The Presidential prophecy- An update on Charlie Johnston

A triumphant Trump inaugurated amidst some bold predictions
Update Jan 1, 2018: Concerning Mr. Johnston's alleged prophecies and private revelations, from early on this writer often commented that time and events (or lack of events) will clearly reveal whether Charlie's prophecies are authentic, or not.  In other words, time will tell. 

Well, as of today (January 1, 2018) time has clearly revealed that Mr. Johnston's numerous prophecies have ALL been shown to be completely false, most notably his predictions concerning the Presidential election, the great worldwide "Storm" which he foretold would bring global economic collapse and civil strife, toppling governments throughout the globe, war with political Islam resulting with the mass conversion of most Muslims, then a war with China, and generalized  global chaos resulting in 26 million dead, all culminating with the miraculous "Rescue" apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary to all of humanity, all of which was prophesied by Charlie to occur by the end of 2017. 

In conclusion, since Charlie's prophecies have now all been shown to be completely false, he joins the list of recent failed visionaries whose stories have been highlighted on this site, such as "Locutions to the World" and "Maria Divine Mercy", and together they provide a strong cautionary warning for all of us in regards to purported visionaries and mystics of past and present, urging us to be very cautious and prudent in our discernment concerning such persons,  reaffirming the statement and warning of St Paul of the Cross, the founder of the Passionists and great mystic himself, who once stated that 9 out of 10 purported visionaries are false.  Perhaps this estimation from St Paul of the Cross is a bit high, but then again perhaps not.  -Glenn Dallaire
UPDATE, January 20, 2017: 
With the successful inauguration of President Donald Trump comes the unfulfilled conclusion to both parts of the alleged angelic “Presidential prophecy” of Charlie Johnston, namely that Obama will not finish his term and the next leader will not come from the political system (ie.-not elected), as detailed in the article below. It was a bold two-part prophecy that has now ended in a double fail.

When one claims to be a prophet of God, one’s life and most especially one’s prophecies are automatically held for scrutiny before the court of public opinion. In this court of public opinion, the preponderance of the evidence is what often initially sways one’s opinion, yet there eventually comes to pass certain very important matters for discernment, such as key prophecies, which depending on their eventual turnout, will considerably authenticate, or invalidate, the purported mission and message of such persons.  And when one compares the alleged angelic ‘Presidential prophecy’ against today’s successful inauguration, the conclusions to be drawn are self-evident.  

With the above being said, one would strongly suspect that today’s inauguration, which by all appearances completely invalidates the first formal public prophecy of Charlie Johnston, will likely be one of these aforementioned key matters for discernment that will have a decisive impact in judging his purported prophetic mission and message for a good many people.  For if a prophet is judged by his prophecies as the saying goes, then today’s failure of the purported angelic ‘Presidential prophecy’,  as detailed in the article below,  will for many persons surely bring with it an unfavorable judgment in what concerns the prophetic mission of Charlie Johnston. 

For in his blog post "The Election...and Other Potential Triggers" Charlie writes:
"...If, next January, Barack Obama peacefully hands over the reins of power to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, I will declare myself unreliable and go away. But it will not happen that way, for God has appointed that this be a sign to you to fortify you to trust Him and choose the ordinary way to follow Him through the most frightening year for the globe in history."

And again, concerning today’s inauguration, for his part Charlie has also declared in his post entitled “Election day” on November 7th that:
 “…If, on January 20, Obama peacefully transfers power to either Trump or Clinton, I will declare myself unreliable and retire into silence.”  

With this pledge, one finds that today’s inauguration will bring with it not only the end of Obama’s term, but also the end of Charlie Johnston’s public blogging, speaking engagements, and future predictions, at least for a time, though the loss of credibility from today’s events will likely be permanent. 

And I say "for a time" simply because of Charlie's recent comments on his blog concerning the possibility of today's failure of his "Presidential prophecy", wherein he recently speaks about the possibility of being "recalled" by God into a silent, private period for some sort of remedial prophetic discernment re-training "for a time".

Nevertheless, for those who in good faith spread amongst their family, friends and coworkers Charlie's prediction concerning "Obama not finishing his term/next leader not coming from the political process", and who are now left feeling much like "the boy who cried wolf", one can only presume that any possible future prophetic predictions from Charlie will be given little or no credence, if not outright opposition by many who have followed his work and message, as is perhaps justifiably merited by today's developments. In the end, it is up to Archbishop Aquila of Denver to make any formal judgments concerning Charlie Johnston's private revelations.

As for this writer, I can say that while I have always been reluctant to highlight purported LIVING mystics and visionaries, I am even more so now after these recent events.

May God bless the United States of America, and all of humanity.
-Glenn Dallaire, January 20, 2017

Charlie Johnston during a recent FOCUS TV interview
The final days for the possible fulfillment of a purported Angelic prophecy 

By: Glenn Dallaire

Jan. 7, 2017 -Vigil of the Epiphany
Many readers of this website are familiar with the original article that I wrote back in January 2015 entitled  "Charlie Johnston -An alleged prophet with a critically important message for humanity".  In it I discussed at length Charlie's purported prophetic mission and message, along with a short biography of his life. And for the past two years it has been one of the most popular articles on this website.

Additionally, when the Archdiocese of Denver came out with a Statement in March 2016 concerning Mr. Johnston I published an article here discussing it.

The Presidential prophecy
In the past week, the comments beneath that original article have exploded (there are now currently a total of 770 comments), as has my email inbox, with most everyone commenting specifically on the angelic prophecy allegedly given to Charlie, which I have named "The Presidential prophecy":

"What I was told in the Spring of 2008 was that Barack Obama would win that year's election, that he would not finish his full term, and that the next stable national leader would not come from the political system."

The obvious reason for all of the recent attention to this specific alleged angelic prophecy is the upcoming scheduled Presidential Inauguration scheduled for this January 20th--just 2 weeks away from this writing. For his part, just yesterday Charlie published an article entitled "A Decisive Conundrum" which addresses this matter, in part.

This particular prophecy is the first of a series of alleged angelic prophesies concerning the world that are to occur mostly this year (2017). And since we are delving into this subject of alleged "Angelic" messages given to Charlie, it should be pointed out that the Angel whom has purportedly visited Charlie from childhood is the Archangel Gabriel, as was specifically revealed to Charlie during one of the "visitations". The other predictions that Charlie insists upon are highlighted in his article entitled "Go Forth". In it Charlie reveals eight worldwide events that are said to occur::

"I only have eight public prophecies that I insist on. Only the visible, miraculous Rescue by Our Lady, the Immaculate Conception in late 2017, is time sensitive. Five things must happen between now and the Rescue, but can happen at any time during that period. They are:

– The continued toppling of governments throughout the world, including that of the U.S. The toppling of a government does not mean the nation shall fall.

– The confrontation with and fall of political Islam.

– The mass conversion of most Muslims

– The confrontation between the Judeo-Christian world and the current government of China.

– The alliance between Russia and the U.S. to lead the Judeo-Christian world to endure the confrontation with China.

-Then, after the 5 things above comes the miraculous "Rescue" through the Immaculate Heart of Mary sometime in late 2017.

Then there are two prophecies that happen shortly after the Rescue. They are the unification of the faithful into one flock under one shepherd and the building and location of the Shrine of thanksgiving for the Rescue on Mount Meeker in Colorado.

Together these predicted events constitute for humanity what Charlie calls "The Storm"--a series of events which he states is already well underway. As of today (January 7, 2017), the most obvious observation concerning the prophesies above is that time is really running out for them to all happen before the miraculous Rescue in late 2017. Thus, from an intellectually reasoned perspective, it is probably readily apparent to many that such predictions are already a failure, given the time-frames involved for such things to occur in "real" time. But then, who really knows just yet? For God is not limited by our human constraints and He is always full of surprises.

It should be noted that the "Presidential prophecy" is NOT part of the eight public prophesies that Charlie insists upon. I don't know what bearing that may have, if any, in the upcoming days and weeks.

"God has appointed that this be a sign to you"
In his article "The Election...and Other Potential Triggers" Charlie writes:
"If, next January, Barack Obama peacefully hands over the reins of power to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, I will declare myself unreliable and go away. But it will not happen that way, for God has appointed that this be a sign to you to fortify you to trust Him and choose the ordinary way to follow Him through the most frightening year for the globe in history."

Of course for now the big question at this point is whether or not the purported angelic prophecy concerning Obama not finishing his term/next leader not coming from the election process will come to pass as foretold in the remaining two weeks before the scheduled Presidential inauguration on January 20th. And the obvious implication in the opinion of many people is that this prophecy is key in determining whether Charlie is truly an authentic prophet, or not. For as the saying goes "A prophet is judged by his prophecies", or as Scripture tells us:

"And if you say in your heart, ‘How may we know the word that the Lord has not spoken?’— when a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word that the Lord has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously. You need not fear him." (Deuteronomy 18:21-22).

For his part, Charlie has stated numerous times that if this particular prophecy concerning Obama not finishing his term were to fail, with the presidency successfully transitioned to Donald Trump, that he will post one last post on his blog, then go away:
Charlie Johnston during a presentation in July 2016
charliej373 says:
"If there is a peaceful transition of power from Obama to Trump, I will go away. If there is not, be not afraid, God has a plan."

or again:
 charliej373 says:
December 17, 2016 at 2:54 pm
"Now, as I have said, if the inauguration goes on without incident, I will go away. "

or again:
charliej373 says:
"Certainly, if we have a normal inauguration a month from now, I will retire from the field, for that prophecy will have been objectively wrong. I take full responsibility for that. But it won’t change what you are called to do.

Noting that I do and will take responsibility, your standard would require you to dismiss St. Joan of Arc as a false prophet for the times she erred on saying how the battle would go – and many of the Old Testament prophets who were often off on their timing, sometimes by years. I do not say this to try to justify any error on my part. I strongly urge you to examine yourself and consider what God calls you to. But yep, a month from now if we have a normal inauguration, you can give me a big old thumbs down."

charliej373 says:
January 8, 2017 at 9:21 pm
"If the inauguration comes off, I will leave the public scene, because that is what it means to honorably take full responsibility. "

And so, even though this "Presidential prophecy" is not one of the eight public prophecies that Charlie insists upon, according to several statements he has made he does believe that if it fails to come to pass as foretold, this would be significant enough to merit and declare himself "unreliable" and "leaving the scene". Time will soon tell how things turn out. For his part, Charlie has "laid it on the line", so to speak. We need only wait, watch and pray. Events, or the lack thereof, will reveal the truth concerning Charlie's purported private revelations.

Given all of the recent interest in this particular prophecy as of late, along with the popularity of the original article here on this website concerning Charlie Johnston, I thought I would publish this new article so that those interested can comment on this matter freely and directly here. As always, all comments are published immediately on this website, without moderation. I only ask that commentators be charitable and considerate in their comments.

***UPDATE: FEBRUARY 16, 2017: Archdiocese of Denver: "Statement on false claim regarding Charlie Johnston’s messages"


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L Spinelli said...

I just had a thought about the 54 day Rosary for the USA. There's also another one being promoted by the Knights of Columbus.

Here's an example of where listening to Charlie could do one spiritual harm. What if someone who was devoted to TNRS saw these? They might 1) not bother with them and choose to pray "Charlie's Prayer" and the "Surrender Novena" instead, or 2) pray for Charlie's intentions during either novena. Either way, not a good fruit, folks!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying not to go to his site anymore, limiting it to no more than twice per day or less.
In regard to doubling down, he is only doubling down on the issue of Trump not being inaugurated. The other issue of Obama not finishing his second term has vanished, he/or his followers appear to be promoting some sort of coup for Obama and/or Obama extending his term. I think the issue of Obama being out before the 20th just isn't going to happen with 7 days left, I believe he knows it so he's peddling and has for a while an alternate theory because he may get the inauguration part right, so if he can be half right he can spin that to a check mark or the very least say I got part right so I'm sticking around because I misread my angel or something like that.
With regard to the criteria of a mystic he definitely falls short of those you presented. Just look at his site, he has people doing certain things, he has communities across the nation set up with some sort of directors, he also has an exclusive blog for the more serious, he has people setting up venues where he can
talk, it is all well planned, structured and organized. He even has his own buzz word TNRS who will soon be turning into BOVOCS. 7 days to go!

L Spinelli said...

@Anon above, I blocked his site. I had to for my peace of mind. Ever since the election, every time I went over there and read the comments, I got a headache. There's no peace over there, just endless churning of "what I was told" and yes, coming up with alternate interpretations. (See my post at 11:52 for pointers on how the Church views claims like that.)

Regarding his claim that people would lose hope if these public prophecies of his didn't come true: we were promised the "Triumph of the Immaculate Heart" at Fatima. So if none of Charlie's possibly demonic in origin prophecies come true, I'm certainly NOT going to lose any hope. I'm placing my trust in a Church approved apparition, not random online ramblings from an unapproved and problematic seer.

Anonymous said...

So true, that's why I don't go there as often,at some points in time I hadn't been there for long stretches. I'm curious at this point to see what happens on the 20th and his followers.
And yes Fatima is the real deal, Charlie takes away from Fatima.
I also noticed that he shuns Our Lady of Damascus which has the local Bishops approval and also surprisingly Orthodox, Muslim and Protestant approval. Unity Publishing by the now expired Rick Salbato has done an excellent job of reporting on this as has Father Fox - if you compare Myrna Nazzour to Charlie Johnston Myrna fits your criteria, Charlie is the exact opposite. When Charlie came on line I believed he was actually tying to hide Our Lady of Damascus ( Soufeniah )because he would never let me post anything about it, it would be scrubbed. I believe he thinks it competes with him, therefore the ignore button.
With Fatima I think he is trying to hi-jack the anniversary. He's tying Fatima to his messages to give credibility to his messages. Instant publicity. The problem now is that all these gullible Catholics have embraced Charlie and if he turns out to be a dud they're going to take it out on the Church because he's tying himself to the Catholic faith. According to the diocese despite Charlie's interpretation "The archdiocese does not allow the propagation of messages or visions without certitude that they are from God, which requires a much longer process involving analysis by experts from outside the archdiocese.”
That's why we have this form for BOVOCS ( Burnt Out Victims of Charlie , you are one, I am one and there are going to be many more as they start peeling away from Charlie and they need our support.

L Spinelli said...

He started laying the groundwork for the failure of one of his prophecies back on November 15: Sometime in the next year, I will be significantly wrong about something. It won’t be the Rescue, but it will be something.

But here's the catch. Glenn pointed out that the Obama/inauguration/next leader prophecy isn't in his list of eight fundamental prophecies. Also from November 15: I will not leave the scene unless it is one of the fundamentals, and then, in full obedience to Holy Church, I will wait on the Lord, knowing that He will strengthen my heart and that it serves His purpose to call all His children back to Him.

Here's the conclusion of the plan, from December 17: Now, as I have said, if the inauguration goes on without incident, I will go away. If, however, things later blew up entirely, I would make my way back to work.

(Note: These posts were cut down for clarity.)

Now here he comes in the last couple of days stating that by next month, the critics will "regret being malicious" to him because he was right. Note that he didn't say January 20 itself - he's hinting, as he did on December 17, that a coup or something inconceivable will happen afterwards.

But Obama will have left the scene.

See what I mean when I say I get a headache from trying to piece together all the inconsistencies?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one left scratching my head after I read the posts and some of the comments over there.

MJ said...

When you ask him questions he accuses you of vitriol and hubris. And suggests you are like the people who doubted the old testament prophets. Very bizarre.

Joe said...

Where was the anonymous poster who called him a fraud on his last blog. Maybe he already deleted it. He banned me last week after I called him out for the third time. I am the guy everyone of his
Cult followers attacked and called idiot. Joe

L Spinelli said...

Joe, you're in good company. After Kevin O'Brien, who runs the Theater of the Word, blogged about Charlie and dismantled a good number of claims, Charlie's followers were so vicious that he quit blogging for good. Hardly, as I've said a few times, a good fruit.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe you Idiot welcome to the Burnt Out Victims of Charlie ( BOVOCs ), I got kicked off 2 weeks ago for pointing out 2 fake news stories by Beckita, my posts never made the cut for Charlie so I published them here, boy was he mad.
The kid who called him a fraud refer to 2;16 am, I believe. I was going to put them here but I figured why waste time. Charlie went so far as to start identifying the guy so I think someone told him he went too far and Charlie bleached the posts. Identifying the guy publicly is rather scary if you ask me. Charlie is out of control and loosing his mind. Even his followers have an attitude if you don't agree.
I remember your post and the hatred spewed on you, they made you sound like a heretic for not believing Charlie, some others have voluntarily left as well. I actually can not believe the supposed Bishop Yong Duk calling you names as well - and this is a Bishop? He calls everyone who doesn't agree with Charlie names, he should be striped of his title if he is really a Bishop. I think as BOVOCS we should actually put pressure on Charlie's Bishop to muzzle Charlie. I think after the 20th he will be muzzled. Once the 20th is over we will look at the 2012 prophesy as it seems if that was stopped all this nonsense would have been averted.
Remember Joe there are fellow BOVOCS here to help you TNRS to recovery from Charlie Johnston.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading Charlie for over two years and have found him to be solid in his understanding of the Catholic faith. His predictions are not the important thing, but the basic message to trust in God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope. I have found the general quality of commenters there to be good. There is not name calling as someone above said. If you haven't read his site make up your own mind by reading it for many comments above are simply not true. Someone said above that heavenly beings would not speak of political matters. To that I say: Joan of Arc.

justyntoo said...

most of the time when god makes a message known he qualifies it with the idea that it can be changed by prayer . I know I pray for this prophesy to not take place due to the nasty nature of it .

