The Final Judgement of Humanity by Jesus the Judge

Last Judgement by Jesus Christ--as the Judge

Compiled by Joseph Costa from the writings of the Italian mystic, Maria Valtorta (1897-1961). This religious article might be somewhat frightful for some people. Death and Judgement are hardly joyous topics that men usually relish discussing. Those who may be susceptible to being frightened should not read on.

Pursuant to the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta, He says to us:
"The knowledge of a definite judgement must not paralyse you during your lifetime or at the hour of your death. It must be a spur and a restraint, a spur urging you to do good, a restraint deterring you from evil passions."
According to Jesus Christ, true God and true Man, the earthly death of a man occurs when the soul, a spirit, separates from his body. While the body lives on, the soul remains imprisoned in that body, though always longing to return to its Origin: God. Too many souls do not return There, including those of atheists if they die unrepentant and unforgiven.

The Father creates the souls as needed. During the initial brief moment of the Father's creation of a soul, it is identical to the ones given to primogenitors Adam and Eve, but it remains pure only for "a thousandth of an instant," and then is darkened by Original Sin. The Father does not create things impure. Therefore, the soul within each of us has the knowledge of all the laws and mysterious of the universe that were once known to Adam and Eve. Original Sin has darkened all that, and done other things besides. So the knowledge is already there within us, if only we could get to it. [Don't ask me how, as I don't know.]

The soul has a better part, which Jesus calls the "soul of the soul." This better part of the soul can temporarily separate from the soul in respect of some people, but it's not death, as it returns back to the soul and body. This obviously explains the once inexplicable phenomena that some people call, "out-of-body experiences."

A soul is a particle of God, Who is Infinite, and, like Him, is eternal. The soul is infused into the woman's egg-foetus at conception, and it carries a remembrance of its Origin: God, One and Three. The first thing that commences to be formed upon conception is the heart. Abortion is therefore murder, carried out in the killing fields of their sinful mothers: their wombs.

By rebelling, Satan took away the joy of God from being the Father of all His children, men, created by His power.

Every man is subject to three judgements.

The first judgement is made by a man himself, of himself, by the way he chooses, of his own free will, to live on earth.

The second judgement is made by Jesus Christ upon a man's earthly death, which results in his soul being consigned into Heaven, or Purgatory and thence into Heaven, or into Hell. Limbo still exists.

The third judgement, the Last Judgement, is of course the subject of this article and is explained hereunder.

While a man lives on earth, his soul, a spirit and therefore unseen by the human eye but seen by the Eye of God, takes on the shape of his living. If a man is holy, his soul takes on a beautiful shape; but if a man is sinful, his soul takes on a monstrous hideous shape. And so, after the resurrection of the dead, when the body is finally reunited to its soul, the body then takes on the shape of that soul: beautiful if holy and set to live eternally in Heaven with God, or monstrous and hideous if set to live eternally in the tortures and fires of Hell with Satan. That reunion of body and soul of every man, from primogenitors Adam and Eve to the last man on earth, constitutes the Last Judgement. The damned souls in Hell are temporarily removed from that horror for this Last Judgement, and thence cast back into Hell again with body and soul reunited. Don't go there! The pleasure of a temporary mortal sin on earth is not worth an eternity of pains and sufferings in Hell.

There are no other Judges in the afterlife outside of Jesus Christ. Woe to those who have struck Him, either directly or in His followers, the persecuted Christians.

A sketchy vision (or prophesy) of the resurrection of the dead has been in existence for centuries in the Old Testament of the Bible, as narrated by real prophet Ezekiel. I was not aware that it was such, until Jesus explained that it was such, via His Dictations to Maria Valtorta, who received a much fuller vision.

Below, therefore, are the respective visions shown to Ezekiel and to Maria Valtorta, followed by some Comments by Jesus Christ, the only Judge in the afterlife.

