Charlie Johnston -An alleged prophet with a critically important message for humanity

Charlie Johnston of Colorado in 2015 during FOCUS TV interview
Charles Johnston and the upcoming Storm -An alleged prophet with a critically important message for humanity
By Glenn  Dallaire

We report; you discern.
Update Jan 1, 2018: Concerning Mr. Johnston's alleged prophecies and private revelations, from early on this writer often commented that time and events (or lack of events) will clearly reveal whether Charlie's prophecies are authentic, or not.  In other words, time will tell. 

Well, as of today (January 1, 2018) time has clearly revealed that Mr. Johnston's numerous prophecies have ALL been shown to be completely false, most notably his predictions concerning the Presidential election, the great worldwide "Storm" which he foretold would bring global economic collapse and civil strife, toppling governments throughout the globe, war with political Islam resulting with the mass conversion of most Muslims, then a war with China, and generalized global chaos resulting in 26 million dead, all culminating with the miraculous "Rescue" apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary to all of humanity, all of which was prophesied by Charlie to occur by the end of 2017. 

In conclusion, since Charlie's prophecies have now all been shown to be completely false, he joins the list of recent failed visionaries whose stories have been highlighted on this site, such as "Locutions to the World" and "Maria Divine Mercy", and together they provide a strong cautionary warning for all of us in regards to purported visionaries and mystics of past and present, urging us to be very cautious and prudent in our discernment concerning such persons,  reaffirming the statement and warning of St Paul of the Cross, the founder of the Passionists and great mystic himself, whom once stated that 9 out of 10 purported visionaries are false.  Perhaps this estimation from St Paul of the Cross is a bit high, but then again perhaps not. -Glenn Dallaire

Updated Jan 2017, and also in 2016 on Oct. 27th, Aug 28, July 2 and Jan. 16,  and on October 17, 2015. Originally posted on January 1, 2015 -The Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God

***January 7, 2017: See also update on Charlie Johnston and the "Presidential Prophecy"

As the introduction of the home page of this website declares, this website is devoted to the Mystics of the Church; not only those who have been approved by the Church, but also those who thus far have not yet been approved--In fact, from the beginning my primary goal for this website was to help spread knowledge and devotion to the little known Mystics of the Church. And this mission, I believe, is still ongoing. So long as a particular mystic/visionary/prophet has not been officially condemned by the legitimate authority within the Catholic church, or has stated/published anything contrary to Church doctrine, then I am willing to publish their life story and/or their message here. However, as one can see by my articles on this website, I normally stick to writing about mystics/visionaries who have passed into eternity.

With all of the above in mind, I have contemplated and prayed about writing this particular post concerning Mr. Charles Johnston for about a month. I have reflected upon and studied Charlie's writings and prophetic message since my friend Gretchen kindly told me about him, and his website, back in mid-November 2014.

Charlie Johnston during his 3200 mile pilgrimage
To be very honest, I have hesitated to write and publish information about Charlie here, because over the years I personally have had some very spiritually painful experiences with living visionaries/mystics, and am therefore very cautious and reserved when it comes to speaking or writing about such persons. Yet, at the same time it must be acknowledged that Charlie's message, if authentic, is extremely important for humanity, as it concerns the time period in which we are presently living, along with the very near future.

His prophetic message primarily concerns the salvation of souls during the "Storm" which according to Charlie is said to be soon forthcoming, and which will be overtaking the entire world. And so, after weeks of prayer and reflection, I will file this report trusting that the Holy Spirit will guide you to proper discernment.

By way of a very brief biography, Charlie Johnston is a 60 year old (as of 2016) Roman Catholic layman currently living in the diocese of Denver, Colorado. Born and raised a Christian Fundamentalist, in 1991 he experienced a powerful conversion into the Catholic church. He claims to have been receiving heavenly visits from Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Archangel Gabriel, and other heavenly visitors since early childhood, that is for over 50 years, and has been guided in his prophetic mission for 20 years by three Catholic priests who are his spiritual directors. It is the Archangel Gabriel, whom Charlie calls "my Angel", whom has prophesied the majority of the events which we will detail below.

Charlie suffered a severe neurological event at 9:03AM on Good Friday, 2003, which still affects him physically to this day. Although suffering from this painful nerve damage, from Feb. 11, 2011 to Aug. 21, 2012 he walked 3,200 miles across the country, sleeping in the woods, meeting people and praying as he went. Charlie states that is was God who willed that he make the journey, and so he simply obeyed. So that they might accompany him in spirit, a couple of friends suggested that he post updates of his pilgrimage on a Facebook page, which he entitled Abraham's Journey. The pilgrimage culminated in a partial climb up Mt Meeker, Colorado, upon which Charlie has been told by his Angel that one day a Shrine will be built. There is a very extraordinary reason as related here as to why he was unable to summit the mountain, but suffice it to say it was not God's will.

Charlie Johnston 
Summary of Charlie Johnston's prophetic message for these times:
It is not for me to give an in depth analysis or commentary of Charlie's alleged mission and prophetic message for these perilous times in which we are living--I leave it to Charlie to speak of his mission for himself. If interested, you can visit his website entitled "The Next Right Step" here.

But here is a summary of what I personally have perceived the most important parts of Charlie's message and mission to be, garnered from in his writings and video talks:

The Storm
Charlie professes to have been foretold by the Archangel Gabriel of  a "Great Storm" that is now coming upon the world which will affect all of humanity. To be precise, he has stated that the Storm started in May of 2009, but has not reached it fullness yet. Concerning this, he has stated: "I tell people that we have entered the beginning of the greatest crisis in the history of Western Civilization and their imagination fails them."
He explains that it will consist of a series of  grave catastrophic events, one in succession upon another, each with progressively greater intensity and affect. He has described the forthcoming Storm as like being similar to a combination of the Great Depression and the Civil war all wrapped up into one, but each much worse than the original ones, because they will not be confined just to the USA, but will take place on a global scale. He states that Governments will topple, economies will collapse and currencies will fail throughout the world. He emphasizes especially also that there will be some "false dawns" in between the series of calamities.

One part of this predicted "Storm" will be that humanity will be at war with itself, like one great civil war upon the whole of the earth. Specifically he says "Our civil societies will degenerate into a global civil war fought along cultural lines". He states that North Korea is the "dragons tail" and while things will start from there, the countries to really watch for is most especially China, whom he calls a "bad actor". But, ironically it will be Russia that will eventually unite with the USA and other countries to help us in the battle with China at that time. The miraculous "Rescue" through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which I will speak more about below, will actually come in the midst of this global civil war. The first initial battles of the Storm however will be with Islamic forces, which will eventually be overthrown, but this will be another false dawn, as the battle with China will then arise, showing the Islamic conflict to have only been a cub of a challenge. Charlie states emphatically that the allied countries of the West will not win the battle against China, but that they will simply endure until the great miraculous Rescue comes through the Immaculate Heart of Mary (more on this miraculous Rescue below).

Charles Johnston
In fact, according to Charlie the Great Storm will begin to enter its fullness with a Muslim jihad. In a interview in July of 2012 with Michael Brown of Spirit Daily here, we read: When everything "explodes," a Muslim jihad will be in the first series of events, he believes, but "that's not the real danger. The real external threat comes from the Red Dragon, China."  Now for some specifics, he adds. "From the beginning I had insisted that there would be a rise in wide-scale stark terror as a primary method in this storm. I had written in ’01 that we would see a significant warming in our relations with Russia for a while, followed by them dramatically hitting the rocks again. But I told the priests [who serve as his spiritual directors] to keep their eye on Russia, because in the end she will be our most steadfast and reliable ally. As I have also said since the start, the storm '…will break through North Korea, but will not be centered in North Korea.' "  

Concerning North Korea he stated: "The signal event with North Korea has already happened - in May of 2009. I have written several times that I was told the nuclear test then was actually an audition to be nuclear arms merchant and technical consultant to rogue regimes in the Middle East. Just a little under two years ago, our intelligence services confirmed that that is exactly what happened. Now there may be more things ahead from North Korea, but the fundamental matter has already passed."

And again he wrote: "I long ago said – and often repeated – that I had been told the Storm would break through North Korea but would not be centered in North Korea. It already has. Back in May of 2009. Not to worry, I did not recognize it when it happened, either. Rather, while discussing in June of that year with someone else about “when the Storm breaks…” my angel interrupted and told me it already had. He explained that the nuclear test that North Korea did in May of 2009 was more than it seemed…that it was actually N. Korea’s audition to act as nuclear arms merchant and technical consultant to some Middle Eastern rogues, that representatives from several nations, including Iran and Syria had been present – and that agreement had been reached. The Storm had broken. I told my priests but otherwise downplayed it. Last year, American intelligence confirmed that Iran and Syria had been present at that test and that N. Korea had been engaged as technical consultant and supplier to Middle Eastern maniacs. It may be that N. Korea will commit some new showy atrocity to herald the fulness of the Storm, but whether it does or not, the Storm broke in May of 2009.

As with the 2009 nuclear test in North Korea have we also not seen the beginnings of the predicted Muslim jihad with the great ISIS advance in Syria and into Iraq, and their perceived establishment of a Islamic caliphate? Let alone all of the other extremest Muslim jihadist attacks that have been occurring throughout the world?

During this "Great Storm", many, if not all, of our support structures will successively fail, specifying for example technology and the economy, which will be very gravely affected throughout the entire world, and he also foresees the collapse of entire governments. Humanity will lose confidence in most--if not all--of the current global currencies, causing most of the world to return for a time to a barter based system/economy, until a new system of ownership and new currencies are developed and promulgated.

Charlie's mission and message, as I personally perceive it, is to firstly to warn of this upcoming "Great Storm", just as God, in His infinite love and mercy, has always done with the prophets going back to the Old Testament. Charlie says that when the Great Storm comes, people will think it is the end of the world. But he insists that it is not the end, and that it is not God's punishment, but it IS the consequences of what we have done. It is---and these are Charlie's words--"Our reclamation"---it is God, in His infinite love and mercy, calling His people back to Himself.

-The second part or facet of Charlie's mission is to point out how we are to live and act during these perilous times. It is a simple message: "We are to acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope to those around us. Trust-Do-Love, knowing that God is always close at hand for us"

When the Blessed Virgin Mary said, “I am the handmaid of the Lord,” She was acknowledging God. When She said, “Let it be done to me according to your word,” she resolved to take the next right step. When She went to visit her cousin, Elizabeth, to help her with her pregnancy, she was being a sign of hope.

And so it is with Charlie's simple message for us: “Acknowledge God; take the next right step; and be a sign of hope to those around you, knowing that God is always close at hand." And this, according to Charlie, is how we are to weather the "Great Storm" that is soon to come upon us.

-According to Charlie, throughout the period (but most especially during the peak) of the Great Storm, the overwhelming vast majority of humanity will "lose hope"--these are Charlie's words, and for sure many will have their faith shaken, like all of the apostles during Jesus passion of whom all (except John) ran away and abandoned Him. Charlie states that we will lose hope in our own ability and/or the ability of humanity to actually recover from the devastating events during this time period. The point is, as much as we think we will be always be faithful and a sign of hope for others no matter what befalls us, it seems that when the horrible time of the Storm and Its unimaginable sufferings comes upon us, those who will be the great heroes of faith-hope-and-trust in God will be very, very few among us, like John vs. the rest of all the other apostles who ran away and abandoned Jesus. So Charlie insists that we not kid ourselves thinking we will be always faithful like John, but warns us, like Jesus did with Peter at the Last Supper with the prophecy of the rooster crowing three times, that we too will abandon Him for a time when the passion and confusion of the Great Storm comes upon us, for "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is very weak." 

During this purported "Storm", while Charlie foretells of the collapse of  governments throughout the world, concerning the United States he specifically foretells of a "Regency period", whereby he states that there will be no US President or elected leader, but an appointed "Regent", and he further suggests that there will actually likely be a series of Regents in succession.

The eight public prophecies that have purportedly been given to Charlie
In his article entitled "Go Forth", Charlie reveals eight worldwide events that are said to occur. He states:
"I only have eight public prophecies that I insist on. Only the visible, miraculous Rescue by Our Lady, the Immaculate Conception in late 2017, is time sensitive. Five things must happen between now and the Rescue, but can happen at any time during that period. They are:

– The continued toppling of governments throughout the world, including that of the U.S. The toppling of a government does not mean the nation shall fall.

– The confrontation with and fall of political Islam.

– The mass conversion of most Muslims

– The confrontation between the Judeo-Christian world and the current government of China.

– The alliance between Russia and the U.S. to lead the Judeo-Christian world to endure the confrontation with China.

-Then, after the 5 things above comes the miraculous "Rescue" through the Immaculate Heart of Mary sometime in late 2017.
Then there are two prophecies that happen shortly after the Rescue. They are the unification of the faithful into one flock under one shepherd and the building and location of the Shrine of thanksgiving for the Rescue on Mount Meeker in Colorado.

Remember that when (or if?) the predicted "Storm" comes upon humanity, that God has a plan
Yet, this loss of hope-most especially in humanities ability to recover from this Storm--is so that we might turn to God and put all of our hope and trust in Him. Until we lose all hope in our own ability to recover and rebuild through our own ingenuity, we will remain in rebellion against God. But when we finally lose that human hope, we will be forced to turn to something greater than ourselves, if we are to have any hope at all, and that is when we will turn a desperate hope towards God, and will find that THAT hope is well-founded. In other words, Charlie points out that we must lose most, if not all, of our current confidence in human supremacy, and then at the end of the Storm when all will seem lost, there will come the miraculous "Rescue" through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which will be a miraculous visible sign that everyone in the world will see that will be given through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, of which I will speak more about below. But concerning this loss of hope, may God help and strengthen all of us. It is comforting to note that God forewarns us of all of these things ahead of time, that we might recall it when the time comes, so that during and afterwards we might take courage knowing not only that God forewarned all of it, but that God has a plan, and that we are to have faith and be a sign of hope for others. In every single one of his conferences, Charlie always emphasizes that "We are to trust in God " and that "God has a plan." This is key to everything.

Charlie has stated that while things will get progressively worse during the Storm, there will be "false dawns" wherein people will think that the worst is over, but such will not be the case. The false dawns will only be short pauses in the Storm, somewhat like the eye of a hurricane passing directly overhead, then the Storm "winds" rage on from the opposite and unexpected direction.  

More  recently, on June 30, 2016, he commented:
"When I speak of the Rescue I always call it the Rescue. I have said consistently that God will intervene in the midst of the Storm for all who call on Him and will see. If it were not so, none of us would make it to the Rescue. I want everyone to know God is right at hand right now. There are a whole host of things we must deal with. After the full crash of society, we must get to our feet again to confront both Islam an finally China. This is NOT just one big event. It is a series of events. One battle does not win a war. So press on with the work – and don’t waste too much time savoring the victories when they come, for they will be followed by even starker and greater challenges UNTIL the Rescue. The Rescue is our definitive last chance to get it right."

This writer with Charlie Johnston in July, 2015

Another interesting point that Charlie revealed concerning the Storm is that:
"I have been told that 26 million will die as a result of the Storm. I believe that to be a rare instance where the angels are specifically speaking of temporal physical casualties..."
He states that his intention in revealing this number is to show how small the number of actual physical casualties will be for such a large conflagration of horrific worldwide events. This is not to downplay the great significance of 26 million deaths, but to convey that as serious as the events of the Storm will be, the actual physical casualties will only amount to about a third of what they were in World War II, which thus puts the number into an important context. Charlie has also stated: "It is the sustained, unrelenting terror that is the hallmark of this crisis, not the death toll."

I would add that in light of the terrifying prospects of a global economic collapse coupled with a global civil war, the fall of many governments and societies etc., I believe that this particular part of Charlie's prophetic message has actually been a source of consolation to some, given the potentialities involved, especially in this nuclear age.

In a post on his blog on July 11, 2015 called "The Summer of our Discontent"  Charlie shared some of his perceptions concerning the beginning of the "fullness of the Storm".  According to Charlie, very significant things will start happening from this point on (July 2015) as " convulsions shake the world and the Church every week".  He ended this article stating:, "We have entered into the summer of our discontent. It will be marked by convulsions, confusion and terror throughout the world and the Church. But after the summer comes fall…and great will be the fall."

A few other quotes from Charlie pertaining to the Storm: 
-"Many continue to think that the Storm is God’s punishment of us. IT IS NOT. Get that out of your head. The Storm is what we have brought on ourselves. It is an evil that is entirely wrought by our hands. God has nothing to do with it. If you don’t firmly get that right, you will get almost everything else wrong. The great evil is that we have convinced ourselves that we are sufficient to ourselves, that we are masters of our destiny with no need for God, whatsoever." 
-"Through the means of the Storm, God is giving us another chance to get things right, and this time we had better get it right."
-"The Storm is the beginning of our reclamation, not our destruction." 
-"We will begin to rebuild from the chaos DURING the Storm, as we must to confront certain things. I do not speak much of these times, only that God has specific plans to help us back onto our feet to face the real trials of the Storm. I will play a role in this. After the Storm, the whole culture will be in a rebuilding process as an era of great peace begins."
-"God is not punishing us through the means of the Storm. We have brought it upon ourselves. But God has a plan for us and for our reclamation."
-"There is no place of safety, except in God, as the darkness surrounds us – and that does not guarantee temporal safety, only spiritual safety.

...and do not think your faith, however abundant, will provide you with a get-out-of-jail free card from the temporal suffering that has begun...The rain from this Storm comes and, as it is written, falls on the just and the unjust alike.

...this will truly be worldwide, there will be no place of safety, and no family will be left untouched by the Storm."
-"I have told you before and I emphasize it now: devote yourself during the period of early chaos to caring for those around you. It is obviously good for them, but it will also keep you from obsessing over what is gone. Do that enough days, just doing what the day holds for you, and hope will emerge from the ashes."

Charlie predicts that President Obama will not complete his 2nd term and that the next leader will not come from an election
Both on his website and also in at least two videotaped conferences (Birmingham video from 46:00-50:00, and also the Santa Maria Vineyard video at 1:23:30) Charlie has emphatically stated that President Obama will not complete his 2nd term as President, and that the next leader will NOT come from the normal political process. He stated that while it is possible that there could be an election, whoever the person that will be nominated will not be sworn in on January 20, 2017. Specifically, on his website he stated:
August 2, 2015 at 9:30 pm
Donette, I said bluntly on the Birmingham Video that President Obama will not finish his term. I said that he would be eledted [elected] before he received the nomination to my priests, that he would lead us into the fullness of the Storm, that he would leave office in chaos and disgrace before his term was finished, and would live to convert in the end.
And again on Jan 8, 2016 in his post entitled "Through a Glass Darkly", he states:
"I have often said there will be no presidential election this year. Actually, there are some narrow circumstances in which there could be, but the results would be irrelevant. What I was told was that President Obama would not finish his term and that our next stable national leader will not come from the election process. You could have an explosion of events after an election and before an inauguration. You could have Obama declare a national emergency, cancel elections, extend his term and then depart before the extension was up. The most likely scenario is that everything will be up in the air before election, but there are narrow circumstances where that may not be." 
Elsewhere on his blog Charlie elaborated that not only will be no next elected American President, but during the Storm there will actually be a succession of interim national “leaders”, something like what regents would be to a monarchy.

On August 28, 2016 in a post entitled "The election...and other potential triggers", Charlie stated:
"....If, next January, Barack Obama peacefully hands over the reins of power to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, I will declare myself unreliable and go away. But it will not happen that way, for God has appointed that this be a sign to you to fortify you to trust Him and choose the ordinary way to follow Him through the most frightening year for the globe in history. I appeal to you to quit trying to flatter yourself that you have figured out how God is going to accomplish this, for that way leads to destruction. Trust Him and follow Him whatever happens. I have told you true." 

And as a footnote to the prediction concerning Obama, Charlie has stated the following: "I was told Obama would not finish his full term, that he would ultimately repent and convert, but not until long after he had left office and left the world in ashes."

The "Jericho Walk" to Washington D.C.
In his September 27, 2016 post entitled "Semper Fidelis, Adeste Fideles", Charlie states: 
"So today, as we get deeper into these times of fulfillment, I contemplate some stark possibilities. If free and open communication is suspended for more than a day, I will set out on foot toward Washington, D.C. It will not be my sole means of transportation (at least I hope not), but will be how I start. I will not broadcast my route, but I will travel in plain sight, unarmed. If the politico-media complex which currently occupies the governing and cultural institutions of this country seeks to take by force what they cannot win by persuasion, let’s see how they handle a 10-million man march. I do not expect to walk alone."

Why, though, only a 10-million man march in a country of nearly 400 million? Most people will have other, vital things to do to begin restoration of a genuinely civil order. Those who walk will mostly be comprised of unattached men.

The man named Menses
Charlie foresees a man whom the Angels call "Menses." This is not his given name, but just a contemptuous nickname the Angels use to refer to him, for the the Latin word "menses" literally refers to the flow of blood from the uterus during a woman's menstrual cycle. Charlie does not see the man as being specifically the anti-Christ. He will be a man who seems entirely orthodox and will seem to be a great defender of the Catholic faith. He will particularly deceive for a time many who are considered "conservative" Catholics. Charlie has stated "He is given over entirely to the spirit of antichrist and to satan...He is a very bad actor who plays at being a very good actor...He has, with full knowledge, given himself over to the satan. I do not believe he is the personification of the antichrist, but I do not know that he is not. He is a particularly charming, deceptive and malignant minion of satan." He will be revealed for who he truly is only as the Storm ends---right up to the moment of the Rescue.

