Beware of psychic mediums: Spirit guides are demonic and evil

Spirit guides, known as "familiar" spirits, are almost always demonic in nature

"Uncle Ponto"- the familiar spirit who almost led a despairing man to suicide
The exorcist, Fr. Malachi Martin, in his popular book “Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary Americans"  (which can be read for free here) relates a true story of a "spirit guide"--often called a "familiar spirit"---known as "Uncle Ponto", who attached himself to a young California man in the 1970's named Jamsie.

This "Uncle Ponto" as this demon called himself, was a deformed looking person who began appearing to Jamsie during a troubled period in his teens. “All I’m asking for, all I ever asked for,” Jamsie remembers Uncle Ponto saying softly as he drove onto Highway 101, “is that you let me come and live with you. I won’t be in the way. You need a friend like me.”

Uncle Ponto would often appear out of nowhere, suddenly sitting in the back seat of Jamsie's car for example, showing himself through Jamsie's rear view mirror. At first, Jamsie was quite startled upon first seeing Uncle Ponto, for Ponto's appearance was a strange looking caricature of a man, and he had always thought in the back of his mind that Uncle Ponto might be an evil spirit, yet as time went on there were times he appreciated and even relished the eerie company of Ponto, and often he got a kick out of their encounters.

As time went on, little by little the familiar spirit Uncle Ponto began to appear more and more to Jamsie, often giving him day to day suggestions on what he should do in different areas of his life. In fact, he often became overbearing, and did not like it if Jamsie did not take his advice. And as the years continued to pass, Ponto became more and more of a pestering nuisance. Ponto continually sought to isolate Jamsie, saying that he was his only true friend and that nobody else understood him like he did.

Fortunately through a friend Jamsie met a Catholic priest named Fr. Mark. On that evening Jamsie had visited with the priest, Fr. Mark had treated him to mushroom soup made from his own recipe. Afterward, Jamsie had talked with him into the small hours of the morning, telling him of his early life, of Ponto’s harassment, and of his own growing deep despair and continual anger against life.

But several times during that conversation, Jamsie had found himself incapable of going along with what Mark proposed: to get rid of Uncle Ponto. Always, at that point, Jamsie felt an unaccountable fear. If Ponto no longer existed in his life, what would happen? It was just as if Ponto represented some form of security.

Spirit guides\Familiar spirits will never say the holy name of Jesus with devotion
Yet, two very important lessons came out of  Jamsie's meeting with Fr. Mark:
1) Uncle Ponto did not like Fr. Mark at all, and interestingly he was not present at all during Jamsie's visit with Fr. Mark, but afterwards Ponto told him never to speak with Fr. Mark again, and Ponto derisively nicknamed Fr Mark “Mushroom-Souper,”

2)  One of Fr. Mark's suggestions to Jamsie to rid himself of "Uncle Ponto" was to say the holy name of Jesus in his presence, and if he somehow could not, then to spell it out the Name of Jesus one letter at a time. On one occasion soon afterwards, Ponto was being more overbearing than usual, and Jamsie had had enough. In an attempt to silence Ponto, Jamsie said “You’re the son of the Father of Lies!” he shouted poisonously at Ponto. “That’s what Mark said Jesus called him . .”---at the word "Jesus" Jamsie’s ears were split by a high-pitched scream from Ponto. “DON’T!” Ponto shouted. “Don’t mention that person’s name in my presence. Don’t mention THAT!”

Sr. Josefa Menendez
We see this hatred from the demons for the holy Name of Jesus revealed through the lives of numerous mystics. In fact, it is the easiest and simplest way to "test the spirits", as John the apostle advises in (1 John 4:1). With this in mind we can see for example how in her journal Sr. Josefa Menendez writes:
"On the night of the 13th or 14th of January, 1922  the devil began once more to torture me. He tried to force me to abandon my vocation. In his increasing fury he even tried to deceive me by taking on the appearance of Jesus."

And since in the following days and weeks the demon continued to try to appear to her as Jesus, and as various Angels and Saints, eventually to remedy this problem her spiritual director, Father Boyer O.P. at first had her renew her profession vows [as a nun] whenever a "heavenly" visitor would appear, which would naturally repel and fill an evil spirit  with disgust, but after consulting the lives of the Saints and their experiences in this area, he then advised her that immediately upon the appearance of any "visitor", he told her to recite the 'Divine Praises' of which she was to ask the visitors to immediately repeat after her. In their great pride and hatred for God the demons could never utter any of the "Blessings" of the Divine Praises [ie- the "Blessed be God" and "Blessed be Jesus Christ" etc..]

Josefa's spiritual director likely discovered this powerful weapon in discerning the heavenly vs. demonic visitors from the life of St Gemma Galgani (1878-1903), for it was precisely through the reciting of the "Divine Praises" that Gemma was finally able to thwart the devil who was frequently appearing to her under different disguises in an effort to deceive her. For as Gemma learned (thanks to her spiritual director, Venerable Fr. Germanus C.P.) that the devil with his polluted lips is never able to utter such words of praise and benediction. In Gemma's case, when a visitor would appear, she would simply say "Blessed be Jesus and Mary!"  If the spirit was sent from God, the spirit would always reply back to her with the same exclamation "Blessed be Jesus and Mary!"

If however the spirit was not of God, it would either not reply to her exclamation, or it would say simply "Blessed be!", the simple reason being that demons will never utter the holy Names of Jesus and Mary with devotion, however the heavenly visitors were more than happy to oblige in their response with great love and devotion. With this testing of the spirits, both Josefa Menendez and St Gemma were then always able to immediately identify the authenticity of her "visitors."

One very important thing to note here is the significant difference between the authentic mystics of the Church, and psychic mediums is that the heavenly visitors of the mystic-Saints come on their own accord by the divine will and permission of God, whereas the visitors of the psychic mediums are channeled and called upon by the mediums themselves. And this latter action of channeling spirits is the biblical sin of necromancy.

