Saint Charbel (Sharbel) Makhlouf-The Maronite Monk


By: Jim Dunning
(This article was originally published in "Ireland's Own" magazine. The webmaster would like to thank the author for his kind persmission in reprinting it here.)

Most of us are familiar with European saints, such as St. Bernadette, St. Therese and Padre Pio. Less well-known, but still popular in his own area, is Saint Charbel, a monk from the Lebanon who lived much of his life quietly as a hermit, achieving fame only after his death.

Charbel Makhlouf was born on 8th May, 1828, in the small village of Biqa-Kafra in the high mountains of Northern Lebanon. His parents were poor but religious, and their fifth child was attracted at an early age to prayer and solitude. In spite of the opposition of his family, he left home at the age of twenty-three and entered the Monastery of St. Maroun at a place called Annaya. Ordained priest in 1859, he spent sixteen years there before receiving permission from his reluctant superiors to retire to the nearby hermitage of Saints Peter and Paul.

It had taken over seven years for his wish to be granted. Only exceptional monks were allowed such a privilege. A sign that he was ready to leave the secure environment of the monastery came about in a strange way. Given a request to prepare an urgent report, Charbel sat down at night to work on it. To his dismay he found his lamp had run out of oil. He asked one of the monastery’s lay servants to fill it for him. By way of a joke the servant filled it with water, but was amazed to see that the lamp lit up immediately and continued to burn brightly. The Superior, when advised of this, removed the lamp to check it for himself. To his amazement he found it was indeed full of water. He took this as a sign from above that Charbel was ready to live the severe life of a hermit.

For the remaining twenty-three years of his existence Charbel lived an extemely hard life, one of severe mortification. He wore a hair shirt, slept on a straw mattress with a plank for a pillow, and for his one meal of the day was content to eat the meagre left-overs from the monastery,. He displayed a remarkable devotion to the Eucharist, spending hours in preparation for saying Mass and hours in thanksgiving afterwards.

The Miraculous Light
In 1898 Charbel suffered a massive stroke while saying Mass and died just eight days later on Christmas Eve. He was seventy years old. After three days he was buried in the monastery cemetery, and as was the custom, without the benefit of a coffin. Like many a holy monk before him he would soon have been forgotten were it not for a very strange happening. For the next forty-five nights his tomb was surrounded by a dazzlingly bright light. This was witnessed by an increasingly large number of people, none of whom could provide an explanation. Permission was sought from the ecclesiastical authorities for the monk’s body to be exhumed.

On the night he died the monks from the monastery nearby had rushed to the hermitage to kiss his hands and to be blessed by touching his body. Many spent the whole night kneeling in prayer beside him. The snow was falling heavily and it was extremely cold, which was not surprising since the hermitage was fourteen hundred metres above sea level. Those keeping vigil asked each other : ‘If we’re suffering so much for only one night, how was Father Charbel able to live here for twenty-three years?’
They could see that he must have endured fatigue, hunger, poverty and cold with the courage of a martyr. The local villagers, many of whom had received communion over the years at his hands, recalled his holiness, his continuous prayer and hard work, his meekness and his prudent silence.

Saint Charbel Makhlouf
His Holy Remains Are Found Incorrupt
Eventually permission for his exhumation was given and four months after Charbel’s death a crowd gathered to witness it. To everyone’s surprise his body was found to be perfectly preserved, in spite of the fact that the grave had been flooded by heavy rains, leaving the body floating on a sea of mud. Charbel was lifted out and given fresh clothing before being placed in a wooden coffin in a corner of the monastery’s private chapel. However, it was found necessary to change his clothing twice per week because of a strange liquid exuding continually from the pores of the body. Described as a mixture of perspiration and blood, it just kept coming. Pieces of cloth soaked in this fluid were soon being distributed as relics and credited with effecting cures.