The Rescue
When all will seem lost, towards the end of the year 2017 will come the miraculous "Rescue". It will come directly through the visible intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, coinciding with the 100 year anniversary of Her apparitions at Fatima in 1917 in which She promised that when all seems lost humanly speaking, "In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph."* 

During the time of the Rescue there will be a miraculous visible sign that everyone in the world will see, and all will recognize it as coming through the heavenly intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It will be the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Concerning the "Rescue" in late 2017, Charlie states that it is the one large scale prophetic message directly from heaven that has not been subject to any interpretive efforts on his part. It has been revealed to him bluntly and plainly, along with orders to let everyone know of it.

After the "Rescue" through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, the now completely renewed humanity will have to rebuild its societies and structures once again, but this time it will be done with a profound humility, trust and love for God and the Blessed Virgin Mary, while seeking always His holy will in all things, just as in the Lord's prayer: "...Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven".  Immediately after the "Rescue" will come a prolonged - but natural - period of peace, joy and prosperity. 

Remarkably the Rescue in late 2017 will also mark the 500 year anniversary of when Martin Luther broke away from the Catholic church--the seminole event which marked the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. Charlie states that the miraculous Rescue will reunite Christianity into one faith, that is, one flock under one Shepherd, Jesus Christ. After the miracle, Christianity will no longer be fragmented into various denominations, and the vast majority of Jews and Muslims will almost immediately be converted to Christianity, along with all other peoples of other religions. Charlie states that one of the things that greatly offends Jesus is that His Mother is not loved or respected by most of those outside the Catholic church, so this is one of the reasons that God wills that the Rescue will come directly through the heavenly intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and thus it will give evidence of the role God has bestowed upon Her as our heavenly advocate, and that it be a concrete sign of Her love and concern for all of humanity.

Charlie Johnston
Concerning this reunification of Christianity, Charlie states that: "The re-unification will not be like a victory celebration where one side wins and all others surrender. Rather, it will be like a joyful family reunion where everyone brings a dish. Our Protestant brethren will regain the structure and foundation they lost at the Reformation, while we Catholics will regain important charisms we have so neglected they have practically been lost to us. No one will feel defeated; all will be overjoyed that the family is back together again."

Recently Charlie explained why he believes that God, through the Angel Gabriel, insisted that Charlie make known the time period of the Rescue, that being in late 2017.  He writes: "Just before I embarked on this new pilgrimage, I read a story that fired an idea in my mind as to why I am told to give such a specific time-frame. The story was about shipwrecks near shore in a blinding storm. In such a shipwreck, most who drown do so within easy reach of the shore. Because of the fury of the storm, they can’t see the shore and lose hope, giving up. It ignited a great notion in my mind. I think I am ordered to give that specific time-frame because the Storm will be so furious near its end that many will have lost hope. Since we won’t be able to see the shore of peace, I think it pleases God to direct me to tell you this so that you know in the most furiously tempestuous moments, that the shore is very close, to give you hope to hold on just a little longer. It is a merciful grace, I think."

The great Shrine to be built on Mount Meeker, Colorado
Also after the Rescue there will be a great Shrine-Church built on Mount Meeker in Colorado, which will be one of the many great signs of God's infinite love for us during this upcoming time of renewal for humanity. According to Charlie, the Shrine at Mount Meeker will one day become the "...great Shrine of thanksgiving, and the premier place in the world for people to make a pilgrimage in thanksgiving for the Rescue."

And he adds: "I know little about what happens after the Rescue – but I have been told it will usher in a “prolonged” period of peace, prosperity and authentic brotherhood. I have also been told that in the century after its dedication, the Shrine at Mt. Meeker will be the most visited Shrine in the world. That, along with my angel’s emphasis all my life that this is NOT the end suggests that it will be much longer than a few years."
If you do choose to visit Charlie's website, I humbly suggest that you may first want to read the "God's Plan" link at the top of the website, because it gives a good overview of Charlie's alleged mission. I would suggest also that you read the "comments" section beneath each article for many detailed perspectives from Charlie and many others.

As with all mystics and prophets that are not yet approved by the Church, CAUTION and CAREFUL DISCERNMENT are the guiding principles. We should not be too quick to approve, nor quick to condemn, unless in the latter case there is solid evidence and justification to do so. One important thing to consider is the fact that unlike some recent alleged visionaries like "Maria Divine Mercy" and "Locutions to the World", both of which have turned out to be not authentic as I have revealed on this website, Charlie on the other hand uses his own name and identity, and puts his personal reputation on the line and out there for everyone to research and consider in all sincerity.

In the end, the near future will tell whether Charlie's prophecies are from God, or not, and to those who may object to my posting the above information on this website thinking that to do so is imprudent, I respectfully reply with St Paul: "Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophecies, but test everything; hold fast what is good" (1 Thessalonians 5:19-21), and then elsewhere in the Holy Scriptures we read: "Indeed, the Lord GOD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets." (Amos 3:7), and so with this in mind I leave everyone free to respectfully post their comments/opinions below.

"My purpose is to reassure people of God's loving intention for them in the trials that are now breaking, to help strengthen them to endure until the time of deliverance." -Charlie Johnston
Charlie Johnson, 2015
Also for those interested, here is a video of Charlie Johnston in Alabama on July 2015 talking about his experiences:
*At Fatima on July 13, 1917, the Blessed Virgin Mary stated in part "If My requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father (Pope) will have much to suffer and various nations will be annihilated.....In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me. Russia will be converted, and a period of peace will be given the world"
Some additional quotes from Charles Johnston:
-"I am sent to be a sort of sherpa, a guide through treacherous times, to help encourage and rally people to endure – to trust that rescue will come."
-"At Easter of 2008 at the Vigil, the Lord appeared to me and said, “Now the hour of darkness comes upon the world. But be not afraid. The darkness shall not prevail.” I was given an image of the Garden of Gethsemane, the sense that this was prelude to the world’s passion. I did not assume that meant the world would be plunged into darkness within a few days."
-"People ask how to prepare. I mix some facts with soothing words because people just can’t get their mind around how radically different things are about to be. Faith, family, a defensible shelter and food are the only real assets you can bring to bear. For a short time, it will be primarily a barter economy."
-"The desperation of the war with the Chinese government is what leads up to the Rescue. After the Rescue, remember, comes an extended era of peace, prosperity and true Christian brotherhood."
-"God has a plan to carry us to safety and He is ALWAYS close at hand to YOU. God will never leave us bereft.
-"Be not afraid. God calls all men to salvation."
-"We do not get heaven until we actually get heaven."
-"In God's economy nothing is ever wasted, and we are never left bereft.
-"If you want to interact with Christ, for it to be fully fruitful, He insists you stretch out your hand in faith."
-"Gird your loins, acknowledge God, take the next right step, be a sign of hope to those around you, and be deliberate and steady, knowing that God is always close at hand."

The Prayer Of Miraculous Trust which Charlie states was given to him by heaven:

In “The Prayer of Miraculous Trust” post, I specifically relate that Gabriel told me that that prayer would be particularly needed when everything was taken away from people…their jobs, their money, their medicines, their homes…and that it will open up a new age of miracles. 

The instruction is NOT that you must cease praying for the particular intention after saying this prayer, but that you must not say this prayer more than once for a specific intention. 

Why? Because there is a great ill in our times that restlessly seeks our own will without taking time to consider God’s will…that we say the words but don’t really believe. 

This specific prayer is designed to steadily increase actual trust and abandonment to God’s will. Once is enough…and then truly trust.

This prayer is to help you turn things over to God, trusting that once you have done so, whatever He then allows is for your eternal good and that of those you love.  It lets you ask what you want of God, then closes by abandoning yourself to what God wants of you.  Do not say it more than once for any particular intention, as this is an abandonment to trust.

Begin by asking for the help of Our Lady of Tepeyac, then cross yourself and say:

By the power of Our Lord, Jesus Christ; to the honor of Our Lady, the Immaculate Conception; in service to her Immaculate Heart; I ask you Lord (state intention here and ask for the intercession of the saint of your choice).  I thank you for hearing my prayer.  Thy will be done.  Amen.

Cross yourself again, and give it over to God entirely with trust. 

***Update: March 7, 2016: Archdiocese of Denver Statement on Charlie Johnston

***January 7, 2017: Update on Charlie Johnston and the "Presidential Prophecy"


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Jackisback said...

L Spinelli,

Yes, that's right, until July 5, 2018

- until he changes it...

Glenn Dallaire said...

Concerning Charlie, things will ONLY continue until July 5, 2018 if--and ONLY IF--the things that he has prophesized come true, each in their turn, because of the very fact that a prophet is judged by the prophesies allegedly given to him/her. And January 20th, 2016 is the first key date in what concerns Charlie.

Let me explain why I make this assertion. While up to this point (Dec 4, 2016) Charlie has made a couple of personal deductions/conclusions from what he was allegedly told that did NOT come to pass--for example the Christmas 2014 "last normal Christmas" prediction, and then the Summer of 2015 "Summer of discontent/Fall will be great" prediction--neither of which came to pass with any significance. The thing is though, these predictions where Charlie's own personal assessments and deductions that he made from the Visitations that he was allegedly given. In other words, the predictions he has made thus far have not come directly from his heavenly visitors, but were simply conclusions that he made concerning information he has purportedly been given.

Now, according to multiple statements from Charlie, the prophesy concerning "Obama not finishing his term/next leader will not come from an election" is a prophesy coming directly from his angel, and it is NOT subject to any interpretations or conclusions on his part.

And so this particular prophesy marks the first prediction (of a half dozen or so total) coming (purportedly) directly from his Angel, and it's fruition bears a specific timeframe, that being it must happen by the Presidential inauguration on January 20th, 2017, that is roughly 7 or so weeks from now.

As I have stated here and elsewhere in this website, Scripture tells us that a prophet is judged by his prophesies, for we read in Deuteronomy 18:21-22:
"And if you say in your heart, ‘How may we know the word that the Lord has not spoken?’— when a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word that the Lord has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously. You need not fear him."

So, things concerning Charlie will only continue on until July 5, 2018 if the series of his prophesies come true, beginning especially with the first key one concerning President Obama. If this particular one fails in the upcoming weeks, then this website (along with I presume others) will declare his purported messages and mission to be false, based on the lack of fulfillment of what was purportedly predicted by heaven.

In the the meantime in the coming weeks we watch, wait and pray, awaiting the fulfillment (or lack thereof) of the predicted events. And for my part, I continue to remain neutral, refraining from passing judgement until events (or the lack of) show the truth clearly, for it won't be long now until we all know the truth concerning Charlie and his message. And as I stated in a previous comment last week, from a worldly perspective things cetainly are not looking too favorable conerning Charlie's predictions, since time is passing and there is much that would need to be accomplished before the purported "Rescue" in late 2017. Yet God and this world is always full of surprises--after all who would have thought the Chicago Cubs would have won the World Series last month, after not having won it in over 100 years, to cite just one recent example?

May God bless all who visit here,
Glenn Dallaire

L Spinelli said...

Glenn, just a small correction: his "great will be the fall" comment wasn't specifically told to him, but the Christmas prophecy was. He said that the next three Christmases "would be filled with deep and desperate strife".

That came from his first blog on TNRS in January 2014.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi L. Spinelli,
I do not believe that the Christmas prediction where Charlie stated--"the next three Christmases would be filled with deep and desperate strife"---was not actually a direct revelation, but was simply a deduction/conclusion that Charlie himself had made.

I come to this conclusion for two reasons--Firstly, on the the half dozen or so occasions when Charlie reveals a public message that allegedly has come to him through revelation he always states "I was told"....and I have not seen this with the "Christmas prediction".

Also, since this Christmas prediction came well before the Diocesan inquiry, I think if it was in fact a documented failed prophesy, then the Diocese surely would have pointed this out, and therefore the Bishops statement and decision would therefore have reflected this.

But perhaps maybe you have a statement from him that leads you to believe that it was in fact a direct message/revelation?

Thanks and may God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Jackisback said...

Glenn (from 12:14 PM),

Here is what L Spinelli is referring to, from Charlie's post "The Old Order Passes," dated January 14, 2014:

--begin quoted text--
At Thanksgiving I received a brief visitation from Our Lord. In the time since then I have been alternately sick and contemplating the meaning of His message. On several occasions I have started to write something here and then pulled back.

We have now celebrated the last traditional Christmas of the old era. People worry that America is passing away. It is not – it already has. The question is no longer whether or not the patient can be saved, but whether resurrection is possible.

The period of rumblings is over, the period when events would serve to unmask the ugly realities behind the state’s assault on the throne of God. If you don’t see it for what it is now, you will not see it without the fullness of the storm, so there is no one left to be rescued by delaying the onset.

Next year the world enters its passion, the time when the old order fully passes away. We have three Christmas seasons of deep and desperate strife ahead of us. And then, if the Son of Man finds a few who still have faith on earth, the Christmas after that, in 2017, will be a joyful celebration of resurrection – joy that what seemed the end was actually prelude to a new beginning.
--end quoted text--

So I am in agreement with L Spinelli on this because the statement claiming Christmas 2013 as the "last traditional Christmas" is just two sentences removed from the very first sentence in which he describes where the information came from: "a brief visitation from Our Lord." This is bold, even for Charlie, because he does not claim a visit by an angel, but from God Himself. The intervening sentence referring to "contemplating the meaning of His message" could, of course, be cited to raise a doubt that Charlie's statement about Christmas is an interpretation - because Charlie doesn't use the precise phrase "I was told."

But this argument is esoteric at best. The point is that Charlie was not in any sense in doubt about his assertion and he refers to God as the source of his information. Charlie, since that time, when questioned about this, defends himself, asserting that he has been correct - that the Christmases of 2014 and 2015 were both seasons of "deep and desperate strife" - and has implied that anyone who disagrees with him on this point is willfully blind to the actual events of the past two-plus years.

This is what nags at people attempting authentic discernment about Charlie. He makes a prophecy ascribed to a communication from God, claims it has been fulfilled, and then doubles down and implies that we must be complete imbeciles if we didn't notice that the Christmas of 2014 and 2015 were filled with deep and desperate strife.

Not once has he claimed that his angel has rebuked him for making this prophecy incorrectly.

Jackisback said...

Glenn (from December 4, 2016 at 11:07 AM),

Regarding Charlie hanging around until July 5, 2018:

Our dispute here can be narrowed down to about 6 to 7 months. In your post you have two paragraphs most pertinent:

--begin quoted text--
Concerning Charlie, things will ONLY continue until July 5, 2018 if--and ONLY IF--the things that he has prophesized come true, each in their turn, because of the very fact that a prophet is judged by the prophesies allegedly given to him/her. And January 20th, 2016 is the first key date in what concerns Charlie.

...So, things concerning Charlie will only continue on until July 5, 2018 if the series of his prophesies come true, beginning especially with the first key one concerning President Obama. If this particular one fails in the upcoming weeks, then this website (along with I presume others) will declare his purported messages and mission to be false, based on the lack of fulfillment of what was purportedly predicted by heaven.
--end quoted text

From this I understand fully that you won't be blogging on Charlie after January 20, 2017 if the "sign" fails. Let me correct the record slightly though - regarding Charlie's stated perspective. He has been asked by his followers in the comments section lately (some have even begged him rather that asked) to keep on blogging and giving talks and not to "go away" as he promised when the inauguration arrives on January 20, 2017 with Obama still in office. It is in responding to those comments that Charlie has clarified that "going away" is not the same thing as "leaving the scene." He is not "leaving the scene." That is because he still believes the "fundamentals" will still occur and the "rescue" will still occur before the end of 2017 - irrespective of a failure of the "sign" on January 20, 2017.

And, having just re-read Charlie's post "The Old Order Passes" from January 14, 2014, Charlie believes those things are still going to play out between January 20, 2017 and before Christmas of 2017, because there is no other way for Christmas of 2017 to be "a joyful celebration of resurrection."

Charlie claims his angel told him (in a rebuke) that his services would be required for "mop-up work" to be done after the "rescue" - but did not rebuke him when he pushed the date to July 5, 2018 for "leaving the scene" entirely. Therefore, it seems perfectly clear to me that Charlie will be still holding on to the chance that all those "fundamentals" and "rescue" could still come to fruition with lightning speed even if none of them have unfolded as of midnight December 23, 2017.

But there is much time between now and then for Charlie to attempt additional goal-post moving on the timing of the "fundamentals" and the "rescue." Mind you, I'm pleased to read that you aren't going to fall for that.

L Spinelli said...

Charlie wrote this on January 6, 2015, after the "failure" of the Christmas prophecy.

You don’t need to believe anything about my visitations to see the signs of the times. Dismiss it all…but please, acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope to those around you. If you will just do this, whatever happens, you will help rescue the world.

I have refrained from writing of late largely because I am trying to figure out how to convey the urgency that is already upon us. I’m stupid in many ways. It frankly surprised me that anyone would argue that this Christmas was culturally traditional in any sense. I am working to try to convey better what these things mean…but for heaven’s sake, if you have to have a smoldering meteor in your living room to think anything is really wrong at all, I don’t know how to get the message across. It truly is the last hour. And if somebody notes, an hour after this is posted, that we are all still here, I am going to scream.

Sometime in the last month or two, he wrote something about realizing how differently he views things than most people. I can't find it at the moment, but I remember him stating that.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Thanks Jack and L Spinelli for your replies.

Carefully reading over, once again, the "Christmas" statement that Charlie made (for which I thank Jack for quoting here), I agree that through the context one is implicitly led to presume that the prediction came from the "visit of our Lord" that Charlie referred to. But, while I would agree that it does seem to be implied, it is definitely not unquestionably explicit, like we have for example with the upcoming "Obama will not finish term/next leader will not come from an election" prophesy which Charlie has repeatedly stated comes directly from his Angel, leaving no "wiggle room" in this case.

Now, if the aforementioned prophesy does NOT come to pass in the upcoming weeks, I personally can only assume that the vast majority of people will rightfully dismiss Charlie, though I do understand your point that it is possible that perhaps some of his most ardent followers might be willing to overlook a completely failed prophesy.

I can only state that for my part in the coming weeks I am planning on covering the upcoming event(s)--that being the Presidential inauguration or whatever may come to pass--with at least one new article directly relating to Charlie's specific prophesy, with the emphasis being on either its fulfillment, or its failure.

So, "stay tuned" my friends, because one way or the other things are soon going to get really interesting!

Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if using the Cubs winning the World Series is a good example for surprises in the world, it is for the unwashed, but most people now realize that a lot of sporting events are fixed - did you not think MLB wanted a 7 game World Series and that the last game went right down to the wire, you can't write a better script!

Anonymous said...

Go back to the Birmingham video, at about the 44:00 mark Charles says that his angel in May 2009 ORDERED him to tell the specific time frame of events: at about the 46:00 mark he states that Obama will NOT finish his 2nd term in 2016 ,not 2017, but 2016. He goes on to say that civilization will collapse and other things but it is not clear if it is relation to his angel. This stuff about Obama is a timeline from his angel.
This is part of the problem with Charles, what is and what isn't from his angel, Jesus, or his opinion, or someone else, it's not very clear. Then if he misses he can say it was not his angel.
Charles needs to be accountable for his statements as he makes everyone who isn't a favourite of his accountable. He has triple standards, one for himself, one for his favourites, and one for newbies and people he dislikes.

L Spinelli said...

Charlie posted this just a few minutes ago - a clarification of how long he's going to hang around:

If I have been accurate that there will be no peaceful transfer of power from Barack Obama to Donald Trump, I will be publicly around until July 5, 2018. If I have erred about that, I will take responsibility for it and quit the scene. If the latter happens, I will remain on full alert even in exile until July 5, 2018, which is the end of my time of active service, always in complete obedience to the lawful authority over me.

Jackisback said...

Responding to L Spinelli (at 1:10 PM),

Of course, there is no way to know precisely what Charlie means by "full alert" or "exile."

There is also nothing to stop Charlie from making a claim that he has had renewed visits from "God" or his "angel(s)" instructing him to come out of "exile." How he would have confidence that such a new communication did not come from Satan deceiving him is, as it always has been, an interesting question.

Anonymous said...

I heard Charles through a video at a Catholic Resource Centre where I live about 1.5 years ago. I guess at that time he was being spread throughout the Catholic community in North America. I listened to more of his videos on the net and was ok with the message as I thought that something would happen at the 100 year mark of Our Lady of Fatima. So I started blogging on his site to relate to other like-minded people. To my disappointment he only allowed a few of my posts. When I tried to defend myself after he chastised me he would not allow the comments. This made me look bad and Charlie righteous. The trend continued. I thought at that point that if this guy is getting messages from "God" or "Angels" , God chose the wrong guy - he's not as he appears to his troupe. He did go off on nasty tirades a few times and apologized. I tested him a few time on world affairs and he failed badly. I tested him on other issues and for someone who has a direct line to God he's out to lunch. He completely missed the boat on Trump until 1 month before the election end. I could go on and on about him but I'll spare you. I've dropped off his blog and I noticed some of the initial bloggers are gone. He really doesn't add anything to events that others have said. I've actually been more correct than Charlie to date. Times are tough and may get worse, we all know that, Charlie adds nothing that I already know, in fact he's clueless on most world issues in my opinion. I've already dismissed him in my books, hopefully the next few months will knock him out, but I doubt it, his bloggers are very loyal.

Anonymous said...

Don't you find it a bit odd that Charlie has ended his whirlwind tour for the year?
If what he has to say is so important how can he "take a break". I understand that people need time off but he's claiming we're in the eye of the storm and he's taking 3 weeks off or more. At the end of the year we're only 3 weeks away from one of the most critical times in the history of the world and he takes time off? To top it off according to him he just had a vision from "heaven" and he takes time off. Heaven doesn't come to someone without something important - I may be out of line, but this seems a little too care free for my liking at this point.