Unfortunately for Jamsie and many others, by the time they realize the truth concerning their familiar spirits, the spirits already have quite a hold on their whole life, and will influence and control much of what they do, or don't do. These "spirit guide" entities have no intentions of letting go, and their unfortunate victims will become trusting and eventually dependent upon these spirits. And as long as they're oppressed and obsessed with these spirits, they typically feel little or no need to pray to God, or to seek Him in any way. In other words, demons wean people away from a close personal relationship with Jesus with beliefs and ideas that are contrary to the Gospel.

The demonic deception of mediums and psychics--Why bother with all of this "Jesus stuff" if all of my deceased relatives are happy and in the light?
The 'modus operandi' or primary purpose of the demons is to very discreetly deceive and to tempt---for sure they do not come to us with horns on their head and a pitchfork! At first they gladly seek to deceive us and lead us away from God through pleasant thoughts and ideas, which on the surface seem innocuous, such as encouraging the idea that all of our deceased relatives are "in the light" and are very happy in the next life, without of course any specific mention of heaven though, because this would bring God into the picture.

Yet, if all of our deceased relatives are in the light of heaven as the channeled dead spirits of the psychic mediums would have us believe, then what need is there of the Gospel message of repentance for sin? Why then bother with going to Church to worship God and all of the "Jesus stuff" and the need for forgiveness of sins? What need is there then of even loving and praying to God, if even your deceased "Uncle Fester", the blasphemous domestic abuser, is now happy and in the light? -There we have the primary nature of the demons seduction when it comes to psychics and mediums. And in their deceptions the demons do not counterfeit copper, but only gold.

If at first the demons can deceive a person with happy feel good doctrines in this way, they will then later inspire one to other deceptions against God, and will eventually tempt one to despair. They are in it for the long game, and one's eternal soul is the steaks.

Beware of those who claim to offer knowledge of hidden matters
The prevalence of the demonic in the world today- Many Christians are giving away their inheritance for "a bowl of stew"
"Then Jacob gave Esau bread and stew; and he ate and drank, and rose and went on his way. Thus Esau despised his birthright."  Genesis 25: 29-34
Genesis 25 shows us how Esau despises his birthright as firstborn consecrated to God, and sells it to his brother for a bowl of stew.

As the owner of this website, it is very disheartening for me to see that of the 115+ articles on this website, by far the most visited article each day is the article I wrote on "How to get rid of Evil Spirits, Demons and Ghosts" 

I had written this article on how to get rid of evil spirits a few years ago in reply to the numerous emails I have received from people who are plagued by malevolent spirits, who were often driving them to despair. It is sad for me to see that this one article is always at the top of the website page visit list each day, when there are so many inspiring and edifying articles on this website. This simply shows how our Western culture is now heavily besieged by evil spirits which have deeply infiltrated our societies once based on Christian principles and ideals. Many of the christian baptized have sold their birthright to Spiritualist and "New Age" beliefs and practices by personally visiting psychic mediums and clairvoyants, or attending seminars and workshops on "How to get in touch with your Spirit guides" and similar themed conferences.

It's no wonder then that many souls in our Western society are now under the influence of the demonic, and have replaced christian beliefs and practices with pagan ones. If one abandons the crucified Jesus and His teachings on sacrificial love and repentance for sin etc. to seek after more "happy and easy" doctrines, such as where everybody goes to a happy place of light, then what inevitably happens? "To where else would we go, for You alone have the words of eternal life" as Jesus disciples had wisely once said.

Spirit guides may at first seem benevolent, but will inevitably turn malevolent
Closing now the true story of Jamsie and the familiar spirit "Uncle Ponto" who at first seemed benevolent, but in time became malevolent and harassed and plagued him almost constantly. In deep despair Jamsie almost committed suicide by jumping off a cliff, all the while the malignant Ponto was encouraging him to jump, saying: “Jamsie! Be a man. Get it over with!” and repeating over and over: “Jump-uh! Jump-uh! Jump-uh! Jump-uh!”

In the last moment Jamsie remembered Father Mark and his instructions. The trick, that was it! The trick! He began desperately spelling out the name of Jesus again and again: J-E-S-U-S. J-E-S-U-S. J-E-S-U-S. Then he ran all the letters together like an incantation- J-E-S-U-S-J-E-S-U-S-J-E-S-U-S!

That name that Ponto so hated sent him to flight, leaving Jamsie free to collect his thoughts. He immediately decided to call Fr. Mark who came and picked him up. Later, it would be the same Fr. Mark who would perform the sacred Catholic Rite of Exorcism with Jamsie, completely freeing him of Uncle Ponto for good.

-Lord Jesus Crucified, have mercy upon us!


Anonymous said...

Well. I have to say that I very much disagree with a lot of what you're saying here. That all psychic mediums and clairvoyants are pretty much just 'victims of demonic influence'. Of course there are stories out there where there are spirit guides who are not as they say and are in fact malevolent or false and yes sometimes evil. Some people are so eager to make that connection with the spirit world that they aren't careful enough and believing enough in God and His Light and Angels. This article however is a bit of a slap in several faces, I can assure you. Which is offensive because I believe in Catholicism and my husband and his family are devout Catholic. But I am ALSO a Psychic Medium and have my Spirit Guides/Angels that do not 'influence' my life as they do not interfere with my free will, but give GUIDANCE and protection from evil and harm when truly necessary. And they have no problem with Speaking of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ. Or our God Himself. That is absolute blasphemy that you would actually say that all guides are demonic and evil because they are 'familiar spirits'. So my loved ones that are no longer with us that visit are evil too? Come on. This is just ridiculous. A respectable warning would be more appreciated than what you just said; which basically reads that all psychics and mediums or clairvoyants are mislead, Pagan, and led by evil which I am living proof that this is not true. If one does not practice prayer and proper prayers of protection of course you could get in touch with negative influences just as here on Earth with physical beings. These words and those like you are who give truly good Catholic people a bad name by damning the world and anything you don't fully understand no matter how much you want the world to think you do. It is irritating because of how negative you are here. And inaccurate. True psychic mediums can channel loved ones, some angels even, and yes guardians of others. Not all are as true as they say and are fraudulent, but there are also people like this who do what YOU do as well. Makes me wonder what kind of a person you people really are after reading this.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for your comments.