Anonymous said...

I read over Kevin O'Brien's stuff again, he's right on about Charlie, I wish I would have listened to Kevin sooner, now I'm a recovering BOVOC.

Glenn Dallaire said...

A couple of people have asked me to elaborate more concerning what I know in regards to the spiritual direction that Charlie's receives, especially in what concerns his private revelations.

As for Charlie's spiritual directors, my understanding in speaking with one of them over the past two years is that they in no way endorse or approve Charlie's private revelations. They are essentially neutral concerning them. In Charlie's case, they feel that their primary role, as I understand it, is simply to provide Charlie with private spiritual direction, as priests often and normally do for any private individual who requests it.

They may, on occasion, discuss and make comments with Charlie concerning certain private revelations that he chooses to share with them, but they mostly just listen and acknowledge what he has to say concerning the private revelations, choosing to focus almost exclusively on ordinary spiritual guidance and direction. In short, they in no way endorse any of Charlie's private revelations. Charlie alone is responsible for what he feels is his public mission and message. This is what I have gathered in my conversations with one of Charlie's spiritual directors--I have only spoken to one of the three. And I was told that it is exclusively the Archbishop's role to discern and judge Charlie's private revelations, that it is reserved for him alone to make any public pronouncements concerning this matter, and that none of the three priests take any part in Charlie's public work or mission.

Most importantly, it was stressed and made very clear to me that Opus Dei takes no public involvement whatsoever with Charlie's work, mission or revelations. While they are all Opus Dei priests, their role, as they see it, is solely to provide private spiritual direction to Charlie, just as they and all priests do with any other lay person. Again, this is simply what I myself have gathered, and what is presented above is solely my own perception of the facts that I am aware of.

-Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

In reference to Anon @ 8:55 pm.
I've mentioned before that when the prophecies start failing, it will be about the messages, it was always about the messages, but it was the prophecies that sucked people in, but never mind the prophecies unless it comes to pass then it is true, but if not go to the messages that's the truth - L. Spinelli I need an aspirin.
You also need to read over his posts to see the name calling, you must be on a different site to not see them and you may not be aware of the posts he scrubs because you never see them. I've been called lots of names and had vitriol spewed forth for saying the truth, I will swear an oath that it's true.
I also have a challenge to you, if you think Charlie is right and I think he is wrong, this can be easily settled, just ask Charlie to go through the Rite of Christian Exorcism - can you do that for us? That would prove if he is right or wrong. Please ask him on his blog as most of us BOVOCs or banned or both.

Joe said...

Thanks. I was starting to think I was the crazy one there in the blog comments. Good to hear I am not alone. I have a theory, may be far fetched but I think Beckita and Youngduk may actually beCharlie

Joe said...

My dad got me interested in Charlie. The more I read, the more something seemed off until the point where I had to call him out. Just found this site today and glad I did. I was very frustrated that Charlie could go unchecked as he has on his blog. It is good to see that people here are awoken to the fact that he is a fraud.

Anonymous said...

I think they are real people, Beckita is his #2 in charge when he's out, she keeps the threads going when things slow down or stall. I really don't know who Yong Duk is but if he is a Bishop he's way out of line, I have a hard time believing he's a Bishop. A Bishop wouldn't risk his position to talk like that. I also saw your scrubbed post, welcome to the club, remember as Charlie said this is MY Site, you have NO Right to post.

Joe said...

Thanks. He has created his own little world on that blog site. Where everybody acts as if he is God and anyone who dare challenge him is attacked and kicked out. I know It is a far fetched conspiracy theory on my part. But Charlie has gone to great lengths to keep this facade going so nothing would surprise me at this point.

Anonymous said...

Read Kevin O'Brien's posts on his site, he was one of the first to know Charlie was off - this was in early 2016 or before. He wrote a few articles about his research on him and it wasn't positive.
I've busted false prophets before, but Charlie seems to have way more people calling him false than others I've encountered, the patterns are all the same, if you read Kevin O'Brien he does a very good job of explaining it all.

Joe said...

Do the truly look over his blog posts and comments then give their approval on what he says.

Joe said...

Thanks, I did read it. I came across it a couple days ago as I have been looking for a good place to vent my frustrations about Charlie. Was wandering why he hadn't written anything in a while, but that makes sense that Charlie's cult followers would harass him until he stopped.

Jackisback said...

To Anonymous at 8:55 PM, you said:

--begin quoted text--
His predictions are not the important thing...
--end quoted text--

Who said the following?:

"However it appears those same predictions are what attract new followers to his message and give them a sense of urgency and zeal."

So, sorry to say it, but your comment falls into the category of asserions that, when they appear here on this blog devoted to discernment, I say "that's a nice story but I don't believe it.

It is also condescending, and makes it seem like you must think we're all stupid.

If all Charlie had ever done was to start a blog informing people that he was a Catholic convert and that he had this really great idea to promote to the faithful to love your neighbor, especially in times of strife, would you really have bothered to logon to his site?

This blog is about discernment of the truth or falseness of Charlie as a purported prophet - because Charlie loudly proclaims to be one - notwithstanding the tired and trite "defense" that the predictions are not the important part. This blog is not about discernment of the "value" of Charlie's sermonizing on how to be a good Catholic - which while harmless - appears not to contain anything I don't already hear from my fairly inexperienced deacon at my parish on Sunday, when the priest needs a break from giving the homily.

If Charlie said things that were in opposition with the Magisterium, that would be a sign of being a false prophet. But the converse is not true. Just because you describe Charlie as "solid" in his writings vis-a-vis the faith, that does not lend one bit of credence to whether he is a true prophet.

Charlie claims to have made many prophecies, almost all of which have come true (yet he provides no specifics). Ergo, so far the claim of being a prophet is based on a logical fallacy: "ipse dixit reasoning" - because Charlie says so.

This should impress no one.

Why can't you admit a big reason for your devotion to Charlie is that you want the "rescue" to be true and for it to occur this year - and admit that you therefore want the "sign," the Presidential Prophecy to also be true.

Despite the fact that Charlie does not list the "sign" among the eight indispensable prophecies that he insists on, it is still a prophecy for discernment, because Charlie used the phrases "I was told" and "I have told you true" - his self proclaimed tell tale signals that he is repeating an actual prophecy from his "angel."

Jackisback said...

To L Spinelli, since you like dates and timelines, you may be interested in refining your research vis-a-vis Charlie's admission of "aggressive dating (of the full service variety."

I recall when he wrote that post (was in 2014) that he qualified it by saying he had been engaging in that behavior "until about a decade ago." Yet, just recently he claimed that he came to fully accept his "mission" from God in 1997.

I'm sure if you dug a little deeper, you might find more specific conflicts of Charlie receiving "visits" from "Gabriel" during the times in which he admits to having sex with women to whom he was not married.

Dutchman said...

Johnston is likely a fabricator. If Johnston previously lied about Kevin O'Brien's alleged phone call & emails, Johnston would be willing to lie about other events and details, including prophecies & visions.

From a behavioural profiling perspective, Johnston appears to be a fabricator perpetrating a fraud, regardless of whether or not he profits financially. Based on this assessment, Johnston is unlikely to live up to his pledge to go away if the alleged "presidential prophecy" fails.

This whole TNRS endeavour is Johnston's supposed life purpose. As a result, walking away from TNRS would create an existential identity crisis for Johnston, something Johnston is unlikely to do.

Just like Christ says if you can be trusted in small things you can be trusted with big things. Johnston lied about his dealings with O'Brien to discredit O'Brien. Such a violation of truthfulness is behaviourally consistent with the aggressiveness Johnston has displayed towards others who have challenged him.

I would not trust a person displaying such behaviours over a long period of time because the patterns would be so deeply entrenched in their personality as to extremely resistant to change.

As a result, I would not think it wise to trust Johnston or accept anything he says, regardless of it purported origin.

Anonymous said...

Dutchman, I read your post and then searched for "psychological profile cult leaders." You are right on the money!!

L Spinelli said...

Jack, here's the timeline as I know it.

Charlie and his wife divorced around 1989.

He converted in 1991.

His "three great visions" were in 1993, 1995 and 1997. He also consecrated himself to Mary in 1997.

He stopped the "full-service aggressive dating" seven years after that consecration, in 2004.

Anonymous said...

It is only Jan. 14. Let the hand play out

Anonymous said...

Joe stated: "I have a theory, may be far fetched but I think Beckita and Youngduk may actually be Charlie."

I've always had the same thought in regards to Bishop Young Duk. But then again, there is a psychological phenomenon called "groupthink" and perhaps he is real but simply echos what Charlie says.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! How do we know "agressive dating" equals having sex? Did Charlie disclose this? If not, it would be a great wrong to imply this.

Jackisback said...

To Anonymous at 1:26 PM,

It is the further parenthetical phrase Charlie uses to decribe "aggressive dating" as of the "full service variety." That is a term of art with the very specific meaning of complete sexual intercourse (usually, but not always, in the context of the use of "escort services"). Remember Charlie made this statement in a spirit of humility and full disclosure of a gravely sinful past.

He's making quite an obvious implication. The conclusion by the reader requires no inference or "leap" as to what Charlie meant when he wrote that.

But if you think this needs clarification, just ask him. Given his spirit of full disclosure about his past, I'm sure he'll be honest about it.

Joe said...

True, even if they are not him. They basically echo and praise all of Charlies's ideas. There is a major rear end kissing parade going on over there. They would never dare challenge him or have an individual thought of thier own that does not fall in line with Charlie.

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn, I'm Anonymous of JANUARY 12, 2017 AT 1:45 PM.

Like someone else suggested, I made a great and valid point instead, so my question wasn't so obvious after all. Someone could still think that Charlie would still be right if Trump will be inaugurated next week, so everyone needs to be cautious about this. There will be only one possible solution to the problem: yes or not.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Before I reply, for the ease of readers of these comments, I went back and found the comment/question that you refer to:

Anonymous said...
I'm starting to get confused. If Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States, shall we conclude that Charlie shared a false prophecy?
JANUARY 12, 2017 AT 1:45 PM

To reply, I personally don't see any other possible conclusion, simply because a successful inauguration of Donald Trump from Pres. Obama will invalidate BOTH parts of the purported angelic Presidential prophecy, that being specifically:
1) Obama will not finish his term, and
2) the next leader will not come from the political system

And, I should reiterate here just in case for those seeking alternative interpretations, Charlie himself has stated that Donald Trump has come from the political system, since he was a validly elected Republican candidate through the Republican primary process, and then afterwards validly elected next President through the standard national election process. And therefore he said that Trump could not be the person to replace Obama.

So, unless I am missing something, if the inauguration of Donald Trump from Pres. Obama is successful this Friday, I simply do not see any other possible conclusion other than it would be a false prophecy, in both parts.

And so, just in case I am missing something with my conclusion above, I will repeat here to you and to others here my original reply to your earlier comment:

Glenn Dallaire said...
Well, you tell us--if such is the case, what conclusion will you personally come to?
JANUARY 12, 2017 AT 1:59 PM

So I ask: what conclusion will all of you here come to if the Inauguration is successful this Friday?

David said...


If Trump is inaugurated couldn't one possibility be that Charlie is still a true mystic but God has changed his least in terms of the Presidential prophecy (perhaps due to all the prayers that went up on election night on behalf of Trump)?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Obama will not complete his term - this is part 1, so he has to get both right. Even if he gets both right, which at this point seems very unlikely, don't forget the 2012 revisit as well.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi David,
You said:
If Trump is inaugurated couldn't one possibility be that Charlie is still a true mystic but God has changed his least in terms of the Presidential prophecy (perhaps due to all the prayers that went up on election night on behalf of Trump)?

Yes, if it is a conditional prophecy, like for example Jonah's prediction for the Ninevites. The question then is is there any way to know whether a particular prophecy is conditional, or not? This I don't know. And another possibility is the one that Charlie has mentioned lately, that being a demonic deception while the many other alleged visitations and messages being authentic. And perhaps there are other such possibilities.

Yet, even if either of the above happens to be the case here, the most common and obvious conclusion for most people I assume will be that it was a false prophecy. So, if Trump is inaugurated, I think it very likely that Charlie's credibility will be lost with the majority of people, though I'm sure there will be some "followers" who conclude otherwise. There always is (I say this having gone though this in my personal life years ago with some family members and a visionary who was excommunicated), along with on this website with the false "Maria Divine Mercy" and "Locutions to the World" visionaries/locutionists.

Thanks for you comments!
Glenn Dallaire

Joe said...

A prophecy is a prophecy. If it is wrong it is not God inspired. God knows how all thing will play out before they do. If people prayed enough to change the course of God's plan, God would have known that ahead of time. Therefore, to imply that A prophet is wrong because prayer changed the course of events. That only implies that God is not all perfect and all powerful. For that to happen God would have to 1 not no the future 2 have manipulated Charlie and purposely made him look a fool or 3 Charlie has a mental illness or he is just a sociopath.

Anonymous said...

If he is wrong and tries to spin it, as Charlie says it is "poppycock", "pure unaltered poppycock".
Glen I see you've been burnt by a few seers, I learned my lesson long ago, I don't believe anyone, talk is cheap, I'm not going to change my thinking because someone tells me too, I ask questions and listen and if I get no answers or wishy washy answers or anger that's a negative sign, Charlie has exhibited all these. What's worse is his followers act so self righteous and call people names and Charlie is ok with it - another bad sign.
I've busted other false seers or whatever they call themselves and Charlie seems to fit the bill. I think everyone has added a lot to prove Charlie is false even before the 20th. I feel sorry for the ones who have good intentions and will be left with a void to them I say follow the advise of the diocese and follow the faith, scriptures and teachings of Christ those are the answers.
Come to this site to be a recovering BOVOC.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Joe,
It certainly would be easier if it were always that black and white Joe, but unfortunately some prophecy is indeed conditional, like the example of Jonah and the people/city of Nineveh which he (Jonah) prophesised for 30 days that the city would be destroyed (Jonah 3 and 4). Consider once again this story and the outcome.
See also Jeremiah 18:8 for another example.

The thing is though, only God and perhaps the prophet himself know (or in the prophets case, will know) that what was foretold in advance was in fact completely averted through prayer, sacrifice, fasting etc., like we see in the case of Nineveh.

The people themselves would naturally see it as a false prophecy, for obvious reasons, and the credibility of the prophet is surely lost in such cases, lest God somehow intervenes and enlightens.

Yet, in our case discussed here with Charlie, if the angelic Presidential prophecy fails, the most obvious and readily apparent conclusion(s) will be drawn by most people. And chances are, the most obvious and apparent conclusion is often (but not always) the right one.

Let's go to the next step however. Ultimately, if the Presidential prophecy were to fail to come to pass because it was conditional, one would then have to ask oneself the question:
Why did the prophecy contain such specificity in 2 distinct parts? Simply put, with such specificity it just does not sound like its conditional to me, but this is merely my opinion.

Regardless, as I have said previously, if the inauguration is successful on Friday, I maintain that Charlie's prediction will be seen as a false prophecy by the majority of people, and Charlie's credibility will be greatly diminished, if not completely lost.

May God bless you and your loved ones,
-Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

Let me make a prediction. Charlie will initially acknowledge the "seemingly" failed prophecy, but quickly come up with new targets of his rage for "questioning his integrity" and doubting the words of his angel, which he has come to see are correct because...

Glenn, I believe you bought into Charlie's spin on the statement by the archdiocese of Denver forbidding him to speak in the archdiocese as "allowing" his message to be promulgated. The truth was that the ruling was preliminary and framed as narrowly as possible. Charlie persuaded most of his followers that plain text didn't mean what it plainly did -- "strongly advise" etc.-- and they were ignorant of Church canonese, which he understands perfectly.