Anonymous said...

For arguments sake, let's say Charlie is some sort of mystic. I look at all the true mystics and saints and those that Glenn has analyzed that are real. Charlie does not fit the mold. He's arrogant, opinionated. rude, condescending, defensive, plays favourites, etc., now match this up to any of the real ones and Charlie's character is just sub par, do you actually think God would use this man for such a purpose as to tell the world we are in a storm and that the Mother Mary will rescue us? I'm not God but this man is deeply flawed, even after his conversion he is still very flawed.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous above, until the Archdiocese of Denver determines that Charlie is false I think it is prudent that we watch, wait, and pray. Charlie has hit the nail on the head on several things so far. If your gut wasn't telling you these is something true in Charlie's message I doubt you and others would bother posting here. Yes , what he is predicting is terrifying, but we have a loving God who will see us through to the rescue.

Anonymous said...

He's also missed a lot. He's hit some and missed others, the stuff that he's hit on is not that different from what other lay people have said. I would put Gerald Celente's record up against Charlie's any day.
With that said what exactly has he predicted? I would really like to know.
Your third sentence is confusing - rephrase or fix it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typo, what I meant to say is that most people here know deep down that what Charlie says is true, or else they wouldn't bother posting here. I noticed that everyone stopped posting on the LTTW facebook page because everyone now knows that was a false mystic. If people posting against Chalie really believed he was a fraud I think they would just write him off and go on with their lives, but the fact that you keep visiting this thread and posting against him tells me somewhere deep down you are afraid he is true. But I am no psychologist.

Anonymous said...

I post here because I feel deep down Charlie is a fraud and should be exposed and stopped from hurting good people.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous above,

If that's the case then you know more than Charlie's Archbishop. You may believe Charlie's a fraud but the Archdiocese certainly hasn't made that determination. There's no prohibition on Charlie posting his messages on his blog or giving talks around the country, and Charlie simply needs to give the Archdiocese notice and get permission before giving a talk on Archdiosean property which is something I suspect Charlie would do anyway as a courtesy. Charlie's Archbishop has opted for a wait a see approach. Many things Charlie says are true so he's certainly on to something.

Anonymous said...

Charlie's Archbishop Aquila: The Archdiocese of Denver is building a $6.5 million, 13,500-square-foot center that will include meeting space, a kitchen, a library, a chapel and an apartment for Archbishop Samuel Aquila. The residence portion, which includes living space for several other priests, will cost about $1.3 million, according to the archdiocese. This does not inspire confidence in the Catholic faithful after Pope Francis said to live more humbly.

Anonymous said...

At least his diocese said to be prudent and to turn to the scriptures and words of Christ for guidance. What has Charlie said that's true, I would really like to know?
Can you give me a list of his predictions that have come to pass? Can I also have something original that no one else has said as well - I await your comments. I have numerous examples of him being way off base, but I'd like to see your list first.

Anonymous said...

If I could as Charlie a question, I would ask him if he was ever a mason or took a masonic oath before his conversion. I also wonder if Mrs. Johnston is still alive and what she thinks about Charlie's revelations. Does he have children ? How many? What are the names of his spiritual adivsors?

Anonymous said...

Funny I was trying to phrase something similar, I'm glad you posted it, I do believe ex Mrs. Johnston is alive. He has kids. Mrs. Johnston's opinion would be most interesting. Yes who are his spiritual advisors? What do they think?
Even if Trump is inaugurated which I have no doubt, people are still going to follow him, this is frightening how people can be brainwashed. People will hang onto anything that gives them hope.

Anonymous said...

If the archdiocese of Denver tells him to take down the blog I am sure he will, so until they do we are free to watch, wait and pray.

Anonymous said...

Yes, no one can stop anyone from going to his site and to listen to him. I remember doing a business deal with a born-again Christian, at any rate, by chance, I just happened to know a friend of mine who lost about $10,000 in a business deal 10 years prior with the same guy, the friend said the born-again guy was a salesman for a company and was convinced to invest, which he did, but lost it all shortly thereafter, I said he's a born-again person now he's different, my friend said he realized the guy was selling for someone else but said I don't know if the guy has changed or not all I can tell you is that I lost $10,000 and HE sold it to me, I didn't take his advice and lost a similar amount of money.
Lesson: talk is cheap, Charlie can say whatever he wants, I can say whatever I want, I don't believe anyone until proven otherwise.
I don't know Charlie so someone claiming to receive visions - convince me.

Jackisback said...

To Anonymous (December 12th at 2:02 AM)

I don't see a need to dig for more information from Charlie's former wife or his spiritual directors. There is plenty of material to debate the merits of Charlie's talks and writings. His priest-advisors have so far remained anonymous and for good reason - they have other things to do besides fielding questions or potential complaints for their involvement in advising Charlie. Also, while brainwashing is frightening in general terms if the brainwashwer has mal intent, that has not been the case with Charlie. 90 percent of the effect of his "prophecies" is harmless because it comports with the Ordinary Universal Magisterium. 10 percent has the potential to steer folks to spend money on "prepping" for a "crash" that may never come
, and while that can cause financial harm to the brainwashed, Charlie nearly always disclaims the need to "prep" on a per se basis as that is a "detail" that is not the most important part of his "mission."

I say this as a fairly harsh critic of Charlie. I am on record as a fierce skeptic of him, but we should be mindful always to be reasonable.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure if there is an investigation into Charlie after all this plays out and he happens to be right, no stone will be left unturned by any investigators.

Jackisback said...

To Anonymous at 12:03 AM,

I'm not sure I understand your comment. If Charlie "happens to be right", especially about the "sign" of Obama not finishing his term on January 20, 2017, the pressure to investigate him will be reduced, not heightened, in my opinion.

In fact, if he turns out to be right about the sign, I will start to surf the website of the "Peppy Prepper" in search of survival gear.

Helen I said...

I believe that if a terrible war comes upon the U.S., and Europe, and other parts of the world, in the near future, it will NOT, BE,
because of what Charlie Johnston, has predicted, or supposedly prophesied. In my opinion, it will be because of what MOTHER MARY told the visionaries, starting at Fatima, and then extending on to Garabandal, Spain, and on to Akita, Japan. It is also my opinion, that Charlie is a TERRIBLE DISTRACTION from what Mother Mary was, and has been, telling all of us, at her own apparition sites. If God is going to send chastisements of war, or economic decline, etc., it will be due to the fact that God is trying to restore the world, yes, but it is His OWN MOTHER, herself, directly, through HER apparitions, and messages, at the sites I have named, here, in particular, where I, believe, we can TRULY BELIEVE the messages. Look at all of the time, and energy, that is poured forth on this site about, Charlie, when we could be TRULY ATTENDING to the TRUTH that Mother Mary has been giving, us. I personally choose to listen, to, and believe, in, the messages Mother Mary, herself, has given, us. I am not interested in what Charlie says. For it is my belief, that for WHATEVER REASON, he is false. And I'm sure that Satan LOVES, it, that people give SO MUCH time and attention to Mr. Johnston, when they could be reading, about, or becoming aware, of, Mother Mary's TRUE messages- not from Charlie Johnston, but from her. A false prophet draws peoples' attention away, from, the AUTHENTIC messages that God TRULY wants them to hear. Charlie's followers, on his site, can see nothing but, HIM, and his messages. It is as if they have blinders on. Charlie's "movement," attracts a following that appears very cultic. It appears that there are people on this, site,(Mystics of the Church), who want to show Charlie to be the false prophet, that they believe he very likely is. That is very human. And I understand that. But the more time we spend, here, the less time we have to concentrate on Mary's TRUE messages. God bless you all.

Glenn Dallaire said...

"....In fact, if he turns out to be right about the sign, I will start to surf the website of the "Peppy Prepper" in search of survival gear."

Ha, ha! How I enjoyed that one Jack! Thanks for the morning chuckle, my friend!
I'll tell you what--if things really do start going down as Charlie predicted then yes, you better get peppy and get over to the peppy prepper site right quick! -Just sayin'

I will say that the recent escalating tensions with China have definitely raised an eyebrow, for me at least. And then too, all the news about Russia allegedly helping Trump out is looking like maybe they may be our allies after all! Who knows! Crazy times we are in, for sure.

May God bless you and your loved ones this Christmas season and throughout the New Year,
Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

Glenn, sometimes this site reflects to, me, what feels like, "an old boys club." There is an ongoing conversation, between male participants on this, site, especially, lately, that can make others feel not "included." Perhaps this is not intentionally, done, but it has its same hurtful, bad result. I am a woman, and I feel that the things I have expressed on this site are insightful, and should be heard, and validated. Sometimes I leave posts, here, especially, lately, and feel that they are simply skipped, over, and ignored. And, yet, I feel that I have something valid to, say, that perhaps God wants people to hear. I wonder why I even leave this, comment, for you always seem to have a response that defends, and supports, whatever you do- so what is the point of my leaving my honest reaction? Please let me express my opinion, right now, in this moment, without making me feel, by your perhaps following response, that what I say doesn't matter. Because I believe to, God, it DOES matter. Thank you.

Jackisback said...


Let it not be said that two serious opponents in an argument cannot find common ground in a sense of humor.

That said, I pray that Charlie is wrong, otherwise it will mean something very dire will occur between now and January 20, 2017 so as to cause Obama to leave office and also to prevent Trump, Pence, Ryan, or Hatch from taking the oath of office as President or acting President.


Jackisback said...

To Anonyous at 1:45 PM,

I can only speak for myself. I read your missives with interest, notwithstanding, that, you, over-use, commas, when you, write. :-) OK, that was a joke - please do not take offense! ;-)

On a more serious note, I don't see why at all you should bring gender into the equation. As well, not everyone responds to my own commentary, but whether they might agree or disagree with me on any given point of discussion or argument, I hear them out and respond to the content of their arguments (irrespective of whether they have declared their gender in their replies). I rarely attempt to change their minds with respect to their statements of opinion, especially when their opinions are derived from their emotions or form spiritual discernment. I do respond when their statements are not of opinion, but rather are logical assertions derived from an attempt at right reason - and especially when they express disagreement with my own assertions. But this bias is because I am a natural arguer - and this is derived from my notion that the truth about anything can be best striven for via well-reasoned arguments and the asking of difficult questions.

I find your own commentary completely unobjectionable. And, because your comments are almost 100% expressed in terms of opinions derived from spiritual discernment, which strike me as individually personalized to you (from your own personal experiences and personal beliefs in other Church-approved Marian apparitions) I see no way, and no good purpose, to either argue against your point of view or to affirm it. The latter is due to the basic fact that I make no judgments, positive or negative, as to the standard Church-approved Marian apparitions of the past - and I am glad that the Church imposes no requirement for my intellectual belief in those events.

So, for my own part, these are the reasons that I don't engage much with respect to your well-intentioned posts. I would prefer that you infer agreement from my silence, rather than dismissiveness or disagreement or, God forbid, gender bias. The old maxim is "qui tacet consentire" - silence gives consent.



Anonymous said...

I give up. At this, point, I believe there is no point my commenting on this site. -December 13-th,'16 And I will add- God save the world from Charlie Johnston.

Anonymous said...

Actually I mean when everything ( all his predictions come true ) has played out then he will be scrutinized because it will be over and then the Church would have to decide if he was in fact getting information from a divine source or not.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize that bloggers that posted as anonymous had a sexual identity, in fact, I thought that when you posted as anonymous you were exactly that "anonymous".
I don't feel this is an old boys club, say your piece, not everyone responds to all bloggers, you're free to say what you want - I know I sometimes comment on others and sometimes not and it has nothing to do with gender, but whether I have an issue.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Anonymous (a few posts above),

No, there is definitely not a "boys club" here. Everyone id definitely free to comment and I welcome everyone's point of view here. For my part I can say that I have not seen any signs of gender bias in this forum---and definitely not on my part.

And as for myself, I simply don't reply to many comments here simply because it is often a matter of people sharing their own thoughts and perspectives, HOWEVER I do read everyone's comments--in fact, they automatically get delivered to my email when they are published. I just don't comment back unless I feel compelled to. In short, I make every effort to make everyone feel comfortable to post here.

May God bless all of us this Christmas season!
Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

Helen above, I couldn't agree any more with your comments - I have often thought the same. Is that why Charlie ignores Our Lady of Soufeniah ( Damascus )? It has the approval of all the local Catholic, Orthodox, some Protestant groups, even Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Well this about sums up what's going on over at Charlie's place, in his latest post, Kitty Cleveland, etc...... in response to a newbie named David, YongDuk had this to say about him questioning Charlie on some issues and still not on board the Charlie Express: "Certainly we are not here about being right or wrong, but here about God and our Lord Jesus Christ, His Mother, the Communion of Saints (for the Catholics amongst us, also the Holy Father and Bishops and Priests), and honouring each other."
There you have it, it's no longer the Charlie message, whether Charlie is right or wrong has no bearing as long as it's about The Church and its message. So essentially we can pack up and go home and just follow the teachings of the Church - that has been the message behind Charlie all the time - the RC Church. The people on Charlie's site have a little club and if you don't agree stay out as you can still follow the Church outside the confines of Charlie.
It was never about his messages as they can be debated and he can be wrong or misinterpreted, so please people pack up and go home there is nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, if none of Charlie's prophecies are fulfilled at least we will have an interesting new recipe for Christmas fudge to munch on whilst contemplating the ridiculous in life. I wonder if it is any good or if like most of everything else he has produced, it has been, "fudged."

Anonymous said...

Oh lighten up, it's Christmas Time Charlie's storm is taking a much needed break.
Perhaps Charlie was just injecting a bit of humour by poking fun at everyone with his fudged fudge, I mean predictions.

Anonymous said...

What's really bizarre with Charlie is his and his clients lack of understanding of the Syrian conflict. They firmly believe that Assad is evil and has to go. There's no amount of convincing them, even through facts. Even when they quote articles from the lame stream press that support their position, the people in the comment section can see through the deception against Syria and Assad - but Charlie's angels can not.
He made me go through hoops to provide proof that Assad and Syria was a planned invasion, even with General Petreus's 2008 video stating that Syria was in line for US regime change he distorted the video. Now they quote the "White Hats" who claim Assad is butchering his people - Patrick Henningsen and 21st Wire who actually have boots on the ground show that this group works for the anti-Assad forces. Eva Bartlett, a independent journalist from Canada has reported about the false news the West receives on Syria.
Now if Charlie has messages from his angels and jesus and god and who the heck knows who else then don't you'd think they could tell him right from wrong?
Some people were trying to set up a Charlie chapter here, so they asked me what I thought of him, and I mentioned my experiences, then the other person said he didn't think he was legitimate as well and the others were sceptical too. I wish they would set up a chapter and I would attend and make sure they know the truth about Charlie.

Anonymous said...

Let's see what happens this Monday with the US presidential electors. If they don't vote for Trump them all hell will break lose in this country as Charlie has predicted.

Anonymous said...

Charlie never predicted that, all he predicted was that whomever ( Trump ) would not be transferred power peacefully. I'm not sure if saying Obama will not finish his term 2016 or 2017 is a an "official" prediction. At this point I'm not sure what is a prediction of Charlie's.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous above, what I meant was that if Trump is not voted in on Monday by the electors that could precipitate a civil war in this country, followed by martial law on the part of Obama, the collapse of the monetary system in the US which would cause the world economy to crash, and when China sees us vulnerable they will attack us and then we have the war with China.

Anonymous said...

That is a lot of things that could happen and it never really happens as we think.
At this point it is not unprecedented for the electoral college electors to not follow the state winner, so anything is possible. Trump does look like he has the support, but who knows what the progressives are up to.
I've listened to Charlie for a while and I've come to the conclusion that he offers nothing new to me. His angel has not related anything that I haven't heard from someone else or by my understanding. In fact he's deficient in a lot of areas:
1) He's terrible in the understanding of geopolitical activities
2) He has a complete misunderstanding of world events
3) He's below average or average on internal politics
4) He has a decent knowledge of internal events
5) His statement that Mary will save the world in 2017 is nothing new, I've been talking about it for a while and it is the 100 year anniversary of Fatima, so you almost expect something - that's a no brainer for Catholics.
On any issue in the world, I can get much more accurate information and analysis than Charlie. His only claim to difference is the Mary Rescue and it's nothing new to me.
If Charlie is receiving messages from heaven there really isn't anything that he has said that I didn't already know - so that in itself is turning me away from Charlie. Even if every Charlie "prediction" came true I would still have issues with him, he's just too flawed to be an agent of heaven.

Anonymous said...

Glenn et al, I would like to insert an experience I had with another visionary, if I may. I relate this experience because it shows the mysterious way in which God uses people (seers, if you will). This experience - at least, for me - illustrates both the dangers to the followers, and at the same time, the Glory of God as He permits it.

Back in the pre-everyone-has-internet days, I was put onto Nancy Fowler of Conyers fame by a sister-in-law living in Atlanta, Ga., at that time. I'll say it very early 1990's. I was not a religious "type" in those days, by any stretch. I signed up for Nancy's news letter, which came each month in snail mail. I even travelled to Conyers, Ga., twice for the monthly 13th "event."

Conyers is a strange mixture -but not unlike many other mystic/prophetic/etc sites- in that, as an ardent defender of Nancy Fowler at that time, I can now state with almost certainty, that not one of her "prophecies" ever came true - again, at least that I am aware of. (And I speak of "extraordinary" predictions, not every day common sense conclusions that naturally occurred. She had specific date time-frames and specific BIG-time events. None took place. Many of her prophecies, however, were vague and cloudy and elusive. So not much can be said about those.)

And yet, at the same time, I, being basically a non-religious person at that time, personally witnessed extraordinary phenomena at the "farm" in Conyers, where her gatherings took place, with many thousands converging on the farm on the 13th of each month. I certainly was not looking for signs when I went there. Many others witnessed these phenomena, too, as is obvious if you Google the events at Conyers. I even had an internal, personal thing happen that is not of this world, certainly, and could have only come from 1) God, or 2) the devil. So it seemed to me that there was "proof" of something happening, which sort of testified in its favor, so to speak.

In the end, however, for me personally, it was devastating that nothing ever came of it. I put my reputation on the line with friends, family, etc. Even financially, it was a devastating; but I won't go there. Yes, in the end, it was and still is a very bitter experience that, believe it not, altered the course of my life (in my case, for the worse).

So yes, God can certainly be there and manifest in extraordinary ways (at least, it seems He is) when many, many people gather in His Name around a seer, and praise Him and His Will be done. But, as I learned, it has nothing to do (at least in this case) apparently as to whether or not the seer is genuine or not as God seems to draw the positive out of things. They certainly can be mutually exclusive.

I believe there are many examples of this out there. Places where phenomena abounds around an alledged seer, but through whom, no factual prophecies ever materialize.

I'm not sure what to make of all this. In the case of Charlie, he is not at a centralized location where people gather, like Nancy Fowler was. Believers will need to inherently trust him without the benefit of anything more than his word. In other words, and not that we should be "seeking signs" as we are told, but Charlie's predictions, like Nancy Fowler's, profoundly affect the lives of some of his followers. Maybe not all, but some. And when they place their trust in Charlie, they are (as in my case) putting their trust in God, too, in some way. Maybe I'm just simple-minded and I'm not a good example; but in my case, it was a devastating experience when Nancy Fowler failed in her prophecy. It was as if I signed my name on the dotted line, and got stiffed in some way.

It's a big thing to proclaim in the name of God when you start putting dates and specifics into it.

Anonymous said...

By the way, regarding the aobve post about Nancy Fowler and Conyers, I would be curious to know how people feel about Medjugorje, where several of the six kids got their so-called 10th secret over thirty years ago! And the others are still awaiting the so-called tenth secret. The reason I ask is because it seems to me that the "followers" of these alledged sites or seers or whatever you want to call them, could, in reality, steel their faith and disposition towards the alledged site, at least for a time, but after a while, actually begin to fall away, so to speak, and lose their faith and trust. So there is a danger in this in my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Medjugorje, this video confirmed to me it is a fake.

Not only does one of the visionaries dart her eyes in response to a person making a threatening gesture but after the "vision" she tries to explain why she flinchd during her ecstacy saying she thought the BVM was about to drop the baby Jesus. Give me a break.

L Spinelli said...

This comment, supposedly relayed to Charlie through an angel - "Lourdes, Fatima and Medjugorje are manifestations of a single event" was one of the first things (the actual first being Christmas) that made me doubt him.

I used to think what was going on Medjugorje was real, but stopped many years ago. Stories weren't adding up, I did some research, and I came to believe the whole thing is a deception.

Nancy Fowler was another "visionary" who said we would be in a war with China by 1999 or 2000. More than a few of these false "visionaries" mention war with China, Russia or North Korea. Things are at the point where I'm wary whenever a new to the scene seer mentions any of those countries.

Sometimes I wonder if all of these fakes are being fed information by the same deceptive spirit.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for sharing a bit of your experiences here.

As for myself, I have mentioned in the earlier comments how I too have had a couple of disappointing and difficult experiences with 2 different purported visionaries. The 3rd visionary I met actually was condemned by her local Bishop not too long after I met her, so in that case I was never really was a "follower", so to speak. For sure, being misled by a false mystic/visionary can be quite painful and trying experiences, for sure. It can really cause one to do some serious soul searching.

In the end however I have to say that even though one might be disappointed and discouraged in some ways when one eventually discovers that he/she has been misled by a false visionary, I do however think that God draws good out of these experiences, and the various lessons that we learn from such experiences are very valuable, I think. They become a important part of our spiritual journey.

May God bless all who visit here this Christmas and throughout the New Year!
Glenn Dallaire

L Spinelli said...