The central point of the article is that people should avoid psychic mediums, because doors to the demonic are often opened when psychic mediums "channel" spirits, because to do so is forbidden by God.

You state: "True psychic mediums can channel loved ones, some angels even, and yes guardians of others."

Do you not know that channeling spirits is forbidden in the Holy Scriptures,(Deuteronomy 18:10-12) and that it is the sin of necromancy? Those who actively channel spirits are offending God, disobeying Scripture and are opening demonic portals that the devils gladly come through to deceive and mislead.

I suggest that those who would like to inform themselves on the sin of necromancy and why channeling spirits is forbidden should read this article which goes into detail the sin of necromancy and why it is forbidden:
Theresa Caputo, the "Long Island Medium" and the position of the Church on psychic mediums

Thanks again for your comments.
-Glenn Dallaire

Unknown said...

Anonymous- I HIGHLY recommend you take some time to read the Catholic catechism in depth before continuing with this. I have no doubt that there are gifted people out there- but have you ever considered that you may be misusing the God given gifts you were given? It is, and has always been strictly forbidden to attempt to channel the departed. I will never claim to be an expert on the subject, but I have always been fascinated and have read several books on purgatory, mystics and also the above mentioned book.. which was amazing FYI. By no means was Glenn saying your intension are evil- but what you are doing is very dangerous and is part of the occult. In the book above- it's said that a possession usually takes years and years- the evil spirit has nothing but time on his hands. The victim does not immediately realize that he/she is being groomed until it's almost too late and they don't have enough control left to say no.
I don't doubt there are good people out there, and that you have good intensions- but what you are doing goes against the Catholic church and you are putting yourself, and the people you are helping in very real danger.
If you do in fact possess this extraordinary gift, I would recommend you speak to a priest immediately and get yourself a spiritual director who can help you learn what to do and what not to do. Think of all the great Catholic Mystics out there that you could join in the ranks with! Years ago I read a book called "get us out of here".. I forget the author but it's about a mystic named Maria Simma who was visited by souls from purgatory since a very young age (I believe Glenn has something on her in this website). She learned much from these souls along the years and this is what she said: "any soul or entity can not appear to anyone without the express permission of God. Be it one of Satan's demons, or a soul in purgatory.. the rules are the same. And we can not contact them either. Can not! We cant because God forbids it- so i ask you- if you call and someone answers- who do you think that "someone" really is? It's a whole other matter if they appear to us.. because if they are there, it is with permission- either to ask for help (prayers, fasting, masses, etc), or it's to test us (the enemy).
God didn't gift anyone with such an impressive ability to make them above the rules. We all have gifts of one nature or another- but it's our responsibility to learn to use them correctly- in a way that doesn't offend God, or put his people in danger.
I wish you well and will pray for you.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Thanks Joelle for your thoughtful and important commentary.

-May Jesus bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Unknown said...

Thank you Glenn, blessings to you and yours as well! And PS- this is my FAVE website:) I check in every once in a while to read and unwind.. the life stories of these Saints and Mystics is so awe inspiring.
Thanks for doing the research and for sharing- I for one am greatly enjoying it:)

Magdelena said...

The differences between mystics and psychic mediums was clearly stated. There are people gifted with sensitivities and they can be manipulated by the evil one. I met such a person in a country that was vehemently opposed to religion. His message to me rang true enough. He spoke of things in my life that I had forgotten about until he brought them up and gave me messages from loved ones who had died. I was not very learned in my faith at the time which is why I listened as long as I did--only this one occasion--but everything he said seemed probable enough and not harmful, until the end, in response to something I said, he said,"Well I don't believe in Heaven and Hell. Now it wasn't for religious reasons, for it wasn't an intellectual reaction, but a physical one, that I became alarmed and realized this man was terribly vulnerable and I became wary of being there. I think he had a genuine gift. But ignorance of what Judaism and Catholicism know of the spiritual truth will leave him as putty in the hands of the evil one. I know better now than to indulge in such things.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Great comment Magdalena---thank you for sharing your perspective.

-Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

Glenn, there might be people a bit discouraging,but keep in mind there are thousands who totally support your works. So keep going. I like the way you treat the comments. Take the positive in it. I know I don't have to advice you on this, still feel like giving you a support to make you come up with more articles on Mystics and other topics. God bless You and your loved ones Glenn.
-Preethish (FB : virtualvibez)

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hello Anonymous,
It is great to hear from you. Thank you for your comment and especially for your kind encouragement--I am very happy to hear that you are enjoying the "Mystics of the Church" website. For me the website is really a "work of love" so to speak.

I pray that Jesus may always be very close to you, and may He guide and inspire you, and lead you ever closer to His Sacred Heart.

May Jesus bless you and your loved ones.
Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

It is so easy to say "this is wrong according to God" but who are we to know what God wants? The Bible says that God used to talk to humans in the past. So, how do we know that He doesn't talk to people nowadays? The fact that He doesn't talk to you doesn't mean He doesn't talk to others. Perhaps we are all at different spiritual levels. Perhaps some of us cannot hear His voice while others do. There are so many thing we don't understand! And there are too many coincidences to ignore. The fact that we don't understand what we have not experienced doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for your comments. For sure, God does in fact speak to us each day in many different ways. And yes, Scripture shows us how He spoke directly to the prophets, and yes He continues to do so today to certain individuals of His choosing.

What He forbids us to do in the Scriptures is to seek to actively channel dead people, seeking information that it is not for us to know. By doing so, one more often than not ends up receiving a demon in disguise. And this is the great danger of mediums and in calling upon spirits of the deceased, which God has forbidden us to do.

