Lucia Dos Santos of Fatima -Sister Lucia of Jesus

LUCIA DOS SANTOS OF FATIMA (Sister Lucia of Jesus, Mar 22, 1907 – Feb 13, 2005)
By Jim Dunning

(This article was originally published in "Irelands Own" magazine. The webmaster would like to gratefully thank the author, Jim Dunning, for his kind permission in reprinting it here.)

Lucia was born on 22nd March, 1907. In his very readable book, ‘The Message of Fatima’ the Jesuit priest, Father Martindale, describes her as ‘a small child all of quick-silver, always wriggling out of her mother’s arms and then running back to be cuddled.’ Though not attractive to look at , Lucia had a lively and engaging personality. She loved playing games and dancing and was both popular and looked up to by other children to whom she would tell stories, Her memory was prodigious, a faculty which would come in useful in later years.

When Lucia was ten, she and her two younger cousins were minding their sheep in a hollow near their homes called Cova da Iria, when Our Lady made her first appearance. It was 13th May, 1917. What is not generally known is that the children were ‘prepared’ to receive the Apparitions by the visitation of an angel the previous year. In the spring of 1916 they had taken their sheep to a different area where they took shelter from the rain under a rock. While there they saw an angel who described himself as the Angel of Peace. He taught them the prayer: ‘My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love Thee’.
In the summer the Angel appeared again while they were playing, saying: ‘What are you doing? Pray! Pray much! The hearts of Jesus and Mary have designs of mercy upon you. Constantly offer prayers and in every way you can, offer a sacrifice to the Lord as an act of reparation for the sins by which He is offended and for the conversion of sinners. Thus you will draw down peace for the fatherland. I am the Angel of Portugal. Accept and bear with submission the suffering the Lord is sending you.’
Francisco never heard any of the Angel’s words and had to rely on what Lucia and Jacinta told him. The Angel reappeared in the autumn, holding a chalice with a Host above it from which drops of blood fell into the cup. He left these suspended in the air and prostrated himself on the ground to pray, after which he rose and gave the Host to Lucia and the chalice to the other two, saying: ‘Take and drink the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, horribly outraged by ungrateful men. Make reparation for their crimes and console your God.’

The children never told anyone of the Angel’s visits and they were not revealed until Lucia wrote an account of them some years later. It was Lucia who played the major role during the subsequent Apparitions involving Our Lady. It was specifically to her that the Lady’s messages were delivered. When in June, 1917, Our Lady promised to take Francisco and Jacinta to heaven soon, she told Lucia: ‘But you must wait here still for some time. Jesus wishes to use you to make me known and loved. He wishes to establish in the world the devotion to my Immaculate Heart.’ Plaintively, the child asked: ‘Must I stay here alone?’ to which Our Lady replied: ‘No, my child; do not be sad because of this. My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God.’
Whenever Our Lady appeared to the children Lucia always asked her: ‘What do you want of me?’ Although she listened to her two cousins and frequently depended on them for moral support, she clearly understood that she herself was responsible for receiving Our Lady’s requests and taking any action that was called for. After Jacinta had given the game away by telling her family of their experience, it was Lucia who had to bear the brunt of the whole district’s interest. Maria Rosa, her own mother, refused to believe her and administered thrashings with a broomstick. The local children mocked her, to such an extent that she begged Our Lady to perform a miracle to prove to the people that she had appeared. She was greatly relieved to be told that her request would be granted in October. When the time drew near she was totally confident, even though she had no idea what form the miracle would take.

Surrounded by a crowd of 70,000, she spoke with the vision and afterwards, without knowing why, called out: ‘Look at the sun!’ Almost the whole crowd, including many who had turned up cynically expecting a complete fiasco, witnessed the extraordinary movements of the sun, which appeared to dance in the sky, and at one stage to fall towards the earth. People wept openly and fell to their knees in prayer.

Sr Lucia of Fatima
After such a momentous event it was natural that the children were besieged by crowds seeking favours, spiritual and otherwise. They often had to hide to avoid their unwelcome attentions. What they could not avoid were the interrogations by the Church authorities. Since Lucia had said there would be other visions on 18th October a Canon Formigao interviewed her that same evening after the crowds had gone home. Part of the record of this interview as quoted by Father Martindale reads:-
‘Did Our Lady appear again today?’
Did St. Joseph and the Holy Child appear?’
‘Did anyone else appear?’
‘Our Lord appeared and blessed the people.’
After establishing exactly what the children had seen, the Canon continued:-
‘Did the Lady say who she was?’
‘She said she was the Lady of the Rosary.’
‘Did you ask her what she wanted?’
‘Yes – she said we must amend ourselves and not offend Our Lord who was too much offended, and must say the rosary and beg pardon for our sins.’
‘Did she say anything else?’
‘She said a chapel must be built at the Cova da Iria.’