His Incorrupt Remains Are Examined By Physicians
In 1927, more than twenty-eight years after his death, Charbel’s still incorrupt body was examined by two physicians of the French Medical Institute at Beirut, then transferred to another coffin lined with zinc, before being placed in a new tomb inside the wall of an oratory. In the Holy Year 1950, pilgrims to his shrine reported seeing liquid oozing from a corner of the tomb. When the tomb was opened up it was found to be dry and the coffin also, except for a viscous liquid which was seen seeping through a crack at its base. Two months later, after permission had been obtained from the ecclesiastical authorities, the seal on the coffin was broken and the body was examined. Once again it was found to be free of any trace of corruption and the strange fluid continued to issue from its pores.

Editors Note:
Below is some updated info from Joan Carroll Cruz, the author of the book "The Incorruptables":
"...In writing to the shrine in Lebanon I was informed by one of the priests
there that the saint is no longer incorrupt, but that his bones are an
unusual shade of red. The fluid, however, is still produced by the bones.
You might want to check a later edition of my book, "The Incorruptibles",
for this update. Since the saint's beatification, the body was no longer

Miraculous Cures and the Road to Canonisation
Since then the shrine has been besieged by thousands of pilgrims from all over the world. In 1950, the monastery started keeping records of miracles attributed to Charbel. In less than two years it accumulated more than twelve hundred such claims.

As early as 1925 the monk’s name had been put forward in a petition to Pope PiusXI to begin canonical proceedings leading to his beatification, but this did not happen until 1965 during the reign of Pope Paul VI. Two cures accepted as being miraculous were necessary and both selected for the purpose had taken place in 1950.

The first of these concerned a nun by the name of Sister Maria Abel Kawary. She had suffered serious intestinal problems for fourteen years and had been given up by doctors as a hopeless case, but after praying all night beside Charbel’s grave she was cured instantaneously. The doctor who examined her at the time recorded her cure as ‘a supernatural happening which is beyond man’s power to explain.’
The second miracle accepted by the Sacred Congregation was the restoration of sight to a blacksmith named Iskandar Oubeid. He had lost the sight in one eye after suffering a blow to it while at work. Eminent eye specialists announced that the damage to the iris was so severe that he would never see through it again. Thirteen years later he took the advice of friends to visit the tomb of Father Charbel. On returning home he had a dream in which a monk appeared, promising to cure him. The next morning he found he could see perfectly out of both eyes. No medical explanation could be found.

The most famous of Charbel’s cures also occurred in the year 1950. It caused a stir not only in Beirut, but in the whole of Lebanon. The recipient was a fifty-year-old seamstress named Mountaha Daher Boulos who had been a hunchback since the age of one after contracting typhoid fever. Her story is rather touching. While visiting the monk’s tomb she stood some distance off and prayed for her two orphan nephews who were in need of help. The only request she made on her own behalf was that she might keep her sight so that she could continue working as a seamstress.

Three days later, after returning home, she woke up in the morning to discover that the hump on her back had disappeared. Her doctor confirmed this, while her parish priest testified to the fact that ‘her silhouette has suddenly become perfectly normal!’

On 9th October, 1977, just twelve years after his beatification, Pope Paul VI presided over the canonization proceedings and announced to the world that Blessed Charbel had joined the ranks of saints in heaven. The saint’s body, however, did not remain incorrupt. By 1965 it was found to have succumbed to the laws of nature, leaving only bones of a reddish colour. Evidently the previous years were sufficient to prove the good monk’s sanctity, while miracles attributed to his intervention have continued to this day.

One of the most recent took place in 1993 when Nohad El Shami, a fifty-five-year-old woman suffering from partial paralysis caused by a severe hemiplegia, reported seeing two monks in a dream. One of these, whom she identified as Charbel, ‘operated’ on her neck, and when she awoke she discovered she was completely healed. The second monk in her dream was believed to be Saint Maroun, a fifth century Syrian Christian martyr who founded the Maronite Order.

