The Messages of Maria Divine Mercy -A confirmed fraud

Confirmed fraud--An investigation into the alleged heavenly messages of Maria Divine Mercy 

UPDATE: March 21, 2015: Mary Carberry (aka Maria Divine Mercy)  closes website after being exposed as a fraud in two articles in The Irish Mail newspaper. Click here for more info.

UPDATE: April 16, 2014:
Official statement concerning Maria Divine Mercy from the Archdiocese of Dublin website:


Requests for clarification have been coming to the Archdiocese of Dublin concerning the authenticity of alleged visions and messages received by a person who calls herself “Maria Divine Mercy” and who may live in the Archdiocese of Dublin.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin wishes to state that these messages and alleged visions have no ecclesiastical approval and many of the texts are in contradiction with Catholic theology.

These messages should not be promoted or made use of within Catholic Church associations.

The official statement from Archbishop Diarmuid Martin can be viewed on the Archdiocese of Dublin website here.

This writer was one of the many who had written His Excellency, Archbishiop Diarmuid Martin requesting that a formal public statement be made concerning 'Maria Divine Mercy'  and the alleged heavenly messages that have been promulgated for the past several years, because the 'Messages' have been gaining quite a following, and so it was necessary for the faithful that the local Bishop judge the matter. And so this writer is grateful that the position of the Church on this matter has been officially declared and I pray that through the Archbishops statement, those who have followed MDM up to this point may disassociate themselves from this false visionary.

Earlier (November 2013) the news broke out upon the Internet that the identity of the visionary known as "Maria Divine Mercy" was finally being revealed, thanks to the excellent investigative work of a several bloggers; most especially the article Maria Divine Mercy, the Woman Behind the Curtain by a investigative blogger named Saseen, along with another article by Ron Conte entitled "The Identity of Maria Divine Mercy." .

Since this past November 2013, others such as the writers of the blog "Maria Divine Mercy, True or False" have truly done an excellent job in revealing numerous facts concerning 'Maria Divine Mercy' (aka Mary Carberry) and this writer commends their efforts in exposing the hidden truths concerning this alleged visionaries spiritual and financial enterprises which are quite disconcerting, to put it mildly.

Suffice it to say that the facts that have been revealed concerning Maria Divine Mercy, who as stated in the articles above is believed to be Mrs. Mary McGovern-Carberry, age 58, of Dublin Ireland and her Public Relations firm McGovernPR, seriously cast into doubt the alleged heavenly messages that are promulgated through her website ""

The webmaster would like to thank Janet Walton for providing the majority of the information in this exposé. -May God reward her for her efforts and bless her in her fervent pursuit of the Truth.

The numerous failed prophesies of Maria Divine Mercy
"For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible even the elect"  (Matt 24-24)
Today we have many alleged prophets claiming they have been sent by God with special revelations for mankind, but scripture warns us that “Satan himself can be transformed into an angel of light” (2 Cor. 11). With this warning in mind we should know that it is ONLY the Church that can discern if such and such a prophet is receiving genuine messages from heaven. Jesus told us that we HEAR Him if we LISTEN to His Church. If we don’t listen to the Church then we are despising both Him, and the one who sent Him; that is both the Father and the Son (Lk 16) and also St John reminds us of this command, “We are of God. He that knoweth God, heareth us. He that is not of God, heareth us not. By this we know the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error. ” (1 John 4)

1) Failed prophesies concerning the Pope
“The Church has been infested from the inside, by enemies of God. They – and there are twenty of them who control from within – have created the greatest deceit. They have elected a man, not of God, while the Holy Father, accorded the Crown of Peter, has been carefully removed." (MDM July 22nd 2013)
Maria Divine Mercy would have us believe that Pope Emeritus didn't have any say in his resignation!  He’s a ”virtual prisoner” who has been “carefully removed!”   Was he lying when he told the faithful.  ”I will continue to be close to you in prayer, especially in the next few days, so that you are fully accepting of the action of the Holy Spirit in the election of the new pope” He continued with “May the Lord show you what he wants. Among you there is the future pope, to whom I today declare my unconditional reverence and obedience.” Benedict also stated when speaking to the Cardinals before the election  ”...among you is the new Pope that from now on I promise my obedience.” -Pope Benedict, February 28, 2013.

Along with being very disturbing and shocking this statement is also schismatic and is a blatant attack against our current Pope who was validly and authentically elected by the college of Cardinals.  

2) Pope Francis---the "False prophet"?
And this was only the beginning of the false prophesies concerning our holy Father, Pope Francis.
On August 19, 2012 , that is, seven months before Pope Francis' election which occurred on March 13, 2013, came the startling message from M.D.M.:
“…the False Prophet is preparing and is already present in the Vatican. But he hides his true façade very carefully.”
Well, we all know that Cardinal Bergoglio of ARGENTINA certainly WAS NOT “..already present in the Vatican”.  
This therefore is a COMPLETELY FALSE PROPHESY. Maria Divine Mercy or the "spirit" that gives her the messages thought for sure that a Vatican insider would be elected. She–or whatever inspires her– had conjured up a completely false prophecy, with no wiggle room. Cardinal Bergoglio was NOT in the Vatican, hiding his “true façade”–unless as one astute commentator has posted "The Vatican had been miraculously moved to Argentina!"