In later years Lucia must have been astounded at the size of the Basilica erected on the very site of the Apparitions and by the numbers of pilgrims who flocked there to do honour to her ‘Lady’. Although there were no more Apparitions at the Cova, Lucia was privileged to see Our Lady at least three more times after she became an adult. In 1925 she joined The Sisters of St. Dorothy in Spain and in 1948 transferred to the cloistered convent of the Carmelites at Coimbra in Portugal, where Sister Lucia just disappeared from view. Her role as a messenger was over.

If one follows the history of Fatima and its Apparitions closely Lucia emerges as the major figure. Her two cousins excite great sympathy over a comparatively short period of time. They had the benefit of affectionate parents. Lucia’s father was over fond of the bottle and his wife, though very devout, believed that good behaviour could only be guaranteed by the liberal use of a broomstick. Nevertheless, Lucia was loyal to her when chided with not making an effort to learn to read after being advised to do so by the Lady. She remained quiet when she could have pointed out that her mother had dismissed the proposal as unnecessary.

Lucia showed great strength of character in resisting all efforts to make her reveal the ‘Secret’. [Click here for more info on the Secrets of Fatima]She displayed humility when she might have taken pride over her part in bringing about the miracle of the sun. She gave Francisco and Jacinta continual support when they were ill, and showed selfless generosity in describing their virtues to others. When asked to write her Memoirs she was conscientious to a fault, displaying courage when the Devil seemed determined to interfere. She was dogged in trying to persuade the Church authorities to publish the Third Secret, but accepted the authority of her superiors, just as she accepted the role given her by the Mother of God.

Sister Lucia died, appropriately, on the 13th February, 2005, just a month short of what would have been her 98th birthday. The following day, thousands filed past her simple coffin in Coimbra’s cathedral. Portugal’s Prime Minister declared a national day of mourning. A fitting tribute to one who had patiently lived the life of a saint. No doubt she herself was already celebrating a joyful reunion with her two little cousins in heaven. A meeting presided over, surely, by Our Lady of the Rosary.

-Sister Lucia of Jesus, pray for us!

For more information on the visionary children of Fatima, see Blessed Francisco Marto and also Sister Lucia dos Santos. For more information on the events of Fatima, see The Miracle of the Sun
-Jim Dunning lives in the United Kingdom. His hobbies include watching rugby and writing short stories and religious articles.


Anonymous said...

Is her cause open?

Anonymous said...

she sure looks different then

Luis said...

Yes, Anonymous, her cause is open. Pope Benedictus XVI allowed it to start only 3 years after her death, as had happened to Pope John Paul and Mother Theresa as well. The process continues...let's hope a miracle can be found soon.
Let's praise the Lord, that gives us so much good examples to follow.

Very good site, Glenn. Proud of you. Continue the good work. May God bless you to continue for a long long time.

Gina said...

The best book I have ever read was called, "Lucia, in my own words." ( Is this the correct title?) I read and reread that wonderful book many years ago. Then I lent it out and never saw it again. Amazon does not have it. Do you know where I might be able to find a copy?
Also, can you recommend other books that tell the Fatima story in the words of Lucia?


Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Gina,
Thanks for your comments.

To reply, in fact I have seen the book by Sr. Lucia that you refer to, but I personally have not read it. The name of the book is "Fatima in Lucia's own Words" and a bunch of ued copies are availible on ABE books here:

"Fatima in Lucia's own Words" book

Another similar one is "Calls From The Message of Fatima" by Sister Lucia

Hope this helps.
Best wishes and may God bless you and your loved ones,
-Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

Is this video true? It explains about an Imposter who replaced Sr. Lucia. Posted on youtube by the most Holy Family monastery

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Anonymous,
I have read these accusations before concerning an alleged "imposter" or "phony" Lucia and it is really apparent that it is a very, very far fetched conspiracy theory to me. I have noted that these and similar conspiracy theories are almost always founded and promulgated by the ultra-tradionalist sects who have broken off from the Catholic church.