As Joan Carroll Cruz relates in her excellent study entitled ‘The Incorruptibles’, pilgrims ‘continue to climb the cedared hills of Lebanon to the shrine of this once perfectly preserved saint.’ She goes on to say : ‘May the veneration now deservedly lavished on the memory of Saint Charbel be renewed in equal measure in favour of all those incorruptibles from past ages who await in the shadows of their reliquaries the day of their glorious resurrection.’
No doubt this humble monk will be surprised to find himself included in their number.

-‘Saint Charbel’ by Paul Daher
-‘The Incorruptibles’ by Joan Carroll Cruz


Anonymous said...

it will be better if you put more visions and prophecies from all those saints, i get impresioned from these people, they change my life thanksyou and please don´t forget Saint Katherine Emmerick´s legacy, people often question the bible because they do not know some details of the ancient times that Emmercik shows.

Grace said...

Saint Charbel is a great saint of this time. There has been many miraculous healing around the world until today.
Lebanon is the country of saints...that is where Christianity has spread and Jesus used to walk and heal.
Hopefully we will hear of new saints from that small country which needs lots of prayers to keep Christianity going on in The Middle East.

Scarlet said...

St. Charbel deeds and miracles are difficult to put in one article. No one who has prayed or visited St. Charbel was sent empty handed.
His daily miracles speak for Him.

Anonymous said...

I have a story to tell. In 2002 my wife was diagnose with hepatitis, the test was done twice in local hospital. On Friday of that week they took blood work from me. I prayed to saint charbel, and asked him to help. I prayed all night, thru Saturday night. While sleeping on Saturday night, I had dream, of a monk, with black dress, and a hood, standing on the my side of the bed, holding on my feet, and saying it will be ok my son. Late Sunday evening that week, I called the lab to check on my results, and I was told that they lost my blood samples. The lab worker said, we received them, but we can't find them. She said I need to draw new ones the following day, which happen to be Monday. I did. They also send a blood sample of my wife to a Moore suffistacated lab for confirmation. By the endow that week all blood results where negative. Doctor apologize for local lab result and on with our life we continued.
I belief it was a miracle.

jennifer said...

Father John Mary Chung at the Church of the Nativity told me about him. I immediately got on their website and e mailed them, called them but no avail. Does anyone know how I can contact them to go and visit St. Chabel?

Also, my son is so afraid of the story of the false mystic..or for that matter, any story of satan. What can I do to comfort him?
p.s. I don't use any google accounts or facebook because google owns everything you say and post and from what I hear has used the info inappropriately or violating privacy

john konnor said...

..i love saint Charbel..thanks for the post

Chris from Melbourne said...

..i love saint Charbel. I watched the movie about his life on YouTube and was great. Not the new movie in 2010 but the old one with actual footage from his time.

Unknown said...

In 1997 I got a patient in labor, she came in in the early morning. She was 3-4 cm dilated. When I left at 07:30 I thought she would absolutely be delivered when I came back the next night. But lo and behold she was still laboring and only 4-5 cm dilated. She was a Maronite Christian from Lebanon, just as St Charbel. I once got a relic of St Charbel given to me by a Maronite priest in Israel. I thought let me take it with me and show her. Ok, there were a few family members with her in the room. The doctor told me at her bedside that he intended to do a Cesarean if she didn't make a major change within the next hour. I asked the patient (whispering in her ear) if she allowed me to put the relic on her abdomen and she said absolutely "yes". I asked the family to pray to St Charbel to help her. Well believe me or not within 30 min she was ready to deliver and the doctor even had to hurry or he would have missed the delivery.( I would have gladly done it.) They were so happy and thanked Charbel and me. This makes me wanting to fly to Heaven. Rita

Glenn Dallaire said...

Thanks Rita for sharing this wonderful story of the heavenly intercession of Saint Sharbel Maklouf.
-St Sharbel, pray for us!

-Glenn Dallaire

Unknown said...

