept. 1968, she (along with many others!) were surprised and dismayed. However, several weeks after his death as dusk settled at Garabandal, on October 16, 1968, a telegram from Lourdes arrived, carrying the name of a woman in Rome whom Conchita knew. The telegram urged her to depart immediately by car to receive something on behalf of Padre Pio.

Fr. Combe, a French parish priest from Chazay d'Azergues in the diocese of Lyon and a great promoter of the cause of Garabandal was in Garabandal that day. He and his collaborator B.L. Ellos took Conchita and Conchita's mother Aniceta in their car and set out that night for Lourdes. In the morning of October 17, Conchita received on behalf of Padre Pio a short written message, a large section of the veil that had covered Padre Pio's face after his death, and also one of Padre Pio's gloves. Delivering these gifts to her from Padre Pio was the Italian Capuchin, Fr. P. Bernardino Cennamo.

Conchita took advantage of this meeting to ask Fr. Cennamo:
"Why did the Virgin tell me that Padre Pio would see the Miracle?"
He replied: "Padre Pio saw it [the Miracle] before his death. He told us himself"

The lesson? Things are not always what they first appear to be, and we should not come to quick conclusions based on first appearances. 

Joey Lomangino was a devout and pious man who spent his life spreading devotion to God and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Along with founding the Workers of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Center in Lindenhurst, NY, for many years Joey tirelessly traveled about to countless places giving conferences on the message of Garabandal--a message of prayer and reparation. He will be fondly and devoutly remembered by the many who met this remarkable man over the years. Whether one is favorable towards Garabandal or not, everyone should appreciate and recognize the fact that Joey was a very kind and pious man who spent his life spreading devotion to God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and his great spiritual friend, Padre Pio.

As to the authenticity of the alleged apparitions at Garabandal, it is up to the Church to make the final decision. In the meantime, the faithful are free to come to their own personal judgement after careful discernment. 

-Eternal rest grant unto him O' Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon him.

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Kristin Regina said...

Job states: "[Job 19:26] And I shall be clothed again with my skin, and in my flesh I will see my God. [27] Whom I myself shall see, and my eyes shall behold, and not another: this my hope is laid up in my bosom." Our Lady is a woman of Her Word. We know by Dogmatic definition that prior to the Last Judgment, Our Lady was "Assumed" body and soul into Heaven. Has this Gift been given to any other saints prior to "the General Resurrection of the Body"? St Joseph? St John the Baptist? Sts Anne and Joachim? Moses? Job? We know that at Our Lord's Resurrection many in Jerusalem received visits from the dead. "[Matt 27:52] And the graves were opened: and many bodies of the saints that had slept arose, [53] And coming out of the tombs after His Resurrection, came into the holy city, and appeared to many." So, will Joey see like Job? or Our Lady? with his own physical, bodily eyes? It seems likely, but we do not know how or for how long. Or will Joey see like the Just do now "in God" prior to "the Resurrection of the Body" whether in Heaven and Purgatory or on Earth in another location outside of Garabandal? One thing we know for certain, the children [and Our Lady] and authentic followers of Garabandal were always, and remain in truth, authentically "obedient" to the One Holy [Roman] Catholic & Apostolic Church. Unlike Hrasno in Croatia which St Pope John Paul II went out of His way to speak about and to promote, Medjagorje was OFFICIALLY CONDEMNED once and for all by "the LOCAL Bishop in Union with Rome" in 1985 and reemphasized in 1987, with ALL of the bishops of Yugoslavia (but one abstaining bishop) offering their agreement with that of the local bishop in 1991. Pope St John Paul II avoided going near Medj during His visits to Yugoslavia; Pope Benedict XVI and even Pope Francis have been clear with their disapproval of all the endless alleged apparitions at Medj. So, avoiding all the works and displays of the devil (there were many FALSE "apparitions" at the time of Lourdes and Fatima) and focusing instead on reparation and Atonement for sins against Our Lord and His Real Presence in the Holy Eucuarist together with our prayers and sacrifices especially for priests & bishops... I think we have good reason to ponder the information offered on this web site and to look forward to the events and Graces "promised" to us in God's Mercy and Justice.

Anonymous said...

Don't waste so much time.

God is not a woman.

Jesus is/was God in the flesh.

He died for your sins if you turn from trusting in you or a ficticious version of God and turn to Him in faith and TRUST Him and the finished work on the cross.

His is Risen indeed.

Anonymous said...

The sublimity of divine mystery shrouds the truth of the Holy Mothers appearance to
the 4 girls at Garabandal, just as it does with Her appearance at Guadalupe, Lourdes,
and Fatima.

Delhi said...