It seems that certain schismatic groups must come up with these crazy conspiracies to help themselves to justify their opposition to the Catholic church/pope. They seem to forget that as a faithful Catholic, I don't even have to believe in Fatima if I don't want to (although it would be quite foolish to not believe), because private apparitions and revelations are never binding on the faithful, and are not part of the deposit of faith and official teaching of the Church. So, I could believe and profess in my own opinion that Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco had made it all up, or were compleately deluded, and I would still be a completely faithful Catholic in the eyes of the Church. So, with this in mind, the whole Lucia-imposter conspiracy sounds completely silly and irrational because one need not even believe in the visions of Lucia and revelations of Fatima if one chooses not to.

May God bless you,
Glenn Dallaire

ember said...

Dear Glenn
Your are so well fulfilling your God-given mission by enligthening us on diffrent parts of our faith thro' the lives of these beloved courageous mystics. I am sure a "Well Done faithful Glenn" reward awaits you from Jesus, at the end of life. Merci beacoup!
Ember Lobo Mumbai India

Glenn Dallaire said...

Thank you for your kind comments and words of encouragement Ember!
May God bless you and your loved ones!

Unknown said...

Regarding the imposter Sr. Lucia, I've always asked myself one thing: If the real Sr. Lucia was replaced by an imposter, why didn't Sr. Lucia's sister, Maria Dos Santos and the rest of her siblings and relatives living in Portugal never said anything about it. Sister Lucia's relatives would have never visited a phony Sr. Lucia when they went to the Carmelite convent to see her behind the grill. All of this just goes to show what a bunch of nonsense that imposter accusation is. As for her photos and how different she looks in them when comparing her facial features when she was young and old, I'm in my 50s and I don't look at all like the way I looked when I was in my 20s. I just don't look like the same person. Even some of my facial features have changed. Some people change a lot with age and some people don't.

MostInNeed said...

Photographic Studies Confirm
Two Sister Lucys (?)

oljimmyboy said...

I am a convert and an avid believer in all Marian apparitions. Coming from a staunch anti-Catholic background, it was a long fall from my horse to the truth and after nine years of diligent study as well as a tremendous amount of persecution from within and outside the Church, I know without a doubt that this IS the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church. That being said, I used to run with my boy satan and know all his tricks. The first thing he does is cause doubt (see Eden; oldest trick - literally - in the book) and then he lies. Always look for this pattern and know that God can do neither.

Anonymous said...

Read Antonio Socci's writings on the subject. It is not simply the wild speculations of ultra traditionalists.

Anonymous said...

Concerning the issue of imposter sister Lucia, I don't know if what they saying is true but seeing what they used to as their evidence you will believe it , the hand writing of the real Sis Lucia and the so called impostor is not thesame, the real Sis Lucia's set of teeth is abnormal but that of the so called impostor is normal, when the so called impostor received holy communion from the pope she kissed the pope's ring but they said that the real Sis Lucia can't do that, the real Sister Lucia does not speak to her family members for a long time and doesn't see her for a long time, even if they come for a visit she stays behind the veil, etc. When you look at thing happening it lookmas if they are saying the truth because the vatican doesn't want to reveal the full content of the third secret of Fatima. Sis Lucia said that it should be revealed after her death or in 1960, so in what I read they said that she was killed around1958 or 59 because they know that after 1960 and the third secret of Fatima message was not released that she will start telling people what the message is all about so because of that an impostor was brought to decieve people. The consecration of Russia demanded by our Lady has not been done properly, it suppose to be done by the pope and all the bishops in the whole world at a time , it will take them just some monutes to do it, so my brother and sisters let us pray that our Lady's request should be granted to avoid the great chastisement coming upon the whole world. Our Lady said later her immaculate heart will triumph.

Anonymous said...