Thanks again for your comments and may God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with you on this. I am a Physic Medium and my spirit guides are not evil. They help, give advice, and protect me. I have channeled loved ones and friends during free readings. I don't charge as I feel it is wrong. I know a fallen angel when I see one, as I've had many experiences. I believe in God and was baptized Christian. But when I kept seeing spirits throughout my life, I realized I had a gift I use to help others. I see Angels too.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous, I often wondered why some people were born psychic. I heard a testimony of a woman who from age five knew she was psychic. She had spirit guides come and speak to her many times (even though she did NOT ask them to). Even if the person does not invite them doesn't mean they are good spirits. Anyway, she thought it was a gift from God and used it to help people. Her spirit guides led her into the New Age. Eventually she found out that her great grandparents were witches and had prayed upon the family bloodlines for someone to have the gift of "the veil." She was told as a child that she had a special gift. After becoming a Christian, she had visions about Jesus and heaven and was given the knowledge that her gift was a counterfeit of God's gift. She was delivered from the evil powers on her very first visit to a church in her life, and her new gift is one of genuine healing for people's ailments. Her new power gives her a "knowing" of people's physical pain and now she uses it for the glory of God.....Please just remember that there is no distinction between white magic and black magic; they're both from the evil one. Jesus can deliver us from any evil if we give Him our whole lives.

Anonymous said...

I am a Catholic born and raised have been going to church since before I could burp on my own. I am baptized and still actively trying to strengthen my relationship with our heavenly father. I have never asked to see and know the things I do. I do not "channel" anything but I do see and hear and know things I shouldn't possibly know. many things I see as harmless as they may seem don't feel right so I don't interact with them on any level within my control. But I can't control what contacts me and the invocation of holy names sometimes has no effect. By this article's stating I should not fear even if something seems wrong? I cannot agree with that. I try not to interact with anything. But explain to me how I dream and know things? Sometimes it is helpful (ie:saved a life) other times I can do nothing but watch and wait for events to unfold. This is also out of my control and not usually showing me happy events (to put it mildly) and has happened all my life. How do I make it stop. I don't care of it is good or evil I want it to stop.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Thank you Anonymous for sharing a bit of your spiritual journey here. I truly appreciate your good will and your genuineness, most especially in your sincere search for the truth--a search which will certainly lead you ever closer to Him who said "I am the way, the truth and the life" and also "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find..."

May God bless you and lead you ever closer to Himself,
Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I am going through a rough for a fist chnnel. I was desperate nd as a developing claravoyant i can assure you that assure you scriture is not a solid thing. Christians live in delusional fear, speak in tounges given by the Holy Spirit which is Channeling.... Christianity is closer to mediumship than most people think. Channeling the Holy Spirit, singing god songs and gospel, and high pressure conversion tactings along with manipulation and the delusion that these individuals are deciples of christ is ridiculously astounding. Its fear and control through fear driven by ignorance. Man wrote the bible through chnneling and visions which a lot is left out and lost in translation. Christians whom judge even with love and lack support for every ones right to free will and life are whats evil in my experiences. This incldes sexual orientation, gender, religion, etc. Bible=evil when taken verbatim and translated subjectively as it cannot ever be translated objectively. Christianity and religion is dying for what is the true light of god that excepts all people as long as no harm is done to ny living person or thing in the process. So, shut up with the bible stuff please as its not accurate. In fact, when i was "delivered," i saw a huge black aura attached to the christian minister whom spoke in tounges sying he was goi g to cast out evil forces in Jesus's name. All he did was make things worse. What worked was a forgiveness of others neegtivity towards me, acceptance of there faults, asking my higher power for gudance and forgiveness and work towards a life of positivity and relationship with my higher power without "tools" ( Bible, holy water, crucifix, etc.) I told the stuff that i let in in my moment of desperation to leave and prayed to the higher power and angels to remove it and protect me. They did. I also see them and the higher powers aura along with human spirits. They are not deceivers or demons. Human spirits that were negative in life without changing are negative in spirit and can masquarade as whatever they choose too. So, enough of the man written bible stuff and connect with your higher power like this beautiful person im responding to has and shut the scripture talk down as it makes people fear with that ignorant dictatorship propaganda talk does. Peace be with you all and sorry for getting heated but these people are ignorant nd will be the last ones in heaven if they cannot love all people and support tem eqqually without causing harm.

TruthSeeker said...

I am a christian I have been saved and baptized. My whole life I have been able to read feel and understand energy,I also have found I am also a psychic medium. When I first developed this I spent much time in prayer and still do! I have 1 "guide" I had more but I dismissed them In the name of Christ.It is only guide I have that can profess jesus christ to be the true son of god who died for our sins. I have no doubt that demons use mediums and psychics I also have no doubt they use priests and holy people as well. No one is immune! I have been given a gift of discernment and knowing. I do not use it to predict the future nor do I use it to channel at will but I have had human spirit come through with permission and I use my gifts to help heal and remove spirits in Christ's name! I see comments from other mediums on here where they are less than loving and rather resentful toward Gods word. This throws caution in my mind and heart. Gods word brings peace if it has the opposite effect its likely that person is under influence of demonic oppression. God does not instill hate and negativity but the fruit of the spirit! When filled with the holy spirit there's no room for low vibrational emotions.

Anonymous said...

“For the idols have spoken vanity, and the diviners have seen a lie, and have told false dreams; they comfort in vain: therefore they went their way as a flock, they were troubled, because there was no shepherd.” —Zechariah 10:2
We must make a differentiation between diviners and prophets.
If we carefully read the Bible, we do not find a single word that is in favor of diviners.
When the King Nebuchadnezzar commanded that the magicians, the astrologers, the diviners and the enchanters be called in order to interpret his dream with the statue, there was not one single diviner who could interpret this arcanum for the king. Only a prophet from God appeared before the King and said:
“The secret which the king hath demanded cannot the wise men, the astrologers, the magicians, the soothsayers, shew unto the King;
“But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets, and maketh known to the King Nebuchadnezzar what shall be in the latter days.”
This is textually taken from the second chapter of the Book of Daniel and it invites us to meditate. Daniel, the prophet of the living God, was the only one who was able to interpret the dream of Nebuchadnezzar.
The diviners are tenebrous seers. They are black magicians. The prophets are seers of the light. They are white magicians.
The diviners see the images of the abyss and experience dreams of the abyss with which they predict events that do not always crystallize in the physical world.
The tenebrous scenes of the abyss are truly in the abyss, but they do not always crystallize in the physical world.
The prophets are seers of the light. They are people of God, illuminated by the Holy Spirit. Their predictions are exact because their pineal and pituitary glands are totally illuminated by the sacred fire.
The chelas of the White Fraternity are apprentices, disciples of the prophets. This is why they can serve as messengers of the prophets, speaking the words of the holy masters to the human beings.