I had a huge argument back in 1993 with a friend thst went to Medjugorje and said"Our Lady POSED for the pictures!!" I thought my friend was being an idiot, disrespectful....but in later years I read that the apparition does indeed do weird things that don't seem in character with Mary Holy Mother of moves my spirit in a wrong way...idk. ...In all honesty I do not beñieve it's the work of God and it's not the my heart I think it's aliens or something like that. Maybe they mean well, like missionaries...they go out across the galaxies seeking less advanced creatures to teach about Christ...just missionaries of the intergalactic type. I think the Vatican knew from the start it was not God or angels or Msry, but some aliens with technology that are kinda dumb in other ways. Just because we use tech doesnt make us a 5 yr old thread, this no one will read.

Xorro said...

Hmmmm...anonymous makes some very good points but my opinion is that
a. we shall see - Conchita is still alive so it is very possible we will see this in her life time or not. To explain the miracles that didn't come to pass - there are also "conditional" miracles- no? For example Fatima - was Russia consecrated to Russia ? Some would say yes and to those I would say - well hasn't Russia continued to spread her errors around the world? Does that discredit Fatima? No! I would say it was because it wasn't done within the time or correct conditions expected. So my point is in regards to the incorrupt priest - wasn't he supposed to be dug up after the Miracle? Perhaps hes incorrupt now but after he will be corrupt. Perhaps the only part Satan has played here is to instill doubt.

b. in reference to Joey.. perhaps he is in purgatory? Are those in purgatory able to "see" everything clearly? Do they experience the beatific vision?

c. What is rarely discussed - except in a negative way, is how our Blessed Mother would ask the girls questions about their simple life and let them play with Jesus and her crown. Well , isn't this real humility? Isn't this how a good mother really is? As for our Lord - what are the depths of HIS humility? Anonymous feels it would be beneath Jesus to allow the girls to play with Him. Doesn't Jesus allow Himself to be called down by sinful men into a plain unsuspicious looking wafer? I think we forget that our blessed Mother was human as was our Lord ( and divine).

d. and lastly - one certainly doesn't have to believe but look at the fruits! If this were from Satan as anonymous suggests - does Satan leave any "fruits" behind? People were converted - people changed people were healed. There were miracles and many fruits.

In parting I leave this : "Then Jesus said, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” Mark 4:9

June E. Dahl said...

GARABANDAL may be promoted by all too human elements and groups; it may possibly have a few "dark" events like deaths casting a gloom and sorrowful atmosphere over it , however, real saints never feared that DEATH casts a shadow over the living, because saints KNOW and JESUS SAYS that Heaven is so-o-o-o-o much better than Earth and our lives as the CHURCH militant ! Earth is just a TEST or TRIAL (and tribulation in following Jesus crucified ! which we are all told to do IF WE FOLLOW JESUS !
The CHURCH triumphant or the BLISS of the BEATIFIC VISION is what saints AIM FOR and IT IS A MAJOR GOAL OR A LIFE AND DEATH GOAL FOR CATHOLICS ! Yes, PURGATORY is for those that did not consider PURGATORY as REAL and, therefore, left their deep concern for the soul , on the "back burner", when they could have offered ALL THEIR EARTHLY SUFFERING to Our Lord, and asked Mary, Our Lady and Mother, to dispose of our merits and lavish them on the souls of Purgatory, whose relatives have given up praying for them and who, like us, if we come to be there, will not be able to merit graces for themselves, while there. They . the poor souls of the CHURCH SUFFERING. we are told (it has been revealed) must depend on the CHURCH MILITANT to provide prayers and penance for them , so that they can move on toward being beatified with GOD . GARABANDAL, FATIMA and many other apparitions, are stimulating, to have us do good works, but, getting to know about what PLEASES GOD in our lives , no matter WHERE WE LIVE, is what will get us to HEAVEN. There is, in my opinion, no more Satanism at Garanbandal or wickedness that there has always been in all CHURCHES NOW and in all the centuries past ! Homosexuality existed in monasteries and Churches in the 13th century as did all diverse perversions and all other forms of sin such as drunkeness, gluttony and unchastity , not to mention stealing and murder in all its various forms. NOW there is MORE wickedness because of man turning away from God in droves , due to Communism and other "isms" which use MASS MEDIA to further their cause. Garabandal is, at least, worth studying about and learning about and if possible traveling to San Sebastian on a pilgrimage if it promotes our prayer life, and physical and mental health and well-being . We are privileged to have such a site which demonstrates the holiness and love of Heaven for us all.

Unknown said...

All is in God's time Joey is not dead if he is with God and he will see again if he is not already seeing.

ggreg said...

I think the warning and the miracle will take place after the second coming of Our Lord and the consummation of the earth by fire but just before the general judgement. Those in Heaven and Purgatory will witness a spiritual sign, in the spiritual pine trees, with spiritual eyes.

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