The miraculous apparitions of St Michael the Archangel in Rome and in Mexico

Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome where the Virgin Mary and St Michael appeared 
St Michael the Archangel to the rescue: How the Prince of the Heavenly Host was sent to miraculously end two horrific plagues on the same date (April 25) centuries apart; one in Rome and one in Mexico

-The amazing stories behind the Castle of the Angels in Rome and St Michael's well in Tlaxcala, Mexico

“At that time shall arise Michael, the great prince who has charge of your people." Daniel 12:1 

First miracle: The plague in Rome miraculously ended--The Virgin Mary and St Michael appear to Pope St Gregory the Great
In the year 590, when Saint Gregory the Great was elected pope, Rome and all of Italy was in the midst of a deadly plague. In fact, Pope St Gregory was elected because his predecessor, Pope Pelagius, himself died of the epidemic on Feb 7th, 590. On April 25 of that year, the holy pope St Gregory requested a public procession through the streets of Rome to beg for an end to the epidemic. An icon of Our Lady that was painted by Saint Luke the Evangelist was carried at the head of the prayerful entourage.

St Michael sheathing sword atop the Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome
As the procession wound along the Tiber River, the Litany of Saints was intoned. At the conclusion of the litany, Saint Gregory’s gaze was drawn upwards and he suddenly saw the heavens open. Saint Michael the Archangel along with numerous other Angels descended above the crowd and a heavenly perfume seemingly filled the air. The angels began singing the “Regina Coeli” to the Blessed Virgin Mary, who was seated on a throne above Michael and the Angels.

Completely overwhelmed by the incredible sight, Saint Gregory concluded the angelic chorus by singing out the closing lines of the Regina Coeli: “Ora pro nobis Deum, alleluia! Gaude et lætare, Virgo Maria, alleluia! Quia surrexit Dominus vere, alleluia.” (Pray for us to God, alleluia! Rejoice and be glad, O Virgin Mary, alleluia! For the Lord has truly risen, alleluia!).

At the conclusion of the vision, the great pope witnessed Saint Michael sheathing his sword, and to the great joy of all the inhabitants the horrific plague came to an end. The beautiful Church called Castel Sant’Angelo (pictured left and also above) stands at the site where Saint Michael and his fellow angels had appeared on that day along with the Blessed Virgin Mary.

From then on, the date of the apparition  (April 25th) marking the end of the plague thus became the fixed date for the annual procession that would come to be known throughout the Catholic world as the “Greater Litanies”, since it was St Michael along with the Angels who joined in reciting the Litanies on that day. Nowadays the "Greater Litanies" processions are sometimes called "St Mark's processions" because the date also coincides with the feast of St Mark.

Second Miracle: The plague in Tlaxcala, Mexico, 1631: St Michael appears once again during the the April 25th "Greater Litanies" Procession

More than a millennium after ending the plague in Rome, and exactly 100 years after Our Lady's apparitions to Blessed Juan Diego on Tepeyac Hill (Our Lady of Guadalupe, 1531) we come to the year 1631 with another Mexican apparition, which like the Romans finds the native people of Nativitas, Tlaxcala, Mexico also ravaged by a merciless plague. The illness, called “cocolixtli” by the locals, was a horrible form of smallpox that was devastating the people with immense sufferings and numerous deaths. As had been done on April 25th throughout the Catholic world since the time of Pope  St Gregory, the people of Tlaxcala took part in the procession of the Greater Litanies, praying for an end to the plague that was mercilessly afflicting them. It was once again at time of great suffering that God chose to send Saint Michael to mitigate the plague. 

On this occasion, instead of appearing to a saintly Pope, this time the great Archangel was sent by God to manifest himself to a lowly native Indian named Diego Lázaro de San Francisco (sometimes called Diego de San Lazaro), who was only seventeen years old at the time.  Towards the conclusion of the Greater Litanies procession, Diego Lázaro suddenly saw Saint Michael in a vision, and the great Archangel spoke to him in his own native language (Náhuatl) stating:

A painting of St Michael appearing to Diego Lázaro
“You are to know that I am Saint Michael the Archangel, and I have come to tell you that it is the will of God and mine that you tell the inhabitants of this place, and everywhere abroad, that near a valley between two mountain ridges you will find a miraculous spring of water that will cure the people of their ills. You will find it beneath a great boulder. Do not doubt what I have told you and do not neglect what I have sent you to do.” 