It looks like Charlie moved the goal posts yet again. Check out this statement from today vs. the one he made on November 7:

Now, as I have said, if the inauguration goes on without incident, I will go away. In the last month, some people of substance have asked me if I would stay in the woods if, after a short time, things blew up anyway. One pointedly demanded of me how that would differ from pouting if I did. If I got that very major detail wrong, I would hope this is going to pass by and will retreat from the scene (while leaving the record up). If, however, things later blew up entirely, I would make my way back to work. And I will always be obedient to the legitimate authority over me. That is as much as I can say or really do. The key thing in all of this is not figuring out all the possible details, but to live with real fortitude under God your duty honorably throughout. If you do that, you will do well whether you pay any attention to me or not...

If, on January 20, Obama peacefully transfers power to either Trump or Clinton, I will declare myself unreliable and retire into silence, as I wrote in August in this piece. While I will enter into silence, I most certainly will not declare myself a false prophet. I have been right on the big sweep of things. But I will consider myself unreliable at a time when we need solid reliability.

Jackisback said...

As we have discussed at length, L, if Charlie's "sign" fails to cone to pass on January 20th, then he will be a false prophet, notwithstanding his assertions to the contrary. He doesn't get to make this determination - because he said "I was tol!" And "I have told you true" - which are his stated earmarks denoting that he claims to have gotten the precise information regarding the prophecy from God.

Since even Charlie doesn't dispute that God cannot lie, that makes him a false prophet, period. Whether his false prophet status derives from him either being deranged or being a stooge of Satan isn't really relevant. The point is that his prophecy couldn't have come from God.

Remember as well (and to address Anonymous from several posts ago) that the prophecy of the "sign" is conjuctive via the word "and." That is, both elements muat come true for the prophecy to be authentic. Obama must leave office before January 20, 2017 at noontime - when his term of office comes to an end according to the US Constitution. AND the succeeding leader must not come from the election process. That means, despite what Charlie says, the next leader cannot be a Constitutionally recognized President. That means it cannot be Trump, Clinton, Pence, Ryan, or Hatch.

If Charlie ressurects blogging after a failure of the sign, I will be a daily blogger on his site.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Yes, I agree Jackisback, and have been insistent all along that because Charlie has stated that the "Obama will not finish term/next leader not from election process" prophesy purportedly comes directly from his Angel, and delivered plainly and directly without any interpretation on Charlie's part, then it is therefore time-wise the first KEY matter for discernment. If this prophesy fails, then the only possible conclusion would be that the revelations are not from heaven. So, within the next 33 days all will know definitively whether these private revelations are authentic, or not.

Thanks as always for your sharing your ongoing thoughts and reflections here Jackisback,
Glenn Dallaire

L Spinelli said...

The part about "getting back to work" after a time if everything goes south is shocking, if revealing. See, Charlie doesn't think all of this could be a deception:


Many of the greatest saints have been deceived by the devil for a time. I have no illusion that I am exempt from that. So what if I was deceived for a time and my angel, for whatever reason, did not correct me?

The point is, if this message - January 20/The inauguration/Obama's term not finishing/next leader not from the political system, electoral process, whichever interchangeable term Charlie uses - proves false, all of the others will be mooted. Charlie doesn't get to decide which ones come from his "angel" and which ones come from Old Scratch. We have to throw out (and certainly the Archdiocese will dismiss) the whole thing. We'd also have to assume that he's taking his marching orders from a fallen angel, to which I'd far and fast!

Anonymous said...

To JackisBack,you may be a daily blogger on his site, but don't expect them all to be posted.
Besides, Charlie isn't going anywhere, he will still be around, he'll just say his angel said heaven intervened and accepted the prayers - remember it isn't about Charlie anymore but the promotion of the Church and its principles. Or another scenario is that after he is wrong his bloggers will coddle him and tell him to stay as his message is valuable to Catholics and others - as such great promotion of the Catholic faith has been disseminated by Charlie.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Dear L Spinelli from DECEMBER 18, 2016 AT 10:31 AM (a few comments above)

Concerning the following quote from Charlie:
"Many of the greatest saints have been deceived by the devil for a time. I have no illusion that I am exempt from that. So what if I was deceived for a time and my angel, for whatever reason, did not correct me?"

Judging from my own studies of Scripture, along with my studies on the lives of various mystics/visionaries, while there have been occasions where certain mystics were in fact deceived by a demonic deception for a time, however to my knowledge it was always on a personal level temporarily affecting only that specific individual or close companions, and definitely not to the degree of a public prophesy affecting national and global events, such as Charlie has put forth--(specifically speaking here of the "Obama will not finish term/next leader will not come from a election" prophesy all here have been discussing as of late). I don't think it possible that God would allow an authentic prophet to give and promulgate a public prophesy concerning very grave matters on a national/worldwide scale, that in reality is actually a demonic deception. I personally see no precedence in Scripture or in biographies of mystics that God would allow such a universal deception in a authentic prophet.

In short, AUTHENTIC prophecies/predictions from heaven never fail. Only those that do NOT come from heaven can fail.

Thanks for your many comments here on this website. I sincerely appreciate it. May God bless you and your loved ones this Christmas and throughout the New Year!
Glenn Dallaire

L Spinelli said...

Dear Glenn,

You're absolutely correct, and barring a few exceptions - Vassula Ryden and Holy Love in Ohio coming to mind right away - if the prophecy didn't come true, the seer packed it up and faded from memory

Wishing you and yours and blessed Christmas and New Year!

Jackisback said...

It's not difficult to get on Charlie's site if you limit your contributions to previous quotes of Charlie's and questions about those quotes.

Anonymous said...

My last comment about him saying that Obama would not finish his term in 2016 according to the Birmingham Video never made the cut. Even one of his supporters who is an alleged Bishop said go to the Birmingham Video and listen to it. Certain questions about his statements will not make the cut. My question was straight forward with no malice - scrubbed.
Try it and see if he allows it.

Jackisback said...

To Anonymous at 12:01 AM,

Sorry, I did not mean to imply this doesn't happen. I have witnessed where commentators on Charlie's sight receive initial replies. Then a few days later those questions and answers are purged. You have a better chance of surviving if you interlace praise with questions along with quoting him precisely.

Anonymous said...

Sigh, I hate sucking up to them, but I guess we all have to play the game to survive on Charlie's.

L Spinelli said...

I asked pointed questions over there a couple of times. I got the runaround (I clarified that on such and suck date...), so I didn't bother asking anything else. The only thing I absolutely refused to do was praise him. I made sure that I quoted him exactly and linked to the source. He's very good at twisting words or situations (i.e. deleting posts and not being able to retrace them) to his advantage, so I tried my best to avoid falling into that trap.

Anonymous said...

He berated me for not posting anything religious, I thought Tatianna's Good Friday hymns were the best I ever heard so did some other people, yet he talks about Squirrels, the Cubs, and Christmas Fudge and that's ok - you can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Johnston,
In light of current events, have you re-thought your comments on the US Presidency? This "storm" as you insist on calling it, is it not the Great Warning? For some it will be a spiritual and emotional storm. A storm of illumination of our soul-seeing how our lives are in relation to God.
I don't see the need to not refer to these events as what they have been called all along: The Warning; the Miracle and the Chastisement. New words for old prophecies gives legitimate prophecies a ring of false flag. Ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous above,

I disagree with the notion that the Warning; the Miracle and the Chastisement are "legitimate" prophecies. Says who? When did the Catholic Church declare the Warning; the Miracle and the Chastisement as true prophecies?

Anonymous said...

Glenn, Jack,

What do you make of this exchange in the latest post:

Joe says:
December 21, 2016 at 1:44 pm
"I suppose we will find out in less than a month whether your claims are legit or if you are just another false prophet."

charliej373 says:
December 21, 2016 at 2:51 pm
"Joe, I have said consistently that we are all being given up to judgment. Let us say there was a normal inauguration and things blew up a week later in a coup. Would I be a false prophet? Are you looking for fortune-telling or are you looking for what you are called to do? I have tried really hard to get people to stop using the impoverished definition of prophecy as mere fortune-telling and see it as a reminder of God’s goodness and a call to action. Certainly, if we have a normal inauguration a month from now, I will retire from the field, for that prophecy will have been objectively wrong. I take full responsibility for that. But it won’t change what you are called to do. Noting that I do and will take responsibility, your standard would require you to dismiss St. Joan of Arc as a false prophet for the times she erred on saying how the battle would go – and many of the Old Testament prophets who were often off on their timing, sometimes by years. I do not say this to try to justify any error on my part. I strongly urge you to examine yourself and consider what God calls you to. But yep, a month from now if we have a normal inauguration, you can give me a big old thumbs down."

I believe you both previously said that if Trump is inaugurated that means CJ is false. But CJ seems to suggest that holding him to a strict interpretation of his prophecies is akin to looking for a fortune teller, and he correctly points out that even St. Joan of Arc occasionally got it wrong even though she was right on many other things. So if we dismiss CJ after Trump takes office aren't we just like the people who dismissed many of God's previous seers who messed up a timeline but were correct in the grand scope of things?

Jackisback said...

To Anonymous at 1:09 PM,

It will require two posts to respond here, initially. I'm happy to engage in further debate if you may dispute my points.

You said:

--begin quoted text--
So if we dismiss CJ after Trump takes office aren't we just like the people who dismissed many of God's previous seers who messed up a timeline but were correct in the grand scope of things?
--end quoted text

Ah, no. In fact, absolutely not. First, any analysis of Charlie's exchange with "Joe" in the comments section on Charlie's blog should always discuss the specifics of the actual claim made by Charlie regarding the so-called "sign" of Obama not finishing his term - using Charlie's own words. I'm happy to do that again, as I've done in the past.

But before I go there yet again, note the use of logical fallacies in Charlie's complaint against Joe's very reasonable assertion. Charlie compares himself with St. Joan of Arc's documented "fails" on some of her "prophecies" and argues that because of that history, Joe's demand that Charlie be "right" about the "sign" (or else be deemed a false prophet) necessarily means that Joe must also logically conclude that Joan of Arc was a false prophet. Wrong, as that line of reasoning is most definitely a logical fallacy: the "burden of proof" fallacy.

Using the "burden of proof" fallacy, Charlie not-so-subtly attempts to impugn Joe as a "doubting Thomas" of St. Joan of Arc. Charlie attempts to shift the burden of proof of his claim of legitimate prophecy from himself to Joe - as if it were required that Joe first disprove that Charlie isn't just like St. Joan of Arc (i.e. a "true" prophet who only occasionally gets things wrong). But it isn't up to Joe to prove that Charlie isn't just like St. Joan of Arc.

There are a multitude of logical problems with that not-so-subtle attempt at trickery/deception. But let's just focus on the fallacy itself. The inability of Joe to disprove Charlie's claim that Charlie is a prophet just like St. Joan of Arc doesn't render Charlie's claim - to being just like St. Joan of Arc - true or valid, or give that claim any credence whatsoever.

Charlie's claims of communicating with God, Mary, and the angel Gabriel, etc., have aspects that mimic the claims of St. Joan of Arc. She claimed to hear voices. Charlie has alternately claimed (1) to have had conversations where he could physically hear the voices of his alleged heavenly interlocutors when they "visited" him, and (2) to have had experiences where the "visits" constituted "visions" where the interlocutors communicated without using words. The burden of proof that these claims of communications are real, originates with, and steadfastly remains with, Charlie.

Charlie has claimed that he is a prophet and buttresses that claim with the assertion: "I have been right in the grands sweep of things." He usually makes that claim with respect to his predictions about the "storm." Yet, even Glenn, in his post after the election (see Glenn's post on November 30, 2016) noted several aspects of those predictions that have not come to pass. It is obviously a matter of opinion on whether Charlie has been "right in the grand sweep of things." I think Charlie has been wrong on a multitude of his predictions constituting the "grand sweep of things" over the past several years. Some items that he has gotten right about the economy, for example, are not astonishing and were predicted by others (as another commentator here has pointed out: Gerald Celente has predicted many things that have come true vis-a-vis the economy). And, he has gotten many things wrong about the economy.

--continued on next post--

Anonymous said...

I think Charlie is mixing up prophesy with what they think is to happen. Joan of Arc was only told that she would kick out the English, her interpretation of a battle is just her interpretation - and it is hers not God. Charlie has said that Obama would not finish his term 2016, some say 2017, and that there will not be a peaceful transfer of power on Jan 20, 2017 - this is something a higher power ( Angel, God, Jesus) told him specifically. He's trying to justify dates again. Trump will be sworn in there will be a massive police, military presence, Trump gets power, they need him in to sink overleveraged markets, he's the fall guy, they will blame it on Trump when things tank.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Concerning Charlie's recent comment to Joe on 12/21/2016 concerning the potential upcoming presidential inauguration--my perspective is very straightforward:

Charlie has identified himself as a prophet who purportedly receives direction and messages from an Angel. He has stated that in 2007 his Angel told him that 'Obama will not finish his term and that the next leader will not come from election process".

Charlie has stated that he was "told" this plainly and straightforwardly, without any interpretations on his part. Therefore, if this specific prophesy does not come to realization as purportedly foretold by his Angel, then the only possible conclusion is that Charlie's private revelations are not authentic, for heavenly beings and agents do not err in the foretelling of such important matters, nor would they permit Charlie to be mistaken on such a key event. In short, discernment concerning this matter is really very straightforward, since we are dealing directly with a purported heavenly prediction, which therefore does not allow for any "wiggle room" for error. If it is of heaven it will come to pass exactly as stated. If not, then Charlie's private revelations are simply not authentic.

May God bless all who visit here!
-Glenn Dallaire

Jackisback said...

To Anonymous at 1:09 PM,

--continued from prior post (at 3:29 PM)

Comparisons of Charlie (especially when made by Charlie) to any actual prophet of the past are highly inappropriate, and particularly repugnant with respect to St. Joan of Arc. One of Joan's very first prophecies was in May of 1429 with respect to lifting the siege of Orleans. She didn't put a set time frame for fulfillment of that prophecy, but the night before the third day of the attempt to break the siege, she asked her chaplain to stay close to her the next day, because "tomorrow blood will flow from my body, above my breast." Presumably, she asked her chaplain to stay close for fear that she would be mortally wounded. She was the first to set a ladder against the fortress of Les Tourelles the next day and she was shot with a crossbow in the shoulder. Despite the wound, she returned to the battlefield and so inspired the French troops that they captured the bridge and the stronghold of Les Tourelles. By the end of the fourth day, May 8, 1429, Joan's prophecy of the lifting of the siege was fulfilled, an astonishing victory in her very first battle. Imagine for a moment the pressure she was under, because Charles VII sent her to that battle precisely as a test of her prophecy.

Note that prior to this first feat, Joan was examined by clerics of the Church (on orders of Charles VII) - extensively vetted - putting her through both a background investigation and a theological examination. They ultimately "declared her to be of irreproachable life, a good Christian, possessed of the virtues of humility, honesty and simplicity." Yet, imagine the anxiety she must have experienced knowing the dire consequences should she fail this first test at Orleans.

Her second major prophecy, made directly to Charles VII in March 1429, actually did specify a time frame: that she was given the responsibility to bring him to be crowned and annointed as King of France at the Cathedral at Reims in four months time. Charles VII actually was crowned King in that very Cathedral at Reims on July 17, 1429 - within the "four months time" prophecy.

Two of Joan's four major prophecies, did not have stated specific timelines: that she was given responsibility of driving the English from France entirely, and rescuing the Duke of Orleans (though she stated in one quote that she thought she was being commanded to make those things happen in not much more than one year. In fact, though the stated goals were eventually accomplished, both occurred years after Joan's death by execution.

It would behoove the audacious Charlie, when comparing himself to St. Joan of Arc, to actually get one major prophecy correct before making such a wild boast. It is the height of absurdity for him to demand that anyone prove he isn't "just like St. Joan of Arc" (on January 21, 2017, should the "sign" fail). It is equally absurd for Charlie to imply that anyone who would declare Charlie to be a false prophet on that day is de facto guilty of slander or detraction against St. Joan. If a comparison to Joan of Arc is insisted upon by Charlie or anyone else, then a failure of the "sign" should be compared to Joan's first prophecy and the results obtained by her aiding the French to victory at Orleans.

Joan's role in the fulfillment of the prophecy of crowning Charles VII at Reims just a few months later was even more impressive, considering the odds against success. That the other two prophecies took longer to be fulfilled and that she was dead long before their fulfillment is not at all comparable to the level of failure should Charlie's prophecy of the "sign" on January 20, 2017 not come about as he claims he "was told." Joan was batting a thousand with respect to her first two major prophecies. Charlie will be batting zero.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha - Charlie will be batting zero, he must be a Cubs fan.
I said it before and I'll say it again, Charlie isn't going anywhere, right or wrong Charlie is a "good Christian", here is a quote from someone else on the Joe question:
I have told many people of this website and Charlie , and the one thing I always say is ” I cannot say for sure that all of the things Charlie has been told will happen for sure , however his message and his advice is Christ like . His message is love and repentance . And faith in the Church that Jesus created and no waffling on that that ive ever seen. ”
It's no longer about him being right or wrong about prophecies, it's about his good Christian message. It will be interesting to see how many followers stay after he turns out to be wrong - again. I believe this is all a cover for the real fall to justify the existence of Charlie and his "sweeping message ". They too realize that the likelihood of Charlie being wrong are quite good - they are in denial because they have been sucked in and probably told 100s of friends and are embarrassed at the results so far and the only way to save face is to promote the Charlie good news message - the fall back position, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

There is more to the conversation...

Joe says:
December 22, 2016 at 8:56 am
"Joe Crozier. When somone makes as bold and direct of a claim as Charlie has and is wrong. Then he is has misled a lot of people and should be held accountable. If you foolishly refuse to believe he is wrong because he is your friend then you are nothing more than a sheep. I wanted to believe Charlie too, but It seems to me by the way he is back peddling and looking for a way to justify himself for when his claims fall through that he doesn’t even believe himself at this point. Please Joe, be an independent thinker and do not blindly follow."

charliej373 says:
December 23, 2016 at 12:32 pm
"Joe, this is silly. When I take responsibility, you call that backpedaling? How have I misled anyone? The focus of my work has been solid and sound. My description of the unraveling of civil society has been solid and sound. So if there is a normal inauguration, are you going to cease to acknowledge God, cease to take the next right step, cease to be a sign of hope, cease to live the ordinary, simple way? If I were to prove wrong on even an important detail, that would not be the same as – or anywhere akin to – misleading people. And you might want to hold your despair and gloating for another month, in any case."

Anonymous said...

Charlie reminds me of a true story I encountered along my travels.
My friend's son was not going to church for a while but one day meets this pretty girl who attended this born-again church, so he started going to this church with her and thought that this relationship is taking off. About one month later she introduces this guy to her boyfriend - boy was he shocked. It turns out that the girls in the born-again Church were picking off guys and bringing them to this born-again Church, they were luring them in for Jesus.
Charlie is the same way, he lures you in with his sexy prophesies and once he has you it was never about the prophesies but the Church, Jesus, God's message. He can justify being misleading by saying its really about God - he is bringing souls to Christ.
The end justifies the means.

Anonymous said...

My post under Musings Kitty Cleveland...etc. in response to Beckita, #2 in command at Charlie's, let's see if it gets posted, here is my response in regards to 2 fake news links she posted, I'm trying to be as tame as possible: Beckita: I love the picture of Our Lady of Akita.
Your links to the last 2 links on the Aleppo situation are Fake News stories. They are the creation of a CNN reporter. I suggest you go to with Patrick Henningsen to get the full story on the situation in Syria and Aleppo – there are many links about the deplorable situation in Syria – there are actual reporters who have been in Syria and Aleppo like reporter Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley who tell a completely different story about what is going on in Syria than what is said by the main stream western press.
Pope Francis has said that promoting Fake News is like “eating s…” ( His words, not mine).
If more people educate themselves on Syria maybe the slaughter will stop.

Anonymous said...

My comment is still awaiting clearance. It meets Charlie's criteria, respectable comment addressing the issue head on with professional back-up and link plus a quote from Pope Francis about promoting Fake News which the 2 articles clearly are. Charlie makes sure to vet comments from credible sources, I wonder how these 2 got through his screening process.

Anonymous said...

Further information: Here is a far better link: This link explains that the White Helmuts have perpetrated the fake stories. Why? To make Assad look bad and to cover the fact that the SAA captured NATO officers including an American and an Israeli , the SAA made sure to publish the names of the captured so that it is public record ( names reveled here as well) - smart move. The White Helmuts work only in rebel held areas because they are White Helmuts by day and rebels at night. There is plenty of eye opening information on this page. It also explains that these stories are created by Michael Weiss of CNN who has invented these false claims. Read the article from people who actually have boots on the ground not in an office in New York or Washington.
I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't allow these comments or if he does complain how could you post around Christmas - we'll see.

Bizlep said...

Dear Glenn and all the Anonymous (and not so anonymous)Christian people posting here.
I stopped posting here because it keeps repeating, difficult to follow, and there seems to be nothing new around... so I tend to avoid never-ending arguments and stick to reality-checks.