I am Portuguese, and I can assure you all that there is no such Impostor of Sister Lucia. I was a Carmelite Novice for some time in a different Carmel of sister Lucia in Portugal. Sister Lucia was 98 years of age when she died. Her teeth where removed long time ago due to decay, very common for that generation. she had to do with dentures. I also know that the retina of her ayes where completely burned out because of the light emanated from the visions, so she had to wear dark specs. Please stop that no sense, it is a grave sin to lead others into error.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Concerning the alleged conspiracy of a proposed "imposter" Sr. Lucia and the Fatima consecration of Russia not being made:
My thoughts on the matter are simple---In short, I find it highly unlikely that a congregation of nuns would carry out such a incredible masquerade of a false "imposter" Sr. Lucia over the course of decades, just so that decades later this alleged "imposter Lucia" could say that the consecration to Russia was done, when in fact it was just doesn't seem very likely to me, as I think that at some point or another one of the nuns or family members of either persons would have come out with the truth of such a conspiracy. And then too why would a group of Catholic nuns make such an effort in coming forth with an imposter Lucia, all for such a simple matter of a proposed consecration to Russia made back in 1918? I mean, it just seems completely unrealistic to me. Sure, many of us have read about the proposed consecration in passing, along with all of the events of Fatima, but the consecration has never really been a huge issue on anyone's front burner, especially in recent years since Pope John Paul stated that it was already done when he himself along with the Bishops formally consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart back on March 25, 1984. Essentially, it is agreed that because in 1984 the Pope and Bishops intention was specifically to consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart in fulfillment of the request at Fatima, both the Pope and Sr. Lucia felt that the consecration had been fulfilled, and shortly thereafter Sr. Lucia tells the papal nuncio to Portugal that the Consecration is indeed fulfilled. All it would take is the Pope's and Bishops intention to fulfill the request in making the consecration and this was obviously the case, so it seems to me that the whole "Lucia/Consecration" conspiracy is really unfounded and silly.

-Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

As someone who cant stand deception and feels compelled to spread truth, I must respond to those who do not want to believe an imposter replaced Sister Lucia.what are you afraid of? That there is corruption, even evil in the Vatican? does this shake you, frighten you? It should and you need to face it.If you dare to know the truth go to this site: Look at the photos and you will see very clearly 2 different women.I was stunned and depressed when I saw the photos but not shocked for Mary did warn that evil had entered the church.That an imposter posed as Lucia cannot be argued.People who say this deception could not have been accepted by the family of Lucia, you need to remember it is easy to threaten people into going along with a lie.Either the family was threatened or convinced to go along with it by being told it was for a good purpose.The question is, did Lucia die of natural causes or was she murdered? If she died naturally there wouldn't be much need to put an imposter in her place unless the Vatican felt her presence in the world would be beneficial.If she was murdered, an imposter would be needed for a coverup.Did the Vatican fear Sister Lucia on account of the third secret which many believe was never revealed or fully revealed? We may never know but people, please do not be blind to the truth because it hurts.Evil wins when people stick their heads in the sand.I know how hard it is to accept the truth, that Sister Lucia was replaced.I do not want to accept it but based on the photos, I have to.It is curious that this deception is not widely known.Perhaps if it was....woe to the Vatican.It is time they clean up their act and be true Christian role models.

Unknown said...

Further, concerning the fake Lucia: why is Jacinta's body incorrupt and not Lucia's? I am convinced that there was duplicity in the highest places of the Catholic Church and that, after the genuine Lucia died in the 60s, a substitute was installed. Consider, the real Lucia, when she spoke at all, clearly pointed out that the Blessed Mother's wishes about Russia's consecration were not fulfilled. Then, all of a sudden in the 80s, she's all sociable and 'touchy feely' and everything is beautiful yet.....Our Lady's wishes STILL had not been carried out. And her teeth: Lucia goes through all her life shunning the limelight and happy with her imperfect teeth and then, presto, she wants to "see and be seen" and she has all new teeth installed? C'mon, gimme oxygen! My greatest sadness is caused by the fact that so many Fatima-friendly sites speak of the post-1960 Lucia as the real deal, without even considering that she may be counterfeit. I'm not perfect and I can't say 100% that the bubbly, round woman who claimed to be Lucia in the 21st century was definitely a phony, but I am pretty darn sure. I only ask that the pundits who write about the latter Lucia give a nod to the fact that she MAY have been as queer as a 3-dollar bill.

Cindy said...

Is there an update, please on Sr. Lucia's canonization? Has her body been determined to be incorrupt? Back in the 80's I had a cousin who was in that same Carmel in Coimbra...both sang alto in choir and sat next to each other at breakfast...

Manna said...

The so called "impostor" Sister Lucia died on February 13,2005. Our Lady of Fatima appeared on the 13th of each month. How could a nun die so peacefully knowing she was an impostor and would have to answer to God for it? Plus her nephew Father Jose Valinhos never said she was an impostor because she wasn't. Some people have nothing better to do than discredit the Church and sow confusion.They're really Protestants calling themselves Catholic. All they do is PROTEST!

