Marie-Julie Jahenny, The Breton Stigmatist -Her life and prophecies

Marie-Julie Jahenny, “The Breton Stigmatist”

by E.A. Bucchianeri

Marie-Julie Jahenny
[The information below is taken from  E.A. Bucchianeri's original monumental 590 page book "We Are Warned- The prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny" which can be read in its entirety here. The webmaster would like to gratefully thank E.A. Bucchianeri for her work in compiling and adapting the information for this website. May God reward her for her efforts.]

Marie-Julie Jahenny was born in Coyault on February the 12th 1850 in the village of Blain in Brittany, France.  When she was three or four, her family moved to a cottage in a hamlet called La Fraudais just northeast of Blain where she lived for the rest of her life.  She was the eldest of five children, and as with many of God’s chosen souls, she came from a humble background.  Her parents, Charles and Marie Boya, were hardworking and pious peasants.  Little did they suspect that their daughter would be granted an extraordinary number of graces by Heaven and be given a special mission: to spread the love of the Cross and the importance of holy suffering, becoming a victim soul to make reparation to God and save sinners.  Through her Heaven would remind the world of the coming chastisements foretold by so many other saints and mystics, and forewarned those who would listen on how to prepare both spiritually and temporally, calling to mind once again the numerous past prophecies regarding the appearance of a Great Monarch, a saintly ruler beloved by Heaven who would restore the Roman Catholic Faith after years of chastisements, persecution and desolation in union with an Angelic Pontiff who would reign over the Roman Catholic Church in the final days before the appearance of the Antichrist.  This promised final time of peace and triumph would be the greatest that the Church and the world has ever known.

Marie-Julie of the Crucifix, Virgin of the Cross: Her Holy Mission

The first sign of the extraordinary life destined for Marie-Julie began at a very young age when at church she heard an interior voice say: “Stay a little longer with Me.”  From that time on she was drawn to the tabernacle and would spend long hours of prayer in the church, or find a quiet place to pray and meditate.  When she was older she entered the Third Order of St. Francis and was always the perfect model of modesty, piety and spiritual perfection for the parish, receiving Holy Communion with the “devotion of an angel” according to witnesses.

In February 22, 1873, just before Marie-Julie turned twenty-three, she grew seriously ill and was on the point of death.  Our Lady appeared to her and said she would be healed, but also asked if she would be willing to suffer the same agonies as her Son.  Marie-Julie accepted to offer herself as a victim soul.  Our Lady appeared again on March 15th and asked a second time if she was willing to suffer, and Marie-Julie replied once more that she was willing.  The agonies she promised to undergo were foretold in advance, allowing witnesses to see the appearance of the miraculous wounds.   The Five Wounds were the first of the stigmata she received, which appeared on March 21st 1873.  However, more agonies were to come.  She received the Crown of Thorns on October 5th, and on November 25th she received the Wound Our Lord suffered on His Shoulder when He carried His Cross.  The Wounds of Our Lord’s Scourging then manifested on her back December 6th, and on January 12th 1874 not long into the New Year she received painful marks on her wrists where Our Lord’s hands were held bound, and also, a wound over her heart.  Two days later she received additional scourge marks on her ankles, legs and forearms, two days after, she suffered two scourge stripes on her side.  The Passion of Our Lord manifested itself on her body by degrees.  However, a new and mysterious wound appeared on the ring finger of her right hand on February 20th 1874: it was an espousal ring in blood showing that she had been chosen by Our Lord as His Spiritual Spouse.  One final and most astounding stigmata mark then appeared on December 7th also seen by witnesses, a wound that was not manifested with other stigmatists of the Church: a cross and a flower appeared on her chest with the words ‘O Crux Ave’, (Hail to the Cross), accompanied by extraordinary perfumes emanating from her body.

On June 25, 1875 Our Lord promised her: “I will not be long in making known to you My secrets.  Soon the secret will be discovered and the whole world will witness My love and My Power.” Three days later Our Lord further promised: “I will operate greater miracles for you than for your sister Margaret Mary.” (St. Margaret Mary)

(Marie-Julie with the stigmata.  The espousal ring can be seen on her right ring finger.)

A new name was accorded her as so often displayed in the Scriptures when God calls a chosen soul to a new way of life in His service, for she humbly replied during an ecstasy dated March 14, 1876 that St. Francis of Assisi appeared with a white stone, apparently, a great cornerstone for the great and holy work of the Cross that was to begin at La Fraudais.  Our Lord blessed the stone, then angels brought a book displaying her new name in golden letters: “I see, my dear Spouse, this place marked where I am going to keep in your presence. This stone is white, carved, stone brought from heaven by my Seraphic Father (St. Francis). Our Lord has blessed it, angels surround Him. Other angels bring an open book, written in letters of gold and blood. I see signed my name at the top of the book. Tell me what that means, I see my name, 'Marie-Julie of the Crucifix'.”  Marie-Julie then revealed the mystic book would not be opened until seven months after her death, only then would the work of the Cross, that started during her lifetime, would begin to spread in earnest, saving many souls.

As if to proclaim Marie-Julie in her mission as victim soul and spouse of Christ, the Eternal Father asked her “what her name is” on August 1, 1876.   

“I am Marie-Julie of the Crucifix, virgin of the Cross, the great sign of the sinful (i.e. the greatest of sinners), me, Madeleine repentant, contrite, penitent and forgiven, my dear Spouse who promised grace to whom He gave the flower. He made me His spouse. It is I that He will soon reap the harvest of the Cross, of suffering, of the Eucharist. (...)”

Doctor Imbert-Gourbeyre recounts one remarkable ecstasy confirming this mystic betrothal dated January 29, 1877 wherein the Eternal Father approved His Son’s spouse, blessing her and His Son in an extraordinary manner, uniting them forever in union with the Holy Spirit.  Marie-Julie was brought up into the Second Heaven where she saw Our Lord seat Himself on a throne.   The Eternal Father came down with a beautiful flower decorated with a rich chain.  The flower had words on it which read, ‘Flower called by Jesus to the Eternal Father’, which the Eternal Father offered to her.  Jesus then invited His Father to come to His Throne and the Father came down attended by all the Lights of the Holy Spirit.  The Father presented all the Lights to His Son, and His Sacred Heart became more radiant than ever before.  Jesus Thanked His Father for His Divine Illumination and directed Marie-Julie to do the same.  The Eternal Father than asked her: “My daughter, the lights of My Divine Son will be lights for your heart.  How long will you stay in the Heart of My Son?”  Marie-Julie replied if this was a question that her love would endure, she answered it would endure forever.  Jesus then asked her how much she wanted to repose in His Heart, and she replied: “I want to be every hour of my life trapped in the loving wound of My Divine Spouse.”  The Eternal Father replied: “My Son, take this heart now and forever.”  Jesus in turn raised His Hand to His Father and replied: “Your Holy Will, Father, is accomplished.”  Jesus then turned to Marie-Julie: “My spouse, you will be at every hour in My Divine Heart.  You will see its cruel tearings, you will also feel My powerful Love.  Your heart is mine.  Let me put a nail in your heart.”  Marie-Julie immediately said to Him take it and do with it what He pleased, even to tear it, promising never to take it back from Him.  Our Lord took it, presented it to His Father, Who in turn said to the angels of the Second Heaven: “This is the heart of the spouse of My dear Son.  Come worship the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Who is in her heart.”  The Eternal Father then blessed the mystic nail with the words: “My Son, I want to be present at the sacrifice of the heart of your spouse and I want to see the wound of love.”  Jesus then removed every fibre of love in Marie-Julie’s heart and made the sign of the cross on her heart.  Her heart opened in the shape of a cross wherein the blessing was passed through.  Jesus then placed down into the very bottom of her heart a beautiful golden nail, the top shaped like a cross.  As it passed, the nail increased her love for the Holy Eucharist and the Cross.  The Eternal Father then exclaimed: “O My Son, how beautiful is the wound of the heart of Your spouse!  It is the wound of love.”   Our Lord then pierced her heart twice with the nail and removed it.  The Eternal Father took the nail and gazed lovingly at it since Jesus had removed all the love from Marie-Julie’s heart with it, then He placed all her love in the Heart of His Son, saying: “Daughter of the Holy Spirit, you will nevermore love yourself, you will have the love of Jesus alone.” He gave the nail back to Jesus who pierced her heart a third time.  Jesus pierced His Heart at the same time and they became mingled together.  Marie-Julie felt an immense love.  Finally, the Eternal Father created a chain in the shape of a cross, and placed it in the Sacred Heart of His Son and the heart of Marie-Julie, uniting them in Love.

Later Our Lord would call her by the special name given her as seen in another text dated February 22, 1877: “Marie-Julie of the Crucifix, come and stay in My loving Wound.”  In humility, she was afraid to approach the Wound in His Heart due to her human misery, but Our Lord invited her again: “Come My spouse crucified, come to receive these sweet consolations.”  He also declared: “Tu es davantage mon élue,” “You are (of) My highest elect.”

Our Lord would later reveal to Marie-Julie her mission on October 27, 1887 with St. Margaret Mary accompanying Him:  “Victim of My Sacred Heart (speaking to St. Margaret Mary) and you, victim of My Cross, (Marie- Julie), you are not chosen for the same work. Blessed Margaret Mary was chosen to publish the glory of My Sacred Heart, and you, you are chosen to publish the glory of My Cross.  She is the victim of My Sacred Heart, you are the victim of My Cross.  The Work of My Cross is beautiful and grand, it will quickly follow the Work of the Sacred Heart.

Apparently, Monseigneur Fournier, the local Bishop of Nantes began an immediate investigation into the gradual appearances of Marie-Julie’s miraculous stigmata and her extraordinary ecstasies during the early 1870s when they first appeared, entrusting the necessary medical investigations to Doctor Imbert-Gourbeyre, a Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at Clermont-Ferrand.  When he asked her what she saw when she received the stigmata she answered:

When I received the stigmata, Our Lord appeared to me with radiant wounds, it was as if a sun surrounded them.  A luminous ray came out of each Wound and struck my hands, feet and side, at the end of each ray there was a drop of red Blood.  The ray that left the side of Our Lord was twice as wide as the others and was shaped like a lance.  The pain I felt was great, but it lasted barely one second.”

 The doctor quickly observed that in the case of Marie-Julie, her wounds were not of a natural or self-inflicted kind, and were indeed supernatural in origin, writing to the bishop that, “There was no fraud in La Fraudais.”  Bishop Fournier also agreed with the doctor’s findings as seen by a letter he wrote to him on June 6th 1875:

“The reports that I receive daily on Marie-Julie show me more and more the action of God on this soul.  He grants graces of an obvious supernatural order.  At the same time she grows in virtue and noble sentiments.  The natural and human disappear in her, and she often speaks to people she sees or who are referred to her giving instructions which are not in keeping with her normal state (in life).  Therefore be confident, dear Doctor, the time will come when Marie-Julie herself will be the proof.... She is sincere: what she manifests is supernatural.  I see nothing but good, edifying and in conformity with the principles of spirituality.  Therefore it is God who favours her, you maybe sure it will turn out well.”

(Bishop Fournier who declared Marie-Julie’s stigmata and ecstasies were of a supernatural order.)

Doctor Imbert-Gourbeyre continued his investigations years afterwards and witnessed many miraculous events.  The stigmata bled every Friday, then later, only on Good Fridays, but the pain of the various wounds continued to increase, particularly on Fridays.  On some special occasions, the stigmata displayed miraculous events, which were always announced beforehand.  On All Saints Day 1884, Our Lord declared He would envelope Marie-Julie with a coat of light, which was fulfilled that December on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  Her family witnessed a stream of light about the size of a pea radiate from the wounds in her hands, which lasted about five minutes.

Marie-Julie was willing to suffer more for the salvation of sinners and was inflicted with strange unexplainable maladies and physical torments also witnessed by the doctor.  One such instance began June 1880, which was also foretold in advance.  She suffered horrific agonies during her ecstasies on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week, predicting every time what manner of suffering she would undergo, which the doctor was witness to.  We have one of his texts dating from September 1880 describing one such period of atonement:

“During the Way of the Cross, the preceding Friday, (September 24, 1880), Our Lord has said to Marie-Julie who repeated His words during the ecstasy, which were taken down by a secretary; 'On Monday, to expiate the culpable offences that I will receive and that I have already received this month, I will oppress you in a different way. All your limbs will shrink, I will reduce you to being so small that you will have no freedom in any limb; your head will be fixed to your bones, and you will be like the worm that I destroy. In this pain your sufferings will be very violent, all your joints will suffer. With this pain you will have a burning fever. Your tongue will be swollen, very large. There will be a visible swelling at all the joints of your bones and this will show how strong the pain is.’ All this prophetic programme was to take place before my eyes. This took place on Monday 27th of September 1880. ... A few days after having assisted at these extraordinary sufferings, I heard Marie-Julie announce in front of me in profound ecstasy that she would soon have a new and long illness. In the preceding six months, she had often said that God had asked her for the complete sacrifice of her ears, eyes, speech and movement. She accepted everything...”

The complete offering of her senses began later that year, which she foretold again on December 19th,  and similar to her stigmata, each sense was affected in stages.  On the Tuesday after her prediction, she lost the ability to speak and her hearing, three days later she became blind. The suffering also included a strange transformation of her tongue, which became immovable, hard as rock, and completely pushed backwards with the tip bent under, completely blocking her throat.  Her mouth then closed shut, and her lips remained motionless.  However, she was released from this malady at some point for in February 10th 1881 she revealed the next stages of her excruciating martyrdom.  Our Lord asked her if she was willing to suffer again, and she accepted.  He replied:

Well, from next Monday, you will no longer be able to stay on your stake, (stake: i.e. possibly a reference to the mystical ‘gibbet’ on which she had suffered up to then) ... all your limbs will become disjointed, but without changing position.  All the limbs on your left side, from the sole of your feet to the top of your head, will no longer move. (...)  You will stay in your armchair, there, new crucifixions of sufferings will come to keep you company, one by one.

This agonising dislocation of her joints by supernatural means lasted for years and included other phenomena that science cannot explain.  Marie-Julie’s temperature became freezing.  One night, her family wanted to move her to make her more comfortable and found she was heavier than a stone and were unable to lift her from her chair.  Marie-Julie would give them a time on which they could move her, and until then she remained unmovable.  When the appointed time came, she mysteriously became as light as a feather.  Although she was deaf during this time of agony, she could hear the priest when he spoke in Latin, a double-miracle as she was uneducated and not knowledgeable in languages.  Our Lord said she would be able to speak during her ecstasies, and her tongue was softened as promised, but once the ecstasies were over, her tongue resumed its hardened condition.  Heaven also granted a period of mobility every Friday at 9 AM allowing the linens and her clothes to be changed, and also so she could make her customary Way of the Cross at 1 PM wherein she literally relived the Passion of Christ in Jerusalem in ecstasy.  As soon as the Passion ecstasy was concluded, the paralysis returned.  This period of martyrdom lasted for four years according to Doctor Imbert-Gourbeyer, then each mystical ailment gradually disappeared similar to how they first manifested. He reported: “First the hemiplegia disappeared, then in succession the dumbness, the deafness, and the blindness.”  The Doctor further declared:

“All the circumstances  of this symptom (of contracture) prove that it is was not of a hysterical nature. Besides, who has ever seen ... a contracture that ceases regularly every Friday for several hours, to allow the subject to talk and walk in ecstasy? The observation of the Breton virgin dispels all the observations of known hysteria. It is enough to be a doctor to understand.”

Similar to other chosen mystics, she experienced complete and total periods of fasting wherein she took no drink or food and lived on the Eucharist alone.  The first occasion occurred April 12th, 1874 and lasted for ninety-four days, which she also predicted would happen days beforehand.  She also predicted the next period of total fasting that began on December 28th 1875 and continued unbroken for five years, one month and twenty-two days.  The doctor recorded that “during the whole of this period there were no liquid or solid excretions.”  Once more, he had witnessed a miracle that defied science, for others had taken place during the year—Marie-Julie received miraculous Holy Communions that simply appeared.   As these events were also foretold, Bishop Fournier had witnesses present in addition to the doctor already investigating her case.  The first miraculous Communion took place on June 4th, 1874, and also occurred on three separate occasions that year.  The next period of miraculous Communions occurred from May 1876 to January 29th 1877, apparently, thirteen in all during that time, which occurred during her Friday ecstasies.  This latest period was observed by over two hundred witnesses.

Other miracles included bleeding pictures and crucifixes.  One day, Marie-Julie asked her spiritual director, Fr. David, if he would bring her a picture of the Crucifixion.  He did as he was asked and she was immediately attracted to it after he blessed it, meditating with it several times a day.  On January 21st 1877, Our Lord appeared to her during an ecstasy and said:

Oh, you who love Me, see how I suffer ... I pour out My Divine Blood to pay for the sins of France... .  The picture where I am crucified before which you meditate, will remind you of My suffering.  The Divine Blood of My Five Wounds which has just flowed on My cross, will flow on the five wounds of this picture...Tell your Father to collect It... and now come back to earth: You will find My five Wounds bathed in Blood.

(The miraculous image that bled.)

Her family witnessed the miracle, and her spiritual director, Fr. David, kept the picture.   The curate of Blain, Fr. Lequeux, also witnessed a separate miracle of the Holy Blood, which occurred on the Feast of Corpus Christi, May 27th 1880.  He wrote the following testimony:

“On Thursday I was at La Fraudais at about eleven-thirty. While I was
addressing a few words to Marie-Julie on the love of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament,
she went into ecstasy, then all of a sudden exclaimed: "The Crucifix at the end of my
bed is bleeding." I turned at once and saw on the picture a gush of blood of about two
centimetres. I called Angèle, (Marie-Julie's sister) who like me saw the prodigy. While
I was occupied looking at the picture I noticed that Marie-Julie had her lips glued to her
crucifix and seemed to be drinking. I approached her and clearly saw red blood on the
Crucifix and on the lips of our dear victim who said to me as she stretched out her hand:
"Father, give me quickly my other Crucified Love, your Crucifix." I gave it to her and
she at once drank in the same fashion. After a few moments, she added: ‘My Jesus tells
you to purify the two crucifixes with your consecrated fingers.’ With a blessed cloth I then purified the two crucifixes that were all red with blood. Then Marie-Julie said to
me: ‘My Jesus wants you to purify my lips reddened with His Adorable Blood.’ I then took the cloth by each end and pressed it on the lips of the seer.”

Attacks from the Devil and the Years of Persecution

Marie-Julie also had to contend with the devil and his wiles from the time she first received the stigmata.  Our Lady warned her in advance several times, one final warning came April 26th 1874, but Our Lady promised she would never abandon her in the midst of these new trials. Fifteen minutes after this warning, the devil tried to do his worst.  He would beat Marie-Julie and cover her in bruises and cuts, which never grew infected and would quickly and miraculously  heal with the holy water.  He would destroy her sacramentals, break her rosaries, knock her holy pictures off the walls, throw her crucifix to the floor, plus knock blessed objects to the ground, or, if he didn’t destroy them or try to inflict some type on damage on them, he would spirit them away.  Sometimes, if witnesses were present, he would try and push  them over as well.   Then, he would try other manifestations, appearing as a frightening beast, animals, or in his usual hideous shape, threatening he would eventually succeed in damning her soul, anything to try and force her to abandon her mission to save souls.  When terror tactics failed, he changed strategy and would come as a tempting beautiful young man promising her everything from wealth to cures for her maladies, but without success.  Other times he tried to fool her during her ecstasies by appearing as angels or saints, but Marie-Julie was extremely cautious about every apparition, testing them all to ensure they were from Heaven and thereby exposing the Hellish imposter by prudence when he did appear in this guileful manner.  If a mystical visitor complied and made on Act of Love to the Sacred Heart, she knew the apparition was true.  When it was Satan, he would suddenly fly off when she demanded this request.  Sometimes she could easily see through the disguise: if the demon appeared as a saint the halo would be missing its glorious rays of light, or the symbol of the cross would not be depicted correctly on his clothes or vestments, appearing bent or twisted.

After this first period of trials caused by the devil, St. Michael came and returned all the objects Satan had stolen from her, giving her a period of peace until January 1875, after which a new round of torment was to begin.  Satan  adopted new fearful strategies with his hellish appearances, coming in the form of priest, no doubt to fool her he was an earthly human visitor like many she received, but she spotted the ruse when she noticed the ‘priest’ was missing a cross on his stole.  The devil tried to give her a ‘host’ while disguised in this form, but she refused.  We can only imagine with horror what he was truly trying to give her, for he would attempt to poison her on other occasions and force her to swallow stomach-turning objects.  One time he tried to force her to eat grass, other times he shoved a phial of poisoned blood into her mouth, then clamped it shut.  She could only  open her mouth after her spiritual director, Fr. David, said the Rite of Exorcism over her.  There were times the devil tried to clamp her mouth shut and prevent her receiving Holy Communion from Fr. David, but he would stand there patiently with the Blessed Sacrament before her mouth until the devil was forced to release her. These attacks were not without fruit, for they were additional means of sacrifice she could offer to save souls.  However, there were times she could get rid of him by sprinkling holy water.

The time of earthly persecution began only a few short years after the stigmata appeared when Bishop Fournier passed away in 1877.  He had been the greatest supporter of her cause, declaring everything about her from the stigmata to her ecstasies were of a supernatural order, and now, he was replaced by a bishop who took an entirely different approach to Marie-Julie’s case and she was persecuted by the diocese.  A little less than a month after Bishop Fournier’s death, the Chapter of Curates gave the order she be deprived of the sacraments—including the Blessed Sacrament, a decision upheld by the new bishop, Bishop Lecoq.  However, heaven ensured Marie-Julie was not deprived of the sacraments, for the minute the order came from the Chapter, the miraculous Communions resumed again and appeared every Sunday and on certain feast days.  Doctor Imbert-Gourbeyre however remained her defender, explaining to Bishop Lecoq that his predecessor had ruled everything pertaining to Marie-Julie was of a supernatural origin and that there were credible witnesses to prove his judgement true, also describing the many miraculous Communions, but the new bishop remained deaf to this defence.  This period of persecution from the diocese lasted eleven years, ending in 1888 when Pope Leo XIII made an inquest into the matter, entrusting the case to Rev. Fr. Vanutelli who ruled Marie-Julie had been unjustly deprived of the sacraments.  By Order of the Holy See, the ban issued by the Chapter of Curates was lifted.  Despite the persecutions, she never complained or murmured against the local bishop or the Church, and was always obedient to the successive bishops of Nantes, recognizing with humble obedience the authority given to them by God.

Her Ecstasies

Her ecstasies occurred on a regular basis, and as with other authentic cases of this supernatural state with other mystics, they showed the following phenomena: the natural reactions of her senses ceased and she  remained insensible to the point she would not make the least reaction when pricked with pins and needles or burned, or when bright lights were flashed in her eyes.  Sometimes her body would miraculously levitate, and she could distinguish the difference between blessed and unblessed objects. She could tell when a consecrated or unconsecrated host was placed before her.  If she discerned a sacramental placed before her was blessed, she venerated it by kissing it profoundly. If it was unblessed, she would refuse to venerate it or remained unresponsive.   For example, during a Passion ecstasy on October 18, 1877, she stopped her mystical enactment of the Way of the Cross and asked for a picture of St. Francis.  A visiting priest had one in his breviary and handed it to her, but she remained motionless and didn’t venerate it.  Fr. David then knew the picture wasn’t blessed and they blessed it immediately, after which she reverenced it profoundly, covering it with kisses.   

During the same ecstasy, visitors held a rosary before her, but she refused to kiss or venerate the sacramental as was her custom.   The visitor then recalled they had lost the original crucifix to the rosary and had replaced it with another, but didn’t think to have the replacement blessed.  The blessing was done immediately and Marie-Julie grew happy, kissing the crucifix and the beads repeatedly before resuming her suffering of the Passion currently underway in that particular ecstasy.  Sometimes, she would give surprising information about a holy relic presented to her during an ecstasy that no one had previously known about.  One astounding example: without saying a word to her beforehand, a relic was held before her and she immediately confirmed what the owner had only suspected up to then—they truly had a fragment of the lance that opened Our Lord’s side, and furthermore, it still contained a piece of His Heart.  Apparently, the relic belonged to the Marquis de La Franquerie, which the family still possesses to this day.

(Photo of Marie-Julie during an ecstasy in later years.)

In addition to this marvellous phenomena, she received countless visitors from Heaven during her ecstasies who gave her great consolation and imparted spiritual advice.  Naturally, Our Lord and Our Lady were constant companions, but she also saw the Eternal Father, and the Holy Spirit Who would come in the form of a dove or as a flaming tongue of fire.  Also, the list of saints who came to her are astounding.  Sometimes they gave her a biography of their lives, providing details that no one knew about, or, they corrected some elements that biographers and chroniclers had mistaken or had become confused through the years.  Unknown saints also visited her and gave an account of their lives.  At one point, she grew so familiar with St. Joseph, she even began bantering and teasing him during one ecstasy dated April 1, 1880 in order to have certain petitions granted until Our Lord Himself had to come and say “Enough!”  rescuing His foster father from her persistent wheedling!

How many saints came to her?  From the texts that have been released to the public, we have the following list, there may be many more revelations waiting to be read:

St. Joseph * St. Ann, Mother of Our Lady *  St. Michael the Archangel * St. John the Evangelist * St. Francis of Assisi * St. Charlemagne, King of France and first Holy Roman Emperor * St. Germaine * St. Alphonsus Liguori * St. Margaret Mary * St. Aloysius  Gonzaga * St. Bonaventure * St. Catherine of Sienna * St. Louis IX, King of France * St. Thomas Aquinas * St. Titus * St. Francis de Sales * St. John of the Cross * St. Vincent Ferrier * St. Paul, Apostle * St. John Francis Regis * St. Gregory the Great, Pope * St. Benedict * St. Lucien (of Antioch?) * St. Nestor, Bishop and Martyr * St. Abraham, Hermit * St. Marcellinus, Martyr * St. Lambert, Bishop and Martyr * St. John, Pope and Martyr * St. Felix, Bishop * St. Pamphilus, Martyr * St. Vincent, Martyr * St. Pantaleon, Martyr * St. Marisse (Marius), Martyr * St. Didier (Desiderius), Bishop and Martyr * St. Primus, Martyr * St. Dieudonné (Adedodatus I, also Deusdedit), Pope * St. Vitus, Martyr * St. Distérique, Bishop (unknown saint?) * St. Paulinus, Bishop and Martyr * St. Grelut, apparently, a previously unknown martyr * St. Victorian, Bishop and Martyr * St. Hermenegilde, Prince and Martyr * St. Cassian, Martyr * St. Jules (Julius), Martyr * St. Celeste (Celestine?), Martyr * St. Vitalis of Milan, Martyr * St. Sergius, Martyr

(Marie Julie’s room with her bed and several of her statues.
Photo taken in 2011 by Paul J. Dickson)

In certain texts, Marie-Julie said she would see visions in ‘the sun’ or in ‘her sun’, and from this we can assume she was permitted to see her visions and heavenly visitors through a mystic ‘window’ shaped like a sun similar to Blessed Ann Maria Taigi of Rome (1769-1837).  During her ecstasies, Marie-Julie could also understand different languages that she had never learned, and could recite prayers or sing hymns in these different languages.  Also, she immediately came out of an ecstasy if given an order from her spiritual director or by a religious with canonical authority, even when it was spoken in Latin, despite never learning how to read or write Latin.   As with all true mystics, she was always obedient to her spiritual superiors and immediately returned from an ecstasy when she was ordered mentally, vocally, or simply in writing, displaying the events were indeed miraculous and Heaven-sent.  This was witnessed by Bishop Fournier on July 17th, 1874 in company with the Superior of the Jesuits and the Superior’s secretary.  As stated earlier, the Bishop declared the knowledge she received was well beyond her normal state in life.  Doctor Imbert-Gourbeyer also wrote the following:

“The ecstatic discourses have two principle characteristics: infused science and the prophetic spirit.  We have assisted several times at Marie-Julie’s ecstasies: what a surprise, to hear this simple peasant woman without any instruction, speaking of divine things like an accomplished theologian giving mystical instruction, disserting admirably on God, Jesus Christ, the Eucharist, the Cross and the Priesthood, telling the life story of a great number of saints she could not have known, quoting Latin texts from Holy Scripture, reproducing entire passages from the Holy Fathers, making numerous revelations and sometimes rising to an incomparable literary style.”

Prophecies of the Future

During her ecstasies, Marie-Julie was not only given spiritual advice, she was also shown events around the world, and predicted what would happen in the future.  On September 15th 1879, she predicted Bismarrck’s ‘Kulturkampf’.  September 15th, 1881 she foretold in detail the death of Melanie Calvat, the visionary of La Salette, which happened on December 15th, 1904.  She predicted the eruption of Mount Pelé in Martinique, then described the horrific events as they occurred despite the fact she was half a world away.  In 1881 she was shown the Transvaal War, announcing it would take place at the death of Queen Victoria, which happened in 1901.  She predicted the death of the Count De Chambord, the last direct descendant of the Bourbon royal house of France.  Just before the successor to Pope Leo XIII was chosen, she declared only a few days before the conclave the “Adriatic Cardinal is chosen by God, his reign will be that of Christ.  He will not last long and will be called Pius.”  She was correct in that Pius X did not last as long as the previous Pope named ‘Pius’.  Pius X, former cardinal of Venice, fulfilled the prophecy as ‘Adriatic Cardinal’ and was pope for eleven years, while Pius IX reigned for over thirty-one years.  Marie-Julie correctly announced beforehand the French would lose their colony of Algeria to the Arabs and the priests of that country would suffer horrible trials.   She also foresaw World War I and World War II.  Our Lord promised she would live to see the beginning of the chastisements, and she lived to see World War II.

Her predictions continued up until her death in March 4, 1941, her death being the strangest prediction of all considering it did not fall on the promised day.  Our Lord promised on December 1, 1876 she would die on a Friday, but she died on a Tuesday.  Considering that she revealed so many other events correctly in addition to all the miracles in her life that were not of diabolical origin and occurred with witnesses present, how could she have made a mistake of this calibre?  There may be no mistake at all, this promise of dying on a Friday may have been fulfilled in an unlikely manner.  In one ecstasy (date?) Marie-Julie was shown a mystic Chalice placed above her head.  She made an unusual request asking to take the Chalice with “her in the earth”, i.e. when she was buried.  Our Lord answered: “I shall hide My Heart beneath this veil and It will live in your heart.   Your heart will beat as before.  Your love will never slow down, you will not forget My Name beneath the coffin’s plank; the breath of life from My heart will be transplanted inside the tomb.”

What could this mean?  Did Marie-Julie offer to drink the last dregs from the Sacrificial Chalice similar to Our Lord in the Garden of Gethsemane?  God may have granted her wish.  Considering her last recorded words are dated February 1941, it is not impossible she slipped into a death-like coma on March 4, or that her last ecstasy on earth before her death was so deep it was mistaken as actual death on that date, which has happened before to a number of mystics recorded in the annuls of the Church.  Her last penance may have been to remain alive in the coffin and in that manner die on a Friday as promised, the true day of her death completely unknown and hidden from the eyes of her friends and family.

Of course, this theory cannot be proven now, yet accurate prophecies and miracles defying science never cease for a true mystic, many miracles will occur after their deaths to prove the visionary was authentic.  She predicted eight months after his death in 1878 that Pius IX  “will be elevated one day to a very high sanctity” (canonization?) and his sanctity will save Rome from terrible calamities at that time.  Pius IX is already well on the way to official canonisation, Pope John Paul II proclaimed him Venerable on July 6, 1985, then beatified him September 3, 2000.  In one of her texts dated September 29, 1878 St. Michael warned the faithful not to put their trust in one political ruler for he will not bring about the promised restoration of the world and the Church for he will be a ‘pillar of mud’, a text that was cryptic until now and may actually refer to President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, which we shall examine in more detail later.  She predicted Charlemagne’s informal and disputed canonisation will be formalized by the Church and he will be recognized as a saint, which the faithful have not yet seen occur.  She also said Louis XVI would be raised to the altars during the reign of the promised Great Monarch.  There is one other astounding prediction made on January 2nd 1885: a year before her sister Angèle died, Our Lord promised Marie-Julie  that Angèle would be found incorrupt, therefore, there will be a miraculous discovery for the faithful in the future.  He also declared on May 4, 1877 that “To show that you are all of Me, I will protect your body even in the breast of the earth,” words suggesting Marie-Julie will be found incorrupt.   