As soon as St. Michael disappeared, Diego Lázaro was initially filled with holy joy. Astounded by the heavenly vision, he immediately asked others in the procession if they too had seen Saint Michael. The puzzled looks and replies of those around him made it clear he was the only one who had seen the Prince of the heavenly host. Confused, Diego Lázaro thought perhaps he imagined the whole encounter, and he decided not to tell anyone about his experience. 

St Michael issues a grave warning
After a few days, the great archangel appeared to Diego Lázaro once again, and this time he was very displeased. He thundered:
“Why did you doubt what I have told you? Because you have not done as I requested, you too will be stricken with the plague that is devastating your people.” 

Immediately Diego became severely ill with the “cocolixtli”. He remained in this grave state for about a week, until the Archangel's next appearance. During this time thinking that his life was coming to an end, his family called for a priest, and he received the Sacrament of the sick.

St Michael makes another appearance to Diego Lázaro, leading him to the miraculous spring, and cures him
Just when those around Diego were convinced that he was passing from this life, St Michael intervened once again. This time, everyone present saw a dazzling light, which scared them tremendously, causing them all to flee from the hut. Describing afterwards what had happened, Diego states that St Michael took him by the hand:

“Saint Michael transported me to the place he had told me about before. With Saint Michael going before me through the night, everything was illuminated as the great prince passed, as if it were midday. Rocks and branches split apart as he passed, clearing a path for us. As we reached a certain spot, I saw Saint Michael holding a golden staff topped with a cross.

‘From the place I touch with this staff you will see flowing the miraculous spring I told you about during the procession. Make it clear to everyone that the illness you have suffered is a fruit of your disobedience.’ 

“Having said this, a great whirlwind of deafening screams, wailing and moaning, as if a great crowd were being driven from the place. I shook with fear. It seemed to me that the entire mountain ridge would tumble down on top of me during the turmoil.

‘Do not fear; these are the sounds made by the demons, thine enemies, because they know the great benefits that through my intercession the faithful will receive in this place from Our Lord. Many, seeing the marvels worked here, will convert and do penance for their sins, and all will give thanks to God for His mercies. Those who approach this spring with lively faith and sorrow for their faults will, with the water from this spring, obtain relief in their sufferings and needs, and those at the point of death will find a comfort in these waters.’

St Michael statue inside San Miguel del Milagro Church
“Having said this I saw a brilliant light descend from heaven, piercing the ground at the site of the spring. Saint Michael then said,

‘This light that you have seen descend from heaven is the virtue that God in His Divine Providence gives in this spring for the health and relief of the sick and needy. Make this known at once to everyone. That they may believe your testimony, I promise to work a great prodigy through you.’

With that, Saint Michael disappeared, and I found myself here in this hut once again, completely cured.”

Doubts and miracles- News spreads and a great boulder is miraculously moved
Diego’s family and friends were of course astounded by not only the great flash of light that drove them in fear out of the hut, his story afterwards, and most of all his sudden cure which completely amazed them. Keeping in mind St Michael’s command to spread the devotion, Diego went at once to the local superior of the Franciscans, Friar Hernando García Rendón, Guardian of the convent of Natívitas. Seeing the obvious sincerity and firm resolve of the 17 year old, the priest listened attentively as Diego Lázaro recounted the story, yet he was unsure what to make of it. He decided to send Diego to the Governor of Tlaxcala, Don Gregório de Nazienzen, who was known for his learning.

Diego recounted to the governor the entire story of Saint Michael’s appearance to him. Sadly, Don Gregório concluded that the tale was false and he commanded Diego to return home at once, warning that he did not want to hear any more about apparitions, and threatening to punish him if he did. Diego returned home as he was told, deeply disappointed but undaunted in his mission to spread word of the miraculous spring water.

Diego then met with his family and a few friends and he led them to the place where Saint Michael had revealed the spring. As they approached, they saw a great boulder blocking the spot. Together the men tried to move the boulder, but it would not budge. It was at this moment that Diego remembered Saint Michael’s words: “I promise to work a great prodigy through you.”