Charlie didn't attack Archbishop Aquila head-on, but he did rant against an unnamed priest who had it in for him (comments in "Houston, We Have a Problem"), and he wrote two rants against the National Catholic Reporter, virtually threatening the reporter with a libel suit (I believe he mentioned fact patterns and a past suit he won.) These were posted on April 29 and May 1, 2016. Months after the Denver ruling, Charlie still hadn't calmed down about those who questioned it (see the video of a September 2016 talk in Houston at the 2:17 mark)

This time around he'll be just like Hillary Clinton, who lost because Russians! tabloids! the FBI! an unfair media! In Charlie's world there will be a vast conspiracy to keep people from understanding the truth of what really happened/what his angel later revealed. Charlie will finagle his best and yes, continue to fool people. It's going to look just like one of those "Downfall" parodies on YouTube, complete with weeping women (Beckita?) in the background.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Anonymous (directly above)

As the the Archbishops statement last March concerning Charlie, essentially my take was:
1) the Archbishop strongly urged caution
2) He put no restrictions on Charlie's work and content, including Charlie's alleged prophetic mission and message.

As for what will happen if the Inauguration takes place this Friday, I think it will be very interesting to see if Charlie leaves the public scene, as promised.

Thanks for your comment!
Glenn Dallaire

José Luis said...

I have an honest question. I'm not asking in defense of Charlie, but it's just a question that popped into my head as I was reading the last few posts about the possibility of Charlie being wrong on the Presidential Prophecy and still being a true mystic.

Theresa Newman is generally recognized as a true and holy mystic. In 1946 she made a prophecy regarding the fate of the USA: "at the end of this century America will be destroyed economically by a series of NATURAL DISASTERS."

This did NOT happen. Note that this prophecy was NOT given as a conditional prophecy. What do you all make of it??

Anonymous said...

I followed the link here from SpiritDaily and have been reading the comments with interest.

I have had some trepidation over whether Charlie's prophecies would come true or not; some would be wonderful, others not so great. I have been reading and sometimes commenting on his blog for probably close to 3 years. I have found his 3 steps of trusting in God to be helpful, while of course recognizing it is St. Therese's "Little Way." I only wanted to comment here to add that I have seen good that Charlie has done. He worked hard to try and save a young boy's life a couple of years ago when a hospital wanted to "pull the plug." Also, whenever I have needed prayer and requested it, many there -- including Charlie -- have been gracious and offered prayers, which I really appreciated. In justice, I wanted the good I have experienced to have been reported.

I don't know about what other posters here have mentioned experiencing, and I recognize sometimes on the blog there seems to be an edge(which has never been pointed at me) as well as some "inside the baseball" that I don't understand. And, I have always had reservations that Charlie's angel told him Medjugorie was true; I have never believed in that phenomenon, so that has always been a qualifier in the back of my mind.

Anyway, I guess it shall all be definitively much clearer by Inauguration Day.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone would critic Charlie if he set up a good news Catholic site. That would actual be great. However, people were drawn in by the prophecies. He made specific juicy claims that he said his Angel/Jesus/Mary told him. If they're not true he's lying to us or deceiving us or being deceived. He also said most of his prophecies have come true - what are they - I thought the "real" prophecies were coming up, save the 2012 issue.
It's nice that he has assisted people but think of the people he has hurt or will hurt. Someone said his happy family is split down the middle on Charlie, where they were once all getting along they are now fighting. Think of all the people he or his cohorts have demeaned - you can read some here - you can also read the people who have left his site on his blog - is that charitable?
Since you seem to have it good with Charlie, tell him your issue with Medjugorie ask him about the "inside the baseball" that is going on, ask him other questions you want answers to and see what happens - I wish you luck.

Joe said...

If prophecy is conditional. What is the point of it. Everything is conditional. The beauty of prophecy is that it is black and white. That is the only reason people give it any attention. Nobody would pay Charlie any attention if he was just making generic claims of possible things that could happen. Your argument doesn't hold water. Do you not agree that God is all knowing. He already knows the amount of prayers and all the variables that could change the course of events, but ultimately he knows how it will turn out in the end, long before he gives the message to the prophet. That leaves us with only two possibilities if the prophet is wrong. One is that God is not all good or all knowing and that he erred in giving a false message to the prophet to give to the people. The other is that The prophet has been decieved by another power, is a liar, or he is mentally ill. God deals in black and White, not gray.

Jackisback said...

To Jose Luis and Anonymous at 9:22 PM,

Respectfully, you are both raising side issues.

Jose, even if Neumann was a genuine mystic, and from the little I've read the jury is out, no prophecy of Charlie's has as yet proven true. There is also no other supernatural evidence of anything special about Charlie, unlike what some third parties claim to have witnessed vis-a-vis Neumann.

Anonymous, Charlie could be the nicest man in the world (he's not) and otherwise a living Saint (like many considered Fr. Gobbi to be) and it matters not one whit for the purpose of discerning whether Charlie is a true prophet. The burden of proof rests on the person making a claim and on no one else.

For those above otherwise trying to convert Charlie's here-to-fore unconditional Presidential Prophecy into a conditional one after the fact, that is the height of absurdity. Charlie insists it is not conditional with no small degree of emphasis. Under what authority are you making the case that his prophecy is really conditional when Charlie says it is not? That all things are possible for God is already axiomatic - with or without a prophecy from Charlie. If God changed his mind about conditionality, why would he withhold that from the "angel Gabriel" to communicate to Charlie with less than one week to go? God is not in the business of deception.

This twisting, stretching and straining attempt to let Charlie's "angel's" prophecy, the so-called "sign from God" to help us have faith in the "angel's" prophecy of a Marian "Rescue", off the proverbial hook, is in my humble opinion an indication of desperate hope that said "Rescue" is still going to come to pass. This of course stands reason and intellect on its head. There is no legitimate reason to have faith in a "Rescue" when the stated "sign" - which by its design is supposed to support that faith - is lacking.

Charlie's rationalization for still maintaining faith in the "Rescue" is that the Presidential Prophecy must have been given to him by "the satan" (as a deception) appearing to him in the guise of the "angel Gabriel." But hey, it was just that one time and for some reason the "real" angel Gabriel is being silent about my continuing to promote the prophecy even though it isn't going to happen. When that is the prophet's position on this, why would you attempt to override him with a different one?

Joe said...

By the way, Charlie never came out and said that his prophecies had conditions. If he had you might have a point. He said if I am wrong I will have no credibility and go away.

Anonymous said...

This thought occurred to me. Charlie states there will be a Rescue by Our Lady. To me this is a fairly significant event in history, it may be just as important as Fatima if not more so because we're talking about Our Lady intervening for mankind, this may be more significant than the Battle of Lepanto. It is actually one of the most if not the most signficant event in world history outside the birth and resurrection of Our Lord.
And who does God pick to do this earth changing event - Charlie Johnston? Out of all the people in the world who have played a part to announce God's plan - John the Baptist, Mary, Popes, Sister Agnes, the 3 shepherd children in Fatima, Juan Diego - people that don't feel worthy of being in the face of God, he picks Charlie Johnston.
Charlie Johnston? I won't go on about his background and demeanor, we've all seen it and some have experienced it.
God picks Charlie Johnston out of all the people in the world. He could have picked Rick Salbato of Unity Publishing who couldn't go to bed without a woman until his conversion, Rick would have been on his knees telling God he's unworthy every day and saying extra prayers and novenas; Mary Magdalene who Jesus cast out 7? demons lived in a cave and spread God's word( read the story on this site ) after Christ died.
For this event to announce Our Lady God picks Charlie Johnston? Not the Pope, a Bishop, a Holy Person, or someone like a St. Paul but Charlie Johnston.
Charlie is going to rank with the greats of the Church. Charlie has too much present day baggage, he doesn't fit in with the above crowd - this would be one of the greatest events in the world and God picks Charlie Johnston to announce it? I'm sorry but God wouldn't make a mistake like that.

Helen I said...

To January 13-th, 9:03am and 9:05am- Author T Michael Fahy has written some excellent articles and books on Garabandal. He states in his writings how Mary told the children that she would be next at San Sebastian at Garabandal. As far as Joey Lomangino is concerned, Padre Pio could have been talking about Joey's blindness after death, being healed in, Heaven, which would then ultimately give him the ability to see with new eyes, in his spirit, the Miracle that would take place at Garabandal, on earth. You don't know exactly what St. Pio meant by this statement. I would like to thank you, Glenn, for providing the Garabandal article for all to read, (as well as postings), from 2010, that were on your site. I think that these are important for people to read and understand. I know through my own reading and prayer, that this is a private revelation that I, personally, choose to believe in. Thank you, again.

Helen I said...

Glenn. Thankyou for the article and accompanying postings that you provided recently,(that were from 2010), that related to Garabandal. I know that people will understand much better, after reading these. Also, I would like to say that T Michael Fahy, an accomplished and noteworthy writer, is an expert on Garabandal, and has many articles and books that one can read, to understand what occured there. It backs up a lot of what I stated on this site. Thanks- Helen

Joe said...

If this is all true she is not a prophet. Unless she clearly stated as Glenn says that her prophecy was not concrete but conditional.

Anonymous said...

As for a discussion on Garabandal that should be on another thread, it is not approved or denied - to discuss it or reference it here creates confusion as it is its own subject and discussion.

Joe said...

You are right Charlie Could have a blog site about the Next right step. That would be Great and commendable on Charlie's part. But let's be honest, his blog site wouldn't have 1/1000 of the traffic it does now. That would not meet Charlie's deap seated need for being the center of attention.

Anonymous said...

There are a couple of elements in Charlie's prophecy that were always a problem for me personally.

1) When prophecies (or a part of a prophecy) specifically refer to a particular person, that becomes a major red flag to me.

2) Any prophecy that has very refined, specific dates.

Regarding number one above, Charlie has indicated that Pres Obama will eventually repent and convert. When "public" prophecy gets "personal," I get nervous. I feel like as a Catholic, one of the most beautiful attributes of our faith is to "judge not," but leave it to God at all times, and simply pray for a person or persons. Prophesying about a particular person opens the door to an insight into the Devine Judgement about that particular person. My internal spiritual alarm, which I trust, tells me it is wrong to publicly "display" a particular persons "spiritual state" at any given time.
Obama "repents" and "converts" suggests two thing publicly: he is aware (or becomes aware) he is sinning presently (therefore repents), and he converts (the prphecy foretells a "choice" of a creature of God to whom was given total free choice by God, like all of us. In other words, detailing personal "state of the soul" insights, so to speak, of any one person, becomes a very edgy and uncomfortable red flag for me. I don't like that part of this at all.

Regarding number two above, whenever specific dates are used, it tells me that God has put down a Devine Timeline down, period, and it is unconditional (in this case).
Once again, specific dates (that are not conditional) make me nervous as a Catholic, because I sincerely believe in the bedrock foundation of free choice in our relationship with God. For if God follows through on His specific date prophecy, then we, His creature of free will, really have nothing further to do than sit here and twiddle our thumbs.

God bless all.

Joe said...

What kills me about Charlie is how he says that even if he is wrong on the 20th, people should still believe him about the rescue. I took him to task on this and was attacked by him and all his cult followers. These people are fools and have the maturity level of children. To still take this guy seriously if he is wrong on the 20th is beyond in Young Duk's words to me "idiotic". I remember going to Mass that Saturday after I confronted Charlie and his sheeple. I was fuming and could not focus on the mass at all. I was mad at the church for not condemning this guy. I was mad at all the Catholics on his sight that seem to have no ability to think for themselves. I was very discouraged with my parents who were still defending him. I was relieved to find this site and realize I was not alone and that there still is some rational Catholics out there. Charlie needs to be exposed.

L Spinelli said...

Joe, to be frank, his assertions about the "Rescue" always bothered me. When I first read what the "angel" told him about 2017, my first thought was: that's the 100th anniversary of Fatima. What's going on here?

As I said yesterday, why should we lose hope if none of Charlie's prophecies come true? How egotistical is that - there's a whole bunch of gullible people depending on him for that to come true? What about what was promised at Fatima? That means nothing because of Charlie's prophecies? That makes absolutely no sense.

I still don't understand Charlie's weird need to be depended on. I hope Denver does something about this guy after Friday. (Remember that the initial investigation DIDN'T address where Charlie's "visitations" came from.)

Anonymous said...

I noticed a guy by the name of Joe Crozier said that people on other sites were saying false things about Charlie and Charlie was being victimized. Obviously, Joe Crozier goes to this site.
My question to you Joe Crozier is what are the false accusations leveled against Charlie? Can you please list them so they can be addressed. Also, Charlie stated that most of his prophecies have been fulfilled, what are these prophecies? Joe Crozier can you answer any of these questions? If not, get the answers from Charlie. Thank you. I await your response as do the rest of us.

Joe said...

Chortling is definitely a Charlie word.

Joe said...

Anonymous 11:27. I asked Charlie that very question. What are all these prophecies that you have been so right about. He told me he was not going to do my bloody homework for me and that I needed to go back through his blogs and find them. Needless to say I read back on his blogs and couldn't find any concrete prophecies that he has made that have been proven true. None of his followers could specifically name anything either.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Dear Anonymous @ AT 9:06 AM:

While both of your points are very good--the first one (about Obama's personal spiritual state) I think is especially interesting to consider, I think. I personally had not heard anyone point this out before.

My thanks to you and everyone so far for your comments!
Glenn Dallaire

Glenn Dallaire said...

To my knowledge, there has not been any specific, publicly documented predictions/prophecies from Charlie that have actually come to pass. He has only proclaimed being accurate in the public sphere "on the vast sweep of things".

Jackisback said...

Joe @12:17 PM,

If you have the time, search every past blog entry of Charlie's and search for the phrase "I have told you true" or "I was told". Those are the only ones that Charlie has stated definitively are prophecies directly from the "mouth" of his "angel." I find only the Presidential Prophecy fits this description.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Because I do a great deal of research on the internet, I have found that the Google Advanced Search tool works really well for searching for most anything on any website. Put in the main home page under "site or domain" field, and then any keywords you want to search for.

-Hope this helps.
Glenn Dallaire

Jeff said...

I am nervous for Charlie, but even more nervous for his readers, which must number in the tens of thousands.

Their faith is going to get punched, and spiritually this is going to be painful for them.

In speaking recently about Fatima to about 100 people in Minnesota, I admitted that I too have stumbled. I read Maria of Divine Mercy for a while, but when I asked those people who the spiritual advisor was, their e-mail said it must remain "secret for a very good reason." I was out of there and did not read another word.

I was less lucky with Locutions to the World in 2015. The problem there is Msgr. John Esseff, a great and holy priest was initially on board as spiritual advisor. I even corresponded and spoke with Msgr. John over the phone; I called him in Scranton and he graciously visited with me. As many of you know, he quietly withdrew his support later, but the internet was pretty quiet about that and I was persuaded.

I survived both lies, and while I would love to see Charlie be right, I have read his prose with detachment.

Better to stick with approved messages, either the 13 official apparition sites with Vatican approval, or those with green lights from our bishops.

Our Lady of Fatima, save us!

Anonymous said...


To slightly delve further into the problem (posted at 9:06 am above), regarding Obama: when we "enmass" are given to know the outcome of person's free choice (conversion), it no longer is .... well, free choice, so to speak, but fatalistic in its (the soul's) progression.
I don't make a jusdgement, per se, on Charlie's prophecy, but simply want to point out that in this rare case, it seems that God has "made known" a particular soul's journey, and the state of that soul's relationship with our God is revealed somewhat.
As I said earlier: this is edgy territory.

On a similar note, I have understand that the Medjugorje "visionaries" have detailed that a particuler "secret" will not be mitigated because, in reality, it cannot be expected that the masses will be "converted" to mitigate it. I understand this statement to be their own logical interpretation of a secret, not a Word of God directly to them. I can repsect this a little more and give a wider berth to its fundamental credence, since they are trying to give an insight (of their own) into the future secrets.

In the end, the Obama revelation is problematic - at least to me.
As we know, God could have created automatons that bow down to Him. But what good is that? What "freinds of God" does that create for eternity? Thus, in His infinite Wisdom, he gave us free choice, the corner stone of our relationship with Him, never to be impeded, and not to be surmised by us (regarding others). In this way, i.e. free choice, He gains TRUE friends and followers from His creation; and therefore, in the end days, the separation of the chaff from the wheat has a logical explanation.

Anonymous said...

Charlie seems to be losing control as of late. He and his followers are now attacking "aquietperson". Hes slandering another commentator calling her a malicious scammer. Its almost humorous. He seems to be self destructing. God Bless Charlie.

Anonymous said...

Yes you have to employ fascist control to keep the others in line, least you loose control of the others. You have to put the boots to a few to save the rest from diverting from the script. Signs of a dying empire - over control.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:34 PM above
It seems as if Charlie, Beckita and Yong Duk have no fear of insulting people or calling names. So brave for Quiet Person to reveal her name publicly and ask Yong Duk to do it to. He DOES NOT sound like a bishop in his calling her entitled. Pretty soon there will be more hurt and angry followers than believers!