Furthermore, Our Lord’s prophecies concerning Marie-Julie’s heart may be a double revelation, first, for her ‘hidden’ death as mentioned above, and later understood literally as a great miracle for future times—if and when she is exhumed, her heart will be found beating.  Our Lord did promise He would perform greater miracles for her than he did for St. Margaret Mary, and this would indeed be a truly noble posthumous miracle for a heart that so completely held the Sacred Heart of Christ that God the Father ordered the angels of the Second Heaven to adore her heart as that of His own Son.  

Marie-Julie foretold many future events before her death that may have happened already and have not been not linked to her predictions just yet, plus many that are evidently for future days that we will yet see come to pass.  Her future predictions are full of ominous warnings for France, Europe, the Church and the world, which we shall soon address.   Although several French websites say the process for her beatification is currently underway, this may be a reference  to several devout groups praying for her process to open as there has been no official statement issued anywhere concerning this.  We can hope that one day soon the extraordinary life of Marie-Julie will be brought to the attention of the Church and the official process for her beatification and canonization will commence without delay.  

   (Marie-Julie’s Cottage)

(Pilgrims visiting her cottage.
Photo by Paul J. Dickson, 2011)

(Marie-Julie’s grave at the cemetery in Blain)

New Devotions and Special Graces Revealed

Marie-Julie’s heavenly visitors would often share with her new devotions they wished to impart, or, to reveal new promises to already existing devotions, mercifully enriching them with more graces to encourage the faithful to practise them.  There are also numerous little prayers, spiritual reminders and aspirations throughout the texts.  Included below are only part of the devotions and prayers given to Marie-Julie.

Litany of the Passion: A Prayer of Reparation before the Blessed Sacrament

Our Lord requested this prayer to be said to console Him on Thursday mornings at 9 AM before the Blessed Sacrament, and on Fridays in the afternoon. He promised to those who would recite this prayer as a great mark of their love for Him, He would grant them a solemn happiness. Our Lord: “They will say passing over in their heart (meditating on) all that I have done for them for love.  As a reward, at their death, I will almost immediately attract them in the eternal sojourn.” (The soul will be immediately attracted to Him and draw upon themselves all the necessary graces for salvation at that critical moment.)  Our Lord said: “Burn with love for Me, I will let escape from My Heart the last stream that will set you ablaze.  My Love comes to search for your prayers to soften the pain caused by all the offenses.” (i.e. offenses committed against Him in the Blessed Sacrament.)  Our Lord also promised: “I will bless those who say this prayer at least once a day, I will give them a solemn benediction.”  When Marie-Julie passed on the litany He taught her, she asked: “Lord, will You be willing to remain with us until the end of time?” (i.e. in the Blessed Sacrament.)  He answered. “This is Love.”

The Litany of the Passion:

Oh my very dear Jesus, what brought You to suffer for us a mortal Agony in the Garden of Olives: It is Love.

Oh My Adorable Jesus, what brought You to separate Yourself from Your Apostles during this Agony: It is Love.

Oh My Jesus, what brought You to leave the executioners and the Jews torture and bind You: It is Love.

Oh My Jesus, what brought You to appear before the tribunal of Pilate: It is Love.

Oh My Jesus, what brought You to descend into the obscure prison of Herod: It is Love.

Oh Holy Victim, what brought You to allow the executioners scourge You without a complaint from You: It is Love.

Oh Holy Victim, what brought You to separate Yourself from Your Holy Mother in order to suffer insults: It is Love.

Oh Holy Victim, what brought You to cast a glance at St. Peter when leaving the Praetorium: It is Love.

Oh Holy Victim, what brought You to fall before Your enemies under (their) weight: It is Love.

Oh Holy Victim, what brought You to die for us on a Cross: It is Love.

Oh Holy Victim, what brought You to give Yourself to our souls in the Most Holy
Sacrament: It is Love.

Oh Holy Victim, what brought You to reside for us in all the Shrines and Tabernacles in the entire world: It is Love.

Oh Holy Victim, what brought You to tell us 'Dear Children, do not fear, come close, I sleep, but My Heart watches': It is Love.

Adorable Sacred Victim, what brought You to let us approach Your Holy Tabernacles, to possess You and dissolve into these delights: It is Love. It is Love.

Oh Most Holy Victim, what brought You to love us with a Love so Ardent and full of Goodness: It is Love. It is Love.

Prayer to Save 1,000 Sinners

Our Lord gave Marie-Julie on September 3, 1925 a very simple way to save 1,000 sinners every time we receive Holy Communion.

Tell them to rest five minutes on My Heart throbbing with love. Think only of Me by this simple word: “Thank you, my Beloved, You live in me and I live in You.” You see the sweetness you will taste and how you will give Me consolation. Ask of Me, in the fifth minute the conversion of a thousand sinners. It will be a great joy for My Divine Father, for Heaven, I ask you the same favour. I will be there, inside you, infinite goodness, the splendour of all beauties. Only five minutes thinking about Me and asking Me at the fifth minute the salvation of souls. My Divine Heart is overflowing with joy at this request of graces and I will also grant it.”

Immediately after we receive Communion, we are to rest and meditate on Him and His Sacred Heart for five minutes, saying the little prayer He gave, then at the fifth minute, ask for the grace of 1,000 sinners.

Promises to the Devotion to the Wound on Our Lord’s Shoulder

During various ecstasies Our Lord disclosed to Marie-Julie that devotion to this Wound was a great consolation for Him, and granted promises to this devotion.

Our Lord showed her this gaping, open Wound and revealed its depth: “The Pain is incomprehensible in the hearts of My children!!!  How this devotion pleases and consoles Me, how often have the prayers of these Wounds risen to My Heart and have torn (open) the (way of) salvation for souls entrusted to Hell.” (May 17, 1878)

Promises collected during the ecstasies of Marie-Julie, for souls who propagate and are faithful to this devotion:

1 - “I will bless all the souls who propagate this devotion: I grant them abundant graces.” (March 29, 1878)

2 - “O souls who love Me, who propagate this devotion, I take you under My protection, I keep you under the mantle of My affection.” (March 29, 1878)

3 - “I will dispel the darkness that will come to their heart.” (December 28, 1877)

4 - “I will console them in their pains.” “I will come in the midst of their greatest afflictions, to enlighten, to comfort them.” (February 8, 1878) (28 December 1877,
February 8 and April 12, 1878)

5 - “I will come to bless them in their undertakings.” (March 29, 1878)

6 - “I will give them a tender love for the Cross. I will come to assist them at the time of death, with this cross and I will introduce them into My Heavenly Kingdom.” (April 12, 1878)

7 - “I will sweeten their agony.” (December 28, 1877). “I will come at the hour of death. I will console them in their passage.” (February 8, 1878). “Especially at the hour of death, I will come to give them a sweet moment of calm and tranquillity. I will tell them: 'O good holy soul, who has spread this devotion (knowing) that I had so much at heart that it be made known, come to receive the reward of your
labours, the fruit of blessing.'.” (March 29, 1878)

8 - “I will shelter them, I will assist them, I will console all the souls that seek to
propagate this Sacred Wound. At the time of death, I will console the souls that have compensated Me by their devotion and compassion to the Wound so deep and
painful. I will come to strengthen them in their final fears. I will come and prepare their passage: Thank you, you who have compensated Me for My pains.” (May 17,

9 - “See,” Jesus said, pointing to His Sacred Wound with extreme tenderness, “all My children who have recognized this Wound, who have venerated it, have prayed to it, will have on the Last Day a great and generous reward. I do not simply show it, I pronounce it.  My Word is Divine.” (May 17, 1878)

Devotion to the Precious Blood, His Holy Wounds

Our Lord asked us to remain devoted to His Precious Blood and not to forget the pious practise of offering all our prayers and works in union with the Divine merits and graces of His most Precious Blood.

Our Lord (date?): “Never forget to renew persistently the offering of Precious Blood. You will be consoled, all you who honour My Precious Blood, nothing will happen to you.”

Those devoted to Our Lord’s Wounds will also be shielded from punishments like a ‘lightning rod’. (date?) “The devotion to the Holy Wounds will be a lightning rod for the Christians who will have kept it.” (i.e. kept faithful to it.)

Devotion to Our Lady of Bonne Garde

This is a particular devotion revealed to Marie-Julie regarding a miraculous statue. The closest title we have in English using the more literal translation from the French: “Good Watch”, “Good Protection”, “Good Guard”, or “Good Care”.

(Our Lady of Bonne Garde)

The story: A medieval statue was donated to Marie-Julie by her ‘adoptive’ mother, Madame Le Camus, a widow who was very pious and had no children.  She  dedicated her life to care for Marie-Julie and her visitors, spreading  the messages given to Marie-Julie about devotion to the Holy Work of the Cross at La Fraudais.  Madame Le Camus was in possession of the statue that had been rediscovered at that time, having miraculously escaped the iconoclastic ravages of the French Revolution, and according to the documents many other miracles had taken place by venerating it.  One day, the lady heard an interior voice asking her to donate it to Marie-Julie, and she complied.  Her generous sacrifice was praised by the Mother of God who said to Marie-Julie on November 28, 1878: “Oh, if you knew how my Divine Son and I, we are happy with this gift! I reward this generous soul, your adopted mother.”   In other ecstasies, Our Lady would call Madame Le Camus “My Rose”, which was also a delightful acknowledgement of the pious lady’s devotion to her and her victim soul Marie-Julie by addressing her through the name of her patron saint, St. Rose of Lima. “My beloved child, Rose, if you knew how I love you, how more pleasing you are to me, because my Rose, you do everything to please me and console me. My dear child, I tasted so many charms under your blessed roof, in leaving, to come establish me as Mistress, Governess, Director of the work of the Cross”.

In other words, Our Lady recognised the love given to her when Madame Camus possessed her in her home, but that now with this sacrifice of the statue, she had helped to establish her under the title of ‘Bonne Garde’ as Mistress, Governess, Director of the work of the Cross through Marie-Julie.    Our Lady promised Marie-Julie many graces would flow through the veneration of her under the title of Our Lady of Bonne Garde.  

September 15, 1883: “My dear child, you shall bring to my Rose, your dear mother, my words. My cult (under the title of Bonne Garde), my daughter is going to be flourishing, my name will spread everywhere, my heart will open as an inexhaustible source for all the pilgrims of the Cross. My daughter, I will be greatly honoured by all visitors of the work, starting my devotion (by the people) ... The people will venerate me, beg me, giving me votive offerings of gratitude.”   Marie-Julie then said “With these words, my Good Mother rose (up) radiantly on a beneficial cloud, so wonderful that Our Lady of Bonne Garde was as lost in the songs of thanksgiving and gratitude (sung by) the poor humans ... She (Our Lady) said: “I see at my feet, the whole of France with its sovereigns. My daughter, this devotion will start with the favour of the last days of your life on Earth."  Marie-Julie continued to pass on Our Lady’s message: “My daughter, I will be gloriously crowned more than I am today, crowned, my daughter, by the Holy Church immortal and infallible in its lights.  My First Victim and my Rose will be at my feet on this solemn day when the Church will make me a crown of prayers and hymns.” (...)  Marie-Julie speaking to Madame Camus: “When I am no longer with you, my dear mother, on Earth, she (Our Lady) will give you a comforting sign of her sweet love by the lifting of her right hand, as if to bless you with the workers of the work.”

Our Lady of Bonne Garde revealed to Marie-Julie on October 1, 1935 that she wished to be honoured with the following prayers:

During this beautiful month (October), recite to me three 'Hail Marys' in the morning, midday and evening. To obtain my assistance during your life and death, you will say:

“I salute you, beloved Daughter of the Father,
Lily of Purity, pray for us.
I salute you, Mary...(Hail Mary, etc.)
I salute you, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, Violet of
Humility, pray for us.
I salute you, Mary, (Hail Mary...)
I salute you, O Mother of the Word Incarnate,
Rose of Charity, pray for us,
I salute you, Mary, (Hail Mary....)”

Our Lady of the Lilies

On June 23, 1936, a young girl from Blain brought Marie-Julie a lily that was offered before the Blessed Sacrament on Corpus Christi at the parish church.  The lily was then  placed in the arms of the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes, which was near Marie-Julie’s bed.  During the ecstasy of that day, replying to a total offering of Mare-Julie in her name and the name of all her friends, Our Lady said:

As a reward I have in my arms this beautiful white flower which recalls the most beautiful of my virtues (virginal purity)...scatter this spotless flower...Everyone take a small bit home, it is I myself you will carry away, the Queen of Lilies, the Queen of Peace, the Queen of Prodigies, the Queen of Miracles.”

Then at the end of the ecstasy, at the last blessings, Our Lady said to Marie-Julie: “Give a small piece (of lily) to all my small children, it is the flower of my Jesus, with a delicious scent blessed on earth... There must be many lilies for Jesus.” (Pure, chaste souls.)

People present affirmed that the lily placed in the arms of Our Lady of Lourdes assumed the same freshness during the ecstasy and looked as if it had just been cut.

On Tuesday February 2nd 1937, feast of the Purification of Our Lady, during her particular morning ecstasy, Marie-Julie thanked her for all the graces of protection in accidents, of preservation in accidents and cures granted to people who had recourse to the fragments of the lily.    Our Lady then confirmed her words of the preceding 23rd of June, when Our Lord interrupted her saying. “Remember My Mother, that I had given My blessings before thine.” (He blessed the Lily first, it was placed before Him in the Blessed Sacrament). Our Lady continued: “I blessed this lily after my Divine Son, it will do many marvels...” and she asked Marie-Julie to have her invoked under the title of Our Lady of the Lilies.

Two days later on 4th of February, during her ecstasy, Our Lady said the following
words: “Little friends, give me this title; Mother of Purity, Lily of Purity without stain. Spread my love on earth by this Lily which has adored Jesus in the Holy Tabernacle, by this beautiful Lily where Jesus has placed His purest graces, the most glowing love. I will give many graces, I will even work prodigies, I will give health back to the sick when they are touched by this beautiful Lily
of purity.”... “Oh, little children of the earth, come to my heart, invoke me as Our Lady of the Lilies, Mother of Power, Mother of Prodigies...”

Then Marie-Julie said: “It does not surprise me, good Heavenly Mother, that a shower of graces overflowed from thy heart to fall on this Lily which thou hast watered with thy favours, this Lily the white corollas of which thou distribute to encourage us to have recourse to thee, predisposing us (to trust) to tell us that this Lily will take us to Heaven, as it took the Most Holy Virgin with her beautiful virtues, to the Kingdom of her Divine Son, to love and adore Him eternally. Jesus has said many times: “Mother, give thy graces to thy small children on earth, I give Mine, I mingle them with thine, thine with Mine, is it not the same things, so that it is two great blessings that flow on them from this blessed Lily; their eyes do not see them but the eyes of the souls, their souls are not unaware...”

Blessings and promises were renewed on different occasions:  On 8th of April 1937, Our Lady blessed them, “Oh, my little children, I bless you will all my heart, I bless you with the heart of Our Lady of Lilies.”

On 10th of June 1937, Our Lord gave His blessing: “Little friends, I give your Lilies the same blessing that I gave those which protected you and which made you find the name so dear to My Gentle Mother of 'Our Lady of the Lilies',  distribute them... I will work miracles, I will do extraordinary prodigies for My chosen ones on earth...”

And again on 18th of July 1939: Our Lord reminded: “I bless the Lilies and give them my powers to relive poor suffering.”

During an ecstasy, Our Lord spoke of roses, violets, and other flowers that were presented during the ecstasies and that had received blessings and graces, He added that nevertheless it was to the lily, as being her privileged flower, that Our Lady reserved her greatest benefits.

The bulbs of the lilies that were in the small yard behind Marie-Julie's cottage were removed on her request on the 8th of December 1938. They were blessed by Our Lord, some during the ecstasy of the day, the others were blessed during Marie-Julie’s ecstasy of the Way of the Cross the following day. Our Lord promised that the lilies of those bulbs would be blessed as soon as they appeared on earth and it would be enough to present the flowers of the petals before the Blessed Sacrament exposed to have the same blessings and privileges of the preceding ones, and that in this way the devotion to Our Lady of the Lilies would be assured and continued after the death of Marie-Julie.  (I.e., future generations were to take the lilies that grew from those particular bulbs and present the petals before the Blessed Sacrament exposed on the altar, the petals would receive the same graces.)

Does this practise continue?  Try contacting the “Society of Marie-Julie” for more information: they may still be giving out Marie-Julie’s lily petals to the faithful.
On Distractions During Prayer

Marie-Julie complained on October 21, 1924 that people seemed so distracted in prayer, often saying an ‘Our Father’ with the lips, but with little thought and not from the heart and often without respect.  She asked Our Lady to teach her poor children how to pray better and Our Lady replied:  “My little children, the Divine Father does not always stop distraction and little reflection. He knows poor humanity, (or, the poverty of humanity). A good will suffices for Him to give many graces and obtain His divine friendship, His holy friendship.

In other words, God does not preserve us from distractions at all times and He understands our weak humanity.  All we need is an earnest desire and good will to pray despite all the distractions in order for our prayers to have merit before Him and to gain graces.

Don’t Forget Your Guardian Angel!

It was revealed during her ecstasies that Marie-Julie had more than one guardian angel.  One of them was a little upset with her one day, for she was forgetting to think of him and not asking for his intercession as often as she should, and he chided her for it:  “You pray without invoking me! You are so powerful then to be able to pray all by yourself! I am there and you do not invoke me!

The angels purify our prayers before God.  She learned her lesson well and recited the following prayer:

“Oh our Angel Guardians, when we forget the Divine Presence of the Beloved, pray for us, adore Him for us, to the point that there is not a minute without a thought of the Beloved.”

The Sin of Blasphemy

Our Lady cried out to Marie-Julie on August 9, 1881 when warning her about the horrific days about to be unleashed on earth, mostly for punishment due to the sin of blasphemy, the utter disrespect and hatred for things of God:

My children, it is blasphemy that brings hell on earth. I am in sorrow for the clergy. I see that, in a great amount and more of priests, the mind (or spirit) weakens every day.

Heaven recommends we help make reparation whenever we see or hear the sin of blasphemy committed by saying a ‘Glory Be’:

When you hear a blasphemy, say a ‘Glory Be’. It is a consolation for Heaven.” -(date?)

Information About the Texts of Marie-Julie’s Ecstasies

Judging from one witness account by Abbé Gouron dated November 6, 1878, specially trusted people would give up their time to come and transcribe the dialogues of the ecstasies as they occurred.  Abbé Gouron names the scribe during this day as Monsieur Charbonnier, former notary of Nantes, writing down the messages given to Marie-Julie as quickly as his fingers would allow him.  However, the Abbé declares visitors were forbidden to take notes (although he did write down an account of his visit which was preserved)—we can guess that by ensuring no visitors penned notes, the Bishop was ensuring that the integrity of the messages would be preserved and to prevent the spread of spurious texts with unofficial additions.  Later during Marie-Julie’s life two other scribes offered their time to take down the texts, Monsieur and Madame Cluzeau.

(Picture of Marie-Julie with Monsieur and Madame Cluzeau)

Who was to be entrusted with these documents?  In an ecstasy dated August 24, 1939, Our Lord and Our Lady gave the following warning: a ‘great conflagration’ would break out, Our Lord further adding “My little servant must take to his home all documents concerning Marie-Julie in order to avoid a seizure by the Germans…’”.  In all, it was a prediction of World War II and a direction that the texts be given to André Le Sage, Marquis de La Franquerie de La Tourre (b. 1901 - d. 1992), the ‘little servant’ who was present at this ecstasy, to ensure the documents would not fall into the hands of the invaders.
Who was the Marquis de La Franquerie?  In 1939, the Marquis became chamberlain to Pope Pius XII, (who visited Marie-Julie while he was yet a cardinal).  A monarchist and a staunch defender of the Roman Catholic Church, the Marquis wrote many books, however, only his translated book on Marie-Julie entitled “The Breton Stigmatist” (1977) is well known in the English speaking world.  In fact, it is one of the few biographies of her we have in English, and from which this account of her life is based, apart from a few details gleaned from the texts of her ecstasies.  He was for a time the editor of the International Journal of Secret Societies and could be described as the ‘Foe of the Freemasons’, attacking that diabolical sect and exposing their conspiracies to infiltrate the Church and the political world.  He was first introduced to Marie-Julie by Monsignor Jouin.  No doubt, Marie-Julie’s prophecies spurred him on in his effort, for St. Michael in no uncertain terms revealed through Marie-Julie it is the Freemasons who have caused and will continue to cause so much havoc in France, the Church and the world, declaring he would one day smite the Freemasons and drive them out of France according to a text dated September 29, 1978.

(The Marquis de la Franquerie, 1945)

 In 1959, the Marquis established  “L’Association des Amis de Marie-Julie Jahenny” (The Association of the Friends of Marie-Julie Jahenny), also called the “Sanctuary de Marie-Julie Jahenny”, that continues to preserve the texts of Marie-Julie for future generations.  The Marquis remained chairman until his death in 1992.  Considering the care taken to ensure Marie-Julie’s ecstasies were transcribed word for word and have been faithfully guarded by the Society to this day, we can assume no additions to the texts have been made, other than personal commentaries made by the Society Webmasters on the site, and whatever personal comments the Marquis added in his book.  However, only a certain number of texts have been made public on their website, mostly in the original French, plus, the website itself is difficult to read—many dates may have become mixed up, or are easy to confuse due  to the formatting of the site.  Also, there are some texts missing or not provided with dates.  However, until more texts are revealed, this is the only and most authentic source for now from which the following translations for this article are based, with the exception of the book “Breton Stigmatist” written by the Marquis.  (The English translations in the e-book “We Are Warned: The Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny” were made from these two sources.)

Link to the ‘Association of the Friends of Marie-Julie Jahenny’ / ‘Sanctuary of Marie-Julie Jahenny’:

The Prophecies: Warnings, Chastisements, Wars, Plagues, Destructions, Apostasies, and the eventual Restoration of Christendom through a Great Monarch and an Angelic Pontiff

When reading the prophecies of Marie-Julie, we are immediately reminded of the many messages given by Our Lady of Good Success to Mother Marianna de Jesus Torres in Quito Ecuador during the Seventeenth Century, approved apparitions in which Our Lady predicts the rise of republics throughout the world, the spread of secret sects, the attacks upon the Church and the annihilation of purity of children, most of which would happen in the 19th and 20th Centuries according to Mother Marianna.  We might even declare Marie-Julie is a continuation of the warnings first brought to Ecuador, for Marie-Julie provides a staggering number of condemnations and warnings from Heaven that sound very similar: complaints against modern democracy, especially the Chamber of Deputies in France which Heaven calls the ‘Chamber of Hell’, a promise Freemasonry would be destroyed, that there would be a great loss of the Faith throughout the world, the introduction of ‘New Celebrations’ and a ‘New Mass’ and a general lack of morals, the loss of children’s souls before reaching the age of reason, all of which will bring about the degradation of the human race and various chastisements from Heaven in attempt to bring mankind back to its senses.

Reading the texts requires careful study, some of the released texts are short, others are very long and contain considerable details.  The prophecies and warnings seem to be repeated over and over in a cyclical fashion rather than in a straightforward linear, or ‘chronological’ pattern in the texts of Marie-Julie’s ecstasies, making it difficult to discern when many of these events will take place, (some may have happened already, or have just commenced).  Also, forewarnings relating the chastisements destined for the world are mixed with predictions concerning the Church and the promised appearance of a Great Monarch and Angelic Pontiff who would restore everything, making it difficult to tease out all these predicted events to where anyone could say with certainty “this will happen at such and such a time” one after the other, etc.  The texts should be read in their entirety, but as that would be well beyond the scope of this article, we shall make an attempt to condense and present some of the important points as Jesus said on several occasions: “I want My people warned.

The reader may be tempted to believe these warnings and chastisements are only for France as many of the publicised texts about Marie-Julie concerns France in particular, however, France will be the starting point for the world-wide chastisements.  Our Lady explained France was more guilty than other countries for it was Catholic before other nations, and was granted many more graces than other countries.  It had also been given the mission to defend the Church and the true faith through times of persecution and heresy.  Because of its failures and its rejection of its Heaven-blessed monarchy, it would be struck first, but then the punishments would spread throughout the world.  Yet, Our Lord has granted a period of time for people of the earth to convert, before the terrors strike, a grace of His Divine Mercy.   

Our Lord’s Divine Mercy

In a few of the revealed texts, we discover several appeals from Our Lord reminding us about his unfathomable Mercy before the time of punishment, and indeed, several of the messages are very similar to the messages given to St. Faustina.  First and foremost, our Lord wants us to have trust and confidence in His Mercy:

Our Lord (July 23, 1925):  “It is so easy to please Me: a good will suffices Me, your trust in My mercy will erase everything, pardon all, there remains nothing but love as a beautiful white flame that rises and descends, the Beloved visiting His beloved, it is His beloved visiting its Beloved. Here is for Me My Heaven on earth: your beautiful souls who make reparation and compensate Me in receiving Me and visiting Me, (in the Blessed Sacrament). My little spouses, do you know what name I love so much? That on which I smile and My Heavenly Father is happy: Father of Mercy, it is My joy. You delight Me. It is My Name that I love because I am only Mercy. It is a joy for all of Heaven. Ask of Me under this beautiful name ‘Father of Mercy, grant me, accord me.’ You will feel in your souls a very sweet and penetrating grace, and I will add a sweet consolation.”

Marie-Julie confirmed there was never a time that she did not feel consoled whenever she invoked Our Lord’s mercy.

Those Who Trust in His Mercy will Die a Happy Death

Jesus confirmed to Marie-Julie (Date?) “Oh! My little souls, I am Judge only for the soul that refuses My Divine Mercy.”

Without Imperfections, there would be no need for Divine Mercy:

Our miseries draw more Mercy upon us when we ask for It, for love and trust in Christ’s Divine Mercy forgives our imperfections, which will be blown away:

The Divine Heart (September 24, 1925): “My little souls, I leave you much misery, to make you merit, if I remove them all what is there that I will give you in Heaven since the imperfections is the work of Divine Mercy! O what a great work, this Mercy.”   “I form the diadem of your immortal crowns and the waste of your imperfections, the breath of Mercy blows them away. There will not remain the smallest particle, nothing but Mercy united to love and love to Mercy.”  “I have come to tell you how much I love you and fill you with My most tender peace, and assure you of the beauty of your souls.”   Marie-Julie: “Enough Divine Heart of Love. Your love is a great pain because we cannot (love), to the depth in which it crucifies us in the desire to love.”  (Marie-Julie cried out it was a great pain not to be able to love God as much as she desired.) The Divine Heart: “My little souls content yourself with the desire to love Me. (The desire to love Him is enough.)  I am content with your love, your good will. I am content with the desire to love Me and all of Heaven has its share of jubilation, and all of Heaven sings hymns of love while waiting for you.”

Our Lord (March 28, 1931) : “If there had been no misery, there would be no Mercy, as I am good with a sweet smile that seems to say – do you understand Me?”

The Divine Heart (July 19, 1934): “Pains of the heart, I give them to you as to reward you. I do not afflict you above your strength. If there had been no misery Mercy would not have been invented. I want to see all My loving souls to receive My Cross with open arms and kneeling, do not murmur.  I permit, little souls, that you do not feel anything in your souls, it is the great moment of merit.” (i.e., when no spiritual consolation is felt when we are afflicted with temptations and suffer when combating our failings.  It is because of our failings God is so merciful towards us.  Our struggles also earn us more merits.)

Holy Communion:  

“O my dear soul, do not forget that in Holy Communion is Mercy and Love Who give themselves to misery.” (Date?)   Our Lord:  (March 28, 1931) “My dear soul that I love, remember that there is (only) a Holy God who is worthy to receive a God.”

In other words, no one but God Himself is worthy to receive Him, but that does not stop Him from inviting us to come to Him.  We are not to torment ourselves about our unworthiness, as long as we are not in the state of mortal sin.  He still invites us to receive Him, Who is Mercy and Love Itself.

Our Lady gave beautiful spiritual advice to Marie-Julie on how to prepare our hearts to receive Him in Holy Communion: (date?)

“My little children, moments before Holy Communion let me take your heart of flesh with all that is in it and I will purify your lips up to your heart so that there will not be anything left, (i.e. impurities /imperfections). The perfume will be the lily of my purity, mixing the scent of holy humility and beautiful charity, beautiful charity that so has often has her beautiful white robe torn. My little children, ask me, ask St. Joseph who will place the holy scent of his holy death and afterwards let me purify in the sight of all Heaven the place of your heart, I will put it in mine with all its holiness, with all its beauty. It will be the Eucharistic Altar where Jesus will rest, it will be His heaven in my heart where the angels will love it and I will crown this throne of lilies, violets and roses, I will be the guardian of this divine Treasury. The angels will guard and nothing will tarnish the beauty of the tabernacle. It is my Immaculate Heart.”  “And then, my little children, tell the Beloved that you no longer have a heart yourselves, tell Him to grind it under the wheels of Divine Mercy and tell Him that the Divine Mercy brings these ashes to the ends of the world with these words: Love, Pity, Mercy, Recognition and Peace to the Earth and thanksgiving to the Adorable Heart that made of our miseries marvels of Mercy and sweet charity for the guilty souls (sinners).”

A Lament to Priests:

Our Lord complained to Marie-Julie on March 28, 1931:  “Oh My daughter I am a God of Trust and Love. I am a Father of Mercy and of holy abandonment. I have many priests, they never preach on My Love or My goodness or My Confidence, nor on My Mercy.  Preach Trust by My Will.  Make known My goodness, I am not loved because they do not preach all that is beautiful in Heaven that would make them love Me.  Pray for the priests so that the Holy Spirit (becomes?) their breath (in preaching) that they may make Me loved.”

A message to those devoted and who spread devotion to this work of the Cross and the Divine Mercy:

Our Lord (September 3, 1925) “I unite you, little souls that I love and I choose to do much good, to sow much peace in souls and still much merciful love of mercy (this was said twice), love of Mercy. I give you this grace to be at the painful epoch of true mercy-bearers for many souls. You save Me souls by all the divine gifts that I give you today in My tenderness. Oh, I love you.” (...)  “I love you so that I leave you in My goodness where I want you, My little apostles of My Divine Heart, of My Cross and My Mercy for the guilty souls (sinners) who no longer know Me. My little spouses, you replace My priests who will be lacking in many places. Beautiful mission invented by My Divine Love and My Divine Mercy.” (this was said twice)

A Period of Mercy before the Days of Justice and Chastisements

St. Michael was sent from Heaven with the following message (September 29, 1881): “Friends of the Sacred Heart, I stay with you, your company is that of Jesus, you are
generous and brave soldiers. The Lord desires me to tell you these words: ‘Get ready brave servants of God as the Divine Master will soon come first in His Mercy, secondly in His righteous anger and vengeance. He wants me to say this word to His present friends and I have done my duty.”  St. Michael then shows her a sword with which he will help the faithful Christians in the evil times:  “This is the sword that I delegate to the friends of God, this is mine, (he shows her his own sword next to the other) they are similar, they both bear the seal of the Lord, it is the Name of Jesus written on the blade, well engraved. Dear friends of the Lord, we are here on the threshold of Mercy and the threshold of the justice of God.”

Was this a prediction of Our Lord about the future messages of St. Faustina?  Compare St. Michael’s message with this entry in St. Faustina’s dairy:  Our Lord: “Before I come as Just Judge, I am coming first as King of Mercy”. (‘Divine Mercy in My Soul’, St. Faustina, paragraph # 83)

Let us avail of God’s Mercy while we still have the opportunity, the days of Justice are fast approaching.