Apparition of St Michael the Archangel to Diego Lázaro, Santuario de San Miguel del Milagro, Nativitas, Tlaxcala, Mexico
Asking everyone to stand back, he said a prayer for Saint Michael’s assistance. He then walked up and moved aside the massive boulder. The spring that was beneath gushed forth with crystalline water. Seeing him move the boulder and then the water coming forth, no one there doubted the truth of Diego’s words, and word quickly began to spread throughout the countryside of the miraculous spring.

Soon afterwards, a young girl stricken with the dreaded smallpox saw a vision of Saint Michael in a dream, instructing her to drink some of the miraculous water. A relative brought her the water, and she was restored to health. Hearing this, Diego asked her to give testimony to the governor, however she refused fearing harsh treatment from the skeptical leader. In a neighboring village, another miracle followed soon after, this time a young lady cured of the same dreaded disease by the miraculous water. Again, Diego failed to convince this woman also to speak to the governor.

Months went by and Diego felt understandably discouraged in his efforts to convince the governor. On November 13, St Michael once more appeared to him and said,
“Why do you act cowardly, and are negligent in what two times now I have commanded you? Do you want to be punished once again for your disobedience? Arise, and have diligence in making known what I have commanded to you.”

Cures abound through "San Miguel del Milagro"
Diego at once went to the spring, and filled a jug with water. This time bypassing the hostile governor, he went to the Bishop of Puebla, Don Gutierre Bernardo Quiroz. The kind Bishop listened attentively to the remarkable story of the apparition and its aftermath up to this point. Calling to mind how the Heavenly Father often had revealed the mysteries of his kingdom to simple people, he came to the conclusion that the young Indian man before him was sincere. He promised that he would make an investigation, ordering that the holy water be distributed among the sick in the area. All those who drank it afterwards greatly improved or completely recovered their health. The news of these cures were immediately reported to the Bishop, and were spread amongst the people in Puebla, Tlaxcala and other regions, and people began to arrive at "St Michael's well" from many places.

San Miguel del Milagro Church in Nativitas, Tlaxcala, Mexico
The Official Church Investigations
There have been three official investigations into the apparition of Saint Michael to Diego Lázaro. The first was made the year following the events by order of the bishop Gutierre Bernardo Quiroz. He ordered Professor Don Alonso Herrera to appear personally in the place, and after having obtained precise information from a number of witnesses, he gave a firm approval, and upon fulfilling his assignment, the canon remained completely convinced of the authenticity of the apparitions, even celebrating a high Mass for the devotees in a nearby Church on Oct. 29, 1632. Based on the numerous testimonies and verified miracles, Bishop Don Quiróz gave ecclesiastical approbation, and ordered the first chapel to be built.

Eleven years later, Bishop Don Juan de Palafox ordered the second investigation with the following decree:
"After having visited the site and having informed ourselves that it seems the marvelous things that God has worked by means of the Archangel have foundation, we give a commission to the Licentiate Gabriel Pérez de Alvarado, priest of Natívitas, to investigate this foundation. Given in Puebla, on Dec. 1, 1643." 
There were ten witnesses chosen, seven Spaniards and three Indians. Among the latter were numbered Andrés Pérez, who was Diego’s cousin, and his maternal grandmother, Isabel Castillán Xuchitl, The interrogation was concluded in January of 1644.

The third investigation was made by a Canon of the Cathedral of Puebla in 1675.

Since 1631, pilgrims from all over the world have come to visit the site and the Church of the miracle which is appropriately entitled "San Miguel del Milagro" and to partake of the miraculous water from the spring. The visionary, Diego de San Lazaro, died at age 20, just 3 years after the apparitions. He consecrated the last three years of his short life totally to the service of the holy Prince Saint Michael, and of the sick who came to the miraculous spring. He was the janitor of the first small chapel built at the site of the apparitions, and he soon became an infirmarian to the sick who came on pilgrimage. He was diligent in caring for the sick; he washed them with the water and clay from the fountain, and he encouraged them with his fervent words. His life was austere and penitent; he spent long hours in prayer, to such a degree, that his life and his virtues became another firm testimony of the veracity of the apparition. Today his holy remains are entombed behind the church’s high altar. Processions continue to this day and the faithful especially flock to the shrine on April 25th, the day Saint Michael first appeared during a procession, and September 29th, the Feast of the Archangels Gabriel, Raphael and Michael. Just as Saint Michael promised, not only was the plague at that time ended, but numerous conversions and healings have taken place there over the centuries.