Anonymous said...

Having an open mind to the possibility of an imposter is not wrong. Read Antonio Scocci's book "The Fourth Secret of Fatima ". The Truth shall set you free.

Brew2 said...

A retired Policeman, I can dispel comment as erroneous that the photo of Lucia as a child and that of an aging Sister of Carmel, does not bear incontrovertible similarities. What I see is irrefutable evidence of identity.

We are told in the Gospels that there will be many disciples of Satan who endeavour to persuade the faithful to forget their faith. There will be many false prophets. The Church would never conceal the identity of a Holy person witness to such extraordinary testimony as Mary gave them.
Have courage and keep the faith.

Two months ago I visited Fatima for a week and came away fortified. It cannot be truth that suffers but wickedness which fails to satisfy.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hello "Brew2",
Thanks for sharing your very interesting perspective. I sincerely appreciate it!

May God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

kaniel outis said...

yup. its true. i actually noticed the same thing even before reading it. And had the same things to say:

Unknown said...

Please, bring me the light about the real and the impostor Sr Lucy Dos Santo

gatony said...

Ave Maria! There is evidence that "the impostor" had a different smile, writing and manner about her than compared to the real Sister Lucia. Once "the impostor" after received the holy Eucharist from the Pope she asked if she could stand near him, This is absolute bizarre behaviour, the real sister Lucia would not have done that ever, and even within an investigation on "the impostor" they found a black and white photo which she seemed to be wearing lipstick again the real sister Lucia would not have done that. As mentioned earlier about her smile which is very strong and undeniable evidence (Impostors mouth had a frown shape when she smiled when the real sister Lucia's had an upright smile check the photos on the page) that they where that Lucia and "the impostor" are two very different people Spiritually and physically. So yes Something dark was stirring then which will give a terrible outcome of today, Pray Hope and don't worry, God is merciful and Pray for the consecration of Russia.

A note to the site owner: Please get rid off the impostor photos and leave the original photos of her, the impostor doesn't deserve to be place next to this great saintly woman Lucia, Thank you and God Bless you all!

Unknown said...

I can verify without a doubt that there is a fake Sr Lucia who died in 2005. Our Lady of Fatima was all about Freemasonry, and Our Lady of Good Success states that the devil will control the world through Freemasonry. The errors of Russia are Jewish Masonry, and WWII was the final takeover of Europe by the Masonic Jews. They then created the Masonic United Nations and the Masonic European Union. If Russia had been consecrated this would not have happened. The Third secret is likely all about the Masonic subversion of the Church, and the Masonic takeover of Vatican II. On the Traditionalists who are separated from the true Church, if they deny the rock of the Papacy they are not Catholic, but I do believe they care about the Church of TRUTH, and that is why they see these things and inform us of them. Popes do make errors that confuse the faithful, and the biggest one I've seen is Pope John Paul II allowing Buddhists to practice their Satanic religion in St Peter's Basilica Turin, allowing them to put a statue of Budda on the top of the Tabernacle. Shocking stuff indeed.

Robert Gregory said...

Be careful, Eskimo Man; a lot of people don't want all that truth being spoken. Most people want to make up a nice version of reality, so that they can feel happy and safe.

Lloyd said...

Where is this discussion proceeding.who is true God alone knows but shall we seriously consider upon the actual message of Fatima-prayer and sacrifice!
Then truth will automatically fall before us.

gatony said...

Feeling happy and safe will not save you, seeking the truth and acting upon it faithfully and bravely will.

Josephine Harkay said...

I became convinced that there was no impostor Sr. Lucy because she died such a holy death, and in her old age pictures she looks very much like her older blood sister Maria dos Santos; the family resemblance cannot be denied! Besides, she corresponded with hundreds of people during her 57 years at the Carmelite convent about the apparitions and her spiritual life; an impostor would have been unable to manifest the genuine Sr. Lucy's beautiful and simple spirituality in those letters. But, some technical explanation is needed because we see three different sets of teeth which is rather confusing: 1) the young Sr. Lucy's teeth are very irregular, 2) she obviously has dentures (documented) in photos dated 1967 (Pope Paul VI's visit), 3) the old Sr. Lucy's teeth look natural and again different with swollen gums, not like dentures at all, but that is impossible since she once had all her teeth pulled. Only her dentist(s) could explain this satisfactorily. – The reason people began to suspect an impostor was the fact that only the vision of the Third Secret has been disclosed to the faithful, while other sources have claimed that there was a letter indicating that there will be apostasy in the Church beginning at the very top. The latter allegedly has been kept secret; therefore the Vatican needed an "impostor" Lucy who declared that there were no more secrets.