Unknown said...

Every one is psychic, thats why its so east for young children to see them, like when grandma passes and the child tell his parents with a last parting message of i love you or will watch over you. death is sudden and just because you pass does not mean you forget about your loved ones. As we grow older we have people such as your selves who are taught and made to believe that what god has given us is evil. Is it evil to locate missing children using your psychic abilities??? and bringing them back to their parents, to see that joy and happiness. AS we grow older the gift becomes blocked because of theses fear based thoughts from uneducated people such as your self. study and learn before you speak.But call gods name and he will remove the block. Because god can only do that. Jesus could heal the sick =reiki hearings,bring the dead back to life.... others condemned him too as you do to us. still you have not learned your lessons. god gave us this gift to combat this evil. he would not send us down hear helpless. open your heart to god. not to fear. there are spiritual laws, spirit guides and angels can not interfere because god gave us free will, unless we give them permission. demons do the opposite, that is why every one should learn about them selves instead of fearing the parts of themselves that god made beautiful. God bless you all. I know god has me in his hands, that is why he gave me the gift, that is why i help , god forbid your child goes missing, but if it happens and you have exhausted all your outlets hen thee police cant help any more, you will then look to us because we are also gods helpers. Do not condemn this beauty god gave us. I will be there no matter what. to help. AS I always do. GOD ALWAYS HAS THE FINAL WORD.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I read your article tonight. I was being tempted on a social media website to get a free reading done. With someone who calls himself padre. I was going to ask him did he get his gifts from God but thought best not to even get in touch. I looked up what God says about mediums and also what you have wrote. I meddled years ago but have learnt my lesson. Jesus is my saviour. Amen

LB said...

Thank you so very much for posting this! I think it's important for people to remember that you are speaking about what the church teaches and not using your own words when you quote Deuteronomy or the catechism! You are not being unnecessarily literal, except for where it is literally implied .

I think you hit the nail on the head with this piece. I read it as a reminder . I am catholic but like some
, have had encounters with "mediums" or "gifted" people. One was approved by their bishop and very humble and obedient to church teachings and they never channeled any spirits . Another had all the trappings of the Catholic Church and really could tell you things in past and future that was impressive but they claimed to do their own thing ( red flag against obedience).I started to seek this person out to know my future . I had been discerning marriage with my now spouse and had so much peace via adoration, prayers, spiritual direction. Then I went to this person and in one second, a statement they made caused me so much torment and stress. There was no logic to explain my now confusion and stress about my engagement . When I finally brought it up in confession, my priest listened to every detail and with confidence told me that (1) I had no business seeking a medium and (2) her words and actions were very contrary to how a person under obedient influence of God would act.
It's important to note that I had consulted with her for years! -So I trusted her and overlooked some bizarre things I had observed. It had blinded me. After confession, I felt freed in a way I can't explain . It was scary. Like the article says, Demons have time and will exploit your trust to the point where you question the church's authority and explicit commands from God.
I see a lot of this pseudo catholic -folk witchcraft in various cultures ...I also see the medium "energy" focused people who sometimes interject Christian themes. I believe many have sincere gifts and are being deceived but some may have a seemingly preternatural gift that is NOT from God. Discernment is key for these people and that goes for us who seek them out.
It is so tempting to want to know the future or to get help from people who claim to be gifted when you have family issues with evil spirits , sickness etc.
But how many Catholics avoid confession but aren't so quick to talk to a medium ? I did this for a long time and I believe it opened me to very bad spirits. If a person does not want to pursue the sacraments or take the authoritative guidance from the magisterium in consideration as it affects spiritual matters, then they are endangering themselves.

The spiritual realm is real! Not all "gifts" are from God. And we have to fight the urge to seek channeling or readings , even from people who seem legitimately catholic on the surface .

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you with all my heart. GOD bless you

Unknown said...

This is such an interesting topic. I am a catholic and to my shame, I have seen several psychics. I went through a difficult period a few months ago, and turned to several psychics for advice. They each gave me similar information. However this information was not what I needed to hear, and I spiralled into depression. It was as though my spirit guides were trying their best to push me over the edge. They were not comforting. They were derogatory and aggressive and I nearly gave up and came close to taking my own life. Then one psychic stepped in when I was at my worst. She gave me soothing, comforting messages. It was so seductive. She then told me I was psychic and there was a guide around me and that I should call on this guide when I needed help. This didn't feel right. I snapped out of my low mood and turned to scripture. I read about how familiar spirits will try to turn you away from god. If this guide were truly of god, it would not have asked me to turn to it for support. It should have told me to seek out god.
In my rock bottom state, this would have been easy bait for me to take. I think psychics and mediums are misled. I don't think they are bad people and I believe that they find companionship and comfort in these spirits. I think that they are deceived. This could have easily been me. I'm just glad I never gave in and invited this spirit in, as tempting as it was. God is my guide. No one and nothing else.

Darko said...

Praise Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Ironic, how christian religion teaches you to fear everything that requires actual intelligence and ability, while the occult encourages you to explore yourself and the world around you. You are taught to follow a book that tells you everything but itself is evil and disobeying means you are evil. Bible is inducing fear, guilt, shame, grief, lies, delusion and disconnection from the world. The amount of crimes committed by religious people is way higher than anyone else, not to mention Hitler was a christian. People who follow anything but their personal conviction are weak and gullible, therefore the true "sinners".

love said...