"....They, My daughter, are being sent to prepare God’s children to accept the next Pope, who comes after My beloved Vicar Pope Benedict. This Pope may be elected by members within the Catholic Church but he will be the False Prophet.
His electors are wolves in sheep’s clothing and are members of the secret Masonic and evil group led by Satan." -Message of April 12, 2012
So, according to this "heavenly message" of M.D.M., not only is Pope Francis the 'False Prophet'  but all the Cardinals who elected him are  "...members of the secret Masonic and evil group led by Satan." 
The problem with this evil "Free Masonry" conspiracy theory is that it has been regurgitated over and over for literally over a century, yet there has never been any evidence whatsoever supporting any significant membership of Masons amongst Cardinals/Bishops throughout the Church...but oh yes, of course, we must remember it is a "secret" group consisting of the vast majority of the Cardinals---that is, enough "secret, evil Masonic" Cardinals to elect the new 'False Prophet'....Quite a conspiracy for sure!
3) Pope Francis the "Head of the Serpent?"
“Pope Benedict will suffer much . . . Then THE HEAD OF MY CHURCH WILL BE REPLACED BY THE HEAD OF THE SERPENT.” [Jesus] Nov.13, 2012. Message # 614,
This alleged "Message" from Jesus specifically states that the successor to Pope Benedict will be the "Head of the Serpent". With this, we would have to ask you, the reader, this simple question: Having now witnessed the many humble and inspiring actions and words of our current Holy Father Pope Francis over the past many months, does he appear to you to be the "head of the Serpent?" 
Who possibly would not agree that this prophesy is absolutely and completely false and is furthermore in reality an evil attack against the current papacy? 

4) Pope Francis the "Impostor?"
Many followers Maria Divine Mercy grew very concerned as the alleged "heavenly messages" got more and more negative against the newly elected Pope Francis, yet many watched his every move, seeking confirmation of the "messages" to prove that he was the "False Prophet"
A very disturbing alleged message came 5 months after Pope Francis' election: 
There can only be one head of the Church on Earth, authorized by my Son, who must remain pope until his death. Anyone else, who claims to sit in the Seat of Peter, is an impostor. This deceit has one purpose, to turn souls over to Lucifer and there is little time for such souls, who will be none the wiser, to be saved” 
-July 22, 2013

The fact is, the Holy Father may retire if he feels inspired to do so and throughout the history of the Church, a few popes have resigned for various reasons, and a few have been deposed for various reasons. The Code of Canon Law states, "If it should happen that the Roman Pontiff resigns his office, it is required for validity that he makes the resignation freely and that it be publicly announced...." (Canon 332, No. 2). 
So the part of the message that states "There can only be one head of the Church...who must remain Pope until his death" is completely contrary to the official canon of the Church, and even more disconcerting is the fact that the "message" would make our current Pope an "impostor" and would also imply that the other Popes who have retired also "impostors". So here we have yet another heretical and schismatic "message" of Maria Divine Mercy.

5) Pope Benedict, Emeritus is "viciously ousted"?
On February 19, 2013 we find the following message:
"My dearly beloved daughter, please inform My disciples that My Reign is near.

They must not fret, because although the Crown of Thorns has descended on My Vicar, appointed by Me, Jesus Christ, to rule over My Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, has been viciously ousted – I now come, at last, to bring you peace.

The next year will be very cruel and very distressing for you, My beloved disciples, and My last True Pope. He, who was maliciously and deliberately plotted against, has been treated just as I, Jesus Christ, was beaten and scourged. They will now try to kill him, just as they killed Me. They will say that he was guilty of a crime of which he is totally innocent...."

Well, almost a full year has since passed and not only do we very well know that Pope Francis is a true Pope, validly elected by the College of Cardinals, and Emeritus Pope Benedict (the alleged 'last True Pope') by his own admission WAS NOT 'viciously ousted'--for he himself openly and publicly proclaimed that he resigned freely and of his own will and desire, stating in writing:
"I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry.

For this reason, and well aware of the seriousness of this act, with full freedom I declare that I renounce the ministry of Bishop of Rome, Successor of Saint Peter. " -Pope Benedict, Feb. 11, 2013.
Additionally, does it not seem completely outlandish to even reasonably imagine a '"...plot to kill him because he is guilty of a crime".
Really? This is all so ridiculous that it barely even falls into the realm of being remotely plausible, even for the most extreme conspiracy theorists.

Message of June 6, 2011: “Pray for My beloved Pope Benedict…Prayer can help delay his imminent departure when he will be forced to leave the Vatican as foretold.”

Here we have yet another alleged message concerning Pope Benedict being ousted, even though the Pope Emeritus himself says otherwise.

