Anyone know who this is? Obviously she is a devotee of St Gemma Galgani

A currently unknown devotee of St Gemma Galgani

 This black and white photograph is currently being offered on EBAY. Unfortunately there are no details provided in the description--probably because the seller does not know the details, I would presume. Given the large portrait of Saint Gemma at the woman's bedside, this person was obviously someone who is very devoted to Saint Gemma. In addition, she is holding a reliquary or perhaps a small monstrance--its hard to tell in the photo. I suspect this person could have been a visionary/mystic in her own right. My guess is that the photo appears to be from around the 1930's-1970's. 
Anyone have any idea who this might be? Please leave any comments below.


Peter @ Guadalupe House said...

Hi Glenn, if I am correct (and I'm 99% certain) you actually are very familiar with this holy individual - it's a photo of the Servant of God Eufemia Giannini, who as Madre Gemma founded the Sisters of St. Gemma.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Yes, I think you are right Peter! That would explain the large portrait of St Gemma at her side. Thanks for the comment! I sincerely appreciate it.