Unfortunately, Our Lady told Marie-Julie that Satan would take advantage of God’s mercy to the earth, i.e. this period of mercy granted to the earth before He sends his punishments.  The devil will use the time to prepare his evil plans, especially his attack against children and the lost of their innocence.  Our Lady: “I suffer to see these souls as pastures delivered to the enemy of the salvation of souls; it is the goodness of my Divine Son (His Mercy) that Satan takes to himself and to appropriate it, (i.e. he takes advantage of God's mercy to the earth) he (Satan) has his supporters in every corner on the Earth. I despair, yes, I despair of saving those souls (...) .” (January 5, 1904)

Satan Permitted a Time of Power Over the Earth

In the Gospel of St. Matthew (28:18) we read Christ’s declaration “All power is given to me in Heaven and on earth,” instructing His disciples to make disciples of all nations and baptise them in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, after which  He was taken up to Heaven and enthroned at the right hand of the Father. (St. Mark, 16:19)  Marie-Julie was shown a detailed mystical vision of Our Lord’s Ascension on August 30th, 1880 revealing Satan had dared to appear before Him after His Ascension and demanded a portion of the earth for his own hellish kingdom, apparently angry Our Lord had taken back the world, redeeming it with His Sacrifice on the Cross and jealous He had been granted supreme power over the earth by the Father.  The text of Marie-Julie’s ecstasy is as follows:

“Marie-Julie: “I see in the sun (i.e. her mystical ‘sun’ in which she saw the visions) the moment when the Lord ascended into heaven, took possession of His Eternal Kingdom, at that moment hell became the kingdom of the enemy. The Lord took possession of His earthly kingdom and said: “I am established as the Eternal King.

Satan, furious, searches for a few round about ways to maliciously extend his power ...

The Lord said to him: “Thou wilt be under submission, you will not do but what is permitted you by My eternal law.

Satan asked to bear the name of ‘prince’ and that the finger of the Lord engrave this name under the eyes of us all.

Our Lord: “Yes, you have all the names. The name of prince: prince of darkness, prince of the abyss.

“Do not put limits to Your power,” responds Satan, “let me free to extend as largely as You must extend until the end of time.” (Possible interpretation: give me freedom to extend my kingdom on earth as much as You are going to do until the end of time.)

Our Lord: “I will remain as King over all that you do, all that you possess. I will be over (it all) and I will command.” (i.e. Satan will not be completely free to do as he wishes.)

Satan rebelled. Yet he had his portion, but the Lord also took enjoyment of His possessions.

The Lord said to him: “Prostrate yourself at My feet and adore My wishes.

“I bow my knee, but on one condition. Leave me liberty,” Satan said with authority, “to use, like You and at my pleasure, the power over death, to be its master.”

Our Lord: “I leave you the power to tempt all men, to make them suffer to a certain measure, but I will be present.” (Satan’s power is still limited. Apparently, he has not been granted complete freedom to wield death as he wanted.)

Satan also demands the power of working miracles. The Lord does not leave this to him
entirely, but He gave him something so that, we might merit more. (i.e., by rejecting Satan’s wonders and temptations, we gain more merits.)

“In the beginning,” said the Lord, “you will not do a lot of wonders, they will be a small number. They will serve you to do evil.”

Satan protests that this portion (of the earthly kingdom) is not fair.

A time will come, far off,” the Lord replied, “where you will possess in the world a multitude so great that your portion will exceed Mine. You will become a great conqueror for a space of time that will be too long and which, however, will be very short. While you will make the conquest of multitudes, I will operate bright wonders and earthquakes, when the world is ready to perish, when thou will triumph with a victory without measure when almost all parts of the world, the whole of Europe will rise against each other.  In the darkness, there will be many conversions, many of the lost will return to Me in repentance.”

When they are about to separate, to return each to his kingdom, Satan asks for the authority to take on all forms, to go anywhere.

I leave you permission to tempt My people,” says the Lord, “but I do not permit you ever to take the form of divine nor of true figures.

Satan then hints of his desire to be on familiar or equal terms with the Lord. (But Satan is rebuffed.)

Our Lord: “Respect Me, on behalf of My Eternal power.

“Yes, Satan replies, “one day, far away from where we are today, you will seem to say to me that I am a mighty conqueror. You put no limits to the ravages of which, already, the desire consumes me.”

Marie-Julie asks the Flame of the Holy Spirit if  the epoch is fixed, where Satan must reign as such a great master. The Flame says that it is set in the designs of God and the Devil hastens the time, without knowing (it) exactly. “It is this (age) in which you are now, God's children,” said the Flame.

Satan continues. “In the beginning of that time,” he says, “I will use all profanities and all unjust things to the destruction of Your Kingdom. I will transform all into a working tool against You. First I dig this place where the greatest number live.”

Do not ignore what he is,” said the Flame (Holy Spirit), “I dig this place on which you will fall like lightning. You will destroy first, and, I after you, I will finish everything, I will make ruins as has never before existed.” (That is, the Holy Spirit warns we must not forget Satan is still a powerful angel, although fallen. The Holy Spirit will cause Satan to fall like lightening once more. Satan will destroy first, but then God will send His powerful chastisements.)

I will cover My own with a tender protection,” says the Lord.

“I will throw in a revolt between yours and mine,” responds Satan, “I will move all the
kings, I will put in a division that will lead to a civil war in the universe.”

For My part,” the Lord continues, “I will send My Justice: punishment, miracles, death, plagues, pests, unknown diseases.

“I will overthrow the temple of your prayers,” Satan claims, “I will establish the idols we worship. All that is, in times of peace, that resides in Your temples will be broken, dragged out, reduced to dust by mine.”

I will show,” says the Lord, “that I am the Eternal King. I will crush under the lightning of heaven, all that will be given to you and to hell. I will restore My people; I will preserve (Mine) from the plagues, I will raise up the ruins. I will cast thee into the abyss, but only after you have used the powers I leave you for now.

The Flame (Holy Spirit) said that the pain is about to enter the hearts and Hell is ready to sing the great song of its victory.”

(End of the text.)

In another vision dated October 25, 1881, Satan rails against St. Michael:

Satan: “I will attack the Church, I will overthrow the Church, I will rule the people, I will dispose in their hearts a major weakening of the Faith. There will be a great betrayal. I will become, for a time, the master of all things, I will have all under my empire!”

On the same day, Saint Michael warned us of the danger and assured us of help: “There has never been an epoch like this. We must be attentive and to prepare so as not to be surprised... All the demons will reassemble.  Many in the form of man.

Many False Mystics Will Appear

In a text dated June 28, 1880 we read:

“In those years,” says Satan, “I will make many revelations. (I.e., False revelations through apparitions that are actually demonic.) It will be impossible to expose my language. I will imitate all too well the words of Christ and His revelations. By loading these souls, I want a lot of pious priests to be lost, to mislead them deeply into all these things. I also want to lose many souls (the same way) who are not priests. (Other religious and the laity.)  If I can not lose these souls, I will (make them) lose their reputation at least, I will make them charges of heavy slander, I will make them
denounce up to the point of counsels of human laws.”

A possible interpretation of this text: in the years when Satan creates great confusion in the Church, he will cause many false apparitions to occur to mislead even the zealous and faithful with high sounding mysteries. It will be difficult to tell the difference between a false message from the true ones as Satan will mimic how Our Lord and Our Lady speak. The demon will try to mislead the faithful by several ways. First, by the false messages of course, but also by having us waste precious time trying to discern which are the true apparitions from false ones, when we should be concentrating on the true messages already given that always say the same thing: stop sinning, go to confession, change your life, pray for sinners, pray the rosary and go to Mass. Stop being Catholics in name only and live your faith.  Satan will also create confusion as those who believe the false messages in faith, not out of malice, will defend them, and in the process further the confusion. They will either destroy their own reputations, or those of others who try to oppose the false apparitions.  They may also become disobedient through these false apparitions, and refuse to obey laws and just counsels.

The Church Under Attack

Apparently, Marie-Julie was  forewarned about an ‘attack’ against Pope Leo XIII, (pontificate 1878-1903), possibly, a prediction concerning a new and holy element he would introduce to the Latin Mass:

The Church will be deprived of its Leader who governs now (Leo XIII). The remains of this present holy Pontiff have to disappear. The imprint of his feet at the holy altar will be reduced to ashes by the flames of hell. The head of the Church will be outrageously outraged!” (July 7, 1880)

Could this be an attack against the prayers he would order to be said at the foot of the altar of each church after Mass in 1884 onward?  “The Imprint of his feet at the holy altar”, i.e. the imprint could be his footprints, a symbol of his example set at the foot of the altar.   Considering that the Leonine Prayers to be said at the foot of the altar for the protection of the Church and the conversion of sinners have been removed from the New Mass, this prediction has come to pass.  These prayers included the Salve Regina, Three Hail Marys, St. Michael’s prayer, and the prayer ‘O God, our refuge and our strength, look down with favour upon they people who cry to thee,’ etc.  Obviously, the elimination of these prayers was designed by hell, which happened when the New Mass was brought out.

The Predictions of a New ‘Celebration’: from Certain Texts and Fragments all dated July 21, 1881.

“The Church will suffer the most cruel persecutions which hell has never yet invented.” (i.e. Hell will soon unleash the most cruellest persecutions against the Church the like of which has never been seen before.)

“Soon, in large parts of this land of the dead, there will be no sanctuaries. The apostles will have fled. The holy souls weep over the ruins and abandonment; See how much they insult Me and how much they offend Me ... There will be a relentless hellish (attack) against the devotion to the Sacred Heart.”

There will be a book of the ‘second celebration’ by the infamous spirits who have crucified Me anew and who await the reign of a new Messiah to make them happy. Many holy priests will refuse this book sealed with the words of the abyss, but unfortunately there are those who will accept it, and it will be used.”

“The Bishops betray. They will give their strength and their life to the fatal government.”(...)

“The religion that I had established, the Gospel that I preached, all this, they will tear apart under an appalling form, to make trembling, and they will throw all these infamous things on My shoulders and all over My Adorable Body.  They will change My sufferings and My plaints of My Passion, in writings that will shake the heart of the righteous and their peaks will crack pain, as the mountain, on the day of My Crucifixion.   (Possible meaning: they will change the traditional teachings on Christ’s sufferings and His Seven Last Words from the Cross with novel interpretations, new ‘symbolisms’? ) Before the year which bears a figure (chiffre=also a 'sum' or 'code') of consolation to My French people, before that epoch is sounded, the holy sacrifices of the altars will have taken an infernal form.”

“In the streets, in cities, in the countryside and in all villages, the infectious poison of those cursed books will spread with an immensity and with a rapidity hotter than the sun’s path, from sunrise to sunset.”

Other Hellish ‘Innovations’ will eventually follow!

Our Lord Warned: “The suppression of the ringing of bells and of religious funerals will be demanded ... They will erase all memory of the first religion and they will instruct in an impious religion.” (September 6, 1880)

According to the book “The Breton Stigmatist”, p. 39, Our Lord revealed on June 3, 1880 other ‘innovations’ Satan will invent:  “He (Satan) will address priests: ‘You will dress in a large red cloak... . We (devils) will give you a piece of bread and a few drops of water.  You can do everything that you did when you belonged to Christ...’  ‘But,’ says Our Lord, ‘they do not add, Consecration and Communion.’  And Hell added, ‘We will permit you to say it in all houses and even under the firmament.”

Our Lord also complained on June 8, 1881:  “My deepest pain, it is owning to this kind of joy in Christian hearts—who were Christians, but who have lost graceit is seeing this joy when the power of mortal men will order throughout the kingdom, a horrible religion, as opposed to that which exists today and that makes the happiness of my people.”

On June 9, 1881 Our Lord said further: “I see them embrace the religion of a merry heart, without thinking about Me, on the Church, of their baptism and all that is good for the Christian soul ... by manifesting these signs to My people (i.e., the warnings), I want to bring back My people, before the punishment, because I love them. I see eagerly entering this guilty, sacrilegious, infamous, in a word, a similar (religion) to that of Mahomet. (Note: Islam, refutes the godhead of Jesus Christ, a new form of the Arian heresy will arise?), there I see Bishops entering. By seeing these Bishops, many, so many, and in their suite all their flock, and without hesitation to rush into damnation and Hell, My Heart is wounded to death, as at the time of My Passion. I am going to become an object of horror for the most part of My people. (i.e., His virginal, suffering life will become an object of horror.)  All youth will be spoiled and soon will fall in a  putrefaction the smell of which will be unbearable.

Another warning came from Our Lady on May 10, 1904:  “They will not stop at this hateful and sacrilegious road. They will go further to compromise all at once and in one go, the Holy Church, the clergy and faith of my children...”  She announces the “dispersion of the pastors” (bishops) by the Church itself, real pastors who will be replaced by others formed by hell, initiated in all vices, all iniquities, perfidious, who will cover souls with filth....New preachers of new sacraments, new temples, new baptisms, new confraternities...” (“The Breton Stigmatist”, p 40.)

Second Prediction of a New ‘Mass’:

(November 27, 1901, or 1902.  Note: the date May 10, 1904 is printed sometimes with this ecstasy.):

I give you a warning even today. The disciples who are not of My Holy Gospel are now in a great work of the mind to form as the second facsimiles when they will make to their idea and under the influence of the enemy of souls, a Mass that contains words odious in My sight. When the fatal hour arrives when they will put to the test the Faith of My eternal priesthood, it is these sheets that they will give to celebrate in this last period. The first period, it is that of My priesthood which exists since (or after) Me. The second, is the period of persecution when the enemies of the Faith and of Holy Religion have formulated - and they are strongly enforced - these sheets as the book of the second celebration, these infamous spirits (or, infamous minds) are those who crucified Me and who are waiting for the reign of the new Messiah to make them happy.”

“Many of My holy priests will refuse this book sealed with the words of the abyss. Unfortunately, (they) will be the exception, it will be used.”

Woe to Unfaithful Priests!

Our Lord:  “Woe to the priest who does not reflect on the enormous responsibility which he will have to give back to Me.  And the pastors of the Church (the bishops) what will they do for the faith?  The great number are ready to give (up) their faith to save their bodies... . The suffering they cause (the Church) will never be repaired.  In a short time the pastors of the Church will have spread great scandals everywhere and will have given the last sword thrust to the Church.”  (1881)  (From the “Breton Stigmatist”, pp. 30-31)

Our Lady’s cry against the bishops and the clergy, especially those in France (Texts dated August 9, 1881):  “My children, do you believe, can you believe that Centre, South and East (i.e. in Paris, the South and the East of France), the Bishops will abandon the Church without regret, without thinking of anything other than ‘every man for himself’, in the epoch in which we are now?”  “My children, in all the new Bishops, there is not an entire generation of faith, there is above all a belief in the weakness against My Son, they will never be forgiven.  They do not deny His powers, but they do not admit that My Son uses the earth to make (all) pass toward the good, the salvation and protection of souls. (i.e., that Christ uses the earth and all the elements to warn people.)  Oh, they will be punished for their unbelief and the punishment is in the hands of My Son.  The clergy is weak; the French clergy, a great number shall turn towards the perishable (evil) side.  The French clergy will be punished because of its levities, shining punishments without measure in the hands of My Son.  My children, the French clergy is more responsible because it is more educated, religion is more extensive (with them) than with any other country.  Catholicism has existed in France when other countries were not very Catholic, for that they will be punished more severely.  But everywhere, the clergy is bad, everywhere, my children!”

Marie-Julie begged Our Lord not to send punishments upon the Church and the world, but according to the “Breton Stigmatist” (p. 39) He replied on October 20, 1903: “My daughter, sinners are too numerous and too guilty. They have abused My graces. Especially those who have My Adorable Body at their disposition because of their state, and profane it.  No, I can no longer forgive, justice has to be done. Soon you will need all your faith.”

Lament of Our Lady August 9, 1881: “My children, in this unfortunate time, days of abstinence are no longer kept.  My children, work on Sundays! (Transgression against the day of rest) ... Soon they will see no more than a few Christians attend services! The confessionals will be empty ... My children, it is blasphemy that brings hell on earth. I am in sorrow for the clergy. I see that, in a great amount and more of priests, the mind (or spirit) weakens every day. Many pastors are no longer, as were many of our priests, determined to die in honour of their sacred ministry.
Our Lord in conversation with St. Joseph (March 19, 1878):  “My Father, My zealous apostles, My priests, will have a share of consolation, however, they will suffer since they are the pillars of the Church.  But woe to him who will mount the altar with a conscience veiled, woe to him whose heart will be one fibre to the right and the other to the left!’  I (St. Joseph) argued about their apostasy and my Son said: “That’s what gives Me the most pain! To see those in the priesthood apostatize, who were dedicated to My service! My father, when all these infamies have spread across the world, the earth will be in the biggest scandal.”

The Seal of the Confessional Will be broken by Faithless Priests:

Our Lady:  “More than ever the number of priests known as the true ministers of God is very small.  It is so small.  If I named the extent of them, you would shudder from sadness.  ...  I can tell you that there are many priests in France and outside of France who have no shame, in the days of terror (i.e. revolutions, chastisements), to violate the secrets of the confessional to spoil the Faith, to defile the Church.  I will reveal that a priest can do a thousand times more evil than a man in the world. ... At the moment, there are those working under the veil waiting until they leave their priestly garments to better throw out horror and abomination among the people.” ( September 19, 1881)

Nothing in The Church will be as Before:

All the works approved by the infallible Church will cease to exist as they are today for a time. In this sorrowful annihilation, brilliant signs will be manifested on earth. If because of the wickedness of men Holy Church will be in darkness, the Lord will also send darkness that will stop the wicked in their search of wickedness...” (June 1, 1880)

Do Not Judge

Notwithstanding all the scandals that will occur through the clergy, Our Lord warned we are not to judge, (date?): “Respect priests, it is I who judge!”

Our Lady emphasised the high dignity of the priesthood, which people will no longer respect because the priests themselves will forget the greatness of their office and their exalted mission to serve God and save souls.  Because they themselves will do much to lose this respect among the people, it is difficult to obtain pardon for them, but still, their office is so great we must speak to them as if we were speaking to Christ Himself:   (August 9, 1881): “My victims, servants and maids, I am well in sorrow for the clergy; it is for me the greatest sorrow only because for them pardons are so hard to obtain. The priest’s life is so high in grace, the gifts he possesses are so powerful that, if they were known, everyone would fall prostrate at their feet and they would speak with the same respect as if talking to My Son.”  Marie-Julie replied, “It is true, dear Mother, but the dignity of the priest is no longer respected.”  Our Lady, “But my daughter, many do not know how to respect themselves, words that tear the heart of the High Priest (Jesus), my children, I see that the spirit weakens every day.”  

Our Lady earlier reminded that we must pray for them and for sinners so they may be saved, we must offer many Holy Communions, say the rosary and make the Way of the Cross for them (February 2, 1881): “Pray much for the Church, for the priests and for sinners, for those who are going to rise up in disorder and re-crucify my Son. My children, make the Way of the Cross, which, in next to no time, will bring many souls to Heaven...make many Holy Communions, say the rosary.

Forerunners of the Great Chastisements

  • Our Lady warned that the forerunners of the great signs of doom that will strike the earth in addition to the great signs of protections promised to the faithful will be the appearance of a great hatred and vengeance against Holy Mother Church and all pertaining to the Holy Religion.   “They (the evil plotters and sinners of the earth) want to destroy the Name of my Divine Son, destroy His power, take away from our dear souls that sacred Name and efface it from the souls of little children.” (Our Lady, November 1,1924).  (Children will not be taught devotion to God and Jesus Christ.)

  • The Sacred Heart warned another forerunner would be when Christians would have no peace amongst themselves begin to tear each other apart:    “When the time to purify the Earth will be close, when minds revolt one against another, when there will be neither peace nor justice in My Christians, not in the world but in My Christians, the hour of My justice will be close. I will purify the earth of all those impure and unjust souls that insult and outrage Me. I will strike down their bodies with a feature of My Justice so precipitate, so fast, that it will be fast as lightning ... then My anger and My Justice. (...) Never has any punishment happened like this which is close, very close. Never has the world been as corrupt, deceitful, deceptive, greedy, ambitious and wicked. (...) I do not want you to open the depth of these infamous crimes. If you knew the infamous correspondences that are under the influence of Satan. They sell My Holy Church, they sell in secret the head of the priest, the sell in secret the poor earth that they subject to a horrible punishment. It has not seen, it did not understand and today it makes a hellish trade that the world has never seen before take place. All is delivered up, everything is sold and plots being hatched, every day, the hunger for human flesh to devour, the thirst for human blood makes all their bodies seethe with unrest and a desire to reach the goal as soon as possible. All this is happening in the room of hell (Chamber of Deputies, Paris France), under the chairmanship of souls sold to the spirit of evil.” (November 12, 1924)

A Putrid World

People will hunger for blood, and wealth.  Sins of impurity will abound: parents will forget how serious a responsibility it is to have children.  They must be raised up to love and serve God, but parents will not think of these things and instead will take delight in stripping children of their innocence as soon as possible, educating them in ‘adult matters’, making them ripe for Hell before they even reach the age of reason.  

October 2, 1903 Our Lord cried: “I see a multitude of souls that are lost, especially children, even those who have not the age of reason. Those who are responsible (for the loss of children’s souls) if they knew what awaits them at the dreaded trial! Children are educated now as adults. What shameful words ringing in their ears and echo in their mouths! It is awful and terrible. It makes one tremble to see the youth return to this point, and they (the parents) are not watchful, they do not take care, they do not occupy themselves with what they do; with what they (the children) say, they (the parents) laugh and they leave them entirely at liberty to their actions.”

Our Lady complained during one ecstasy dated February 9, 1904:  “My beloved children, all is engaged in an irreparable loss, I mean the salvation of souls of children. The nourishment of these poor little souls should be for them the bread of love of their Immaculate Queen, the Queen of Heaven. I suffer to see these souls as pastures delivered to the enemy of the salvation of souls; it is the goodness of my Divine Son that Satan takes to himself and to appropriate it, (i.e. he takes advantage of God’s period of mercy on the earth.  God is holding the punishments back to see if people will convert, but Satan is using this time to spread evil), he has his supporters in every corner on the Earth. I despair, yes, I despair of saving those souls without immense peril and multiplied souls and bodies. (...)  After the delivery of young adolescent souls to Satan, the enemy of souls, I mean to say that most of these children have entered the path of corruption and these souls have not received a drop of this perfume of my virtues of purity; it is in very immense pain, because if you saw the number, you would be frightened and even  struck as if by a mortal blow.”  (...) “My dear children, that carefree mothers who no longer have the faith, that guilty fathers thrown into circles (bad company) where they do nothing but offend my Divine Son.  In Heaven, what a responsibility! They do not think about that, what terrible misfortune!”

Remedy for this Time of Impurity— The Medal of Our Lady of Bonne Garde

(Medal of Our Lady of Bonne Garde)

“My children,” repeated the Holy Virgin, “I say again to the fathers and mothers that it would be good to have their children wear, small and big (i.e. children or young adults), a medal, which does not exist yet, but which they could make, big or large, as they like. This medal should bear these words:

Oh you, Holy Virgin, who crushed the head of the serpent, guard our Faith and the innocence of our children.

The Holy Virgin wore the medal on her heart, it was round and white. It is not necessary, she said, for it to be expensive, (i.e. of valuable metal like gold or silver), its efficacy will be the same. It will be to guard innocence in the difficult times when corruption will spread everywhere.  Every Christian can take it to arm themselves, as
a defence and a weapon of faith. “Our Lady says “Before having come the first time to speak here, I was invoked under the name of Notre-Dame of the Garde (Care/Watch), but I wanted to assert ‘Bonne’ garde, because I had in mind to (certain) protections so bright that the word ‘Good’ belongs to me and is more honourable.” (August 26, 1880)  (Note: A medal has since been struck with an image of Our Lady of ‘Bonne Garde’.)

When and where the Chastisements would start:

  • An interior  warning or spiritual intuition will be given, people everywhere will feel that  ‘something’ is about to happen.  Our Lord said to Marie-Julie: “My children, some time before these sinister signs are seen on the Earth, (i.e. the signs of the chastisements and other warnings) they (everyone) will already feel in the heart the effect of My Justice, it will be that the heart will say ‘the time is not far away’. But the grace of peace is reserved for faithful Christians, those who have not disregarded the warnings of Heaven and will conform their lives (to them).”   (That is, those who do as God says and are truly faithful will live to see the great period of peace.)

  • France would see the beginning of the chastisements, which would then spread throughout the world, Italy is where the Holy Father will be struck.  France in particular would pay for its crime of regicide during the Revolution, attempting to eradicate the royal bloodline favoured by Heaven that according to tradition descends from the House of David.  The revolutionaries stirred up by the ideals of the Enlightenment and were infected by the political aims of the Freemasons who championed the ideals of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity through democracy.  Marie-Julie declared:  “The Blessed Virgin told me we have to pray much to deflect the evils that must fall upon France. It will unfortunately atone for two centuries of political and social system of atheism, two centuries of a non-Christian régime.  Democracy is indeed the Luciferian régime par excellence. The sole régime of a divine origin never comes from below, but only from above. Without making a pun, let us say in its very name, recognizes that it is the devil that guides demo-cracy: the devil is the master.”  Marie-Julie announced the return of the white flag, the fleur de ly. (That is, the Royal Standard of the Kings of France. The fleur de lys was the royal symbol, the symbol of the Trinity, and also a symbol of purity.  Marie-Julie was told numerous times that the absolute monarchy would be miraculously restored.)

  • France will become Muslim, denying the divinity of Christ~ this small fragment is the only text on the “Friends of Marie-Julie” website concerning the rise of Islam in France, therefore we have to assume it is an authentic prediction.  Also, it is very accurate, France has the highest population of Muslims in Europe, practising Muslims are greatly outnumbering practising Catholics in France.

  • Paris will be ‘open to foreigners’ and nations of every tongue and be made miserable on account of it.  (Prediction about the EU and free travel?)  Our Lady (January 5, 1904):  “The French people will become very miserable. All the doors have been wide open to all languages, to the foreigners, to all those who wish to enter this cursed Sodom (Paris) where the Justice of my Divine Son is suspended over it.”

Warnings by plagues, storms, tempests, crop failures, signs in nature to warn the faithful.

There are several punishments and mini-chastisements  that will be sent as warnings to the faithful that the greater days of annihilation are close.  Although  we cannot be sure of the chronological order of their occurrence, this is what has been prophesied:

Torrential Rains: (date?) “Torrential rains will cause important delays in French agriculture and will be one of the warning signs before the revolution to come.”

Strange Lightning and Thunder: There will be huge tumults in nature to alert the faithful, but these tumults will still appear ‘natural’ in origin despite their strange appearance, they will not be of a miraculous kind that only Heaven can and will send.  St. Joseph revealed to Marie-Julie on March 19, 1878:  “My children, in these next few years, there will be extraordinary phenomena. ... There will be in the thunder something strange. There will be lightning without thunder: for half a day, the earth will be covered. These extraordinary signs will not come from my Son.  My children, do not worry, these flashes will do you no harm, but they will reach others. It must be that the power of my Son is manifested in a noisy manner, since unbelief is so great!”

Plagues: Diseases, plagues and epidemics will abound, but one disease in particular was foretold to Marie-Julie and would be a true sign when it appeared: a  ‘burning’ disease that will spread rapidly, killing quickly.  As we have already seen in a prophecy Our Lord will strike the bodies of the unjust: “When the time to purify the Earth will be close, when minds revolt one against another, when there will be neither peace nor justice in My Christians, not in the world but in My Christians, the hour of My justice will be close. I will purify the earth of all those impure and unjust souls that insult and outrage Me. I will strike down their bodies with a feature of My Justice so precipitate, so fast, that it will be fast as lightning ... then My anger and My Justice. (...)” (November 12, 1924)

Apparently, Our Lord revealed  unknown plagues will erupt first in Paris, then spread: (June 15, 1882) “There will pass, on France, countless deaths that the world has never seen and diseases that are unknown. Above all from the Centre (Paris) will this deadly mortality launch its plague.  It will strike down just up over the parish which is yours, (Blain, Fraudais?)  My children, but fear not, My Heart will be a shelter to protect you.

Marie-Julie gave details about this disease at an earlier ecstasy dated September 20, 1880, also hinting it will break out during a time of persecution:  “From the time when the rage of the impious will stop for a short respite, there will come a great disease, almost suddenly.  This chastisement will leave its victims as those without life, they will still breathe with the ability to speak, the flesh raw like after a deep burn.  This malady will be very contagious and nothing will stop it.  It is a punishment from God to bring many (souls) back.”
And again, more details were given a month earlier, (apparently by Our Lady) on August 5, 1880, this time, with a remedy to help heal the infected if they are treated in time:  “There will be serious diseases that human art cannot alleviate.  This malady will attack the heart first, then the mind, and at the same time, the tongue.  It will be horrible.  The heat that will accompany it will be a consuming fire, so strong that the affected parts of the body will be of an unbearable redness, (red blotched / patches).  After seven days, this malady, like the seed sown in a field, will rise rapidly and make immense progress.  My children, this is the only remedy that can save you: You know the leaves of thorns that grow in almost any hedges (white hawthorn).  The leaves of this thorn will stop the progress of the disease.  You must pick the leaves, not the wood.  Even dry, they will retain their effectiveness.  Put them in boiling water and leave them for fourteen minutes, covering the container (with a lid) so that the steam remains.  When the malady first attacks, you must use this remedy three times a day.   My children, this disease will be very serious in Brittany.  The thought of God there will be less great, (i.e. thy will not think of God as much as before and will be punished more severely with this malady).  The malady will produce a continual uprising of the heart (blood pressure, increased heart rate?), vomiting.  If the remedy is taken too late, the affected parts will become black, and in this black, there will be yellowish pale streaks.”

(Please note: this remedy is given for the time of the chastisements.  If you are currently on medications or have heart conditions, seek advice from your doctor.  Hawthorn acts powerfully on the heart like a natural form of digitalis. Also, make sure you know the plant before harvesting it—take an expert with you to point it out so you don’t pick the wrong leaves!)

(White hawthorn shrub
.  Image by Eugene Zelenko, 2005. CC BY-SA 3.0)

(Close-up of hawthorn leaves and thorns.
 Image by ‘Rasbak’, July 2006. CC BY-SA 3.0)

Other Plagues:  According to a text dated October 5, 1881, epidemics will hit France, and possibly elsewhere.  They could be unknown diseases, or the ‘burning plague’ it is difficult to tell.  The disease may become airborne, the stench of the corpses will spread the diseases:  “There will be epidemics of the South, Valence, Lyon, Bordeaux, everything after this land coming to the Centre (Paris). Very few people can escape. The corpses will spread a stench that kills.”  (The remedies listed above may help.)

Other rampant maladies—Depression, headaches, cholera:  According to the “Friends of Marie-Julie” Website, St. John’s Wort is recommend by Marie-Julie for the times of crisis, (depression will be rampant), also recommended for sufferings of the chest and violent headaches.  The Hawthorn also suggested for cholera.  For unknown fevers, the humble violet.   (St. John’s Wort is very powerful, again, please  seek medical advice from a health or herbal expert before using these remedies.)

More mystical remedies given to Marie-Julie for times of chastisements, again, do not use these remedies to skip seeing a doctor!  This is for the times when we won’t have any medical help.

For Unknown Maladies:  Our Lord told Marie-Julie: “A medal with My Divine Heart, a medal where there is drawn the adorable cross.  You will place in a glass of water these two images, either pasteboard, or metal.  You will drink this water twice blessed, twice purified.  One single drop in your food, one tiny drop, will suffice not to move away the blight, but the blights of My Justice.” He also said: “You will give a drop of this water to the poor souls reached by the blights of the unknown maladies that will attack the mind heart and the mouth / tongue.”

(However, this will only bring relief and won’t be a cure the ‘burning plague’ affecting the face, only the hawthorn will cure that if taken in time.)

Another separate source of relief during these sufferings: “My little loving souls and beloved, against the great calamities you will put the medal of My Sacred Heart in a glass of water or a spoonful, as you wish, you will invoke my Adorable Heart, I will relieve you of all attacks, I will console you in your pains and sorrows.