Ezekiel outlines his vision of the resurrection of the dead: In the Old Testament of the Bible, in the Book of Ezekiel, Ezekiel says:
"So I prophesied as I was commanded; and as I prophesied, there was a noise, and behold a rattling; and the bones came together, bone to its bone. And as I looked, there were sinews on them, and flesh had come upon them, and skin had covered them;" (Ezekiel 37.7-8)
Hereunder, Maria Valtorta outlines her much fuller vision of the resurrection of the dead and of the Last Judgement by Jesus Christ the Judge, together with His Comments:
"What I see this evening:

"An immense expanse of land. A sea, so great it is without limits. I say 'land' because there is some land as in fields and in roads. But there is not one tree, not one stalk, not a blade of grass. Dust, dust and more dust.

"I see this in a light that is not light. A brightness barely outlined, livid, of a violet-green shade like one notices at the time of a very violent storm or of total eclipses. A light, causing fear, of extinguished stars. Lo: the sky is deprived of astral lights. There are no stars, no moon, no sun. The sky is empty, as also the earth. The former stripped of its flowers of light, the latter of its vegetal and animal life. They are two immense remnants of what 
[once] was.

"I have all the leisure 
[I need] to see this desolate vision of the death of the universe, which I think would have [had] the same appearance at its first moment; when there was already a sky and earth, but the former unpopulated with stars and the latter naked of life: a globe already solidified but still uninhabited, flying through space while awaiting the Finger of the Creator [Jesus] to give it grasses and animals.

"Why do I understand that this is a vision of the death of the universe? Through one of those 'second voices' which I know, not from whom they come, but which within me do what the chorus does in the ancient tragedies: 
[play] the part of guides about special aspects which the protagonists do not illuminate. This is just what I mean and which I will tell you about later.

"While I swing my gaze around on this desolate scene, the necessity of which I do not understand, I see, erect in the middle of a limitless plain - and emerged from where I do not know - I see Death. A skeleton which laughs with Its bared teeth and Its empty eye-sockets, Queen of that dead world, and wrapped in Its shroud as in a mantle. It has no scythe. It has already scythed. It swings Its empty gaze over Its harvest and smirks.

"It has its arms folded on Its breast. Then It unfolds them, those skeleton arms, and opens Its hands of nothing more than naked bones and, since It is a giant and omnipresent figure - or better said, a very near figure - It rests a finger on me, the index finger of the
 [its] right hand, on my forehead. I feel the iciness of the pointed bone which seems to perforate my forehead and enter like a needle of ice into my head. But I understand that this has no other significance than that of wanting to recall my attention to what is about to happen.

"In fact, with Its left arm It makes a gesture indicating to me the wide expanse on which we stand there: It, Death, the Queen, and I, the only one alive. At Its mute command, given with the skeleton fingers of Its left hand and with a rhythmical turning to the right and to the left of Its head, the earth is cleft 
[parted] into thousands and thousands of fissures. And in the bottom of these dark furrows are scattered white things, but I don't understand what they are.

"While I try to think of what they are, Death continues with Its gaze and command to plough the sod as with a ploughshare, and the land is opened up always more, as far as the distant horizon; and Death furrows the waves of the seas - which are deprived of any sails - and the waters are opened up in liquid chasms.

"And then from the furrows of the land and from the furrows of the sea those white things that I saw scattered and dislocated rise up, recomposing themselves. There are millions and millions and millions of skeletons which surface from the oceans, which straighten up on the ground. Skeletons of all heights. From the tiny ones of infants with small hands like little dusty spiders, to those of adult men, and even giants whose bulk make one think of certain antediluvian beings. And they stand
 [there] astonished and as if trembling, like those awakened suddenly from a deep sleep and who are disoriented as to where they are.

"The sight of all those skeleton bodies, growing white in that 'non-light' of the Apocalypse, is dreadful.

"And then, around 
[each of] those skeletons, there slowly condenses a mist, like a fog rising from the opened ground, from the opened seas. It takes on form and density, it becomes flesh, a body like ours, like us who are living. The eyes - or rather the eye-sockets - fill in with irises; the cheek-bones become covered with cheeks and over the naked jaw-bones the gums spread out, the lips reform themselves, the hair returns on the skulls, the arms shape themselves, the fingers become nimble, and the whole body comes alive again, just as ours is. The same [as ours], but different in appearance.