But NOW it happens that I do have a new fact to add to this trend... but before let me resume mt two stances here concerning God and Prophets popping up in his topic:

1 - God can choose whoever he wants for a mission, even a 'turd', we have many examples in the Bible. The fact that Charlie is a reckless geopolitical nullity is totally indifferent to God. Actually Pope Francis is EXACTLY like that (will you blame God for that or think he is not a true Pope?), in such a way that many evangelical friends, etc, now think Pope Francis is the leader of the 'Jesuit NWO conspiracy' because he signs under Climate Change, not spreading 'Fake News', pro-globalization, pro-immigrants (doesn't want walls), etc. Many so called conspiracy theories are now proven to actually be true, so if God wants to warn the common Joe about something, don't send some 'conspiracy nuts' to do it, cause he might see his Mission in jeopardy and the audience fleeing the room. By now anyone with two cents of brain can seen that ISIS is a false flag mercenary army, funded by CIA, may be Mossad and Saudis, supported by US tax-payers dollars, etc. Pope Francis also can't see this... I wonder how many US citizens can??? - So stop applying 'human criteria' for what God does or sends or not choses for a mission... actually you're exactly doing what Charlie has been preaching not to do: understanding God's mind... just trust Him.

2 - Now the meaty part: I have always find it odd and striking that Charlie is the ONLY ONE seer I'm aware of (and I went through many, many of them in the last 25 years in almost every country, including Greek Mount Athos monks) and it is amazing that Charlie is the only one which came with a lighting short and milder tribulation scenario of just less than one year. He himself acknowledges this in his comments and excahnges with Mark Mallet, for instance.
Well, folks I have found something that looks like a stencil copy of what Charlie has being saying. HOWEVER, I've waited until Christmas (you'll see why) to post it here, because I do know and have seen how God suddenly changes the course of things (like the entire time-line) and leaves a genuine prophet as a false one (the best example of this for me if Father Stefano Gobbi; i'm convinced he was true, but Pope John Paul II stuck the Heart of God and somehow manage to grant a reprieve and extension of the Mercy period of around 25 years (one generation)... that left father Gobbi looking what he for sure wasn't.

So, this piece i'm copying has a small blunder in what concerns Christmas, so has Charlie... this is very interesting because if two independent persons have been 'tricked' may be God exactly around the same period, he might have extended the Storm a reprieve, with Donald Trump actually getting there. He is a staunch pro-lifer today and that can really change many things, or everything.

This is from a private person, not a public prophet and the source is here:

I now copy the text under... you'll see that the general lines look like a 'copycat' of Charlie + a piece related to the Pope and Vatican is very reminiscent of John Bosco's Vatican vacancy and Pope dream. I leave for your discernment. That is all.

Anonymous said...


Welcome back, and Merry Christmas. I'm confused by your post. Are you thinking that the revelations to Steve may be true and those given to Charlie are false? Or that the truth is some combination of the two seers?

I looked at some of Steve's messages and at least one references Christina Gallagher who I believe is a condemned/unapproved seer.

Also Steve's messages talk about the martyrdom of the Pope, the Eucharist becoming invalid due to changes in the Mass, angels carrying people off to refuses...some pretty weird stuff.

Do these "Refuge in the Heart of God" have any sort of ecclesiastical approval?

Bizlep said...

Dear Anonymous

That website doesn't belong to Steve, it belongs to a Vietnam veteran that converted to Catholicism (John something, that has very few prophetic messages and much more a mission to prepare 'refuges' in the US for the coming persecution there). That Steve message is a e-mail a reader (Steve) sent to John after John answered a quest by Our lady to Him asking people who read him to write their personal 'experiences'. Steve seems to be a Catholic with strong interior life and occasionally receives images and thoughts during adoration and Mass (especially the Old Mass ad orientem). As far as i'm aware, that is the only ever message from Steve made public (by a e-mail).

Now, what caught my attention was the similarity of content and the vision of Angels all over by the end (September) 2017 (= The Rescue??????)... it is the only one message I'm aware, besides Charlie, setting a One Year scenario for the 'pulp' of the Tribulation, with a mention of confrontation with China.

Because the first part of that message (panic around Christmas) hasn't happen I now suspect that Donald Trump might have change God'd schedule... I find significance that two independent people with short term 'visions' both failed. This can be either becasue both prophecies were false, or a independent confirmation that there has been a change of plans... folks you can't imagine how often this happens... it must be Our Lady Intercession and if that is the case, it is mind blowing the Love that God the Father has for her... I've been convinced for some years that for some bad things to start Our Lady must stop interceding in that peculiar case.

I think Steve is in good faith, especially because that will be the only probable message out from him to reach the public, the rest is something between God and his interior life of prayer.

As for John, he is very generic, as no dates, but mentions Charlie in one of his messages... and his mission is actually about the refuges, especially in Texas.

Merry Christmas and a Holy New Year.

Bizlep said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bizlep said...

quote: "Also Steve's messages talk about the martyrdom of the Pope, the Eucharist becoming invalid due to changes in the Mass, angels carrying people off to refuses...some pretty weird stuff."

Answer: i'm amazed on how people seem to be so light weighted when reading things (must be this i-phone texting society)...
1- Steve vision content only mention the Pope vanishing, the martyr part his Steve interpretation ("I sensed"). John Bosco has a dream where the Pope leaves the Vatican for some months... also the Fatima III secret is about a Pope being martyred (I'm one that doesn't buy the official Vatican interpretation). Anyway Steve just saw the papal throne empty. For me the Pope will be forced to leave Rome and people will be lied and some Cardinals will start doing whatever they want, wrong teaching, etc. This IS MY INTERPRETATION of a empty Papal seat.
2 - He saw angels flying all over the earth, but again, he clearly states that may be taking people to refuges his his interpretation... He seem to have seen 'static' visions... like the conflict with China, he hasn't seen who shot first, but refrain form guessing it.
3 - As for the Eucharist, there are many, many Prophecies (very old and new) that it will vanish from sight (Daniel: the halting of the perpetual Holocaust)
For these issues (Pope, Don Bosco and False prophet and Eucharist see the meditations of Mark Mallet... this is far from new and also another striking thing in Charlie's talks: the absence of some 'end times' events like the Warning, the Church Schism, the vanishing Pope, the False Church, etc.

I failed to post the original message (more than 4000 characters). I'll give it another try or people might again take Steve for John. Folks you must be very careful readers :)

Anonymous said...

It has been over 3 days and not a peep on Charlie's site. According to Charlie we are in the thick of the Storm and he's supposed to lead us and he disappears at the most critical time in history? That doesn't make sense. He was even active during Good Friday and Easter 2016.

Anonymous said...

Charlie back up and clearing comments, still no sign of my comments re: Beckita and her fake news stories on Syria.

Anonymous said...

Charlie's reply - not posted yet:Though I have deleted this comment, as John uses sketchy sites to promote his view that the U.S. has been involved in helping terrorists in Aleppo and that Russia is being maligned, I put up this link to a credible site that makes some similar claims without making up details that are not yet in evidence.

I agree with John that there is a lot of official disinformation being spread about this whole business, but I disagree that Russia is the soul of sweet reason and light and all it does is pure and true. So John, please use some measured judgment based on VERIFIABLE facts to make the points you make that should be noted. But combatting officially spewed poppycock with the equal and opposite poppycock illuminates no one: it just facilitates the division of society into roving bands of rival tribal warlords. -CJ

Anonymous said...

Charlie's reply is now posted. He has not allowed my 2 posts in relation to fake news published by Beckita. This proves my point that he is sanitizing posts - caught red handed. I never mentioned anything about the Russians in the posts yet he persists in addressing that as the issue, which it isn't. The issue was the 2 Fake News stories that had proof they were fake yet he won't address it. Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley are the only 2 reporters who have been allowed in war torn Syria outside of Damascus. 21st century wire is the only news site that gives almost 24/7 coverage of the Syrian conflict. The closest main stream reporter is located in Beirut, Lebanon. Also notice his demeaning tone "poppycock". Notice how he doesn't address the captured NATO members including an American and an Israeli who are ranked and mentioned by name and published by the Syrian Government - if you notice the American, there is even a photo of him on 21st Century Wire.
What's even more astounding from Charlie and Beckita is that the 2 fake news stories have comments sections, one is from England and even under the comments the people overwhelmingly say these stories are propaganda by their own country!
Charlie is risking his reputation to back his friend Beckita - not the truth.
Even Pope Francis said that the promulgation of Fake News is a sin which I pointed out to him as well.
My next step is to e-mail Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire to tell him that Charlie thinks he does not have verifiable information.

Anonymous said...

My new comment to Charlie that won't be posted: Charlie I made sure that my comments were posted on other sites to protect my integrity. You may have scrubbed them but others know what I posted. Nice try.
The 2 articles Beckita posted on Aleppo are fake news stories. The last fake story has been traced to Michael Weiss of CNN. The other story is from a person of the Human Security Council? Is that a credible source? I've never heard of them before.
The 2 fake articles have been exposed by 21st Century Wire which has 24/7 coverage of the conflict in Syria. Patrick Henningsen runs the site and the 2 reporters he uses are the only 2 credentialed reporters allowed to report outside of Damascus. The closest main stream reporter is located in Beirut, Lebanon. Even under the comments section, people can see that these articles are propaganda. The comments from the fake news stories overwhelmingly can see the lies. Read them they tear the story to threads and right from the fake stories.
By the way, I never brought up the Russians - you did - aren't you glad I posted my original scrubbed posts on other sites to make sure I was not slighted.
I noticed that you actual agree the 2 stories are fake by your statement : "but combatting officially spewed poppycock ( the 2 fake stories ) with the equal and opposite poppycock ( my rebuttal, not allowed to be posted ) illuminates no one".

Anonymous said...

It looks like he actually agrees the stories are fake by his last comment, I wonder how Beckita feels now that she has been thrown under the bus by Charlie and his garbled but pointed comment? This should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

If you scroll to the bottom of that page, you will see a comment by Brianna Elizabeth which uses a Veterans Today link on Aleppo which confirms everything that 21st Century Wire has been saying.

Anonymous said...

Charlie is really ticked because he has been caught scrubbing my posts and who else's posts have been scrubbed, is this the character of a man of God?,he twists my posts as being conspiracy theoriesJohn, this is MY site. I have stated my standards pretty clearly – and I am pretty permissive in the application of them. So post wherever you want. I keep most conspiracists completely off here, but you often have solid kernels – and sometimes a full solid comment – so I indulge you…perhaps more than I should. But should this self-righteous persecution complex continue to supplement your enthusiasm for conspiracy theories with sketchy evidence, by all means, post exclusively elsewhere. Let other sites benefit exclusively from your astonishing, counter-intuitive and evidence-deprived conspiracy theories. I will just muddle along without you, insisting on maintaining standards of evidence and reason.

Anonymous said...

My comment to Charlie which may not get posted: Charlie calling me names and demeaning my character won’t work that’s an old communist tactic that’s rather boring,you should actually address the issue, which you did in a previous post so thank you for admitting the 2 posts were fake: noticed that you actual agree the 2 stories are fake by your statement : “but combatting officially spewed poppycock ( the 2 fake stories ) with the equal and opposite poppycock ( my rebuttal, not allowed to be posted ) illuminates no one”

Anonymous said...

I think we're all getting off track here. Clearly, this has become Charlie bashing.

Anonymous said...

This form is about Charlie, he has to be held accountable for his actions, he's the one claiming he's getting divine manifestations so it's important to bring out the good, the bad and the ugly.

Anonymous said...

I listened to one video he says Obama be out office 2016 that thre days!
Is this true/? Has Obama left white hose/.?

Anonymous said...

To anonymous above, I've been reading the comments in Charlie's last few posts and if I understand what's now being said is that the only definitive prediction is the rescue in late 2017. There was a post that suggests that if we were to interpret Charlie's prophecies literally then we would be guilty of the same thing that the Pharisees and Scribes were. They read the Old Testament prophecies of a Messiah and had certain expectations as to how God was supposed to fulfill those prophecies, which is why they didn't recognize Christ. The whole thing is getting confusing to me.

Obammessiah said...

Obama has in fact left the White House!---as of Friday December 16th he has been fully enjoying himself in sunny Hawaii, and will be there vacationing until after the New Year.

Incidentally, a number of news outlets have been reporting just today that the "vacationer and chief" Obama's personal vacations over the last 8 years have cost us taxpayers a reported $85 million. AAAHHH, our esteemed leader Obammessiah vacationing in sunny paradise, while we "serfs" freeze here in mid-winter on the mainland---you gotta love it!

Anonymous said...

It looks like Charlie has thrown his angels under the bus as well. If his angels told him this and that and said it would happen and now Charlie is disavowing those predictions by his angels if it may not happen, he is essentially throwing them under the bus.
I never thought he would throw Beckita under the bus and he has in order to protect himself, he doesn't want to be associated with fake news, when Beckita finally figures out what he did - yikes.
Obama may be in Hawaii but he's still causing trouble, he's not going quietly. Obama is a typical communist, do as I say not as I do.

Anonymous said...

I'm listening to an interview with John Hogue. John Hogue claims 100% success in picking the US election winner, except for this year, he claimed Hillary would win, but Trump won, but still claimed victory because Hillary had more votes. His pundits cried fowl and he conceded. He claimed that prophesy now days is not the same and the reason is that there are numerous scenarios that may happen in the future based on what happened previously. He says prophesy is conditional on certain events.
Let's go to Charlie, he claims certain events, but those events may change through prayer, but Charlie has never admitted that until now. He was adamant that events would take place which seem to not come about. According to John Hogue, Charlie may well be right, but prayer changed the outcome.
So is this a justification for Charlie being wrong? It seems that Charlie is applying the John Hogue take on prophesy. Is this goal post moving justification?

MK said...

From EWTN (based upon CCCs 66 and 67):

--begin quoted text--
The person who believes the teachings of the Magisterium, utilizes devoutly the sacramental means of sanctification and prayer, and remains in Communion with the Pope and the bishops in union with him, is already employing the necessary means of salvation. A private revelation may recall wayward individuals to the faith, stir the devotion of the already pious, encourage prayer and penance on behalf of others, but it cannot substitute for the Catholic faith, the sacraments and hierarchical communion with the Pope and bishops.

Another way of saying this is that private revelations may not be believed with divine and Catholic Faith. They rest on the credibility of the evidence in favor of a supernatural origin. In the case of private revelations approved by the highest authority in the Church we can say with Pope Benedict XIV,

Although an assent of Catholic faith may not be given to revelations thus approved, still, an assent of human faith, made according to the rules of prudence, is due them; for according to these rules such revelations are probable and worthy of pious credence. [De Serv. Dei Beatif.]

The Pope is saying that a Catholic, seeing that the Church (and here the Holy See is meant, as only it's acts can be of universal effect) has investigated and approved certain revelations, is being prudent to give them human assent. That acceptance does not rest on the guarantee of Faith, or the charism of infallibility, but on the credibility of the evidence as it appeals to reason. The assent involved is not supernatural but the natural assent that the intellect gives to facts which it judges to be true. Approved private revelations are thus worthy of our acceptance and can be of great benefit to the faithful, for as the Catechism of the Catholic Church notes,

Guided by the Magisterium of the Church, the sensus fidelium knows how to discern and welcome in these revelations whatever constitutes an authentic call of Christ or his saints to the Church. [CCC 67]

However, on the other hand, they do not demand acceptance by Catholics. As Pope Benedict states in the aforementioned text,

it is possible to refuse to accept such revelations and to turn from them, as long as one does so with proper modesty, for good reasons, and without the intention of setting himself up as a superior. [De Serv. Dei Beatif.]
--end quoted text--

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. Exactly three weeks from today (noontime) we will know whether or not there is any evidence of a supernatural nature vis-a-vis Charlie's "sign." If Obama has not left office by then, the "sign" will have failed - and it will be definitive that there is no "...credibility of the evidence as it appeals to reason." And it will be proof beyond doubt that there never was any "...credibility of the evidence as it appeals to reason" at any point in time during which Charlie has been stating and repeating this "prophecy" over the past several years. For he will not have told us true.

That Charlie's tone throughout the past year and a half has been to minimize the impact of a failure of the "sign," that is of no consequence. How long will it take his local Bishop, after January 20, 2017, to issue a ruling of "Constat de non supernaturalitate?" I'm betting it will be done prior to Christmas day of 2017.

Anonymous said...

Besides his failed Christmas prophecies or non prophesies he has stated Obama will be gone before the end of 2016, we have 9 hours to go or 12 hours pacific standard time. I realize some are saying 2017, but he definitely said 2016.
Now this is quite interesting, Charlie states that he gets 3 messages per week, and only imparts the important issues and if this is the case how does he get so many things wrong? I still say as someone said on his site that someone should pray the exorcist prayers over him, this would settle the issue once and for all if he is truely authentic.

Glenn Dallaire said...

To Anonymous directly above,
Given the purported angelic message concerning Obama not finishing his term, Charlie *assumed* that Obama would be out by the end of 2016, but this was his own assumption, which was understandable back at that time.

The key point in all of this is though is that discernment must be made specifically according to the alleged angelic prophesy, and NOT Charlie's assumptions. And the alleged angelic prophesy, according to Charlie, is that "President Obama will not finish his term, and that the next leader will not come from the election process". So this, and the other 5 or so other specific angelic predictions is where discernment must lie, and not with comments or conclusions that Charlie himself has made concerning these purported heavenly messages.

In other words, prophets are not held to account according to their own reflections/assumptions/conclusions, but they are held to account specifically for the purported heavenly messages that they allegedly convey.

Wishing you God's blessings throughout the New Year!
Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

People are speculating on his site what it means by Obama leaving the office, some are concluding that he has already vacated the presidency with his recent actions so Charlie is right. Even if Trump is inaugurated they will spin it and say it didn't happen the right way. Unfortunately, this is isn't going to end, Charlie will get photo ops with Nuns and Priests and make it appear he's a good catholic. He has pulled out all stops in the last 3 weeks banning people and negative comments and even throwing his own people under the bus to protect his image. Charlie and some of his followers will be around for a while until he's ruled as the above poster said: "Constat de non supernaturalitate?"

Anonymous said...

I would expect the Archdiocese of Denver to weigh in sometime after the inauguration. I doubt they will allow this to go on indefinitely.

Anonymous said...

He's already banned in his own diocese, but he goes to other diocese. Does the ban apply to his site which is in his diocese? Or does he use a server outside the diocese to avoid the ban? My belief is that Charlie is now filtering his own site for negative posts because the diocese said it looked at his site last time. He's cleansed his site so that it would appear better to the diocese. The diocese preliminary investigation was conducted because people were asking for advice from the diocese, they had to come out with a statement. I imagine that there are probably more inquiries now and you may be right that once the inauguration happens the diocese will have to put more reigns or a complete muzzle on Charlie.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Dear Anonymous (directly above),
Thanks for your comments. To be clear, Charlie definitely is not "banned" in his own diocese. The declaration from the Archdiocese of Denver has been discussed in length in this article, and most especially in the comments beneath this article:
The Archdiocese of Denver's statement concerning Charlie Johnston

I suggest that you read the article and especially the comments beneath the article to get a better understanding of the facts concerning the Archdiocesan declaration. In summary, not being officially approved as a speaker within the archdiocese in no way translates to being "banned". By default, all persons are not approved to speak within the Archdiocese---this is by default in all dioceses' throughout the world. Permission to be a speaker must be requested and obtained, and therefore Charlie, like everyone else is "not approved" by default.

To be clear, my point here is not to defend Charlie, but to defend the facts. Concerning Charlie and his purported angelic prophesies, with the upcoming presidential inauguration we shall see within just a few weeks time how it all turns out.

May God bless you and your loved ones throughout the New Year!
Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

I will be phoning the diocese myself for a clarification - I read it differently, the Denver diocese is the only one who can answer the question.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Yes!--it is definitely wise to go to the source to inform oneself on such matters, and in this case you certainly will not be the first, as quite a few folks contacted the Denver Archdiocese right after the pronouncement was made back on March 7 last year, and they all got the same explanation that has been provided here--that being that Charlie was left free to continue publishing on his website, and speaking outside of diocesan property on all matters, including his purported private revelations. Also, the Denver archdiocese left other bishops free to allow him to speak within their Churches and properties, if they so chose, and if I am not mistaken I believe he did actually speak in a couple of Catholic churches outside of the Denver diocese since the Archdiocesan statement last March.
-However, someone can feel free to chime in on this particular matter.

The point is he definitely was left free to continue to speak and write on all matters, including his alleged private revelations. It should also be mentioned, as I pointed out in the article I wrote concerning the Archdiocese Declaration concerning Mr. Johnston, that Archbishop Aquila strongly stressed caution concerning Charlie's alleged private revelations, and I would add here that I definitely completely agree with that wise conclusion, as I do with the entire Archdiocese Declaration itself.

May God bless you an your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification. I hate to muddy the waters more but here goes.
The current PM of Canada - RH Justin Trudeau was invited by the school and political party to speak at a catholic high school in the province of Ontario, Canada prior to him being PM, a board member or 2 objected to him speaking due to his stance on abortion, euthanasia, etc. The board members wanted the local Bishop to BAN him from speaking on catholic territory ( the Bishop has the power at a catholic school here ). The Bishop said he contacted Trudeau's Bishop and his Bishop said that Mr. Trudeau is a member in good standing with his local diocese and our Bishop said he finds no reason to ban him.
Now when you look at this case, he was allowed to speak on catholic property without the permission of the local Bishop, a lot of people speak on catholic property without the consent of their Bishop. Since the people brought up issues the local Bishop had to act. In the case of Churches,the Priest allows or disallows speakers but is subject to be over ridden by the Bishop. They are free to speak outside of Church property.
In my opinion Charlie was not banned previously from speaking on Church property and never requested to speak on said property,therefore we would never know if he would have been allowed. The people had questions so the diocese had to issue a statement. So relating this to Charlie's case he is now banned from speaking on Church owned property in the Denver diocese. He was not previously banned, but is now banned on Church property. He can speak outside of Church property in the Denver area as can anyone. With regard to outside of Denver, the local Bishop has no power outside his jurisdiction. Some Bishops adhere to other Bishops and others do not.
In the last while Charlie has been speaking to more non-Church venues, I guess if people contact the local diocese they probably don't know Charlie from a hole in the ground so they can only ask his local Bishop about his status or just say no or yes to a presentation on Church property.