One remedy to protect yourself from deadly plagues, (the “Friends of Marie-Julie” Website states this is the only manner of protection):  we are to swallow  a very small piece of paper on which the following words are written: “O Jesus, Vanquisher of death, save us!  O Crux Ave, Spes Unica!”   (Don’t forget to use non-toxic ink! Also, this is for the chastisements, don’t risk your life.  We must still take the usual precautions not to get sick should there be an epidemic, stay home and avoid crowds.)

Sacramentals such as medals, rosaries, pictures, etc. must be blessed by a priest, or they will not have effect.

Additional Sacramentals of PROTECTION for these Terrible Times:

The Scapular of Benediction and Protection

(August 23, 1878):

“Here is what the Holy Virgin made me see on her Immaculate Heart, it is a large scapular, larger than ordinary scapulars, it is a little larger than the palm of a hand. It is a beautiful purple, almost the colour of violet. Here is what is on it: in the middle, there are the three nails that crucified Our Saviour on the Cross, some are crossed on the others, not exactly in the form of a cross and the point of each nail, there is a drop of red blood. Above the three nails, there is a type of large sponge that has raised ears, like those of balled oats. The three drops of blood will go to join together and fall into a small chalice painted in red, and the chalice is surrounded with a crown of thorns, and there are three little crosses engraved on the front of the chalice. This is the side of the scapular that is on the mantle of the Holy Virgin. I notice that this scapular hangs by two violet straps that pass over each shoulder, and there are three knots on the left shoulder, and two on the right. The other side of the scapular represents the Holy Virgin Mary sitting, holding her Adorable Son in her arms, the mouth and the Head of Our Lord rests on the heart of the Holy Virgin. At the lower end of the scapular, at the feet of Our Lord, is an Angel dressed in white, with curly hair, he has a white crown on his head, his belt is red. He has in his hands a white linen with which he wipes the feet of Our Lord. On the side of the Angel, to the right of the scapular, there is engraved a ladder. Behind Our Lord, to the left, the reed of the Passion painted in red, but without a sponge. The tears of the Holy Virgin fall on her breast, to the right, and they stop at the feet of the Angel. The scapular is edged with a red line and the straps are woollen. (Note: the symbols of the passion are worn on the chest, the image of Our Lord and Our Lady are worn on the back.)

“Let me now, my dear child,” said the Holy Virgin, “explain to you the meaning of this scapular. I tell you, my victim and my servant. My servants of the Cross, that for a long time my Son and I have had the desire to make known this scapular of benediction. This scapular, my children, it is supposed to be made on my heart, because my heart is the emblem of simplicity and humility, and hence, the colour violet. The nails that have pierced the feet and the hands of my Son have been little venerated and are venerable, hence my Son, in His Divine Wisdom, has made that these three nails be painted on the front of the scapular. These three drops of blood and the chalice represent the generous hearts gathering the Blood of my Divine Son. The red sponge will represent my Divine Son drinking, in a manner, the sins of His children but His Adorable Mouth refuses. I desire that the (black?) end of the scapular, be of violet, (the dark background?), but I desire that the nails, the chalice, the sponge and the crown be on a piece of dark red flannel.  This first apparition of this scapular will be a new protection for the times of the chastisements, of the calamities and the famines. All those who are clothed (with it) shall pass under the storms, the tempests and the darkness, they will have light as if it were plain day. Here is the power of this unknown scapular.”

The Holy Virgin presents the scapular to Our Lord who says in His turn: “I address you, My victim, and also My victims and My servant, My children of the Cross, I see and I come to give you an idea and profound thought: during My descent from the Cross they handed Me to My mother, this descent, this thought, this devotion is little known. I would like by this reproduction on this scapular, that it pass into the hearts of the children of the Cross, and that they salute Me by these three salutations:

I salute You, Jesus, crucified to grant me life,
I salute You with all the joy of the Angels and
the Saints on Your descent from the Cross.
I salute you with the sadness of Your Mother
when you reposed on her Immaculate Heart
and on her Immaculate lap.”

“My children, very few souls think of wiping the Adorable Wounds of My Feet when the Blood ran and I would like this representation to be known. They also think so little of the tears shed by My Mother during My Passion; these tears are found at the feet of the Angel that wipes My Sacred Feet. By this scapular, I would like you to think on the ladder, the reed and the nails of My Passion.

Other Great Promises:

My children, all souls, all people who possess this scapular, will see their family protected, their home will also be protected, first of all from fires, which will never enter there. This scapular will strike down the ungrateful which blaspheme My Name in the home where it will be displayed. If an impious person enters (that home), they will be so completely struck that their conversion will be close. All those who will carry it will be preserved from thunder, from sudden death and from accidents.  During chastisements they will be protected.  Whoever will deposit it in the Holy Temple, (I.e. in a church), will move it away from impious persons and profanation. (i.e., that church will be protected from these spiritual disasters.)  Our Lord still adds that by reminding an obstinate soul about this scapular at the hours of their demise (i.e., death), they will awaken the Faith in it and a firm belief, that all those who will have it and think upon it and love it, will be spared the troubles of soul, that those who will carry it will be sheltered from any danger as though they already possessed Heaven. That this scapular, finally, will be as a lightning rod under which the blows of Just and Divine Wrath will not dwell.”

Our Lord still says:   “Every priest will be able to bless this scapular. By carrying this scapular they will be able to say 5 or 7 times the “Crux Ave” and meditate 1 – 3 minutes on My Holy Passion. I shall grant great graces to those who desire to be clothed in this Holy Habit."

(Marie-Julie was given two different prayers saluting the Cross, and so to be certain, both are listed here:

The “Crux Ave” Prayer, Number 1:

“I salute You, I adore You, I embrace You,
O Adorable Cross of my Saviour!
Protect us, guard us, save us!
Jesus loved You so much,
Following His Example, I love You.
Your Holy Image calms my fears,
I feel only peace and confidence.”

The “Crux Ave” Prayer, Number 2:

“O Crux, ave, spes unica!
Et Verbum caro factum est.
O Jesus Vanquisher of Death, save us!”

(Translation: ‘O Cross, hail!  Our only hope!  And the Word was made flesh.’ ~ however it is obvious Christ wanted the Latin parts to be said in Latin.)


The Cross of Pardon

Our Lord (July 20, 1882): “I wish that My male and female servants, and even small children can clothe themselves with a Cross.  This Cross will be small and will bear in its middle the appearance of a small white flame.  This flame will indicate that they are sons and daughters of the Light.”

“My beloved little friends, you will bear on yourselves My Adorable Cross that will preserve you from all sorts of evil, big or small and later I shall bless them.”

“My little beloved friends, it is to give you an idea of what I endure at the thought of so many souls deprived of endless happiness.  My little beloved friends, these past days have left so much evil, but those that come will be even more terrible because evil will take a terrible intensity, extend soon with greater measurements.  My little beloved friends,  you will carry on yourselves My Adorable Cross which will preserve you from every sort and kind of evils, big or small, and later I shall bless them.”

Firstly, they will carry the name of ‘Cross of Pardon’.  Secondly, the will carry the name ‘Cross of Salvation’.  Thirdly, they will carry the name of ‘Cross of Holy Protection’.  Fourthly, they will carry the name ‘Cross that Calms Plagues’. Fifthly, they will carry the prayer: ‘O God, Crucified Saviour, set me ablaze with love, faith and courage for the salvation of my brothers.”

The Promises:

My little children, all souls that suffer and those sieved out by the blight, all those who will kiss it will have My forgiveness, all those who will touch it will have My forgiveness.  The expiation will be long but one day there will be Heaven, Heaven will be opened.  I have warned you beforehand, My little beloved friends, so that you are not surprised, (taken unawares), so that you have all the time to inform your loved ones and families.

(Please note, the promise of forgiveness attached to this cross does not give us the excuse to skip going to confession, this will be for the chastisements when churches will be closed and we will not have a priest, especially when the plagues hit and those afflicted will not be able to find a priest or have one sent to them in time.)

Christ also wanted this “Crux Ave” prayer to be said during the time of evils and great fears:

“I salute You, I adore You, I embrace You,
O Adorable Cross of my Saviour!
Protect us, guard us, save us!
Jesus loved You so much,
Following His Example, I love You.
Your Holy Image calms my fears,
I feel only peace and confidence.”

His Promise with this prayer:  “You will feel so many graces, so much strength and love that this big flood will pass by you as something unobserved. It is a grace of My tenderness.”

More Chastisements:

Blights / Crop Failures: There will be a particular time when the crops, fruit trees, potatoes will fail, wheat will be affected according to one detailed prediction.  Marie-Julie saw in her mystic sun in the ‘vicinity’ that the ears of wheat would blacken, and that “the crop which seeds at the end of May and at the beginning of June, to reap at the end of August and in September,” ... this crop will grow just to the flowering and that the flower will remain a considerable time, but will fail to produce grains.  From the “appearance of the ear combing with hair of black”, the only means to save part of the crop if it is not already entirely turned black, will be to plant in the form of a cross a line of St. Benedict medals in the soil of the field.”  (More will be said about the medal and the blessing needed for it later.)

Animals Under Attack: Apparently, our animals will also be under some form of attack, perhaps through ill health and epidemics, or, they will revolt against us, perhaps due to demonic means.  The “Friends of Marie-Julie” says we are to place a medal of St. Benedict on their necks with a collar.  (It might be a good idea to place more where livestock is kept.)

When Great Calamities Strike:  The longer “Crux Ave” Prayer given to the Scapular of Protection should be said during a public procession following a raised cross, or, the cross you carry may be privately adored:

“I salute You, I adore You, I embrace You,
O Adorable Cross of my Saviour!
Protect us, guard us, save us!
Jesus loved You so much,
Following His Example, I love You,
Your Holy Image calms my fears,
I feel only peace and confidence.”

During Great Storms we are also to say the shorter “Crux Ave” prayer:

The “Crux Ave” Prayer:

“O Crux, ave, spes unica!
Et Verbum caro factum est.
O Jesus Vanquisher of Death, save us!”

(Translation: ‘O Cross, hail!  Our only hope!  And the Word was made flesh.’ ~ however it is obvious Christ wanted the Latin parts to be said in Latin.)

MORE WARNINGS—More spectacular signs: Great Disasters, Spots in the Sun,  Strange Darkness, Grotesque Rains, Horrific Earthquakes

Spots in the Sun streaked with symbolical coloured stripes:   Our Lady, (October 4, 1929): “You will receive the warning precisely by the appearance of spots (or marks) in the sun ... I said before ... You will see the firmament streaked with bands. There will be a white band that will contain the protection of our right. There will be a red one to envelop the chastisement of the wretches who insult their Creator. There will be a black one where they will struggle with Satan and his army. It will be wider, because Satan has more souls to serve him than my Divine Son does to comfort It (His Heart) and dry His tears.”

Grotesque Rain: Marie-Julie was shown ‘grotesque rains’— in one vision she saw a pestilential red ‘blood’ rain that coagulated followed by ‘burning’ phenomenon that will last weeks. In another vision she saw a ‘black and blue’ rainbow shed ‘blood rain’ followed by a miraculous sign of the cross.  It could be two visions of the same event, or perhaps, we will have two different punishments.

The Pestilential ‘Red Coagulated Rain’: (March 9, 1878) “My children, out of this cloud will come a rain so extraordinary, that the world has never yet seen and then will never see until the end of time. It will be a red rain that will remain coagulated on the earth for seven weeks. The land itself will be coagulated by this rain that will give off a poisonous breath, a smell that no one can bear. (Toxic rain?) My people will remain locked up for seven weeks. It will be difficult to leave, as the earth will fear. Thus the first storm is announced and will come true soon. Following this storm, I will make emerge from the earth a  horrible ‘brûlaison’ (“burning”. Brûler = to burn). Christians will not stand the smell and the heat. My children, do not open your doors, or your windows.”

The black and blue rainbow ‘Blood rain’ (April 8, 1880): “I see in my sun, a black and blue rainbow. It rains from this rainbow when the murder attempts and crimes are being committed, it rains a red rain. On the roofs of houses, it (the rain) remains stuck as paint; when on the ground, it cannot be drunk. It falls with a frightening speed. In this rain, there will be produced a sign of fear: a cross formed in the rain that bears the imprint of Christ. It produces signs of terror that will not be effaced. The cries of the righteous are frightening. In this rain will perish all who are open to impiety, they will be struck with terror. After three days, the rain from the rainbow will visibly stretch through all the universe.”

(In another vision about the Days of Darkness, the Holy Spirit warned of another filthy rain, these rains may be related, it is difficult to tell from the texts.)

Mega-Earthquakes:  (March 8, 1881): “The earth will shake from this place until sunrise, the space of six days. A day of rest and (on) the eighth day, the trembling will begin again. France and England will respond with their cries of despair. The land will shake so hard that the people will be thrown up to 300 steps (pas = paces /steps?). The thunder will sound more brightly than in the months that will lead up to the end of the world, with a strange

Our Lady of La Salette Will Come Again:  On several occasions Our Lord and Our Lady complained about those bishops and priests who hid her words given during the apparitions of La Salette, especially the warnings about what would happen to the clergy and the Church.  We may assume this is a reference to the secrets given to the seers.  News of this apparition was not spread as much as it should have been according to Our Lord and Our Lady, and the clergy were the biggest culprits.  The people were not warned about the punishments coming to the world, or the evils that would soon befall the world and the Church.  Marie-Julie was forewarned Our Lady would appear again in the vicinity of La Salette to warn the people of France a second time, just before the greater punishments fall. Our Lady will also appear in the north of France, to give a warning to ‘a dozen souls’.

The Mother of God, moved by the love of her heart, will come down to earth, appearing to her people in a way that is immeasurable. She will renew her descent from Heaven to earth in the surrounding mountains of La Salette. She will appear, suspended on a white cloud, surrounded by a garland of roses, to say:

‘The earth will be a tomb, from Alsace- Lorraine, which is not counted, just to the
edge of Brittany.’

The Mother of God manifested another glory to her people, as the last feature of her love, about the pain of Christians. In the north of France ... she will come with signs of mourning, and will give only three words that will be heard by a dozen souls:

1 – All the earth (or, land), except for Brittany, will be only a lifeless tomb.

2 - The Church will suffer persecutions that hell never before had invented more cruel.

3 - The Center (Paris) will become a land soaked in blood. The last who will sink will be the one of man that Heaven has cursed because of his crimes.

After the first Chastisements and Warnings:
Marie-Julie’s Prophecies about the Greater Punishments

  • The French military will be removed to the East and Arab lands. – (NOTE: it is unclear if this a warning from Marie-Julie, or an editor’s comment made by the “Friend of Marie Julie” website.  Nevertheless, it has been included here.)

  • The GREAT chastisements will begin in Paris, Revolution and Apostasy.  “In Rome the storm will be the blackest. The storm of Rome is even worse than the storm in France. All the wrath of the ungodly is in Rome. All the anger of the wicked is focused on the Holy See. The chastisements will begin with Paris.” (December 8, 1874)  

  • In another message we are forewarned there will be signs in the sky before the ‘storm’ breaks over Paris and France:  “Twenty-four hours before the burst of this storm so black, Our Lord will give signs in the firmament.  Ah!  Without the Sacred Heart, we will all perish.  All priests who are not good, will be punished.” (December 18, 1874)

  • A final hellish attack against the Church:   “All (Church) authorities will have to undergo this Passion in their paternal seats. They will have to flee to escape the pursuit, fierce prosecutions. The Church must see its Head (Pope) under vengeful hatred. The temple of God is to be  deserted. In the beginning the Lord’s ministers may, despite the threats, obey the laws of their sacred ministry. It will be by force that they will be dragged out of the Temple. Then the order will come to flee quickly. The vengeance of hell will raise to the altars of the most infamous of all men (those possessed). They will take the place of the true servants of the Lord. Everything will be against the Faith and against the holy laws in their sacred ceremonies. The law will oblige parents to leave them pervert their children. These sacrileges will last 44 days. Many Christians will suffer martyrdom. These crimes will be followed closely, (by) the vengeance of the Lord.” (August 10, 1880)

It is important to remember that Pope Gregory the Great said to Marie-Julie the Church will remain infallible!  “Pray for the Church threatened by a conspiracy hatched by a horrible jealousy of perverted minds banded together to overthrow it. The storm is terrible, but the Church will remain infallible and its walls shall not be shaken. But there will be martyrs ... Pray for the Church and ask God for the return of a lost family, a people corrupted, a degraded society. All are our brothers in the Lord. They are souls redeemed at the price of His Blood.” (August 19, 1978)

In a text dated March 19, 1878: St. Joseph also forewarns of a great apostasy, and apparently, this will happen during the times of the desecrations of the Church.  St. Joseph said he pleaded with his Son and prayed that the restoration of the Church and the promised Triumph would be accomplished without bloodshed, but Our Lord said, “The Holy Father will suffer torments that are beyond his powers. He will be discarded and thrust aside, pushed and shoved, like the sea when it braces.”  St. Joseph then said the Triumph will only come through victims and much bloodshed (martyrdoms).  Many of these martyrs will be cloistered religious, there will be evil ones setting traps in the Church and will seek to destroy these religious.   At this time, St. Joseph says the plagues will happen, and the promised signs and warnings will occur.  The faithful of France should flee to Brittany which will be protected.  

St. Michael says the bishops will be the instigators (October 25, 1881) : “You are about to see those who govern the their lives and their strength to those who will establish a fatal government...they will close the sanctuaries...and surrender to the disorders of Hell...” (“Breton Stigmatist”, p. 34)

From these three texts we see that despite the final attacks upon the Church caused by ‘conspirators’, especially the French government, there will be a Holy Father, a Pope during this future time, yet he will be ‘discarded’ and thrust aside by the bishops. Let this be a warning against the heresy of Sedevacantism.  If the See of Peter is vacant for all the years the Sedevacantists claim, how can there be a pope in Rome at this time?  Authority in the Church would have to remain unbroken for this prophecy of a ‘martyr pope’ to be fulfilled.  For this future ‘martyr pope’ to be in Rome, he would have to be elected by the College of Cardinals, which Sedevacantists are currently refusing to recognise in addition to all the popes since Vatican II.   This could be a warning to Sedevacantists that there will always be an unbroken line of St. Peter’s successors as the Church has always taught, and not to fall prey to the temptation to ‘thrust aside’ the Pope.

True, there is a text attributed to Marie-Julie saying the Church will be several months without a Pope, (May 16, 1882):

“The enemy of God will pass through Persia (now Iran) and the other kingdoms and will rise for one year, on the unfortunate seat of one who will cut off the head of the apostles and who will make a martyr of him who supports the Church and the Faith. The voice said that the Church will remain vacant for months. She adds; the third Pope will be the most holy, but will not reign but three years before God calls him for his reward.”

A second Fragment attributed to Marie-Julie states that “The Church will have its seat vacant for long months ... (...) There will be two successive antipopes that will reign all this time over the Holy See ...” (September 29, 1882)

Therefore is this THIRD ‘holy’ pope supposed to come after the two ‘antipopes’ during this vacant See?  Despite the mention of ‘antipopes’ and a ‘vacant See’,  these small snippet of texts are not a valid defence for Sedevacantism as we don’t have the full texts and they could be completely taken out of context.    The Holy See will only be vacant for long months, not years.  If Popes John XXIII and Paul VI were invalidly elected or imposter antipopes as the Sedevacantists claim, then the Third ‘Holy’ Pope in this prophecy should have reigned three years, but John I only lasted a month, and Pope John Paul II reigned for much longer than three years!  Since Vatican II, all popes have reigned longer than three years, so the numbers in these two fragmentary prophecies do not add up.  Also, other historical events show the prophecies in these fragments haven’t taken place yet: since the time of Marie-Julie, the longest interregnum period without a pope lasted no more than 20 days, certainly not ‘long months’ as the fragments  state.  Plus, there have been and still are  a staggering number of ‘antipopes’ claiming to be the true head of Peter, not just two!  Sedevacantist and Conclavists only have a few number of followers unlike the historical antipopes that truly confused the issue of who was the legitimate pontiff in the Church, hence they are not considered official antipopes in the same category as the historical antipopes of the past.  So what could these fragments mean?  No doubt they refer to a future time of the ‘Martyr’ Pope who will witness the last attacks of the Church starting in France and who will flee into exile as other mystics of the Church have foretold.  It obviously does not refer to any of the Popes since Vatican II—We must wait and see if the “Friends of Marie-Julie” will eventually release the whole texts so we may read the entire prophecy of a ‘vacant See’ in its true light.

Of importance we cannot help but notice that after these strange fragments revealing a ‘Vacant See’ we find revelations dated after them that relate a Great Apostasy from the Pope.

Disobedience to the Pope—a Last Schism or Great Apostasy

In the “Breton Stigmatist” (pp. 34-35) we find the following text dated October 1882, a revelation given to Marie-Julie stating that bishops disobedient to the Pope will bring about the infamous and blasphemous ‘new’ religion:  

Our Lord: “The heart of the diocese of (…) (place not revealed?) will revolt and will not be pacified. Its cries and menacing words will make the strong tremble. In the days when the gloom of the great vengeance will surround the people with struggles and conflicts, this pastor (The Bishop of...? ), like the others will not submit to orders of the Roman Pontiff. ... When the power of mortal men—soiled, corrupt men who are threatened with a terrible death—when this power will order a frightful religion in the whole Kingdom....I see only a small number enter this religion that will make the whole world tremble.... From the height of My glory, I see joining with alacrity this guilty, infamous, sacrilegious religion. I see Bishops joining... On seeing these many, many Bishops...Ah! My Heart is wounded to death—and the whole flock following them, all of it without hesitation, hastening to damnation and hell, My Heart is wounded to death as at the time of My Passion... . Others will follow these French Bishops... . If I tell you that to found this infamous and accursed religion, the Bishops and priests will not leave off at the second call. You may be sure, my children, that the bishops and priests will not be in favour of the one I have destined to raise up your country, there will be very, very few in favour of him... . They will be against the King....” (The promised Great Monarch).

In another text dated November 1882, there is a warning that the greatest attack to the Church before the chastisements will begin when the bishops will demand to separate themselves from the Pope and create a huge schism:

“The crowd roars around the Vicar of Jesus Christ. A meeting of the Fathers of the Church will form his councils against the Father of the universe. It (a written declaration) will be presented, at the hands of the governor to which the Holy Father, a piece written and worked on by hands that, many times, will hit the Body of Christ (The Church). This written piece will include three things:

1) That the Pope leaves more liberty to the greater part of those over whom he rules with his authority of Pontiff. (i.e. they will demand that their obligation of obedience to him will be relaxed.)

2) We have met (or, we have all united) and we have been of the opinion that if the mortal head of the Church makes an appeal to his Roman clergy to reform the Faith even stronger; if they want to force us to answer; if they declare in the face of the powers of the earth, that there must be obedience and submission, we declare we
want to keep our freedom. We consider ourselves as free to do nothing more in the eyes of the people, that what we are now doing and that it is us who will do all.” (They will not answer the Pope’s calls for reform, and will still do what they want.)

(Possible interpretation: the bishops will demand a lessening of obedience to the Pope, and that it will be they who will attempt to take control of the Church, and possibly, reduce him to a figurehead.)

“Bitter and agonizing pain awaits for the Pope in front of insubordination and disobedience to answer the call of his heart. It will not be in person by which he will make the call, but in writing. The voice of the Flame says that the third thing

3)  will thrill the little people of the earth. It will come from the clergy that aspires to a broad freedom: the clergy of France, Italy, Belgium and many other nations that God reveals. This will get worse before the people who can be assured of the sign of His wrath.  The next call will throw consternation into the hearts where the Faith still reigns. They want to break the unity between the Holy Father and the priests of the universe, to separate them from the Head of the Church, so that everyone is free to itself, and without any supervision ... A poster will be (publicly) posted and will only mention this disunion and this separation of the apostles of God with the Pope. The people will be invited to lend support and their agreement to the authority so guilty of that time.

(End of text as published on the “Friends of Marie-Julie” website.)

On September 19th, 1901, Our Lady appeared to Marie-Julie during the anniversary of her apparition at La Salette and mourned that the warnings she gave there on her holy mountain were not headed and the evils foretold then were in preparation; “Now is the time that these great promises will be accomplished that the Church authorities have despised .... They did not want the light! ... I have suffered a great deal for all of this. Pain oppresses my heart at this moment ... The most painful sword right now is to see the provisions that have been taken and that are in the making... It is to see the pastors detaching  themselves from the Sacred Bond that directs and governs Holy Church (i.e. from the Pope)... My children, when I remember the day I brought my warnings to the Holy Mountain (La Salette), to the threatened world, when I remember the harsh reception of my words!”  

A Great Civil War Shall Erupt In France  ~ Churches will be Closed, or Ransacked.  Many will be martyred.


  • First, the ‘Temple’ dedicated to the Sacred Heart in Paris will be taken over by an evil government / conspirators. (A prediction concerning the Sacre Coeur basilica in Paris.) The Holy Spirit warned (date?): “That the people of the Centre (Paris) hastened to devote itself to the Sacred Heart elevated above this earth (or land)! This temple, which heard so many prayers will be transformed into a boardroom, (or, council room). This is where the enemies, in part, will decide, at last, to launch the announcement of terror and death throughout the whole of this kingdom.”  Our Lord also said: “My Montmartre Sanctuary (i.e. the Sacre Coeur basillica) is already destined to serve as a theatre for the impious and all those involved with human laws.” Also “It would not be long before the place of prayer of Saint Geneviéve would become a theatre for dances and the most infernal crimes...”   There is another text that reads (date?): “In the South, in Lyon, there will be infamous performances of the Mass, profanations.  In Lyon and other places there will be satanic apparitions, there will be worship of infamous goddesses, false miracles that will deceive many. The bishoprics, monasteries will be looted. The crosses will be broken. Tabernacles desecrated. Religious burials / funerals will be forbidden. The religious sacraments are parodied. Sacrilegious baptisms will be established. There will be many souls that will be possessed and make a loud noise and will make prophecies of happiness (i.e., earthly happiness? Liberty? etc.)... the enemies will trample on the cross.  Profanations at Lourdes. They will be furious against the devotion to the Sacred Heart. The cloister of Paray le Monial will be burned.  In Paris, the Sanctuary of Montmartre will be the boardroom of drama and the rebels.  But the Blessed Virgin will protect Our Lady of Victories (i.e., the shrine in Paris) ... All the miraculous statues of Our Lady resume an almighty mission on the places that she protects and conserves.”

  • These hellish conspirators will be at work, sending out seditious writings.  Apparently, they will try and cause a revolt, seeding unrest and hatred with workers who are unemployed.  Then towns everywhere will be filled with workers who will not be given ‘refuge’ or ‘asylum’, creating more tensions.  It will not be long when their numbers will swell, they will grow quickly.  The Holy Spirit warns (date?): “Even in the most remote places, all the minions of hell are working, now, at abominable writings. My people will find them everywhere in their path. Many riders  (couriers or messengers) call the workers to revolt, because of the lack of work which is their daily bread ... Small towns, as well as large, will soon be lost by groups of workers who have no asylum or refuge.  They will spread everywhere, especially the time where they can get enough will not be long in sounding.”  (Is this a prophecy of the refugee and illegal immigrant crisis currently overwhelming Europe?  We cannot help but make the comparison with our times. Almost 200,000 illegal migrants seeking refuge from African and the Middle East have made it to Europe’s shores in the first half of 2015 alone, and many European citizens are not willing to grant them asylum, considering them a burden on their countries already weakened by the economic crisis of 2007-2008.)

  • There will be a cry of despair reaching heaven during a certain June and July, it will be the sign of the war starting. The Civil War shall be started by a conspiracy of a few, who will then “fly away like birds” (air travel?) once the trouble is started, they will leave the citizens of the country to revolt and tear everything apart, (April 12, 1877):  “The cries of alarm and despair rise up to Heaven. The month of the Sacred Heart (June) and My Blood (July), it will be the sign of punishment, civil war.” (...) “When the government will see these changes it will be like a bird, it will fly to another country and  France will be free in its revolution. It is at that moment when it will flee Paris.”

  • The Holy Spirit also said (September 20, 1881): “Dear friends of God, as soon as they (the evil conspirators) are going to have thrown the spark which will produce a so sprawling fire as the land of the kingdom that must be subjected to this terror, they will retreat to shelter from the storm and will leave all the doors of France open; all will be able to penetrate there without a defence (to stop them?) since it is going to be delivered at the mercy of all people, at all those who will want to take the power of the French land.”

  • Our Lord had revealed to St. Margaret Mary the terror of the future days, but His words were not disclosed in her time.  He reveals this again to Marie-Julie, saying France will only return to Him amidst blood and tears of a civil war (June 15, 1882) “Soon, the era marked out, there will not remain standing, in France, any religious house, not a monastery to escape the tyrants of the epoch. There will be an attitude (or a mindset for) of massacres, from the Centre (Paris) to Lyon, in Lyon to the south and to the shores of Brittany it is still Catholic, (Brittany) but as before. The generation of the faith is everywhere.  In these massacres, in the cold months, the earth will become a deluge of blood, as in Noah's time (when) it became a deluge of water. All those who are not in the arch of My Heart will die, as in the time of the flood. (...) Myself, I will choose; I will name the true consoler of My people and the Church: (A Great Monarch) one that will rebuild My temples burned in the violence of a great civil war, although it (the war) will not be long. I can not, call it anything other than civil war, the war in which France will be delivered.

  • June 21, 1874 Our Lord also said: “But before she has this king, (the promised Great Monarch) France will undergo a crisis and a violent storm. The blood of Christians will mingle with the blood of the impious. The just will fall in small numbers, but some will because the blood of the good will help the wicked. But this time will pass quickly. There will be pools of blood. It will last a short time, but to you it will seem long.

  • Our Lord also said the following on October 27, 1876: “The larger part of the punishments will be directed to Paris where there are the most treacherous conspiracies. This is the time when the days become dark. It is a long time since I made you (part of ) this confidence, I will have you recall this as the secret is absolute and necessary. This is where the ministers are the most persecuted. There will be three days of devastation, there will not be any more Sacrifice, any more Masses, we can call it the Holy Quarantine, (or, a Holy ‘Forty Days’, i.e. a Lenten/penitential-like season?), it will be three days of hell. Satan will travel the Earth to turn over the shrines, but he will be rejected, broken and defeated. I will make these confidences (secrets?), I wanted to warn My people so that it is not surprised, that its confidence in Me increases. In these three days, the lights of the heavens will be extinguished and the angels will be dismayed.” —  (What does this last message of the Three Days and ‘Forty Days’ mean?  Judging from the texts above, there first will be the Civil War started by the conspirators, which will last for Forty Days and will be like a horrific ‘Penitential Season’ of captivity for the faithful who will be persecuted and slaughtered. Then, we will have the dreaded THREE DAYS Of DARKNESS.)

  • Paris itself will eventually be destroyed: Our Lady says (August 9, 1881) less than twelve people will survive! What the Civil War does not destroy, a Great 43 day earthquake will.  The Holy Spirit warned: “The Center (Paris) and its residences will be crushed by the violence of the thunder of God. The tremors and earthquakes will increase, day and night without ceasing for forty-three days. The sea will be agitated (tsunamis?) and never in all ages, has its waves and its floods taken a similar form. Everyone at that time will perish forever.” (The evil ones. Also, a warning about the THREE DAYS of DARKNESS?)  

  • The Basilica of Sacre Coeur and the Church of Our Lady of Victories will be the only buildings that will escape the total destruction of Paris.

(Basilica of Sacre Coeur, Paris.
 Image by ‘Tonchino’, 2011.  CC BY-SA 3.0)

(Shrine of Our Lady of Victories, Paris.
Photo  by ‘Mbzt’, 2011. CC BY-SA 3.0)

What Can We do?

A remedy to help the faithful during this time of fear caused by wars, to regain calm of mind and spirit:  Our Lord said: “To dispel all fears and fright, you must touch to your forehead an image or the sweet medal of Mary Immaculate (i.e. the Miraculous Medal).  Your minds will remain calm.  Your minds will not fear the approach of the terror of men.  They will not resist the effects of My great Justice.