Someone talked about "Joe Crozier." I read him at "Mothe of God" (they drop the r in the title for some reason) website. He is one who attacks any one who questions Charlie J. Then there is Crew Dog who is at a bunch of different websites, same thing. They travel!

Charlie says he checks IP addresses now to screen people.

Anonymous said...

Checking IP addresses sounds more fascist by the day.
Again Charlie says in response to revealing his prophecies: "Because most all of them have come to pass and I have been under direction for two decades." Once again where are these prophecies? Joe Crozier or anyone in tight with Charlie can you risk asking Charlie what these prophecies are? Please , someone close yo him on his site ask him!
Instead they think the main issue is Joe thinks Yongduk and Beckita are Charlie. They spend time debating that but they don't address the meat issue oh Charlie's successful prophecies! Answer that question!
BTW I did say Beckita and Yongduk are 2 different people, that was only Joe's speculation, but Yongduk has been called out to reveal himself - quit hiding yourself, I don't think he is a Bishop and others are saying the same thing, there is no proof.

Padre G said...

Glenn, graces! How do we know specifically that these were personal conclusions by Charlie as opposed to what his Angel told him....what are the blog dates that detail this? Thank!

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Padre G,
In this present article that you are commenting on you will find a link right beneath the paragraph entitled "A Presidential Prophecy" that says "angelic prophecy allegedly given to Charlie". If you click on that link it will take you to the article on Charlie's website where he explains the purported angelic message given to him, as discussed in this article.

-Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

Very interesting exchange:

Mauro says:
January 15, 2017 at 2:09 pm
A few months ago you said that if Donald Trump was inaugurated you would declare yourself unreliable and leave the scene. Does that mean this blog be taken down and no longer maintained? What about the community that has been built up here over the past few years? How will we stay in touch?

charliej373 says:
January 15, 2017 at 2:38 pm
The website will continue, though without the prophetic element. Beckita Hesse would act as its managing editor, publishing pieces that support the main theme of acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope. This community, itself, has become a sign of hope to many – and I would not dismantle it. But I will neither write for it nor clear comments. The archives would be left untouched, so that all can look back to them, either to ponder or to mock. The one proviso as far as writing is that I have said I would then spend time working on the fictional stories which are actually meditations on each mystery of the Rosary. I would submit those as I finish them for Beckita’s consideration for publication.

Anonymous said...

Right or wrong Charlie will never leave, then again most of us knew this it fits the pattern of all failed prophets.
BTW not one of his clan mention the Obama part of the prophecy - I guess they think we're too stupid to remember it? No way!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading some of Charlie's responses to answers and they are full of as Charlie says "poppycock", I could write for pages.
Let's take this one, Charlie says: "Moonlilly, I will leave you with this: I am under obedience to my directors and to my Archbishop. It is not out of disrespect for the average person, but I do not SUBMIT myselves to their authority."
Ok so Charlie is telling you and his people on his site that the Church rank and file essentially have no bearing on him. He is telling you that you are a NOBODY, you have no influence over him, he will do as he pleases and it is only his Directors ( nowhere to be found )and the Archbishop that can tell him differently. Charlie is telling you he wants and does what he wants. That's why he is abusive to people, he can do what he wants, that's why people are treated like crap when they don't agree with him, he looks down on you, he put it in writing " I am the guy chosen to get us through this".
However, as a downcast he expects you to listen to His message because God told him? This guy comes out of nowhere and we are expected to listen to him? Your say is not important only Charlie's, how does that make you feel? He claims he is doing God's work: " but ever since the devil came to know with certainty I am the guy chosen to get us through this." But yet he won't reveal what his angels said and wants you to obey him? :“I will not discuss the specific conversations (with my angel)"
This leads me to another issue, Charlie says: " Besides, Sr. Lucia’s job was to carry a message to the world. Mine is not that: mine is to give heart to the faithful to endure until Rescue." But wait I thought he was carrying a message to the world? I thought it always was Charlie Johnston has an important message for the World. In 2 paragraphs above he is saying he is carrying a message to the world: "The heart of my message, that I always go back to, is to acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope" and this which shows how important his message is: "The stakes are huge this time. God sees what is happening." This looks very worldly to me!
Most of the above was taken from the same response!
So let me get this straight: a divorced sales guy who claims messages since was a child has had spiritual directors for the last 20 years and during that time was "an aggressive dater" as little as 12 years ago, pops up on the scene in 2014? and tells us he has an important message for the world, which is not a message to the world, only to give heart, he was created for the purpose of this "message" "idea", he was God chosen and you should listen to him and you have no authority over him because God choose Charlie Johnston, not you, therefore he must be listened to, trust him, and don't question him because he is God chosen - you are nobody because I've been chosen by God and God speaks to me, not you, so listen to me.

Anonymous said...

Reading his "poppycock" , no wait " unaltered poppycock" gives me a headache - pass the aspirin and wake me up on January 21, 2017.

An observer said...

The following reply from Charlie left me stunned and shocked and clearly revealed to me that he is not "sent" from God, because no authentic prophet of God (let alone any Christian) would ever say these words to anyone:

charliej373 says:
January 6, 2017 at 8:57 pm
Then give way to despair and consider me a fool.

Telling someone to "give way to despair"!?!?!? My God, only someone evil or inspired by evil, would ever say such a thing to another person.

Charlie said this evil reply to a person named "Saegera" who apparently dared to question Charlie on matters that Charlie obviously did not want to answer. So in anger he resorted to the one line answer above. And actually, I found saegera's questions to be sincere and were actually good questions.

Here is the link to the comments for those who want to read it for themselves:

Anonymous said...

There has always been something about Charlie that has bothered me. I've not been able to get a true handle on it. I just wonder, though, why everyone, except the Holy Mother Church, has accepted Charlie's claim of supernatural interventions. Reading the comments, it's just that everyone has bought into his claim of the supernatural. Charlie is a good writer. I read his recollection on the young Jesus being taught by St. Joseph how to use His Godly powers. Jesus said, and I'm not quoting, that He had tried to change the natural properties of some small things and that He knew His Father would be upset. This qualifies as sin, and the church teaches that the Son of God was God and man, but that He could not sin. In spite of this HUGE flaw, the story was interesting. I guess I feel that maybe we should all go back to the basics. Did Charlie ever actually receive an intervention from God by an angel? I don't know. I'm doubting it.

David M. said...

There is a rancid, nasty, petty, and—worst of all--UNLOVING spirit underpinning this particular thread.

Never mind Charlie Johnston--many of you need to take a hard look at YOURSELVES.

Are you all actually Christians? Really? And do you suppose (reading the tone of some of these comments) that Christ would readily agree with you?

Reading the posts, I find little charity or caring or love--much of the posting on Charlie Johnston exudes bitterness, self-righteousness, wounded narcissism, and a somewhat presumptuous schadenfreude.

A monumental catastrophe which resulted in Continuity of Government plans being enacted might almost be worth the price of admission if it forced some of you to take a hard look in the mirror at the judgmental, loveless shrew staring back out at you--accompanied by the sinking sensation that the person in the mirror doesn't know half as much about the mind of God as you thought they did.

I have read Charlie Johnston's alleged prophecies—and at the end of the day he actually isn't asking all that much of anyone. Get over yourselves.

For anyone who squandered thousands of dollars prepping for The Storm (against his advice, BTW)--well, they would have just found another reason to fill their basement with canned goods.

If the Presidential Inauguration comes off without a hitch, many of you will no doubt exult. But why are you exulting, exactly? What have you won? And what does that spirit of petty exultation say about who you really are?

At the end of the day, right or wrong, I'd say that Charlie Johnston served his conscience, and he did it tirelessly, and if you think you could have done a better job at it, maybe God will choose lucky, lucky you for a burden of faith. I'm betting you won't like it much. It isn't nearly as much fun as (for example) running people down on an internet board.

May God have mercy on us all.

Anonymous said...

David M. since you claim to be a true follower of Charlie, ask Charlie some questions for us:
1) You've read over Charlie's prophecies - Which prophecies is Charlie claiming that he has been mostly right about, I've looked on his site but can not find it, can you ask for us?
2) Can you cite anything about that we've said that is not true?
3) Why should I believe Charlie?
4) Have you seen the tone of some of Charlie's comments - is he a Christian?

I await your response.

L Spinelli said...

Let me get this straight: just because we don't believe that Charlie Johnston is really a messenger from God and we don't want any of his catastrophic, unconditional prophecies to take place, we deserve to get said said catastrophe to show us how wrong we were to critique him? Is there any logic in that statement?

Anonymous said...

You'll love this from Doug on Charlie's site: In a recent personal email an in the vein of this comment, our next storm dinner is on the 21st. I think it will be one of two things for the theme.

1) The inauguration did not take place and as such, we will have a night of prayer and discussion on what the next best right step is.

2) The inauguration took place and as such we will have a night of prayer and discussion on what the next best right step is.

The plan is to keep going with our dinners regardless of the outcome. Depending on whether it is 1 or 2, I suspect the discussion part will be different. If it is 1, I will be celebrating, but I’m sure that will be short lived.

So he will be CELEBRATING if the Inauguration does not take place.

What's even more bizarre is Beckita's response: Excellent, Doug! A wise deacon-to-be are ye!

And they say we need prayers?

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi David M.
Thanks for your comments. As I wrote at the bottom of this article on Charlie Johnston, I do NOT moderate any comments on this website, and all comments are posted immediately. In addition, people can choose to post anonymously. I have chosen to do it this way simply because I believe everyone should be able to have their say, including those I may personally disagree with.

The reason for this is simple: In the final analysis, truth and understanding often springs forth through the freedom of open dialogue, WHEREAS deceit and deception thrive within the suppression of dialogue.

Sure, by allowing all comments to be posted here unmoderated, there my be a sense of "wild west" and some comments that skirt the edge of virtue, but what you should also consider is that at the heart of many of the comments here is often a sincere desire and search for the actual truth (in regards to the subject of this article, Charlie Johnston), along with this comment section being a medium in which they can voice their opinions or experiences freely, even anonymously if they so choose.

And so, with this spirit of open dialogue and a sincere search for the truth, I encourage anyone to comment here whatever their opinions may be, so long as they remain charitable and considerate. However, if you personally prefer a mostly one-sided, slanted, moderated comment section, then I would suggest you stick with just reading the articles here, and stay away from the comments, because the open comments here come from all sides, just like the wild west! (but, as for myself, I personally love it this way!)

May God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Helen I said...

To anonymous January 15-th,'17, at 8:46am- Mariko, January 13-th, at 12:20pm, asked me where he could find info regarding Mary's message to the Fatima visionaries, that she would next appear at San Sebastian, at Garabandal. He asked me a question, and I answered it. I did not answer his question right, then, I answered it when I was able. I do not follow this site, constantly. And I am not aware that Glenn has posted any limitations as to when we should post. I followed the same threads of comments to make my comment to Mariko. I wanted to answer him/her out of courtesy. Thank you Mariko, for being interested.

Joe said...

So everyone hear is rancid, nasty, petty and unloving. But somone who has been lying in the name of God for years, acts as a fascist tyrant to anyone who dare challenge him is ok in your book. Maybe you need to take a hard look at yourself.

Joe said...

I think everyone here is just a bunch of comet seekers.

Joe said...

He is delusional if he thinks anyone will buy his books

Padre G said...

Medjugorie is from heaven, Padre,this in the end is what the world will know and Praise the Lord for...

Anonymous said...

I have sometimes wondered. Is Charley's prophecy of the Rescue similar to the Protestants' belief in the Rapture? If things got bad in this country, where would the faith of Protestants be, if they are still here to experience it, rather than being zapped away? Similarly, if Catholics start believing in a 2017 Rescue, and it didn't happen, are they any better Off? Either way, I've found both views to be a potentially dangerous deception.

Padre G said...

I don't think Charlie has regular contact with his 3 priests and only one vets his messages after their posted....I think you will find this true if you call and speak with the Archdiocese about this....

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that a lot of people are hoping for Charlie's presidential prophecy to be true. Why? Do you want to see Americans suffering through chaos and bloodshed. Is that Christian? Why don't you want us to live in peace? Why don't you want President Trump to take office? He has some really good ideas that will help many people who are unemployed. He will defund abortion centers and will use the money for healthcare clinics for low income people. Why are Charlie's supporters rooting for disaster? Does that really seem Christian to you? Before a hurricane are you the type of people that think, "Oh boy here comes a lot of destruction and misery for thousands of people!" If you Charlie supporters are not from America, why are you rooting for our demise? I personally wish no harm to you, your lifestyle, or your culture. It is becoming clearer and clearer to a lot of Americans that there has been a terrible deception thrust upon us by the media about our constant involvement in wars since the presidency of H.W. Bush. Pray for us, do not wish us harm. Charlie Johnston is false. Glenn should have the courage to denounce him as false just as he did Maria divine mercy.

Jackisback said...

David M.,

As I, and others here have pointed out in the past, both in this thread and in the previous thread, if the inauguration occurs without a catastrophe on Friday, Charlie will be in need or our prayers.

That is because Charlie will be in the position of one whose information about the Presidential Prophecy did not come from God, and who either

1) Was deceived by "the satan", or
2) has been hallucinating, rather than having visitations with any "angel"

Either way, he will have gotten into that position via his own voice and his own keyboard. No one twisted his arm to make this prophecy. If it fails, his other prophecies are put into doubt, a consequence brought on by him. He is apparently prepared to own that. I don't see why that is something to get emotional about one way or the other. He'll simply be in need of prayers, as will his followers who, by the tone of their posts, have quite a lot invested in believing and wanting to believe in dramatic Marian "Rescue" in the late fall of 2017.

My faith in God will be neither richer nor poorer for having heard Charlie first on Immaculate Heart Radio more than a year ago, and from having read his blog postings. That is also true if the proverbial lightning strikes and the prophecy is fulfilled between now and Friday. The only difference is that if the latter should actually occur, I will have a reason to visit the Peppy Prepper website.

Anonymous said...

There can be quite a bit of unChristian behavior that takes place by participants on this site. Putting each other down, and being disrespectful. I was actually put down on Charlie's site, but feel that some of the things that people say to each other on this site, are maybe not as damaging as what happened on Charlie's site, but are still not the way the Holy Spirit wants people to be acting. I think we need to be more mindful about the things we say to each other on this site. Words can hurt. Words can harm. Are we truly being Christ to one another, and following the Holy Spirit, as we dialogue here? I don't mean everyone, when I say this. But generally, I feel that we need to set the bar higher. Just something to pray and think about.

Anonymous said...

David M - I'm waiting for a reply @ 9:53 pm. Is there anyone else from Charlie's site that can answer especially questions #1 and #2. These are the same questions that have been posted for a long time and TNRSers have come here and don't seem to want to answer those 2 questions. Why? Charlie states #1 is on his site so it should be easy to find for the TNRSers - still waiting for a response.

Anonymous said...

To 2:34 am poster, can you provide an example or two?

L Spinelli said...

Thanks, Glenn, for defending us.

I found out some hard and disturbing facts about Charlie and how the Church may view his claims over the past two years of research and discernment. I'm glad you opened up your comments section to allow this.

My sentiments about this whole thing are in line with with Anon @1:39, and they haven't changed since I first found Charlie's blog at the end of 2014. Why wish for chaos and bloodshed? Do these TNRS people really want to see suffering on such a grand scale? Why can't there by another way? Why don't they wish for people to repent on a large scale so this doesn't need to happen? Remember what Msgr. Pope wrote over two years ago? Repent and disaster can be averted?

As I wrote earlier, I always found it strange that Charlie, while allowing people to post about the two 5 day Rosaries for the USA, never commented on them. Notice what he promotes instead: a Surrender Novena and his own prayer. Surrender, meaning it can't be changed, so give in. The TNRS people always talk about hope, but I find them to be fatalistic. And if anyone tries to say this to Charlie, he either explodes or twists things around to point the finger back at you.

None of this is any good for one's psyche, and I'll be glad when it's all over.

Anonymous said...

Could you comment on the "hard and disturbing facts" that the Church may view his claims?

L Spinelli said...

The fact that his "three great visions" and his consecration to Mary (1997) occurred during the time of his period of "aggressive dating".

However the question being posed here is must a visionary/mystic/prophet have a impeccable moral character? To what degree is sin permitted in their lives? We find much of the answer in the Vatican document entitled "Norms regarding the manner of proceeding in the discernment of presumed apparitions or revelations" where in the section entitled "Criteria for judging, at least with probability, the character of the presumed apparitions or revelations", under the title of "Negative criteria" we find the directive:

d) Gravely immoral acts committed by the subject or his or her followers when the fact [ie. apparition] occurred, or in connection with it.

Thus, according to the official Church position, "gravely immoral acts" would constitute negative criteria--meaning they would be reliable evidence that the mystic/visionary/prophet is false.