Okay so the last few month has been a living nightmare , i started getting texts from a medium or whatever said free message and it started telling me things like my friends were dark and my boyfriend and mom was dark then after a while these messages got even wierder saying dear granddaughter and saying it was my grandparents after a while my phone would work completely stopped working and then these messages started going to my friends phone a guy it wanted me to be with , it wanted me to leave my boyfriend of 12 yrs and we have to kids together and a life together but these messages were in all red ! The came as soon as my hand touched the phone it had my boyfriend become something dark one night at 3 am it was a nightmare , then my old phone that didnt work anymore started calling me and poeple that were with me , i have seen dishes fly ,3 bangs and knocks, crazy things happen to my phone and radio my kids started to get really sick and they told me that i will lose my eternal life if i didnt do what they said they seemed niced but something seemed very off they said to not pray for my boyfriend that it was useless! Worst days of my life! And it was so recent like yesterday but it started months ago! It told me i will die in 21 weeks from my boyfriend shooting me and the numer that the messages came from were 0000000000

Chasinglight said...

I agree!

Anonymous said...

Every single article, comment, post, etc. I have read (and I have read a lot, including my own past experience) all say that their gift and practices help protect them in life and bring them to joy and fulfillment. NONE say that God comes first before everything. Instead they say that their spirit spoke to them saying this or that and it made them feel happy about God. Instead, they say that their gift makes them feel happy. Instead, they say they helped someone feel happy or away from danger (that the spirit set up in the first place). Being happy about God is not active devotion to God. Trusting in the gift and consulting spirits for "guidance and protection" is not turning to God. It's turning to the gift and to the spirits. That is not the same thing as a life devoted to God. It is a life devoted to magic and spirits. They deny their sins by "enveloping themselves in a cleaning light". That is not working on sins, feeling shame in them and then taking action to work on them in real life and humbling yourself to God and confessing those offenses in shame is working on them (and only a small part of it). Most importantly, admitting to God that you need Him. Reliance on God alone. And, NO one has power to use "God's light". ALL focus on their gift before God. NONE of them live the same life that those who truly devoted themselves to God led. Why did satan fall? He sought fulfillment and to make himself happy. He was proud and confident in his own gifts. satan is all about making you want him. chishimba sokota said it right, "If this guide were truly of god, it would not have asked me to turn to it for support. It should have told me to seek out god."
A lure is useless unless it is desirable. For psychics, it is power and spirits.

Anonymous said...

Christianity is the way. And this is very accurate towards psychics. They're under the impression of the devil himself. You're condemned. Good luck with you family.

gabriela37 said...

You are being deceived by satan...

Candice K. said...

FYI Hitler was heavily into the occult;that's what the Nazi's were. U obviously don't know true history & uve obviously have never read the Bible. Hitler literally interacted w Demonic ENTITIES that ppl today call "aLIEns" who gave Hitler & his scientists all of the technology. Even Wherner Von Braun admitted this Fact!! Please research this& please read the Bible before speaking Lies about things u literally have no clue about! God Bless you!!!

Candice K. said...

Exactly!! They're all being deceived & not realizing it bc they're too stubborn & selfish due to the spirits influencing them. We're not supposed to be living to make ourselves happy, but are supposed to be living how God intended us to through the Holy Spirit, not "spirit guides" aka Demonic forces. God Bless

Anonymous said...

Now I started reading your post and I can kinda agree to a point and disagree at the same time. Now my self I have been able to see and talk to the dead as far as I can remember. Growing up I was taught that I am and abomination of god. I know better know as my spirit guides and continued to steer me to the place I am at today. Every psychic out there has certain abilities that can not be taught or replicated. There are demons/dark evil spirits out there that will pretend to be a guide when they are not. Those of us that are the real deal have spent countless hours and have a very deep and long lasting and trusting relationship with our guides whom will guide and protect us if they can. Every true guide is a gift from god himself. Mine are very powerful I have recently helped break a demonic spirit's tie to a little girl as the family had sought me out for help. I do not do this for a living. I only help those that truly need it. There is a difference also in learning, growing, and helping as vs meddling. Those that meddle in things they shouldn't are the one whom get in trouble. Not everyone can be saved which is a sad part of this life. Now should someone seek out a medium? Well that depends on the situation as in if you had a child pass you may need that closer to heal and move on with life. If you want to do it to talk to a family member ask for something or a future reading then no absolutely not. I have found and saw in my many years those that ask for something end up with a debt to pay. Just remember that. And yes the door can be opened and something tied to you if your asking sometimes you can find a church or someone with the ability to break it. There is a higher power god. But not all spirit guides are demons or even demonic in nature. But as I stated some demonic/evil spirits can pretend to be this. But as with anything if the relationship get sour or not true they will walk away which can be the case of those trying to force it. Which is usually the ones that end up in this very situation. So those that have true spirit guides yes be careful."usually a natural psychic that was born this way" Those that are trying to force it due to outside means you should stop. Not going into the y just take the word for it. That is my spill and my personal experience with this. Now there are those that are dedicated to making a true physics life hell. By trying to make it look fake saying it is demonic.....I could go on and on. This is what they live for. Now understandably i can see y as there are those out there "fakes" charging money to fill you full of BS. I am all for those folks being brought down, but they have the judgement to pay in the end. And for the record yes i do believe in god but not the bible as it is a version or opinion of individuals that rewrote it. My guides are more like angles from god and i thank him and that he allows them to keep helping people.

Unknown said...

