The Presidential prophecy- An update on Charlie Johnston

A triumphant Trump inaugurated amidst some bold predictions
January 20, 2017: 
With the successful inauguration of President Donald Trump comes the unfulfilled conclusion to both parts of the alleged angelic “Presidential prophecy” of Charlie Johnston, namely that Obama will not finish his term and the next leader will not come from the political system (ie.-not elected), as detailed in the article below. It was a bold two-part prophecy that has now ended in a double fail.

When one claims to be a prophet of God, one’s life and most especially one’s prophecies are automatically held for scrutiny before the court of public opinion. In this court of public opinion, the preponderance of the evidence is what often initially sways one’s opinion, yet there eventually comes to pass certain very important matters for discernment, such as key prophecies, which depending on their eventual turnout, will considerably authenticate, or invalidate, the purported mission and message of such persons.  And when one compares the alleged angelic ‘Presidential prophecy’ against today’s successful inauguration, the conclusions to be drawn are self-evident.  

With the above being said, one would strongly suspect that today’s inauguration, which by all appearances completely invalidates the first formal public prophecy of Charlie Johnston, will likely be one of these aforementioned key matters for discernment that will have a decisive impact in judging his purported prophetic mission and message for a good many people.  For if a prophet is judged by his prophecies as the saying goes, then today’s failure of the purported angelic ‘Presidential prophecy’,  as detailed in the article below,  will for many persons surely bring with it an unfavorable judgment in what concerns the prophetic mission of Charlie Johnston. 

For in his blog post "The Election...and Other Potential Triggers" Charlie writes:
"...If, next January, Barack Obama peacefully hands over the reins of power to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, I will declare myself unreliable and go away. But it will not happen that way, for God has appointed that this be a sign to you to fortify you to trust Him and choose the ordinary way to follow Him through the most frightening year for the globe in history."

And again, concerning today’s inauguration, for his part Charlie has also declared in his post entitled “Election day” on November 7th that:
 “…If, on January 20, Obama peacefully transfers power to either Trump or Clinton, I will declare myself unreliable and retire into silence.”  

With this pledge, one finds that today’s inauguration will bring with it not only the end of Obama’s term, but also the end of Charlie Johnston’s public blogging, speaking engagements, and future predictions, at least for a time, though the loss of credibility from today’s events will likely be permanent. 

And I say "for a time" simply because of Charlie's recent comments on his blog concerning the possibility of today's failure of his "Presidential prophecy", wherein he recently speaks about the possibility of being "recalled" by God into a silent, private period for some sort of remedial prophetic discernment re-training "for a time".

Nevertheless, for those who in good faith spread amongst their family, friends and coworkers Charlie's prediction concerning "Obama not finishing his term/next leader not coming from the political process", and who are now left feeling much like "the boy who cried wolf", one can only presume that any possible future prophetic predictions from Charlie will be given little or no credence, if not outright opposition by many who have followed his work and message, as is perhaps justifiably merited by today's developments. In the end, it is up to Archbishop Aquila of Denver to make any formal judgments concerning Charlie Johnston's private revelations.

As for this writer, I can say that while I have always been reluctant to highlight purported LIVING mystics and visionaries, I am even more so now after these recent events.

May God bless the United States of America, and all of humanity.
-Glenn Dallaire, January 20, 2017

Charlie Johnston during a recent FOCUS TV interview
The final days for the possible fulfillment of a purported Angelic prophecy 

By: Glenn Dallaire

Jan. 7, 2017 -Vigil of the Epiphany
Many readers of this website are familiar with the original article that I wrote back in January 2015 entitled  "Charlie Johnston -An alleged prophet with a critically important message for humanity".  In it I discussed at length Charlie's purported prophetic mission and message, along with a short biography of his life. And for the past two years it has been one of the most popular articles on this website.

Additionally, when the Archdiocese of Denver came out with a Statement in March 2016 concerning Mr. Johnston I published an article here discussing it.

The Presidential prophecy
In the past week, the comments beneath that original article have exploded (there are now currently a total of 770 comments), as has my email inbox, with most everyone commenting specifically on the angelic prophecy allegedly given to Charlie, which I have named "The Presidential prophecy":

"What I was told in the Spring of 2008 was that Barack Obama would win that year's election, that he would not finish his full term, and that the next stable national leader would not come from the political system."

The obvious reason for all of the recent attention to this specific alleged angelic prophecy is the upcoming scheduled Presidential Inauguration scheduled for this January 20th--just 2 weeks away from this writing. For his part, just yesterday Charlie published an article entitled "A Decisive Conundrum" which addresses this matter, in part.

This particular prophecy is the first of a series of alleged angelic prophesies concerning the world that are to occur mostly this year (2017). And since we are delving into this subject of alleged "Angelic" messages given to Charlie, it should be pointed out that the Angel whom has purportedly visited Charlie from childhood is the Archangel Gabriel, as was specifically revealed to Charlie during one of the "visitations". The other predictions that Charlie insists upon are highlighted in his article entitled "Go Forth". In it Charlie reveals eight worldwide events that are said to occur::

"I only have eight public prophecies that I insist on. Only the visible, miraculous Rescue by Our Lady, the Immaculate Conception in late 2017, is time sensitive. Five things must happen between now and the Rescue, but can happen at any time during that period. They are:

– The continued toppling of governments throughout the world, including that of the U.S. The toppling of a government does not mean the nation shall fall.

– The confrontation with and fall of political Islam.

– The mass conversion of most Muslims

– The confrontation between the Judeo-Christian world and the current government of China.

– The alliance between Russia and the U.S. to lead the Judeo-Christian world to endure the confrontation with China.

-Then, after the 5 things above comes the miraculous "Rescue" through the Immaculate Heart of Mary sometime in late 2017.

Then there are two prophecies that happen shortly after the Rescue. They are the unification of the faithful into one flock under one shepherd and the building and location of the Shrine of thanksgiving for the Rescue on Mount Meeker in Colorado.

Together these predicted events constitute for humanity what Charlie calls "The Storm"--a series of events which he states is already well underway. As of today (January 7, 2017), the most obvious observation concerning the prophesies above is that time is really running out for them to all happen before the miraculous Rescue in late 2017. Thus, from an intellectually reasoned perspective, it is probably readily apparent to many that such predictions are already a failure, given the time-frames involved for such things to occur in "real" time. But then, who really knows just yet? For God is not limited by our human constraints and He is always full of surprises.

It should be noted that the "Presidential prophecy" is NOT part of the eight public prophesies that Charlie insists upon. I don't know what bearing that may have, if any, in the upcoming days and weeks.

"God has appointed that this be a sign to you"
In his article "The Election...and Other Potential Triggers" Charlie writes:
"If, next January, Barack Obama peacefully hands over the reins of power to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, I will declare myself unreliable and go away. But it will not happen that way, for God has appointed that this be a sign to you to fortify you to trust Him and choose the ordinary way to follow Him through the most frightening year for the globe in history."

Of course for now the big question at this point is whether or not the purported angelic prophecy concerning Obama not finishing his term/next leader not coming from the election process will come to pass as foretold in the remaining two weeks before the scheduled Presidential inauguration on January 20th. And the obvious implication in the opinion of many people is that this prophecy is key in determining whether Charlie is truly an authentic prophet, or not. For as the saying goes "A prophet is judged by his prophecies", or as Scripture tells us:

"And if you say in your heart, ‘How may we know the word that the Lord has not spoken?’— when a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word that the Lord has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously. You need not fear him." (Deuteronomy 18:21-22).

For his part, Charlie has stated numerous times that if this particular prophecy concerning Obama not finishing his term were to fail, with the presidency successfully transitioned to Donald Trump, that he will post one last post on his blog, then go away:
Charlie Johnston during a presentation in July 2016
charliej373 says:
"If there is a peaceful transition of power from Obama to Trump, I will go away. If there is not, be not afraid, God has a plan."

or again:
 charliej373 says:
December 17, 2016 at 2:54 pm
"Now, as I have said, if the inauguration goes on without incident, I will go away. "

or again:
charliej373 says:
"Certainly, if we have a normal inauguration a month from now, I will retire from the field, for that prophecy will have been objectively wrong. I take full responsibility for that. But it won’t change what you are called to do.