"This light that you have seen descend from heaven is the virtue that God in His Divine Providence gives in this spring for the health and relief of the sick and needy." -St Michael to the visionary Diego de San Lazaro 

-St Michael the Archangel, pray for us!

For further information:
"San Miguel del Milagro: The Apparition of Saint Michael in Mexico", Crusade Magazine, Jan-Feb 2015, pages 9-12.

Saint Michael's Well -The Apparitions of Saint Michael to the Indian Diego Lázaro

Spanish readers can reference the book "Narracion de la maravillosa aparicion que hizo el Arcángel San Miguel a Diego Lazaro de San Francisco" by Fr. Francisco de Florencia, SJ, published 1898 in Puebla, Mexico.
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Brother Michael of the Cross said...

Let us have faith to ask St. Michael for what we need, spiritually and physically, trusting in the love and providence of God. Let us entrust our poor world to God through the intercession of St. Michael the Archangel, and in our times of need, may he come to our assistance.

A story I had not heard before. Thanks for posting it :)

Brother Michael of the Cross +

Joseph J. said...

It is interesting that this occurred in Mexico exactly 100 years after the apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Anonymous said...

St Michael, patron of paratroopers, protected my 95-year old husband Michael of 151/156 Commando; who otherwise would have died as part of the disasterous "Operation Market Garden" in WW II . We have just celebrated our silver wedding anniversary. My husband and I have throughout our marriage, been part of the Anglican Ordinariate since it began in the USA as the Anglican Use / Pastoral Provision. We retired to England where we continue to encourage the UK Ordinariate. God is good!
I should one day very much like to visit St Michael's shrine in Mexico and thank him there. In 2012 I was able to visit Mont-St -Michele in Normandy, and despite the touristy atmosphere, in the the church there like a windy fortress in the sky I knelt before the severe and military style tabernacle in the quiet chapel where Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is reserved there, as a King visiting the encampment of the General of all his Armies-- and I experienced a kind of knowledge of St Michael, his fierce loyalty, his vast protectiveness, and terrible, energetic enmity to all evil. I came away feeling reassured about the the future, however dark the current prospects for Western Civilization.

Muv said...

Anonymous, Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!
Have you thought about visiting Monte Sant'Angelo, near San Giovanni Rotondo? Much easier to get to from England, and you can combine it with a pilgrimage to Padre Pio.

Unknown said...

I'm from Puebla, and I knew about "San Miguel del Milagro" (it is very near) where pilgrims are counted by thousands and thousands each year; I was there once as a child, however I didn't know about the apparitions of St. Michael. I now know! Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Very uplifting and encouraging story. Most of us can relate to Diego in our disbelief and lack of faith to act on what we are asked to do.

Anonymous said...

I like how in the photo of the statue towards the top of the article St Michael is portrayed sheathing his sword which is symbolic of ending the plague (in the statue that is atop the Church in Rome).

Anonymous said...

One of my sons is named, "Michael". He was born on April 25th!!!

Anonymous said...

"As a King visiting the encampment of the General of Oakland HIS armies.." How lovely, I am trying to get to San Miguel del Milage and I will light a candle and pray for I both.

Anonymous said...

Typo after General ..God Bless you both. KIT

Anonymous said...

Do you go now every year? I would if I lived in Mexico such a Holy country to have Maria Guadalupe and saint Michael the archangel he's me and my family's special Saint! Please if you go to pray for our church for all Catholics and to bring back the lost ones�� this year of Fatima I have seen tremendous people who are desiring to know the faith some who are Hindus even becoming curious about Catholic my neighbor threw away her idol in her house and put up a picture of mama Mary and Jesus Christ in the sacred heart. Pray for these things as he was called on by Saint Pope Leo another one who had a vision. God bless!

Anonymous said...