"There are very beautiful bodies, of a perfection of forms and colours which make them like masterpieces of art. There are others of them that are hideous, not from lameness or deformities true and proper, but in their general appearance which is more that of a brute beast than of a man. Grim eyes, a contorted face, a beastly appearance and, what strikes me more, a gloom that emanates from the body increasing the lividness of the air that surrounds them. While the most beautiful ones have laughing eyes, a serene face, a gentle appearance, and they emanate a luminosity that forms a halo around their being from head to feet, and radiates around them.

"If all were like the former 
[ugly bodies], the darkness would have become total, to the point of concealing everything. But by virtue of the latter [beautiful bodies], the luminosity not only perdures [continues to exist] but increases, so much so that I can notice all quite well.

"As for the ugly ones, about whose destiny as the accursed I have no doubts, since they bear this curse marked on their forehead, they are silent, casting frightened and grim looks around, below and above them, and they group themselves on one side at some intimate command which I don't hear, but which must be given by someone and perceived by these risen ones. The very beautiful ones also join themselves together smiling and looking with pity mixed with horror at the ugly ones. And they sing, these very beautiful ones, they sing a slow and soft chorus of blessing to God.

"I forgot to say that the bodies were all naked but that it didn't make sense, as if malice were dead too: in them and in me. And then, for the bodies of the damned, their darkness made a screen, and for that of the blessed, their very light made a garment. Therefore what is animality in us disappeared under the emanation of the internal spirit, a master 
[who is] quite cheerful or quite despaired of the flesh.

"I see nothing else. I understand that I have seen the final resurrection....

"And now Jesus begins to speak:"

Jesus Christ, true God and true Man, explains...

"When time is ended and life must be only Life in the heavens, the whole world [earth] will return, as you [Maria Valtorta] thought, to being what it was in the beginning, before it is completely dissolved. Which will happen when I have judged [it].

"Many think that from the moment of the end 
[of time] to the universal Judgement will be only a moment. But God will be good to the end, O daughter [Maria Valtorta]. Good and just.

"Not all those living at the last hour will be saints, nor all damned. Among the former will be those who are destined for Heaven but who have something to expiate. I would be unjust if I cancelled for them the expiation 
[in Purgatory] that I also threatened for all those who preceded them and found themselves in the same condition as these [last saved ones] at the hour of their death.

"Therefore, while justice and the end will come for other planets, and like torches on which one puffs, the stars of the heavens will be extinguished one by one, and darkness and cold will go on increasing, in My hours which are your centuries - and already the hour of darkness has begun, in the firmament 
[universe] as in hearts - those living in the last hour, those who have died at the last hour, and have merited Heaven but still need to be cleansed, will go into the purifying fire [of Purgatory]. I will increase the heat of that fire so that their purification may be quicker and the blessed do not wait too long to bring their holy flesh to glorification and make it, too, enjoy their God, their Jesus, in His perfection and in His triumph.

"This is why you saw the earth devoid of grasses and trees, of animals, of men, of life; and the oceans deprived of sails: motionless expanses of still waters, since there will be no need of their movement any more in order to give life to fish in those waters, as there will be no need of heat any more for the earth to give life to crops and to beings. This is why you saw the firmament
[universe] emptied of its luminaries, with no more fires and with no more lights. Light and heat will no longer be necessary for the earth - now an enormous corpse carrying in itself the corpses of all the living, from Adam [first created man] to the last [descendent] son of Adam.

"Death, My last handmaid on Earth, will accomplish Its final task, and then It too will cease to be. Death will be no more. But only Life eternal - in bliss, or in horror. Life in God, or life in Satan for your 'I' (ego) re-composed in soul and body."

Thereafter, only two things will remain which are eternal: "Paradise: light, joy, peace, love; Hell: darkness, sorrow, horror, hatred."
Jesus says: "Man is frugal [careful] in his days [living on earth], and death horrifies him. The more he is enveloped in the darkness of false religions or in unbelief, the more he fears death. But he who comes to the true Faith [true Christianity] is no longer terrified of death because he knows that beyond death there is an eternal life where spirits [souls] will meet again and where there will be no more pains or separations."
The foregoing is pursuant to the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta.
Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.
Joseph Costa

Excerpts from the Writings of Maria Valtorta cited herein are with permission from the Italian publisher:
Centro Editoriale Valtortiano srl, Viale Piscicelli 89-91, 03036 Isola del Liri (FR), Italy. 

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