Anonymous said...

Your point about the Denver archdiocese left other bishops free to allow him to speak within their Churches and properties, if they so chose is not really within the realm of the Denver diocese to sanction Charlie outside Denver, the Bishop has no power in the other diocese, he could not stop other diocese from allowing Charlie on their property unless he sanctioned Charlie the person and even then another diocese could still take him in. At this point Charlie the person is like any other person who is free to promulgate the gospel - which is ok, but it brings us back to the prophecies which suck you in - which really is the core of the issues we have with Charlie. A prudent Bishop would want to know what Charlie's status in Denver was first. If you notice, Charlie is not talking in official Catholic venues anymore, but other non-Church venues, so other diocese must be incommunicado with Denver.

Anonymous said...

Obama is taking the next right step and moving out of the white house - moving vans have been photoed at the house.

Anonymous said...

The clock is ticking - 17 days for Obama to leave office in disgrace and Trump to not be inaugurated. People are stating that this will be the first sign that what Charlie says is true. Most if not all have prepared physically, spiritually, emotionally, and are ready for the eye of the storm and the long awaited rescue of Our Lady by the end of 2017. But wait a lone voice harkens in Charlie's heart or a follower and the course has been changed and mitigated at the last second by prayer - Charlie is given some slack and lives to impart his messages for another month or 2 or 3 or more.

Anonymous said...

Posted on Charlie's site : 1st of January, 2017. At last, here it is. We’ve still no more than 20 days before the prophecy will unfold and Obama will keep the power, leaving the world in chaos as prophesied. I hope everyone is ready and has taken the right steps/measures! I’m personally starting to move my money. This long-waited prophecy, which will fulfill in a few weeks, will be a definite sign to help us to remember that Rescue and Triumph won’t be far away, as we will have to wait only until toward the end of this very same year! These are the reasons for which I personally can’t wait for this, it will be a great sign for those of us who awaited, even if I’m conscious that we will have to suffer much. But as Charlie said, is unfortunately too late for the main things to change. But after endurance, comes the Rescue! So, Just 20 days of patience, for the first sign to occur, and we will know that Rescue is near! Charlie's answer: The Lord of Hosts is full of surprises. Let us wait on Him.
and a follow-up:
Thanks Charlie, my fault, what I wanted to point out is that one of the clear and fundamental prophecies which the Angels foretold you so long time ago is Obama not finishing his term, and not necessarily Obama extending it. Again, my fault. By doing so, the Angels of God gave us plenty of time to prepare and secure our assets, before chaos will shortly unfold. I’m pointing out this because I’ve always been confident that you received words of Truth! Others readers around the web are criticizing you instead because they don’t believe you, but they will be proven wrong, because the “real stuff” will start shortly. There is no doubt about that. The non-election of Trump will be a clear and much-anticipated sign indeed, I would be really curious to know what they will tell when the prophecy will fulfill! I hope they will offer you some form of excuses, at least. So, just a couple of weeks of patience for the storm to start unleashing its full power! I hope everyone is prepared and confident that there won’t be anything to fear.

Anonymous said...

Please, it is not needed to call the Archdioceses or to attack Charlie. He has been telling us multiple times what he expects to happen before or on the 20th of January: no Trump inauguration. He also told us that IF he will be wrong, he will leave the scene and declare himself unreliable, only to come back again in the remote chance of a coup few weeks later the inauguration. Personally I think Charlie received true words, but there can't be any misunderstanding about what Charlie stated: "President Obama will not complete his 2nd term and that the next leader will not come from an election". Some could argue that Trump doesn't come from the normal political process (?), but Charlie very wisely also stated that Trump HAS been regularly chosen through a normal election, so the prophecy can't be considered fulfilled, for now. Those who will argue that the prophecy will be fulfilled even with an hypothetical inauguration of Trump, will be fools. Again, words have been clear about that.
Personally I have always given Charlie a chance to be believed, and I currently believe in what the Angels told him. I hope everyone of you will do the same at least until the 20th. Just a chance.

Anonymous said...

No phone calls to his diocese, Glenn made some good points, however I didn't want to complain about Charlie. Yes, I agree there are only days left, the past posts have made me see the light that Charlie is putting himself on the line for the good of humanity and what he has been told is true, let's back Charlie now, let's put our past behind and support the TNRSers, no more criticism about Charlie. He has been very clear about Obama not finishing his 2nd term and the next leader not coming from the election process, we have only days to wait, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt because in the end will be the triumph - the prize. I'm on Team Charlie! I see the light, thank you for opening my eyes when all I did was mock him! He even guarantees if he's wrong he's gone! Charlie's putting it on the line, tight rope as he said before.

Anonymous said...

Yes my hat is in, let's give Charlie the space he needs, Charlie says he has no pressure on him he is doing God's work, he has nothing to worry about, neither do we Charlie will keep his word and the storm will be open throttle come January 20. Prepare now! Don't wait! We have days left before the unraveling, but then the Rescue!

Joseph J. said...

To Anonymous above: I'm concerned about your comment. You do realize (I hope!!!) that at this point it is quite obvious that Charlie is mistaken in his forecast, right? You do realize, of course, that his prediction is definitely turning out to be a fail. He obviously is mistaken.

Anonymous said...

At anonymous right before my comment. I'm not the anonymous of the previous comments, but: why are you so sure that Charlie will fail? What if something bad will occur on the 20th of January, or tomorrow? Please show me your crystal ball.


Anonymous said...

Charlie is not out yet - remember "the hand of God" - Diego Maradonna which eliminated the English from the World Cup of Soccer? Charlie is Diego Maradonna and he has plenty of time to head butt (er... sorry, hand butt ) one in!

Anonymous said...

Maradona. Only one "n".

Helen I said...

The things that Charlie says are upcoming, are not the same things that Mother Mary has said will occur, in terms of her apparitions, and are also not the same thing in terms of timing. The visionaries at Garabandal, Spain, said nothing of a "rescue by Mary," as Charlie describes will happen in late 2017. The Garabandal visionaries talked about a Tribulation of Communism by the Russians,and then following, this,(in an even numbered year),the Warning, or illumination of Conscience, followed by the Miracle, that will be an everlasting and permanent sign, left on the hill at Garabandal,to show people that God exists. This miracle sign will be left, in order to draw people in the World,to God.I am not aware that Charlie has ever spoken of these things, that will be occuring, not in 2017, but in an even numbered year, as indicated by the Garabandal visionary, Mari Loli. To me, this Warning,and Miracle, are God and Mary's "rescue" so to speak, to try to turn people back to God, not the supposed rescue that Charlie Johnston speaks of. And of course,I have a right to believe in the private revelation of Garabandal, just as others look to other private revelations. Mary's apparitions at Fatima, Garabandal, and Akita, Japan, which I understand are linked, sound nothing like what Charlie describes. It as if Charlie has made up his own fiction story, that is not based in the reality of what Mary has truly communicated in her apparitions. Charlie should write the scripts for Hollywood fiction movies, and we should direct our attention to what Our Blessed Mother is truly telling us.

Anonymous said...

If I recall correctly, Charlie stated that the Garabandal Warning could something different from what the seers described, or that the Warning could be something that we are living everyday, as more people are aware of sins and so on. Please take this with a grain of salt because I'm not sure of remembering correctly, sure thing I remember is that according to Charlie the Warning could be something different from what the Garabandal seers predicted. What if the Rescue will be something which will try to rescue only the true faithfuls? We know by prophecies that we still have long years of trials ahead us, so I'm worried that a new era of peace couldn't possibly start so early, by next year, as Charlie predicted instead. We'll see. In the meanwhile let's give a look at what happens before the inauguration of Trump.

Jackisback said...

Look folks. The "entire system" was supposed to have been "upended" by now. It's not. Charlie, in a prior comment response on the "" blog, expressed in a flabbergasted tone: "people here keep looking for who will be in charge based on the current system, which is going to be upended. Really?! What I have said - numerous times - is that we will have a period of chaos which could stretch out for up to six months (most likely two to four) in which we will have a procession of would-be "leaders."" Well, so far, with two weeks left to go, all U.S. governmental institutions are still functioning as they always have functioned (despite Charlie's strained claims that those institutions had already "collapsed" long ago - and how can we all be so stupid to not have noticed?) and all "normal rules" of the "current system" are operational.

As well, the test is not solely whether Trump is inaugurated two weeks from tomorrow. If he isn't available, Pence will be inaugurated. Pence came from the "normal election process" (as I have outlined numerous times in prior posts) as provided for in the U.S. Constitution. If Pence isn't available, it will likely be Paul Ryan (also elected); if not then Orrin Hatch (also elected). But even if none of them are able to serve, someone will be serving as acting President as provided for by the Constitution and U.S. law. It will be someone not named Barack Obama. And keep in mind that Charlie has revised this particular part of the "sign" prophecy to mean that the "next national leader" will not come from our current "political process." This broader phrase means that what Charlie claims he has been told is that the next national leader won't be based upon the operation of the US Constitution or federal law. But this is absurd.

Obama's term ends at noon two weeks from tomorrow. Someone else will be the President or acting President at that moment - notwithstanding Charlie's assertions to the contrary about the current system being upended. No military general, sworn by oath to support and defend, bear true faith and allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, and to "obey the orders of the President of the United States" is going to be so stupid or faithless as to agree to take orders from Obama after the strike of noon that day. Not going to happen. They will take orders from whomever else is President at that moment, because they will not abridge the Constitution by violating their oath of allegiance. All things are possible for God, but not for men. Our military generals' entire source of meaning in their lives is bound up in cleaving to their oath. Taking orders from Obama after the strike of noon on January 20, 2017 would be an actual abdication of that oath. They will not do that. Taking orders from some other person who makes a claim to power which is not sourced in the U.S. Constitution and federal law would also be an abdication of that oath. The generals will not do that either. If you don't know that, you don't know the military. No military general will attempt to take the reins of power in a coup, because it violates the oath - as it constitutes treason - and they know that the other generals and lower ranks will not obey him.

The only way for even a portion of Charlie's "sign" to come true would be for Obama to exit his office via resignation or impeachment sometime between today and two Fridays from tomorrow. Impeachment takes too long to be a realistic possibility, so the only choice is voluntary resignation. But why would Obama resign while he is currently hellbent on legacy-mongering - professing what a great President he has been, as he has just published recently?

Jackisback said...

Now is a good time to review something I wrote on this blog on November 9, 2016:

--begin quoted text--
If you are still reserving judgment until noontime January 20, 2017, then at least consider, each day as you wake up in this upcoming 10 1/2 week period, if you notice that:

A. President Obama is still in office
B. The President-elect and Vice President-elect are still alive and going through the transition of power meetings as always, with no part of the current system yet upended
C. There are no visible signs of chaos vis-a-vis the current system
D. There is no need for any procession of would-be leaders

- on which day prior to noon January 20, 2017 will you begin to consider the possibility that you have been played needlessly by a false prophet?
--end quoted text--

If you are a Charlie supporter, I simply note that here we stand, with two weeks to go, and the answers to items A through D above are: check, check, check, and check. So I ask again, as charitably as I can, on which day prior to Friday January 20, 2017 will you at long last consider that you have been needlessly played by a false prophet? Will you really wait until 11:59:59 A.M. on that day before making this determination?

Anonymous said...

Jack, all we need is one suitcase nuke or dirty bomb to go off in a major city, the stock market would collapse, and Obama will declare martial law and remain in office. If Charlie was false as you claim his Bishop would have condemned him, or at least told the faithful not to read his messages.

David M. said...

None of us "know" what will happen between now and Inauguration Day, but because of the testimony of Charlie Johnston, if something dire and completely unforseeable results in Continuity of Government plans being put seamlessly into place--no matter how dire the circumstances might appear, or how hopeless the apparent outlook--I would at least have been warned that this was prophesied, and that a time of Rescue had been announced beforehand, and I would then be able to relay this hope to any other dispirited survivors, while reminding them (by way of being a sign of hope) that this great chastisment all around us all was not random and certainly not meaningless--that we were undergoing a purification which would bring great beneift on mankind, no matter how (temporarily) painful.

As I said--we will all know soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Let's be clear, Charlie's angel has stated that Obama will NOT finish his term AND that there will not be a smooth transfer of power to an elected or political process person on January 20, 2017. Charlie has stated Obama might stay on but that is NOT the prophesy, that is his opinion, so it is not part of his prophesy. He has even said on his site in 2017 that the former is the 'real' prophesy and he stands by it. There are various scenarios where his prophesy fails but he says it is not a failure, if that is the case he's finished, the only thing that matters right now is getting that prophesy correct if he is half right he is still wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I'm on Team Charlie. Something big could happen. Patience is the key.

L Spinelli said...

I've made it pretty clear that I'm not on Team Charlie. Why?

1) The Storm was supposed to break in 2012. It didn't. Charlie changed the story about the circumstances three years later, and only after a priest questioned him.

2) Charlie made three statements about the crash happening in 2013 and 2014. It didn't.

3) The election wasn't supposed to happen. He was adamant about this for years, until he changed it last January.

4) And finally, Christmas. We've now had three "normal" Christmases since that prophecy, and despite his assertions, the "cultural consensus on Christmas" was not "dead" in 2014, 2015 or 2016!

The lesson here is to stick with credible, Church approved prophecies. Stop trying to figure out when the "Warning, Miracle and Chastisement" is going to happen. Garabandal isn't approved. Stop looking for the first secret to take place. Medjugorje isn't approved. Stop wasting your time with these carnival sideshow distractions!

Anonymous said...

Ah Charlie doubters, I was once a Charlie doubter, but let's forget about the past, let's not mix fact with Charlie "speak" let's look to the next 2 weeks as Charlie's tight rope walk - will he fall off 1/10th the way there or continue toward the Rescue or will Charlie fall off but manage to hold onto the rope, get back on and continue - Charlie always seems to always keep going.
You're turning me into a Charlie doubter again, please don't present facts, they convolute the "real" message of the TNRSers, it was never about the prophecies, but the "messages".

Glenn Dallaire said...

It seems readily apparent to me that we should not make discernment in this matter more difficult than it has to be--for it is really quite simple. The Holy Scriptures are very clear that a prophet is judged by the fulfillment of his prophesies (Deuteronomy 18:21-22).

Therefore, the authenticity of Charlie's purported angelic private revelations rests solely and completely on the fulfillment of said prophesies, the first being that "Obama will not finish his term/next leader will not come from election process."

This alleged angelic prophesy concerning Obama is very straightforward, and it will either come to pass, or not in the coming 2 weeks. There really is no interpretive "wiggle room". And so it is that the authenticity of Charlie's mission will be judged by the fulfillment, or lack thereof, of this prediction, according to the Scriptural exhortation concerning such matters.

Barring any significant events in the next two weeks requiring a report, I will be posting an updated article here on this website on January 20th to provide an updated report concerning this matter. And of course, as always everyone will be free to comment at that time.

May God bless all who visit here.
Glenn Dallaire

L Spinelli said...

Anonymous @ 12:14, your post only proves my point. If there's one prophecy you should be paying attention to this year, it's Fatima. TNRS is nothing but a distraction.

Jackisback said...

To Anonymous January 5, 2017 at 9:55 PM, you said

--begin quoted text--
Jack, all we need is one suitcase nuke or dirty bomb to go off in a major city, the stock market would collapse, and Obama will declare martial law and remain in office.
--end quoted text--

There is no doubt about the first part of your sentence vis-a-vis a stock market collapse. But that is the only part of your sentence that is true or reflective of reality.

That is because it is not up to Obama to "declare martial law" by executive fiat. A President does make the actual pro forma "declaration," but not by the power of his office. That is a "derivative" power presumed to exist in the context of Article I section 8 (involving calling forth miltias during invasions or rebellions) and Article I section 9 (involving the power to suspend writs of habeas corpus in cases of invasion or rebellion) in the US Constitution; these derivative powers can be exercised ONLY BY Congress, not the President, whose powers are defined and limited by Article II (despite the fact that Presidents formally make the "declaration"). Lincoln's famous suspension of habeas corpus during the civil war (de facto declaration of martial law) WAS AUTHORIZED by Congress, yet was ruled unconstitutional after the war ended. But note, even that derivative imposition of martial law did not (and could not) stop the election of 1864, which Lincoln won during the "normal election process" of the electoral college. The famous case there was Ex Parte Milligan, which reads in pertient part:
--begin quoted text--
"If, in foreign invasion or civil war, the courts are actually closed, and it is impossible to administer criminal justice according to law, then, on the theatre of active military operations, where war really prevails, there is a necessity to furnish a substitute for the civil authority, thus overthrown, to preserve the safety of the army and society; and as no power is left but the military, it is allowed to govern by martial rule until the laws can have their free course. As necessity creates the rule, so it limits its duration; for, if this government is continued after the courts are reinstated, it is a gross usurpation of power. Martial rule can never exist where the courts are open, and in the proper and unobstructed exercise of their jurisdiction. It is also confined to the locality of actual war."
--end quoted text--

So there's that. Also there is the Posse Comitatus Act passed at the end of Reconstruction, which specifically limits the federal government's use of the military to enforce domestic policies (this act is countered somewhat by the Enforcement Acts, which Eisenhower used so as to enforce desegregation in Arkansas in 1957).

In the next two weeks, if a suitcase nuke goes off, Obama will not be empowered to make a declaration of martial law by the Republican controlled Congress. The only way they would do so is if the explosion manages to take out virtually all domestic systems of government - state courts, state legislatures and governors, federal courts (including the Supreme Court), and perhaps some large portion of the US Senate and House of Representatives, such that the Republicans deemed that they could not do their duties without the aid of the military.

But even then there is no provision for the now-sitting President to stay on after noon on January 20, 2017. If I entertain your martial law fantasy, the next President would be at the helm in enforcing it along with the generals who are sworn by their oath to obey him, and not Barack Obama, as of 12:01 p.m. two weeks from today.

I say again: all things are possible for God, but not for men. And, you don't need a Bishop to tell you this. Just open up your pocket size copy of the Constitution and read it. It doesn't take long to go through. Mine is only 41 pocket size pages long (including all 27 amendments).

Anonymous said...

To L. Spinelli: We have to wait 2 weeks to put the final nail in the coffin, up to this point Charlie has dodged everything, I realize he said things in the past, but, this Jan 20/17 timeline is part of his "true prophecies" and there is no skating around anymore, although they will, but this is it.
As for his "rescue" I don't really call it as part of his prophesy because others are saying the same thing, including myself, he is trying to hijack the Fatima message and anniversary as something revealed only to him - BS, others know this is a special year, not just Charlie.

Anonymous said...

Please everyone, be careful, as there is something which could change everything: Charlie never said that Obama will extend his term (that is something which COULD happen), Charlie said that Obama will not finish his term. He added that we could have an explosion of events after an election and before an inauguration. Also we could have Obama declare a national emergency, cancel elections, extend his term and then depart before the extension was up.
This is what Charlie said.

Mary H said...

With all due respect, Glenn, just a few years ago the Catholic Church released official guidelines on how to discern messages and messengers. The guidelines include far more than whether a prophecy pans out or not; it includes an examination of a messenger's personal sanctity and stability.

The National Catholic Register published an article on the guidelines in 2014. It is here, at

I would argue Charlie Johnston does not meet the guidelines, as he seems excessively interested in politics, constantly refers to himself and his own achievements, and exhibits a certain sharpness when answering critics that is at odds with the peace and joy one receives from the Holy Spirit.

Jackisback said...

To Anonymous at 4:56 p.m., you said:

--begin quoted text--
Also we could have Obama declare a national emergency, cancel elections, extend his term and then depart before the extension was up.
This is what Charlie said.
--end quoted text--

I can't believe anyone would still give credence to this. I have thoroughly debunked this nonsense (in many past posts) that theoretically or hypothetically "could," according to Charlie, happen, as something that absolutely CANNOT happen. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. For the "nth" time, Obama DOES NOT HAVE THE POWER TO "EXTEND HIS TERM" NO MATTER WHAT HE MIGHT "DECLARE." No national emergency can keep him in office BEYOND NOON JANUARY 20, 2017. His term ends as a matter of law, and no declaration can change that. He will not be the President. End of story. Bye, bye. See you later. All military personnel are answerable to the new commander in chief as a matter of law and their oath of allegiance to the Constitution. They will not violate that solemn oath!

So please stop with the nonsense of "well this COULD" happen.

No, it can't.

The fact that Charlie and his followers continue to say that it "could" just makes them fantasy mongers - who lose credibility every time they repeat it. To hold this position is an utter abandonment of intellect and reason. It is obtuse.

Back when this was first uttered by Charlie, I hammered this silly hypothetical on this site in no uncertain terms. I argued with Glenn about it over the course of several posts. Glenn, to his credit, finally saw the silliness of this particular thought process, that, as you point out, is something Charlie said, but not something Charlie claimed was told to him.

I argued at the time, and do so here again, that it STILL MATTERS what an alleged prophet SAYS about his own prophecies. At the time, I gave Charlie a chance to bow out gracefully and simply claim that he was speaking/writing too fast, off the cuff, and just made a thoughtless brain fart by using a "bad example."

But no. Instead, he just quietly stopped repeating the hypothetical, his defenders claiming it to be a way that God could fool us into having things turn out so much differently than we might expect. But God will not interfere with the Generals' oath of allegiance to the Constitution. That is crazy. Charlie's followers have not stopped repeating this nonsense, and when they comment on it on his blog, he re-affirms them in this thoughtless "thought process."