I am preparing a documentary about St Charbel's miracles and what I hear and see is simply out of this world. I read comments on this post and would like to gather more stories. If you have been miraculously cured or witnessed a miraculous healind through the intercession of Saint Charbel, please email me at

Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifer,

There's nothing to be afraid of, on the contrary, St Charbel dedicated all his life to Jesus, in prayer poverty and hard working.
Such a life is a declared fight against evil and abolishes any presence of Satan,
After his death Jesus manifested his love and glory through his intercession.
Your son might be afraid of the picture representing the saint.
Wish you could see a real photo taken by pilgrims in which the st miraculously appeared standing near them, the photo is well known, and the face of the st looks like lit with faith & love.
If you wish to visit St Charbel s monastery, you have to come to lebanon, many organized tours include this visit or it is very easy to visit the monastery alone.
Let me know if I can help.
Thanks for the njce document may St Charbel help us strengthen our faith.

Anonymous said...

Saint Charbel is a Great Saint of our time. How can I get a relic of this wonderful Saint?

Fran said...

Who ever wishes to get a relic of Saint Charbel can right directly to Rome where the Maronite Brothers have a home. They will send a little tube with some blessed oil of Saint Charbel and a Relic, plus photos and medals, books and what ever. They don't ask for money but a free offer
is always welcomed.

This is the Address:

Casa di San Charbel Nicoloso da Recco, 5
00154 Roma Italy

Joe said...

Last year I sent $100 U.S. to the Maronite Brothers in Rome asking for a relic of St Charbel Maklouf and received nothing. Any suggestions?

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Joe,
I myself had this happen once when I requested a relic from a convent in Italy (not the Maronites). I am not sure if they never received my request, or if they sent the relic and I did not receive it. International mail can be "iffy" at times. I would suggest that you write to them explaining the situation---it is likely that they will be happy to resolve the matter by sending you (another) one.

May God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Joe said...

Thanks Glenn, I will try that.

Unknown said...

I wrote an email to saint Charbel's monastery in Lebanon and received holy oil from them at no cost. I pray to God through saint Charbel so that my sister Adriana may be healed from congestive heart failure and that cancer may NEVER return to her. Please pray to God through his holy monk for my sister Adriana. Thank you.

Meg said...

Where can I send a money donation in honor of Saint Charbel granting me a miracle?

Mother Earth Healing Herbs | Oils said...

Thank you for this wonderful history on this very Holy and gifted mystic Saint! My Husband is losing his vision and is on Dialysis. Today I wil go before the Blessed Sacrament and beg for healing through the intercession of St Charbel.

Anonymous said...

St Charbel's relics, including his Holy bones, are going to be touring the USA. He will be in Phoenix, at St Joseph Maronite Church January 15th - 17th, 2016.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Saint Charbels Relics are currently in Sterling Heights, Michigan at St. Matthias church this weekend.

Unknown said...

We just had Saint Charbel's relics here in WV. It was moving and so wonderful.

I'm interested in writing to Rome or Lebanon for holy oil, or a relic medal, but how should I request?
I'm not sure how to word the request.

Also, what email address should I use when writing to Annaya? There are several listed.

Unknown said...

A follow up.
None of my emails are going through to the Monastery, they're being rejected by the server. I wonder if they block Gmail addresses.
I will try writing by letter.

If anyone else has had success sending an email to the Monastery at Annaya, please share which email address you used.


Unknown said...

What is saint charbel "power" ,in other words like saint Jude is saint of the needy.. saint Benedict is saint of protection of all types... what's his power

Unknown said...

I just want to say that my son was diagnosed with (FMF) Mediterranean Fever and was getting sick with a fever that starts in his stomach and then throughout his body. This fever last about two to three days. He gets sick every two to three weeks. I know about Saint Sharbel and I can't wait to take him there. I was given a medallion with his picture in it and a piece of cloth from his clothes with a small bottle of oil and some incense. He wore that medallion for about a month and half until he lost it. But ever since he wore it, he never got sick. its been about a week now after he lost it and still no sickness. Once a week I use the oil from the bottle to make the sign of the cross on his forehead.I can't wait to replace the medallion for him.

