Additional Photos of St Mary Francis of the Five Wounds of Jesus

Additional Photos of St Mary Francis of the Five Wounds of Jesus--See the full article on St Mary Francis here

Throughout her life she always slept on the floor, but during her last days of life, she had to obey Her superiors, agreeing to use these two mattresses and the cushion shown above.

The altar, the Saint's statue, and frames containing little objects, offered by those devoted to her to thank the Saint for the many miracles she has obtained from God on their behalf.

The original wax mask of St Mary Frances of the Five Wounds of Jesus revealing her facial features at the age of 77, which were imprinted on this wax mask three quarters of an hour after Her holy death.

During one of her many severe illnesses when she could not lay down she used to sit on this chair for many hours. During this time she was said to not sleep at all, or else very little. Over the years many people have asked to sit in the chair, and a number of them have obtained miracles.
St Mary Francis of the Five Wounds altar


Bernadette said...

Thank you for posting these beautiful photos. A truly remarkable Saint. St Mary Frances of The Five Wonds of Jesus. Pray for those who do not know, love and adore YOU. Amen

Litacanaman said...

Pls pray the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Pray for me too, including my a families

Jude Sekar said...

Thank you Jesus for giving us this extraordinary saint.
St. Mary Frances of the five wounds of Jesus pray for all of us and our families, especially broken families.
Thank you loving Father and the Holy Spirit.