Noting that I do and will take responsibility, your standard would require you to dismiss St. Joan of Arc as a false prophet for the times she erred on saying how the battle would go – and many of the Old Testament prophets who were often off on their timing, sometimes by years. I do not say this to try to justify any error on my part. I strongly urge you to examine yourself and consider what God calls you to. But yep, a month from now if we have a normal inauguration, you can give me a big old thumbs down."

charliej373 says:
January 8, 2017 at 9:21 pm
"If the inauguration comes off, I will leave the public scene, because that is what it means to honorably take full responsibility. "

And so, even though this "Presidential prophecy" is not one of the eight public prophecies that Charlie insists upon, according to several statements he has made he does believe that if it fails to come to pass as foretold, this would be significant enough to merit and declare himself "unreliable" and "leaving the scene". Time will soon tell how things turn out. For his part, Charlie has "laid it on the line", so to speak. We need only wait, watch and pray. Events, or the lack thereof, will reveal the truth concerning Charlie's purported private revelations.

Given all of the recent interest in this particular prophecy as of late, along with the popularity of the original article here on this website concerning Charlie Johnston, I thought I would publish this new article so that those interested can comment on this matter freely and directly here. As always, all comments are published immediately on this website, without moderation. I only ask that commentators be charitable and considerate in their comments.

***UPDATE: FEBRUARY 16, 2017: Archdiocese of Denver: "Statement on false claim regarding Charlie Johnston’s messages"


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Fred Keyes said...

Anon @ 7:36, economic collapses, the threat of war—even nuclear war, and all the other disastrous things Charlie predicted are risks that we have been living with for a long time. If one or more of them happen Charlie and Co. will surely take credit for being right, or at least that they got the grand sweep right. And if nothing like it happens, well, they've already walked far enough away from the predictions to keep their base.

One thing I absolutely believe about Charlie J. is that he is a first-rate political operator. Have you ever noticed how successful politicians are able to explain every position they take or expertly walk away from positions they can no longer be identified with? Just so Charlie—he ducks and weaves like a crafty boxer. Palookas beware.

Anonymous said...

Anon above, Maybe Chaz is not all in, like Beckita, and is hedging his bets! I did not listen to the last podcast but I feel Charlie J. is using his children here because he wants to change the subject from his prophecies not working out and he does not want to answer any questions, like about what is going on in the Church with the Pope, as someone said above. I am sorry his daughter has addictions but her Dad's podcast is not a place to discuss them.

Fred Keyes said...

Anon. on 9/29/17 @ 10:29PM:

A quote moments ago on live TV:

"No question the Russians were trying to interfere in our election. That's not a question that's unresolved." —U.S. Senator James Langford (R-Okla.)

Senator Langford is on the committee investigating the Russian attempts to influence the election. Republicans, including the very conservative Langford, are in the majority on this committee. The open question is whether and to what extent Americans gave aid to the Russians in their efforts to sway voters. How much proof do you need that what the Russians did was substantive?

IMO, Charlie was either suckered into treating the Russians in a decidedly friendly way or was part of a conspiracy to make Trump look attractive.

Jackisback said...


Not that it matters all that much, but I'm fairly sure that I remember Charlie going on record with his "Russia will become our ally" meme well in advance of Trump declaring his candidacy. I will double check.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Senator Langford who in 2013 voted against Hurricane Sandy relief because it wasn’t fiscally responsible, but when a tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma, an aide for Langford said budget worries were “the furthest thing from his mind right now.” Suddenly, federal disaster aid was OK (ha! ha!). I could go on and on and on, this guy's credibility is about as good as a fox guarding a hen house.

However, with that said, who were the Russians favoring - Trump or Clinton? Don't forget the Russian government and some oligarchs gave money to the Clinton Foundation to the tune of millions so Hillary's state department allowed the sale of Uranium One to the Russians who now control 20% of the uranium in the USA and of course Uranium One owned by the Russian government gave 2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation. And of course this is the tip of the iceberg, it gets worse. So yes the Russians interfered in the US but did it change the result - as their favorite Hillary - lost.

Anonymous said...

Charlie did say that the Russians will be our allies. However, other notable people have said the same. This is nothing new. We already work with the Russians in NASA, the International Space Station and military drills within the US.

Fred Keyes said...

Jack, I try not to be a conspiracy theorist and I recognize that nothing has been proven about whether the Trump campaign cooperated with the Russians. Nor is anything known with certainty to what extent the proven Russian incursion into the campaign succeeded in affecting the vote. But the complexity of the Russian attempts shows that their planning necessarily took place well in advance of Trump's announcement. And Trump's connection to the Russians as well as his ambition to run for president happened well in advance of his announcement as well.

That Trump struggles so mightily to distract from the investigation or kill it altogether certainly raises eyebrows. If he knows how innocent he is, why not cooperate fully and let the doubts evaporate for lack of evidence? It doesn't mean he's guilty of anything (or that Charlie is in any way connected to all of that) but if Trump's not guilty he's idiotically caused unnecessary angst.

Charlie as I've said is a first class political operative. As such he no doubt is part of a network of professionals like himself. I'm sure they keep each other informed and sing off the same sheets of music. I did that myself with a network of the people who had the same kind of job that I did across the country; there's nothing unusual about that but it explains how networks can be penetrated and subtly directed toward nefarious ends. We live in a new age of mass communication that's subject to intrusion and manipulation.

Anonymous said...

While his faithful followers Beckita & Co. scour the web looking for signs to show Charlie's Storm is about to burst on the world, kill 26 million, lead to war with China! Charlie himself is "attending to his duties," which apparently means being a crank who pitches his crazy ideas on comments pages of blogs.

From 8 days ago, on Townhall story "The Suicide of the NFL". This may be his next career move,

Charlie Johnston • 8 days ago

Ah, but now there is a great business opportunity. I bet already some clever entrepreneur is working to create the "Patriot Football League." Alternative football leagues have been tried before - and failed. Now there is a window of opportunity that could deliver the coup de grace to the NFL. Normal Americans love football...and love patriotism. Can't get both from the NFL. Opportunity knocks.

Fred Keyes said...

Charlie ranted when Colin Kaepernick took a knee. To me anyway the brouhaha is just nuts. Kaepernick was protesting injustice, not the flag or the good things about the country that the flag represents. It was the equivalent of flying the flag upside down--a sign of distress. Who can fail to sympathize with an entire race that feels it is judged to be dangerous in too many circumstances just because of the color of their skin or their accent?

I sometimes wonder if the Jehovah's Witnesses don't have a point in refusing to salute the flag because they consider it idolatry. I don't agree that the flag is an idol but supposedly loyal Americans come very close to treating it like one.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the NFL, this is a case of when you're too successful your greatest enemy is yourself and it appears the NFL is imploding from within. Someone told me long ago why watch sweaty men chasing a ball, he told me he watches beautiful sweaty women chasing a ball - who is getting the better deal - I thought he was nuts - it was the Lingerie Football League, now called the Legends Football League ( LFL ). After years of putting up with the NFL and all their shenanigans I switched over to the LFL. It's just entertainment and the LFL outclasses the NFL, switch to the LFL - I love it! No one is forcing you to watch the NFL.

Kapernick was not protesting injustice, when he started the previous years he didn't take a knee. This started in 2016 because the 49ers were not going to play him because he had a guaranteed contract in 2017 that if he got injured in 2016 the 49ers had to pay him 16 Million for 2017 whether he played or not. Since he wasn't playing he at first was not dressed in uniform for the first few pre-season games the next pre-season game he just sat on the bench, however as soon he released the 49ers from the 2017 deal he started playing again.

The NFL gets money from the US Army to stand - millions - prior to this deal in 2009 most of the players stayed in the locker room, it was up to the team if they wanted their players on the field during the anthem, after 2009 the players were required to be patriotic.

Fred Keyes said...

President Trump's comments last night where he called reporters back to a photo op and repeatedly said his generals represented the "calm before the storm" must have tickled the ears of Charlie's true believers.

Anon @8:27 PM, if you're not a Russian troll you fit the profile pretty well. The Legends Football League? Really? Not-so-subtle way of getting under the skin of red-blooded American men, right? Nice try.

Fred Keyes said...

I suppose Trump's "calm before the storm comment" doesn't fit Charlie's narrative in that if this is the "calm before the storm" then the storm hasn't started yet.

We need to pray unceasingly for this president.

Anonymous said...