Br. Bernard, Obl.S.B. said...

Check out Dr. Chojnowski's analysis of the forensic data showing her NOT to be the same women. But far more importantly than her looks are her statements and acts!

The REAL Sister Lucy said the Popes NEVER fulfilled the requests of Our Lady regarding the Consecration of RUSSIA and NOT the WORLD to Her Immaculate Heart!

The "Fake" Sister Lucy said that Our Lady accepted Pope John Paul II's Consecration of the World to Her Immaculate Heart in 1984! So the conversion of Russia was not the conversion from Orthodoxy to Roman Catholicism, but Communism to Materialistic Capitalism and American Atheistic Culture and Freedom! Pure nonsense!

But more importantly, she changed her story later, in her book "Calls", agreeing with all the Vatican II nonsense that is the cause of the crisis of faith we see all around us today! It is precisely this so-called hermeneutic of continuity which is continuing the Crisis of Apostasy! The real Third Secret talks of the Apostasy of Faith? Where is that in the spun Vatican version of the alleged Third Secret read by Cardinal Sodano in 2000, and whom "this" Sister Lucia agrees with!

Come-on! Sister Lucia Could not get herself to write down the Third Secret for almost four months! Does it take four Months to write down a message foretelling a future failed assassination attempt? Or does it maybe talk about a Pope under the influence of Satan, As Fr. Malachy Martin indicated? ...Who am I to judge?

Wake up you Conservative Catholics and Neo-Trads and read the writing on the wall! " It is hard for thee to kick against the goad"! (Acts 26:14) Our Lady has sent "to the Church the Prelate who will restore the spirit of Her priests." His name was Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre! His selfless work of the SSPX, was for the good of the whole Catholic Church and for all Humanity! Thanks to him and the Society of St. Pius X, the True Mass, Priesthood and Faith have been preserved! But the Church who should have embraced his continuity of the True Priesthood, chose to "excommunicate" him and advance Modernist, Homosexual Pedophile Bishops to run the Catholic Seminaries! But just like the Jews who missed the True Messiah looking for a worldly king, you have missed the True message of Fatima and the Secret (Which we are living presently, Homosexual priests bishops, cardinals...a New Mass, New Sacraments, New Rosary...A New Faith! Novus Ordo Seclorum! Or As Sister Lucia said to Fr. Fuentes "the devil is engaged in a decisive battle with the Holy Virgin, and as he knows what it is that most offends God, and which in a short space of time will gain for him the greatest number of souls, he does everything he can to capture souls consecrated to God, because in this way the devil separates souls from their leaders, and thereby he can seize them more easily."

Dear Catholics come back to Tradition before it is too late! "They must no longer offend Our Lord, Who is already so much offended." Our Lady of Fatima, October 1917 Please read the Prophesies of Marie Julie Jahenny

Anonymous said...

Of course, it's an impostor. Anyone who places the pictures side by side can see that. Anyone who denies the reality that their own eyes can see is experiencing cognitive dissonance.

Unknown said...

I think it is absurd to contend that the consecration of Russia -- which is what Our Lady SPECIFICALLY asked for (by the pope together with all the bishops) -- is fulfilled by the consecration of the world. Always people point to the say-so of various persons on this issue. What about the say-so of Our Lady??? How about some obedience instead of saying, oh I have an even better idea than Our Lady did! Let's consecrate the whole world to Her Immaculate Heart. Well, that's nice. But it is not what Our Lady of Fatima enjoined on the pope and the church. Further, the 1981 consecration was "of the world". The 1984 consecration was to be specifically of Russia, but the pope did not refer to Russia directly, by name, although this time he referred to it by hint. There is no recording of him ever saying "Russia" because he never said it. Father Gabriele Amorth, the chief exorcist for the Vatican, was sitting only feet away and testified first of all that St. JPII had wanted to name it but his advisors were adamant; no, not at this time, we can't! Fr. Amorth testified that he could hear everything the Holy Father said, and that he very clearly never said "Russia." Fr. Amorth said straight out, "the consecration of Russia has not been done." And he further gave all the circumstantial evidence that things in the Church have only gotten worse and worse, and worse, and certainly in the world as well.

fonzie said...

