How the St Padre Pio relic locket rosary is made

How the Padre Pio relic locket rosaries, relic lockets and relic cross are made
Some examples of Padre Pio relic holy prayer cards
The relic inside the St Padre Pio relic locket rosaries, and also inside the relic lockets, and on the back of the relic crucifix comes from Padre Pio relic holy cards that have the seal of  the Postulator General of the Capuchins in Rome. Therefore the fragment of cloth that is inside the lockets is an authentic relic, stamped with the seal of the Capuchins. As one can see in the example photos above and below both the official Capuchin seal and the relic are originally affixed together to the holy card.
Examples of the inside and the relic seal on a couple of these holy cards which are used to make these rosaries/lockets
For those who are wondering what class relic the fragment of cloth is, the Capuchins from San Giovanni / Postulator General of the Capuchins in Rome who over the years have issued these holy cards (from where I get the relic) never state on any of these cards what class the relic actually is, though I presume it is a 3rd class relic (fragment of cloth touched to the Saint) which is what is commonly issued by various Religious Orders. I have a good number of these holy cards going all the way back to when Padre Pio was a "Servant of God" then later "Venerable", then "Blessed" and now even "Saint", and they all have the seal from the Capuchins, so for sure they are all authentic relics.   

The rosaries are made of beautiful 7mm glass beads and each bead is "lock linked" into place with washers on both sides of the bead, and the rings that join the crucifix and the locket center to the rosary are triple looped, making these rosaries very sturdy.
St Padre Pio authentic relic locket rosary

St Padre Pio solid brass relic locket

The Saint Padre Pio relic lockets are approximately 20mm or 3/4" and are very sturdy. The ring to attach the lockets to a necklace is "triple looped" making it also very sturdy. It is strongly recommended that the lockets not get wet and should not be worn while bathing.

St Padre Pio Relic Cross

Finally, the Padre Pio Relic Crucifix is a stunningly ornate crucifix measuring 2 inches by 1-1/4 inches and is perfect for attaching to a rosary.

All of these items (Padre Pio rosaries, relic lockets and relic cross) come with a free St Padre Pio photo holy prayer card.