Given the Church's position in this matter, strictly speaking a visionary/mystic/prophet cannot (or no longer would) remain an authentic mystic during the time that he/she engages in grave, serious sin, because the effects of willful mortal sin inhibits and precludes God's direct revelation in such a person. For example, after David's sins of adultery and murder, we see from the scripture that God no longer spoke to him directly, but spoke to him through the prophet Nathan.

Anonymous said...

4 days to go!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Inauguration. We are led to believe by Charlie that this won't happen. If you followed from day 1 when Trump started running Charlie was always calling him names and the people that supported him, well Trump won the Republican ticket and then the white house. Now, we all assumed we knew Trump, but Trump said he was in it to win. Trump to pull this off against all odds is very intelligent. Don't you think he knows subversives want to screw up the inauguration. Trump is smart and I think people and especially Charlie have underestimated Trump. Trump is not to be taken for granted, he is very aware and I'm sure he is doing everything in his power to make sure everything is set - I think Charlie has underestimated Trump and has since Day 1, it was only in the last weeks before the election that he gave Trump any credit. Charlie is fair weather he waits to see which way the wind is blowing before telling you it is coming in that direction after he told you it was going from the other direction.
This is not about Charlie but about Trump, a man who put his fortune and life on the line to turn the country around - God Bless Him.
This is not about Charlie but the 100th Anniversary of Our of Fatima - In the End My Immaculate Heart will Triumph.

Dutchman said...

Dear L Spinelli,
Thank you very, very much for your correlation between the timing of the alleged visions and Johnston's immoral behaviour. These are exactly the the types of moral & behavioural inconsistencies one could expect to be discovered when researching an individual who is fraudulently presenting themselves.

Putting these bits together we see a picture of a man in mortal sin claiming visions from God who did not admonish him to improve his behaviour. Years after these alleged events, this man lies, bullies, and leaves a trail of emotionally wounded people while refusing to apologise or accept responsibility for his actions.

There is a word for such individuals: SOCIOPATH.

I encourage every one to disregard Johnston's messages, but examine his behaviour if you truly want to know what type of person you are dealing with.

Anonymous said...

The Rite of Christian Exorcism should be used by a qualified Priest and it would have solved the issue, sadly it's not done as often as it should to weed these people out.

Dutchman said...

10 signs for spotting a sociopath
#1) Sociopaths are charming. Sociopaths have high charisma and tend to attract a following just because people want to be around them. They have a "glow" about them that attracts people who typically seek guidance or direction. They often appear to be sexy or have a strong sexual attraction. Not all sexy people are sociopaths, obviously, but watch out for over-the-top sexual appetites and weird fetishes.

#2) Sociopaths are more spontaneous and intense than other people. They tend to do bizarre, sometimes erratic things that most regular people wouldn't do. They are unbound by normal social contracts. Their behavior often seems irrational or extremely risky.

#3) Sociopaths are incapable of feeling shame, guilt or remorse. Their brains simply lack the circuitry to process such emotions. This allows them to betray people, threaten people or harm people without giving it a second thought. They pursue any action that serves their own self interest even if it seriously harms others. This is why you will find many very "successful" sociopaths in high levels of government, in any nation.

#4) Sociopaths invent outrageous lies about their experiences. They wildly exaggerate things to the point of absurdity, but when they describe it to you in a storytelling format, for some reason it sounds believable at the time.

#5) Sociopaths seek to dominate others and "win" at all costs. They hate to lose any argument or fight and will viciously defend their web of lies, even to the point of logical absurdity.

#6) Sociopaths tend to be highly intelligent, but they use their brainpower to deceive others rather than empower them. Their high IQs often makes them dangerous. This is why many of the best-known serial killers who successfully evaded law enforcement were sociopaths.

#7) Sociopaths are incapable of love and are entirely self-serving. They may feign love or compassion in order to get what they want, but they don't actually FEEL love in the way that you or I do.

#8) Sociopaths speak poetically. They are master wordsmiths, able to deliver a running "stream of consciousness" monologue that is both intriguing and hypnotic. They are expert storytellers and even poets. As a great example of this in action, watch this interview of Charles Manson on YouTube.

#9) Sociopaths never apologize. They are never wrong. They never feel guilt. They can never apologize. Even if shown proof that they were wrong, they will refuse to apologize and instead go on the attack.

#10) Sociopaths are delusional and literally believe that what they say becomes truth merely because they say it! Charles Manson, the sociopathic murderer, is famous for saying, "I've never killed anyone! I don't need to kill anyone! I THINK it! I have it HERE! (Pointing to his temple.) I don't need to live in this physical realm..."

How to dispel illusion and get to the truth
Sociopaths are masters at weaving elaborate fictional explanations to justify their actions. When caught red-handed, they respond with anger and threats, then weave new fabrications to explain away whatever they were caught doing.

Sociopaths are masters are presenting themselves as heroes with high morals and philosophy, yet underneath it they are the true criminal minds in society who steal, undermine, deceive, and often incite emotional chaos among entire communities.

Tip for exposing sociopaths: Start fact-checking something they claim
One simple method for dispelling sociopathic delusion is to start fact checking their claims. Do any of their claims actually check out? If you start digging, you will usually find a pattern of frequent inconsistencies. Confront the suspected sociopath with an inconsistency and see what happens: Most sociopaths will become angry or aggressive when their integrity is questioned, whereas a sane person would simply be happy to help clear up any misinformation or misunderstanding

Anonymous said...

This is likely to be a VERY wild week in the stock market, but for reasons other than the inauguration, and the reasons are possibly very valid. Some may try to confuse the storminess of the market with "economic upheaval" due to the inauguration or prophecy, etc.. CAUTION AHEAD ... wild claims might be batted back and forth..

Anonymous said...

My people- Look to me. Lean on me. I am the Creator of the Universe. I hold everything in my hands. You worry about much. But I am the one to trust. I am the one to look to. Have I ever let you down? Have I ever let go of you? I am the one to trust. I am your God. I died a terrible death on Calvary for you, and then I rose again. Do you not think that I can take care of you? Put all of your questions, worries, and concerns in my hands. I love you, and will take care of you. You are my beloved. - Your Father God

Anonymous said...

Dutchman 1847: you must have made all that stuff up because it fits Charlie to a tee!

Anon @ 1:54 I'm not worried about anything, yes things may be chaotic or they may not be, but I can assure of one thing Trump has assembled the best Cabinet in 100 years if not ever, if he can not fix the country no one can - he has given us one last chance.

Anonymous said...

Charlie publicly libeled a priest from the Archdiocese of Denver. That's enough to discredit him, IMO.

Anonymous said...

How did he or where did he do that?

Dutchman said...

Dear Friends,
I am not out to besmirch anyone's character. In my professional work I analyse individual and group behaviour of violent offenders.

There are clear patterns which can be detected to identify a sociopath. If you catalogue the behaviours of Johnston and compare it to the list above, which is incomplete, you will see the individual in question exhibits many of these telltale patterns. The main result of interacting with a sociopath is that many people get hurt, issues become clouded, and factions form that are either pro or con for the sociopath.

This is exactly what is occurring with Johnston. A true visionary for Christ would never provide sufficient evidence for another person to generalise an acronym such as BOVOC, from the visionary's behaviour.

The trail of wounded victims, lies, grandiose claims, and heroic exploits of the tall tale teller all add up to trouble & dishonesty.

The likelihood of Trump becoming president is almost certain, short of a nuclear war, which is very unlikely to occur in the next 4 days. The other alleged prophecies could be forecasts made by extrapolation of existing trends, which would not be difficult for someone who worked in politics. The prophecy of the US and Russia uniting to fight off China and Muslms was written in the 1980s in a book called Fatima Prophecy, by Ray Stanford.

No one has come forward to corroborate any of Johnston's alleged prophetic successes. Thus, what is the likelihood any of us would see the presidential prophecy fulfilled?

It is sad to read the comments of hurt, confused, and deeply Christian people who are honestly fed up with evil in the world and want God to act.

As an analyst, I see Trump's election as God's hand at work in response to prayer because HRC would have led the world into a nuclear war. Now many Christian people are eager for the truth, and many others want to persist in their illusion. Doesn't this confused situation match the general characterisation of when the Warning would occur to illuminate human consciousness?

To aid in recovery, I would encourage everyone to focus on receiving the sacraments, prayer, and spiritual reading like sacred scriptures or authentic mystics.

Nevertheless, informally word should go out warning people about Johnston's patterns, which are almost certain to persist and injure more trusting and unsuspecting people.

Lisa said...

The Fatima children, St. Bernadette, St. Juan Diego, the LaSalette visionaries, the Garabandal visionaries ... what did they all have in common? Their SIMPLICITY. Their in-worldliness. From what I've read on his website, Charlie Johnston is the complete opposite of simple, childlike and obedient.

Lisa said...


Glenn Dallaire said...

Here is another matter for discernment that has not been mentioned in the comments thus far:

From Charlie's post entitled "The Third Secret of Fatima" of a letter he wrote to his priest spiritual director concerning his own interpretation of the 3rd Fatima Secret:

"...In that letter, I gave him my interpretation of the secret, written on June 28, 2000.....I was told by my heavenly visitors that in future ages, it would become one of the most cherished and important documents in Church history. (That caused me to write an additional copy for each of the priests in my own hand.)

Th article itself is located here:

Anonymous said...

"...In that letter, I gave him my interpretation of the secret, written on June 28, 2000.....I was told by my heavenly visitors that in future ages, it would become one of the most cherished and important documents in Church history. (That caused me to write an additional copy for each of the priests in my own hand.)

That is grandiosity in black and white. Either Charlie Johnston is a narcissist with delusions or a con artist. I don't see a middle ground, and I never thought his angels were the real deal.

L Spinelli said...

Glenn, this is an excerpt from Michael Brown's report on Charlie.

Is the Pope the pope of the Fatima secret? Does it revolve around him?

That secret -- first released to the public on May 13, 2000 -- described a vision that seer Lucia dos Santos had seen in 1917 whereby an angel was ready to torch the world but was drowned out by a great light coming from the Virgin Mary.

Many have related that image to the danger posed by nuclear war with Russia, a nation that was at the center of the first two Fatima secrets. Indeed, Sister Lucia has been quoted as saying that the consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1984 prevented just such a war from occurring.

But Johnston does not believe the secret has fully played out, concurring that the secret represents the Virgin halting the sword of justice wielded by the angel but implying that this intercession is not yet complete. He "respectfully" differs with the Vatican interpretation of the rest of the secret -- which pictured a "bishop in white" (largely thought to mean Pope John Paul II, who as bishop of Rome wears white) ascending a mountain, "at the top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark. Before reaching there the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way; having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big Cross he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him."

While the Vatican has interpreted that image as a symbol of the many priests, bishops, and religious who were martyred under Communism and also considers it a premonition of the 1981 assassination attempt on John Paul II -- which occurred on the Fatima anniversary day of May 13! -- Johnston believes it more directly relates to current crises in the Church and the former broadcaster, who claims visions over the past forty years, (which caused him to convert to Catholicism from fundamentalism), asserts that this interpretation was confirmed through his allegedly mystical experiences.

So Charlie's version of the Fatima secret is more credible than the Vatican's? That sounds like a fallen angel whispering in Charlie's ear.

Anonymous said...

Dutchman 1847 : thank you for assisting in the recovery of BOVOCs.

Anonymous said...

Beckita's comment on Charlie's site: I hadn’t visited the Mystics of the Church site concerning Charlie but did so after your comment here. WOW! What a hotbed of misinformation, misunderstanding, misrepresentation, and outright libel among other examples lacking in charity did I read.
Beckita: Maybe you can answer this question for us, Charlie said that his prophecies have proven mostly right, he has said this on more than one occasion, he tells people to look on his site as he is too busy to do everyone's work, so what exactly are the prophecies that he is mostly right about? Maybe a lot of the misunderstanding, misinformation, and misrepresentation can be averted if Charlie answers that basic question. Please respond.

Anonymous said...

To those pondering why some want Charlie's storm to come to pass with all of it suffering. The psycho;ogical set of these doomsday ears is such that they see themselves are morally superior to others and yearn for such an event to "cleanse" the world and purge it of all those who do not share their world view and whom they see as evil. Generally they do not see themselves as having to endure the suffering because they are "right." They rejoice that the wrong are purged and only the right remain.

Anonymous said...

Please forgive a simple mind. Some of this is new to me, and some of it I have a hard time wrapping my mind around it. But I found a comment on Charlie's blog that really disturbs me and leads me, again, to doubt the validity of his claims, and those who support him. I do not wish to pass judgement, but the comment in question was:
Beckita says:
January 16, 2017 at 11:27 pm
Hello Tarja. I was very involved with the apparitions of Our Lady of Emmitsburg in the past. Visited the CDF at the Holy See on Her behalf 14 years ago seeking a new commission. After the official declaration of non supernatural was rendered, Dr Ricardo Castañon Gomez (who has overseen the study of various Eucharistic miracles throughout the world with incredible results which can be found on You Tube) became involved and also conducted scientific testing on the visionary, a dear friend. It all lies in God’s Providence. This is one series of apparitions I believe will be vindicated. As I wait for that time, I continue to honor the official declaration of the Church. Thank you for your prayers, Tarja. Praying for you!

If I understand what Beckita is saying is that even though the church has ruled against these apparitions, Beckita, while claiming to honor that, believes that they are indeed real and will be ruled by the church as real. And also that she believes that there are other apparitions that have been ruled false, that she believes are real and the ruling will be reversed by the church.

How can one claim to honor the church's authority and ruling, yet believe that the Church is wrong in their ruling? This seems very wrong to me. If this is truly her belief, then a judgement against Charlie would not mean anything to such a supporter. That, then, makes me question even more the message itself. I guess we will see in 3 days. I would appreciate the insight of those who know more than I though.

Joe said...

The jig is just about up with Charlie. If he is wrong he says he will write fictional books. I think he will do very well as he has become very good at writing fiction over the years.

Anonymous said...

Joe: I'm still rolling on the ground laughing at that comment - priceless!

L Spinelli said...

Anon @12:41, Beckita, as I'll show, isn't the most credible when it comes to vetting visionaries. She was a strong supporter and defender of Gianna Talone Sullivan, the long since denounced "Emmitsburg seer". She even went as far as writing Archbishop O'Brien with a long lost of "evidence" as to why Gianna was true:

Marti, I was part of a team who went to the Holy See to defend Our Lady of Emmitsburg and seek a new commission.

A huge problem, I believe, was the status of emeritus granted to Cardinal Keeler along with an office in the chancery. I just don't think the succeeding archbishops had the courage to pursue a second look due to the fact it would embarrass the cardinal.

This pattern is obviously continuing with Charlie. T minus 3 days.

Anonymous said...

L.Spinelli, to be fair most of us here...including Glenn...have been followers or taken in ourselves by false or questionable visionaries. For me it was Roy Legere, Garabandal, Nancy Fowler, Anne A Lay Apostle, Fr. Gobbi, LTTW, and now it seems Charlie as well.

L Spinelli said...

Anon above, I was too. I read "The Thunder of Justice" many years ago. I almost had a panic attack after reading it!

A good number of the "had an anxiety avisionaries" profiled in that book have since been ruled false.

Glenn Dallaire said...

I personally met the purported visionary Gianna Talone Sullivan (of the "Our Lady of Emmitsburg" apparitions) on one occasion, but also I have a priest friend who was very close to the Archdiocesan and Vatican investigations at that time. The end result of both the the Archdiocesan and Vatican investigations was both in the negative. Those interested can certainly Google for more info on the official Church decisions concerning it. The short answer is that it is officially unapproved. Incidentally, as a side note, I also personally noted quite awhile ago that the commenter on Charlie's site in question uses the photo of the purported "Our Lady of Emmitsburg" as her profile picture which is posted along with all of her comments.

In the end, this discussion is about Charlie and his purported prophetic mission and message, but I wanted to respond to Anonymous' question from 11:12AM above. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

All of us may have been misled at once time or another. Still, how many Catholics would try to persuade a cardinal that "Planet X" was coming to destroy earth as an argument to support a visionary, in a letter copied to the Vatican!!

Anonymous said...

By way of identification, I am Anonymous from 11:12AM

Thank you all for the response and clarification. As I said, this is all rather new to me. It has been quite overwhelming in trying to figure out what/who to believe, and a little frightening too. But this site, all the articles, and all the comments I have read, have been so very helpful. It is much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

So didn't Charlie say that he was telling us the angelic Presidential prophecy so that "for God has appointed that this be a sign to you to fortify you to trust Him and choose the ordinary way to follow Him through the most frightening year for the globe in history."