Other Failed Prophecies of Maria Divine Mercy

 “The Chastisement will now befall on the world.” (Message of April 4th, 2011) 

“The prophecies given at Garabandal will now become a reality. Prepare now for this event for you have only a few months left to prepare your souls.” (Message of May 31st, 2011)

A "few months?"  Well, almost 3 years have now passed since this alleged prediction....
Then, since many M.D.M followers began questioning the "few months" prediction, Maria Divine Mercy revealed the following prophecy:
“If I say months that could mean anytime within a year.” (Message of July 1st, 2011) 

Yet, here we are some 3 years later.....and then 3 weeks later we are given this alleged heavenly Message: 
“You are now, My children, in the middle of what is called the Tribulation…The second part, the Great Tribulation will commence as I have said before the end of 2012.” (Message of July 20th 2011)
So we have "The Great Tribulation before the end of 2012"??????
-Obviously we have here a set of completely failed prophesies.

“There will be three world leaders assassinated shortly one by one…Two of them from the Arab world and one from mainland Europe.”  (Message of Feb 17th 2011)
Well, for sure "shortly" must not really be all that shortly since certainly three "world leaders" have not been assassinated thus far, three full years later! Yet MDM claims that the assassination of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi fulfilled this 'prophecy'. At most, Coloniel Gadaffi who was assassinated on October 20, 2011 could have only fulfilled ONE of the THREE in the prophesy.

In conclusion, what can be said of all of these failed predictions? We will let the Holy Scriptures condemn them:
If the prophet speaks in the LORD's name but his prediction does not happen or come true, you will know that the LORD did not give that message. That prophet has spoken without my authority and need not be feared." (Deut 18-22)

My Testimony, by Janet Walton
I was a cautious reader of the messages of Maria Divine Mercy, (MDM) an Irish woman who claims to be receiving messages from heaven.  I liked the idea that God was ‘speaking’ to us, warning about events that would take place sometime in the near future, especially since we were being offered protection for ourselves and our families during the purification period.  However, the predictions in MDM’s ‘Book Of Truth,’ concerning a worldwide warning chastisement etc, were telling us nothing new. 

Many alleged seers warn of these events - but MDM’s writings were different in that they were almost daily messages, and this added to the interest.  Still, I knew it all depended on who would be the next pope as to whether Maria was genuine or not, because she had predicted that the next Pope after Pope Benedict would be the false prophet!  

I ignored the use of bad grammar in the writings, putting this down to human error, because I really wanted the messages to be true.  The promises were beautiful - I wanted to see an end to the sufferings in this world - I wanted to be living in that “era of peace,”  Our Lady of Fatima had told us about.  But still I remained cautious and prayed constantly asking God to not let me be deceived, because I had begun to notice that the messages seemed to be straying further away from the teachings of the Catholic Church.  I now began to have serious doubts about the messages.  

Then.. out of the blue Pope Benedict resigned… Was it possible that he was being “ousted” as the messages had warned?  I carefully listened to every word of his resignation speech.  He was most definitely resigning of his own free will due to ill health, and no doubt the recent scandals had had a part in his decision also.  So could we call this a kind of “forcing” out of the Vatican?

I had read some older prophecies from the saints speaking of a time when a “deceiver” would sit on the throne of Peter, but he would not be a validly elected Pope.  MDM, on the other hand, had 'predicted' that he would be validly elected by the Cardinals.    
“They, My daughter, are being sent to prepare God’s children to accept the next Pope, who comes after My beloved Vicar Pope Benedict. This Pope may be elected by members within the Catholic Church but he will be the False Prophet. His electors are wolves in sheep’s clothing and are members of the secret Masonic and evil group led by Satan. This is how Satan will try to destroy My Church.” (M.D.M., April 12th, 2012)

Then came the election.  I waited with bated breath as the white smoke from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel signaled that we now had a new pope.  Finally he appeared on the balcony on St. Peter’s Basilica as thousands cheered.  Then it dawned on me…this man dressed in white was Cardinal Jorge.  He could never be an anti-pope, a deceiver!  He spoke out for the poor, and was well known for the austere life he led.  This was our new Pope!   All those warnings that a “deceiver” would be elected had come from Satan’s vile mouth, in order to divide the faithful.  I knew then without a shadow of a doubt that it was MDM who was the deceiver, the false prophet.

I could hardly wait to go into Facebook and see the reactions of the other followers of MDM.  How would they feel now that we knew we had been deceived?  I was shocked to find that the majority hadn’t come to the same conclusion that I had.  It was awful to see them so intent on searching for anything they thought negative to post about the new Pope.  I stayed around in the hopes I could persuade them that MDM was just another false prophet.  Eventually I couldn't take anymore of the hate filled remarks towards the Pope, so feeling sad and frustrated I left them to it.  If they’d rather believe an anonymous woman’s words against the overwhelming evidence that we now had another wonderful Pope then there was nothing I could do to change their minds, except pray for them.   