The third picture from the top looks like an early photo of the "imposter" Lucy. It would be nice to know when that one is dated. The people that did this may not have been very sophisticated about how they did it. Maybe they just found someone who somewhat resembled Lucia and "planted" her. Conspiracies are relatively easy in that conspiracy theories are so readily dismissed. They never dreamed that the masses would be able to study her teeth (via computer) half a century later. If those aren't dentures, then the latter Lucy is an imposter...

Vaya Condios said...

I am curious to know where the real body of Sister Lucia is. Our Lady had told her that she had much to suffer, and she had suffered terribly and such injustice, that few know the real truth about her, and even fewer realize that is not her body and that she had in fact died many years earlier.
What she suffered and how much she suffered during the time when she was silenced and the fake imposter came on the scene, no one but those involved know, and where her body is, only they and God know.
I Pray that the Lord will make her truth be known to the world, and that there be enough evidence, and proof that nobody can deny it and that those who were involved and did this to her be exposed and that justice be served.
I Pray also that the real location of her body be found and that DNA will prove that it is her, so that she may finally be put to rest, and have peace.
She deserves the truth to be known, and the recognition she deserves. I feel so much for her, I know she is in heaven with our Lord and that Mama Mary our Heavenly Mother is with her, but I feel so sad when I see this imposter's face continually being displayed as Sister Lucia, and when I hear about the things the imposter has said and even written in her name, and how the Vatican and the Pope have at times tried to discredit her, and it iss all so very wrong.
I know in my heart she is in heaven, and she has been made a Saint in heaven by God. I also know in time the truth will be revealed and everyone will know the real true story of what happened to her. I have made her one of my special Saint's, and I believe because of all she has had to endure in her life, and how in her death she is not considered to be a saint by many don't acknowledge her like they should, and therefore her intercession could more likely in fact be quite powerful. I for one will be praying not only for her, but also for her intercession.
God Bless.

Unknown said...

The Vatican 2 false church is in apostasy. The destruction of the Holy Mass for a Norvus ordo Mess. Rife with liturgical abuses; communion in the hand etc. Masonic anti Popes. The Vatican is rife with homisexuals and paedophiles. You are blinded and brainwashed.

Unknown said...

Our blessed Virgin Mary told Lucia the 3rd secret was to be announced to the world in 1960 or after Lucia's death. The bishop of Portugal saw that Lucia looked ill so he told her she needed to write it down. I believe Lucia died of natural cause before 1960 and the church didn't want the secret revealed, so the imposter Lucia was made. How dare the Catholic church not grant our Blessed Virgin Mary's wish. Because of this, sinners can't repent and be saved. Shame on the Catholic Church.Even so,I'm still a participating Catholic. The churches sins are not mine.

Nandarani said...

It is not 'a farfetched theory;' this is not Sr. Lucia. I came over here as soon as I noticed the photo on the right of an article I am reading. I stopped reading comments when I saw your response. Since you wrote the proof is summarized - so not your fault but take a look:

I have been trying to reach you. Perhaps, if I write a comment under the St Veronica article, you will see it.

Thank you... for giving your site.

HexagonGroup said...

Melanie Calvat the La Salette seer was virtually kidnapped and shipped to a Carmelite monastery in Darlington, England where she had to throw a note over the wall to initiate her departure. Many "consecrations" have been done. How about one more in all cathedrals at the same time as requested? The errors of Russia annihilate nations. Include biochemical warfare as STALIN provided for cousin HITLER. Include perversion and poverty. Include fake priests like agent Malachi Martin. Include abortion and vaccine genocide as in Africa. Include race and class warfare and attacks on the family. Include arming Islam. Immaculate Heart expose all and rule all hearts.

Glenn Dallaire said...

I'd like to respond here to all of the "Sister Lucia impostor" theorists who have commented here, and who have emailed me:

To reply concerning the theory of Sr. Lucia at some point being replaced by some sort of imposter, for the sake of purposefully hiding the true and complete Fatima warnings and messages, I am very much aware and have read through the various thesis' concerning this.