Yet in this comment here he says:
charliej373 says:
January 17, 2017 at 1:46 pm
Much wisdom here, Soda. I have been surprised to see how many people have taken to thinking if I am errant on this particularly element, I am wrong on all – even when I have clearly accurately described the Storm that has engulfed us, well before it became clear. I suspect that many people desperately don’t want to have to face the things they have to face in this Storm and are grabbing at justifications to persuade themselves there is no Storm at all – just as the people of Europe desperately didn’t want to believe they would have to confront Hitler – and so gloomed on to Neville Chamberlain’s flimsy piece of paper declaring “peace in our time” despite the evidenced that surrounded them that, yes, this time they would have to make their stand.

I do not say that an error here would make me wrong on the big picture, but that it would make me unreliable – for which I must be held to account. Whether that is to be gone for a time to be refined or to be dismissed entirely is in God’s hands. But for people who think it would mean there is no Storm at all, I suspect that will be their final false dawn.

How can he have it both ways? That is should be God's sign to us, but if he's wrong, he's not wrong on everything?

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 11.12 - the problem with reported miracles, seers, mystics, apparitions, is that a prudent Priest should take the person aside and read the Rite of Christian Exorcism Prayers. Numerous fakes have been discovered by this.
Usually when there is a legitimate miracle someone tries to attach themselves to the miracle by saying they are getting messages or whatever from God.
Look at Betania, Venezuala - the apparition was approved by the local Bishop but not the alleged visionary - Maria Esperenza. After the miracle, she said she was receiving messages from God as early as a little child - so she attached herself to the miracle. I know she is up for being declared a mystic in New Jersey, but if a Priest would have performed these Rites on her, we'd know for sure. Now she's dead, so it's impossible to do. However, 2 of her daughters have her abilities, so it should be done on them - that would be interesting.

L Spinelli said...

@Anon @ 2:38, Charlie can't. If the Presidential prophecy - and it increasingly looks as if it will, with less than 72 hours to go - fails, the question becomes "Where did this prophecy come from? Satan, delusions, or did Charlie fake it?" That's going to extend to ALL his prophecies. If just one comes from somewhere else, the Church can't be sure of where the others came from. The whole thing has to be thrown out.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:38, using Charlie's own words "poppycock", "pure, unaltered poppycock"!
Don't forget though God has 'appointed' Charlie for this task, no other but Charlie, so we must listen to whatever "poppycock" he tells us.
His words are contradictory through and through, even in the same response he contradicts himself sometimes.
If God chose Charlie as a prophet or whatever, the devil must have been taken completely off guard because there is no way that he could even believe Charlie is a prophet or messenger or whatever he calls himself.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget too he has claimed not once but at least twice in the last 2 weeks that most of his prophecies have been fulfilled - I'm still waiting for anyone on Charlie's site to substantiate those claims as they are following this site. #2 in charge Beckita should be able to answer as she does go on this site. As the #2 TNRSer she should know them off the top of her head - but as usual silence and blame the other person for asking the question and pick on their character.

Anonymous said...

Charlie's rope a dope answer to Bonnie: Bonnie essentially stated that Trump may not have come from the political process and Obama is not really doing anything, but Trump is doing, so Obama is out of office.
Charlie: Love it, Bonnie. But I will not evade accountability over a technicality. It is my job to discern and interpret well – in the midst of a host of subtleties and technicalities. If I have failed that, it is meet and proper that I should retire for at best temporarily a refresher course or at worst, dismissal. That is in God’s hands.
Charlie play the ropes, that's your best chance right now, deke and weave, bob your head, strike back a little, move around, deflect the blows because KO is coming, Charlie you need to survive until the bell, hang on, grab your opponent, waste time to survive the bell - good job Charlie...

Anonymous said...

This Charlie guy is hanging in there: Hi My4 and welcome to the comment section. I have consistently interpreted that part in a way that does not allow for someone who is elected. I still think that to be a good interpretation – but that part is, primarily, interpretation.
Keep moving around Charlie, you'll survive the bell...

Anonymous said...

Charlie's casual attitude to storm central: off-line for 4 days, another 2 days, encourages Kitty Cleveland to sing in some next singing contest in February, setting up Beckita to take over his site, encouraging everyone to TNRS while he may disappear or re-appear or bi-locate or transform.
Charlie's theme song: It's the end of the world as we know it (I had some time alone)
It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.
But for all you nobodies out there prepare yourselves because the storm is great because I said so but Kitty do listen to your dream and participate in the Feb singing contest?

Jackisback said...

I'd like to ask if it is possible for the commentators on this blog to avoid sarcasm? I have been appreciative of the fact that there has not been too much of this in the past. It does not aid in discernment.

I'd also like to ask a substantive question to those of you who focus more on the spiritual side, as my interest has always been in the logical, intellectual side in past posts.

It is fairly obvious to me that the biggest attraction to Charlie's prophecies is the "Rescue," and I have noted that I understand why his followers often sound like they "want" a "crash" to occur along with the five big "fundamentals" (because in order to be "rescued" they want to have the entire world recognize that a "rescue" is desperately needed) - and between now and Friday they seem to "want" the Presidential Prophecy to pan out even if that would mean a severe cataclysm (because then that would give them the "sign" that the "Rescue" is going to happen). Yet, from a strictly spiritual perspective, however, my question is: why would an angelic message of a "Rescue" from our holy mother Mary make sense as being something that we need (even with all of the prophesied benefits), given that her holy Son was sent to be sacrificed in the way that he was, 2,000+ years ago, so as to bring about a new, permanent, everlasting covenant?

Wasn't part of the point of the everlasting covenant that God's Kingdom was then "at hand" at the moment of his death - at least in terms of our understanding of time, as opposed to place (because clearly His Kingdom is not of this place, this world, planet earth)?

When answering my question, please make the attempt to answer from the perspective of a true believer in Charlie's prophecies, and avoid slipping into a criticism along the lines of "Charlie is just ripping off or trying to one-up the apparitions of Fatima.

What I'm trying to get at is, why is there such great appeal for a "rescue" from a faith perspective? I fully understand already why it would have appeal vis-a-vis one's emotions, but I am speaking of spiritual faith, not emotions. If a "rescue" is so important to Charlie follower, how does that enhance one's faith in the everlasting covenant, which ought not to need any enhancing?

If a real Charlie follower is reading this, and you choose to engage, please attempt to answer thoughtfully rather than defensively. Remember, the question is being asked vis-a-vis the goal of discernment.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Yes, I too agree with Jack. For the sake of everyone, let's try to keep the discussion here focused on the facts, so that everyone can benefit from the discussion and discern for themselves.

Glenn Dallaire

L Spinelli said...

I'll have a go at it, Jack.

This world is not friendly to conservative Catholics, to put it mildly. I always noticed that fact - the world being hostile to Catholics in general - but more so when I made a full reversion in 2015.

They want the world to be more in alignment with their thinking. Hoping for cataclysmic events is where they go wrong. I wouldn't wish bloodshed, war or hardship on anyone, even those most hostile to my faith.

Fred Keyes said...

One of the ideas Charlie has talked about is how all Christians and Jews will work together and, essentially, that there will be no distinction among them--a "one for all" kind of idea. What bothers me about it is that it flies in the face of syncretism, that heresy that says there is no difference among various denominations of Christians or any God-fearing person. As a convert coming from a Protestant background, I get the sense that he has not fully converted or at least sees himself as a catalyst who will bring many different faith traditions together. A very tall order indeed--and perhaps a prideful one. It seems facile to me, especially given the short time left in which all his predictions are supposed to happen.

Vis a vis religion, he also takes an extremely hard line against Islam. Part of his prophecy was that a Jihad would occur, which is to be a world-wide uprising of Muslims. To him all Muslims needed to be defeated, and would be defeated soundly. There are no moderate Muslims--all of them are suspect. Donald Trump would love Charlie if he knew him. Muslims are to be converted this year he said.

Charlie, I believe has alt-right political views. I've often felt that it was possible that those views take precedence over his religious beliefs because he pushes that political ideology so strenuously. I know--that's a devil theory (literally?), but not out of the realm of possibility given how strongly he professes his political views.

Fred Keyes said...

Jack Gallagher, you said:

"Yet, from a strictly spiritual perspective, however, my question is: why would an angelic message of a "Rescue" from our holy mother Mary make sense as being something that we need (even with all of the prophesied benefits), given that her holy Son was sent to be sacrificed in the way that he was, 2,000+ years ago, so as to bring about a new, permanent, everlasting covenant?"

Excellent question. One of the biggest lessons we learn in Christianity is the mystery of the Cross. Christ came to save us, but in a way that required us to endure the cross--of all kinds of difficulties—and "persecution besides." The "rescue" does not follow the Way of the Cross. It's seems to be an easy, triumphal way out.

Anonymous said...

Regarding an easy, triumphal out... I went and looked up a recent exchange asking the question--which I thought was a really good one--of why did people have to suffer so much in the past and we are going to have a short period of suffering. From "Out of Pocket" blog post, it involves Beckita quoting Charlie beating up on the questioner earlier...

Helena says:
December 30, 2016 at 7:14 am

Today is Dec. 30, and “The Storm” foreseen by so many prophets, Charlie in these past years, will only last a year, or less, when the BVM determines to “Rescue” us in 2017 – all because Merciful God will not allow us to suffer ‘too long,’ unlike those millions who suffered during the Holocaust, World War II, the Ukrainian Starvation under Stalin, the Cambodian Genocide Marches, etc., etc.

Further, we are told to meekly accept as God’s Will the removal of the only President we have ever had in our lifetime who has taken a stand against Abortion. Plus we should accept ‘Big Brother’ censorship and the loss of our First Amendment, in line with Pope Francis’ telling us that ‘fake news’ journalists, many of whom do great research, in case you’d like to ‘do your own,’ are perverts who enjoy coprophagia.

I am obedient to the Catholic faith, not to those who undermine the Catholic faith, even if Our Lord gives them safe spaces in which to survive before they face Judgment — during every remaining day of life given so they may be blessed enough to possibly repent. “There is no respect of persons.” Not Pope, nor prophet, nor priest can claim otherwise.

Beckita says:
December 30, 2016 at 12:58 pm

Why, you sound exactly like another Helena who left a vicious and bitter comment today as Cherly-Helena: “On the Consecration of Russia.” Charlie’s reply, infused with wisdom, bears repeating:

charliej373 says:
December 30, 2016 at 10:00 am

Cheryl, I sometimes tremble – not out of fear but out of love for God’s children. I live my promise as well as I can and trust to God for the rest. But I thank you for lumping me in with St. John Paul and Sr. Lucia as Catholics to be deplored. I will take my chances with that group any time. And I pray that the Lord soften your heart that you may learn to tremble now so that you may repent of the arrogant, bitter vanity that will otherwise lead to the shock of your lifetime at the day of judgment.

Glenn Dallaire said...

OK Jack, here goes my take on the spiritual end of things in regards to the "Storm" and "Rescue":

Jesus suffered and died a horribly painful death on the cross so that we might be forgiven of our sins. That's Jesus part.

Our (humanity's) part is what meaning does Jesus sacrifice and death on the Cross have for us personally, if any? And the problem today is that there are way too many "if any's" in the world right now, meaning, the indifference of the greater part of humanity towards the sacrifice and death of the Son of God is crying out to heaven, because souls are being lost at an incredible rate.

So to me, the "Warning/Purification/Storm" and possible subsequent "Rescue" are an effort from heaven to turn people towards God, for the salvation of souls, because too many souls are being lost amidst all the indifference and ingratitude towards Jesus passion and death and Its purpose and meaning for us.

Now, completely apart from Charlie's predictions (which at this point are seemingly getting less and less likely to be fulfilled as the days pass), I also do believe that there is a "Purification/Warning" coming to humanity at some point, because as you well know quite a few mystics of recent memory have foretold it. The big question of course is when. The timing is anyone's guess, I suppose, but because quite a few mystics have spoken of this same event, I am quite convinced it will occur at some point, and quite likely in the very near future. And the point of this "Warning/Purification" is to turn an increasingly Godless humanity back towards God.

As you know, 100 years ago, the visionaries at Fatima were given a vision of "souls falling into hell like snowflakes", and they screamed in terror at the sight of it. And how much more has humanity strayed from God and the principles of the Gospel since then? How much longer can it be before God intervenes in an extraordinary way for His children?

And THIS is why Charlie's predictions find fertile soil and take root amongst quite a few people, I think. But what people must realize, especially after this Friday I imagine, is that the Warning/Purification will take place completely independently of Charlie's predictions and vision of things.

-There you have my own personal spiritual take on the "Storm" and/or "Rescue."

Thanks as always Jack for your thoughtful commentary.
Glenn Dallaire

Glenn Dallaire said...

Excellent analysis! You bring out several points that I personally had never even considered before. -Thank you!

You know, as we stand here on January 17, 2017, we are now at the point where not only is it improbable that we will have global economic and governmental collapses throughout the world, a war with "political Islam" stemming from an Islamic uprising eventually resulting in their defeat, then afterwards to be followed with a war with China--it is all truly bordering on the impossible at this point, considering the movement of personnel and materials needed to even engage in two such extensive wars, all supposedly to occur within 11 months or less, according to Charlie. A couple of years ago the timeline for such events to occur in real time was at least possible, but with a maximum of 11 months to go before the purported "Rescue", its really stretching the possibilities of reality, I think.

Thanks again Fred for your comments.
Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

Has Charlie mentioned Mensus recently? Or clarified the 26 million number who die from the Storm? Or offered clarification at all on a timeframe for war with China or war with political Islam ( whatever that is )? I don't follow his blog, but I guess Mensus is a leader now? I'm serious in asking. Curious if he has refined any of his info on these other elements.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about that sarcasm but it is in the context of understanding Charlie - I thought rope-a-dope fit in perfectly because Charles looks like he is on the ropes getting pummelled but he is evading a lot of the punches, the fight may be called a tko on Friday or he may survive the bell on Friday battered and bruised and come out for the next round. I thought it was a good analogy, but I'll stop.

Anonymous said...

As for the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine - that's the attitude of Charlie, we're in the midst of storm and he says he doesn't feel any pressure to be right on Friday - to him it doesn't matter. But, I'll stop that sarcasm too.

Anonymous said...

About the Obama prophecy, I think Charlie meant that Obama would become Catholic and realise how destructive his public policies were as president. For example, the HHS mandate attacking religious freedom, the complete support and funding for abortion, without regard for conscience rights. I could go on but you get the point. This is not judging his personal state before God, but converting to God's law. I don't see how that is a problematic prophecy because Obama's actions and beliefs on these matters are part of the public record. Conversion thus means adherence to the truth, not error.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Anonymous asked: "Has Charlie mentioned Mensus recently? Or clarified the 26 million number who die from the Storm? Or offered clarification at all on a timeframe for war with China or war with political Islam ( whatever that is )? I don't follow his blog, but I guess Mensus is a leader now? I'm serious in asking. Curious if he has refined any of his info on these other elements."

No, Charlie has hardly mentioned "Mensus" in the past year, other than to say he is not really a concern right now.

As to the 26 million who according to Charlie will allegedly die during the "Storm", several months ago he said that this number "Is the floor, and not the ceiling". In other words, it is the minimum number and there could be significantly more.

And no recent clarifications as to the time frames of the wars with political Islam and also China, other than to say they will both occur prior to the alleged "Rescue" late this year (2017).

Again, this is all according to Charlie.

Hope this helps to answer your questions,
Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

Jack, I think the Rescue is equivalent to what Mary predicted at Fatima: "In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph." That is part of God's plan and is not independent of Christ's saving act but dependent on it. It w be a unique grace for a time of special need. I think our time qualifies, for how much more can people depart from God's plan for human life?

Anonymous said...

Mr Dallaire, I realize you said above you want to clear comments here and allow free discussion. Yet people above have been making personal attacks on Charlie without proof,which impugn his character. For example one person said he is sociopathic and presumes to diagnose him, and another claims Charlie libeled a priest from Denver. Those are serious claims and if left to stand, you could be complicit in the sin of slander. I hope you consider this carefully. I also wonder why you asked Charlie's priest's for info about him, since they are bound to secrecy regarding what penitents or directees tell them. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I believe what no one took into consideration were the people God called to stand in the gap for this situation and they answered yes.

Ezekiel 22
29"The people of the land have practiced oppression and committed robbery, and they have wronged the poor and needy and have oppressed the sojourner without justice. 30"I searched for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand in the gap before Me for the land, so that I would not destroy it; but I found no one. 31"Thus I have poured out My indignation on them; I have consumed them with the fire of My wrath; their way I have brought upon their heads," declares the Lord GOD.…

Unfortunately, because of the self preservation focus, the excitement, the preparations God was not listened to, was not answered. There were some that were not on Charlie Johnstons blog focusing on disaster and saving themselves. They were asked four years ago to stand in the gap to avert God's chastisement,to grant a "stay" and it was granted.