Places of Refuge:

Due to the devotion and faithfulness of the Bretons to Our Lady, she and St. Joseph told Marie-Julie that Brittany in the North of France will be a ‘shelter’, it will be spared many of the invasions, and will be partly sheltered from the plagues.  Heaven warns the faithful to stay out of France during these days, or at the least, get out of Paris and move to Brittany, which will become a refuge for many.  

Three other spiritual ‘shelters’ or ‘refuges’ for others outside of France are a faithful devotion to the Cross, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Our Lord and Our Lady promised to shelter all those who are devoted to them and the Holy Cross.


Before we continue with Marie-Julie’s prophecies about the DAYS OF DARKNESS, the reader may be asking if any of this concerning ‘burning skin’ plagues and the civil wars destroying Paris may be found in the Holy Scriptures.  We can emphatically say, yes.  The most striking passages can be found in the prophecies of Isaiah / Isaias (13:4-13):

“The noise of a multitude in the mountains, as it were of many people, the noise of the sound of kings, of nations gathered together: the Lord of hosts hath given charge to the troops of war.  To them that come from a far country afar off, from the end of heaven: the Lord and the instruments of his wrath, to destroy the whole land.  Howl ye, for the day of the Lord is near: it shall come as a destruction from the Lord.  Therefore shall all hands be faint, and every heart of man shall melt, and shall be broken.  Gripings and pains shall take hold of them, they shall be in pain as a woman in labour.  Everyone shall be amazed at his neighbour, their countenances shall be as faces burnt.  Behold, the day of the Lord shall come, a cruel day, and full of indignation, and of wrath, and fury, to lay the land desolate, and to destroy sinners therefore out of it.  For the stars of heaven, and their brightness shall not display their light: the sun shall be darkened in his rising, and the moon shall not shine with her light.  And I will visit the evils of the world, and against the wicked for their iniquity: and I will make the pride of the infidels to cease, and will bring down the arrogance of the mighty. A man shall be more precious than gold, yea a man than the finest gold.  For this I will trouble the heaven: and the earth shall be moved out of her place, for the indignation of the Lord of hosts, and for the day of his fierce wrath.”

I would recommend reading the ‘Douay-Rheims’ edition of the Bible, the same prophecies told by the other prophets are cross-linked in the footnotes below the appropriate verses.  The passage above is also linked to: Ezechiel (32:7), Joel (2:10, and 3:15), Matt. (24:29); Mark (13:24), Luke (21:25).  Also, compare the above text from Isaias with the passage in Joel (2:6)  “At their presence (a great army) the people shall be in grievous pains: all faces shall be made like a kettle.”  I.e. they will look scorched and burned.  This sounds very similar to the ‘burning plague’ Marie-Julie was forewarned about.

The DREADED DAYS OF DARKNESS many mystics have predicted and that were also foretold to Marie-Julie:

FIRST: There will be TWO DAYS of DARKNESS before the dreaded catastrophic Three Days.  It shall be sent as a warning for the faithful.

According to one text, the Civil War and the Massacre / Martyrdoms / Genocide fuelled by anti-Christian hatred in Paris is the first warning: “Suddenly it will rise a tearing result of blasphemy that, from the Centre (Paris) of all the evils, all will sound. Suddenly, from the midst of the Centre, there will be voices, shouts and hateful songs, confused cries and the poor people will not have time to escape. The streets will be closed, the passages blocked, a painful massacre in the midst of the expanse of the disaster. The true apostles, known by the energy of their courage, it will be on those whom they want to avenge themselves with rage and fury, the two-days, storm of heaven and earth, the claps of thunder will come before their time (winter). Their lightning will be on the earth of the kingdom during the two days where there will rise the terrible thunderstorm.  (No) more repose in the middle of the Centre, nothing to deliver it during these two days. They will slice the heads of a few with the weapons of death, (i.e. with the guillotine?) and will make Christians die by bullets. For two days and two nights, no repose, nor sleep (will be). Many people will perish.”

The Holy Spirit said: “There will be two days of horrible darkness, distinct from those advertised (I.e, different from the 3 days). The sky will be purple and red, so low that the clump of tall trees will be as lost. These two days will warn you, as an authentic proof of His goodness, as proof of descent from the wrath of God on earth. You will not be free from the darkness. So far, no soul has mentioned it, because those are not many who were made aware. To resist all these signs, holy water is a strength and consolation, and the candle, but with wax. All those that are not of this paste will not help.” (i.e.  MUST be 100% pure wax. Beeswax is  the best option. Must be 100% wax.)

The Holy Sprit said on (September 20, 1880) During these two days the trees will be burned and will not produce any fruit the following year, because the sap will be burned and stopped.  The rain that falls from the sky below will have a foul odour, and wherever it falls, it will be as a big hailstone of fire that pierces that which is most solid and will leave a visible mark of burning. Your homes will be preserved. Only that which is covered lightly will suffer.” (i.e., of weak construction.)

 “The water that will be poured on the earth will be black, a frightening black and most of the land will bear it equally everywhere, but it will not hurt that which serves as food to the Christians.”

 “The Flame (of the Holy Spirit) said that in Brittany, in these two days of darkness, under the lowering sky, it will seem light, but no one will be able to see, because they cannot put out their face by day when opening a door; there will be an envoy of God, in the form of a hot flash, which will obscure the human eye.”  “The Lord is urging me to pass on His words and His wishes. The day of these darknesses will still be bearable, despite the darkness ... But if the day is calm, the night will be violent, and during the two nights, cries will come out where they know not, they will hear nothing, nor walk on earth, covered with Justice. At night, the blessed candle, the candle should not be put out. During the day, they will be able to go without it, a grace that comes from beyond the Heart of God.”   (Only during the TWO DAYS during the daytime can we put out the blessed candles, but NOT during the THREE DAYS, they MUST remain lit at all times!)
(November 28, 1928): “The sun shall be darkened before, looking ahead (i.e. a precursor) to the real darkness that will arrive 37 days after the signs of the
darkening of the sun and of signs of the earth and the announced storm.”

Christ apparently gave more details on the TWO DAYS of DARKNESS, assuming this is not a reference to the strange darkness that will cover Brittany alone before the Civil War.  Marie-Julie’s prophecies are difficult to decipher at times.  (June 15, 1882):  “I warn My people of that which follows of the number of evils in France, the first ones are not far off, and will be followed by many others, I warn you that one day there will be found -and it is marked - where there will be little sun, no stars and no light to make one step out of the houses, the refuges of My people. The day commences to grow; it will not be at the height of summer or in the longest days, still short. It will not be at the end of a year, but in the first months that I will clearly give My warnings … (In the first part of the year, early / late spring?) The day of darkness and lightning, it will be the first that I will send to convert the wicked, and to see whether many will return to Me before the big storm that will follow closely. That day, my children it will not reach all of France, but part of Brittany will be tested. The side where the land of the Mother of My Immaculate Mother (i.e. where St. Ann is honoured) will not be obscured by the darkness to come, only to you and, beyond that, on the (level of?) the sunrise. Everything else will be in the most terrible fright. After the night (dawn) to just until night, a whole day, the thunder will continue to scold; the fire of lightning will do much harm, even in private homes where they will be in sin ... My children, that first day does not detract (or take away) from the other three marked and described.” (i.e., we must still expect the Three Days of Darkness.)   Our Lord also said more revelations given to St. Catherine Labouré about these warning signs were hidden away for future times and would be discovered in a monastery. “This day (of warning) is noted in five rolls tightly closed (of or by) the sister of Saint Pierre Tours. This roll remains (hidden) in secret, until the day when a person of God brings her predestined hand on what the world has ignored, to the inhabitants of that monastery ...”

Christ also says this (October 5, 1882): “My people, My people, My people, your eyes will see the beginning of the terrible hour, when the wheat is not the third node of growth. At the moment when My people will only have Faith and Hope to arm itself, still in the hard season, lasting for four hours - from 12:00 to 4:00 in France - in those hard days still, the sun will be like a veil of mourning; it will be darkened, without light.  Never could anyone on earth believe in the blackness of this darkness. The earth will have nothing more.  The eye will be veiled, without it being able to see any object.
My people, this will be the beginning of My punishment of Justice. The sun will announce these sorrows: the sky will cry, unable to be comforted, because it will be the entrance of the time when souls will be lost, the entrance, in a word of the terrible misfortune. My people, this darkness will cover Brittany in the space of four
hours, but there will not be any hurt (or evil) ... simply a small fright.” (Is this in reference to the TWO DAYS?)


In a text recording an ecstasy dated November 13, 1924,  it appears the public closure and desecration of the Church comes first, (the Civil War?) then the THREE DAYS of darkness will follow:   “I give you for a calm and assured home My Divine Adorable Heart with this great love of My Blessed Sacrament that they want to destroy in destroying Me, trying every means to destroy My sweet Heaven on Earth, My tent, My holy place, the faith of My elect. It will be missing on earth, but not for long this Bread of Eternal Life, the Bread that sustains My little suffering souls, the banquet, which strengthens them. I will leave to the wicked one hour of power and strength, they will, to increase their number, all the outcasts of the abyss, the eternal abyss, all the damned who are on the earth in human forms to destroy everything, to annihilate everything. I will leave them this painful and difficult hour. It will be followed by a profound darkness. The whole sky will be cloudy. Your blessed lights (i.e., the pure wax candles) will serve in the day and My blessings will be abundant. My peace will be with you in this dark night, I will launch all the features of My Justice. I will blast the losers of souls. I will sift the false consciences. I will annihilate the wicked. I will reduce them like a ......(text missing?) This time is not far off when I assure you that you will not fear. My cross and My Divine Heart will be your shelter, your refuge, stay, do not run away ... elsewhere. My Justice will pass. The whole earth will continue in My Justice. It is the time that I will rise up, I will stop all the evil to enter in the beautiful reign of My Sacred Heart.”

The three days of darkness, “Will be on a Thursday, Friday, and a Saturday. Days of the Most Holy Sacrament, of the Cross and Our Lady.” Three days less one night. (“Breton Stigmatist”, p. 44)

My children” said the Virgin Mary, “mind my words ... In these days of mourning, there will be another earthquake as strong as many others, less strong than in many other places. It will be easy to notice: everything will shake except the piece of furniture on which will burn the wax candle. You will all group around, with the crucifix and my blessed image. This is what shall take fear away from you, as these days will cause many deaths. Here is a proof of my goodness, those who make me well served and invoke me, and that will keep in their homes my blessed image, I will keep safely all that belongs to them. During these three days, I will protect their cattle from starvation. I will keep them because there must not be a single door ajar. The hungry animals shall be satisfied by me, without any food.”

September 20, 1882 (“Breton Stigmatist” p. 44) Our Lady: “The Earth will be covered in darkness, and Hell will be loosed on Earth. The thunder and lightning will cause those who have no faith or trust in my Power, to die of fear. During these three days of terrifying darkness, no windows must be opened, because no one will be able to see the earth and the terrible colour it will have in those days of punishment without dying at once...The sky will be on fire, the earth will split... During these three days of darkness let the blessed candle be lighted everywhere, no other light will shine...”

December 8, 1882, “No one outside a shelter... will survive. The earth will shake as at the judgement and fear will be great. Yes, We will listen to the prayers of your (Marie-Julie’s?) friends, not one will perish. We will need them to publish the glory of the cross.”

Our Lady: “Everything will shake except the piece of furniture on which the blessed candle is burning. This will not shake. You will all gather around the crucifix and my blessed picture. This is what will keep away this terror.” “During this darkness the devils and the wicked will take on the most hideous clouds like blood will move across the sky. The crash of thunder will shake the earth and sinister lightning will streak the heavens out of season, the earth will be shaken to its foundations, the sea will rise, its roaring waves will spread over the Continent...”

Our Lord again warned: (January 4, 1884) “There will be three days of physical darkness. For three days less one night, there will be a continual night. The blessed wax candles will be the only ones that give light in this terrible darkness: only one will suffice for three days, but in the homes of the wicked, they will not give any light.  During these three days and two nights, the demons will appear under the most hideous forms. You will hear in the air the most horrible blasphemies. The lightning will enter your homes, but will not extinguish the candles; neither wind, nor the storm can put them out. Red clouds like blood will ride across the sky. The crash of thunder will shake the earth. Sinister lightning will cut across the dense clouds, in a season when they never occur. The earth will be shaken down to the foundations. The sea will rise thundering waves that will spread across the continent (Tidal wave). Blood will flow in such abundance that the earth will become a vast cemetery. The corpses of the wicked and the righteous ones will litter the ground. The famine will be great. Everything will be in turmoil and three-quarters of men will perish. The crisis will break out suddenly. The chastisements will be common in the world to swell up and will succeed one another ceaselessly.  When My people have fallen into indifference, I have begun to threaten him. Today, it deserves My justice. I came on earth; they want Me out, take away My Holy Tabernacle, reversing My Cross and ignoring My Power.”
“O Lord,” said Marie-Julie, “have mercy!”  Our Lord: “Yes, I will pity the good people, but the others, I will swallow. The earth will open and they will disappear forever."

Our Lady (November 30, 1880)  “My children, you will see fall on the world deadly diseases that will leave no time to be prepared to appear before my Son. The lightnings of heaven will succeed with a rapid violence. Fire from heaven will travel the earth to an appalling width: the vengeful lightning will burn any point that produces the fruit. Cultivated lands will be devastated by the power of this fire; grasslands will be burned and reduced to a land completely stripped. The fruit will not appear, all the branches of trees will be dry to the trunk. Children of Brittany, you will use, to keep your crops, that which the goodness of my Son has revealed to you: it is the only way to save your food. My children, for three days the sky will be on fire, furrowed by fear of divine wrath. What saddens me, is that this anger will not stop the forces of hell. They are neither afraid of my Son nor hell. It needs be that these times pass. The danger of France is written in heaven by the power eternal. I can not intercede, I am not anything more than a mother without power.  For many years the earth will produce nothing. France will be unhappy, even after its triumph. For two or three years, she will feel the ruins and the deep misery. The misery will be great, although my people is clear (of it?). Prayer will bring the blessing. My son and I will have mercy on this long penance.”

In this last text, we see Our Lady reiterates the warnings: first pestilence, then the burnings, and especially the Three Days of Darkness, after which, France will triumph again, but those days will be hard, for the earth won’t produce for three years after the Days of Darkness.  

The “Friends of Marie-Julie” link the following texts together revealing the words of the Flame of the Holy Spirit, Who also warns about a great famine.  Judging from the context, this could be a hint about the aftermath of the Three Days: “Heaven will let pass on earth the signs of His  Justice. The foreign land will not reap any food. A rain of fire will reduce to dust the food of these people where are mixed, non-Catholic Christians and  Mohammedans.” The Flame says again: “The land of France will also be subject to God’s righteousness. For three years, the potatoes will rot at the time of the seed, the corn will not grow or stop halfway. Fruits will blacken: a worm will eat the inside, before they reach the size of a finger.” The Flame says: “The Center (Paris) and its residences will be crushed by the violence of the thunder of God. The  tremors and earthquakes will increase, day and night without ceasing for forty-three days. The sea will be agitated and never in all ages, has its waves and its floods taken a similar form. Everyone (all the evil of the earth) at that time will perish forever.”


As a warning Our Lord declared all the crises mentioned will occur throughout the world and will happen ‘ceaselessly’ one right after the other. (January 4, 1884)

We must have blessed wax candles on hand for the Days of Darkness, and they MUST be 100% PURE WAX.  No other mixture will light.  We must be devoted to Our Lady, help to make her known and loved, have her image in our houses, and be devoted to the Cross and the Sacred Heart. We must trust in Our Lord and Our Lady.  (Let us not forget the Precious Blood, or Our Lord’s Holy Wounds.)  We must gather around our crucifixes.  WE MUST NOT LOOK OUT DURING THESE DAYS, we will be struck dead if we do.  They will be terrible days, but we must trust Our Lady, faith in her protection will stave off the terror.

Our Lady: “My little children, I assure you that among the blows of Justice there will be for you, my little children, great signs (said 3 times) of graces, protections and wonders all divine. My little beloved children I want to calm you, I want to reassure you. Always keep close your objects of protection, your blessed candles, your medals and other objects from which flow all the blessings of Heaven, blessings of protection, blessings of all heavenly favours, blessings that keep far (from you) the cries of Satan running through the air and the earth, blessings that will calm the storm unleashed by the Luciferian voices.”
Our Lady says the Bretons will know how to save their fields during the famine.  Since the only advice I’ve seen attributed to Marie-Julie on how to save crops during the plagues and blights is to plant St. Benedict medals in the ground in the form of a cross, we can assume this must be the remedy.  A reminder, the St. Benedict’s exorcism medal must be blessed with the special prayer of protection composed for it.  Any priest may say the blessing of protection, not just a Benedictine priest.  If a priest has the Latin form of the rite, so much the better, however, the blessing is still valid in English if blessed by a validly ordained priest.  The formula is as follows (the priest must make the sign of the cross at each of the crosses):

(St. Benedict Medal, front and reverse side.)

V: Our help is in the name of the Lord.
R: Who made Heaven and earth.
V: In the name of God the + Father Almighty, who made heaven and earth, the seas and all that is in them, I exorcise these medals against the power and attacks of the evil one. May all who use these medals devoutly be blessed with health of soul and body.  In the name of the Father + Almighty, of the Son + Jesus Christ Our Lord, and of the Holy + Spirit the Paraclete, and in the love of the same Lord Jesus Christ who will come on the Last Day to judge the living and the dead, and the world by fire.

R. Amen.

V: Let us pray.  Almighty God, the boundless source of all good things, we humbly ask that, through the intercession of Saint Benedict, you pour out your blessings + upon these medals.  May those who use them devoutly and earnestly strive to perform good works be blessed by You with health of soul and body, the grace of a holy life, and remission from temporal punishment due to sin.   May they also with the help of Your merciful love, resist the temptation of the evil one and strive to exercise true charity and justice towards all, so that one day they may appear sinless and holy in Your sight.  This we ask through Christ Our Lord.

R: Amen.  (The medals must be then sprinkled with holy water.)

Our Lady reminded us on July 23, 1924 Heaven will grant the faithful who follow these warnings protection and peace: “My little children, I assure you that this time is not far, but do not be frightened. You have for your shelter the Divine Heart, you have for your protection the Adorable Cross, you have for your tent my maternal heart, my white mantle will serve you as a tent, a shelter and strength where you will have no fear because the earth will split, a terrible earthquake will shake the earth, by making it shake up to terrible heights. The sinners will fall into the abyss and will be buried in that tomb, which will close. There will be in other places a plague of one minute. It can destroy thousands of bodies, but my little children, you have your little flowers of hawthorn, (i.e., one of the remedies for plagues,) you have your blessed crosses, you have your medals, where all our graces fall like heavy rain, in addition you have your promises of truth and peace.”

The Great Renewal—A Great King and an Angelic Pontiff

There will be a dreadful aftermath, the bodies of the dead, both of the impure and the righteous who did not prepare or escape in time, will cover the earth, yet, Our Lord promised he would send a dew to cleanse the world (August 17, 1920): “I will send after the great flood, a dew fruitful and powerful to cleanse the Earth, which will disinfect the dust of bodies corrupt and impure.”  After the chastisements and the Three Days of Darkness have stripped the earth of all evildoers and sin, the survivors would be a ‘new seed’ chosen to repopulate the earth decimated by the chastisements.  St. Michael revealed to Marie-Julie on May 25, 1877: “Before peace flourishes once more on earth, there must be a great penitence to bend the divine wrath. It is the Lord Himself that exerts His Justice. It belongs to Him to chastise, but in chastising, will purify the earth and its people. He will spare nothing. He cultivates the earth to plant a new seed.”   Marie-Julie disclosed again on March 9, 1879: “The Lord will repopulate the earth with seedlings that will grow up and go to the last generation, that is to say, those who are reserved to see the end of time.”  

Although the days wrath and the aftermath will be dreadful indeed, we are told through Marie-Julie that those who live to see them and the Great Renewal will be blessed, a predestined generation that will be graced to see magnificent wonders.    Our Lady (March 16, 1880): “My children, all you who are called to the regeneration of an extraordinary grace, you will be called the new children by grace, children of the new world by the powerful fullness of grace.”

Our Lord: (November 13, 1924): My Justice will pass. (The days of His anger.) The whole earth will continue in My Justice. (Live in peace and justice.) It is the time that I will rise up, I will stop all the evil to enter in the beautiful reign of My Sacred Heart. There will be great signs in this reign, there will be resurrections, there will be wonders of protection for My souls that I want to guard to raise up the good, to flourish once again. I will re-people (the earth) with holy souls, of righteous souls, souls full of faith. The peace will cause (all) to forget the past troubles. My grace will dry the tears, My wonders will delight every heart.”

The Lord promised Marie-Julie repeatedly the times of penance would come to an end, for through France, the Reign of the Sacred Heart would commence under the rule of a Great Monarch, a mighty and holy king chosen by God to lead His people in union with an ‘Angelic’ Pontiff.  Monarchies will be restored, the Church will regain her holy rights.   France would triumph, it would be the first country to lead the Great Renewal and its holy influence would spread throughout the whole world.

Our Lord: “I (will) populate the land of France with flowers, that is to say pure hearts, generous, repentant who love the Holy Church, the Holy Father and King. I will bless this land and My people (who have) escaped (the terrors). I will give France a new  generation. They grow in My grace; they will follow during the reign of a very pious king who by his virtues, will become the ornament of France.” (December 1, 1876)

Christ further promised that in reward for its devotion to His Sacred Heart,  France would never lose the faith and would rule until the end of time (October 27, 1875): “By this promise and love of this devotion, more common in France than elsewhere, I give in return the salvation of France and the triumph of the Church. The Holy Church will shine through her faith and love, and will reign. France will always keep the faith, it will rule, after its triumph to the end of time.”

When will the promised king come?  Heaven reveals on many separate occasions that spectacular signs and miracles will announce the coming of this great king, that he will bring about the great renewal of the world by the grace of God, but the prophecies also state he will come with armies aided from on High during the time of the civil wars and amidst the ruins, for he will have to deliver the Holy Pontiff as Italy, in addition to the rest of Europe, will be in turmoil.  Apparently, the king will appear on earth as the civil wars begin, but will remain ‘hidden’ until then.   

Our Lady (January 3, 1900): “O France, my daughter! I will wake her up from her painful sleep and slowly, I will resurrect her with the prayers, suffering, faith and confidence of My dear children.  Before the big event, she will seem forever dead to all
feeling. There this will be, the fight of heaven and of the earth. It will be short, but terrible and mournful, and after, My good people will wake up and the hidden Saviour will just here leave the Sacred Heart, with His flower of the lily and his noble heart of Saint Louis. (St. Louis = the Great Monarch will be just as saintly as him.) At the same time, I will lift all my dear children elected for the salvation and triumph of France. Pray, pray, pray my children, do not be discouraged. Amidst the wrath, there will be beautiful wonders.”  

He will be a king in exile, a hidden monarch.  Those who study the prophecies speculate that he will remain hidden to preserve him from the enemies who wish to destroy him or thwart him, preventing him from entering into the kingdom.  The Marquis de La Franquiere often asked Marie-Julie who this hidden king would be, and she insisted he would be a descendant of the “King and Queen Martyrs”, Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, and that God would bring him forth when the appointed time came.  She never gave the Marquis any more information, except for what was already revealed in her ecstasies.  In several detailed revelations, Marie-Julie states the King will come amidst war with his armies, and will be helped from on High for St. Michael will come to his aid.   Christ gave a profound revelation about the Jews concerning the hidden king to come,  saying in so many words the chosen Monarch will appear during the days of the chastisements, wrath and war:   
(January 18, 1881) “In My eternal wisdom, I intend to reserve the life of an immense number of Jews, because I want to confound them on the day of My rejoicing. The blasphemous eyes of all those souls will be opened because I want them to see My power. I reserve for them that they see with their own eyes the radiant star that I will lead out of exile (the Great Monarch) in a frightful storm of fire and under the sign of My anger....

Heaven imparted to Marie-Julie remarkable details about the signs that would occur, announcing the appearance of the king, including other prophecies concerning the days when his presence is revealed to France and the world.

The Return of the Holy Dove:

From the beginning the French monarchy was specially blessed and chosen by Heaven.  According to tradition as stated earlier, the French kings were also descendants from the House of David, Christ’s royal house, yet, the first French king Clovis I (c. 466-511 AD) was a pagan.   He was married to St. Clotilde who was a Roman Catholic, but at the time, the Arian heresy denouncing Christ’s divinity, and therefore the doctrine of the Trinity, was gaining ground in the realm.  Apparently, Clovis was open to conversion but was confused which was the true Christian faith, for he remained hesitant to embrace the new Christian religion despite his wife’s holy example and teaching.  It was not until he was on the verge of losing his kingdom to the invading Alemanni tribes that he made a vow promising that if he defeated these enemies he would become a Catholic Christian loyal to Rome, the same as his wife St. Clotilde.  He won the battle and he fulfilled his promise.  Heaven blessed Clovis and secured the royal line of his descendants in a remarkable manner.  The Holy Spirit appeared over him at his baptism on Christmas Day 506 AD bearing a lily and a vial filled with holy chrism for his baptism.  The pure, three-petal lily was a heaven sent sign confirming the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and became the symbol of the French monarchy, the fleur-de-lis.  The appearance of the Holy Spirit with the lily and the oil was an extraordinary miracle, setting Clovis’ conversion far above that of the miracle shown to Emperor Constantine.  Clovis had received heavenly-made oil, his anointing mirrored the anointing of kings as seen in the Old Testament, such as King David’s anointing by the prophet Samuel and King Solomon by Zadok the priest.  Furthermore, with the appearance of the Holy Spirit, Clovis’s miraculous anointing and ascension to the throne was seen to be a metaphorical symbol of Christ’s anointing by the Holy Spirit.  Only twice in western history was a King anointed through a direct epiphany of the Holy Spirit—Christ and Clovis.  Through Clovis, Heaven had established the Divine Right of Kings.  His miraculous conversion and heaven-sent signs were paramount in rooting out the Arian heresy, the French monarchy remained the protector of the papacy and the foremost defender of Holy Mother Church.   According to tradition, St. Remy, who officiated at his baptism, preserved the precious vial called the Holy Ampulla, the oil from which was later used for the coronation of all French kings.  However, the sacred relic was later smashed to pieces by the Revolutionaries in 1793.  The fragments were gathered together and are kept in the Tau Palace.

The Sacred Heart foretold to Marie-Julie on July 17, 1874 that when the Royal House of France is restored,  France will once again see the Holy Spirit descend in the form of a Dove, this time bringing the Great King a large banner with an image of the Sacred Heart:

“This is My eldest daughter, this France that abandoned Me. I hold her nevertheless on My Heart. I will press her more and it will be the day when she will see the Dove of Heaven (The Holy Spirit) which will come to bring this banner with the Sacred Heart.”  He announced that the King will save the Pope (the Angelic Pontiff) and said: “Blessed are those who love My Heart, they will be safe!”

Great Signs the Sky will Announce His Coming:

Our Lady to Marie-Julie (November 21, 1882): “The army of the just, the soldiers of the Cross, mixed with other brave (people), will cross over through most of France, under the fire of the signs of God. It will come out of Brittany to go back just up to the river where the Saviour of the earth must arrive with his own army (the Rhine). They will join together, under the star of victory.  My daughter, mark well this word: it will be under the signs of heaven similar to the blood of Christians. Amid these bloody and frightening signs, there will be a white light that will surpass the beauty of the dawn. This whiteness will split the grooves of blood and it will go before you, on the edge of the river. This whiteness has crossed the blood the day of the memories of the Passion of my Son”.

Marie-Julie: “Yes, good Mother, a Friday.”

“My children,” Our Lady continued, “so that you do not doubt, I described to you the sign that My Son will reveal to you at nightfall, a true proof ... a white sign to the West of France, surrounded by a curtain of diamond fringes, enormous, the space of three quarters of an hour. Your homes will be lit up as if by the sun. The streets will be as clear (bright) as on an ordinary day. After half an hour, a red bar will be formed, to the west, in the form of branches; and drops of blood will escape it. This red bar will surround the whiteness of the sign and will invade the brightness of its light.  My children, from the west, this sign will rise up a little, and then the red bar will dissipate, as by the victory of the whiteness (triumph of the King). It will be a Saturday, between 5 and 6 hours ...”

After these words, the Blessed Virgin fell to her knees at the feet of the Eternal Father, Who replied:  “Very worthy Mother of God, My Eternal Son wishes to manifest the sign of the mortal Saviour (The Great Monarch) and turn His Power on (against) the side of the foreigner. All eyes, in France will be able to contemplate this favour in its regard.”

“It will (appear),” repeated the Blessed Virgin, “as an ornament in the sky, in the form of a square star, bearing in its middle a sceptre and a crown, that will be well distinguished (by) all the peoples of the earth. And, since my Son cannot convince His people of that happy day that will surprise them in the midst of their bad and guilty ideas, He will commence by placing under the firmament the announcement of the predictions made in past centuries and to this present century.”

He Will Come Out of Exile from the East and Appear to Come from the North:

From an ecstasy dated March 22, 1881: “(...) This flower is the lily, O King, miracle child, do not prepare to come from exile under a thick dust stirred up by the fury of the murderers of your country. You will prepare to come on the edge of this land that was foreign to you. From the north of the borders your noble person will pass through the legions who only wait for you to rise up a vengeance. (Difficult to translate: there will be legions awaiting the arrival of the true king, enemies who wait to finish him off.) But, as the day of darkness, their eyes will be veiled, the exile will be returned and My Justice will be accomplished. You will pass to reclaim the sceptre of glory.”

Our Lord (August 31, 1900): “... the foreigner will enter into the Eldest Daughter of the Church (France) with his entire army and the length of his stay will be measured by Me, and I will stop them. And as I stop them I will raise up the Saviour (The Great Monarch) for the rest of My children.  He will cross the East and will seem to come from the far North...”

From an ecstasy dated September 18, 1902: “He will cross the East and seem to come out from the bottom of the North. I will direct him up to midday and from there, I will bring him back not on the throne of today, because it will be no more, even a foundation to found another.” (i.e. the government will be non-existent, both the monarchy and the democratic government of France will be completely swept away by the time he returns.)

The King is Named: Henry V.  His Entrance into France, Contenders Will Fight for the Crown:

Marie Julie revealed (November 1874): “King Henry V will march first. Jesus Christ will show him the road. He will come from the East and will go to the South. The friends of the King will march after him. Mary seems to say that three kings vie for the crown, that, in the end, will remain with the legitimate King....”

Descendants of the ‘Murderous’ Orleans Family will Make a Claim:

St. Michael (September 6, 1890): “There are still remnants of a family that also claims a place, a sceptre and a crown. But this race is not in the design of God, because its wickedness has been to make an innocent victim who gave his blood to keep his faith.  It is Louis XVI, (and) that royal lady whose name is dear to France. The descendants of the murderous brothers claim to have a right to the throne that has been contaminated by one of his race who ruled. But this family has a very poor background.”

(An explanation: The Duc d’Orleans became a traitor to the crown and supported the Revolutionaries, causing the deaths of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.  Their descendants have a legitimate claim to the throne, but according to St. Michael, their race has displeased heaven and they shall never successfully claim the throne.)

Prophecy About a Contender and the Fighting, The True King’s Entrance:

(May 9, 1882): “Towards the end of the third crisis they will bring one who has little hope, who is hardly pleasant or comforting. His name will pass in the sun, quickly, like lightning, so that the people know that he is not the true king who must ascend the throne. (A contender.)  It is there his (the contender’s) friends walk against the new Saviour to strike down those of his entry, and prevent him from reaching the throne that is destined for him. The true King will come from the side of the Levant. [The Levant is an old French word for “east”, and usually refers to the eastern Mediterranean littoral between Anatolia and Egypt] (He will take the help of foreign friends and angelic forces.) Two leagues from the Centre (Paris) he will find reunited the armies of governors of today; it is there, in a big city, that God waits to give His grand marks and blind those barbarians who will oppose the future Saviour. Others will go further to wait for his entry, of others more numerous than those who have been struck by the blindness of Justice. The King has already made ten or twelve leagues (A league = 4 km) to the land of France, towards the throne. This is where God wants His true friends to rejoice in His great sign. The white flag (of the monarchy) will be raised in this place whose name will be said.  He will pass, despite the wall that will oppose him, and his real fighters will not fear anything, because over them will hover protection. He will march, trampling on his enemies that the blindness has reversed. He will come to the throne, before the fight is over. He who had been designated, (i.e. the contender), will descend in shame to the confusion of those who placed him.”