Fred, here's a post for you from Crew Dog with Beckita seconding the sentiments, on the podcast post,

CrewDog says:
October 4, 2017 at 9:47 am

Let’s start out with a Happy Sign!:
Archaeologists in Turkey believe they have discovered Santa Claus’s tomb

Sadly ;-( … Happy Signs seem hard to come by These-Days except, of course, in Our Everlasting Faith 😉
It is not hard to figure out, now days, that the same folks who overtly & covertly, support, defend and partake in AntiFa, BLM, Occupy and NFL “Protests” are the very same folks that despise Traditional Christians/Jews, Constitution/Bill of Rights and the Founders who left us with those Documents and their Faith in The Almighty. These “Protesters” want the Power to Rule and the Power to Oppress/Suppress those that would stand in the way of their hedonist pro-Abortion/Perversion lifestyles and godless Socialist BigBro Gubermint.
I’ll Say-Again! Election 16 was a Ft Sumter Moment and the Signs of Civil War II become more frenzied and apparent daily. The age of instant communication and “Social Media”, Demoralized/Demonized Police, Just in Time Delivery Systems and Urban Areas that form the transportation/electrical/energy crossroads for our Just in Time Economy can make for a Perfect Storm of serious unpleasantness in short order …… and those once productive/prosperous Urban Areas now filled with the misled angry-n-ignorant-n-poor citizenry, demoralized Cops along with a surplus of the worst criminal and corrupt political classes …….. all connected with Made in China devices seemingly attached to their left hands ;-( …. and it’s World-Wide!!

Beckita says:
October 6, 2017 at 7:43 am

Amen, Crew Dog. I especially appreciate your links which remind us that the civil war, in which we Americans are now engaged, is a worldwide reality… just as Charlie saw more than twenty years ago and conveyed to his spiritual directors: a worldwide civil war fought on cultural lines.

Anonymous said...

Funny I thought the same thing about you Fred - I figured you're the troll - a typical Marxist Troll - never any facts, full of bluster, never addressing an issue head on and demeaning people who have an issue.

Fred wake up - the NFL is entertainment pure and simple, read the back of the NFL ticket "it is for entertainment purposes only", the NFL even stated it in court, go to the for further details, a site by a red blooded sports crazed American from Wisconsin who is the foremost expert on sports fixing with tons of proof.

Fred Keyes said...

Aye, Anon @ 10:20PM, that's ad hominem (my troll comment) and I apologize.

What I think is undeniable is that divisions in this country have grown so sharply in the last year or so that it is entirely credible that new methods of unfettered communications have allowed bad actors to sow hate and discontent, and very few of us have risen above it.

Anonymous said...

I know that some of Charlie's followers check this blog.

Here are my questions for you, since it's impossible to get a straight answer from Charlie:

1. Charlie told us the United States would appoint a Regent to govern the country. Where is the Regent?

2. Charlie told us there would be war with China? Where is the war?

3. Charlie told us a false Catholic leader, his angels called Menses, would rise and deceive many if not most in the Church. Where is Menses?

4. Charlie told us the United States would form an alliance with Russia against China. Where is that alliance?

5. Charlie told us the United States economy would collapse and money would be worthless. Where is the economic collapse?

6. Charlie told us that governments around the world would collapse. Where are all these collapsed governments?

7. Charlie told us that as a result of a worldwide collapse of the economic and political systems that we would return to a barter system. Where is that barter system?

8. Charlie told us that Islam would fall and there would be mass conversions to Catholicism. Where are these Muslim conversions?

Charlie also told us there would be a worldwide rescue by the Blessed Mother in 2017. There are only 83 days left in 2017. Does Charlie still believe all this will take place in the next 10 weeks?

Anonymous said...

We've been trying to get answers from Charlie's followers for years on this site - good luck.

Besides, he's reinvented himself, well sort of, he's pushing the mantra that the only thing he said that was for public consumption was the rescue - that's it. However, even after he said this - him and his followers are talking about all sorts of other "poppycock" because that's what it is. After Charlie told people they were full of "pure, unaltered poppycock", the man has turned into it - "pure, unaltered poppycock", he should never have come back, he's making himself look even worse.

Anonymous said...

On October 8th Beckita said this in response to Dave and Joe:

"To call Charlie a prophet is exactly correct and he is obedient to legitimate Catholic authority over him. As I said, and now emphasize, God chose him and I am eternally grateful that Charlie gave his fiat."

Let's see the prophets: Paul the Apostle, Philip the Evangelists, Noah, Zachariah, Samuel, Isiah, Anna, Charlie Johnston, John the Baptist, Barnabus...hold on Charlie Johnston?, let's back this up a bit - Charlie Johnston - a prophet? How did his name get on the list? Look at these other names and Charlie Johnston makes the cut for his followers - that's outright blasphemy.

Fred Keyes said...

No doubt the Johnsonites have a hopeful eye set this week for Friday, October 13——the 100th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima. I'm hoping a movement will begin to dry up current day false prophecies.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember Charlie Johnston calling for a worldwide civil war on cultural grounds at all!! He said everything would be in chaos, there would be violence and confusion, economic and political systems would crash. Beckita is scaling back his predictions to make it seem like they come true. I don't even think Charlie Johnston's group can be called Catholic anymore since they don't follow the archbishop.

Bemused said...

To anonymous above...

The scenario that Charlie painted early on was a world in absolute crisis with tank rolling down the streets and people being ushered into FEMA camps.

Here's a snippet from his April 2015 post entitled: Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come for You?

In the first days as people were brought into the camps, care would be solicitous and freedom of internal movement assured – the better to get word out that this really is a compassionate effort to move people to safety. That would encourage initial resisters to come in voluntarily while confusing those who need to be taken forcefully and make it less likely they would seriously resist…while keeping alive the illusion among public safety workers that this is a genuine compassionate emergency.

Your window of opportunity to flee would come with the first announcement of where to report to be taken to safety. At that time, monitoring of specific neighborhoods would be loose, almost non-existent. If you drive, be aware of any routes to relocation centers that have been marked out publicly. Officials would be watching for vehicles moving in a contrary direction and stop them. If that happens to you, cooperate and go back in whatever direction you are told. You will get an opportunity to pull over and leave the vehicle at some point, perhaps even go back to your home under the pretext you have to pick one more thing up – then leave on foot from there. Such routes may not be marked out at first, but if they are, expect that your ability to escape by car will be difficult, perhaps impossible.

But then sometime in 2016 the predicted civil war, as articulated in "Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come for You?", switched to a war that was fought "along cultural lines."

L Spinelli said...

@Anon 10/8, 10:22 PM

"To call Charlie a prophet is exactly correct and he is obedient to legitimate Catholic authority over him. As I said, and now emphasize, God chose him and I am eternally grateful that Charlie gave his fiat."

Beckita is just as delusional as Charlie by this point. How can she say any of this after Charlie was fooled by something "not of God" for EIGHT YEARS unless she is just that?

It's October 10. Charlie and TNRS are out of time. (The Rolling Stones song with that title is stuck in my head right now.) I figure TNRS will fill up the next 81 days with more podcasts about nothing in particular.

Fred Keyes said...

With respect to timing:

Charlie gets the benefit of the doubt with respect to the timing of his "rescue" when he's given to the very end of 2017 for it to occur.

I was late to the Johnston story but the impression I first got was that he was expecting the Rescue to occur either in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the Fatima apparitions or perhaps on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. At this point the days left for those two occasions are 2 and 58 days respectively. Not nearly enough time for all of his other fraudulent claims to come to pass.

The ability of human beings to fool themselves seems limitless. (I include myself in this category; fooled myself often enough to be always wary of it happening.)

Jack Gallagher said...

Well said, Fred.

At one point CJ was "definitive" about how this particular Christmas was going to be immensely joyous, because it would be post-rescue, and we would have realized the beginning od "a thousand years of peace." But as always, CJ has since moved the goal posts yet again. I predict the next goal post to be moved will be the rescue itself, followed by CJ's July 5, 2018 retirement date.

Anonymous said...

Written October 12, 2017.

Charlie Johnston is a false prophet and most probably a fraud. I can’t guess with complete certainty if he is a fraud / liar, delusional / mentally ill, or deceived by demons. However, it really doesn’t matter; he’s any combination of the above. He’s now wrong – yet again. He’s racking up quite a collection of totally failed, so - called prophecies:
• He predicted that there’d be no peaceful transfer of power.
• He predicted that Barack Obama would extend his term.
• He predicted that President Trump wouldn’t be sworn in.
• He predicted that the next American leader wouldn’t come from the normal electoral process.
• He predicted we’d witness this as a sign from God, so we would believe.
• He predicted that during the period from October 13 to October 17, 2017, we’d be totally, visibly & miraculously delivered via the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Really unlikely.
• He predicted that virtually the entire global population would convert to Catholicism.
• He predicted that our infrastructure would be broken down & we’d be simplified.
• Wrong on every prediction; that’s a perfect record!

We must note that he has been forbidden by his Archbishop to speak at any
church – owned properties and his followers have twice been strongly advised by the Archdiocese to, first, place their faith only in Jesus, the Scriptures and the Sacraments, and, second, to avoid trying to interpret his failed prophecies as valid. The Magisterium has spoken. Period. Yet he still publishes articles on his blog, ‘The Next Right Step.’