'Maria' says that Jesus has asked her to remain anonymous in order to protect her family and to avoid any distraction from the messages - but does God work this way? Well we do know there have been many child seers whom God has allowed to be in the public eye, most notably the young Fatima seers.  Those children had to endure the horror of being thrown into jail and threatened with boiling oil! 

Some condemnations of the messages of Maria Divine Mercy by various Bishops 
Archbishop Denis J Hart, Melbourne Australia 
Bishop Fabbro, London Diocese, Ontario, Canada
Bishop Stephen Secka of Spisska, Slovakia
Bishop Richard. J. Malone, Archbishop of Buffalo, NY
Archbishop Mark Coleridge, Bishop of Brisbane, Australia
Bishop Greg O’Kelly SJ , Bishop of the Diocese of Port Pirie, South Australia
Bishop Andreas Laun of Salzburg, Austria

The judgement of the Church
The host of this website would like to formally join many others in humbly requesting that the local Bishop of Maria Divine Mercy (a.k.a. Mary Carberry, maiden name of Mary McGovern of Dublin, Ireland), His Excellency Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin, to consider formally making a public official pronouncement concerning “Maria Divine Mercy” and her alleged heavenly messages. 
Those interested in humbly requesting a formal declaration can contact Archbishop Diarmuid Martin at the Dublin Archdiocese here. (UPDATE April 16, 2014: The Archbishop has issued an official statement--see the top of this article)

So far her local bishop has not issued a judgement or statement on M.D.M. or her messages, so officially her writings and prophecies have not been condemned. While bishops in other dioceses have issued statements and condemned the writings, sole judgement resides with MDM's own Bishop.

With this said, this article has shown that some of the "messages" of M.D.M. are not in communion with Church teachings, and most especially a cause for concern is the fact that on numerous occasions she has essentially declared Pope Francis an "anti-pope" and positioning herself as the only true and authentic messenger of God. 

It is therefore quite apparent that all Catholics should be very skeptical concerning Maria Divine Mercy and her messages, and should not buy her volumes being sold as "The Book of Truth", because doing so would financially support a work that attacks our current Pope.  

While we await the formal judgement of the Church, we should consider that any alleged "heavenly message" that obviously contradicts the teachings of the Church would therefore make the whole of the alleged visions false, because the Church has declared that nothing should be found in any authentic private revelation that openly contradicts the teachings of the Church.

As stated in the beginning of this article, most of the information provided here was given to me by Janet Walton. Those interested in investigating further into the alleged messages of Maria Divine Mercy should visit Janet's blog "Uncovering the False Prophet, Maria Divine Mercy"

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Miracle stories in the life of St Padre Pio

More miraculous stories in the life of Saint Padre Pio
(This article is a continuation of miraculous stories in the life of St Padre Pio. Part 1 which is entitled "Little known stories in the life of St Padre Pio" can be found here
I would like to sincerely thank Brother Michael of the Cross and also Thomas Warner M.D. for transcribing these stories. -Webmaster)

The cure of Gaspare di Prazzo, Cianciana, Agrigento
Mr. Gaspare di Prazzo had a case of Mediterranean Fever which had become very serious. A woman, Signora Vacarro, knew of Padre Pio and recommended the patient invoke Padre Pio's help for a cure and Signora Vacarro gave Gaspare a picture of Padre Pio to use while invoking his intercession. Upon receiving the photo, the patient kissed the photograph of Padre Pio and begged him to cure him. 

A few days passed when one evening at 6pm the patient said to his wife: "Put someone at the door and don't let anyone in, because Padre Pio is coming, and I don't want to be seen by anyone.' 

The wife nodded assent and assured him that their nephew was already near the door.

Later that night, at eleven o'clock, when all were in bed and only his wife was sitting up by the patient's bedside, and the patient had a significant fever he said to his wife: 'Put out the light because Padre Pio is about to come, and I don't want to be seen by anyone, not even by you.' 

His wife obeyed and put out the light. All of a sudden the patient began to speak, very joyfully: "Oh! Padre Pio, are you here to heal me? I thank you. Pass your hand from my head to my feet. I cannot go on anymore and I do not want to leave my wife a widow...' 

The patient felt Padre Pio near his bed. He passed his stigmatized hand over all his body. His wife saw nobody, but understood that Padre Pio was beside her beloved spouse, and trembling in a corner of the room on her knees, weeping she also prayed to Padre Pio: ' As you have come, Padre Pio, ask Our Lord for the grace of my husband's cure.'
After a few minutes, the wife asked her husband if she could put on the light, and the patient replied: 'No, because Padre Pio has not gone out yet, he is still by my bedside.'