This ought to be something front and center in your discernment process. For Charlie to still be re-affirming what can only be described as magical thinking is something that should, at the very, very least, raise your discernment antennae array that something is wrong with this picture.

In other words, I'm saying that if you believe in this assertion as something that actually could happen, you are willingly placing yourself in the category of the incorrigibly gullible. And I'm being as charitable as I can be here. If you believe this, you'll believe ANYTHING. That is not faith. That is not discernment.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Mary H.
Yes, you are quite correct Mary--there is, in fact, a very important key set of guidelines concerning the discernment of private revelations that have been issued by the Catholic church, and should definitely be used when discerning any purported mystic/visionary/prophet.

However, the intention of my previous message above is simply to deal specifically and directly with Charlie's angels alleged prophesy concerning Obama not finishing his term, and therefore I was endeavoring to simplify the matter to the strict essentials--that being the fact that a key determination of authenticity lies solely with whether this prophesy comes to pass, or not.

But you are quite right concerning the Church issued guidelines on private revelations--they indeed are the key discernment tools which must be used concerning such persons and matters.

May God bless you and you loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

Hey, wazzup? New post by Charlie:

I've a really BAD feeling about all of this, and how it will end.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Well, given today's post on his website, no matter what one really has to give Charlie credit, because right or wrong he is definitely "all in." This would be one of several things that I appreciate concerning Charlie. Another would be that he is not a "prophet for profit". Thirdly, right or wrong, authentic or not, I think that he is sincere, yet I am very aware of the fact that he could be sincerely mistaken. -Just my .02 cents, for whatever it is worth.

Ah well, time will tell....meantime, it seems that things are getting ever more serious.

Jackisback said...

Key quotes from Charlie's latest post (in no particular order):

--begin quoted text--

It amazes me that so many people think I am worried about such a pedestrian matter as being right or not on a particular.

I would only regret that the great Shrine I saw would probably not be built.

You must become like young children, knowing your deficiencies yet doing the best you can, trusting in the love of your Father.

I know many will think this is some sort of justification on my part in case of error. That has clouded my ability to tell you something you desperately need to know.

It has underlined to me how dramatically differently I think than most people. But you desperately need to learn to think in terms of duty and promise if you are going to navigate this year well. So I tell you – that you may choose to trust God while doing the best you can and taking full responsibility for it. It is the only way you will endure.
--end quoted text

The first quoted sentence above is the most striking. And let's set aside the minimizing Charlie attempts at describing this first major prophecy, his "sign" that he has "told us true" as a "pedestrian matter...on a particular."

Put yourself in Charlie's shoes. If you genuinely believed you were in communication with God, the angel Gabriel, or any other heavenly being, and your first big prophecy, of which you were "told" of the precise specifics about future human actions - Obama not finishing his term AND the next national leader not coming from an election or political process - and then the fateful day arrived which proves those things that you believed you were "told" were false - in other words, a lie - wouldn't that cause you some amount of worry, doubt, confusion, loss of confidence, etc?

If it did not give you any cause for concern, as Charlie posits here, it should. God cannot lie. It should cause you to worry that the communications you thought you had been receiving weren't real, at a minimum.

Alternatively, if you still believe the communicatons were real, and that you haven't been losing your marbles, then the failure of the outcome ought to give you grave concern that you were communicating with Satan. That ought to make you consider that it's quite possible that every communication you have had in the past was from that evil source and not God. It ought to make you consider the chance that everything that you thought you had been "right about in the general sweep of things" was mere coincidence and that you had been fooled by randomness.

That Charlie professes such an epic fail would not bother him in the slightest is bizarre.

Now that he's said this, however, doesn't he think he should now inform his followers how he will feel if none of the "fundamentals" come to pass next year and the "rescue" also does not materialize. Would he still think he had just gotten a "particular" wrong?

At that point he would most definitely be a false prophet, his opinion notwithstanding.

The last graph is the most obnoxious. The only way I will endure this next year is if I listen to what Charlie has to say? - because it is something that I "desperately need to know?" Ummm, I think I will make it through this year just fine with the faith in God that I have always had, thanks. Charlie hasn't told me anything new in all of his writings. There's nothing novel, no added value. His advice on how to treat others in times of adversity is NOT something we hadn't already been taught as school children. I "desperately need to learn to think in terms of duty and promise?" Ummm, sorry dude, but I didn't need you to tell me that. NO ONE NEEDED YOU TO TELL THEM THAT.

The narcissism of this post is off the charts.

L Spinelli said...

You get a standing ovation for that comment, Jack.

I just read it and like you, was floored at Charlie's hubris. Like here: My voice would be needed before this is all finished.

Why, I ask? As I posted before, we already have an approved apparition to guide us through this year. Fatima. So what do we need Charlie, with a not-great track record despite his claims to the contrary, for?

And here. The only thing you can guarantee is that you will be true to your call – which is to acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope.

No. My call, which I'll reveal here, a call I received long before I ever heard of Charlie - was to be a prayer warrior and join the Legion of Mary. These were both fulfilled in the past couple of years. That is what I will stick to, prayer, the Legion and my normal Catholic life, instead of Charlie's "guidance".

Someone commented a while back that Charlie should have submitted himself to an exorcist. I agree. I still think all this is a particularly insidious deception, and to go public with it was a mistake.

Anonymous said...

I've to say that if things will go differently from what I've heard during these years, and all of this in a couple of weeks, I won't be in Team Charlie anymore. I always give the benefit of doubt, but not foolishly.

Anonymous said...

I add one more thing: I've always been a supporter of Charlie. But if you declare yourself a prophet of God with the mission of being a sign of hope and (I repeat, and) sharing prophecies allegedly received by God, then, well... we're talking about huge stuff here, and the consequences of almost every word you say are HUGE (especially prophetic words).
Is Charlie a good guy? Yes.
Is Charlie a prophet with a mission? Still two weeks to find out.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Well, I can say that for myself, my "fault" in matters such as these would be that I endeavor to give alleged mystics such as Charlie the benefit of a sincere and just hearing, being careful not to dismiss such persons without a solid justification.

The reason being, of course, is that in my studies of the lives of dozens of mystics and visionaries--many of which I have written about on this website-- I have found quite a few occasions where such persons have been unjustly and swiftly sanctioned and condemned, especially by persons in authority, that I myself am very careful not to do so without just cause.

In this, perhaps I am overly indulgent, but I'd simply rather give someone the benefit of a sincere hearing and later find them to be inauthentic, than to dismiss someone outright and swiftly who was, in reality, a person or messenger chosen by God for a specific role or message.

-Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

What will happen if the presidential prophecy won't fulfill as initially predicted?

Glenn Dallaire said...

"What will happen if the presidential prophecy won't fulfill as initially predicted?"

Well, if according to Charlie it was his Angel that made this prediction simply, plainly and directly, then what do you think would be the obvious conclusion if this prophesy does not come to pass?

Anonymous said...

The real question is, actually there are two groups, followers of Charlie, and the others. Will both groups accept the same conclusion, whichever it will be? That's the real problem, with some truly interesting consequences.

At this point, I don't know which the definitive conclusions could be.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Because I have definitely been through this a number of times before--most especially in my own personal life with my relatives and family friends--then twice on this website with "Maria Divine Mercy" and also with "Locutions to the World", and then in others which I will mention below, I can tell you that if (and for now I reiterate that it is still very much an "if") Charlie's Angelic prophesy concerning Obama fails, then the conclusion for most will be obvious.

HOWEVER, I can assure you that there will be some that no matter what facts or evidence to the contrary are presented to them, they will, nevertheless, continue to believe in the supernatural aspect of Charlie's mission. Even if say the Archbishop were to make a negative decision.

I have seen and experienced it enough times to know that it is just the way such things work. Other examples (not referred to above) here in the USA of the reaction of followers who remain associated with a visionary even after they are declared false, would be Bayside, Holy Love and Gianna Talone Sullivan, to name just a few.

In the end, what matters most is ones sincere search, and acceptance of, the truth, as revealed by God.

Anonymous said...

This truly is a great response. Time as always will be judge.

Mary H said...

In this, perhaps I am overly indulgent, but I'd simply rather give someone the benefit of a sincere hearing and later find them to be inauthentic, than to dismiss someone outright and swiftly who was, in reality, a person or messenger chosen by God for a specific role or message. -- Glenn

Once again Glenn, with sincere respect, I must point out a problem with something you've posted about Charlie Johnston. That is, Catholic experts uniformly agree that almost all alleged prophets are inauthentic, that their messages can be ascribed to some other origin than Heaven. Something like 99+ percent! Charlie claimed he'd been receiving visits from early in life, but my understanding is that he has never offered proof in terms of a miraculous sign or a major prophecy that has come true. In fact, I quite sure that if he had any such proof he would have written about it extensively!

I have read comments from some of his followers that they have spent money on "preps," or have implored family members, friends and even coworkers to make plans for doom. I fear the financial impact of this, or the harm to relationships. I have even read comments from two separate followers that they have guns at the ready for the terrible events they believe will occur in the next 13-odd days. This is very worrying!

I enjoy many, many of the stories you have posted here. Still, I believe you will bear some responsibility for the mess Charlie Johnston will leave behind, along with Mark Mallett,FOCUS TV, Patrick Madrid and others who have given this man some respectability. I am sorry to say that, but it is true.

L Spinelli said...

Mary, I have to disagree. Glenn has been more than fair here, allowing people who are for and skeptical of Charlie to present their views. That's rarely allowed at Charlie's - as Jack and others noted, he's known to scrub comments.

I first heard of Charlie through a Spirit Daily article, but Michael Brown did the same thing Glenn is doing, that is, presenting Charlie in the spirit of discernment.

In the end, the only one who would be responsible for any mess left behind is Charlie himself. He was the one who pushed himself into the spotlight, forcefully asserting that he was sent by God, and showing up on who knows how many blogs that talked about him. That pushiness was one of the first things that bothered me about him. He tried too hard to prove that he was the real deal...something that none of the authentic visionaries had to do.

Glenn Dallaire said...

I agree with much of your concern here Mary H.

I would simply like to point out that my work here on this website is to report on mystics and visionaries, both the living and those whom have passed from this life. And I am to report fairly, truthfully, and with as much neutrality as I can.

Now, as for Charlie, well, he ALONE is responsible for his purported prophetic message and mission. And likewise, each person is responsible for their own discernment thereof, and whatever decisions they may choose to make concerning the matter.

Those who report the news are in no way responsible for the news itself. Their responsibility lies solely in reporting truthfully and accurately. And, as I said at the beginning of this very article concerning Charlie, "We report, you discern." Charlie alone is responsible for his purported prophetic mission and message, and I (along with those who have also done so) am responsible to report on it fairly and accurately.

Thanks for your comments!
Glenn Dallaire

Jackisback said...

Mary H., I agree with L Spinelli about Glenn's honesty in actual discernment, ultimately. He has been open an honest about being privately friendly with Charlie - most reporters don't reveal their private associations with the subjects of their reporting. How many times have I listened to Hugh Hewitt on his radio program ask someone in the media (on the left) who they voted for, and the "reporter" refused to answer - proclaiming 100% objectivity - because they want to hide the fact that they frequently attend the same cocktail parties with the person they voted for in Washington, D.C.?

I have been one, in the past, to challenge Glenn on his neutrality, and the litmus test for me was the issue above that I have once again, had to debunk (regarding Obama "extending his term"). Glenn could have stuck to defending Charlie on that score, but did not. Instead, he let Charlie's own words be the measuring stick to the lack of logic, rather than Glenn's own personal association with, or opinion of, Charlie.

I cannot speak to your assertion in this regard to Mark Mallett or FOCUS TV, as I don't have any knowledge of those sources. But you are certainly correct with respect to Patrick Madrid on Immaculate Heart Radio. He behaved badly in this. First, he didn't just report. He gave Charlie the IHR platform and did an extensive - and very, very sympathetic and utterly un-skeptical interview of Charlie. When the letter from Bishop Aquila was later published for all to see, I listened to IHR the next week to see if Patrick would say something on his show about it. He volunteered nothing. He only responded to one caller about it (I'm sure there were more than one, but the call screener clearly had instructions to only let through one caller). The caller asked some pointed questions about why Patrick had given Charlie the initial credibility via the interview and asked why he wasn't talking about the bishop's letter (pre-emptively preventing Charlie from speaking at Denver diocesan venues). Patrick's response was telling. The tone was one who hadn't really thought much about the veracity of Charlie's prophecies, but that the bishop was clearly correct in his caution, and why, oh why, would the caller think that Patrick felt differently? - that tone was 180 degrees different from Patrick's previous radio interview of Charlie on-air. Patrick Madrid had to have been clearly embarrassed that he got pulled into the Charlie vortex, and he was backpedaling furiously in order to appear not to be opposing the bishop of Denver. Taking only one call on the issue, after giving Charlie so many minutes of air time, was, shall we say, less-than-balanced reporting.

Patrick will have some 'splainin' to do in two weeks, but I very much doubt that we'll hear anything from him. Contrast that with Glenn, who fully intends on reporting the outcome shortly after the inauguration.

Anonymous said...

Mary I have to disagree with you, Glenn is only relaying information and providing an excellent form for us and of course yourself to air our opinions. Although, I personally disagree with Glenn on the first prophecy being the bench mark, I can see his point. I consider Charlie to be toast a long time ago, I don't think he adds anything new that I haven't heard before.
In regard to his latest post, what was the purpose? It was just a re-hash of old stuff. He talks about 2 guys talking to him about his messages and how he might leave the scene and their disappointment, as Charlie says that is a bunch of "poppycock". When other people tell things like this it is "pure unaltered poppycock". He tells a story and we're to believe him - I digress.
This latest post is so confusing and convoluted. He can not even answer straight forward questions.

However, Glenn this one is for you - you say Charlie's first prophecy is the January 20, 2017 prophecy - Charlie disagrees with you, he says he already had prophecies! Latest post:
Lee: It is crystal clear that you are laying the groundwork for your prophecies to be false. Regardless, I do trust God, and I think you owe everyone, including your priests, more than an apology and a shrug of the shoulders. I honestly do wish that you were right. This world, including me, need help.
Charlie's response: MY PROPHECIES HAVE NOT BEEN PROVEN FALSE. THEY HAVE ALMOST ALL BEEN PROVEN TRUE. Sorry you don’t get it at all because you are so prepared for despair. I have lived my duty and will continue to do so. I will not apologize if it does not fully turn out to your satisfaction.
Charlie has said that he has had other prophecies already! I wish to know what they were? I would ask him but I'm sanctioned so my post would be scrubbed.
The other problem with his answer is that he is not taking responsibility for his claims. In a later post he refuses to answer the questions about his definitive statements - I'm actually surprised that he allowed it.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for sharing their thoughts and reflections here. Jack, Lisa and many others have brought out some very important considerations, I think.

Now, to reply to Anonymous from 12:21AM concerning the statement from Charlie:

charliej373 says:
January 6, 2017 at 7:29 pm
My “prophecies” have not proven false. They have almost all been proven true...."

While I don't claim to be an expert on all things concerning Charlie, I have closely monitored his blog over the past couple of years, and have corresponded quite frequently with both Charlie and one of his priest spiritual directors over this same period. I have often questioned Charlie on a variety of matters, and to his credit he has always responded frankly to my queries.

Now, as to that particular comment from Charlie above, I have yet to discover any specific angelic or heavenly prophesies that have come to fruition. Charlie has often talked about purported predictions throughout his childhood and lifetime that have come to pass, but he has not been at all specific about any of these, and I know of none that are documented or verifiable. Such "after the fact" statements rest solely on Charlie's own authority.

Additionally, he talks about his accuracy on "being right on the sweep of things", but he also has often publicly conceded that one does not need to be a prophet to predict much of what has come to pass in the world as a whole. In other words, its obvious that much of what has occurred in the world in recent times is simply a logical consequence of humanities decisions up to this point. Simply put, they are logical conclusions to our overall moral decline.

So, even if up to this point perhaps Charlie may have "been right on the sweep of things" this is of course quite far from being any type of heavenly confirmation of his purported prophetic mission and message. A verifiable and documented fulfillment of a specific heavenly prophesy is required for that.

-Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

Hello Glenn,

I think you've been neutral in regards to Charlie and I appreciate that you've allowed us to debate the pros amd cons of his predictions w/o censoring comments. I've learned a lot from you and the other posters. That said, I do think that the very fact that you have a blog post on Charlie, even with your disclaimer, does give a certain credibility to his claims. One suggestion might be if you were to spin off and create a new blog that only had unapproved mystics, or if you partitioned this current blog into 2 very distinct sections, one for approved and another for unapproved mystics. my .02.

Anonymous said...

Another embarrassing moment for Charlie: about 1 week ago Charlie scrubbed 2 comments because they exposed #2 in charge Beckita as posting 2 fake news stories. The 2 comments were in relation to stories that were presented were fake news stories presented by Beckita and proven false by 21st Century Wire. Well Charlie went into a tirade and kicked the poster off for telling the truth and berating and belittling 21st Century Wire. Revenge time: 21st Century Wire posted on January 6, 2017 that there would be an event to cover up the Trump meeting with the US intelligence on Russian spying. Turns out there was no real evidence of Russian hacking, even John McAfee said the evidence was...well couldn't happen the way they said. At any rate, what happens on Jan 07, 2017 the Fort Lauderdale bombing, 21st Century Wire news, which Charlie called incompetent called it, I've yet to see Charlie call anything. If 21st Century Wire is incompetent for making a correct prediction what is Charlie? I'll leave that to your imagination.
Ironically Charlie has called for Obama leaving the world in ruins, but the people that are exposing Obama's treachery are the same people that Charlie despises - one example is Obama providing unlimited arms to ISIS, ironically again Charlie doesn't believe the US is supporting ISIS.

Anonymous said...

After reading Charlie's latest post and the comment section I feel we've been played by Charlie, he makes up his own rules. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Could someone go on his site and ask him what prophecies have come true. He's saying most of them , so he's predicated over 3 out of 4 - which ones? I'm surprised no one has challenged him on this, but then again he could delete the post.

Anonymous said...

I can not believe the vitriol thrown at Lee for his post by Charlie's bloggers, in fact I can not believe their attitude to anyone that questions Charlie, I really can not see this lasting beyond Jan 20, 2017, as someone said before I do believe his Bishop will shut him down. You know there's a problem when you can't get straight answers to straight questions, you're given the run around, Charlie and his people would do well working for the government. They run it like an agency of the government.

Mary H said...

Hello again, Glenn. May I make one more post, most likely my last :-)?

I do still feel that by taking Charlie Johnston seriously early on you gave him some credibility he would not have had. I especially feel the photo and headline on your front page, which reads, "Charlie Johnston -An alleged prophet with a critically important message for humanity" does sound like you want everyone who comes to your very good website to pay attention to him!

One thing that "irks" me about Charlie Johnston is what I would call "stolen valor," he puts up photos of holy people on his site and talks about his friendship with them, which makes people think they are part of an accepted Catholic group when that is not true. Many people went to Charlie's site as I did when they were told that Fr. Mitch Pacwa was a fan of his, because Fr. Pacwa appeared in a video of Charlie's. Even though that is not the case now, people still believe. Also, Charlie Johnston recently published many pictures of himself with nuns and that will make people think nuns such as the Sisters of Life are blessing his messages, which they are not.

I understand and honor the replies made by you and by others here on your neutral position regarding Charlie. Yet, I believe many people do not read past headlines or to the end of articles, much less follow comments, so the first impression becomes a lasting one. I have said before, your website is a very, very, good website and I understand and appreciate the time and effort you put in to maintaining it! I have come back here after a long time not viewing, because of the American elections predictions. I look forward to your article on the outcome of all this!

Anonymous said...

Mary I couldn't agree more with you on the PR spin that Charlie is doing on his site to trick people - you said it better than I could. I have been thinking about this for a while and coupled with all his other shenanigans he is definitely spinning things to his favour. Who knows what he's up to? Maybe he's a government agent?

L Spinelli said...

I found something very interesting, something that a lot of you who are questioning Charlie should take a look at. It's his LinkedIn profile. He's selling himself as a consultant that specializes in social media, strategic planning and leadership. It's worth a look at, considering how he went about this "mission" of his.

Top skills: Strategic Planning, Social Media, Leadership, Public Speaking, Business Development, Government, Public Relations, Team Building, Coaching, Event Planning.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Given all of the heightened interest as of late in what I have termed "The Presidential prophecy", I have just posted a new article specifically addressing this matter, so that everyone who would like to may comment directly concerning it.

Those interested can visit and comment upon the new article here: The Presidential prophecy- An update on Charlie Johnston

May God bless all who visit here.
Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

TNRS is a catchy theme, it seems to be very planned out, his site is well structured ( though somewhat cumbersome ) and he has people executing certain functions, if you notice if there's little activity Beckita keeps it going to keep things moving on the site. A while ago I told him how are you going to reach all these people you don't have a marketing plan, he said I don't know, God will take care of it, then I noticed month's later he used my term "I don't have a marketing plan", funny he would use that exact phrase even though he scorned and made fun of me all the time.
I actually can not believe the stuff that is coming out of bloggers mouths on his site, let's take Patricia : This comment is for all the idiots who are telling Charlie he is wrong, wrong, wrong. I have forgotten your names already so if the shoe fits wear it...Now if you, Mr. “if the shoe fits”, have the background to speak to these matters, please feel free to engage. But otherwise be quiet and wait.
Now first of all calling people idiots is bad enough, but Charlie allowing it is not well reflected on him. Now, Patricia is telling people to engage in dialogue if they disagree, maybe she doesn't realize it but if you debate Charlie and get the best of him, your comments will not be allowed, however, this is what Charlie says; I’m a little abashed, Patricia. I have indulged some rather silly comments that don’t even begin to show understanding of the issues here – and some that take no effort to actually be informed. I wanted to let all have their say if they were not actually vulgar. It is useful that hearts be revealed.
As Charlie says "pure, unaltered poppycock" - I've read many comments that are straight and to the point and what do you get - a convoluted answer at best, if you even get one. He covers it up by saying the commenter is uninformed or vulgar, that's only in a small % of the cases and he already said vulgar comments will not be allowed. He's nice to people like Glenn, but he looks down on normal people who challenge him - how dare you challenge the great Charlie Johnston, I have been God appointed, not you low plebian, what I say is the gospel, I make up the rules not you, I decide who may speak in the presence of greatness. Remember Charlie's words - "THIS IS MY SITE" - "YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMMENT HERE".
All I can say is that these last few days have convinced me Charlie is not a mystic, I actually don't care if he's right or wrong about his upcoming prophecies, he stated he has been right on most of the others - I have no idea what they are, but if you ask you'll be considered a heretic.