Anonymous said...

I used the general e-mail address listed on the Monastery's website. I think it's something like I got a response very quickly and about two weeks later I received the Holy Oil in the mail. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Their email address is: and their website is

Alfred Brown said...

Prayer Request:

Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for his salvation. Eric needs deep inter healing. Pray that God will tear down all the strong holds in his life. Please pray God will heal the memories of his past. He needs to come unto Christ and give himself to God through the saving grace of Jesus Christ… I believe God can and will touch his life and touch his heart and mind… Pray for a miracle of New Life in Christ…Pray that he will be a new man in Christ Jesus… Pray that Eric will experience the grace and mercy of God and this will turn his life around!!!

Thank You,
Alfred Brown

Anonymous said...

Our father in heaven hears our prayers my brother. Eric Mcdonald will be in my prayers every night. May Jesus Christ's light guide you and especially Eric always. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

My husband had knee replacement on august 1, 2016 prior to that day maybe a month before he was anointed with St Charbel oil by a Maronite priest hoping for a miracle. A week after the surgery he did not look good but it is normal for such big surgery but I call his primary doctor and she said to go to the emergency room. They did a sonogram on his leg and found a Blood clot and he has been in blood thinner since. I truly think it was a divine intervention because He end up in the ER without symptoms of blood clot which are silent killers and that the ER doctor order a sonogram. Because of that my husband was safe other wise he could be dead. Thank you ST Sharbel for protecting my husband.

Dyann Andersen said...


Unknown said...

I found myself today @St Sharbels Church today in Las Vegas on my way to a Magnificat bible class.I turned down the correct street as if my Guardian Angel was guiding the way.I credit my Guardian Angel because when I pulled into the parking lot the chapel is surrounded by angels,kind if reminded me if Tepeyac.When I entered the silence so profound,when I departed I am rather perplexed as to why I was to experience a calling to the chapel?Have oglers experience thus as well.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Saint Charbel until my sister gave me a Christmas present which is a picture frame of Saint Charbel. I brought him home w/ me and for some reason I was drawn to him and keep looking at his picture looking so peaceful and serene. My sister told me he is very powerful, answers all prayers and I should pray to him. After a couple of days I went on line and search the novena prayers to Saint Charbel and started praying the nine day novena. Saint Charbel answered my prayers on my 9th day, he gave me strength to make a decision and has given me inner peace that I haven't had for a long time. Thank you Saint Charbel for your intercession. I started my nine day novena again and I know Saint Charbel is already interceding for me.

Unknown said...

Awesome ,where can I find this Novena?Peace

3430 West 54th Musials said...

My son in law is catholic from jordan. Everyday when I'm visit him and my daughter I see St. charbel holy card. I M intrigued, so we watch the movie. It stuck in my mind., but I'd forgotten the saints name. I asked my son in law and he reminded me, and I went on line and found a wonderful site with The Words of Saint Charbel. ( his words are overwhelming and give so much peace and joy!! I also ordered holy oil from the following:

Thank you for your recent order from St. Michael The Archangel Religious Books & Gifts.

Unknown said...

When or where is this movie that you found so inspiring???Also what is the Novena that is spoken of in a January post.I have to say I find it rather fascinating that st sharbel seems to have taken a rest from end of August 2016 and has been busy since the beginning of the year 2017. Where was the oil ordered from.I belong to a Magnificat group and I asked about St Sharbel theybeho belong there couldn't offer much...So this is Holy Spirit and I guess there is a reason for this part of the spiritual journey...✨

Anonymous said...