The few times I read Johnstons blog, his incessant, negative, derogatory comments about people that heard from God were being deceived agitated me greatly. We are actually commanded to listen to God's voice in the bible. It was those that WERE listening to Gods voice that responded and interceded....through prayer, sacrifice, name it. Mr. Johnston could not say enough about how horrible his experiences were and that some people had prayed to have the same gifts as him and it almost drove them insane and they begged God to remove them... he discouraged people immensely with shaming and self aggrandizing that apparently he was the only one capable of handling such things from the Lord. He, in his vanity, has insulted and degraded those that are suffering greatly for the Blessed Mothers intentions.

Does anyone here remember when he first started his blog, he stated that he purposely told Michael Brown at Spirit Daily that such and such things would happen by they year 2000 or something....I'm trying to be brief but it always stuck with me because he did it on purpose, essentially testing God because he didn't want to do this and thought God would relieve him of the burden so was admitting he lied then for Michael Browns interview. If I recall he said God punished him for that and he got back on the straight and narrow accepting his purpose. Whatever...Mark Mallet seems to be the only prophet in this day that is humble, reliable, rooted in Scripture and Church teaching. If you have to read someone, read him and support him.

Anonymous said...

If you want to look at it that way, Charlie is complicit in the sin of slander on his site concerning myself and probably many more people. I've provided numerous proofs at this site about Charlie and the way he has treated me and others have similar stories. Charlie contributed to my character assassination in fact he was responsible for attacking my character, I suggest you remove the plank from your own eye before you criticize the splinter in others.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Socrates (a few posts above),

As I stated at the bottom of this article above, all comments are published immediately, without moderation.

The persons themselves are solely responsible for their own comments, and obviously comments do not necessarily reflect my own opinions. I only remove posts if there is a blatant offense to accepted comment board guidelines. Yes, unfortunately there is the potential for comments to turn into a "wild west" free for all, but it also allows for a free flow of thought and discussion. Unmoderated comment boards certainly are nothing new to the internet, as we see quite a few news sites and others which do the same. The alternative is a moderated comment board where the moderator(s) often end up framing the discussions to their liking and way of thinking, with a good number of comments removed on the cutting room floor, so to speak.

As for my private correspondence with one of Charlie's priest directors, obviously none of the discussions ever concerned anything to do with Charlie's private spiritual direction or confessions, as this is absolutely strictly confidential between the priest and Charlie.

Thanks for your comments!
Glenn Dallaire

Jackisback said...

To Socrates at 10:33 PM, you said:

--begin quoted text--
Jack, I think the Rescue is equivalent to what Mary predicted at Fatima: "In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph." That is part of God's plan and is not independent of Christ's saving act but dependent on it. It w be a unique grace for a time of special need. I think our time qualifies, for how much more can people depart from God's plan for human life?
--end quoted text--

First, I had asked that you attempt to disconnect Charlie's "rescue" from Fatima. Set that aside, as otherwise it cheapens Charlie's prophecy as if it were simply co-opting Fatima, which Charlie does not assert. Yet permit me a follow up.

God's everlasting covenant, revealed by the Christ, followed by Him sending us the Holy Spirit to remain with us forever, is sufficient for me. The Christ did say, "behold your mother", but He did not say "and I will send you my mother to help out with the temporal affairs of this world some time later when you really, really need it."

The covenantal sacrifice is an act of God, the mercy of which has a quality that is overwhelming to, and unquantifiable in, the human imagination, so much so that we cannot comprehend it fully. It is so merciful that it makes us incapable of being able to judge whether others' souls are bound for hell. An individual trembles for his own soul, for he plainly knows how he has turned away from God's grace and justifiably feels unworthy of the gift of the covenant that God made with us.

God made the covenant with us, not the other way around; and He made it applicable to Jew and gentile alike, to the good son and the prodigal son alike, and used all our unwitting hands in the covenantal sacrifice. His Son revealed that to us.

Indeed, while we pray every week "Lord I am not worthy to receive you under my roof..." we also occasionally chant " atonement for our sins, and those of the whole world."

How does the concept of a "rescue" not imply that God's everlasting covenant is now suddenly insufficient in our time? In other words, what is insufficient about the covenant such that a "rescue" is, or would ever be, necessary?

As for "how much more can people depart from God's plan for human life?" this strikes me as a curious thing to ask. I can think of lots of times in the past when people demonstrated more spectacular departures from God's plan: September 11, 2001, the genocide in Rwanda, the killing fields of the Khmer Rouge, the purges in China and the former Soviet Union, our dropping nuclear bombs to end the war with Japan (brought on by the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor and refusals of any armistice or surrender until after the 2nd bomb was dropped), the Japanese WWII atrocities in the Philippines and other archipelagos, the Japanese atrocities in occupied China, the German concentration camps and the slaughter of millions and millions of Jewish men, women and children, the German atrocities in occupied countries in WWII, the French "Vichy" government's traitorous acts in cooperation with the Nazis, the Soviet Union's initial alliance with Nazi Germany in the Molotov Ribbentrop pact that literally cut Poland in half. These are just some of the disasters that occurred after Fatima (I'm sure I missed a few biggies as well). Not to minimize at all the strife of our present day, but WWI itself would have been a better time for a "rescue" not to mention the prior history of wars in Europe, Asia, the middle east, Africa, dating back to the end of the Roman Empire.

I'm sure I sound harsh. I really am sincere though in trying to understand a spiritual perspective of Charlie's followers that actually makes Catholic sense. I just don't see it yet, unless I misunderstood you.

Mary H said...

About libel... I remembered this and looked it up. I don't know if it is the same thing the earlier poster meant.

Charlie Johnston posted a comment in which he suggested a priest of the archdiocese of Denver revealed confidential information about Denver's investigation into him (Charlie). Charlie said the priest collaborated with a blogger to smear his name, and that the priest was out to get him. Charlie offered no proof, only circumstantial evidence. Revealing confidential information about a confidential investigation would be a serious offense, perhaps even a violation of canon law. The quote from Charlie's website is below.

Charlie writes about a blogger who is skeptical...

His first piece was a bit muddled, but I saw no signs of real malice in it. Then suddenly he was filled with zeal to genuinely attack. This happened coincidentally with him knowing the full name of my first spiritual director. Now that is confidential information that I have guarded closely.

When I gave a file of archival documents to the Archdiocese, I knew there was one priest who has been relentlessly hostile to me since I first met him two years ago – and that he would have access to the confidential file. That priest has told friends of mine, as long as two years ago, to have nothing to do with me. He sometimes contacted people who had the temerity to speak well of me during my tour last summer and harangue them. I think his animus started because he loathes Medjugorje and was offended that I think it fundamentally authentic…but it became something personal. I know he mines any negative information or commentary on me he can find. He is a priest with some little authority.

So when I saw that ___ had confidential information all of a sudden and real relish for going after me, I guessed that this priest had recruited a new follower and shared some of that info. It is not certain by any means, but some circumstantial evidence is compelling.

Fred Keyes said...

My own upbringing as a Catholic taught me that having "believed but not seen" was a great virtue and something we are expected to rejoice in. One reason it is easier, IMO, to believe is that we have so much of the history of Christianity to rely upon—the Fathers of the Church; numerous saints including those whose mysticism is so credible; the testimony of thousands of martyrs who died for their faith; Councils and Popes of the Church who have been bringing us to thye fullness of the faith; and so on.

And yet these predictions are of such miraculous effect that those of us who, based on study of the Traditions of the Church, believe the revealed content of the Kerygma and don't really need the promised stupendous events. Don't get me wrong; such events might turn the hearts of many to Christ, no doubt. But remember Christ's words in the parable of poor Lazarus who went to the bosom of Abraham: The rich man also died and was in torment. He asked God to send Lazarus to warn his brothers but God told him that his brothers had Moses and the prophets--more than enough to lead them to the truth. Likewise with us. We have Tradition, a rich source of the Truth *if* we are willing to listen. If we are not willing, even the things Charlie predicts won't be enough to convert them....IMO.

Anonymous said...

Jack is Back I believe this quote from the letter to the Hebrews will help you to unravel the unnecessary "silliness" of Charlie's rescue. Christ has already rescued us in the perfect way for all time we just need to be open to, accepting of and cooperative with it as St Paul says here.

14 It was a perfect sacrifice by a perfect person to perfect some very imperfect people. By that single offering, he did everything that needed to be done for everyone who takes part in the purifying process. 15 The Holy Spirit confirms this: 16 This new plan I'm making with Israel isn't going to be written on paper, isn't going to be chiseled in stone; This time "I'm writing out the plan in them, carving it on the lining of their hearts." 17 He concludes, I'll forever wipe the slate clean of their sins. 18 Once sins are taken care of for good, there's no longer any need to offer sacrifices for them. 19 So, friends, we can now - without hesitation - walk right up to God, into "the Holy Place." 20 Jesus has cleared the way by the blood of his sacrifice, acting as our priest before God. 21 The "curtain" into God's presence is his body. 22 So let's do it - full of belief, confident that we're presentable inside and out. 23 Let's keep a firm grip on the promises that keep us going. He always keeps his word. 24 Let's see how inventive we can be in encouraging love and helping out,

Jackisback said...

To Fred Keyes at 10:46 AM,

You are apparently on the same page I am on.

But what page are Charlie and his followers on, in terms of Catholic doctrine on spiritual faith? Your previous post made a brief attempt at playing the role of advocate for Charlie's position (January 17, 2017 at 5:35 PM) where you pointed out that the "rescue" has the appeal of Jews and Protestants coming together with Catholics - "getting the band back together again." I see the appeal, but I don't see the why they think it's necessary, after 2,000+ years of Jews remaining as Jews and almost 500 years of Protestants remaining as Protestants.

Part of the defense raised by Charlie apologists is along the lines of "nothing he says opposes the Magisterium" and his "TRNS message" is wholly in concert with the Church and he promotes a "building up" of the Church and its faithful. To which I say: fine, all well and good. But I don't hear Charlie or any follower attempt to explain why a Marian intervention in this world, of the magnitude described in the "rescue" narrative, is in concert with the basics of our faith. I, like you (I think - I don't want to put words in your mouth) see it as something that, despite the positive aspects of the prophesied outcomes, actually undermines the Gospel.

In other words, just because the "rescue" narrative describes very appealing results (blessings?) to be brought about by our holy mother Mary, that does not mean that the narrative is at all congruent with what our faith is supposed to be about.

An observer said...

I hope Charlie is currently writing his final farewell post cause at this point it's sure looking like he's going to be needing it for Friday.
Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to do with these prepper buckets full of beans, oatmeal and rice. Oh well, the shelf life is supposedly 25 years so I guess I'm good for awhile.

Joe said...

Charlie is awfully quiet as the clock is ticking down on his first major prophesy. Which leads me to question. What drives a person to make these types of outrageous claims? Is it a need to feel important? Is it financial? Is it mental illness? I can't wrap my mind around what exactly drives these false prophets.

Jackisback said...

To An observer at 8:19 PM,

Can't tell if you're serious about the supplies. If you are, then can you answer:

1. Did you buy them at the Peppy Prepper?
2. How much in total do you think you spent in preparation costs for the supplies and any other preparation costs?
3. Had you been doing that sort of thing already, or was Charlie's prophecies the driving force behind the purchases?

Anonymous said...

Joe Crozier one of Charlie's staunchest supporters is all in for Charlie on the 20th: "Friday January 20 will be one small step for us but a giant leap of faith confirmed for the world. This will be the start of something big, How privileged we are to be present at the start of this stage in the Salvation Plan of The Trinity, this stage in the process of restoration of billions of human beings to a position and condition from which they can be saved: the final frontier of our Destiny."
I wonder what Joe Crozier will say and do if the 20th doesn't pan out the way he expects it to? I wonder what he will think of Charlie then or just let it go?

Joe said...

I really think even Charlie cringes when he reads this kind of stuff at this point.

Anonymous said...

Joe Crozier is the #1 defender of Charlie on other sites. His reaction on the 20th will be very interesting as well as other staunch supporters. Many are already resigned to the fact it may not happen as Charlie prophesized, thus the concentration on the message not the prophesy.

Anonymous said...

Less than 36 hours to go. Obama is still President and doesn't want to leave but has to leave. According to various security experts DC is ready. It is expected to rain on the 20th, so that may change some things, but everything looks good for the inauguration. There may be trouble but that could be to keep people away from the event.

Brendan Triffett said...

To be fair to Charlie, the surrender prayer does not advocate quietism or passivity. It is simply about acknowledging God's sovereignty first and getting right the attitude of fundamental trust before acting ie taking the next right step. I am no follower of Charlie but please do better to interpret someone's words in a fair and balanced way before evaluating.

Anonymous said...

My curiosity often gets the best of me, unfortunately. But does anyone know how Charlie first came onto the public scene (of being a prophet) and when? In other words, was there something that propelled him onto the stage of prophecy, or has he simply grown by virtue of time and spreading the word, so to speak (ala Mark Mallett).
I have always found alledged Catholic phophecy interesting because the prophet is often "born onto the scene" with the support of some physical manifestations, i.e. bleeding statues, dripping oil, sun miracles, etc. And to be frank, I have witnessed these at Conyers and Our Lady of Light (Norwood, OH). I would add that the phophets connected to both locations failed miserably in their predictions. Isn't that strange and worth noting? And the list of failed prophecies via Catholic phophets, backed by "signs and wonders," is long, indeed. The failure list is a strong testimony to how tough this phophecy business is, even with signs and wonders backing you.
Anyway, any info on the early Charlie days would be appreciated.

Bizlep said...


I'm not arguing against or in favor of Charlie...but given my 3 decades of scavenging on non-scriptural prophecy, when I read this sentence in this thread I got a red light flashing immediately.

" the next leader will not come from the political system"

It suddenly came to my mind that Mr. Trump is not from the 'Political system'... he is a business man and a complete outsider for both Parties and the US/Washington Political arena. Unlike Charlie, he has no 'political related career'or even background!

What does 'not coming from the Political System' means? - If it was 'not coming from due ordinary institutional/political procedure'. but 'Political System' can mean a LOT! it is highly subjective. For me, that am a non-English mother tongue guy... it sounded like 'the next leader will have nothing to do with the political world/class, etc


Now, weeks ago someone asked about 'more traditional' prophetic failures due to change in God's plan.

1- firstly, i think there is no such thing as 'prophetic Tradition'...

2 - most non-biblical catholic prophecy has been concentrated in the last 150 years or so... one must mostly stick to it.

3 - I did my research and found a list of 'failed BIBLICAL prophecies'... so if scriptural prophecy fails, what about private ones witch are much more conditional to people reactions to it???

A list of failed Biblical prophecies found in ... Wikipedia

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Bizlep and also Anonymous @6:14 AM,

As to the: " leader will not come from the political system", Charlie himself has stated that Donald Trump has come from the political system, since he was a validly elected Republican candidate through the Republican primary process, and then afterwards validly elected next President through the standard national election process. And therefore he said that Trump could not be the person to replace Obama.

Also, don't forget the 2nd half of the prophecy, that being that Obama will not finish his term.
To Anonymous @6:14 AM:
You said:
"...I would add that the phophets connected to both locations failed miserably in their predictions. Isn't that strange and worth noting? And the list of failed prophecies via Catholic phophets, backed by "signs and wonders," is long, indeed. The failure list is a strong testimony to how tough this phophecy business is, even with signs and wonders backing you."

Yes---a wise observation indeed. St Paul of the Cross, the founder of the Passionist order, who quite an extraordinary mystic himself said that 9 out of 10 supposed mystics and visionaries are FALSE, and he was very prudent and cautious towards such persons.

And I personally try to keep this in mind when evaluating mystics and visionaries for this website.

Thanks for your comments!
Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

There are less than 24 hours before inaugeration. Word on the street in DC is that it is under control, there were some protests, but very small. Most people don't really care who is governing as long as they have jobs.
If anything is to occur I expect that it to be outside DC, like at the border, or in a major city in the southwest. People are more worried about themselves and surviving.
Obama is still in office.
That's my take with less than 24 hours to go.

Anonymous said...