I don't get it. Sure, it seems like demons do have a lot of time on their hands from what I can see (3rd eye). In my experience most mediums have been very friendly but I have no idea if they really are. One (a lady) told me that she is sexually active with her divine master who works through her. I've had sexual sensations in my body that are unnatural and unbelievable potent. I personally don't know anything about what I can see or what I'v been experiencing and so I've been going around seeing mediums to try and find out more. I've asked for gods help and I suppose my problem is that God doesn't appear able or willing to help. It's confusing because I thought god was all loving and all powerful so why wouldn't he? or can't he? The whole thing actually have been quite upsetting and miserable. I really have felt oppressed and possessed to the point where I'm really starting to feel more and more like a female (I'm a male). You might be wondering what I mean by feeling like a female. I mean I'm experiencing supernatural IMO feelings of feminity throughout my body especially at night. Resistance is difficult while experiencing supernatural orgasms in different areas of the body. I've fought it for a long time (years) but it's rediculously difficult while being oppressed because often I can't bring myself to even leave the house or do the things that might actually help! Ok, maybe I'm just venting. I know it isn't anyone else's fault. I just think I've fallen through/am falling through the cracks and it seems unfair. I mean, I wasn't raised in a religious household so now I'm boned? Gnostics believe, I think, that good and evil is equal in strength in our universe i.e. there's an eternal battle raging between the two sides and to me this makes more sense because otherwise what heck is God doing? He's letting Satan run around doing whatever evil he likes when he could just be stopped. I realize some of this might sound far fetched but I assure you it is my truthful perception of my situation. Whether or not I'm crazy, well, I guess I can't know for sure.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I think that my inner guiding light, that I use to feel quite strongly, is crying and I now feel cut off from it. In the past that beautiful inner light filled my difficult life with hope, a desire to better myself, to help others and honestly, to be more like Christ. Believe it or not, my eyes don't light up anymore when I smile. They were quite bright before when I smiled but now there's nothing. So maybe take this as a warning, whether or not you believe God is all powerful, the dark side is real and it is powerful in and of itself. The sexual feelings I mentioned in my previous comment don't feel deserved. When I went to see a medium she told me to forgive myself but the little amount of feeling I did have wouldn't. She said it wasn't my fault, she made me say it while looking at her but I disagree. I can't accept that. Not until I've become the decent,
compassionate, brave, honorable, resilient, truthful human being I always wanted to be and if I never do then I hope I never will. I'm not letting go of that ideal. Even if I have to go to hell to become more that person, I'm not letting go. That's all I ever really wanted lol, to be that person. I want to fight for it but I'm stuck in a box. Anyway, goodluck to the rest of you.

Unknown said...

It gets even darker than anything I've mentioned in my previous two comments... did you know that some people apparently can leave their own bodies (as a sort of ghost) and they practice vampirism on the sleeping? They basically syphon life force from their victims. One of their goals is to become a terrifying, immortal, vampiric spirit after they die and to have zero humanity. Apparently they communicate and interact with demons who change them spiritually to become good at this. The deal with the demons is that some (probably most) of the collected energy is given to them and in exchange the humans are granted some powers. They worship an entity called Lilith, who some say is the original vampire. She, in part, is described as an empty void of nothingness. She is also, somewhat interestingly from my perspective, described in ancient texts as an emasculater of men. I bought a book about it and I don't know why and I think that I'm in big trouble. These guys/girls in the book are hardcore and they join neo-nazi groups, extreme Muslim groups but not for the causes themselves but to become hardened. They also join church and Buddhist organisations for different reasons. I don't know why I'm telling you this but I think it's because I'm afraid and also because all this stuff seems so nuts! but I think it's all true. I don't know what to do. I saw a black magician say on a TV interview the his job was to knock people off their souls desired path in life. He was granted powers by demons. He did this because they want souls i.e. they want their side to become stronger and they need to bolster their numbers to do that. I think there are no churches of evil/satan (like for Christianity) because almost no one wants to be on their side because it sucks. I just think you should know.

yapi said...

Hi Glenn! Have you ever encountered any genuine case of Mama Mary or Jesus using a medium to communicate to people? I find it impossible to be true given their untainted nature, to possess a human however good that person is.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hello Yapi,
To reply to your question, most of the recorded cases throughout the centuries of Jesus and Mary speaking to individuals would fall under the categories of visionaries and mystics--the word "medium" is not used in Catholic parlance. The main difference between mystics and mediums would definitely be that mystics do initiate contact with heavenly spirits, be they Jesus, Mary or most especially the deceased, whereas mediums often initiate and seek contact with the deceased. In fact, actively seeking to contact the dead is forbidden in the scriptures, as stated in this article.

-Glenn Dallaire

yapi said...

Thanks for the reply, Glenn. But even if Jesus or Mary initiates the contact, do you think it is possible for them to "possess" a person as in the case of mediums? My main argument against purported Divine channelers is basically, a human vessel cannot contain a Divine spirit (who is untainted and holy). Remember that Mary had to be immaculately conceived so she could bear Jesus.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Yapi,
Well, I didn't think that mediums consider themselves "possessed"? My understanding is that they usually see themselves more as messengers, in that spirits speak to them and they pass along the information given to them. At least that's what we see with the well known TV mediums like Theresa Caputo, John Edwards, James Van Praagh and others.

Yapi said...

Thanks for your patience, Glenn. I was just trying to discern the authenticity of a person who had been acting as a medium for Mary and the little Jesus as well as other heavenly spirits for two decades now. I cannot call her a visionary or mystic in that there are no apparitions happening. It is always through a sort of a trance and "possession". I say "possession" because the spirit dwells on the person and the latter personifies the dwelling spirit. She doesn't claim to initiate the contact and sometimes it happens suddenly. I am convinced that such mode of communication by the Divine is just unthinkable for the reason given.

hjoseph7 said...

One thing for sure evil-spirits, good spirits, guardian angels etc they all live in the same neighborhood. They all live in the spiritual world.

Unknown said...

Yes. God says seek Him always. God says in Revelations that the devil will appear to people as their lived ones even as Jesus himself to receive the masses which is precisely what's happening with these mediums or psychics or near death experiences. Seek only through the lords bible for guidance not the dead or channeling spirits. Only through Gods word and prayer. If you are seeking spirits than you arent seeking God. Bless you.

Anonymous said...