Additionally, he has a cult - like following, which troubles me greatly. He claims
to say simply that everyone must take the next right step and be a sign of hope to those around them. Obviously, we don’t need Charlie to tell us to perform acts of charity towards others, especially when the world is in dire straits, which we can all clearly observe by simply viewing the nightly news, i.e. gay ‘marriage’, global wars, etc. Thank you for stating the obvious, Charlie.

I have nothing personal against Charlie, who’s a fellow Catholic. Yet, significantly & deeply troubling, he used his alleged supernatural “prophecies” to initially attract and subsequently maintain, & actually augment, what has evolved into a cult – like following. He obviously basks in the attention. He also repeatedly scrubbed negative comments from his blog, allowing only supportive ones from his cult members to remain. Finally, he attempted to spin a clear smack down from two separate Catholic Bishops, the Archbishop of Denver and the Bishop of Bismark, into something positive.

He’s been proven to be a complete fraud yet again; has been proven false numerous times, and must be given no more platform, ever! Yet, despite his repeated false and failed predictions, he has the unbelievable audacity to continue to post articles on his blog ‘TNRS / Abraham’s Journey”. He has quietly returned and posted numerous articles on his blog, despite his promise to vanish from the public scene if he was proven false – which he has been. He quietly returned, clearly for his own selfish and egocentric reasons. At least have the honor to vanish.

He, his blog, and emails from ‘TNRS / Abraham’s Journey’ should be shunned. The next right step must be to add Charlie to the dust bin of failed prophets & complete frauds. Prayers for those whom he hurt, deceived & misled - and for him. Charlie, and his dubious intentions, remain in our Rosary. Ave Maria, Stella Maris!

Jim Dooley PhD

L Spinelli said...

@Jim, he also claimed that the Blessed Virgin gave him the October 13 - 17 dates. He later claimed "his angel admonished" him for that and said it would happen in late 2017.

How come he has heavenly beings mixing up their stories? Oh right, because they aren't.

"The sequence of ever-deepening chaos will continue until mid-October of 2017," he asserts he was told by the Blessed Mother. "Despair will reign throughout the world. Then, between October 13-17 of 2017, the world will be miraculously, utterly, and visibly delivered from the terror by the Intercession of Our Lady the Immaculate Conception. Christianity will be reunified, Satan will be shackled, and the world shall enter a glorious period of peace and harmony under the rule and protection of the one, triune God."

Fred Keyes said...

People of reason cannot deny that the lie has been put to Charlie and his predictions. I don't know of course to what extent Charlie believes his own nonsense; that's between himself and his Maker.

I still see him more determined to push his politics even when those views run contrary to the teachings of the bishops of the U.S. This morning I read his missive, "All Things Are Being Revealed" in which he presses the idea of self-defense in a way that the NRA is surely happy with. Never mind that the teachers the Church has given us teach otherwise. See:

Why is there a tendency in the U.S. Church not to listen to its bishops first? Why are they not the go-to experts on Catholic teaching? Why do so many Catholics gravitate to false prophets who do not have the charism given to those ordained by Christ and his Church to lead us? Why do we not recognize *Christ's* voice?

Anonymous said...

Fred, I also wonder if Charlie believes his own predictions. With only 77 days left to New Years and Mayberry, why is he talking about the possible formation of a Patriot League to replace the NFL? If the triumph of the Immaculate Heart takes place in the next 10 weeks I’m sure the kneeling during the National Anthem will take care of itself.

L Spinelli said...

I came to the conclusion a while ago that Charlie likes (loves?) to hear himself talk.

I was wondering when he would comment on the Las Vegas tragedy. He would make a great spokesperson for the NRA. (I'm pro RESPONSIBLE gun ownership, I'm for strict background checks, and NO ONE needs semi automatics. I'm probably too middle of the road for the likes of Charlie and his cult.)

He did a great job of swaying people over to his far-right views by claiming that he talks to heavenly beings regularly - i. e. they would support his views. He was never rebuked for them, even though they do indeed run contrary to those of the Bishops, as Fred noted, and the Pope himself.

L Spinelli said...

Looks like he made a bunch of home visits - flying under the radar, since he didn't publicize them until today - with more scheduled in November and December.

Fred, what you said about people more willing to listen to people who claim they speak to Jesus, Mary or the angels than the Bishops is perfectly illustrated by these home visits. (And why, why, why would anyone risk opening up their home to a demon if that's indeed what Charlie was talking to all these years?)

L Spinelli said...

One more (fairly obvious to Charlie's critics) point about these home visits: he can say anything he wants, because there's no record of the visit (that we know of - I doubt any of them were taped, unlike the "Birmingham Dinner" one). Who knows what he's telling people? Is he making wild claims again, which the authorities in Denver will never know about?

Anonymous said...

In the comments section under Charlie's latest screed, another new comment asking about the Rescue. Beckita answers:

Beckita says:
October 15, 2017 at 10:40 am

Welcome to commenting, Mike. Charlie has both written and spoken on the Rescue since his return to the site for which we are so grateful. Please, have a listen to Episode 3 in the podcast series which includes mention of the Rescue. The link is here. To answer your question: Yes we have a Rescue coming at the end of this year. We can recall, naming this event required no interpretation on Charlie’s part. He initially resisted giving a specific time frame. St. Gabriel insisted that Charlie do so.

So apparently what Charlie told Michael Brown ... never happened? How do they go ahead and forget things Charlie insisted on, on the record, just a few years ago? He wasn't resisting talking to Spirit Daily, was he?

Anonymous said...

There was a very interesting article by By Phil Lawler posted on Oct 13, 2017 that I just came across.

I, for one, expected the Conversion of Russia to fit my expectations. If Lawler is correct, God has fulfilled that prophecy, but in a way many (including me) didn't expect.

Perhaps the same is true with Charlie's predictions? Here's the article:

The conversion of Russia: maybe not as we expected it

All through the Old Testament and into the New, God surprised his People. We shouldn’t be caught off guard, then, if He still has surprises in store for us today.

Elijah encountered God not in wind or the fire or the earthquake, but in the small still voice. [1 Kgs 19:11-13] The Messiah came on the human scene as a mighty warrior but as a defenseless baby. Jesus did not rise to a throne but to a Cross. Time after time, the expectations of the faithful have been confounded. God tells us what to expect, but we put his message into our own tight little categories, and in the process we miss something critical.

I’m reminded of this all-too-human weakness today, on the 100th anniversary of the apparitions at Fatima, because I am one of the many, many Catholics who misunderstood Our Lady’s message. I expected that the global struggle against Communism, the great worldwide political battle of my lifetime, would be resolved by some great, epic struggle. It was not. When the Soviet regime fell, it was defeated by the small, still voice of a people who refused to accept the legitimacy of the regime. The Berlin Wall was torn down not by tanks, but by young people in a party atmosphere. The great battle that I expected never came to pass.

Or was there a great battle - a spiritual battle - that escaped public notice? There were, after all, all those people praying the Rosary, in accordance with Mary’s wishes.

And now we wait for the promised conversion of Russia. If we have learned from experience, we should not be too surprised if that conversion take an unexpected route. The Catholic News Service has just released a short (30-minute) film, Faces among Icons, that reports on a spiritual revival in Russia. It is not the revival that you and I might have predicted. It is taking place most noticeably in the Orthodox Church, for one thing, rather than among Catholics. The relationship between the Orthodox Church and the Russian government is problematic, as it has been so often in the past. But something is stirring.

I’m not saying that this is the answer to our prayers. I am saying that it’s worth watching.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, anon@9:01, a key difference:

Fatima is a CHURCH-APPROVED apparition, whose participants are SAINTS (and saint-to-be). The Blessed Mother there PREDICTED AND DELIVERED a world-shaking undeniable miracle of the sun.

Charlie is a man discredited by his archbishop who has had NO ACCURATE PROPHECIES. The church, in a statement, said he is NOT approved, and Catholics should NOT ATTEMPT TO REINTERPRET his predictions to make them true. In other words, don't spin Charlie's record.

Anonymous said...

...or lack of record..

L Spinelli said...

Here we go again... Charlie's predictions about North Korea are in the lead story on Spirit Daily today.

Talk about irresponsible journalism! Did Michael Brown forget the February statement from Denver? What about all of Charlie's other failed prophecies?

Why are people giving this man any reason to keep spouting his nonsense when his "sign from God" prophecy flopped nine months ago?????

Snowy Owl said...