There will be Terrible Fighting, Heaven will Reveal a Deliverance Prayer:

Our Lord (October 1, 1875): “You will have much to suffer for fourteen days of terrible combats. During those fourteen days of war, there will be chastisements. (...)  France, in these days of combat, do not be sad, you will not lose courage. When the foreigner will fall upon France, it
is by a revealed prayer that will suppress and disperse him. He will fall upon France as a raging lion, with all his fury, with all the weapons of wickedness, to subdue the French people (...). (...) France, you will have a terrible fight for King Henry, who must bring peace and harmony in his homeland. You will have less trouble to defend the Holy Church.  Remember that the deliverance of the Holy Father will be terrible, however, less terrible than the fight for the King. France will need a strong arm on the first day, the battle will be fought by the sky, (I.e. miraculously with the heavenly hosts? Or by airstrike?) the second day by men.”

Aid will Come Rapidly from God, but Few will Call for the King’s Help:

From a message dated February 18, 1876:  “God will help the King so powerfully that men will not understand the speed with which war and peace are made. It is after this that the King will be brought to France by his supporters. He will receive a communication from the Holy Father that he is called by God and that the Holy Church needs his help. The bishops also will invite him, as, invited by them, it will be like the invitation of the Sacred Heart. But there will be a very small number.”

Our Lord (December 1, 1876): “Never, poor France, you will never be governed by someone other than the King of My choice. I Myself will come at the moment when there will be the least appearance of hope. I will place Myself in the middle of France; I will call all My children around My Sacred Heart and I will give the conqueror of France the banner on which is engraved My Sacred Heart.”

Victory through the Cross:

Message dated May 11, 1877: “The Cross will defeat the greatest heroes (of the enemy). They will bring it to the face of the enemy and it will give them the victory ... You Christians, who will spend a terrible moment, take the Cross for support ... When the elected King and Saviour of France has seen the triumph of France, he will write everywhere “in hoc signo vinces;” by this sign you will conquer! (i.e. The sign given to Emperor Constantine.) France will be under the banner of the Sacred Heart, the Cross and Mary.”

The Works and Plans of the Great King, Aid from Heaven:

Our Lord, (July 1, 1877): “This one (i.e. the Great Monarch) will further extend the devotion of My Sacred Heart and My cross. He will be one of the famous preachers of My works, that is to say he will consecrate the whole of France to the Sacred Heart.
(...)   Good servant, (i.e., the Great Monarch to come) your heart is about to beat on My Own. Poor child exiled, you will see your homeland, welcomed by your tears. The Faith is engraved in your heart and the consecration of France to My Divine Heart fortifies it. O Henry, My servant do you not see the sail of My love that sails you to remote areas? This sail is formed as a pavilion! You will march under that veil, you and your dear companions and soldiers of your cause. Henry, entering France you have the intention to defend the Holy Father. Henry, My servant, these weapons are contained in a gold ring.  (Speaking to Marie-Julie:) My victim, here are the beautiful designs of My servant!  On returning to France, he wants to carry a large scapular representing the Sacred Heart and France imploring the aid of Heaven. This man will not be ashamed of his faith, he will not be ashamed to be a Christian.  When Henry comes into France, the fighting will be terrible, the centre right and centre left will come as if to melt on the Prince with their irritations and their blackest anger. The mere sight of the scapular will be enough to overthrow them and Henry will pass freely with his court. My victim, My designs are great for the King and for France. I have in My domain great preparations that have not been revealed (how) France will progress!”

Satan Hates the Lily, the Monarchy of France:

From an ecstasy dated December 26, 1877:  “Lucifer: ‘It is necessary to crush the Lily’. Marie-Julie retorts: ‘Satan does not love the King. Ah! I am not like him (Satan) because I love him! (The King.)’.”

Those ‘Present’ Must All be Swept Away First – Ignore the ‘Pillar of Mud’

St. Michael appeared to Marie-Julie on September 29, 1879 with the Banner of the Sacred Heart, showing in an allegorical manner how the people of France would react to it, but many are influenced by the demons, they would rather suffer God’s wrath and punishment than accept the Sacred Heart of Christ.  (No doubt this also refers to how France rejected the request of the Sacred Heart to place this Holy Image on their flag.)  The evil crowds stirred by the demons scream, and even spit in the face of St. Michael. Then, the archangel gives a message about the future triumph and to beware a certain individual, he will not give the people the promised triumph:

“The hour of God is not far,” says St. Michael, “this profound terror will (bring about) the triumph of the new France.  But this triumph cannot come before (if) Justice is not (pressed down) on this rotten land.  Do not expect anything of him who reigns as king and who, today, sits in the same chair as the others – a chair that bears no mark of a special power or much grander. His mind is in accordance with the thoughts of others, his word to their word, his will to their will. His power and authority are not more than he who is the last. Do not expect anything from this side: he does not deserve any more respect than all the rest. In the storm, his voice will cry as loud as the others, against all that God has established.  There is no strength in him; they lead him, they have directed him. This is the portrait of this man; he is a pillar of mud. Grieve about it, but do not give it much thought.”   Marie-Julie: “I will not think about it, good  Saint Michael.”  St. Michael: “To reinstate the King chosen and destined by God, it is necessary that all those who are present be swept away.”

St. Michael (on the same day): “I want to tell you this secret: expect nothing, absolutely nothing of men. To restore the King chosen and destined by God it is necessary that those who are in (this present) moment are swept away because the worthy King, this man of God, can not sit in place of the hypocrite king who after many years will no longer stench up the land, at least from the side above (possible interpretation: he will only stench up his grave?). The poison is resting on the throne, it must be purified because there is another St. Louis (The Great Monarch) who will sit on the fragrant lily.”

Of interest, in France the president is not regarded in the same light as in other democratic countries, the French people regard their president like a king.  Several people in France who have been studying Marie-Julie’s prophecies speculate that this ‘pillar of mud’ could be a prediction about President Nicolas Sarkozy, who professes to be Catholic and is also of aristocratic blood.  Sarkosy’s father was from the Hungarian aristocracy, his paternal ancestors were ennobled by Ferdinand II of Hapsbourg in 1608. According to the ancient Salic law, only a Catholic may be king of France, but we are to beware placing our hope in the ‘pillar of mud’.   ‘Sar’ and ‘kos’ in Hungarian mean ‘dirt’ and ‘mud’ respectively.  ‘Sar’ can also mean ‘mire’, while  ‘sark’ means ‘pole’.  Considering the Hungarian interpretation of Sarkozy’s name in addition to his Hungarian background, the cryptic prophecy is now unveiled.  St. Michael is warning not to place any faith in this democratic aristocrat to bring about the promised restoration for he is no better than the rest of the other democratic leaders, he is not the absolute King chosen by God.  Democracy must be swept away before the absolute monarchy can be restored.

St. Michael will Give Assistance, Destruction of the Freemasons:

St. Michael (September 29, 1879) “This is how we march on the borders of France, bearing the banner and the sword. I hold under my feet all the enemies of God and all (that is of) Freemasonry. I will exterminate them and the Justice of God will complete (it) and will crush them under the weight of His anger. Meanwhile, marching to France and on the borders of France, we will accomplish our duty. When it is completed, when the kingdom of God will commence and peace restored, we will march on Rome for France must devote itself to the defence of the Holy See...”

Mankind Cannot Bring Back the King, Only Christ Can:

Our Lord  (August 5, 1879). “Do not look for another Saviour. Do not rely
on men! My Divine Heart alone will save the kingdom. (France)” And again: “Do not expect anything of the rulers of today.” ... “At the time I will save My people, it will not be by any power of men, My Divine Heart alone will save the kingdom which will no longer be in a shameful disorder where the impious reign in full triumph. ...”

A Prediction Marie-Julie Would be in Heaven when the King Appears?

Our Lord to Marie-Julie (February 14, 1882): “From Heaven, you will see the triumph of the Church hovering over the forehead of My true servant Henry of the Cross, (The Great Monarch) He will comfort the destitute, renew the devastated priesthood, weakened and fallen like a branch under the saw of the worker. His charity will renew the priesthood, he will raise the statues of My Mother, he will remount the crosses (that were) insulted and cut into pieces.”

Prophecy, the Bishop Destined to Crown the King:

(May 26, 1882): “It is not a pastor of the Centre (i.e. a bishop of Paris) who will have the honour of crowning in glory the King, (The Great Monarch) the heir who has deserved to govern his country. The pastor will be young; 45 years will not have sounded. He will come from the diocese of Aix. The pastors who govern the dioceses today are no longer on their episcopal see.  The glorious and worthy child of God who will crown the true King, on the ruins of the Centre, (Paris) when the earth will be much deserted, will come from far away.”

The Great King and the Reign of Peace,  God Alone Can Bring it About

From a text dated February 9, 1914: “To whom He has chosen (the Great King?) God will give all the graces and lights which will be necessary to know the means by which it will do everything possible for the regeneration of mankind, as God wants.”

Our Lady, (July 23, 1925): “My France plunged into the crime will be resurrected in glory. The reign of peace will be extended always to 25 or 30 years, under the direction of a soul that the Divine Heart reserves for Its faithful, saved by His grace and loving kindness. My little children, the rising of this Prince who will become King of my new France, purified, ennobled and beautiful in my eyes... .  The reign of the Divine Heart, Divine Royalty of the Divine Heart of my Son: it will be of great blessings my little children, and you will have your large share of blessings reserved for that epoch not far away, not far away.”

From a message dated July 19, 1881: “After they (God's enemies?) will be avenged on everything, there will come the one that the wonderful goodness of God has elected through all the dark clouds, although it may seem impossible. It is so veiled, that there is nothing apparent to the blind and for those who would never wanted to know his name, or the names of all those who resemble him in character and above all by the royal whiteness.  All things are possible to God. This case is impossible with men, but when [well even] the universe is arranged (set against) to prevent this triumphant passage, God has His aids, He has His powers, and without effort, He will make him (the Great Monarch) master and saviour.” -  (an interpretation: sinners blind to the designs of God, and those who despised God’s plan for the monarchy under the white banner of the fleur-de-lys will not see these events coming, or how they will be brought about.  The restoration of the monarchy will be completely miraculous and beyond human power).  

Our Lord (February 1941): “Once France has paid its debt, it will be rewarded with such an abundance of graces that in a short time, it will have forgotten everything.  To the powers that have fought with such bravery and courage (for the King), they will receive from France the greatest reward: to take its place within the Catholic Church, coming out of this baptism of blood rejuvenated and renewed. I will break all the obstacles and reverse all the projects of those that prevent the light to be, France will be saved by means out of all human knowledge.  God has reserved the secret for them until the last moment. I make light of the projects of men, preparing My right wonders. My Heart will be glorified throughout the earth. I appeal to confound the pride of the wicked. And the more the world will be hostile to the supernatural, the more marvellous will be the events that will confuse this negation of the supernatural.

A Message to the Destined Faithful and a Warning to the Doubters:

St. Michael (September 29, 1880):  “Today the miracles of Heaven are blasphemed, rejected, insulted. You, dear friends of God, you are destined to live to see accomplished great miracles, great prodigies among the plagues, great justices, great calamities that the Lord has promised. You will be well protected, but observe well all that the eternal voices (i.e. endless voices) have commanded.” (An interpretation: no one believes in the chastisements, and have forgotten or cast aside the predictions concerning them and the Great Monarch that saints have made over the centuries. We must not make the same mistake and observe what they have told us.)  Marie-Julie then prayed, “St. Michael, be sure that we are faithful to obey the eternal voices.”

On September 29, 1878 St. Michael declared: “The corpses of the enemies of the king will be trampled under the feet of those who will accompany him to the throne where he must reign, restoring peace to bloom everywhere again, however, there will remain enemies standing when the king will take possession because he must come in during the course of the storm. But he will be brought safe and sound because the Mother of God will protect him as her own son and has reserved for him to inherit a merited crown that will delight him. The days of exile will be long and cost dearly to the faithful and Catholic King, but he will be more richly rewarded.  Let men affirm and say he will never return. Listen to them and ask them if they are prophets.”

Assuming there was not a double-posting or a similar mistake in translation from the “Friends of Marie-Julie”, St. Michael also declared the exact same message on September 6, 1890.

Henry V: The Once and Future King?

Many saints and mystics of the church have foretold the coming of a Great Monarch.  According to tradition, St. Remy (438-533 AD) who baptised the first king of France, Clovis I, received a vision wherein he was shown that in the distant future the last monarch of the kings of France would be specially revealed to the world and re-establish the Holy Roman Empire at the end of time.  Blessed Catherine Emmerich (1774-1824) declared the Emperor would be named Henry, even the controversial and non-approved ‘prophet’ of the Renaissance, Nostradamus, mentions a Great King who will rule in latter times and provided the name ‘CHYREN’, a cryptic letter puzzle often interpreted as ‘Henryc’ or Henry.  Curiously, Nostradamus also included the phrase ‘NE PLUS ULTRA’ in one of his prophecies with ‘CHYREN’, a Latin phrase meaning ‘nothing more beyond’ and also ‘the highest or farthest point that can be attained’.  Of interest, it was foretold many times by the true mystics of the Church that the Great King and Emperor to come would be the last and greatest of the French monarchs, there would not be another like him, nor would another king rule after him.

As far as we are aware, there is no mention of the name ‘Henry’ again in the revelations of the Church-approved mystics, not until Marie-Julie.  She was granted an astounding number of predictions concerning Henry, and what is more astounding, she apparently is the first mystic to declare the promised king specially chosen by heaven was already on the earth in her time.  Our Lady confirmed on March 25, 1874 he was ‘Henry V’. That could be none other than the Count du Chambord, the last direct French descendant of the royal Bourbon line.

(Portrait of Henry V, Count of Chambord by Adeodato Malatesta.)
The God Given Miracle Child

The French Revolution (1789-1799) brought many upheavals upon the political sphere.  After the dissolution and decimation of the monarchy, a turbulent battle for power between the various democratic factions and attempts to restore the monarchy continually erupted, all compounded with the rise of Napoleon and his self-appointed coronation as Emperor of France in the early 1800s.  For years, three factions were at odds in the jostle to restore order to the country; royalists called Ligitimists attempting to restore the absolute monarchy, republicans favouring a full democratic republic, and those supporting the Napoleonic house called the Bonapartists, who now believed these imperial descendants had a right to the throne of France. Our Lord said to Marie-Julie on May 28, 1877: “Ever since Louis XVI died on the scaffold, France is threatened with danger and misfortune.”

Henry the Count of Chambord (full name Henri Charles Ferdinand Marie Dieudonné d’Artois, Duke de Bordeaux, Count de Chambord) was born on the feast day of St. Michael September 29, 1820.   His birth was declared a miracle by the Royalists for he arrived seven months after his father Charles Ferdinand, Duke of Berry, the youngest son of King Charles X, was brutally knifed to death by a Bonapartist on February 13, 1820.  Henry’s father, the Duke of Berry was the last direct male heir to the throne in the Bourbon line and the royalists waited with trepidation, not knowing if a male heir would be born.  If not, the direct branch of the heaven-blessed line of the royal house would become permanently extinct.  Hope flamed again with the birth of Henry, he was given the name Dieudonné, ‘God-given’ or ‘gift from God’, in recognition of the miracle sent from heaven.  He was also called the ‘miracle child’ by his supporters.

(Picture of young Henry as Duke de Bordeaux)

 When his grandfather, Charles X, youngest son of Louis XVI, abdicated the throne after the July Revolution in August 2, 1830, his son Louis XIX, Henry’s uncle, abdicated twenty minutes later.  Henry therefore was technically King of France for a week from the 2nd to the 9th of August 1830 as Henry V, although he was never officially proclaimed as king by the government or the majority of the people.   The National Assembly declared that Louis Philippe, duc d’Orléans should assume the throne, and Henry together with his family went into exile in Austria on August 16, 1830.  Louis Philippe ruled from 1830 to 1848 until he was forced off the throne during the next upheaval of the Second Republic, a democratic government which lasted until 1852 when another Napoleon ascended the throne, Napoleon III, nephew of Napoleon I, who introduced the Second Empire.   This new imperial regime collapsed following its defeat in the Franco-Prussian War at the battle of Sedan on September 1, 1870.

Henry lived a quiet life in exile, refusing to press any of his rightful claims to the throne during the first periods of political instability during his exile.  A staunch Catholic resistant to all the ideals of the previous democratic Revolutions, it was not until Napoleon III grew hostile to the church with his antipapal policies that Henry decided to act.  After Napoleon’s fall, he  issued a proclamation on Oct. 9, 1870 inviting all of France to reunite under the Bourbons, and his call was heeded.  Events quickly became encouraging for Henry as the royalists gained the majority in the National Assembly. The Orléanists, Legitimists who supported the descendants of Louis Philippe, agreed to support Henry’s claim to the throne with the provision that at his childless death he would be succeeded by their own claimant, Philippe d'Orléans, Comte de Paris.  Henry found himself in the favourable position of becoming the supported pretender for both the Legitimists and Orléanists, the prospects of restoring the Bourbon monarchy in France never before looked more promising.

Then, just when the throne was within his reach, Henry made a courageous stand for his Catholic faith and for the true restoration of his throne, proclaiming his famous Declaration of the White Flag on July 5, 1871, announcing he would never abandon the White Standard of the Kings, the emblem of his ancestors, the flag of Henry IV, Francis I and Joan de Arc.  He rejected any compromise suggesting that the fleur-de-lys would be only his personal royal standard while the tricolour of the Republic would remain the national flag.  In all, his defiant position symbolised a return the Ancient Régime: he would rule as the absolute monarch, not as a sham figurehead held bound by a democratic constitution as was currently presented to him.  The white flag of the absolute monarchy was to prevail throughout the land or not at all.

This refusal to bend to a democratic compromise cost him the throne for he lost his supporters, the Republicans quickly assumed power and commenced the Third Republic, a temporary measure to wait for Henry’s death and thereby secure his replacement by the more liberal Comte du Paris as originally agreed.  Henry and his family were once again forced to leave the country in exile, he died without issue on August 24, 1883 at his home in Frohsdorf, Austria.  He was buried with his grandfather Charles X and the Bourbon exiles in the crypt of the Franciscan Kostanjevica Monastery in Gorizia, which used to be part of Austria.  It is now in the Slovenian city of Nova Gorica.  Marie-Julie predicted his death March 15, 1882 further stating that the ‘impure colours’, an obvious reference to the Tricolour flag of the Republicans, would rise in triumph and spread across the whole country.  She was proven correct: the Third Republic became the permanent government in France upon the Count’s death, for by then the majority of the French people were no longer in favour of restoring the monarchy.  Although there are other offshoots and less direct royal claimants, (today the Spanish branch of the Bourbons claims the next direct line through Louis Alphonse, Duke of Anjou), there have been no sincere attempts to restore the French monarchy since that time and the tricolour has remained the national flag.  Henry V, the ‘God-given miracle child’ was the last true legitimate Catholic King of France from the French house of Bourbon.
(Photograph of Henry V)

Marie-Julie’s life as a victim soul began on March 21, 1873, a little more than a year  and eight months after the Count du Chambord made his Declaration of the White Flag in 1871.  From the beginning, her life as prophetess and victim soul were united with the centuries-old promises of a Great Monarch and the chastisements to befall the world.  As far as this writer is aware, she is the first mystic to emphatically announce that Henry V, the one they called the ‘Miracle Child’ was indeed that promised king, which the saints and the mystics had foreseen for so many ages.  He indeed fulfilled the criteria that several mystics already mentioned: that he would be the last of the royal line of France, he would be an exiled king, that he would be injured and walk with a limp, all which were true about the Count du Chambord.  The Count had a terrible accident, falling off his horse and breaking his leg.

Marie-Julie also said the King would be a descendant of the 'King and Queen Martyrs', it was the Marquis de Franquerie who assumed she meant Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette according to his book “The Breton Stigmatist”— to date we have no confirmation of Marie-Julie herself using their names, but they probably are the 'King and Queen Martyrs' considering what happened to them during the French Revolution and Marie-Julie's prediction Louis XVI will one day be recognised as saint. Nevertheless, the Count does descend from them when we consider the ancient Jewish manner of reckoning bloodlines in families, first cousins were considered the same as brothers. The name of a family and a bloodline went to the next brother in the family, therefore, Heaven may regard the children of Louis XVI’s brothers as though they belonged to Louis XVI himself. Charles X, Henry V’s grandfather, was Louis XVI’s youngest brother, therefore the Marquis de Franqueries' assumption that the promised King would descend from Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette is still accurate in Henry's case from a Judeo-biblical point of view. Marie-Julie also predicted the descendants from the Orléans branch of the family would never have the throne since their ancestors had turned traitor and supported the first Revolution. According to these interpretations, Henry V fulfils all the predictions sent from Heaven through the centuries.

Of course, the reader maybe asking that if he was the Chosen King, have all the prophecies come to nothing since he died without having fulfilled his mission?  No, they have not, the prophecies foretell he will arrive amidst the chastisements, and these too must also be fulfilled.  He will be a ‘hidden’ king and command great armies, and this is where Marie-Julie’s numerous prophecies begin to fill in the seeming anomalies, his death becoming part of the great mystery that will be unveiled in the future.  Marie-Julie explained on  October 17, 1883 that Henry had been removed from the earth as a punishment to France for the country proved unworthy to receive him at that moment in history, it was the first chastisement.  People did not pray enough to receive the king.

Notwithstanding his death, Marie-Julie’s many predictions continually mention the return of the White Flag of the fleur-de-lys and a golden fleur-de-lys crown, that the King to Come—the one called the ‘miracle child’ and ‘miracle king’—would one day come out of exile in the midst of wars and trample down his enemies, bearing a great banner of the Sacred Heart.  After the deliverance of France, he would fly to the aid of the Pope in Rome and restore Christendom.  The strange part is, these details concern the days of the future chastisements, yet, she mentions these details while the Count was still alive, confirming him as the promised Great Monarch, and continued to make the same prophecies after his death in August 24,1883 along with the similar descriptions of the chastisements of the future.  The most curious revelation we find is St. Michael’s message dated September 29, 1890, several years after the Count’s death:

The one who waits, it is the one that they call the miracle child. This kingdom has not yet known his name, but much later it will know the depths of his heart. He is reserved for the great epochs.” (Possible interpretation: the people of France don’t know his name because he was not officially recognised as Henry V and legitimate king, yet, he will be recognised and is reserved for the future.)
In fact, one text hints that Marie-Julie would not see the triumph of ‘Henry of the Cross’ until she was in Heaven, which means not until after her death:  Our Lord declared (February 14, 1882): “From Heaven, you will see the triumph of the Church hovering over the forehead of My true servant Henry of the Cross, (The Great Monarch) He will comfort the destitute, renew the devastated priesthood, weakened and fallen like a branch under the saw of the worker. His charity will renew the priesthood, he will raise the statues of My Mother, he will remount the crosses (that were) insulted and cut into pieces.”   Considering that the Count du Chambord was still alive when this text was written, Our Lord must still be referring to him as Henry V.  

In all, we may deduce that the man who was alive, Henry V, the Count du Chambord, and the king who is to come, ‘Henry of the Cross’, are one and the same.  He is reserved for the future, for great epochs as St. Michael said.   When revealing how the armies would march on France the archangel also repeated the following message twice, once in September 29, 1878 while the Count was alive, and again in September 6, 1890 years after the Count’s death: “The days of exile will still have been hard and cost dearly to this faithful King, Catholic, but he will be most greatly rewarded. Let them say and affirm to men that he will never return.  Listen to them and ask them if they are prophets!”

Christ also declared before the Count’s death in 1883 concerning future events, (dated March 22, 1881): “This flower is the lily, O King, miracle child, do not prepare to come from exile under a thick dust stirred up by the fury of the murderers of your country. You will prepare to come on the edge of this land that was foreign to you. From the north of the borders your noble person will pass through the legions who only wait for you to rise up a vengeance.”

Marie-Julie did pronounce in November 1874 that Henry V would march through the east and go to the south, his friends following after.  As we read in other texts earlier, he will seem to come from the North while travelling from the east.

In other words, we cannot help but notice the numerous predictions concerning Henry by Marie-Julie that were made before and after his death. The only difference is after his death, the name ‘Henry’ is not used according to the texts that have been released so far.  Instead, through Mare-Julie, Heaven describes the Great King to come as a ‘hidden king’, a ‘hidden Saviour’, a ‘mortal Saviour’.  Of importance, she also used the title ‘Saviour of the earth’, and ‘new Saviour’ while the Count was still alive. In fact, the title ‘Saviour’ is a great grace as God declares there is no other Saviour but Him: “I Am, I Am the Lord, and there is no other saviour besides Me.” (Isaias 43:11) “...thou shalt know no God but me, and there is no saviour besides me.” (Osee 13:4) We find the title 'saviour' has been granted to a very few chosen souls: for instance, the patriarch Joseph who saved Egypt and consequently other nations with it (Gen. 41:45), the Judges Othoniel and Aod who delivered the children of Israel from their enemies, (Judges 3: 9, 15), and also St. Joseph who is sometimes described as the 'saviour of the Saviour' as he protected Our Lord during the slaughter of the innocents and saved both the future Church and the world by protecting the Divine Saviour. So, if the Great King to come is described with the august title of 'Saviour' so many times in Marie-Julie's prophecies, what does it mean? The title ‘Saviour’ not only points to the deliverance of nations and the Church, but can also point towards the promise of a resurrection. Possibly, that Great King will resemble Christ the Saviour who rose from the dead and renewed the whole earth and saved His People through the establishment of His Church. The Great King will do similar wonders through the power and grace of God, but restore the earth and the Church in a temporal manner.  

In the end, there is only one conclusion to make—Henry V, the ‘miracle child’ will be raised from the dead in order to fulfil these future prophecies.  This apparently is the first time it has been suggested.  The thought is astounding, but heaven repeated over and over through Marie-Julie that those who would live to see the future days and the regeneration of the earth would witness miracles that would not be seen again until the Day of Judgement.  The Sacred Heart promised during the great renewal there would be, “great signs in this reign, there will be resurrections, there will be wonders of protection for My souls that I want to guard to raise up the good, to flourish once again.” (November 13, 1924)

As we recall, our Lord wanted to astound the Jews by bringing the Great King out of exile in a miraculous manner that resembles the day when he died on the Cross.  Again, it is another prediction made before the Count’s death: (February 28, 1882):  “The wicked eye of all these souls will remain open, because I want it that they see My power. (The Jews) I reserve for them to see, with their eyes, the radiant star that I will make to exit from the depths of exile, in a terrible storm of fire and under the signs of My anger. All the firmament will have similar traits to those that My Father launched over the world, when I offered to redeem My people.”

In the Gospel of St. Matthew (27: 45, 51-53) we read that when Christ died on the cross for our redemption, the sky darkened, the earth shook, mountains split open, and the dead arose and appeared to many.

In another text, St. Benedict explained to Marie Julie on August 26, 1878: “All
these signs are the arrival of the Lord, the arrival of a joy and great sorrow.  (i.e. The signs announcing the chastisements and the great renewal.) The Evangelists also marked these facts for the great day of the General Judgement. Ah well! It will happen before the last, it will be terrible, a judgement of Justice, a judgement of anger and at the same time a glorious resurrection in peace, in hope for the friends of God.”   

Other mystics of the Church have also foretold these days will be like the General Judgement.  Therefore, if the chastisements and arrival of the Great Monarch shall resemble the Day of Judgement, it stands to reason that the same miracles will also occur—the dead will rise.  
Of interest, on several occasions in the early years of her ecstasies Marie-Julie was shown several allegorical visions of France as the Eldest Daughter of the Church.  In one vision, France appears as a haughty queen, but is black and putrid because of her sins, having rejected Christ and His chosen government of an absolute monarchy.  France rejects Christ again and His appeal to convert and therefore she is placed in a tomb surrounded by thorns representing the punishments she must undergo for her purification.  Christ comes to inspect the condition of France in other visions, opening the tomb, but she is not yet purified. Christ consoles her and places her back in the tomb. At last in one vision Christ eventually raises her up and she is once more beautiful and radiant, clothed all in white adorned with golden lilies for she now has accepted Christ, Our Lady and the promised King symbolised by the White Flag and the golden crown of the fleur-de-lys.  She is once again the beloved Eldest Daughter of the Church.  It is a prophecy for the future.  These unusual allegories of France call to mind that in the ancient days it was believed that the king of a country was mystically tied to his kingdom and to his people: if the king was good and just, the land reflected his goodness, the people prospered and were virtuous.  If the king was beset by enemies or was an evil ruler, the land suffered, the subjects grew evil, and wars and famine prevailed.  In connection with this allegory, is the image of France rising from the tomb another sign that the Great King of France will be resurrected?  We cannot help but notice that when speaking of the renewal of France to Marie-Julie, Heaven used the word ‘resurrection’ and spoke of a ‘resurrection’ numerous times.

In conclusion, there can be no other greater revelation of those days than this—Henry V was and remains the chosen Great Monarch.  Although he was alive on the earth, he is hidden from the eyes of the world in death, thus fulfilling the prophecy he would be ‘hidden’, completely veiled from his enemies who will not know who is or from whence he came, not until his identity is confirmed and ratified by the miracles God has promised to send.  He will be sent back to earth by God to renew France, the world and the persecuted Church.  Surviving branches of the royal house will attempt to claim the throne, but will not succeed, God alone will secure Henry’s throne.  As we read earlier Christ did say repeatedly that the Great Monarch cannot and will not come by human means or plans, that the restoration will be entirely beyond the power of man.  Also, the Great Monarch’s coming will seem impossible, especially to the spiritually blind who don’t understand God’s ways, nor those who wanted to have anything to do with the restoration of the monarchy: (July 19, 1881) “After they (God's enemies?) will be avenged on everything, there will come the one that the wonderful goodness of God has elected through all the dark clouds, although it may seem impossible.  It is so veiled, (the means of his arrival) that there is nothing apparent to the blind and for those who would never wanted to know his name...”   Christ stated repeatedly that only He can bring the King back, and if we consider the possibility of Henry’s resurrection from the dead, that indeed would  explain His words.  As we read earlier, Our Lord declared to Marie-Julie in her last recorded ecstasy of February 1941: “France will be saved by means out of all human knowledge.  God has reserved the secret for them until the last moment. I make light of the projects of men, preparing My right wonders. (...) And the more the world will be hostile to the supernatural, the more marvellous will be the events that will confuse this negation of the supernatural.”

Our Lord affirmed it pained Him that Christians did not believe in the coming chastisements as the time seemed so far off, nor trusted in His promises to bring the Great Renewal and the King because of the long delay (August 5, 1879) “Do not expect anything of the rulers of today (...) I warn you, you, all My servants to wait in trust and hope. What pains Me the most is that many Christians refuse to believe in the Promise of My Divine Heart, and that many souls go so far as to say: “If the Heart of God had wanted, this miracle would have happened long ago before now.’.”

Our Lord also wishes us to trust the revelations given to Marie-Julie and her mission to preach on the coming chastisements and the promised victory through His Holy Cross, also the great plans He revealed concerning the future for the world and for La Fraudais (November 26, 1875): “Wait in confidence and hope.  To doubt would be to offend Me. ... Be sure, France, the days and hours are marked in My Heart; a little time and I will fulfil My promises!”

(The Bourbon crypt at Kostanjevica.  Henry V’s tomb is on the left, in the middle.
 Photo by Viator Slovenicus,  2008. CC BY-SA 3.0)

(Tomb of Henry V)

Will Henry V Truly Come Again?  Points to Consider

The proposal that the Count of Chambord is the Great Monarch of ancient prophecy and will return from the dead may appear radical, and no doubt the reader may be tempted to conclude that Marie-Julie's prophecies have been interpreted in a fanciful if not fanatical light in this article, but not so.  At the risk of sounding repetitive, once again here are the main points that indicate that the Count of Chambord, Henry V, was and continues to be the promised King as revealed to Marie-Julie.