I have always enjoyed this site but having read what so many here are saying about Charlie, I must say, I am truly disgusted. For those of you involved in this- Hell has most certainly been loosed on this site and you brought it here! The arrogance and pride I see here is shocking and so is the level of FEAR!
Where is your faith and trust in God? You go on and on about Charlie, saying very hurtful things that you somehow have come to believe you are entitled to say, smearing him, lying, exaggerating...tell me, when, where did Jesus ever teach this? WHERE? Many of you people who come here with your accusations and slander, are copying and pasting what is said there and running back to this site and that site and these other sites- as if this somehow justifies you and your fear...Pasting it...tittle-tattling like naughty little kids! Do you not understand that the 3 seconds of attention - oh, that little pat on the head you receive for this will be your only reward? You will not even understand what you have lost! The evil one has deceived you into thinking you are on the right road now, doing this... yet the proof that you are on the wrong road is the sins you are committing- and it does not matter that it is Charlie, this would hold true no matter who you were smearing.. even if it were someone evil or your worst enemy! Pray for your enemies- this is what Jesus said! Look at the fruits of what you are doing! SEE! God sees.
Charlie is God's messenger and he is obeying God ... have you forgotten what happens to people who harm or kill (slander) God's messengers? Their own judgements are what they receive for themselves!You are doing nothing but revealing your own lack of Faith and Trust in God! Do you not understand this is about you and not Charlie? Charlie is simply doing his job. You choose- you can use whatever is given you, allowed for you, for good or for evil.
Who is the accuser of the faithful? WHO?
And to those of you who have smeared Charlie's name for his past sins... which of you is innocent? Charlie plainly said he confessed his sins..and now you are judging him? You have set yourselves up as judge and jury above God who forgave him in the Holy Sacrament of Confession? O my.. woe are you who are passing judgement on your own souls. You say you see... Oh, that you were truly blind... at least then there would be hope for you to be healed.
Jean (Snowy Owl on TNRS)

Dutchman said...

Dear Snowy Owl,
It is not merciful to allow wolves in sheep's clothing to roam among the faithful because justice is a part of mercy. To point out the wolf, one must articulate the wolf's characteristics by describing credible derogatory information that is corroborated and available to all. Johnston's own vicious remarks are posted on his own website. People here simply cited them. Other people's websites have written about their negative experiences with Johnston. That information is also publicly available to all.

When his remarks and behavioural patterns are compared to templates of anti-social actors some worrying correlations are revealed, which warrant raising an alarm.

That is prudent and responsible defence of the faithful, which has been needed for some time in this particular case.

Joe said...

Snowy duck, most people on this site are here because Charlie and his cult followers have attacked, smeared, insulted and kicked out anyone who dared challenge Charlie. If you still support Charlie at this point you may need some serious psychiatric help. So please do not cast stones when you live in a glass house.

Fred Keyes said...

It's interesting to compare the public's reaction to the initial Fatima apparitions with the phenomenon of Charlie Johnston. Between May 1917 and October 1917, with no social media to spread the word far and wide, the number of people who heard about and became interested in the events at Fatima rapidly grew to tens of thousands. Even with the availability of social media there is virtually no widespread public interest in Charlie's alleged apparitions. At Fatima, Our Lady's concern was for fostering dedication to the Trinity and her own Immaculate Heart. And indeed that happened in spades (or hearts?).

Where are the fruits of Charlie's visions? Wouldn't heaven see to it that his message be heard far and wide given the platforms to do just that?

While the confirming event of the apparitions for the Portuguese public was the Miracle of the Sun, whether Obama somehow does not complete his full term in the next 20 hours or so is supposed to be our sign that Charlie's prophecies are genuine.

We will see....or not.

Joe said...

Charlie has got to be deleting comments left and right on his blog. The only comments are positive. Everyone still thanking and praising him, saying no matter what happens tommorow they are still all in. There is not one person challenging him or even questioning him. How are these people so ignorant?

Anthony said...

Let us all wait and see and not prejudge Charlie. There is one day to go. If Charlie is right then we will see the Triumph of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart at the end of 2017. I have to admit I hope he is right.

L Spinelli said...

Anthony, we were promised the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart regardless of Charlie telling us or not.

Does it matter if it doesn't occur this year? No. The point is, it will. We didn't need Charlie to tell us it will.

Anonymous said...

Snowy Owl, you state "Charlie is God's messenger and he is obeying God ...".
Since you read a lot of these posts, I have some questions for you in the interest of better dialogue with Charlie's supporters and others:
1) Charlie has stated that most of his prophecies from his 'visitors' have come true, can you tell us which ones or better yet ask Charlie yourself and report back to us ( I haven't been able to get anyone to tell me the prophecies that he has been right on perhaps your influence with Charlie will bridge the gap and you can present those here and maybe a lot of the people here may have misread Charlie due to a misunderstanding and/or mis communication.)
I think I will leave you to gather this information before we go further.
I trust you will get this information tout suite as time is of the essence. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I think people on his site are trying to maintain a brave face, I know Joe Crozier is all in and he's waiting for Obama to leave office and Trump to not be inaugurated - that's a given for him.

Joe Crozier said...

Charlie is my friend. He will continue to be my friend. My faith is not in Charlie but in Christ. I trust in Charlie's integrity. He has done his very best to share truthfully what has come to him. As such his integrity does not stand on his prophesy. He has always said he stands open to correction. Charlie and I differ in some ways and we respect those differences. We also have much in common. Thank God.

Joe Crozier said...

Well said Snowy. I hope they do not turn on you too. Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. St Joseph pray for us. Pray for Charlie, a good man and a good friend to both of us.
I find it quite funny that our detractor here is also called Joe. Proof of God's humour.

Anonymous said...

Hello Joe Crozier I'm glad you're here, I've been trying to get an an answer, here it is:
Charlie has stated that most of his prophecies from his 'visitors' have come true, can you tell us which ones or better yet ask Charlie yourself and report back to us.

Anonymous said...

Joe Crozier said: Joe Crozier one of Charlie's staunchest supporters is all in for Charlie on the 20th: "Friday January 20 will be one small step for us but a giant leap of faith confirmed for the world. This will be the start of something big, How privileged we are to be present at the start of this stage in the Salvation Plan of The Trinity, this stage in the process of restoration of billions of human beings to a position and condition from which they can be saved: the final frontier of our Destiny"

Fred Keyes said...

Joe Crozier, Charlie himself has said that an attitude of healthy skepticism is what he expects from those who hear his message. Now one is free to be "all in" with him if one so desires but their are warnings from his own bishop and from scripture itself which tells us to test spirits and stick to sound doctrine. That's what we are doing here ands what Charlie does not allow on his blog: testing spirits.

"For the time will come when people will not tolerate sound doctrine but, following their own desires and insatiable curiosity, will accumulate teachers and will stop listening to the truth and will be diverted to myths. But you, be self-possessed in all circumstances; put up with hardship; perform the work of an evangelist; fulfill your ministry. [2Tim:3-5]

Good for you by the way--be a good friend to Charlie.

Anonymous said...

Hello Joe Crozier we know you're here. Can you answers some basic questions.

L Spinelli said...

Snowy Owl, you got one very big factor wrong about we who choose to discern Charlie rather than blindly accept him.

I for one am more than aware of my past sins and my faults. I'm not judging the state of Charlie's soul. The only reason the fact about his past sins was brought up was to determine if his message was valid - and according to the Vatican's Norms, they aren't.

I have no desire to tar and feather the man. He has been in my prayers. After this is all is over, his critics will let him go his way, not hound him. In any case, this has been an important real-time lesson about visionaries, whether one believed Charlie or not.

Dutchman said...

L Spinelli,
Well said. Agree completely.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe Crozier! Good to see you here! I agree that Charlie has been a good and true friend. Amen to that!

Hi Fred, you said, "Joe Crozier, Charlie himself has said that an attitude of healthy skepticism is what he expects from those who hear his message. Now one is free to be "all in" with him.."
Charlie does not say he wants us all in with him- but all in with God- come what may. We don't follow Charlie we follow Jesus Christ.
For the people here and else where that accuse us of being mindless followers, I would ask you if you are familiar with Scripture? Read ? Hebrews 10:24-25, Matthew 18:20, Colossians 3:16, 1 Corinthians 14:26 and on they go- there are many. It's a community of people, learning and sharing their faith. You are free to wait, Fred but that's not what I spoke to reading what I read here. I spoke to what's really happening here.
And just for the record- what's with all the anonymous people here who demand answers? Why can't you go read for yourselves? it's all there in black and white. Better yet, go read until you run into something interesting and then ask Charlie an honest question instead of a loaded question. What are you afraid of? If you can't even post your name on a website- what will you do when you get persecuted for your faith? What will you do when you are maligned the way you have maligned Charlie? You can't hide from God and that's all that should matter to you.

Joseph J. said...

But how could this prophecy possibly fail if "God has appointed that this be a sign to you"
In his article "The Election...and Other Potential Triggers" Charlie writes:
"If, next January, Barack Obama peacefully hands over the reins of power to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, I will declare myself unreliable and go away. But it will not happen that way, for God has appointed that this be a sign to you to fortify you to trust Him and choose the ordinary way to follow Him through the most frightening year for the globe in history."

-This to me is the question that needs to be asked and answered.

Jackisback said...

To Snowy Owl at 4:17 PM, you said:

--begin quoted text--
Charlie is God's messenger...Charlie is simply doing his job...
--end quoted text--

While I understand that you believe those are true statements, they are, unfortunately the conflation of logical fallacies. The first fallacy is "ipse dixit". That is, the idea behind the assertion that "Charlie is God's messenger" comes from Charlie making that assertion - at the beginning of all conversations about Charlie, since the time he first made the assertion - but the fact that Charlie said it, doesn't make it so. You are of course free to accept the assertion at face value. But this website has a goal of discernment as to the veracity of an alleged prophet. The fact that an alleged prophet asserts that he is "God's messenger" is in no way a true statement simply because he says so.

The same holds for the assertion that he is "doing his job." Conflated with that, however, is the "begging the question" fallacy. It is a circular argument, where the conclusion, that he is "doing his job" is embedded in the premise that he is "God's messenger" which itself is an unwarranted conclusion because whether he his "God's messenger" is, for discernment purposes, an open question - begging for an answer of proof. In other words, he cannot be said to be "doing his job" of being God's messenger if there has been no show of proof yet that he is God's messenger.

One way of discerning the truth of this matter hinges on whether something Charlie included among his stated "messages from God" turns out to be false, because we know that God cannot lie. Tomorrow, the Presidential Prophecy will be tested for its truth. If it fails, then the assertion that Charlie is "God's messenger" will no longer hold water, because that part of his "message" could not have come from God.

Once the assertion that Charlie is "God's messenger" is shown to be invalid in this regard, then the follow-on assertion that Charlie is just "doing his job" is also invalid, because it will instead be a delusion spawned by the first invalid premise.

This is why it is highly likely that Charlie will need our prayers tomorrow. I have stated from the outset that when this moment comes I will not condemn Charlie. But it behooves all to discern and to test the things he says.

If the Presidential Prophecy fails tomorrow, the "messages" of the "crash" and "rescue" are placed into doubt.

Anonymous said...

Jean, (Snowy Owl) Many of the commenters have checked Charlie Johnston out and do not believe he is authentic. I think we are all following Jesus to the best of our abilities and don't want to follow false prophets, nor do we want anyone else to follow them. We are on the same side- God's. I don't believe fellow commenters want anything bad for Charlie either. If he has been deceived and is doing his best then he will be okay and God will give him the grace to keep the faith. If he is intentionally deceiving people then I will pray for his conversion and in fact, have already prayed for him. The topic matter is gravely serious which accounts for a lot of the anger and frustration in the comment sections- in my opinion. We all need to remember who's in charge and listen when He says...Be still and know that I am God.

Joe said...

Exactly! Anyone who still gives Charlie credence after his prophecy fails tommorow is beyond all rational and logical thinking. Not worth wasting breath on showing them reality.

Fred Keyes said...

What is your point Snowy? Yes, I'm familiar with all those scriptures as is anyone who joins the assembly (i.e., Mass) frequently. Besides attending *THE* assembly, I belong to several live communities of God-fearing Catholics. My wife and I do LOH twice a day and are fans of the rosary.

Look, I know there is plenty of positive Magisterial and scriptural content at Charlie's site. I don't resent the camaraderie among the folks there, even if the whole Mayberry narrative is an appeal to a time that never really existed. I certainly don't question the faith of all of Charlie's followers. May God bless every one of them.

But....I detect a strong strain of right-leaning political polemic; criticizing Pope Francis with feint praise; criticism of a large portion (majority?) of the episcopate if they are not one of the very few whose views conform to Charlie's narrow theological views; criticism of the Pope's cardinal appointments; anti-Islamic blasts rather than the doctrine expressed in Vatican II's "Lumen Gentium" (see Article 16); the selective reading of the Church's social justice teachings; and wolf whistles about gun rights. At least for me it strains credibility to accept prophetic pronouncements when they are accompanied by these kinds of opinions, discussed in a "my way or the highway" tone.

Now I will say that the areas I mention above are often legitimately debatable kinds of issues, even within the Church (nothing new there, right?). But the part that is most perplexing is the treatment people get if the opinions they express do not conform to Charlie's particular views. Not from Charlie so much as other attackers who join to smother the dissident. But that he often leaves those rash, critical posts up is telling of a lack of charity.

As much as anyone I hope for God's help in reversing the direction our culture has taken in many regards. But we move forward like wheat and tare--the good with the bad. And we are also leaven and mustard seed. Overall Christianity is as strong as it ever was. I saw that strength on the faces of the martyrs who were beheaded by terrorists.

Joe said...

Charlie says if he is wrong he will go away for a period. What he really means is he will go away until this whole thing blows over. Then he will come up with his next scheme to make a name for himself again. Charlie, I know you are reading this, please go away and stay away. Quit embarrassing your family and the Catholic Church and stay away!

Fred Keys said...

Come on, Joe. Let this thing play out. God loves him as much as He does you and me. Hopefully we can all have a good laugh on the other side when all is said and done.

Anonymous said...

Dear Snowy Owl: And just for the record- what's with all the anonymous people here who demand answers? Why can't you go read for yourselves? it's all there in black and white. Better yet, go read until you run into something interesting and then ask Charlie an honest question instead of a loaded question. What are you afraid of? If you can't even post your name on a website- what will you do when you get persecuted for your faith?

I'm an anonymous who used to be on Charlie's site, I was banned because I did question Charlie, Charlie routinely blocked a lot of my comments. I am not afraid, Charlie is the one who is afraid because he blocked my comments. I was not even rude. The last straw came when I confronted him about 2 fake news stories published by Beckita, I pointed out the falsity of them and then published my answer here to verify that I challenged the 2 fake stories which Charlie scrubbed. to top it off someone else published an article from VT which said the 2 news stories were fake and he published it not realizing it proved my point. So what do I get - banishment. So you tell me who is afraid Charlie or me?

In regards to asking Charlie questions or even yourself - Charlie said at least twice in the last 2 weeks that his prophecies have been mostly correct - so the question was and still is what are the prophecies? If you know where they are located please provide the link, Charlie's answers: I'm not doing your homework for you. Something as important a true prophecies can not and should not be hidden on a website, is Charlie afraid of something?

Anonymous said...

Question; at this late hour, how could the prophecy of "Obama will not finish his term" possibly come true, given that he lives to "repent'" sometime in the future? Even assuming a cataclysmic even tomorrow, what circumstances could possibly dictate that Obama lives and yet does not finish his term?

Anonymous said...

Beth, I read some terrible comments here, I stand by what I said. For those who have checked Charlie out and found him to be "inauthentic" in their own opinion, is not and never was my issue. They have freewill and a right to do and choose whatever they wish. MY ISSUE here was the terrible smearing of his name. Period! Why didn't people just leave- walk away? Say nothing? Why harass him? Why the name calling, gossip, slander? Is it because you all now better? Is it because he may be right? Does that frighten people? If so, how does calling him names and dragging him through the mud help you or anyone? The only happy one here is Satan. Does this please God?
Charlie's message is very simple... and very true.

Joe said...

Fred, no need to tell me how much God loves Charlie or you or I. That is not the matter at hand here. I am just trying to keep somone who claims to have visits and messages from Angels about our future accountable. T-17 hours and we will no for sure.

Anonymous said...

If Trump is inaugurated tomorrow, and the Presidential mantle is passed from Obama to Trump, then The Next Right Step for Charlie is to admit he has been wrong and to disappear from public appearances and pronouncements. He wrote that he would do this. And his loyal followers, who want to try to make excuses for the errors in his prophecies, should be told that they have been misled so that they can be forarmed if another prophet comes their way.

The abuse that was doled out to anyone who questioned Charlie, including very appalling comments attributed to a Bishop, showed that the wrong steps were being followed on the site.

carli said...

Snowy Owl,

Some posters have come here to offer testimony as to the treatment they received at Charlie's website when asking sincere and honest questions. I myself have read some comments on Charlie's site that are vile and nasty towards people who were asking sincere questions. Name calling and harassment. Some of these kinds of comments were made by Charlie himself, and others were made by other people and which Charlie either left standing or Charlie said that that it was acceptable and appropriate.

How is it helpful to come here and make such criticisms and yet stay quiet when it happens on his website? How does that help anyone? Perhaps the fear your cite is fear of those who believed the prophecy that "If, next January, Barack Obama peacefully hands over the reins of power to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, I will declare myself unreliable and go away. But it will not happen that way, for God has appointed that this be a sign to you to fortify you to trust Him and choose the ordinary way to follow Him through the most frightening year for the globe in history."

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