The Prophecy of Simeon (Luke 2:34-35)
+And Simeon blessed them, and said to Mary his mother: Behold this child is set for the fall, and for the resurrection of many in Israel, and for a sign which shall be contradicted; And thy own soul a sword shall pierce, that, out of many hearts, thoughts may be revealed.

Ask the Holy Spirit to open your hearts and your eyes. Ask in humility and it will be given to you. Praying for all of you here.

L Spinelli said...

Hey Snowy Owl:

I did. Back in 2015.

I got more than one sign that Charlie was false.

It was the reading of Mark 13:24-32.

The deacon warned people at that Mass about false prophets and false apparitions.

L Spinelli said...

P. S. Love how Charlie's supporters come here to quietly chide us for challenging and questioning him, but they can't answer the questions posed on October 8 about where the Regent is, where the collapse is, where Menses is, etc. with just 76 days to go until 2018.

Anonymous said...

So did Pope Benedict: "Today too it is necessary ... to warn the People of God against false prophets, against the errors and superficiality of proposals that do not conform to the teaching of the divine Master."
Pope Benedict XVI

Anonymous said...

Hey Charlie followers,
Does Charlie remind you of Harvey Weinstein? Sexual infidelity/'full-service' dating, threatening legal action, career threats to bloggers who might oppose, need for the limelight, quick temper, humiliating others (or example, his treatment of those who questioned him on his blog). Running Oscar campaigns is similar to Charlie's Charm Offensive of going to all sorts of Catholic blogs and introducing himself and chatting.

Oh, and constantly changing his story when things don't turn out as he predicted? Last normal Christmas, Obama staying in office, FEMA camps, million man march on Washington???

Anonymous said...

Remember "beware of wolves in sheep's clothing" - even the Bible warns us.

Glenn Dallaire said...

I would just like to point out in somewhat of a defense of Michael Brown and the article mentioned above that is on Spirit Daily today, one should note that nowhere in the article did Michael mention Charlie's name, though it is obvious of whom he is referring.

As for myself and this website, since the Presidential prophecy fail back in January I have declined to post any new articles concerning Charlie, not wanting to encourage or in any way promote his writings or predictions any further, though I have left, and will leave, the articles I have written up for informational purposes, and especially as a sort of warning for all of us who in the future might investigate and inquire about such persons.

Finally, since I personally have not commented on this subject in quite a few months (though I do read all of the various comments posted here) I have pointed out several times the old saying that a prophet is judged by his prophecies, and that the fulfillment of Charlie's predictions, or lack thereof, will speak entirely and wholly for themselves. And for those keeping score thus far we currently have 0 fulfilled prophecies, and 2 failed ones. And with some 75 or so days remaining for all the rest of the predictions to come to fulfillment, things certainly aren't looking so good at all for fulfillment for most if not all of them, that's for sure. In fact, at this point it would take almost a miracle for any of the remaining prophecies to come to fulfillment before the end of the year, except maybe a war with N. Korea, which seems at least at this point to be somewhat of a remote possibility. And a war with China, while plausible, certainly does not seem to be on the horizon.

-Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

So in the last few days what has happened - Russia is not the culprit in the US election hacking - it was the evil Kim Jong Il and North Korea! ( and the media doesn't tell you they actually did hack the South Korean military and got the war plans for invading them ).
It was the evil Iranian empire who hacked the accounts of MPs from Britain!
Funny thing though it is almost impossible to track where the hack comes from.
I still do believe the North Korean potential war is a diversion, it's Iran that is in the cross-hairs.

Glenn Dallaire said...

And for those keeping track of Charlie's alleged prophecies, here is a refresher of the eight public prophecies that have purportedly been given to Charlie as revealed in his article entitled "Go Forth":
"I only have eight public prophecies that I insist on. Only the visible, miraculous Rescue by Our Lady, the Immaculate Conception in late 2017, is time sensitive. Five things must happen between now and the Rescue, but can happen at any time during that period. They are:

– The continued toppling of governments throughout the world, including that of the U.S. The toppling of a government does not mean the nation shall fall.

– The confrontation with and fall of political Islam.

– The mass conversion of most Muslims

– The confrontation between the Judeo-Christian world and the current government of China.

– The alliance between Russia and the U.S. to lead the Judeo-Christian world to endure the confrontation with China.

-Then, after the 5 things above comes the miraculous "Rescue" through the Immaculate Heart of Mary sometime in late 2017.
Then there are two prophecies that happen shortly after the Rescue. They are the unification of the faithful into one flock under one shepherd and the building and location of the Shrine of thanksgiving for the Rescue on Mount Meeker in Colorado."

Jackisback said...

L. Spinelli, Fred, Glenn, et al,

I just read the Spirit Daily "article." It was full of tautologies. I agree with L. Spinelli on one point of it being "irresponsible journalism," and that has to do with the failure to mention that Charlie claimed that the "storm breaking through North Korea "locution" had long ago been fulfilled, already, in 2008. His "angel" even had to figuratively elbow Charlie in the rib cage, telling him well after the fact that the storm had already broken in NK. So that is irresponsible right there.

Spirit Daily makes a common error - conflating something happening now with something claimed to already have been fulfilled in the past. Charlie has claimed that the storm began a long time ago. So whatever is occurring in NK now, one cannot characterize it as fulfilling the "storm will break through NK" locution. Charlie has not revealed a locution about an actual military war between NK and any other natio - nor between China and any other nation. Charlie never has revealed a locution claiming NK would commit some massive act of war against the U.S. (e.g., the "EMP" threat).

Charlie only said he was told the storm would break initially through NK, but would not be "centered" in NK.

The Spirit Daily piece conflates the "storm breaking through NK" with Charlie's later discussions of a "crash" - a description that Charlie has often referred to as the "fullness of the storm." Charlie is NOT on record claiming that NK would be at the center of the so-called "crash" - a mostly financial crash, where currency became worthless and we are forced into a barter economy ("and you may have to flee"). If there is war with NK in our future, Charlie has NOT revealed such a thing in any actual claimed locutions. Charlie was adamant that NK would NOT be the "center" of the so-called "storm." If NK was not to be the "center" of the "storm," why would anyone have reason to expect it to be the "center" of a so-called "crash?" There was supposed to have been a "confrontation" between the "Judeo-Christian world and the current government of China." I don't see how the world could be described in such terms. We have already had a visit by China's premier Xi to the White House. China, of late, appears to be trying to do what it can to prevent an escalation with NK. China' regional disputes vis-a-vis man-made atolls in the South China Sea are novel, but not at all unexpected, and fail to be characterized as a "confrontation" with the "Judeo-Christian world."

The "crash" was supposed to ramp up a so-called "world wide civil war fought along cultural lines." The only events that come close to this description are the continuing disputes between China and the Vatican - where China is "appointing" bishops to the above-ground version of the "Catholic" church in China (men devoted to trying to Sino-ize the Church in China) and the Vatican is trying its hardest to ignore this - and also to ignore the cries for help from the under-ground, faithful, Catholics, who would like their bishops to be appointed by Rome. This friction predates Pope Francis, but based upon news sources, China appears to be winning this public relations war (a Chinese newspaper reports a visiting Vatican official - in late July/early August 2017 - as saying that the Pope "loves China").

How can anyone expect the "Judeo-Christian world" to survive a "confrontation" with the governement of China if the Vatican appears to be not-so-unwilling to let the Chinese government have its way?

Mary H said...

Jack, you should convey your concerns to Michael Brown himself. Spirit Daily has long posted sloppy articles on visionaries and I doubt he gets much intelligent push back.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Excellent points Jack, especially vis-a-vis Charlie's statements concerning N. Korea. That is am important clarification that you made.

As a side note, when it comes to N. Korea, I am really hoping that President Trump is not really going to be that foolish to actually engage them militarily, for that would be an absolute humanitarian disaster, likely leading to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of deaths.
Thanks as always for your comments!

Anonymous said...

Spiritdaily has become a "commercial" dog, like SNOOPY at Christmas time, as lamented by Charlie Brown. Lots of lights and decor, but no substance anymore. I don't know who runs the show there now, but it is not the web site it used to be. It's often filled with health stuff, mainstream media bites from AP, CNN, Fox, etc., that have nil to do with Catholicism, and even sometimes anti-Catholic articles, as if no one is even checking the content. JMHO, folks. On a side note, I'm shocked that Charlie is still getting "interest," albeit it negative. Charlie is the proverbial blind squirrel who finds a nut sometimes. North Korea? Come on. NK has been a major problem for 20 years. Nuf is eNuf..

Jackisback said...