*) According to other Church-approved mystics, the Great Monarch will be of the Royal house of France, he will be the last French King, will suffer exile and walk with a limp: the Count of Chambord fulfils all these prophecies, and in fact, suffered exile twice.

*) Marie-Julie was told by Our Lady that the King who was destined to renew the world and liberate the Pope was indeed Henry V, St. Michael affirmed he was the one they called the 'Miracle Child': this can be none other than Henry the Count of Chambord who was alive when these prophecies were made and who completely fits these descriptions.   Heaven and Our Lady have never been known to make a pronouncement and then refuse to fulfil it, in other words, to make a false promise.  Since it can be safely believed that Marie-Julie is not a false mystic, her pronouncements and prophecies are not false.  Our Lady specifically declared Henry V is the specially chosen King, and did not retract that declaration simply because he died—he was only 'removed' according to Marie-Julie's revelation of October 17, 1883.  Henry V had been 'removed' from the earth through death because France and the world did not prove worthy of him then, however, a different or new king was not promised.  If the Count de Chambord, Henry V, was not going to be the future king, it is logical to assume Heaven would not have named him at all ~ to do so and then refuse to fulfil that pronouncement would be giving false hope and would indicate a false prophecy. As St. Paul declared “For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance,” (Rom. 11:29), that is, God does not retract what He gives, “the promises of God are unchangeable,  nor can He repent conferring his gifts.” (footnote, Douay-Rheims Bible).  In fact, Heaven literally describes the promised Great Monarch as:  “chosen from his birth to give back to France the Lily and the white flag,” a prophecy given in December 6, 1877 when the Count was alive: he suffered much in defending the White Flag of the monarchy.  Hence, as we may safely believe the prophecies given to Marie-Julie, a mystic approved by her local bishop, we may also believe that the promises concerning Henry V, the Count of Chambord, the 'miracle child' and 'exile king' 'chosen from his birth' who is 'reserved for future epochs', will still be fulfilled.  God has called and proclaimed him, therefore He will not retract His promise.Be sure, France, the days and hours are marked in My Heart; a little time and I will fulfil My promises!” (Our Lord to Marie-Julie).

Of interest, Marie-Julie is not the only one who hinted the Count de Chambord was and is the chosen king.  One generally approved mystic called “The Ecstatic of Tours”, a French nun, made the following prophecy in 1872-1873: “The French people will ask for the good king. He who was chosen by God. He will come; this saviour whom God has spared for France. This king who is not wanted now because he is dear to Gods Heart. He will ascend to the throne. He will free the church and reassert the Pope's rights…”  (Catholic Prophecy, Yves Dupoint, Tan Books and Publishers, 1970. p 37).  Since this revelation was made when the Count was alive, and indeed was the true King whom France had rejected at that point in time, this prophecy also reveals that the Count of Chambord was and remains the promised King.

Bronze medallion struck in 1820 commemorating  the day
of Henry V's birth, the 'miracle child'.  Designed by F. Gayard.

Top Image: front image displaying Princess Caroline Ferdinand Louis holding up her newborn son.  Divine Light shines from above while to the right stands a bust of Henry's father, the Duke of Berry.  The words encircling the scene from the left to the right say: 'DIEU NOS L'A DONNE' ~ 'God has given him  to us.'  The smaller words underneath say: 'Noe coeurs et nos bras sont a lui.' ~ 'Our hearts and our arms are to him.'   (Image: coinworldtv)

Bottom Image: reverse side showing St. Michael, commemorating the feast day on which Henry V was born. St. Michael crushes Satan.  Note the symbolism: Satan holds a dagger in one hand and a smouldering torch in the other.  Despite the assassination of Henry's father by dagger, St. Michael has triumphed over the evil designs to end the Bourbon line, that murderous flame has been extinguished with Henry's birth. (Image: Eternity Gallery, Tampa Florida)

*) St. Michael declared even after the Count's death that the 'Miracle Child' was reserved for 'the great epochs', and that 'he' the 'exiled king' will return.  Henry the 'Miracle Child' and 'exiled king' is continually advised through Marie-Julie on how to bring his armies through France then march on Rome to save the Holy Father:  The Count, Henry V, was alive when many of these predictions concerning an 'army' were given,  even Marie-Julie specifically said in one prophecy that “Henry V”  will lead the armies to quell the unrest, which we have yet to see fulfilled.  These predictions of the 'exile king' and 'miracle child' leading armies continued after the Count's death, therefore, these texts concerning his armies must all be future predictions concerning his mission.

*)   Of importance, there was another prophecy given to Marie-Julie by Our Lord on March 22, 1881 before the Count's death saying He would 'return' the exile: the king and 'miracle child'.  Also, Our Lord emphatically declared that ALL of His true, Prophetic words were about the 'King of Exile' and 'Miracle child', not just some or part of the prophecies given to Marie-Julie, but ALL of them:

All My veritable prophetic words, O King of exile, call you and acclaim you. Without deferring too much, I will return to your subjects and your people he who bears on his head the same flower that you love. This flower is the lily, O King, miracle child, do not prepare to come from exile under a thick dust stirred up by the fury of the murderers of your country. You will prepare to come on the edge of this land that was foreign to you. From the north of the borders your noble person will pass through the legions who only wait for you to rise up a vengeance. But, as the day of darkness, their eyes will be veiled, the exile will be returned and My Justice will be accomplished. You will pass to reclaim the sceptre of glory. You will temper the tip in the blood of the Romans, in the defence of the Sovereign Pontiff, the bond of all the faithful.”

The above prophecy literally addresses the 'King of exile' first, that is the Count of Chambord, then Our Lord mystically refers to his, the miracle child's, mission in the future concerning the 'return' of 'he' who also loves the lily, which is also referring to the Count: Our Lord begins to veil Henry V's future destiny while yet referring to him while alive.  Christ used the same method of description when He veiled His Own Identity and mission on earth by referring to Himself as the 'Son of Man'.  Also, Our Lord has promised to return a particular person, 'the Miracle Child' that will come through enemy legions, the 'exile', which Heaven had already confirmed was Henry V: Our Lord did not refer to the French monarchy in general in this prophecy.    How can Christ 'return' someone if they had not yet been born?  The birth of a new person who had never been on earth before, which indicates the creation of a new soul at conception, would point towards a new identity, but Henry the Count of Chambord has always been referred to in Marie-Julie's prophecies as 'Henry V', 'Henry' the 'exile', 'King of Exile' and the 'Miracle Child' both during his life and after his death, there is no indication of a new identity or a new person coming to light through a hidden bloodline. Even St. Michael mentions 'the miracle child' and  'he' in other prophecies as we have seen, declaring 'he is reserved for the great epochs'.  So, Henry will be returned.  Of interest is Our Lord's use of the words 'without deferring too much' in conjunction with His declaration that ALL of His prophecies concern Henry: his return will be 'deferred' but not for too long.  Henry was 'removed' from the earth as the first chastisement towards France and the world, therefore Christ can 'return' the king when it pleases Him: the only means to do this is by resurrection.

*) Christ's promise that the 'lily' will be resurrected.  Throughout all the prophecies of Marie-Julie, the absolute monarchy and throne of France established by heaven is referred to at the 'lily' i.e., the pure fleur-de-lys, symbol of the French kings first given to Clovis I by the Holy Ghost.  The passages in reference to the 'lily', and the white flag 'of the lily' are numerous.  Of importance, the Great King to come is also described as 'The Lily'.  For example, in one of the allegorical visions of France as the Eldest Daughter of the Church, France receives a reprimand from Christ Who shows her a lily on December 26, 1877: “Guilty France, do you recognise him?”  France admits her guilt, Our Lord continues ...”Guilty France, accept this Lily, I give it to you." (Represents the arrival of the Great Monarch. Notice Christ specifically used the word 'he'.)   On December 26, 1877, Satan also referred to the King as the 'Lily', and wanted to crush him.  Marie-Julie declared: “Satan does not love the King. Ah! I am not like him (Satan) because I love him! (The King.)”  Our Lord then said in August 5, 1879 that the 'Lily' represents France resurrected: “This lily will be France resurrected after many troubles, many penalties, many fights.”  Yves Dupont, a native French speaker who also had access to books on the prophecies translates the following passage revealed on the same date: “The Lily shall resurrect in France. After many evils.” (Yves Dupont “World Trends 48b”, July 1976, The Prophecies of La Fraudais).  Throughout Marie-Julie's prophecies, France and the absolute monarchy are always described as being 'resurrected', not simply 'restored' or 'renewed'.  Since France will be 'resurrected' through the 'resurrection' of the monarchy vis the 'resurrection of the lily',  it stands to reason that the Great Monarch, Henry V, also represented by the lily shall be resurrected.

*) Hence, there is no other other conclusion to make but that Christ will 'return' the King by resurrection.  Christ promised Marie-Julie there would be many resurrections, not just one, during the days of the Chastisements.  Christ said the return of the exiled king will resemble the day when He offered Himself to the Eternal Father on the Cross: the sky darkened, then earth shook and split split open, and the dead arose and appeared to many.  Other mystics have said the days of the Chastisements will resemble the Day of Judgement.  As every faithful Christian knows, the dead will rise on the Day of Judgement.

(Angel holding the royal fleur-de-lys coat of arms.)

*) Is there a reason why Christ will return King Henry V through resurrection?  Yes, taking the prophecies given to Marie-Julie and comparing them with the history of the French monarchy, we may offer a logical theory.  As stated earlier in this article, Marie-Julie was told that in becoming Muslim, France would no longer believe in the Divinity of Christ, and we may safely assume this error will spread world-wide, (and indeed is already happening).  In addition to Islam, which declares Christ is a prophet but not Divine, we may also discover in those turbulent days that another ancient heresy will arise, Arianism, the heretical belief that Christ is not Divine, or He is all Divine and not human.  It is the heresy that will be spread by the Antichrist and his precursors as St. John taught, those that 'dissolve' Our Lord in their denial of Christ's dual nature – God made Man (1 John 4: 3).  In order to attack this Eternal Truth, the devil may use the growing influence of Islam and Antichrist Arianism to cast doubts in the minds of the populace about Our Lord's Resurrection, and therefore, the entire doctrine of the resurrection of the dead, the cornerstone upon which the Catholic Faith rests.  In order to bring back an erring world to the truth, Heaven will work great miracles confirming Christ rose from the dead by accomplishing resurrections of the dead.  St. Joseph said to Marie-Julie the miracles in those days will have to be great because unbelief will be so great.  It would be a fitting miracle to bring back the Great King through a miracle of this kind.  As we recall, France nearly fell to the heresy of Arianism at its beginning, that is, until the miraculous conversion of King Clovis, the first King of France, which was blessed with the appearance of the Holy Spirit.  So, in the last great period of France the last King will most likely be raised up as another sign combating Arianism and similar heretical doctrines.  Again we note that Our Lord promised Marie-Julie that the Holy Spirit will appear again and confirm the identity of the last Great King of France.  Therefore, the last days of the monarchy of France may be similar to  the beginning.

*) So, what about the theory of a 'hidden' and 'unknown' bloodline'?   It was the Marquis de Franquerie who assumed the 'hidden king' would descend directly from King Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, and therefore put forward the idea in his book “The Breton Stigmatist” that the king to come would come from a hidden and unknown direct bloodline, further suggesting Heaven wanted him to remain 'hidden' this way because there would be enemies such as the Freemasons who would try to assassinate him and eradicate the royal bloodline before God's plans came to fruition.  However, according to the released texts, Marie-Julie herself never mentioned Louis XVI or Marie-Antoinette, she only stated the “hidden king” would come from the “King and Queen Martyrs”.  Of course, Louis XVI and Queen Antoinette are considered 'martyrs' by Heaven according her and are the likeliest candidates for this description, but she never mentioned a hidden 'bloodline'.  As we have discussed earlier, Henry V the Count of Chambord, was already named, and Heaven will not make a false revelation, give false hope or retract a pronouncement made about a chosen soul.  The Count of Chambord, Henry V, the 'exiled king' and 'miracle child' was continually referred to before and after his death by Marie-Julie, no new person with a new identity was mentioned by her, so there is no unknown bloodline suggested in her prophecies.  We must state again: it was the Marquis de Franquerie who assumed this, for the Marquis concluded along with other devotees of Marie-Julie that the Count of Chambord was no longer part of Heaven's plans because of his death and obviously did not notice how the later prophecies concerning, 'Henry of the Cross'  the 'exiled king' and 'miracle child' were still connected with the prophecies concerning the Count, even after his passing.  Henry V is indeed 'hidden', but hidden in death.

Perhaps Marie-Julie probably used the general term “King and Queen Martyrs” to prevent the assumption of a direct bloodline being made, as there is the Judeo-biblical method of fraternal bloodlines as mentioned earlier, which are indirect.  As we know, the “King and Queen Martyrs” could refer to other members of the family as well as Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette: we must not forget Henry's father was assassinated for being the next direct descendant in the French royal house   historically recognised as a defender of the Catholic Church, and therefore he could also be considered a martyr by Heaven along with Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette.  There is also the 'white' or 'dry' martyrdom of the spirit.  The whole Royal Family of France since the time of the Revolution could be considered martyrs either by blood or by the hidden spiritual sufferings they endured.  Of interest, the only ancestor Marie-Julie mentioned by name from whom the Great Monarch would descend was St. Louis.  The royal family of France descend from him via Antoine de Bourbon, Duc Vendôme, a descendant of St. Louis IX in the ninth generation and father of King Henry IV, the first Bourbon King.  Therefore Henry V, last French King of the Bourbon Dynasty, is  a descendant of St. Louis IX and fulfils this prophecy.

(St. Louis IX, Sainte Chapelle, Paris.)

We must further note that Christ continually stressed to Marie-Julie that the King cannot be returned by any means except by Him alone, the Great King's appearance in the world will be completely miraculous, mankind cannot and will not be able to do it.  Now, if there was a hidden bloodline, mankind would eventually be able to discover it, prove it by DNA analysis for example, then start a campaign to restore him either by public approval or by force, but these are all human methods that sound humanly probable and could be carried out by a human government.  Christ said the king's return will beyond all mankind's knowledge and power.  We cannot and must not expect anything from man, nor expect any government to bring this restoration about as Christ foretold.  As we recall Marie-Julie was told: “... there will come the one that the wonderful goodness of God has elected through all the dark clouds, although it may seem impossible.  It is so veiled, (the means of his arrival) that there is nothing apparent to the blind and for those who would never wanted to know his name...  God has already elected a King and provided a name, Henry V but nobody wanted to recognise it.   Hence, the only way for the king to 'return' in a miraculous way beyond man's understanding or power and ONLY through the power of Christ is Henry's resurrection from the dead.  In all, Our Lord will give the 'sign of Jonas' to a faithless and blind generation that no longer believes in miracles or in His Divinity.  Again we recall Our Lord's words to Marie-Julie: “France will be saved by means out of all human knowledge.  God has reserved the secret for them until the last moment. (...) And the more the world will be hostile to the supernatural, the more marvellous will be the events that will confuse this negation of the supernatural.

*) To recapitulate on the points just discussed: “Henry V” was specifically named by Our Lady, Marie-Julie also said Henry V would lead the future armies to liberate France during the chastisements.  The promised king was 'chosen from his birth', the one 'they call the miracle child', all this points to  Henry the Count of Chambord and no other.   The prophecies continually refer to 'Henry', the one they called the 'Miracle Child', the 'exile', the 'exiled king': Christ stated that ALL of His prophetic and veritable words to Marie-Julie were about the 'exiled king' and 'miracle child' ~ no one else has been promised through Marie-Julie and God will not retract a pronouncement, so there cannot be another 'hidden bloodline' or descendant waiting to be revealed. The 'miracle child' is 'reserved for the great epochs'.  Also, Our Lord pronounced that only He will be able to 'return' the King: no man, government or any human endeavour will be able to accomplish it, nor will mankind perceive the idea of how it will be brought about.  It will seem impossible and veiled from the eyes of the spiritually blind and those who never wanted to know his name, Henry V.  The 'return' of this king will be completely miraculous and beyond the power or scope of mankind.  Considering that Christ promised many resurrections and that the miracles during the days of the chastisements will resemble the day He died on the Cross and also the Day of Judgement, resurrection from the dead is the only means of 'returning' the king beyond all power, hope, scope and thought of man except by Christ alone according to the prophecies given to Marie-Julie.  “Let them say and affirm to men that he will never return.  Listen to them and ask them if they are prophets!” (St. Michael to Marie-Julie.)

*)  If this is the case, why would Heaven and Marie-Julie not state clearly without using any veiled words that the Count of Chambord was still the chosen Great Monarch even after his death and that he would be raised up?   Why hide or veil the fact after the Count's death?  We may suggest that 'hiding' the identity of Henry V after he had been announced is part of the Divine plan.  “It is the glory of God to conceal the word, and the glory of kings to search out the speech.” (Proverbs 25:2)    Marie-Julie's mission featured making continual revelations, openly confessing the works of God, while at the same time helping to 'conceal the words' .  And again, “For it is good to hide the secret of a king, but honourable to reveal and confess the works of God.” (Tobias 12:7) Marie-Julie already declared who the King was, also revealing there would be great miracles and resurrections, then, hid the promised King's 'secret' so to speak and refused to give any more details about the king's identity.  After the Count's death it would be up to the faithful to see the veiled clues hinting towards the Count's resurrection when the time was right since those who truly believed in the resurrection of the dead as professed in both the Apostles and Nicene Creeds would be able to see God's Plan with the eyes of Faith.  Our Lord said His plan of 'returning' the King will be veiled from the eyes of the blind.  Only an evil and adulterous generation demands miracles as proof as Our Lord said Himself (Matt. 12:39), and only promised the faithless, heard-hearted Jews of His time the 'sign of Jonas', referring to His resurrection from the dead.  St. Paul also affirms Our Lord's words, declaring that wonders and signs such as the speaking of tongues is not for the faithful but unbelievers, while prophecies are not for unbelievers but for faithful believers. (1 Cor. 14:22)  The faithful trust God's Words and promises, believing without having to see miracles.

Hence the identity of the Great Monarch will still remain completely hidden to a blind and unfaithful generation until God returns him with the spectacular miracles and signs that he foretold to Marie-Julie.  As the prophet Amos declared: “For the Lord God doth nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets.”  (Amos 3:7)  Through Marie-Julie the faithful have already been told who the king is and that he will 'be returned', Henry V, while the unbelievers will never be able to understand the prophecies concerning the future days until the chastisements are almost upon them, the 'last moment' as stated above when the Great Monarch, the 'mortal Saviour', the 'Saviour of the world' the 'new Saviour' and 'hidden Saviour' as Marie-Julie described him will finally be returned to deliver France, the Church and the world. “Verily thou art a hidden God, the God of Israel, the Saviour.” (Isaias 45:15)  Of interest, we cannot help but note that God often hides His greatest mystics, chosen souls and saints in obscurity, almost to the point their works and revelations seem dead and buried, then, they are brought forth in all their glory in the times when  they are needed most to show that their works truly came from Him.  To cite a few examples, the glories and merits of St. Joseph, the 'saviour of the Saviour' and the next greatest saint in Heaven after Our Lady, seemed almost 'hidden' until Bl. Pope Pius IX proclaimed St. Joseph the Patron of the Church in 1870.  St. Louis de Monfort's beautiful book True Devotion to Mary was lost in a coffer for well over a hundred years then discovered by accident and finally published, an event that St. Montfort predicted would happen.  St. Faustina's mission concerning Christ's Divine Mercy was almost eclipsed, then was raised up and spread throughout the Church, an event that Our Lord foretold to St. Faustina, explaining this near destruction and subsequent revival was a sign that the revelations concerning His Divine Mercy was of His doing.  Trusting Marie-Julie's words, no doubt  Henry V, his 'eclipse', his 'removal' in death, and his promised return, is following a similar pattern: he has fallen into oblivion except for a brief mention in the annals of history, but he will eventually shine forth in a triumphant reappearance just when all thought and hope of him becoming the Great Monarch is lost and believed completely impossible.  Of interest, the same was also foretold about Marie-Julie: the work of the Cross would begin to spread after her death and the  true greatness of La Fraudais would be made manifest in the latter times, showing her revelations were indeed the work of God.  Similar to other great chosen souls, she has remained in relative obscurity, the importance of her prophecies are only coming to light once again and spreading outside of France.  Of course, we are not required to believe any private revelations made by the mystics and saints, but if they are sanctioned by the Church as authentic and worthy of belief, it would be wise to pay heed to their words.
The Future Glory of La Fraudais

Marie-Julie foretold on numerous occasions that after her death, her home at La Fraudais would become a great place of pilgrimage after the chastisements and the arrival of the Great Monarch, for her cottage was destined to become the site of a great and holy sanctuary dedicated to the Holy Cross and Immaculate Mary, a triumphant acknowledgement of the work of the Cross that first commenced with her mission as a victim soul and her prophecies preparing the world for the great renewal.  Our Lord declared to her on July 29, 1875:

“O My spouse, when you are no longer (i.e. on earth), I will leave great graces to La Fraudais. This place is a blessed land. So far, I have accorded graces, this is nothing. It will be especially in the last days that My Grace will be visible and they can say it is I who have led you.”

 She was given an incredible number of details concerning the massive construction project and was shown what the church would look like, an immense building on the order of the classic gothic pattern that will hold about 1,400 people, Christ Himself declared He would be its architect.  Marie-Julie was told how many pillars there would be and described the altars.  At first, there would be disputes over the land as the people will not want to give up their property for the great project, but they will be justly compensated by an exchange in land and the bitter disputes will be short lived.  No worker will die from accidents during the heavy building work.   The rich will generously donate costly gifts and presents for its construction and adornment. Wonders were also promised: a miraculous spring will bubble forth on the site of her cottage, the waters of which would heal both body and spirit of the pilgrims who came to the sanctuary.  The water would eventually be piped through and be collected in a special fountain constructed beside the main altar.  The angels would be sent to help with the sanctuary’s construction: workers will leave for their period of rest only to discover upon their return that the walls will have been raised higher.  In this manner, the work will rapidly continue to its completion.  The builders will also be graced to hear the heavenly choirs and saints singing three times a day to refresh them.  A heavenly perfume will permeate the air.  Our Lord promised that He Himself would also come to sing and give them refreshment.   Heaven revealed that the Great Monarch and his entourage would come and plant the holy standard at the promised sanctuary in thanksgiving for his great victory and for the prophecies that announced his reign.  The surrounding lands will house great convents, cloisters and charitable orphanages, great conversions will take place, it will become a new ‘City of God’ in the renewal.   The future graces promised to La Fraudais, ‘the Garden of Mary’, are so great that Our Lady declared on May 16, 1880:

“My children, so many pains, so many crosses, so many tears will be highly rewarded.  Heaven has you covered. This place (La Fraudais) will become great, an immense magnitude. Souls will come, driven by an extraordinary grace. My children, a mountain has been raised here ...”

We also find the following text with the same date, indicating Our Lady also made this astounding revelation:  “From (the time of) Calvary to this date, I have never seen so many graces, as (those) reserved for this place.”

There are indications in the texts that work on this great sanctuary would begin when the days of chastisements are near, but when the terrors finally come to an end, the Great Days of Peace and Renewal will commence, which will last for approximately 25 to 35 years.  The Reign of the Sacred Heart will begin, the Great Monarch, the leaders of the Church and all the faithful will flock to the great Shrine in thanksgiving.  Sadly, earth will experience turmoil again when the Antichrist appears to destroy the faith, but until then, the Church will enjoy an Age of unparalleled glory never before witnessed in the history of Christendom.  These will be magnificent days reserved for the future that we can only dream of and pray will soon come to pass.
Marie-Julie Jahenny, pray for us!
Those interested in more information about Marie-Julie Jahenny should see E.A. Bucchianeri's excellent book "We Are Warned- The prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny" which can be read in its entirety here. 


Anonymous said...

I don't buy the theory of the resurrection of the Count of Chambord though with God all things are possible.
We have a description of the Great Monarch from David Poreaus "The Great Monarch will be of French descent, large forehead, large dark eyes, light brown wavy hair, and an eagle nose. He will crush the enemies of the Pope and will conquer the East."
That description is a little bit like the Count I guess but it's a LOT more like this man Louis XIV:
Now THAT is an eagle nose. So will it be him coming back? No, rather his ggg? grandson. The Great Monarch is a "miracle king" because nobody (or very few) suspects that Louis XVII was saved from the prison as a child and was replaced with another sickly child.

Another interesting note is that the description of the Great Monarch given by Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich closely matches that of Saint Henri II including, being exiled in his youth and having his hit touched by an angel thus creating a limp. God often repeats things in history.

Anonymous said...

Also, the Marquis de la Franquerie related that Maximilian the seer from La Salette in a conversation with the Count of Chambord, told him that he would not be king. After that meeting the count dropped his claims to the throne. Whether he told him about the existence of his (supposedly dead in the temple prison) cousin and his heirs I don't know but I think I read something similar to that.

E.A. Bucchianeri said...

Hello Anonymous,

I know, it's hard to believe, and it still a theory, but it is the most concrete one we have taking into consideration ALL of the prophecies concerning the Great Monarch. Henry V still fulfills all the criteria mentioned by ALL the mystics, not just one.

1) exiled in his youth,
2) lame
3) would be the LAST king of France. (Count of Chambord was the last direct male heir of the Bourbon line of France. -- Henry II was not, neither was King Louis XIV)
4) His name will be Henry.
5) The Great King and Emperor would be revealed to future ages: his full identity was finally revealed through Marie-Julie--HENRY V, "the one they call the 'Miracle Child'."

The problem is, Marie-Julie is not yet declared venerable or beatified, so it is more difficult for people to place credit in her prophecies despite having been approved by her local bishop. However, according to her, Our Lord, Our Lady and St. Michael all declare it is the 'miracle child', Henry, and Henry V who is the king, and is "reserved for the great epochs"--for the future ages. Even coins were struck the year of his birth proclaiming him the 'miracle child'. Many of the saints mention the fleur-dy-lys as the Great Monarch's symbol, being that of France naturally, but Marie-Julie constantly mentions the White Flag, the banner of the Sacred Heart, the flure-dy-lys and the 'golden crown' of the flure-dy-ly as well, which still has to be in reference to Henry V, he is the only monarch mentioned by her, even after the count's death. Henry staunchly defended the White Flag of his ancestors.

Considering Christ continually refers to a resurrection of France to Marie-Julie and that people would see resurrections, Henry V coming back from the dead is not really far-fetched: Marie-julie was warned unbelief will be so great in those days, great miracles will have to take place to show people God's power. She was warned a form of Arianism would spread rapidly, (the heresy that denies either His Divinity or humanity), and that France would one day deny the divinity of Christ. No doubt this is part of the Great Apostasy Marie-Julie saw coming. The one article of our faith that proves Christ was Divine is His resurrection from the dead. God will bring about resurrections during the great chastisements to prove again to an unfaithful generation that He did rise from the the dead by giving them the 'sign of Jonah' in the King, and that at the last day, we too will all rise from the dead.

Re: about the royal prince 'switched in prison' theory. According to history, the prince died in prision, and only his heart was saved. The DNA of the heart that was believed to have belonged to the prince was tested and it was discovered the heart did belong to a child related to the royal family of France, pretty much confirming it was the prince. It was given a royal funeral several years ago and I think was buried in St. Denis. So, the hidden descendant theory from this angle has been laid to rest, please forgive the pun.

About Maximilian's comments to Count Henry on not becoming king, it could have been in reference to the days he was alive: he would not be king THEN. Even the Count said he could not reign as king in France until the Sacred Heart entered as King, which of course, didn't happen. Our Lord complained to Marie-Julie about France rejecting the Kingdom of His Sacred Heart, i.e. through Henry. So, Henry was 'removed' through death as the first chastisement to the country, as Heaven explained to Marie-Julie, yet she was told by St. Michael he is still reserved for 'future epochs'. Of interest, St. Michael said he would protect Henry on his entry into France with his armies, Henry V was born on his feastday.

I know, it's a fantastic thought, but until the Days of the Chastisements prove me incorrect, I'll continue to proclaim Henry V The Once and Future King.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding E.A. That is certainly an interesting theory which I had not considered but as I said above with God all things are possible. The entire messages of Marie Julie are essentially about how France has completely rejected her Catholic faith so I'm just a bit skeptical when the godless scientists representing the freemasonic state proclaim with 100% certainty that a two hundred year old heart which has apparently been all over Europe is conclusively, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the heart of Louis XVII :).
Also, was the Count of Chambord very poor and a great sinner in his youth? Will be come back as the same age he died? One or two of the prophecies say he will fight for four years before he turns 40. The Count would only have a few months before he turns 40.
At any rate, I don't think we'll have long to wait. Sr. Lucia's message in 1931 which mentioned that the ministers would follow the King of France in his fate if they didn't perform the consecration. The kings of France were given 100 years to the day and October 2017 is just around the corner.

E.A. Bucchianeri said...

Hi Anonymous,

About Henry, I'm not sure about the details of his youth, I've yet to find a more detailed biography, (my next project?)
When he was allowed back into France he was provided with the chateau of Chambord by the nation, I don't think it was a free gift, but again, a detail I have to check. He did have rely on the charity of connections in the family when exiled to Austria, the palace he lived in may not even have been his. They say he played cards too much and he liked to drink, but considering the terrible break in his leg and how he could no longer walk properly afterwards, they probably didn't set it correctly and he must have been in terrible pain, so faults in later life were probably due to human nature to find release from the pain. He was however a faithful Catholic and staunch in his principles about the French absolute monarchy's role in defending the Church, eventhough he knew it would cost him the throne. Someone once asked him why he didn't just agree to accept the tricolour knowing he would probably lose the throne by upsetting the democratic supporters. He replied: "Without my principles, I'm nothing more than an old man with a limp." He couldn't be bought.
If Henry comes back, it will probably be then that the rest prophecies will make sense: if destined to be raised from the dead, I cannot help but think he will like how Bl. Catherine Emmerich described Lazarus when he was raised. If I recall,Lazarus was so many days in the next world he came back quite a changed man having seen way too much beyound ordinary mortals. She said he looked frightening, he became much more sombre, therefore Our Lord secretly gave him Confirmation before the rest of the disciples due to his spiritual knowledge. I can only imagine how Henry will be after a century in the grave! No longer a sinner like when he was on earth before, a very austere saint but very just. The prophecies state the Monarch will be so holy he will convert many, he will be poor then and excell in all the virtues. He could be granted some of his youthful years back,but some prophecies state he will die a very old man so he could come back at the age he died. The 40 years could also refer to his reign, the prophecies vary on the years-it's odd how prophecies tend to be loose on timelines, no doubt their fulfillment depends on the people at each era, and if we pray enough for them to come to pass. It's confusing when the mystics vary on their details, etc. but they all say that we will have a Great Monarch and an Angelic Pontiff, so we know for certain we'll be granted the Great Renewal one day. Once the monarch comes we will know we have a saintly pope. That will be wonderful, other Christians will finally enter the True Faith. Despite the chastisements we can look forward to no more schisms, heresies, or tensions, not to mention the dogma-wars over the applications of Vatican II. No more squabbles caused by Sedevecantism! Everything will be restored. I know we're getting close to something, all the timelines about the Age of Satan etc. commencing and ending all seem to revolve around 19th & 20th centuries, and the early part of the 21st century depending on the earth's willingness to convert or not. It's not the first time the earth was given a century to think things over and convert, Noah took a little over a hundred years to build the ark, but nobody heeded the warning. Our Lord complained to Marie-Julie that if only the world would convert and trust in His Mercy, he would throw Satan back into the abyss, forget all the outrages and stop the coming chastisements but mankind will not come back to Him. Knowing humanity's track record for heeding warnings, we had better prepare for the worst.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Thank you both for your very interesting comments. I have enjoyed reading your interesting perspectives.
-Glenn Dallaire

E.A. Bucchianeri said...