Another ten minutes passed, then the husband told his wife to put on the light, because Padre Pio was gone. After putting on the light, his sister and Dr. Giannone came around the bed of the patient, whose eyes were shining, and who was emitting deep sighs. He said he felt better, and then told them the following:
"A little while ago I found myself in a beautiful church, where Padre Pio was celebrating Mass, and I was on my knees . I saw the Holy Ghost in the beautiful form of a dove above the altar. After Mass, I drew closer to him, and he said to me: 'Have faith in God. But you must go to confession and you must not swear any more.' Being thirsty, I asked Padre Pio for water, and he accompanied me to a cistern. I filled a bottle with lovely fresh water; groaning with pain I drank it in one draught, burning with fever. As soon as I had drunk the water I smelt perfume which resembled the smell of vanilla. Then Padre Pio went away."

After this account the patient repeated that he felt better. The cousin,a medical physician, examined him an noted a very significant change: the fever had already diminished, and by the next morning he was without any, and the fever never returned. Early that next morning Signora Vacarro went to visit him - the reader will recall that it was she who lent him the photograph of Padre Pio - and joyfully upon seeing him she said:
"The grace has been given! I dreamt of Padre Pio last night and he said to me: 'The grace has been given.'"
-and truly the grace had been obtained, for a few days afterwards the patient got up cured and went to church to thank Our Lord. Later he had a solemn day of the Blessed Eucharist celebrated in the Church of the Liguorini, where he confessed and received Holy Communion, after having been away from the Sacraments for ten years. From then on Signor Piazzi has never swore again and he is very grateful to Padre Pio, whose photograph he always carries about with him."
Cure of a diabetic through a vision of Padre Pio 
On Corpus Christi, June 20, 1946, at about 6pm a nun named Lucia was suffering from severe diabetes and because of this was impelled to drank quarts of water for relief. Suddenly however she no longer felt the need to drink water and she called the Mother Superior. She said she must now go to the chapel to pray. 

Nevertheless, the Mother Superior asked the sister to bring along a glass of water. The Mother Superior had a presentiment that it was the beginning of the end. Lucia told her with a happy smille: "I will die soon, Mother, Padre Pio came to see me. He was just like picture on the bureau. He said I could not be cured (i.e. by the doctors). But he also told me to hope, and to have faith in the help of Heaven. 

Evidently, from the succession of events we will read below, Lucia has initially misunderstood Padre Pio. Two sisters assisted her to the chapel. She did not ask for water, and even refused when offered the glass that had been taken along. It was now already a quarter of an hour since she had taken anything to drink. After finishing her prayers she was brought back to her little room as it appeared that she was fainting. The chaplain was called and a drinking tube was put into her mouth, but she immediately pushed it away. Suddenly she opened her eyes with a strange smile on her lips. She sat up in her bed and gesticulated joyously, saying Padre Pio had just told her in the name of God: "You are cured. Get up! Come immediately to my monastery. I want to bless you and thank the Almighty with you." Lucia went to the monastery with two of the sisters on June 17. When they appeared before Padre Pio, he said with a smile: "I was waiting for you," and he blessed her.
A spiritual grace, Porto Maurizio, September 11, 1940
A gentleman from Porto Maurizio writes:
"No matter how much I say with regard to the graces received through Padre Pio, I could not say enough, for he procured me a great number, and continued to do so. When I saw Padre Pio for the first time, it seemed to me like a dream, and my heart leapt for joy.
"I assisted at the Mass he celebrated with saintly ardor. I was also fortunate enough to see him at close range, for I was kneeling at the side of the altar; large drops of tears fell from his eyes ... in that instant I repented of my sins and implored forgiveness for myself and for all mankind. At the Consecration, I was doubly wrapped in prayer, and at the Elevation of the Host I looked up with faith, and to my astonishment it appeared radiant and beautiful. I said nothing about it to anyone that day, but the following day I went to the confessional of the Padre and I said, 'Father,the Host consecrated by you does not look the same as the others.' 'What,' he said, 'is there something special about mine?' 'Yes, I replied, 'the Host of every other priest looks ordinary, and there is a crucifix in the center, while yours appears beautiful and radiant.' he did not reply, so I continued, "Tell me Father, is this so, or is it an illusion?' Entering into a state of recollection within himself, he replied with gravity, 'What you saw in fact was true.'


Padre Pio predicts a boy to a childless couple, and later baptizes the baby under miraculous circumstances

A couple from Genoa visited Padre Pio to tell him they had no children. "Bring him to me to be baptized when he is born," was his answer. He could often foretell the sex of an unborn child.
The following year the fortunate couple returned to the monastery Church with their new baby boy, but in the Church of Our Lady of Graces there was such a large crowd that it was impossible to reach Padre Pio who was hearing confessions and then reciting the evening prayers . The mother remained in the parish house of San Giovanni Rotundo one mile away, whilst the father went to the monastery to talk to Padre Pio's fellow priests, telling them that Padre Pio had invited them to come there and that they were to meet with him; hoping to try to arrange a meeting with him in the next few days. Since by then it was getting quite late, he was told to come back in the morning. So, he returned to his wife at the parish house and when he arrived his wife informed him that Padre Pio had come to baptise the baby earlier in the evening. "But how is that possible!" he replied, because at the time specified Padre Pio was without a doubt in the Church reciting the evening prayers and hearing confessions of the many people assembled there.