Thanks Glenn. I echo your sentiments on military action. However, I live close enough to the west coast to actually have an interest in preventing a nuclear tipped missile from ever being launched from Pyongyang in our direction. There is also the "small matter" of defending Japan, the Phillipines, etc. Our nation, having witnessed the effects of two bombs dropped on Japan in WWII, and having felt horrible about it ever since (despite the fact that it ended the war quickly and stopped the shedding of American blood) has a particularly special duty to protect Japan in this regard. Otherwise, even our allies in the region will want a nuke device of their own for deterrence purposes.

The good news is that, as I follow the developments, I see no evidence of us pulling our civilian population out of South Korea - which would be the biggest harbinger of soon-to-follow military conflict.

Any President of the U.S. would be in a tough spot. If we wake up one morning, and a nuclear explosion is occurring, anywhere on the planet (well almost anywhere other than North Korea), and it is determined that the Kim Jong Un is responsible, we will all rightly look to the Oval Office and ask: "how could you allow that to have happened, when it was in your power to prevent it?"

Augustine's "just war" writings are too much to handle on this blog, so I stick with the simple imperative that we have a duty to stand between an evil doer and the targets of his attacks.

Anonymous said...

Charlie is a complete fraud & false prophet. I really am at a loss for words as to why people continue to feed his ego. Obama didn't stay in office; the transition of power was peaceful; no storm or rescue ever occurred; no FEMA camps appeared; no war with China; no financial collapse, and, now, the one hundreth anniversary of Fatima has passed without incident. Every single so - called prophecy has tanked. Why are people even acknowledging this fraud? Why?

Anonymous said...

Michael Brown, of Spirit Daily, just lost some credibility by referencing good ole Charlie Johnston, although his name is omitted. Charlie is a fraud; has been proven totally false via numerous failed prophecies, and has been forbidden to speak on Church property by two separate Bishops. None of his so called prophecies has come true! Why does anyone, ever, give this quack a forum?

Anonymous said...

Take the next right step - dump Charlie Johnston in the dust bin of history, where he belongs.

Anonymous said...

Anon @1:01,

Charlie's name is not completely omitted, Michael Brown included it in the tag below the article. But most of his readers will know who Brown is referring to. It's amazing Brown didn't remember he'd interviewed Charlie Johnston a few years ago and Charlie said everything would be over and we'd be living the Rescue by this time in October 2017!! Also Charlie wasn't just refused permission to speak at churches, the archdiocese said his visions were inaccurate and told Catholics not to condone them or reinterpret them, even thought that's exactly what Brown was doing. I wonder if Brown contacted Charlie or Beckita for his story? For shame! Glenn is a much much better reporter than Brown ever was.

Anonymous said...

Paul writes.......

Charlie Johnston is still posting on THE NEXT RIGHT STEP, despite his promise to leave, should his prophecies prove false, as the have so proved over & over. Yet, he came back. His cult still believes. I wonder how he'll spin things, come new years day, 2018? He'll probably simply ignore his failures, as he has all along. He'll make a vague reference about having been slightly off, as he did the last several times, and move forward posting his rants about whatever suits him, with his cult of followers. The Magisterium has clearly spoken about this fraud. Why is anyone still entertaining Charlie Johnston? That is the more important question, which we must ponder. The fact that there exist so many lost Catholics is deeply troubling to me. He's proved false, and his cult are still hanging on. Bayside, Maria Divine Mercy, and Loqutions to the World come to mind.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Jack,
In regards to the situation with North Korea, my thinking is that the USA has for a long time been essentially instigating this whole affair through our excessive military presence in this region. Why not let China and Russia handle this matter, since they both share borders with N. Korea and it is in their own "backyard", so to speak? One has to ask why it is that in recent decades the USA always seemingly has to get involved in the affairs of countries on the other side of the world (re: Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan etc..)? Are we not now currently living in a multi-polar world at this point, with other countries having similar economic and military strengths? We here in the USA seem not to want to accept the fact that American military dominance and hegemony is now over, and that other countries like China and Russia (countries outside of NATO, for example) have the military and economic power to execute significant and equal roles to play in world affairs---most especially in their own regions. After all, what is it with the USA's self-appointed policing of the world, appointing ourselves as judge and jury of world affairs, entering sovereign nations like Syria and Libya with our military, without any invitation to do so by the leaders of these sovereign nations themselves?

In short, one has to seriously question whether it is in fact the USA's own excessive military presence in S. Korea, Guam and the region over recent decades that has actually heavily instigated N. Korea's excessive military and nuclear buildup up to this point. Nevertheless, I say we let China and Russia handle it (hopefully) through diplomatic means, given they both are the major trading partners with them, lest we set off a spark that ignites into a conflagration with human losses beyond our insight and expectations.

-Just my .02 cents, for whatever it is worth.

L Spinelli said...

Michael Brown just referred to Charlie AGAIN, even though his name wasn't mentioned.

The TNRS cult is ecstatic over this one. But wait! That wasn't what Charlie prophesied...

When everything "explodes," a Muslim jihad will be in the first series of events, he believes...

ISIS may be collapsing, but there was no jihad.

Why are they trying so hard to prove that Charlie is for realz? It's really sad and grasping at this point.

Anonymous said...

Of course there was a jihad, L. Spinelli. You just missed it!

Charlie's followers and enablers are not in this to be forced to abide by your standards of rationality. It doesn't matter what he said in the past, as long as he has some explanation -- conveyed to him by St. Garbriel, natch, although in layers -- they'll buy it.

Actually, I believe this is a bunch of angry right-wing people (Beckita is a pretty angry woman under all that Church Lady patter) who want/need to feel they are at the center of things and connected, somehow. Despite what Charlie says they desperately want to be led and "affirmed." He affirms them, he says what they want to hear. They are so needy that they stay on. Despite moments of enlightenment, such as Steve BC's, when he realized the whole Rescue mythology didn't hold together and had to be rejiggered. He's still there. What will they all do in 2018? The same thing, God help them.

How sad that Charlie, Beckita and Steve cloth themselves in piety. They discuss the ideas of Msgr. Charles Pope and Victor Davis Hanson when those rational men would never fall for an instant for a wannabe like Charlie Johnston. Sad!

L Spinelli said...

This is what Charlie actually prophesied. He said a collapse would happen in late 2014 (it didn't), then we'd have the "procession of leaders" (to be followed by the Regent, which he didn't reveal for another two years. None of it happened!), then confronting THE WHOLE of Islam, not just IS.


When final crash comes (and as I said, it is imminent. Do not be deceived even if things smooth out for a month. It is here), there will be a period of utter chaos for, I believe, about four to six months. I know very little of the detail of what happens in this period. Just that it is entirely chaotic, all the props are pulled out from under us. This will be a very dangerous period. But the truth is, after the initial convulsions and during the state of disorientation, the greatest killer will be panic. Be deliberate about the decisions you make. You may need to hunker down, you may need to flee. But be deliberate in what you choose. You won’t be able to drive events, but don’t let them drive you. Your goal during this time is to endure. Devote yourself to helping those around you then. It is not just for their good: it will protect you from panic and may save your life. Know that after a time, order will rise again. It will be different from the way things have been, but it will be real order. During this period of chaos, I know little more than you do about what I will do. But just as if I were in a canoe navigating the rapids, I will be both deliberate and decisive. Endure.

God’s Plan

Once order rises again, there will be a period of transition. There may be several upheavals in leadership before we finally reach some form of stability. This could last a month; it could last a year – or a little more. I realize that, with all my experience of these things, I have estimated the time needed for certain things as man measures it, not as God does when His hand is moving. Things I thought must take significant time can happen at lightning speed when God acts. Once some vestigial stability is reached, the first order of business will be to raise a shattered nation – actually, a shattered civilization, off its knees. Restore some confidence by putting it back to real, productive work. Get it going so it can be prepared for the civilizational challenges ahead. Once that has been done, Islam must be confronted and defeated. The surprise there will be how quickly it falls once it is taken seriously and confronted. Helping will be Our Lady of Tepeyac, the Mother of Conversion. There will be a mass conversion in Islam, largely driven by its women, that will eclipse the conversion of the Aztec Indians when she first came. But it will not begin to happen until we take it seriously and confront it directly.

Jackisback said...


Libya, I'll give you, and maybe even Syria. But, you really ought to read up on Korean History. Trusting Russia to handle things is precisely how Truman's complete withdrawal got us into this mess in 1949. To quote one statesman of 1952, who himself quoted the then late Senator Vandenberg: "appeasment is not the road to peace, it is only surrender on the installment plan."