Hi Glenn, we aim to keep things interesting... :-)

Just thought I'd drop a line or two to say I've discovered a French website dedicated to Henry: (Sorry, it's in French.)

It may not have too much additional information, but one thing I did discover there: a French historian and author famous for his studies of the monarchy, Philippe Delorme, published Henry's personal diary in 2009!

From what I can tell, Henry started his diary in 1846. It is the first time it's been released to the public. Right now, it's only in French, no English translations, but what a find! I wonder what's in it? It's available on, just type in the ISBN number into the search box.

Journal du Comte de Chambord (1846-1883) - Carnets inédits, 2009. 815 pages ISBN:9782755403459

For the record, Philippe was also the author who released a detailed analysis of the DNA findings about the prince's (Louis XVII's) heart, in France at least. This author is also a jounalist and an obvious monarchist--I don't think he would purposely publish anything amiss on that accoun either.

Anonymous said...

Just found the time to circle back round to this, interesting in reviewing Philippe's site that he's pretty friendly with Louis de Bourbon who is contested as a pretender to the throne. I could certainly see a potential for bias there if he's trying to help clear the way to the throne. I believe MJJ mentions a pretender to the throne from another country who is raised by his friends to the throne but who ends up in the bottom of a dungeon. Not a happy ending.

E.A. Bucchianeri said...

Philippe's work is very interesting, (according to the Web, he was the one who started the campaign to have Louis XVII's heart DNA tested.) and of course, if he's a monarchist, he will support the surviving Bourbon claimants. True, one contender will not have a good ending! There are descendants from the Orleans family too, but as we know from Marie-Julie,they will never ascend the throne, there will be at least two or three contenders fighting for it, so we are in for some turbulant events in world history, providing they happen in our days. If it wasn't for the fact we have to go through the awful chastisements first, I can't wait to see the monarchy of France restored. Old movies portraying the French Revolution used to horrify me as a child, now I know why...the restoration will be wonderful indeed.

Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to be a agitator but I really don't see the evidence in Marie Julie's writings that the king will be the Count of Chambord reincarnated. The reason I make this point is not to provoke so my apologies in advance, I simply think it potentially takes away from the messages of Marie Julie which are of hope for the faithful Catholics in France and beyond. In my opinion, though the messages are from a mystic, if they are interpreted in too fanciful a way, they might lose the interest of the audience they are intended to help which is faithful Catholics who are concerned about the Church, France, and the world.

You're entitled to your opinion but I prefer to take the Marquis de FRanquerie at his word when he said he was told by Marie Julie the great monarch was a descendent of the martyr king and queen Louis XvI and Marie Antoinette.

E.A. Bucchianeri said...

Hi Anonymous,

True, we all have our opinions,no agro there! There could be a hidden bloodline we don't know about, but finding that line, proving it by DNA e.g. and then restoring him by a campaign, etc, *would still be human means* and possible to man,not to mean sounds more reasonable, but the King will come beyound ALL mankind's expectations thoughts and means. We have to take into account all the predictions:

* The King will be restored by miraculous means beyound ALL man's powers and ideas
* Christ said to MJJ there would be resurrections in those days, a lot more than one! The times will resemble the day when he died on the Cross,the dead rose too and appeared to many. Also, other mystics have said the days of the chastisements will resemble the Last Day, the dead will rise then too. God no doubt must use spectacular miracles to defeat the New Arianism of this atheistic /scientific generation that will arise before the punishments to prove again the dogma of the resurrection.
*The King was specifically named as HENRY V by Marie-Julie, the one they presently called the 'miracle child', that is the exiled Count of Chambord: (to retract a prophecy now would be a lie and the mystic is a fake.) The king to come is called the 'miracle child' by Heaven a term used in the PRESENT tense to Marie-Julie before and AFTER the Count's death. Plus, St. Michael said in 1890 that the 'miracle child' is RESERVED for the 'great epochs'.
*Heaven said the Count was 'removed' in death (Oct. 1883) (because the country was not worthy of him then), but Heaven promised in an earlier text to RETURN the 'Miracle Child' who is advised by Heaven on how to come back into the country with his legions. "ALL MY VERITABLE PROPHECTIC WORDS, O King of exile, call YOU and acclaim YOU. (...) I WILL RETURN TO YOUR SUBJECTS AND YOUR PEOPLE he who bears on his head the same flower that you love. This flower is the lily, O King, MIRACLE CHILD, do not prepare to come from exile under a thick dust stirred up by the fury of the murderers of your country. (March 22, 1881) (Heaven is speaking to Henry V in the present and mystically hints to his role in the FUTURE just a few years before his death!)

*The Count in a manner of speaking is still a descendant of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette in that first cousins in the Judeo-tradition were often considered brothers /sisters. The French monarchy descends from the Hosue of David according to tradition. When asked about the king after the Count's death MJJ could have used a truthful but veiled deflection to hide God's plans for the future, God had alread given enough in the previous prophecies. God will use truthful deflections when necessary to keep His plans descreet, as when the Archangel Raphael hid his identity and name to young Tobias so his mission could be accomplished. Christ said to MJJ the SECRET will come out nearly at the LAST MINUTE before all this is to happen.

I know, still a lot to take in... :)

E.A. Bucchianeri said...

Sorry about using Caps in the last post...I'd use bold text to highlight certain words,but that option was not available, not to mention too many of these little fellows ***** might prove too much of an eyesore, LOL!

E.A. Bucchianeri said...

Just a quick PS to Anonymous:

I can't see how putting forward the suggestion of the Count's RESURRECTION (I never once said 'reincarnation', big error against catholic doctrine) would be to detract from Marie-Julie's message--the whole point of her message to the Catholic faithful is to remind them that France, the Church and the World will be restored through the work of the Great Monarch to come, the same message was given to other mystics.

The great difference in Marie-Julie's message which sets her apart from many of the other mystics who foretold about the King is that she was given the most details about the Great Monarch: she literally named the king and gave the most information to date about the King's Mission and how he would be recognised again in the future. Given the points I've listed above in the previous posts, there is plenty of evidence to suggest God will raise Henry V again.(No one is required to believe it, but then, no one is required to beleive any private revealation.)

Still, anyone who says and truly believes what they say in the Apostles and Nicene Creed should not find it too hard to consider Henry V's resurrection as one of the great miracles promised for those times, especially as the prophet who first lifted the veil in stating that the Miracle Child (Henry V) was 'reseved for future epochs' was approved by her bishop.

Francisco Javier said...

Hi, my name is Javier, I am from Madrid, Spain. I am sorry, my english is poor, so I speak in Spanish and you translate with google translator.
Muchas gracias por el blog tan bonito que están ustedes realizando y por las enseñanzas que dan en él.
Aquí les dejo a ustedes dos breves jaculatorias de Santa Gema que merece la pena rezar con el corazón: "Santísima Virgen María, hacedme santa", "Santísima Virgen María, asistidme para que nunca disguste a Jesús". Estas oraciones están tomadas del libro de Germán de San Estanilao y Basilio de San Pablo. SANTA GEMA GALGANI. VIDA DE LA PRIMERA SANTA DEL SIGLO XX. (Ediciones Palabra, Madrid 2006, cuarta edición)página 314

Anonymous said...

Prophecies are notoriously hard to interpret. The idea of Henry being resurrected is not something I can believe in. It seems quite absurd, actually. I do think the prophecies of a Great Monarch are authentic and will happen, but it will not be the resurrection of someone who died a long time ago.
Even saints like Catherine Laboure made some incorrect predictions, because revelations from God are not so easy to understand and interpret.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that "ultra-traditionalists" use Jahenny to forward their anti-Church nonsense.

Whether Marquis de la Franquerie (publisher of her revelations) - an apparent proponent of the refuted "Cardinal Siri thesis" - fabricated some of Jahenny's 'prophecies', I do not know; but it is certain that if this were the case, it would not be the first time...

Yves Dupont, in his book 'Catholic Prophecy', constructed a prophecy of Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich about "the New Mass". (Many "ultra-traditionalists" like to quote this alleged prophecy). Unfortunately, such a prophecy was never made; it consists of an amalgamation of several unrelated prophecies, none of which refer to the Mass.

I mention these things for one reason in particular. If people are to research Marie-Julie Jahenny, they must be strong in their faith; they must be prepared to encounter the likely onslaught that will be made against their faith in the Church. Like St. Padre Pio, we must submit humbly to holy Mother Church, however imperfect it may be.

God bless, dear Glen, and fellow readers.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Thank you Anonymous for sharing your excellent reflections. It seems that I share much of the same experiences as you in this area.

Thanks again and may God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

It seems like 2016 is the year of events, bringing about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

EA Bucchianeri said...

Hi! It's been awhile since I commented, but since we've had some rare conjunctions of feastdays lately, I thought I'd share some observation I posted on my Facebook page for "We Are Warned: The Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny". I know, this will make for a long a I might have to do this in two posts.


THE SIGN OF OUR TIMES? This year (2016) we are experiencing a very rare occurence in the Lirturgical calendar as the Feast of the Annunciation (March 25), the feast of the 'LILY' falls on a Good Friday, day of the CROSS!

Medieval scholars believed that the Crucifixion actually happened in the Solar calendar on March 25, the day of the Annunciation. Rarely though do the two feast days fall together as Easter follows the lunar calendar, but when they do, it was considered a very 'mystical' time.

Of interest, this rare mystical double feast used to be depicted in medieval art with Christ crucified on a CROSS of LILLIES!

No doubt you can see the symbolism with Marie-Julie Jahenny's prophecies! Our Lord stressed the symbol of the LILY restoring France, the symbol of the French monarchy, and especially the Great Monarch. Christ also stressed that France will be saved through the CROSS. The LILY and the CROSS constantly appear in Marie-Julie's prophecies.

Now, to place this in context with what we know and other signs we have seen:

*) We will not have another CROSS and LILY double feastday until the year 2157~but we know from various mystics and the general timelines given them concerning the chastisments that we in all likelihood DO NOT HAVE A WHOLE CENTURY LEFT: So, this is possibly the last time we may see this conjuction before the End of Time.

*) IT IS HAPPENING on a rare JUBILEE YEAR~the "Year of Mercy". Heaven warned Marie-Julie (and also St. Faustina) there would be a period of mercy granted to the earth before the time of Justice strikes, which would bring about the reign of the Great Monarch. Please avail of every opportunity to go through the Jubilee doors as often as you can while we have this year, don't forget you can also get family member out of Purgatory if you offer the plenary indulgences for them too.

*) The 'STAR OF BETHLEHEM' conjuction of the planets occured last year before Leo, the 'Sign of the Tribe of Judah', also representing the House of David. This conjuction hasn't been seen since the time of Christ's birth. We must remember that the Great Monarch descends from the House of David. He will come from the French Monarchy, which was singled out by God with the apparition of the Holy Spirit with a LILY. Heaven told Marie-Julie the Great Monarch would also be shown with another apparition of the Holy Spirit, Who will once again bring THE LILY. Of interest, Heaven through Marie-Julie gives the Great Monarch a rare and special title, calling him a 'SAVIOUR'. This happens very rarely in Biblical history, only with prophets and saints of great importance, usually those associated with saving a whole race, or humanity.

*) St. Joan of Arc's ring is being returned to France after 600 years! Not just France, but BRITTANY, the land where the restoration of France and Christendom will take place according to Marie-Julie. It will be the most blessed land after Calvary. Of interest, when the king rose St. Joan of Arc's family to nobility, he gave their family the royal name 'Du Ly' ~ 'OF THE LILY'. (According to tradition, her heart still beats in the Seine where the executioners threw it, for her heart did not burn. Some people say it will be found again near the end times.)

*) It is interesting to see that one of the protection prayers given to Marie-Julie Jahenny combine both the CROSS and the ANNUNCIATION (Lily)!

"O Crux, Ave! Spes Unica!
Et Verbum caro factum est.
O Jesus, Vanquisher of death, save us!"

(Translation: O Hail to the Cross! Our only hope! And the Word was made flesh.)


EA Bucchianeri said...

Post number two!

A second observation:

'SOLAR' CRUCIFXION DATE~APRIL 3, 33 AD? Another remarkable, rare conjuction of feast-day events?

Recently, I discovered this post on "Fr. Z's Blog" showing the theory that the Crucifixion may have taken place on April 3, 33 AD ~ according to a study of the 'Star of Bethlehem' allignment and a rare occurence of a solar and lunar exclipse that on April 3, 33 AD lines up with Passover.

(I wish I could share the URL with you, but HTML is not accepted: Google "Fr. Z's Blog" and search for hsi post on "Good Friday April 3, 33 AD Lunar and Solar Eclipses as Christ died on the Cross".)

This is still a theory, but IF the Crucifixon did happen at the (fixed) solar date of April 3, 33 AD, every time March 25 (the Annunciation) falls on a Good Friday like this year, this 'solar date' of the Crucifixion falls on Mercy Sunday, another rare occurence, especially as Mercy Sunday has been officially approved only recently in Church history (since April 2000 AD).

So, the 'solar date Crucifixion' and Mercy Sunday has only occured on April 3, 2005, and this year, 2016.

This rare conjunction of feastdays won't happen again until 2157 AD!

Imagine, the Feast of Mercy possibly occuring exactly when Christ's side was opened by the lance, from which the Sacred Blood and Water flowed as a Fount of Mercy for us!

So, we had the LILY and the CROSS on March 25 according to the Traditional calendar, and now the MERCY and the CROSS, on April 3. Plus, this is all occuring on a RARE Jubilee YEAR OF MERCY, the year ends this November.

Considering WE MAY NOT HAVE ANOTHER CENTURY LEFT according to the timelines several of the mystics have hinted at i.e. according to Marie-Julie, God will make France pay for its 200 years of democracy, which we are well past. God also revealed to Marie-Julie He told St. Margaret Mary that after devotion to His Sacred Heart had spread, 200 years later he would begin to fulfill His promises concerning the reign of the Sacred Heart in France. WE ARE PAST THESE DATES.

So, is this rare conjuction of feastdays another sign of our times?

St. Michael to Marie-Julie Jahenny (September 29, 1881): "The Lord desires me to tell you these words: ‘Get ready brave servants of God as the Divine Master will soon come first in His Mercy, secondly in His righteous anger and vengeance. He wants me to say this word to His present friends and I have done my duty.” St. Michael then shows her a sword with which he will help the faithful Christians in the evil times: “This is the sword that I delegate to the friends of God, this is mine, (he shows her his own sword next to the other) they are similar, they both bear the seal of the Lord, it is the Name of Jesus written on the blade, well engraved. Dear friends of the Lord, we are here on the threshold of Mercy and the threshold of the justice of God.”


Happy Easter everyone!

Glenn Dallaire said...

Dear E.A. Bucchianeri,
Thank you so much for sharing this very interesting information! It is very fascinating!

May God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

Hi, with Brexit, I wonder if what MJJ prophesied about a queen (QE II?) stepping down and England being divided into four parts are imminent...

Constance said...

What's this Judeo Christian rubbish? Jesus was not a Jew!
It all started with Henry the 8th and his disposal of wives. Heck, may as well been a Muslim. The Catholic Church let him divorce once, but then he persisted but the Church was wisely tough! So how did this cyphilis infected fat slob affect history? Now see here in link. And look up the history of Catholic Mary Queen of Scots. For those who are genuine truth seekers. Seek and you will always find the truth! And Queen Elizabeth II was forced to abdicate. Wonder why we never heard of this in the ZOG corporate Commie lamestream media? Now why do you think there are so many broken marriages in the Western world which destroying the West among the other myriad of things.

EA Bucchianeri said...

Hello everyone I have an ANNOUNCEMENT to make:

"We are Warned: The Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny" is no longer available at

Instead, it is now available to read online or download at

Here's the new URL:

(I had to make the change as Scribd was trying to force people to pay for a subscription, when it was supposed to be for free.)

Please update your links!
Thank you, and God Bless!

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi E.A. Bucchianeri,
It is great to hear from you again. I just updated the link in the article above--Thanks so much for letting us know of the new link!

May God bless you and your loved ones,
Glenn Dallaire

EA Bucchianeri said...

Hello everyone,

After reading Marie-Julie's prophecies, I've asked myself (and you probably have too), that if the promised Great Monarch is so beloved of God, is there any mention of him in the Bible?

It seems the last two years the sky has been giving us the answer. I've recently finished a blog post about this, which I thought I'd share:

"The Lord Says: Look to the Sky for the Signs of the Times":

God Bless!

Glenn Dallaire said...

Thanks E.A. Bucchianeri!

Anonymous said...

Prayer Request:

Please pray for Eric McDonald-Please pray for his conversion and for the salvation of his soul.Pray that Christ The King will have mercy upon him and save him.

"May Jesus in his compassion guide Eric McDonald to the pathways of salvation.May Jesus in his love bless and protect the soul of Eric McDonald.May Jesus the Divine healer, heal Eric in spirit, soul, and body. May Jesus The Divine Redeemer redeem Eric from this world and the devil.May Christ The Savior Save Eric and bring to His holy Kingdom in the name of Jesus Christ Amen!!!”

It was at Fatima that Mary urged us all to pray for the conversion of souls…

Parousie said...

Thank you so much. Patrick from France.


Facebook Page:

MTK said...

Is there any mention of Russia in these prophecies?
Russia is mentioned in Fatima and in many other apparitions as the cause of trouble before the Era of Peace.

EA Bucchianeri said...

Hi MTK: Regarding Marie-Julie, no specific mention is made of Russia because her mission was to focus on France as it would see the beginning of the chastisements, and would be destined to bring about the Renewal. This is the country destined to bring about the Age of Peace as St. Pio said the Church cannot function without the Royal House of France which comes from the House of David. Our Lord said to Marie-Julie He had given His Mother the privilige of bringing in the time of the Great Monarch and the Angelic Pontiff, and since He said France will never lose the Faith and will reign until the End of Time under His Sacred Heart and Her Immaculate Heart, this has to be the Age of Peace.

However, there is a mention of France being invaded a third time in Marie-Julie's prophecies, a huge war must break out before the Revewal will take place. Considering we are due WW3 according other propehcies such as those of Fatima, and Blessed Elena Aiello (who does indeed mention a Russian invasion), this could be the invading force. Blessed Elena Aiello (1895-1961) like Marie-Julie warned of bloody wars, a horrific invasion that would be worse than the other two world wars, and that Russia will march upon all the nations of Europe, especially Italy, and will raise its flag over the dome of St. Peters in Rome if the world did not convert. Russia would battle America with its 'secret armies'. Considering how America together with its NATO allies is rattling sabres along Russia's borders these days, trying to poke a fight by blaming the Russians for everything in the political spheres, we can expect anything to happen. Russia will stay patient for only so long. It will only take one stupid move of the NATO allies or Russia to start something...

Anonymous said...

When will this take place not to guess dates. But I know about the sixth church age do you know where we are in the fifth age please reply thank you God bless you.

Evangelartist said...

It is entirely possible that Adolph Hitler was aware of the prophesies of the Great Monarch and he either thought he was that person or he adopted the prophecies in the minds of the German Catholics to curry their support. The same could be happening with Putin who appears to be making himself out to be a Christian (Russians Orthodox) convert (as I have seen from posts placed by Russians Orthodox pro-Putinists and the various speculations about his ancestry by some persons who seem to think he is the Great Monarch): However, Putin is showing other than Christian fruit in the way he has brutally mistreated the Ukrainian people: Jesus said "You know a tree" - person's motivation and the end they serve - "by its fruit," i.e. the things that are done by the person with possibly secrete evil motives; Putin has been merciless toward the Ukrainians who have been brutally subjugated by the Russians for many years. Most Christians evidently have forgotten or ignored what Jesus taught on that matter of "recognizing fruit"): Personally I have the suspicion that the Berlin Wall was not allowed to be torn down by the Russian leadership (KGB or whoever) as any actual admission and/or failure to their errors as Marxists but that they simply knew that they had extended their ideological Wall of Errors throughout the nations of the earth whereby they have enclosed the minds of many people, especially here in the USA via colleges where students were required (as was I 40 years ago) to study the Communist Manifesto as part of an English course. The fruits of that kind of "education" produced Gloria Steinems and Betty Friedans and millions of pro-abortion "womens libbers" and wimpish male spouses and politicians who conceded to such a female lower-case self/ego uprising. (-as opposed to the upper-case SELF/Image of God in which we were made, the lower case self/ago being what we are required by Jesus to deny daily - purge from within - if we honestly choose to be His disciples. In 1972 when attending such a secular college I protested to the regional college president about the requirement that we study that satanic document, knowing how impressionable the female ego has long been as a consequence of it being secularly cultivated and nurtured here in the USA (let alone the already God-less ego's of so many American men) for too many centuries; during which Catholics have been deprived of God's Word as guidelines for how we are to lead ourselves and one another in the roles God has given us in His Word: This spiritual centuries-long dearth (famine) has been caused by our clergy having failed to counsel us (til only recent decades and seldom at that) to DAILY access and study God's Word and to apply at least Jesus' teaching commands to every aspect of our lives: cont. Part two:

Evangelartist said...

Part two: The worst of clerical scandals has not been the pedophile priest syndrome which has been but a symptom of their collective or corporate failure to study and live by the Word of God themselves (not to simply emphasize Sacraments), their having failed to pasture and counsel us also to study and live by Biblical criteria for living balancing this with the Sacraments. So then lacking the Word from our lives apart from its singular provision on Sunday amounting to a spiritual starvation diet and sacrilege against the Blessed Sacrament by those with un-confessed sin with the result that "some are sick and others sleep (die)" as St. Paul taught (1st Corinthians 11:30) But who remembers THAT verse let alone hearing clergy warn us about such a Scriptural verse and what it can mean; and why is it that there is such a high incidence of clergy dying of brain, skin and other forms of cancer? Of our Biblical illiteracy we Catholics also lacked initiative to employ talented writers among us to develop Bible-PRINCIPLE-based, Catholic cultural motion pictures and music lyrics and TV program series (not talking about Bible story productions here): So that of such a Christian void of media future we consequently as a nation have had only secular media productions subjecting US to the values of the world, the flesh and the devil as our diversional entertainment (after school and then later after work) instead of Biblically-literate creations by the said Catholic literary talent subjecting those media to the Word and to the teachings of Saints and theologians; this and far more all being a consequence of The Silence of the Shepherds (which is the main title of my book in which I expose this but also provide a Biblical Remedy,) all of which is a consequence also of the impacts of that silence, our having failed to employ radio, films and TV subjected to (Bible-based) edifyingly educational entertainment... but I've been saying and writing these same points for the past 20 years and no one (except for one Catholic priest) has been willing to do more than feed me a "fish" when I and many other talented Catholic fiction writers have remained perpetually all talented up with nowhere to go... unable to realize the funding to do any fishing for men's souls, there being no Catholic media/arts patrons except for those who supported EWTN which taught a great deal to mostly those who already had the faith but which created no motion pictures, etc. whereby to reach out to now BILLIONS of unbelievers and to counter the secular, subtly and overtly counter-religion enterprises of the false prophets of the Biblical now contemporary archetypal "Jezebel" (Hollywood, New York City secular media culture produced by secular fiction writers.)... But what's the point here? (OK... cont in one more part, three)

Evangelartist said...

It's only something future church historians (?) will look back on and say "That's where the Roman/American clergy failed us for centuries on end, producing many wonderful saints and spiritual heritages despite the wickedness of many clergy and monarchs who gave the freemasons the opportunity of taking advantage of and deceiving the oppressed starving masses who responded to their "brotherhood" and "liberation" when it was devoid of Brotherhood in Christ Jesus and of civil liberty subjected to God's Word. Theodore Roosevelt once said "To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society." I believe Roosevelt had been reading the Bible and gave in those words an ironically Wordless (generic) version of Proverbs 29:18, "Where there is no vision (of God's Word, will, Truth and law of love) the people lose moral restraint and perish. But He who keeps the law is happy." (Clariphrased, and which is far more than the clarifications our clergy have given us on that and many other life-relevant, Biblical, criterial verses in terms of how they could, should and world otherwise have concretely applied to our lives.) However, owing to the dearth produced by the silence of our clergy this nation's politicians, media, educators, judges and other mis-leaders have cast off both the Law of Moses as well as the keystone of Jesus'Law of love; and now we try to fathom how many "public menaces" there are in this nation and throughout the world as a consequence? OK, I'm through venting about the issues... Tomorrow I get back to writing a book that if at all possible might help make a difference on as large a scale as our clergy are willing to make it. But while "having ears" no one is "listening" at present and "having eyes" they read but they do not heed these words (so that indeed, among several to whom I have appealed who have died, their "silence like a cancer spreads" if I may borrow a few lyrics from a beautiful if ominously prophetic song of yesteryear) has literally impacted their lives.) It is imperative that we turn and unite as a Collective Elijah to prepare for the return of Jesus, yes, but prepare for the prophet Elijah as well, as was prophesied in Malachi 4:1-6 (Elijah having been a Biblical OT archetype of John the Baptist and if no one else but a collective and united Faith-filled remnant of the faithful living by God's Word heeding the ORIGINAL EVANGELIZATION directives given to us ALL by Jesus nearly 2000 years ago.) But to borrow and paraphrase a few more lyrics from elsewhere, "They are not listening; they're not listening still,... let's hope some day they wiiiilllll!"

Anonymous said...

Considering all that has happened these last few weeks with the bishop scandals, Viganò’s bombshell, etc, There is a lot to wade through here and I wasn’t able to read through all of it, but the prophecies regarding the bishops were chilling.

EA Bucchianeri said...


Apparently, to due a mix-up from the English translation provided in the "Breton Stigmatist", an error has been accidentally included in "We Are Warned: The Prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny" - one of the chastisement plague remedies was omitted - "Ground Ivy".

You can read about that remedy on the Marie-Julie Jahenny blog here:

Marie-Julie Jahenny-Remedies for Chastisement Plagues

EA Bucchianeri said...

⚠️ ATTENTION ⚠️ CORRECTION to the Book "WE ARE WARNED: THE PROPHECIES OF MARIE- JULIE JAHENNY" regarding the number of people who will be saved during the destruction of Paris - a French-speaker has informed me that the sentence / phrase "Mes enfants, il ne s’en échappera pas cent, non, pas cent au milieu de cette immense ville coupable... Comptez-en douze de moins, vous aurez le chiffre véritable," means that we don't count 'less than 12' but that we must count 12 less from 100 and we will have the 'true figure' - 88.

So, there will be 88 saved. I apologise for the mistranslation.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Dear E.A. Bucchianeri,
Interesting! Thank you for the correction.

Unknown said...

A loss of children's souls? Really? I stopped reading after that comment!!

Jeff in Minnesota said...

I approach this again on a rainy May day in Central Minnesota. I write to say simply that I believe in her. About four years ago, I found and ordered that special purple scapular, and now I will order that medal. I will also find and plant some white hawthorn, as I can't find it anywhere on our 20 acres.

I have taught now for 33 years, and these days I work at a secular state college. While we all can see it, I am especially well-suited to claim that never before have our children and adolescents been in more danger. Satan has control of the entire entertainment industry, and the music, movies, and internet have flooded their hearts and minds with violence and pornography; it is all unbecoming and a waste of time. His final attack, which I see examples of every semester, are the deadly ideologies of abortion and the so-called "transgender" movement. This calls teens to rebel against God, Heaven, and our true human natures.

Thanks for maintaining this page Glenn. I have followed it for some time now, beginning with that sad chapter about the false seer Charlie (also predicted by Marie). Let's keep praying, and going to Mass and confession. Jeff

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Jeff,
Its great to hear from you---thanks for your comments. I am really glad to hear that you are enjoying the website!

As for the Hawthorne, I bought the dried leaves available online.

I echo your thoughts concerning the current state of affairs, vis-à-vis the ongoing moral decay of society, most especially the younger generations. And because of this I have for quite some tome foreseen a great Purification coming to humanity--I simply don't see any other recourse at this point. And for sure, the Mystics in the past century or so have predicted and warned of it coming.

Well, thanks again Jeff for your comments.
May God bless you and you loved ones.
Glenn Dallaire

EA Bucchianeri said...

Re: a loss of 'children's souls' - Marie-Julie Jahenny says parents will raise them up in such a corrupted manner by raising them in 'adult matters' and have them lose their innocence at an age for too early for them and will be raised up for Hell instead of Heaven as they should be - so before the age of reason they they will have been raised and 'pre programmed' so to speak to live such a sinful life they will not be receptive to grace. Even scientists say the first 5 to 7 years are one of the most receptive periods in a child's developmental stage. Look how many liberal parents today are okay LGBTQ lifestyles and see no sin in it? Or are willing to have thier kids live a free lifestyle as soon as they can find a boyfriend or girlfriend? And, throwing contraceptives at them at the same time. Also, public schools in the US attempting to enforce a godless, and very graphic sex-ed programs in the very early gradeschool years? This is what Marie-Julie Jahenny meant, and we're living through it.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Thanks EA Bucchianeri for your comments!--its great to get your perspective.
May God bless you and yours,

EA Bucchianeri said...

INFORMATION UPDATE: I've just discovered on the 'Friends of Marie-Julie Jahenny Association' website that there are short prayers that need to be said over the herbal remedies needed for the plagues. Sorry I didn't have this information before. Might be good to add this to the article above. Here is the vision she was told this:

Marie-Julie Jahenny “Good Mother, for the plants that Divine Providence has sown on the earth, we ask you to give them a very special blessing, on the hawthorn, on the little herb Saint John good Holy Mother?

The Most Holy Virgin: “Oh! my beloved little children using these little flowers and small plants say to me:

 “Holy Queen of Heaven, Health of the sick, prodigy of power, spread your blessings on this infusion, Mother most powerful, show us that you are our Mother by relieving our miseries.

My little children, taking this little flower, invoke me:

O Immaculate Mary, O Our Mother, O Our Mother look upon us and make your blessing manifest in this suffering."

A short prayer offering up their work for those who care for the sick that they can say, Our Lady says: “My dear child, it is not necessary to say so long (a prayer). Simply:

“O! my good Mother, look at my little work for the sick or afflicted, bless it.”

My little children, if it was up to Me, I would heal all bodies, I would heal all souls but above all, the Holy Will of the Divine Creator before mine. He is King, He is Father and He is infinitely good. My little children, it is faith, it is confidence, the most beautiful prayer that gains the most and more.”

Glenn Dallaire said...

Thanks EA Bucchianeri for sharing these prayers!

Fábio César Costa Júnior said...

Hi Glenn! How are you?

I apologize in advance for my writing. I do not master the English language, although I understand some words and expressions.

For this communication I had to use Google Translate.

Also, at first, I would like to thank you for the contents of this site.

I am talking about Brazil and, having contact with content of this type, I am increasingly aware of the precarious situation in which the Church is going.

I recently became a Catholic. In November of last year I confirmed myself (at least, until now, for keeping my judgment suspended on the presence in the Chair of Peter, as well as on the priestly validation) --- at least I believe so ---, but since then I have become aware of the scenario we are in.

I ask that Our Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on our sins and that the Blessed Virgin lead us to Holiness.

Finally, can I contact you by email, whatsapp or telegram?

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Fabio,
It is great to hear from you. Thanks for your message. I responded also to your private message to me on Facebook (in more detail)
May God bless you and your loved ones,

Anonymous said...

I admit is is so hard for me to believe her prophecies

Anonymous said...

I've gone back and forth on this mystic. What bothers me is her prescriptions to nearly totally protect each person by partaking in prescribed actions. Its like a mini rapture the protestants believe will occur to their select who will be taken away from the suffering. Jesus says we must walk in his steps and suffer to gain entry to heaven, not totally avoid it. Yes we need help when the Lord's justice and the three days of darkness come, but the promises of near total protection from a scapular or other items, gives me pause, as to wonder if errors are mixed with truths? Until I reconcile some of these seeming contradictions, I will mentally file this mystic's pronouncements, as possibilities, in the back of my mind.

samuelj said...

Anyone familiar with Jahenny's prophecies regard an 'orb'? A luminous orb will appear and be seen by the whole world. (It can be a star, asteroid, planet or comet...

It was taken from a book :Les Propheties de La Fraudais de Marie-Julie Jahenny, edited by Pierre Roberdel , Montsurs, 1996 p. 273