I thought my children the prayer to St. Michael when they were young. when they grew up and have their own family and work, they still pray it. When my youngest son work as seaman, he experienced the miraculous help and saving of St. Michael when a big wave bigger than their ship covered the ship and my son was outside working on the deck, surprised by the big wave. The captain thought that my son was engulfed by the wave. when the wave was gone they found my son embracing the big post, and according to him he was praying the St. Michael as the wave almost engulf the ship. He was saved by St, Michael and i thank him and to the Lord God. I am glad about the story of Diego and it makes me more faithful to St. Michael and to his help to all mankind.

Unknown said...

St Michael I pray for your intersection for me and my family. Please protect from evil. Help to succeed in life. Help my parents and my sister and brother.
Please St Michael

Frances said...

Dear St. Michael, please help us with the Coronavirus which now plagues our world. 🙏

Việt Sĩ said...

Dear Holy Saint Michael, Please help us pray to Jesus, Virgin Mary and St. Joseph so their Heavenly Blessing can be generously poured down on us to help cure and protect People around the globe, especially their special blessing pours down tremendously onto my own family of 4 (Vincent QD, Maria CP and our 2 loving sons Augustine-Vincent GD. and Vincent AD.),d my extended families and relatives so they can be secured and safe from horrified Coronavirus pandemic. Thank you, Saint Michael, our Archangel.

Faithfully yours,

Vinh Sơn Việt Sĩ

Mary Ann said...

Today, on the day of my birth, I thank God for the gift of life. May God end the evil of abortion and save Italy and the world, through the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Michaels intercession from this virus. Amen.

Unknown said...

Beautiful. God is Good and Merciful. St Michael,Steward of Jesus Church help us to end this Coronavirus. Amen

Unknown said...

Please St Michael- we ask for your help in this terrible situation we pray for your guidance and your power to end this pandemic. We believe in your love and we know that God is great! Keep us strong ❤️🙏❤️

Annie said...

St Michael arc angel. cast Satan to hell and with him all the wicked spirits. crush the evil and delivers us from this pandemic. Protect our families.,Restore health, happiness and love to the world. Help us to pray!

Anonymous said...

Here we are, once agin in the middle of a pandemic! Once again our recourse is to You God, as we humbly kneel before You.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit..may we be clensed..1st our souls. and then our bodies!

Anonymous said...

St. Michael, the Archangel, Prince of the Heavenly Host, come to our aid in this dire, dire pandemic. It is Palm Sunday, April 5, 2020 and no Masses. We are nearing the miraculous date of April 25th. The entire world is in need of another miracle! Defend us in this battle, be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil, may God rebuke him we humbly pray and do thou oh Heavenly Prince, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits that prowl around the world seeking the ruin of souls! God in your Mercy hear us!

Unknown said...

Lord of The Heavenly Host. Does the least but yet the most. The Angel King who couldn't sing but love to dance with Lady Chance pulled me from the fire. So pass the plates two rows deep and you become the cryer.

food service pro said...

I am pretty sure and feel confident that St.Michael the Archangel is already at work with the pandemic.God is Good and God is Merciful.Give us strength with our weaknesses.We Thank You for all that you have done to Help us.

Unknown said...

Am prithvy from Mauritius,am Hindu origin but also believe in the words of Christ and the angels,certainly I do have my own story l,buti won't come on this issues,on 26december 2020,I pray tor archangel Michael with a candle light,ask also ask to give me a sign that he was here,apparently the day after I take a look at the burning candle light,,,,I found a full portrait of st Michael in the golden circular of the burning wax,,I could send a picture of it here,,if you want a picture of the stmichael in the candle light,,here is my mail address,

ValFreya the Grey said...

On April 25th of this year, the Pink Moon, St. Michael came to me. I posted about it on social media as it relates to COVID-19, LEOs and WARRIORS. He also had personal messages for me. I am a Christian mystic, and later that week I walked into a Monastery to speak with a Priest about it. I have been angry at the church for a very long time. I first saw beauty a few moments before my first confession that lasted several hours as a child. The story is incredible and I plan to share but this comment box isn’t where I am supposed to. I keep looking for it all, that is how I found you. Please pray me for me and my mission. Thank you and God Bless! Didi

Anonymous said...

Hello is my email, message me,he also appeared to me, God bless