We are starting our Novena today... with faith... brothers and sisters in faith pray for us.. Priya n fly

ria said...

can someone verify the church address in Rome for the San Charbel Church? we are traveling to Rome tomorrow and plan to stop by in the middle of the week-
thank you! I have found this address-Piazza Nicoloso da Recco, 5, 00154 Roma, Italy
planning on attending the healing mass/blessing of oil and relics during this service-

Anonymous said...

My brother Walter was hospitalized in February. He had been on a drinking binge for over a year. We tried to get him to the hospital to detox without sucess. That day in February, he was found on the floor of his apartment. He was transported to the nearest hospital. The ER Doctor told me that Walter died. His heart stopped and his lungs collapsed... The Doctors worked on him for ten minutes and revived him. His hip was broken in three places. When his oxygen levels were stable they repaired his hip so that it didn't cut an internal artery and cause him to bleed out. I went to visit him and prayerd the Divine Mercy Chaplet by his bedside three weekends. (He lives in a distant state) . I made sure that a Priest gave him the Last Rites. The doctors were not hopeful. Over the following month he was very weak, needed oxygen. The sort of oxygen that most nursing homes and rehabs don't provide. At a few points we were gently urged to consider DNR. We refused to sign the documents. When they called one Saturday morning, they told me he needed emergency oxygen again. The Doctor needed authorization . I said, "Yes, of course.. give him oxygen!" It was difficult to watch his discomfort and confusion when the oxygen was low.

I asked many on social media to pray for my brother and they did. After a three weeks I suddenly thought to pray and ask St. Charbal who lives in Heaven with Christ to intercede. The prayers of my friends and the Saints in Heaven have helped Walter to improve greatly. He is lucid, he has the breath to converse in multiple paragraphs (whereas, before his conversation was very brief). He is his old self. The Doctors and Nurses seemed surprised. It was very shortly after my prayer to St. Charbel that my brother improved and no longer needed the special oxygen. The Doctors said he would probably need oxygen for life.

He improved enough to be moved to a Physical Rehab Facility to help him gain the strength to walk again. When I spoke with him one the second day in Rehab his voice sounded strong. I asked if he was still getting oxygen. He said No. He didn't need it. His improvement was so rapid that his medical record wasn't keeping up. He had to tell the nurses that he didn't need oxygen and he didn't need to eat baby food. PRAISE GOD! Please continue to think of his needs when you pray. My prayer for Walter is for physical, spiritual and emotional healing.

UPDATE: 4/22/17
Walter is still in rehab. He is doing well. He is advocating for himself. He can walk 10 feet without the walker but is frustrated because that is such seemingly little progress. His insurance coverage for physical therapy has been exhausted. I don't know what we can do about that. Most of his memory of the time around his death experience is gone or vague. I remind him this is typical. Otherwise he seems to have retained his memory. I especially pray for his sobriety and for his having over come his addiction to tobacco. He has not asked for alcohol or cigarettes since February. I pray that he grows in his hunger for a relationship with God.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
I enjoyed reading the comments, especially the miracles. To all that have sick loved ones, be assured I will include them in my prayers.

Question: I had written to the monastery in Lebanon asking for some holy oil. It has been about a month and I have not received anything. I am located in the east coast of the U.S. How long does it usually take to receive the oil from Lebanon? I'm just worried that it got lost in the mail, or they might have forgotten to send it.
I wonder if I should wait a little more or ask them again? Also, I wonder if there is a way to send it expedited mail?
God bless!

Unknown said...

Happy Feast Day Saint Sharbel! Today is July 24..On January 24 I made inquiry how to obtain The Novena? Here we are 6 months later and I obtained this today.Also Oil and Chaplet Beads.My story thus far is this year is #s 11,15 and as of late the #24.well the other night at mass when I opened the Magnificat I saw today as St Sharbel feast day.I figured that I understood now.Went to the mass which was beautiful ,but there was something going on within me,having never bee to a Maronite Liturgy I was aware...All I heard was pray more.(got a few things going on with siblings since my fathers passing) Then I was brought to the office ,they had oils,Chaplet / Novena Booklets and who knows what else.This is my update of the stirring in my soul @ St Sharbel Mass..The Priest gave me a wonderful blessing...If you do not gave a Maronite Church nearby for mass or supplies,then Peace!