Anonymous said...

Someone did ask Charlie about his past prophecies, thanks "Joe" and you can see Joe's request and Charlie's answer with Beckita chiming in and the supposed Bishop Yong Duk making fun of Lee and Joe and others trying to beat them down - but where is Charlie's answer? All they can do is ridicule and make fun of hard questioners where's Charlie's answer, he says to go through his site he doesn't have the time - these are important questions and he doesn't have the time! We are being played people, it's too late for the hard core people on his site they are diehard Charlilites. I can not believe that there are religious people on his site who believe this. Time is ticking, hopefully in 2 weeks the gig is up, but don't count on it, Charlie is very crafty.

Anonymous said...

Joe it looks like you are banned too. You can not challenge Charlie. I'm sure you're like me and have another name to post. Why can't anyone answer the question - which prophecies have you been right on, no one can answer it, just endless links to nowhere and insults thrown at you. Are these people exhibiting Christian behaviour - no way!

Anonymous said...

Charlie often says he has gotten "the sweep" of thing correct, and that many people acknowledge it. Does he explain this? Is he talking about specific prophecies he made coming true ( i.e. like, he got eight our of ten correct, etc)? And what are those prophecies? Or do only his three priests know? Or is he talking about just a general decay in "conservative" values?

On Charlie getting Obama right ( about being elected eight years ago ), well, I got that right, too. Well before the primaries for 2008, I saw Obama on - I think - Oprah, when he was just a rather newbie legislator, and my goodness did Oprah fawned all over him, and I remember telling people: There is our next president. It was quite evident the media was going to raise him up. He was a great speaker. He was black, and we, as a nation, we ready for this. He was energetic, etc etc..His election was no shocker - at least to me, who has never had an inkling of prophetic pulse.

As to the remaining "general sweep of things," well, there are always two sides to it.
Africa and China exploding with Christianity, America and Europe falling away from the church.
Stock market at all time high, but lots of people struggling.
Sexual lewdness? Look at the Roman orgiy days, or the roaring '20's, to bring it up to date. Or even the Woodstock days ( which, except me, everybody seemed to be there).

These cycles repeat often, and as a dad of four kids, I gotta think every parent thinks "this generation" is lost, but mine? Well, we had it figured out. We didn't!
So, to exclude the chaff of "normality" from Charlie's "sweep fo things," can anyone point me to a specific prophecy of Charlie's that has come true, and would lend some credence to his 2017 prophecy? Or is he just one more "prophet" serving up a piece of the 100 year anniversay cake of Fatima?

By the way, I was reading an article about St Vincent Ferrer, and boy, did he do some awesome and miraculous stuff in the name of God; but one of the things I noted was that he was told by God apparently to specifically announce the second coming! It didn't come, not even for a great mystic like St Vincent, and here we are 500 years later figuring out a guy named Charlie.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy many, many of the stories you have posted here. Still, I believe you will bear some responsibility for the mess Charlie Johnston will leave behind, along with Mark Mallett,FOCUS TV, Patrick Madrid and others who have given this man some respectability. I am sorry to say that, but it is true.

* * * * * * *

I am Gretchen, who first contacted Glenn about Charlie. The burden and fault lies with me. May God have mercy on me. And may you have mercy on Glenn.

L Spinelli said...

Gretchen, Catholic media, be it blogs or large publications like the National Catholic Register, covered Charlie's message. No one can reasonably put the blame on them, just like I don't put any blame on Michael Brown for his initial coverage of Charlie (how I found out about him). Please don't do that to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Gretchen, you're too hard on yourself, if it wasn't you it would have been someone else. I found out about Charlie through a friend of mine, we went to a presentation together about Charlie - I'm glad he took me, I eventually posted on Charlie's site. After numerous issues on Charlie's site, I found Glenn's site, I felt a lot better because people were having the same issues I was having with Charlie. Glenn's site was a welcome venting site to see both sides of the issues and this site actually confirmed my negativity in Charlie despite Glenn trying to take a neutral stance. Glenn's a reporter, he's reporting on the issues - period. We are the journalists, we compile the evidence and decide.
Many people already knew about Charlie before Glenn started this, therefore it's a good thing he started a comment section so that we could decide for ourselves if Charlie is real or not.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hello my friend Gretchen! L. Spinelli and the others here are right--Charlie ALONE is responsible for his message and content, however things may turn out.

Its also true however that others do have some responsibilities: For example, the local Archbishop is responsible for judging things in the name of the Church. His priest spiritual directors are responsible solely for his spiritual direction. And websites like this one are are responsible to report on persons such as Charlie (ie.- alleged mystics and visionaries) fairly, truthfully, and with as much neutrality as possible. And finally, everyone who concerns themselves with persons such as Charlie is responsible to discern for themselves sincerely and justly, referencing first and foremost the guidelines of the Church on private revelations, along with following any judgments of the local Bishop.

Again, Charlie ALONE is responsible for his purported prophetic message and mission. In fact, Charlie himself has said this. And likewise, each person is responsible for their own discernment thereof, and whatever decisions they may choose to make concerning the matter.

Thanks Gretchen and everyone here for your comments!
Glenn Dallaire

Glenn Dallaire said...

Oh, and I should have added that the problem with Mary's opinion concerning the reporting of Charlie is that obviously her perspective is coming from a premature conclusion that Charlie is a false prophet. So far, the local Archbishop has not stated so, and neither has the "sensus fidelum" (sense of the faithful) because thusfar there really has been no substantive, solid facts to prove that Charlie's private revelations are false. Now, if the upcoming "Presidential prophecy" fails to come to pass, then it is likely I suppose that the court of public opinion will form a consensus that such is the case, and maybe eventually we might even get a declaration from the local Archbishop, if this and the other prophecies fail to come to pass.

Yet, even if such proves to be the case, the only error in a person or website reporting or spreading information on persons such as Charlie is if it was done in a promotional, positive and favorable manner AFTER a negative judgement from the local Archbishop (or from the Vatican). In that case, then Mary's statement concerning responsibility would be correct. But, barring an official negative statement from the Church authority, one is free to report and "spread the news" about persons such as Charlie.

-Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

Gretchen, here.

I truly appreciate your kindness and charity. On this Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord, may our hearts sing, "Westward leading, still proceeding, guide us to Thy perfect Light."

Saints Balthasar, Caspar, and Melchior, please pray for us, that we may be ever drawn to the True Light.

Anonymous said...

please read this portion of a very informative article
Humility and Demons

For John of the Cross, a soul which expects to overcome the devil's "strength" will be unable to do so without prayer. Yet to understand his "deceits," the soul needs humility — for the devil is the sworn enemy of humility. The Spanish mystic notes that the devil's bait is pride — especially the pride that arises from spiritual presumption.

Holy souls must be cautious about any kind of revelations, for the devil usually meddles in them and "joins together so many apparent and appropriate facts, and implants them so firmly in the imagination, that it seems that every event will undoubtedly occur" (345). If the soul has no humility, it will not be torn from its opinion and believe the contrary. Teresa says that demons even use the image of Christ or his saints to foster false devotion. But the visions of the devil do no harm if there is humility:

For my own part, I believe that His Majesty will not allow him, or give him the power, to deceive anyone with such appearances unless the person himself be to blame . . . I mean that for humble souls no deception is possible. (Foundations, 41)

Jonathan said...

Well, and what if the church chooses to silence it after learning it is the truth. Don't even try to argue on the contrary because the church has done it before and still does it. The third secret of fatima that is a divine command from our lady to be revealed, why has it been revealed till date? If the leaders fail in their duty, must we all tow the same path of errors?

Helen I said...

Glenn, it appears that you wiped out my comment. My comment was valid, and I felt the Holy Spirit was leading me in what I said. I felt that it was very wrong for one of those people who posts, here, to say that Garabandal and Medjugorje are Carnival side show "distractions." Who was this person to judge? If I addressed this Poster harshly, it was because I felt he truly needed to hear what I said. And that he TRULY needed to understand that the messages given by Mary,at Garabandal, are valuable and important. My FOCUS these days is not only on Fatima, but on Garabandal and Akita, as well. Fatima of, course, as well as Akita, have been okayed by the Church, and from what I understand, when the great Miracle spoken by Mary, at Garabandal,occurs, the Church has indicated that Garabandal will be okayed,as well. And I know that this is the focus of MANY OTHERS. In what appears your wiping out MY message,you wiped out THEIR message. For there are many here who read these posts, on this blog, who would agree with what I was saying. The Poster needed to show RESPECT for all of these people. Not everyone believes as this Poster does. Glenn, please do not wipe out this post, and please let my comment,here, be what it is. I stayed up very late in the morning writing the post from yesterday, that it appears you deleted, and I felt that God LED me in writing it. Glenn, you don't know who I am, but GOD knows who I am, and He values, loves, and respects me. And He leads me in everything I do. Glenn, you have often said, "only time will tell." So let's wait and see about Garabandal, as well.
God bless you all.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Helen,
There was a comment from you yesterday at 7:27AM posted here on this website, but it is on the other more recent article concerning Charlie Johnston here:
The Presidential Prophecy--An update on Charlie Johnston

Normally all comments are posted immediately--I do not moderate any comments--(if you have commented on this site before you probably know) however the comment section here has a built-in "automatic" spam filter, which on very rare occasions puts comments into a "spam" folder---So, I just checked this folder an there are no comments from you in it, so if the comment that you posted on the the other article yesterday is not the one you are referring to, then unfortunately I have no idea why your comment did not get posted.

Glenn Dallaire

Helen I said...

My apology, Glenn. I do see that my post was on another part of this website- Under your article, "The Presidential Prophecy- an update on Charlie Johnston." My mistake. So very sorry.

Anonymous said...

"....If, next January, Barack Obama peacefully hands over the reins of power to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, I will declare myself unreliable and go away."

I guess we will know a lot more about him in 7 days?

Anonymous said...

Yes, time will soon tell!

Joe said...

This is the last comment I left charlie on his blog site that he blocked.

Oh that was stunningly beautiful Charlie! Amen! Amen! Bravo my good sir! Is that what you need to hear to keep comments on your blog. Or your cult followers calling anyone who dare challenge you idiots. You are at best mentally ill and at worst a sociopathic liar. You and your followers disgust me. Please Charlie get some help. The next right step for you is to stop your nonsense go directly to the confessional and beg for forgiveness for all the souls you have led astray. Then go to the nearest mental institution and check yourself in so you can get the help you so desperately need. As for your cult followers that so badly want to believe your prophecies, they will continue to support you even after your prophecies are indisputably wrong. There may be no help for them as they latch on to the next false mystic to come along.

I made 3 or 4 comments directly challenging Charlie on his claims. He had no tolerance toward me keeping him accountable on his prophecies as I felt he had been backpedaling or avoiding his claims about the fact that Obama would not finish his term for weeks. His cult like followers jumped all over me as I dare question Charlie. I am the one Youngduk called an idiot. The only comments he seems to keep on his blog are people that kiss his backside. I also have a theory that Beckita and Youngduk are actually Charlie. Might be far fetched but would not surprise me. Joe

Anonymous said...

Thank you Glenn for your update: "this writer is very reluctant to highlight any alleged LIVING mystics. And, as stated in the introduction above, in the end it is always the local bishop (and sometimes the Vatican) who alone has the authority to judge the authenticity of such persons in the name of the Church." It is a wise, prudent, and charitable stance to take in light of so many unapproved self-proclaimed mystics/prophets today.


Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for your comment.

Yes, certain recent events truly merited that addition, I personally think.

May God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Xavier Abraham said...

"currencies will fail throughout the world"

This is already fulfilled in India.

Glenn Dallaire said...

February 16, 2017
For those interested in the latest developments, I just published an article: Archdiocese of Denver: "Statement on false claim concerning Charlie Johnston's messages"

-Glenn Dallaire

Joseph J. said...

And so it is that Charlie Johnston shamefully now joins the long list of failed visionaries and prophets. One has to give some credit to the other recent failed visionaries "Maria Divine Mercy" and "Locutions to the World" who at least wisely sought to hide their real identity through pseudo-names. Charlie Johnston is not so fortunate however, and his grandiose prophecy fails will forever be attributed to his name and person, and in the future he will be used as a primary example and warning against being quick to follow and believe in such persons who boldly claim to be visionaries.

As for his "The Next Right Step" blog, it has very predictably lost the vast majority of its followers, and is quickly ending up being an embarrassing record of failed prophecies from a self proclaimed prophet who made some bold predictions that were a complete fail. Personally I would not be surprised if the TNRS blog gets 'mysteriously' deleted at some point but hopefully this mystics blog will keep these articles about Charlie up for the record, as a warning against imprudently accepting the claims of such persons who profess to be visionaries.

Unknown said...

This is the FALSE PROPHET. ....Thou shall not listen to him...

Jeremiah 23:32
Verse Concepts
"Behold, I am against those who have prophesied false dreams," declares the LORD, "and related them and led My people astray by their falsehoods and reckless boasting; yet I did not send them or command them, nor do they furnish this people the slightest benefit," declares the LORD.

ggreg said...

Charlie's Angel?

Was it blonde or brunette?

Jim D. said...

.If, next January, Barack Obama peacefully hands over the reins of power to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, I will declare myself unreliable and go away. But it will not happen that way, for God has appointed that this be a sign to you to fortify you to trust Him and choose the ordinary way to follow Him through the most frightening year for the globe in history. I appeal to you to quit trying to flatter yourself that you have figured out how God is going to accomplish this, for that way leads to destruction. Trust Him and follow Him whatever happens. I have told you true."

This man has begun posting new blogs for his cult. the Archbishop clearly told people to stay away. Please listen. He needs deliverance.

Anonymous said...

I'm not well read enough on the Catholic mystics of old or more modern ones (know a bit about Padre Pio) so bear this in mind when reading my post. I've never heard of this man Charlie Johnston until just this evening reading some of what you've written but want to ask, and don't know if it's been answered already, (sorry I don't have energy to finish the whole thing) but can you answer the question as to if the prophecy about Obama and leaving the White House came to pass? Trump was elected in a "fair" election although perhaps this man's referring to the fact that there was, and still is, questioning and suspicion always surrounding Trump's winning the election with supposed Russian influence/illegal interference.

Jackisback said...

Anonymous at 12:04 AM,

First, you ought to be able to discern for yourself whether or not the two-pronged alleged angelic revelation to Charlie about the presidential election & inauguration came to pass. The meticulous analysis on this question and debate on both sides is replete throughout this thread (especially in comments posted from January 2016 through and following inauguration day) and in a companion thread: "The Presidential Prophecy - An Update on Charlie Johnston."

I suggest you read Glenn Dallaire's main post under this latter thread and then, if you are still not convinced of a "double fail" of Charlie's alleged revelation, go on to the comments section of that thread.

Hint: there are still some who argue that one of the two parts of the "Presidential Prophecy" has not been yet determined to be true or false yet - that part being the one where Charlie claims he was told that "the next stable national leader would not come from the election (or political) process." The argument stems from the notion that "Trump is not stable in his office (or he is unstable as an individual); ergo, we're still waiting for a stable national leader to take power, and when we do have a stable national leader at some future date (and who gets to make that judgement as to that person's stability is left open for debate) it will only be then that we should make the determination as to whether or not that person came from the election (or political process). Charlie himself seems to be holding out this as his personal opinion on the matter, though he does not emphasize it.

Thankfully, no one on Glenn's blog is still arguing that the first part might have been fulfilled (or is still open to be fulfileed later) - that part being the one where Charlie claims he was told that "Obama would not finish his term" and that Obama "would leave in disgrace" and would "later repent and convert." Obama finished his term by virtue of being in office until noon on January 20, 2017 (and even Charlie admits this).

Check out the other thread, and make your own determination.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but this is all hogwash. It is actually the U.S. that will bring devastation to this earth. Putin is in Service to The Light, as well as Kim. It is they who are Standing for Truth and Honor. George Washington once said "I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees". It was an apt phrase - and that is exactly what countries like Russia, Iran, Syria, and NK are trying to do.

They are resisting the Imperialist war machine of the U.S. How many countries do we have to reduce to rubble before we also take a Stand and pray to God unceasingly that this shall happen no more?

We have been fed propaganda like Charlie's until the people in the U.S. believe it lock, stock and barrel. A greater majority of the people in this country believe lies before they will look for The Truth in God's Heart.

Our United States has a history of creating wars that will enrich us monetarily while laying waste to other countries. Kim and Putin are entitled to do whatever they have to do to Protect themselves so they don't become another Iran, another Iraq, another Libya.

Even now we are holding South Korea hostage - and like big bullies we add fuel to the fire by enacting military games on the border between these two countries whose inhabitants desire to be once again known as Corea. We are threatening Venezuela, putting into place sanctions that we have no "God Lawful" right to engage in.

We are not the God of the world, we have no right to interfere in other people's countries and the way they are run. Just like we won our Freedom from every country has the God Right to do so themselves.

Unknown said...

"Well, as of today (January 1, 2018) time has clearly revealed that Mr. Johnston's numerous prophecies have ALL been shown to be completely false, most notably his predictions concerning the Presidential election, the great worldwide "Storm" which he foretold would bring global economic collapse and civil strife, toppling governments throughout the globe..."

As of today 4/24/20, I would say Mr. Johnston's prophecies about the Presidential election and the Storm are spot on. Obama is still running a shadow government and the deep state has been hampering President Trump every day. The Storm is the worldwide pandemic that has brought global economic collapse and civil strife. And President Trump has also mentioned the Storm with regard to draining the swamp. I don't know much about prophecies so not sure how the dates work out. Mark Taylor who prophesied about President Trump was off on his dates as well. I guess GOD has HIS own timetable.

Jackisback said...

Unknown (@ April 24, 2020 2:07 PM),

Some things you might consider before posting on this thread in the future:

1) Making assertions without evidence is unpersuasive (e.g., "Obama is still running a shadow government" - assertions like this only make you appear to be paranoid).
2) Making "Storm" assertions now - post January 1, 2018 - are most definitely not a defense of CJ - who "was specifically told" to communicate to the world very specific dates for the course of the "storm" and of a so-called "rescue" at which point he very specifically stated the so-called "storm" would be over. If you are "not sure how the dates work out", why are you commenting here in defense of CJ? CJ always claimed to be certain about how the dates would "work out." You clearly have not done your reading of the history of this thread and the predecessor threads on this topic.
3) If your intent is to say "CJ was right" but just had the dates wrong, that is a logical fallacy of "goal post moving" - the technical term of which is "special pleading," and this is unpersuasive.
3) Introducing Mark Taylor in this discussion is to engage in logical fallacy - a non sequitur - and is unpersuasive.
4) Your quote "I guess GOD has HIS own timetable" is another logical fallacy - an appeal to authority - and is unpersuasive of anything, though it is hard to tell what your point is in saying it, at least in terms of any defense of CJ.
5) If your intent is to defend CJ, then your task is to show that CJ's prophecies were actually true, including his use of dates, which he claims "he was specifically told" to communicate, especially the part about how, once he communicated those specific dates, he claimed his "angel" insisted that we who heard him say these things would have to "choose or perish". Those of us here on Glenn's blog refused to "choose" (whatever CJ's "angel" meant by that) and we have not perished. So your task, if you want to defend CJ, is to show that we had already gone through some so-called "storm" prior to January 1, 2018 and that we had already been "rescued" by the Blessed Virgin Mary prior to January 1, 2018 - and that we somehow failed to notice. CJ has made some lame efforts to say just that, but we remain unpersuaded, for obvious reasons.

6) Your admission "I don't know much about prophecies" is a point we can agree on. To learn about prophecies, and be taken seriously on this thread, I would encourage you to go back to the very beginning of this thread, and its predecessor threads, and as they say, "read the whole thing."

In the meantime we will pray for you.

Bizlep said...

Folks... I live in Brazil and for an outsider the US really seems on the brink of falling apart by an evil civil war... if that is not a 'storm' I don't know what it is. As for Charlie what I most value in all of his endeavors is the advice which I found most appropriate for the times we are living: "Acknowledge God, be a Sign of Hope for others and take the next Right Step".
I consider this particular teaching a gift from the Holly Ghost for what is coming ahead.

Anonymous said...

So we basically have an old white guy who predicted that Obama would leave the country in Ashes and that we should collude with Russia whilst screaming about the "yellow peril" from China. Gee, wonder who he'd be voting for in November 2020. Yay, Mr. Catholic God-guided, four more years of race baiting, snatching migrant kids away from their parents and grabbing 'em by the P***y" Such true Christian piety touches my heart.. when the hypocrisy doesn't make me puke, that is.

Bizlep said...

No... but the next time I SURE WILL!
Glenn: this kind of comments from an 'anonymous' are a bit odd on a site like this. It has nothing to do with the post and content of this trend.

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