To summarize, with all things considered, I think to theory is far fetched and not grounded in reality, and I simply find it highly unlikely that her family, friends and religious Community--and most particularly her family-- would all be able to coordinate and maintain such a fraud, when one considers the amount of people (family, cousins, extended relatives etc) who would have had to corroborate and to go along with such a thing, not to mention also it would require the alleged imposters family, friends corroboration also. Its simply too far fetched and unrealistic.

Then too one has to consider that while the overall message and warnings of Fatima is indeed important to those of us who are aware and concern ourselves with such things, it simply is not realistic to think that anyone or group would go through such an effort of putting forth an "imposter" to replace a Fatima visionary--its just too much of an effort for something the vast majority of the world could really care less about. And then too the chance of getting caught for such a fraud greatly outweighs any perceived benefits, I think.

But for the sake of consideration though, let's even just go ahead and assume the imposter Lucia allegation is true--and the warnings of Fatima were indeed suppressed--would the world really have changed and heeded any such warnings from Fatima? I highly doubt it. The vast majority of humanity could care less about such things, as they see it as Catholic visionary nonsense. Even most Catholics would not be influenced by any such heavenly warnings, let alone Christians as a whole. So, the whole theory to me really is just too far fetched and doesn't hold water. Just my .02 cents for whatever it is worth.

May God bless all who visit here.
Glenn Dallaire, website host.

Anonymous said...

Evidence that this the photo in this article along with statements made after 1957 are the FAKE IMPOSTER Sr Lucia. Watch here:

Part 1
Part 2

Facial analysis reports:

Josephine Harkay said...

Please get some DNA from Sr. Lucy's habit or objects she has handled regularly. Then we can compare it with that of her relatives.
This should have been done on Feb. 13, 2017, when she was declared a Servant of God and her body was exhumed. I don't know if that has happened at that time. Only a DNA test will end forever this controversy.

Jonathan Michael said...
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Jonathan Michael said...

I challenge anyone to seriously consider the scientific evidence collected on the site I link to and still maintain that Sr. Lucia was not replaced by an imposter. The fact is that these two Lucys are not the same person. You may find it as incredible as you want, but it just goes to show that your concept of reality doesn't correspond to what is really going on. Perhaps it is time to update your view of the world and of what is happening in the Church! It turns out that Satan has infiltrated the Church to an amazing degree. Help us find out what happened to the real Sr. Lucy so that we may have justice. Burying your head in the sand just ensures that these forces remain free to go on destroying the Church. It is time to start facing the facts.

Jonathan Michael said...

PS: Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

May God have mercy on the soul of the conspiracy theorists of this world who relish in creating false narratives, chaos and confusion to advance the cause of Satan's work against humanity and the Catholic Church. Crux Sacra sit mihi lux, Non draco sit mihi dux, ¡Vade Retro Satana! Numquam suade mihi vana, Sunt mala quae libas, Ipse venena bibas.

Anonymous said...

I’m sorry the link did not work. But here is what you need to go to on YouTube. On the YouTube search engine go to. Sister Lucy of Fatima replaced by an imposter. Why? The YouTube channel is Catholic family podcast. There you will find the answer to all your questions.(this was for the person who said please bring me the light about the real sister Lucy.)

Anonymous said...

I second the request to the site owner to please remove the photo of this fake sister Lucy, and replace it with the real woman

Anonymous said...

Truth will never fall. Truth will stand.

Anonymous said...

Excellent excellent words and prayer intentions. I pray what you pray along with you. Dear God, you said Mary told us that the immaculate heart would triumph in the end, also, you said through Blessed Alexandrina, that victory would be yours in the end. Thank you Lord Jesus, that you know all things and you know what needs to happen. Please help us all to do your will on this earth and love you with our whole hearts and hit send.

Dear sister, Lucy, pray for us that the immaculate heart of Mary will try am in the true faithful, that small remnant of the church that our Lord called the little flock . Fear not little flock, it is your father‘s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

One day there will be a general judgment where the living and the dead who ever existed. We will all stand before are there, Jesus Christ, and he will open the books and tell the truth about what everybody has done. On that day will be known the secrets of every heart. so on that day, all will be made right because Jesus knows how and will do justice. We love you, Lord Jesus, come quickly!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Your site owner, your comments, really grieve my heart. And here is why. The comment you made that most bugs me is the one where you say twice most of the world could care less about this message from Fatima, and even Catholics could care less most of them. I fear for you that maybe you could care less, you the site owner? oh! I am so sad when I hear you say such things … YOU yourself need to care more about the message of Fatima .