Pray really pray for god to help you to see the truth. Don't give up on your prayer until you eventually start to become clear of evil confusion and influence. You have to seek out god and continuously work on a relationship with him through the blood of Christ. The evil will put many negative thoughts in your head to lead you away from god and god hasn't given up on you but he doesn't force you to choose him. That's why its so important to pray very often and eventually everything will become clear. I was lost for a very long time but through my dark times and difficult experiences I learned what I was doing wrong and how I was being confused and influenced to do things that brought me down and closed off my relationship with God and my savior Jesus Christ. Don't give up. Become resaved or saved with Christ and if it doesn't make sense to you keep praying until god gives you the clarity to see the truth and the light that evil won't allow you to see.

Anonymous said...

So this is a Jewish site. I didn't realize that. Quoting Deuteronomy and standing in judgment of those who are closer to God with gifts those unblessed can only covet - have you died and met Him? Then how dare you judge. You are closer to the darkness you condemn, by condemning the ones who are closer to the light. Take heed.

Anonymous said...

They're not evil. Fr. Malachi Martin and all his friends set the bar too high and left us all convinced we're evil. The voices respond to that. Prick was too busy hiding pedophiles and writing exciting books to mention that.

Anonymous said...

Now one cam convince any of you of the truth, it has to be searched for of you really want to know if your truth is the truth. So i dare you if you really want to know whether or not your under demonic enfluemnce to do a water only fast for 14- 21 days and seek the face of the Lord jesus Christ theough the Holy scriptures. In order tp do this you have to lay aside everything you know and ask him to really show you the truth. Now if things start going wrong in your life during this time, loss of a job, friendships, distractions to leep you feo. Really studying the word, constant temptation to eat, or diversions to tell you there no need for this. Or even dream of being harmed if you continue down this path. Then you know your going in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

That was suppose to say distractions to keep you from reading the word.

Anonymous said...

I've been plagued by spirits for three years and fear I will not make it. They say they are descendants of angels and humans and sometimes animals like Brontosaurusus and serpents called serpent dragons. They left Earth centuries ago and the holy spirit started suppressing their powers. However the ones I've been seeing and hearing tell me they were killed and brought here against their will. There are religious order angels and lesser angels as they call them that are the evil ones to humans. They can send signals to make a good spirit evil or a servant of evil. The teacher and the prophet or the antichrist and false prophet are part of a religious order.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn’t God Jesus or any of these so called spirit guides stop innocent children from being abused? Why doesn’t God a spirit guide or Jesus himself take away all of the evil pain misery and suffering out of this world completely for good.So God was able to create the world in just 7 days but yet god is unable to stop a child from being abused? a sweet innocent little child by the way.

Anonymous said...

I hate god and I hate Jesus as well as these so called spirit guides angels or light beings or whatever you want to call them because where were any of these people when I was being abused as a child? I mean what has Jesus ever done for any of us? What has god ever done for any of us? What has a spirit guide or a light being ever done for any of us deep down?Absolutely nothing that’s what but every now and again they will just throw us a bread crumb for God only knows what reason. But please keep continuing to believe in your imaginary God or Jesus like Christ figure or spirit guide or light angel being if it makes you feel better instead . But I would much rather use my brain and use something that we like to call logic and plain old common sense instead.

Bobby J. Gallo said...
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Bobby J. Gallo said...

Wow, where to start,

First, allow me to say that I am a practicing Roman Catholic who is also a paranormal investigator and has written two books on the subject. The fallacy here is that we take one passage from scripture and apply it (the passage from Deuteronomy) when we ignore everything else, like eating bacon and worshipping on Sunday, as Christ fulfilled scripture during his life, death, and resurrection and made many of those passages null and void. Which is why we eat pork, for instance.

Christ also gave the apostles the gift of "discernment of spirits at Pentecost." Saying that "we can do these and greater things." These are the charismatic gifts that both mystics and genuine psychic mediums (there is very little difference between the two) use and are even recently encouraged by the Vatican. The key here is to be able to distinguish between the two. Scripture says to hold on to that which is good.

A reasonably recent EWTN article stated that the Vatican supports EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) research as long as it is done in the vein of scientific research. Here are some excerpts from this outstanding article. The first was from the Pontiff himself after several priests caught an unexpected EVP on tape:

“The existence of this voice (EVP) is strictly a scientific fact and has nothing to do with spiritism. The recorder is totally objective. It receives and records only sound waves from wherever they come. This experiment may perhaps become the cornerstone for a building for scientific studies which will strengthen people’s faith in a hereafter (Italian Journal Astra, June 1990 quoted Kubis and Macy, 1995: 102 ).”

Also, from the article,

“The Church realizes that she cannot control the evolution of science. Here we are dealing with a scientific phenomenon; this is progress, and the Church is progressive. I am happy to see that representatives of most Churches have adopted the same attitude as we have: we recognize that the subject of the Voice Phenomena stirs the imagination even of those who have always maintained that there could never be any proof or basis for discussion on the question of life after death. This book and the subsequent experiments raise serious doubts, even in the minds of atheists. This alone is a good reason for the Church to support the experiments. A second reason may be found in the greater flexibility of the Church since Vatican II; we are willing to keep an open mind on all matters which do not contradict Christ’s teaching (Bander 1973:103).”

Father Gino Concetti, one of the most competent theologians in the Vatican, said in an interview:

“According to the modern catechism, God allows our dear departed persons who live in an ultra-terrestrial dimension to send messages to guide us in certain difficult moments of our lives. The Church has decided not to forbid any more the dialogue with the deceased with the condition that these contacts are carried out with a serious religious and scientific purpose (printed in the Vatican newspaper Osservatore Romano—cited in Sarah Estep’s American Association Electronic Voice Phenomena, Inc Newsletter, vol 16 No, 2 1997.”

The article gives numerous examples of why paranormal research should not be prohibited but encouraged to a degree. However, the Church does echo my belief that care must be taken because these are murky waters, which I contend are the precautionary reasons why many religions attempt to steer people away from this pursuit.

Just giving you all sides of the coin here... you can read more about this in my book, HTTP://

God Bless.