That is what almost got the South Koreans annihilated by the Soviet led North in 1950 - which I daresay would have been a result not very much appreciated by the South, after having been occupied as a Japanese possession/territory dating all the way back to 1910.

Appeasement/surrender on the installment plan has been attempted yet again since 1994 (when the North first pledged assurance to a nuclear free Korean penninsula - and both the executive administrations composed of Republicans and the Democrats bear guilt in the events that have occurred leading up to today.

To my mind, it all depends on whether one believes that to keep our own freedom, we bear a "majestic responsibility" for freedom throughout the world. If you don't believe that, then by all means, abandon the 38th parallel, and prepare to rationalize away the results of that move. But I'm with that statesman of 1952, who begged us not to be deceived by the notion that the choice before us is between isolationism and internationalism, but instead, it is a choice between "policies that assume that responsibility [for freedom] awkwardly and fearfully and policies that accept that responsibility with sure purpose and firm will. ...The choice is between foresight and blindness, between doing and apologizing, between planning a improvising. ...For at this date -- any faltering in America's leadership is a capital offense against freedom."

Sorry, friend, but I cannot join you in your line of thinking here.

Fred Keyes said...

Jack, good points as always.

I really don't think the Vatican will ever allow China to have its way. I believe they're just doing the same thing they were doing under JPII--it's diplomacy at work--honey rather than vinegar etc. I think the aim is to get the Chinese to understand that the Church doesn't want civil power; it can work as it does elsewhere under different governmental systems as long as it has freedom of belief. Times have changed and Marxism has lost its economic sway over international communism. That leaves openings for other things to change as well. I do believe a "Constintinean" moment may be coming in the not to distant future.

Such a development would just destroy what's left of Charlie's prophecies, if there's anything to them at all.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Jack,
Well, the point is its much too late now for the military option, for the time to have interceded militarily has long passed--if it was to be done, it should have been done decades ago--I say this because at this point the world has allowed them to amass a huge conventional force of armaments, without even considering their nuclear capabilities, which need not even come into play for an absolute humanitarian disaster to occur. As you know they are classified as one of the most powerful conventional militaries in the world. The fact is, any military engagement with them will immediately involve a conflagration of conventional warfare heavily descending upon S. Korea, with the heavily populated Seoul likely the epicenter. Early on, there is simply no military way to control or inhibit their huge conventional forces to any extent, except for an all out nuclear attack, which China nor Russia, let alone the entire world, would ever permit. There is no special forces "pinpoint" in and out option. There is no "shock and awe" option. There is no "EMP" option. The DMZ stretches way too long to immediately neutralize all of the forces along the border. There is left only the overwhelming force "outright attack", which would likely overcome them in the long run, but not without thousands of conventional missles and bombs launched into our forces, and into S. Korea, comprising a devastating artillery barrage that would undoubtedly leading to innumerable death and destruction on both sides. Hence, my point that it is already much too late for any military option.

But, since you seem to have the position that there is a military option at this point, I'm curious to hear how it is that you foresee such a military option coming to pass, given we are dealing with one of the largest conventional military forces in the world, standing at the ready with a very itchy trigger finger.

Glenn Dallaire said...

And one other very, very important consideration---do you really think that China (and to a lesser extent maybe Russia) would sit back idly watching as we set off a massive military invasion of N. Korea--a sovereign country right along their borders? Has not China already stated publicly that they will defend N. Korea if we engage them offensively without just cause? I'm not exactly sure how Russia will react but I'm pretty sure China will not sit idle to such an offensive, so long as it is not provoked by some very aggressive and unmerited action of N. Korea.

Anonymous said...

For those wondering why Charlie and others and like him are still around you need to read this, it was posted previously:

Jack Gallagher said...

All points well taken Glenn. A conventional war would take an enormous toll on both sides. World war is, and always has been, a risk, the calculus of which has factored into all decisions of politics as well as political economy. Remember that Truman's excuse for complete withdrawal in 1949 was the fear of a renewal of world war that had just ended 4 years prior. Also remember that the Korean war has not technically ended - the armistice has always been an uneasy affair, and thought to be unsustainable, yet it has been sustained for 64 years.

I think it would be sustainable yet longer, but for the facts: the North has now acquired the tech to build and successfully test long range missiles (the last one could have reached Denver) and our CIA is attempting to discover if they have acquired the tech to miniaturize a nuclear warhead to fit. If they have done so, the armistice is over, whether one wants it to be sustained or not, because the madman Un will deploy it, if not in Denver, somewhere, most likely Seoul. There is no scenario of a new status quo, where the North steps back from the brink due to the rational choice of avoiding "mutually assured destruction."

He who believes that deceives himself, and commits a capital offense against freedom, and, against the innocent life Un wipes from the earth with his nukes.

The question, that is incumbent on all to face, is: if equipped with the knowledge of an actual nuclear missile in the hands of Un, are you willing to do something to prevent it from being launched, or will you be satisfied to watch it take off and land upon us or an ally, before taking any so-called "provocative action."

One can blame America for the situation that has developed over the last 64 years if they like. There are those in South Korea who would have had no liberty, or perhaps no life at all, during that span were it not for us. They might have a slightly different view of role in their lives since 1953.

China could put a stop to all this if they chose to, but they haven't, so far.

Jack Gallagher said...

Oh, and Glenn, responding to your other post about Chinese suppression of faithful Catholics, I see not a Constantinean moment, but rather, the very real possibility of our Pope caving in to the Chinese government's demands, all in the name of peace.

L Spinelli said...

@Anon 10/17 1:01 PM, you asked Why does anyone, ever, give this quack a forum?

Because Michael Brown encourages Charlie, whether he means to or not.

All Charlie has to see or hear is things like below, and he keeps going, in spite of Denver telling people in February that his prophecies, PLURAL, weren't accurate and not to revisit them.

This byline is on Spirit Daily, in bold and red:


L Spinelli said...

Adding to my above comment:

A false prophet can get one thing "told" to them right while getting everything else wrong, and that one hit (never mind that it came from Screwtape) spurs them to keep going. Look at Maria Divine Mercy. All of her prophecies were wrong except the one about Benedict (prayers for him, he's ailing) stepping down and Francis' election. She was condemned in 2014. Yet she still has supporters because of that one hit.

You know what they say about a broken clock.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Michael Brown is giving aid and comfort to the crazies while ignoring an archbishop:

anna819 says:
October 17, 2017 at 2:09 pm

Beckita, Michael Brown also headlined an article titled “Seers and North Korea” yesterday. In the article he quoted remarks by Charlie without mentioning his name. It seems he is rethinking Charlie’s credibility.

Beckita says:
October 17, 2017 at 8:29 pm

Yes, Anna. I have noticed both days of Michael Brown’s coverage. It seems to me that Michael has simply kept his heart open to what God is doing. Michael is a smart, wise, discerning man who has read and studied many prophetic utterances of our times. I truly believe the day will come when all will understand with joy the good God is accomplishing through Charlie. Maranatha!

L Spinelli said...

Michael Brown also had quite a few misfires. If anyone would like to read about them, go to, the late Rick Salbato's site. It's a treasure trove of excellent research into what drives false apparitions. He was very critical of Brown and the fakes he promoted in this article: God Said, So You Have to Believe.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Johnston has a perfect record - of failed prophecies. 'TNRS' cult will spin his nonsense, no matter how many times he fails - which is every single time thus far. Despite the clear admonitions of two separate Catholic Bishops that he should be basically avoided, 'TNRS' cult will spin, ignore his failed predictions and promote some other nonsense. Michael Brown is seriously hurting his credibility by promoting this fraud.

Anonymous said...

I must wonder aloud, when 2018 arrives, how will 'TNRS' cult react? I suppose with more of the same nonsense. Charlie's predictions failed yet again, but our cult leader is aok. We need to have something, even an egomaniac & failed visionary, to believe in. I guess it's that simple, and that tragic. Poor lost souls looking for a savior. The real shame is that they don't focus their misplaced energy onto the Sacraments and Our Lord's Gospel.

Glenn Dallaire said...

Thanks for your replies Jack. For sure this matter concerning N. Korea is very grave indeed. It is really unfortunate for humanity that it was not dealt with much earlier--years ago-- because now the stakes for humanity are exceedingly high, no matter how it is handled. Let's hope and pray that at this point the right decisions are made.

Jackisback said...

L., thanks for the links to Salbato's website. It's a shame he's not around to catalog the current days' goings on.