A woman is revived from a coma
On July 20, 1921, a Monsignor D'Indico of Florence, whom this author [Fr. Charles Carty] met in 1923 when studying theology at the Archbishop's Seminary in Florence, was alone in his study. He felt the sensation of having someone at his back. He turned and saw a monk, who disappeared. He left his room to tell a chaplain what happened. The chaplain thought it was mere hallucination due to his state of anxiety over his sister, who was very ill. He invited him to take a short walk for mental distraction. When they returned they went to see his sister in her sick room. His sister, who a little before had been in state of coma, at the same hour when her brother felt the sensation of being in the presence of Padre Pio, told how she had seen a monk enter her room who approached her and said : "Don't be afraid; tomorrow your fever will disappear, and after a few days there will be no trace of your illness in your body." But, Padre, she answered, "are you then a saint?" "No, I am simply a creature who serves the Lord through His mercies."
 "Let me kiss your habit, Padre."
"Kiss the sign of the Passion," and he showed his hands transfixed and bleeding.
"Padre, I recommend to you my husband and child."
"Pray, pray that you will be good, and be assured that your child will be under my protection," and blessing her, he vanished.
She immediately got better and in eight days was entirely cured.

Fr. Antonio narrates that during the war in Africa an Italian soldier was standing behind a large rock, while a fierce battle was going on. Suddenly a monk stood beside him and pulled him gently by the sleeve, saying he should get out form behind the rock. The soldier did not want to leave what he thought was a safe place. The monk pulled a second time, and was more emphatic. he did not move. Then the monk pulled him out by force. Right after that the entire place where the soldier had been standing blew up. The monk disappeared. Some days after as he was relating this to a fellow soldier, the companion showed him a picture of Padre Pio which he always carried with him. The soldier whose life had been saved exclaimed: "Why, that is definitely the monk who saved my life!" 
Prior to this he had never seen Padre Pio or heard of him before.

The Church approved miracle for the canonisation of Padre Pio 
January 20th , 2000,  was a  regular school day for seven years old Matteo Pio Colella of San Giovanni Rotondo until he started to shiver and develop a fever. He was brought home weak and vomiting. That he evening he was progressively worse with the development of bleeding into and necrosis of his skin. In the modern hospital of San Giovanni Rotondo (Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza ) he was found to have clots in his blood vessels, signs of kidney and liver failure and hyperacute meningitis with septicaemia : an extremely serious condition, which by next morning, had rapidly affected all organ systems with septic shock, respiratory failure, cyanosis, a heart rate of 20 , dilated pupils and cardiac arrest. Despite therapy, the prognosis for survival was hopeless. Meanwhile, prayers for his recovery were being offered by many through the intercession of Padre Pio. By mid-day, despite the most morbid prognostication, he showed signs of improvement. Even with a persistent lung problem he made great progress within ten days. In a few weeks recovery was complete.
The mortality from his illness ---fulminant meningitis with acute respiratory distress syndrome and multi-organ (nine organ systems) failure ---- is 100 percent. His recovery was medically inexplicable and was declared a miracle by the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints in the presence of Pope John Paul II.
An unusual visitor
While asleep, Matteo said that he was unable to pray to Padre Pio but started to do so, on awakening. “As soon as I awoke, I put out my hand searching for another hand saying: I want Padre Pio “. However during his ‘sleep’ he was not alone but was visited by an old man with a white beard and a long brown garment. This man, smiling, gave him his hand and said “Matteo don’t be worried you will soon be healed “. Beside this man he saw three angels, one dressed in white with green wings and two in red with white wings; their faces were not clear because of their brilliance. Another day afterwards, he told his uncle Giovanni that the very night he was healed there was a child with green eyes and black hair, lying rigid, on a little bed in a hospital in Rome. Subsequently he related the dream to his mother who asked: “How did you get to Rome? “. Matteo told her that he made a kind of flight with Padre Pio who held him by the hand and who spoke to him interiorly; when they arrived Padre Pio asked: “Do you want to be healed ? And Matteo replied “How will that happen? “ “Will it with prayer”.  
Then his mother asked: “How did you know you were in Rome? “  Matteo recognized Luna Park ( a theme park ) which he had visited with uncle Giovanni!  In conclusion, Matteo said “I was healed by Padre Pio          
Matteo was present in Saint Peter’s Square for the canonization of Padre Pio (June 16th,  2002 ) and at this Mass he made his First Holy Communion. Incidentally, Matteo has green eyes and black hair.
Finally, as if to remind us of an unusual ‘event’ in the Saint’s life, the official missal for the occasion had on the cover an icon depicting Jesus Christ crucified with Saint Francis beneath one arm of the Cross and Padre Pio beneath the other. This ‘event’, to be described briefly, was reported by Fr. Alberto D’Apolito, a friend of Padre Pio’s.