Anonymous said...

Please pray for a miracle

Anonymous said...

Please oray formy health to be restoredn to october 2016 immediately

JL said...

My prayers and Thanks in advance beloved Saint Charbel for your direct intercession for the healing of my sister who suffers from cancer. Amen

Unknown said...

What can I do since I can not come to visit him at the moment but I really need his miracle?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Saint Charbel in advance for hearing my prayers.4th stage cancer and feeling better when i hear your voice each day giving me strength.

Anonymous said...

St charbel. Precious dear love please restore my health to oct 2016immediately as I am failing terribly

Anonymous said...

I Starting praying to St. Charbel after my mother told me about him, she's in a prayer group, she goes five days a week. My 7 year old son is ADHD, Developmental Delay and Sensory Processing Disorder. It's a struggle with him and his meds, we are trying to get on the right one. Right now, my main concern is his education, I just want St. Charbel to help him and also to give me strength to deal with this, as I know it is not my son's fault. I have been praying to him, and anointing my son with the oil and lighting the incense and rub the relic over his body. Please listen to my prayers and help us.... feeling so defeated at times.

Unknown said...

I need holy oil. Can someone tell me how I can get some. My brother was involved in accident and he broke his neck thks for help me

Anonymous said...

jennifer, you can come to lebanon at any time to visit st charbel
or just ask him (st charbel) that you want to visit him ,he will take care of it in Jesus name.

Unknown said...

Praise God ,I need a miracle thru the intersession of st Charbel to win a big lottery and I need st charbel oil how can I get

Unknown said...

O Saint Charbel, Miracle worker please help me. Please pray for me. Bless me with good health

Unknown said...

Hii I am Lekshmi from India.. I am getting wonder about his miracles.. God bless you..

Unknown said...

Dear st Charbel..I want to bring my son to you in Lebanon. Please help me achieve this

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone I am from Quebec Canada (French Canadian) on the 26 of December 2018, I fell and after I had a hard time to walk.

During the night I woke up and found out that I could get out of the bed because of the pain. I started praying St CHARBEL.

I ask him to help me and believe It or not I took 2 days and I could walk again with almost no more pain.

Unknown said...

Get a tube of blessed oil from Saint Charbel, and rub it on

Maria said...

Hello, I found your comments on St Charbel and would like your advice. I’d plan to visit Lebanon this year... is there a hotel, hostel you could recommend near the Monastery? Is it relatively safe for a woman to travel alone? Maybe there is a site with good advice on Lebanese customs, travel and historical/religious tours? Really any good advice is appreciated. Kind regards, Maria

Anonymous said...

You don't need to visit him, pray, he will visit you. His energy is beyond space and time, and prayer is what will tune you to him

Anonymous said...

Hello, it depends on where you stay. The area of where the monastery is, and the village where he was born are relatively safe. For annaya, you could stay in jbeil(byblos)(its about 35 mn from Anaya, where the monastery is). Jbeil is a beautiful city. But the most important thing to do is to asks for taxies, not just any bus or ubber. Ask the hotel you will stay in for a trusted taxi from their behalf, that way you are sure.
The hotels in the area of jbeil are usually good. Pick up something in the middle of the town. There is a beautiful little church near the old fortress called the church of the lady of the poor, it's magical. Best of luck.
If you are on a pilgrims visit, you could as well visit Saint Rafka and Saint Harding. Jbeil is also a good point to stay in and to move from. The monasteries are in the area of Batoun (about 40 mn from jbeil).

Unknown said...

Please st charbel pray for me to get a job and healing of my mother
The early release of my gratuity which my former boss is holding

Please pray

ria said...

praying for the believer and uniting my own prayers for releasing this person from all anxiety, stress, bless this believer with a unique opportunity, with good people, company, stability, IJN!

ria said...