I read with particular interest the explanations/arguments that he makes about the followers' conflation of so-called "good fruits" as "evidence" of authenticity of claims/visions of supernatural apparations. I have always felt that one was a non-sequitur of the other, but he explains in depth why that is so. He also touches upon something that rings true of CJ and his followers: the tendency of the followers to believe the seer irrespective of their own duty of obedience to authority, their duty of living orthodox lives, being respectful to all, and their duty of adhereing only to the faith as taught by the Church.

I found this segment particularly inciteful:

" one can disobey the Church and serve GOD, man lacks the wit to overpower and outsmart Satan's hordes on his own, and no apparition true or false can provide a soul more Grace and Wisdom than the Precious Blood of Christ received in the Most Holy Eucharist. Anchored in Christ's Blood no one will wander into curious realms of deceit. Content with "He Who can neither deceive nor be deceived" we shall truly become one. There is no greater truth than the Blood of Christ. God-loving souls need nothing but GOD.

GOD's revelations strengthen humility, obedience, patience and conformity to His Holy Will. The Devil's revelations beget pride, presumption and disobedience to GOD's Church on earth. A sure sign of a demonically-inspired seer is their seeking self-profit, glory and power over GOD's."
[emphasis in the original]

The sentence "God-loving souls need nothing but God" hits home. It has always bothered me that none of CJ's followers are troubled by his alleged locution that he insists was said by his "angel" in a fit of anger: "You must tell them true and they must choose or perish."

CJ's messages, the things he claims to report to us from his angel, must be believed, lest we perish? That is antithetical to the Gospel, for no modern locution in the form of a private revelation could be thought of as being the dividing line between life an death (whether physical or spiritual). Since the public revelation 2,000+ years ago, our physical death does not trouble us. Spiritural death is for God alone to judge, unless we are so fallen that the successors to the Apostles "hold our sins bound." But our sins will not be held bound by a Bishop or priesst based upon whether or not we believe in CJ's locutions. This particular alleged locution would require us to be obedient to CJ, not the Church.

Also, the sentence, "Content with 'He Who can neither deceive nor be deceived' we shall truly become one," is self-evidently true. But CJ's alleged locutions serve to divide. His followers have set themselves apart, and, as their writings prove, they hold us in contempt in their defense of CJ (an imitation of the most ignoble portions of CJ's writing style).

Anonymous said...


That line ("...they must choose or perish") certainly would be problematic if the context was belief in his alleged prophecies, but I took the meaning as '...choose God or perish.' For clarity, do you have a specific post where it can be seen in context?

Your other points are well taken. If readers here had time, perhaps it would be helpful to review this old post (and comments section) from Charlie entitled "On Prophecy - and Lttw." I found it interesting because Charlie and the readers on his blog were dealing with the failed prophecy(ies) of that alleged locutionist.

To be fair to Charlie, it was well written with some wise points. Later in the post he talks further about the alleged Heavenly visitors, then shares purported words from God the Father –– swinging readers full circle to his prophecies and mystical experiences. Are they authentic? Are they false?

Holy Mother Church through the Arch Diocese of Denver had her say. "Alleged," "prudence," "caution," "not accurate" were some words they used, so I'm not sure why monitors and readers of his blog insist on treating Charlie's body of work as fact. There's certainly nothing amiss if a person benefits from what is good there, discerns for themselves, or even decides one way or another for the moment, but it does smack of presumption and pride to go beyond representing these things as anything more than "alleged" to other members of the Body of Christ. Unless the Church says otherwise. Yes, obedience is key.

I also find the two factions untenable, since we are all called to be one in Christ. How does this get resolved? Oddly enough I was able to derive a little wisdom from that post of Charlie's I referenced above, and put a few things to rest in my thoughts.

I also found that older comments section to be enlightening. Perhaps his readers can hold that mirror up to themselves and also derive some wisdom from that exercise. Interesting, but I found the tenor of that older comments section to be more spiritually mature than it has been of late. Naturally many friendships have bloomed and kinships have been formed there, but the comments seem to have devolved from lively discussion/debate to more personal fare that belies a certain cliquishness, replete with frequent mutual flattery.

On the flip side, perhaps this audience could benefit from that post as well. Again, there's wisdom there. One just needs to prepared to be fully honest with oneself.

Jackisback said...

Anon (at 3:24 PM),

Appreciate the thoughtful reply.

CJ first raised the "choose or perish" meme in a blog post of that title way back on August 11, 2014 In it, he hardly talks about the topic of the title, until the very end. And then he concludes with these paragraphs:

--begin quote text--
What the Lord calls us to is the humble little whisper of being a sign of hope to those around us and taking the next, right step, according to our circumstances. I am told that a little more than three years from now, after suffering through the worst, deepest crisis in human history, Our Lady will be sent to rescue us miraculously. If, when she comes, you have squandered the Storm chasing after the winds of contention and the earthquakes of dispute, even if you got the details right, you are still sunk. God does not command you to figure out what will happen next, but to be an unrelenting sign of hope to those around you whatever happens next.

In July of 2000, Gabriel came to instruct me on certain matters. Though he had told me three years earlier to quit asking, I still pleaded with him that the Storm might pass over. In the only time he ever frightened me, his eyes blazed with fury, he seemed to grow to fill the room and he said, “You must tell them true – and they must choose or perish.” Though he immediately went back to his kind self I, like Job, put my hand over my mouth and just took instruction from him that day.

I have now told you true and lived my duty on this matter. Now you must choose what you will.
--end quoted text--

I think there is a strong implication by CJ that if we refuse to believe in his alleged locution of a storm and rescue, we will somehow perish. I think this language explains why so many got deep into the "refuge movement" early on. Be sure to read the comments section as well for further context, and, be advised that this is not the only blog post where CJ discusses this. I will try to find more for you after this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Seems you guys can't hold your wind or water just like a bunch of poor incontinents so excited are you at the prospect of Charlie failing on every count. Make sure you have 10 weeks worth of clean undies to see you through to the end of the year - and plenty of air freshener. And then in preparation for the correction of conscience for the way you have abused Charlie you better get in a supply of pads to contain the mess in which you will find yourself whether Charlie's prophesies stand or fall.

Garabandal,not Charlie is my bag, but I stand by my friend Charlie and still see him trying to do the best he can. That is all any of us can do. Charlie is one of the good guys. He has not disobeyed the Church. He has not broken his word.

I very much doubt you will be condemned for disbelieving Charlie but very possibly for discrediting him IN THE WAY you have.

One of the lesser known revelations given by Our Lady long ago in Garabandal was that, after the return of The Pope from Moscow "there would be a Revolution at the Vatican" and involving Northern Spain, France and Italy from the advance of Communism. This would herald the start of The Tribulation. When things are at their worst then will come The Warning. In this we will receive an education of our offense.

Revolution in Spain is already underway. ISIS is almost defeated. More Muslims are converting than ever before. Watch this space,

Jackisback said...

Anon at 2:10 AM,

You sound an awful lot like Joe Crozier, but whether you are or are not makes little difference. If CJ has been discredited (and I believe he has been), it is all self inflicted.

Your dire warnings to us about what will befall us in the next ten weeks has a familiar ring - as CJ's followers said much the same thing to us here just prior to inauguration day.

As well, your tone smacks of what I wrote above about CJ's alleged "choose or perish" locution. Wishing ill upon us for not believing in CJ's private revelations and our brotherly attempts at filial correction hardly sounds at all Catholic. Are you aware that you have not just the option, but the duty to correct someone like CJ when he goes astray as he has, and if he does not listen to you, to then go to the Church? Have you done that yet? If not, why not?

For the record I have steadfastly refused to condemn CJ, but have not been, and will not be shy about calling him to account for his own words and his repeated use of logical fallacies as his main technique for persuasion.

CJ often compares himself to other prophets of the past, such as Joan of Arc. But Joan batted 1.000 in her prophecies. CJ is batting .0000 thus far and he's had numerous trips to the batter's box.

Of course, you are free to dislike the manner in which we make our counter points to CJ's clearly errant discourse, but if that is the case, why not do the Catholic thing and just pray for us as opposed to threatening condemnation. Most of us here pretty much stand in the shoes of average common sense Catholics, clinging to the Church, the magisterium and the sacraments as best we can. CJ's not doing that - he's promoting something else - a so-called "storm" and Marian "rescue," which, if I follow the Church's teachings about private revelations, and in so doing choose to not believe in CJ's private revelation, CJ claims his alleged angel says I will perish. Do you really believe such a thing could come from God? I don't.

It comes down to simplicity. I can obey what God's Church teaches about private revelations (especially those that prove presumptuous) or I can obey CJ's alleged angel. I'll stick with the former rather than the latter, thanks. Sorry if your feelings are hurt by this discussion. As always, I'll be praying for you, and for CJ as well.

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