Jacopa and the Third Order
Giovanna Rizzani Boschi, a shy lady from Udine, became a spiritual daughter of Padre Pio in 1923. In 1905, while her father lay dying her mother gave birth to Giovanna in their courtyard where, during labour, she thought she saw a Capuchin friar. Meanwhile , in 1905, as a seminarian in the Capuchin friary Padre Pio wrote about a similar incident in which he found himself in a nobleman’s home during the birth of a child as her father was dying.  The Virgin Mary appeared to Padre Pio and said: “I am entrusting this child to you --- she will seek you out --- but first you will meet her in St. Peter’s.
The Boschi family moved to Rome in 1922. One afternoon Giovanna visited St. Peter’s where she discussed doubts about her faith in a confessional with a Capuchin friar. She waited for this “gifted man “ before the Basilica was closed to arrange a further meeting. The sacristan showed her that the confessional was empty; he had vanished. Later, she heard about Padre Pio for the first time and decided she must meet him and arranged a trip to San Giovanni Rotondo. While Padre Pio was passing through a large crowd he stopped in front of her and said: “Giovanna, I know you. You were born the day your father died.” And he continued to reveal details of her birth and her visit to St. Peter’s. On a later visit he asked her to join the Franciscian Third Order, giving her the name Jacopa which she didn’t like. But he insisted, saying that a noble Roman woman called Jacopa was present at the death of St. Francis of Assisi. “One day you will be present at my death”.
In September 1968, the anniversary of the stigmata, Giovanna heard his voice calling her to San Giovanni because he was going away. She arrived and went to confession. After Mass, on September 22nd, Padre Pio became ill, but not seriously. That night, either in a dream or a vision, she found herself in Padre Pio’s cell where he lay dying, surrounded by friars and two doctors. She woke up and cried out to her friend that Padre Pio was dying. She got dressed and outside the monastery was told by a friar that Padre Pio was dead. Later, she related the strange events to Fr. Alberto D’Apolito and described in detail the interior of Padre Pio’s room (which before his death had never been photographed). He agreed with her description. 

Indeed, in 1209, when St. Francis travelled to Rome to submit the rule of his new order to Pope Innocent III, he was supported by a Roman noblewoman called Jacopa de Settesoli. Subsequently she followed St. Francis’ life of austerity and was probably the inspiration for the founding of the Third Order of St. Francis. Jacopa was present at the death of St. Francis in Assisi. She died in Assisi in 1239 where her remains were placed in the “Saint’s Crypt“ bearing the inscription : HIC  REQUIESCIT  IACOPA SANCTA NOBLISQUE ROMANA

Patience is a virtue and a virtue that was recognized as such by the devotees, prayer groups and spiritual children of Padre Pio. Even though the cause for canonization could have been initiated in 1973, ten more years elapsed before the complex process of beatification would begin with anihil obstat in 1982. In December 1997 the Decree of heroic virtue was promulgated in the presence of Pope John Paul II. The Servant of God was now Venerable. The medical board of the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints examined a miracle attributed to the intercession of Padre Pio and the Decree on the miracle was promulgated again in the presence of the Pope in December 1998. His beatification by the Pope followed on May 2nd.1999 in the presence of a huge crowd.

Pope John Paul met Padre Pio in 1947, confessed to him and attended his Mass. This made a lasting impression on Fr. Wojtyla who recalled that Padre Pio “physically suffered “during the Eucharistic celebration. Also, in 1962 Bishop Wojtyla wrote to Padre Pio asking for his prayers for a friend who had advanced cancer. The malignancy disappeared the day before scheduled surgery.

There was no shortage of miracles during the life of “the man of prayer and suffering”, as Pope Paul VI called him. However, only those miracles occurring after death are considered for beatification with another, following that, for canonization. Again, the canonical documents were sent from the diocese of Manfredonia-Vieste to the Congregation and the medical testimony from Matteo’s cure was examined. In December 2000 the Theological Consultors met, followed by the Session of Cardinals and Bishops. Finally, the Decree of miracle and subsequently the Decree of Canonization were promulgated in the presence of Pope John Paul II.

Piazza San Pietro was packed for Mass on Sunday, June 16th. 2002. A large tapestry with the image of Padre Pio hung over the main door of the Basilica. No doubt many of his followers and spiritual children were ecstatic. The introduction included prayers, hymns and readings from Padre Pio’s writings. The choir sang the “Canto d’ingresso” followed by Psalm 97. Then the Pope recited a beautiful prayer in Italian, beginning with: “My dear brothers and sisters, today the Church inscribes the name of Blessed Padre Pio of Pietrelcina in the Register of the Saints---“,followed by the Miserere nostri ---. The Litany of the Saints preceded the Rite of Canonization with the Formula solemnly read in Latin by the Pope “ --- Beatum Pium a Pietrelcina Sanctum esse decernimus et definimus, ac Sanctorum Catalogo adscribimus ----“. “In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti”. Amen.

Padre Pio's feast day falls on September 23rd, the anniversary of his holy death.

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Are the end times coming upon us?

