Soldiers Saw Resl, Story of Therese Neumann -An old original manuscript


A friend of this website named Tom kindly shared with me an old original manuscript which was found while emptying the former house of an AAF veteran who lived in New Brunswick, NJ. and I am publishing this manuscript in PDF form here. It was written by a Franciscan priest named Father Guy Moews, O.F.M. (+1904-1971, ordained June 11, 1931)

I also found that much of this manuscript was published in 1946 under the title "Soldiers Saw Resl, Story of Theres Neumann", by Guy Moews, O.F.M; St. Francis Book Shop; 1946; 71 pages, Illustrated.

It appears that the book does not exactly march the manuscript, which is normal in the book publishing editing process.

I found this description of the book on online:

1947 "Soldiers Saw Resl" Story of Theres Neumann ~ Written By Guy Moews, O.F.M.

A.J. Eggers Co., Cincinnati 

Published by St. Francis Book Shop Cincinnati, Ohio

Copyright 1947 By the Franciscan Fathers of the Province of St. John the Baptist, Cincinnati, Ohio

The author,  Guy Moews, was a Chaplain with the Air Corps stationed in Germany during WWII.

He would write down "notes" of interesting events that he would share with friends.

He learned that the most popular of his stories were those where he had visited Theresa Neumann of  Konnersreuth.

This book is his "notes" from his trips to Konnersreuth in the Fall of 1945 and the Spring of 1946, written from two airfields in Germany--Gablingen near Augsburg and Schweinfurt.

He says these "notes" were written because friends requested it and, his superiors demanded it.

I have posted the manuscript in pdf form in it's entirety here:

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