Also for my own work related issues that I will make a clean break and not be in any kind of threat working for a disorganized company. that i will overcome my hurdles and land a full time position as God sees fit. trusting in Him to guide me. thank you all!

Sandeep Kapadia said...

Saint CHARBEL Holy Saint, You have always heard my Prayers in times of anguish. I Heartly Request you to help me once again, You know I am going through tremendous financial difficulties and Iam in too much Debts. You intercession with God can Perform Miracles in my life, I request you to intercede for me now. Please Help me...

Ria said...

Asking for healing of both my daughter and myself due to the flu and some complications. Asking st charbel to heal my parents in their own physical ailments. St charbel bring me to your shrine that is local to me so I can pay my homage to you. I know you are praying on my behalf concerning my financial situation with debt that has been paid but is still looming. Trusting you to pray for me and release me from this stress. This is my birthday month and I ask for a special prayer for bigger and more fulfilling employment situation to open up for me with supportive colleagues. Remove all envious enemies. Please allow my parents to witness my release from debtors. Let them see me established. Bless my marriage and home. I ask all things in Jesus name knowing you are praying with me and for me . Thank you st charbel!so enlightened by all the posts here.

Mar said...

Please pray with me to St Charbel. I am in great danger of losing my sight, I just had my second operation and this is my last hope. I am still young and can't do anything without my sight. Please St Charbel have mercy on me and heal my eyes, grant me in God's name this miracle. I put all my faith in you St Charbel. Wish I could have a relic of St Charbel to put on my eyes.

ria said...

lifting up this believer in Jesus' most precious and saving name and blood of Christ. praying that all loss of vision will be resolved at this time, praying for healing, hope and renewed trust. St Charbel come and rescue this believer. will say a prayer as we have his relic here, just state your initials and we will place it on our altar.


Mar said...

Thank you ria for your prayers and support, much appreciated . My initials are MM, St Charbel our hope pray God for our needs and help us.

ria said...

MM, i have added you to our parish prayer list and have asked for prayers over your needs. i will add your initials to my prayer card that has the relic of St Charbel and keep you in prayer. God bless with you his peace and presence. Prayer changes all things, nothing is impossible to our creator, wonderful healer and counseler! remain in faith, may hope fill you, peace immerse you today and always! stick with our good shepherd, no matter what.

Mar said...

Thank you for your support and kindness. We put all our faith in the almighty God, through the intercession of St Charbel. May God bless you always.

Kathleen said...

Recenty I came across St Charbel by accident. I was online (youTube) and I seen a film on a Saint called Charbel whom I had never heard of. As I was tired I didnt watch to the end. I had intended to pray the rosary for myself and sister as I am in poor health which causes me much fatigue and I have a very tense relationship with my sister which causes both of us a lot of sadness.
Anyway, I was no longer looking at my computer screen and when I looked at it again there was the picture of Saint Charbel, it seemed to emanate peace and a brief respite from my fatigue. Before I finished my intention of asking Saint Charbel to join me in praying the rosary, Saint Charbel said 'I am listening'. This surprised me. It seemed to me there and then without thinking about it that while Saint Charbel was here on earth his sufferings were perfectly attuned to Christ's suffering. When I look at his picture, it is so clear 'that the one and only picture of Saint Charbel is saying 'Tell me your problems, Christ wants you to be intimate with Him, We are listening'.

Unknown said...

Praise God
And st charbel

Unknown said...

Pray for shane mc cone waiting on pathology results on monday 9th august ehere can i get a relic of st charbel

Anonymous said...

How can we get relic's of St. Charbel to come to Donegal,'s traveling through the south of Ireland and Donegal has high numbers with Cancer and devotional people to St. Charbel. Please God they bring up the cousin Donna needs to get a blessing. Thank You God.