The great Purification that is (soon) to come for all of humanity
By: Glenn Dallaire
(Nov. 7, 2013) As I write this, an alleged mystic that I personally know is deathly ill---She is bedridden and has lost so much weight that sadly she currently weighs approximately only 50 or so pounds; from a original normal weight of approximately 170 pounds. She has been completely bedridden since May 2010--that is, for 3-1/2 years.

Over the years God has allegedly revealed to her many things concerning the future of the Church and the future of the world--prophesies that are often referred to as "The End Times" or "Great Warning". She was told by God to reveal these apocalyptic events, so encouraged and guided by her priest-spiritual director she obeyed and did as she was told. The majority of those who knew her and her life came to believe; but others have scorned and calumniated her, along with the alleged prophesies that were revealed to her. And before I go any further with this I must state that I will not reveal her identity here, because I "know" that I am not to do so. For sure, some remarkable events have surrounded her. Yet this author endeavors to be cautious, prudent, discerning and always in communion with the Catholic church. But I know that it can be that one can look someone in the eyes and "see" honesty, sincerity, the love of God....

And so it is that I spent literally years studying and reflecting in a spirit of prayer upon the events of her life and the revelations and prophesies that were revealed to her, and having done so I eventually came to the following conclusion:
-There will be unimaginable suffering on a worldwide scale and yet at times there will be unimaginable grace and mercy: For God will punish and He will heal--for the great purification that has been prophesied is solely for the salvation of souls. It will be a series of great events on a completely unimaginable spiritual and material scale.

Be assured that I don't present such extraordinary statements simply based upon a single mystics private revelation. Throughout the years my spiritual studies have led me to many, many other mystics (though I have only known three alleged mystics personally)--and the "fruits" of some of this research is this very website.

Essentially what I have discovered, and this definitely is no secret, is that all of the recent mystics--that is, those of the past 100+ years--have all been prophesying and pointing to this end times purification that is soon coming upon humanity. The question is, when exactly is "soon"?  And the answer is that God alone knows. But many in this current day, myself included, feel that the "soon" is indeed very soon.  In fact, I have already written how God's Purification-Warning was delayed, and the time of Mercy extended for humanity.

I believe that the time until the Warning was prolonged up to this point because of the mercy of Jesus, the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the prayers of all good, sincere people. At the Church approved apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Sr. Agnes Sasagawa in Akita, Japan on August 3, 1973 our Blessed Mother said:
"In order that the world might know His anger, the Heavenly Father is preparing to inflict a great chastisement on all mankind. With my Son I have intervened so many times to appease the wrath of the Father. I have prevented the coming of calamities by offering Him the sufferings of the Son on the Cross, His Precious Blood, and beloved souls who console Him forming a cohort of victim souls. Prayer, penance and courageous sacrifices can soften the Father's anger...."

So by this Church approved Message of the Virgin Mary, we can see that Chastisements/Purifications can be mitigated through prayer.
But I can only say that at this point the mystic that I spoke of above definitely let it be known on a number of occasions that the prophesied Great Purification is to take place in the very near future--literally at any moment. And she certainly is not the only one to reveal this. A recent poll published through Reuters announced that when people all over the world were asked, one in seven (that is, 15%) of the earths population today feel that the end of the world--or at least the end of the current epoch, is coming. Why such a large percentage? Are souls throughout the world being enlightened concerning what is to come? Time will tell, as the popular saying goes.

In closing one thing is for sure: If what is prophesied concerning the Warning or Great Purification by the many recent Mystics of the Church comes to pass in our present days, then we are all in for the most unimaginable sufferings, and also the most unimaginable graces. I believe that now is not the time for spiritual laziness and tepid devotion--it is a time for us to go back to the original "Sources"--a fervent love centered on Jesus on the Cross and in the Eucharist and tender devotion to the most Blessed Virgin Mary (and I say this first and foremost for myself than for anyone who might happen to read this!)

-May Jesus pour out His most precious blood upon all of humanity. Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy upon us!
Update, June 27, 2014
-Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
I have recently been contacted by several people seeking an update regarding the mystic that was mentioned in this story:

To reply to those interested, yes, she is still alive and is completely bedridden, and is very, very ill, and unable to speak-- and for perhaps the past two years she allegedly drinks and eats very, very little--if at all--and allegedly lives primarily off the Eucharist ---I say "allegedly" simply because I cannot personally confirm this as an eyewitness, but I do believe those sincere persons who tell me it is so.

She looks very skeletal and is extremely thin, and has been bedridden for four years. From a human perspective, I (like others) personally assumed that she would have passed many months before now...but as is often the case with mystics, God does what He wills, and His ways with them are often much different than what we normally would expect from a human standpoint.

However, when she passes, I have an article all about her and her life, and the (alleged) mystical graces and heavenly messages which I will be publishing on this website when the time comes.

Best wishes and may Jesus bless you and your loved ones.
-Glenn Dallaire

-Click here for Part 3 "The Great Storm is Coming Upon Us"

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